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Howdy! I’m Isa (or Isaac, or Israel). I am 100% genuine Jewish-Venezuelan, born and half-raised in Caracas (and half-raised in the southern US bc, well, politics). I thought it was kind of a shame that lovely Venezuela had no useless-countryfacts blog, and since I have an absurd amount of time on my hands, I thought, “why not?” So here I am!

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The most powerful connection

Your name: submit What is this?

It was weekend and after a hard week with training how to be a Werewolf and get threated from Alphas, you only wanted to sleep as long as you possibly could. The morning Sun woke you up, you had forgotten to take the blinds down. It was nice to woke up like this, to know you dont have training today, that you could do whatever you wanted to do, Scott promised you that. You deserved it. 

**After Scott has biten you a month ago, you had a rough and fast training how to control yourself .. because a whole Alpha pack was against Scott. You knew Scott and the others long before you became a werewolf, you were a part of his pack when you were human. Scott had to bite you, he wanted to protect you from an Alpha who tried to kill you (after you saved Stiles from gettin’ killed by them), to show Scott what they wanted to do with all of his friends. Since he became the true Alpha nearly everyone wanted to bring him down and this Alpha pack wanted Scott to join them, so they tried to kill his Wolfes.. Isaac, Liam and you first. Isaac and Liam are really good in self defense.. They had a lot of practice, fights and more time to learn how to be a Werewolf, than you had.. but you made it too.**


“ISAAC!” You yelled as you saw him sleeping on your floor with your favorite pillow.

“What? Y/N something happend? Where are they, I kill them!” He said as he woke up.

“What the hell are you doing in here? I thought Scott has two guest room’s? One for you, one for me?” You asked confused and bit shocked.

“I’m sorry, Scott is with Allison this weekend and I wanted to watch over you.. after the Alpha's threatened you this week.” He said with a fast heartbeat because you scared the hell out of him.

You had to laugh, “Isaac I can defend myself.”

“Yeah sure.” He laughed too.

“Whats that supposed to mean?” you asked him with a serious face.

“Nothing, come with me in the kitchen. I’m hungry.” He smiled at you.


After Isaac had made breakfast, you called Kira, the new girl in Beacon Hills. You wanted to go shopping with her. Kira didnt have many friends here but that doesnt matter to you.. She was nice and she reminded you how it was before all the Werewolf things happend.

“Are you sure you want to go out there? Alone? I mean the Alphas could be everywhere.” Isaac said after your call.

“Isaac I need a bit ‘normal’ in my life okay? Before I became a Werewolf, I didnt had much of normal.. except I was human and now I where I dont have that anymore..” You stopped and pulled your jacket on.“but when I get the chance to make some human friendships, I’ll take that." 

"You could die, you know that right? He laughed. "It would be ironic if you would die while you are on a shopping tour.”

“Why do you care? We were not friends while I was human, you came into the pack and you’ve barely spoken to me.. now you are sleeping in my room, without asking, to protect me? Whats going on with you.” You laughed. 

“Yes, you’re right. But if you get killed, can I get your Laptop?” He smiled to you.

“Yes Isaac, you can have it then.” You smiled back. “When I get back wanna watch a Movie, on MY Laptop?” You asked him.

“Sure I decide what we look, I dont wanna watch your lovestories again.”

“My Lovestories are the best.” You laughed and went out the door.


After your shopping tour with Kira. you wanted to call Isaac to catch you up, it was dark outside and you thought someone would following you.

“Why dont you get on your phone, when I need you?” you asked yourself about Isaac.

“Maybe because you’re not so important to Scott as he said.” A guy said behind you.

“Ouh you’re one of the Twins right, Ethan or Aiden?” You said while you tried to step back.

“I’m Aiden and the guy right behind you is Ethan and he is going to kill you.” Aiden smiled.

“I dont think so buuut,” You turned around to Ethan and looked in his red Alpha eyes.. “come and get me.” You said and ran as fast as you could. You wanted to go to the Argents, their house was the nearest.

“Gotcha.” Ethan said after running ten miles. 

“You are really beautiful.. too bad that we’ve to kill you.” Aiden said ironic. 

“Shall we say something to your friends? Something like your last words, maybe?” Ethan laughed while his crawls were on your neck.

“I think you should let her go because if you dont, you’ll not able to tell me your last words.” Isaac said and came out of nothing. “This applies to both of you.” His crawls came out and his eyes turned into yellow.

Isaac growled and jumped on Ethan to get him off of you, he hit him and slammed him against a street lamp. You turned too and watched Isaac’s back when Aiden tried to kill him.

“You’re welcome.” You said to Isaac as he turned around to you.

“Are you serious?” He laughed. “I saved you first.” Isaac smiled at you while you looked out for the twins.

“Isa-Isaac I think we should run.” you said and stepped back while you took Isaacs hand. “Isaac NOW!”

“What the hell?” Isaac asked and ran with you to the Argents.


“SCOTT OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!” you yelled and knocked at the door, Isaac was jumpin up to Allison’s Window and saw them sleeping next to eacht other.

“SCOTT WAKE UP!” Isaac shouted.

Allison and Scott woke up and opened the window

“What is going on here?” Allison asked tired.

“Y/N and me will be dead if Scott dont come out, NOW!” Isaac said and jumped down on the ground to you.

“Hey man you cant protect her or yourself dont make this harder.” The Twins laughed as they came to the Argents too in their Mega-Werewolf-shape.

Scott jumped out of the window and turned into his Werewolf side.

“You really should stop threatening my pack.” Scott said angry and hit the Twins out of their Megashape. “Now go away before my eyes will change into blue.” Scatt said sharply.

The Twins went off and Scott came to you, you were really shocked. You never saw something like this and if Isaac would be there, you would be dead.

“Are you two okay?” Scott asked caring and Isaac looked at you, he could feel you and your heart, like he never did before. He hugged you and you hugged him back, you were glad that you had survive this.

“I think they will be.” Allison said behind you with a smile.

“Y/N shall I bring you home?” Scott asked and you looked to Isaac with a smile.

“No I think we can go alone, right?” You asked Isaac and he smiled back to you.

“Yes, we wanted to do our Movienight.” He smiled to Scott.

“Okay then, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Scott smiled to both of you.

Isaac and you walked to Scott’s House again and watched a movie on the couch together. You were lying into Isaacs arms and felt save again.


“Did you saw her eyes, when she was looking at him?” Allison aked as she and Scott were in her room again.

“The same look I give you everyday since I met you, yes.” Scott said with a cute smile and kissed her.

“Yes but there was something different, you know? She asked him.

"Derek told me something about that, I think he could it 'Soulmates’” He smiled to Allison “ But by Wolfes this is the most powerful connection they could ever have. Its more powerful than being a true Alpha.”

“Do you know what Y/N is saying whenever we watched one of her favorite Lovestories? Allison aked Scott with a smile. "My Lovestories are the best.. I think she is right”

Hurt Part 3

A/N: So this was HIGHLY requested so I decided to finally do it. This will be the last part of this series. I would like to thank you guys for the support on part 1 and part 2.

“Do you think she’ll be alright?” Isaac whispered. You didn’t know who he was whispering to but you knew they were in the room.

“I honestly don’t know, she was in the freezer for awhile,” Some boy spoke up. You couldn’t recognize who they were because you haven’t heard their voice before. The next thing you hear is a loud bang which sounded like it someone hit a metal table. It was most likely your brother Isaac reacting from the bad news.

After a few minutes of dead silence you wanted to scream. You wanted to scream at them for doing this to themselves. You wanted to scream so loud you couldn’t breathe. Honestly you just wanted to feel something.  

Ever since the last time you’ve fallen asleep you haven’t really woken up. You can hear everyone’s conversations but all you see is blackness. The only good thing is you can’t feel the inferior pain.

“Hey boys, do you want me to watch her for a while,?” A young girl’s voice perked up out of nowhere. You heard a few whispers and two sets of feet heading out of the room leaving me with the unnamed girl. A couple of seconds after the boys’ left you noticed the girl moving to the side of the bed. “Hi [Y/N], It’s nice meeting you, my names Lydia,” She spoke quietly, like she was afraid someone would hear her talk to me. “I’m sorry, I read somewhere that this was good for someone in your condition,” She awkwardly chuckled. Then you finally felt something, something cold on your hand. I guess Lydia must have put her cold hand on your hand.

Lydia talked on and on. Telling me stories of her adventure with two boys named Scott and Stiles. She told me that some guy named Derek bit Scott and that’s how he turned into a werewolf. Then she told me about how she was figuring out what she was and how her ex-boyfriends were werewolfs and some unnatural word like Kanima. It was really nice of her to talk to me, she could have probably done a million other things but she spent her time with me.

I felt sort of bad though. I know Lydia’s whole life story basically and all she knows is that I’m Isaac’s sick sister. Maybe if things were different Lydia and I could be best friends, but things aren’t different and this is life.

“How’s she doing?” Isaac said making a reappearance. I heard Lydia shift her body towards Isaac, still holding onto my hand.

“I saw her eyes move,” Lydia said, her voice so vibrant even during all this dismay. I wanted to call out towards my brother. I tried so hard. I didn’t want my brother to go through this alone. I know his friends are with him but it’s just not the same.

“I-I-Is-Isa-Isaac,” My vocal cords finally made out. My voice sounded all cracked and broken. Suddenly the whole room’s aura changed. At first it was all dark and gloomy but now it’s vibrant and happy, just like Lydia’s voice.

“Oh [Y/N], I’m so glad you’re okay,” He said, running towards my body. I tried to talk more but I just couldn’t conjure the energy to do so. At Least I know i’m okay.



Feels Like Heart Ache 2 (Isaac ending)

Part 1 Part 2 (Stiles)

Author’s note: I said I’d make an Isaac ending so here it is! Also a part 3 for the Stiles ending was requested so I’ll also be posting that soon. I’ll get to other imagines soon though. I’m just inspired with this one right now plus, I am busy during the day so yeah, I’m sorry. 

Enjoy though!


It’s been a week since the Kanima attacked me and me and Stiles have grown closer.

At first I was a little iffy about him but then he made me feel better about Isaac.

We started doing little things like holding hands under the desks, kissing cheeks when no one else was looking or he’d squeeze my thigh and I’d yelp, drawing attention.


At lunch, things are a little different.

Normally I sit next to Isaac with Boyd and Erica but today I’m sitting with Stiles, Allison, Scott and Lydia. Normally Jackson would be here but he’s out today.

I see Isaac walking to my old table and as soon as he sees I’m not there he starts looking around the lunch room.

He spots me and the look of absolute betrayal is enough to make me burst out laughing.

“Sorry” I mouth to him, watching his jaw drop.

I look back at the others and smile.

“Are you and Isaac having problems?” Scott asks.

“No, we’re fine”

“She’s choosing not to sit with him because she’s prefer to sit with Stiles” Allison tries to whisper to Scott but we all hear it clear as day.

“Of course, I’m way better than that dumb old wol-” Stiles starts but is halted by Isaac’s piercing eyes, looking back at him.

I’m not quite sure what to say because it’s…true. My cheeks flush red and I struggle to avert my eyes.

“No… I just- uh- I didn’t feel like sitting with his new friends” I excuse.

“Yeah I wouldn’t either” Scott says.

“Oh sure, exactly” Allison chimed in, sarcastically.

I smile obnoxiously at her, shaking my head. The table is filled with laughter and I feel so much better here than with Isaac’s friends.

Then for a moment I look up and see Isaac kiss Erica.

That feeling is back. The tightening in my chest. It’s so tight I am finding it harder to breathe.

Then I feel a hand gently taking hold of mine and that feeling goes away. I look over at Stiles And he gives me a little smile.

I wait until no one is looking at our table and quickly lean over and kiss him. It’s quick, but Stiles still looks over at me with wide eyes and some red appearing in his cheeks.

“D-Did you just-”

I shush him, hoping no one around us will get suspicious even though I already know one person saw that.

I look at Isaac and mouth “What? Jealous?”


I’m walking down the empty hallway, I’m super late for class- as always.

“Hey Y/N!” I hear a familiar voice. That voice that makes my heart skip a beat no matter how many times I wish it didn’t. No matter how many times I tell myself it’s pointless to love him.

I turn around and smile at Isaac.

“Yeah Isa-”

I am cut off, abruptly by his lips colliding with mine, almost roughly.

I pushed him away at first and stared at him.

He looked nervous to say the least. This is a look Isaac has never given me. He seemed horrified, like he’d made a huge mistake.

I was panting. My heart beating so goddamn fast I thought it would burst.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I hiss at him.

“Y/N I-I’m sorry. I saw you and Stiles and I-”

“No no you are not allowed to do this. Not now. You have caused me all kinds of grief with this shit. You can’t do this to me now” I growled, tears brimming in my eyes. “Not when I’m just getting over you”

“You’re what?”

“Isaac, I’ve been in love with you since the 4th grade”

“I’m sorry Y/N, I-”

“Isaac….just…..Kiss me again”


“You heard me, Lahey….Kiss me” I only need to take one step forward before his lips are on mine again, moving in sync with mine.

I felt his hand at the small of my back, pulling me closer to him.

As he deepened the kiss I could feel so many emotions from him and maybe myself.

He had caused me so much pain and anguish and now I’m kissing him and I couldn’t feel more alive.

We separated and for a moment nothing is said.

Then he looks me in the eye and says those words I’ve been longing to hear since 4th grade.

“I love you”

“W-What about Erica?” I ask him, unsure, maybe even trying to convince him otherwise so I can avoid pain.

“I broke up with her. I just want to be with you Y/N”

“That’s what I want too, Isaac. I love you”

A smile spreads across his face and in that moment all my pain is gone.