isa machine summers

Florence does her thing and I do mine. To be honest, we never thought all this would happen… I mean we knew we wanted it, but we had no idea really how big this all was going to be… We started this out of love and out of fun, before there was anyone telling us what to do. It’s funny how this industry tries to get in the middle of that. But some things never change… We’ll keep making songs wherever. That’s our relationship… I know deep down, we’ll always stick together.

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.”
Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy

Florence Welch: A Summary
  • 2009 Florence: lots of flowers, giggling, probably drunk or high, bright orangey-red hair with fringe, thinner, seems like she's kind of surprised to be famous, like "omg wow really you're interested in me? wow"
  • 2011 Florence: beautiful, dark vintage clothing, dark red hair without fringe, heavier music, more serious attitude
  • 2013 Florence: this is Downtime Florence. She is hiding in a hermit cave. She hasn't been seen all year. No, just kidding, this Florence is really hippie, loves flowers and literature and fur coats. Lots of Florabella action :)))))))
  • 2015 Florence: Orangey-blonde hair with bangs, no makeup, pantsuits, hipster triangles that probably mean something related to album three. Seems more like a grown woman than in previous albums.

“It’s nice, because people haven’t gone, ‘Boo! Put the cape back on’“
- Florence Welch for Rolling Stone, 2015

The Cinnamon Roll Meme: FATM edition
  • looks like a cinnamon roll and actually is a cinnamon roll: FLORENCE
  • looks like a cinnamon roll, but could actually kill you: Mairead
  • looks like they could kill you but is actually a cinnamon roll: Chris
  • looks like they could kill you and could actually kill you: Rob
  • Sinnamon roll: ISA

1) “Recording Dog Days” (By Rob)

2) “I can’t remember if this was Bataclan or Cigalle” (By Rob)

3) “Isa was only 8 when she began touring. I miss that boot tho” (By Rob)

4) “Pete Doherty came on stage with us once. Walked on, stubbed his cigarette out on my brand new amp and sang with Flo. What a skank!“ (By Rob)

5) “days of days of days” (By Rob)


Is anything more beautiful and moving than Florence putting flower crowns on heads of her whole band, bodyguard & herself

(and kissing Rob obv)

Poland, Lodz, 12.12.2015

An analysis of the HBHBHB odyssey so far
  • HBHBHB itself: just an introduction to the world of the albums I see florence as rather a Persephone figure here, looking around and realising she's entered another world. A symbol for the new world of fame and touring that she has experienced so suddenly.
  • WHAT KIND OF MAN: florence "dies" spiritually/metaphorically in the car crash
  • ST. JUDE: the first circle in the inferno, the righteous pagans/asphodel, home of depression and loss and strangeness. There's a sense of impending doom here too.
  • SHIP TO WRECK: the chaos that florence craved in her previous videos has now reached its peak and consumed her. She is spiraling out of control. Likewise the gathering storm of st. Jude has broken (it's raining as she looks inside) which might be the cause of her spiritual "shipwreck" (lost at sea)
  • QOP/LOL: here florence is experiencing flashbacks to her childhood shown by the young florence and boyfriend characters and the Scottish funeral setting (Florence's grandmother was Scottish and died when florence was young, leaving her depressed).
  • In this video florence has a sort of goddess role. She walks around consoling the mourners but is more of an omniscient narrator than a proper character. She's looking back on something from the past. In long and lost we see the ship theme again (HA MARKUS DRAVS.
  • DELILAH: in Delilah, florence is clearly terrified and in her own private hell. The setting is a lot like that of wkom. In this video florence learns to embrace herself, led by strong women role models such as her mentor isa summers and a character who represents "Delilah", the chain breaker in Florence's toxic relationship. I think this video might also be about accepting her gender/sexuality or at least embracing her womanhood.