isa (saix)

So I was talking about it with my brother, and I’m having this feeling (now that I think about it) that Isa tried to escape the Organization at one point. (And maybe Lea tried to join him)

Because I was thinking…

YMX says they were able to track Sora in DDD because he had the X sigil on his clothes.

Well Saix has an X directly on his face, obviously. I have a feeling he tried to escape, and Xemnas scarred his face so they’d have track of him at all times, and he wouldn’t have a way to remove the sigil. It’s scarred on his f a c e.

That just makes me really sad for him honestly. That’s probably part of why he doesn’t leave the castle or go on missions (that we know of) because he’s not allowed to leave. If he tried, Xemnas / Xehanort would just come back for him. They know where he is all the time.

I think if Isa could have escaped the Organization, he would’ve. But because they had track of him, he was completely unable to leave. It would be pointless. Now he’s just completely brainwashed and I just think he doesn’t know how to turn back.

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