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Do you have some kidnapping au prompt?

You can’t just steal people it’s rude AU

I’m trying to ransom you stop escaping AU

This is like the eighth time you’ve tried to kidnap me stop it AU

Bit you because I thought you were trying to kidnap me AU

Someone grabbed me from behind what do I do AU


In the world of musical theatre, the task of not comparing yourself to others is nearly impossibe. I’m still doubting it can be done. Whether you’re reprimanding yourself for not being able to belt that high note the girl in your choir can belt, for not being able to land that pirouette that boy in your ballet class does perfectly, or for not being able to put the raw emotion in your monologue that person who auditioned right before you put into theirs, you know that comparing yourself isn’t gonna get you anywhere. But, we do it anyway. The thing is, we are all in different places. Some people start at age 2, some people start at age 20. 

But, I’ve always thought of it as a scale, right? Like, some kind of 1 to 10 scale, where a 10 has a 100% chance of getting in a show, a 5 has a 50% chance, etc. The truth is, though, it’s not a scale. It’s a puzzle.

Every show is a puzzle, and you’re a piece. The director is the one solving the puzzle. And there are some puzzles that you just don’t fit into. And it sucks! There’s no denying that! And sometimes, it’s like, “geez, that person can fit into every puzzle, but I can only fit into some.” But, let me tell you, there are definitely puzzles that they don’t fit into. 

Every actor is a differently shaped piece, and there’s a puzzle out there that you may fit perfectly into that the person you’re comparing yourself to does not. We each bring our own different set of skills and personality to the table. and sometimes we fit, and sometimes we don’t.

But, not fitting doesn’t make us any less of puzzle piece. It just means that puzzle wasn’t made for us.

I don’t know. I’m tired, I just had to the good old “I’m not good enough” breakdown, and I’m making up this metaphor on the spot. But, I guess the point I’m trying to get to is that talent really can’t be measured. Talent comes in different shapes and sizes, so if yours isn’t the same shape as most people’s, that doesn’t mean you don’t have it. 

Marichat May Day 10: What If?

Sleepy Heroes- What if Chat and Ladybug were too asleep to remember to detransform?

The akuma that morning had taken four hours to defeat. By the time we defeated it school was about to start. We both left in our separate directions, and I landed behind the school to detransform and ran to class. I fell into my seat and put my head down on the desk.


I felt Alta stiffen next to me, and I saw Adrien freeze in the doorway. Mme Bustier called my name out from the board and I raised my hand, keeping my head down on the desk. I felt someone tap my shoulder, and when I looked up Adrien was standing next to me.

He held out his hand. “Do you want to go outside to change, Ladybug?” He asked, staring at me. I suddenly woke up at the sound of my alter-ego’s name. I looked down at my hands and squeaked. I had never actually detransformed before I went into the school. I took Adrien’s hand and walked out of the classroom. We walked down the hall until we found an empty classroom.

“Spots off.” I said, and Tikki fell into my hands, exhausted. “I guess my identity’s blown now. Just don’t tell anyone else. I’m going to have to come up with some story to tell the class for why Ladybug was in our class instead of me.”

Adrien grabbed and hugged me, and I heard something squeak inside his shirt. “My Lady, I think the whole class figured it out. You weren’t exactly subtle.”

I shoved him away. “‘My Lady?’ Who do you think you “ I stopped and stared at Adrien, who was blushing and staring at his feet. “You’re Chat Noir aren’t you?”

He cheekily grinned at me and bowed in an over exaggerated way that only Chat would ever do. “At your service My Lady.”

“Okay, well, ummm…” He wrapped his arms around me awkwardly as I continued to fumble to use any words.

“No, none of that stuttering. I’ve literally seen every side of you. There’s nothing to worry about.” I leaned into him, hugging him hard. Chat-Adrien always knew what to say to diffuse my anxiety. “Do you want to go to class or back home?”

“Class. I need some semblance of normalcy, and time before I deal with my parents.” I replied after a moment. “But I’m switching with Nino and you’re dealing with Chloe.”
“You must be kitten me My Lady.” He said, trying to use his best kitten eyes. “You’re throwing me to Chloe?”

I laughed and we both walked back to class arm in arm.


I looked over to Nino to say good morning and he was staring at me. I turned around and saw Alya filming me with a wicked grin, and Marinette who looked somewhere between exasperated and confused.

Mme Bustier called my name and I raised my hand. The whole class was staring at me now, even Mme Bustier.

“What’s wrong? Is my hair or makeup messed up or something?” I poked Nino, who was still silently staring at me with his mouth hanging open.

“Look at your hand.” Marinette said, her voice solid. I raised my hand to my face and flew out of my seat and out the door. I stopped only when I had reached the top of the Eiffel Tower, a place where I figured no-one would be able to find me. I must have caused a small panic on my way over, but I didn’t really care. All I cared about was that now my whole class knows my identity, and that My Lady’s probably going to be really mad at me.

I sat down on the steps and just stared at nothing, zoning out so much that I didn’t notice when someone landed behind me until her hand was on my shoulder.

“Kitty, why did you do that?” She asked. I put my head in my hands and groaned. The news must be spreading like wildfire because of Alya.

“The news must be spreading if you know.” I said. There was a flash of pink behind me, and I turned around to see Marinette standing behind me.

“The news actually isn’t spreading. I transformed in the front of the class and told everyone to stay silent, and then came after you. So I guess you aren’t the only one with the blown identity.” She was definitely blushing now, but why? “Alya’s gonna kill me for not noticing this before.”
“Noticing what?”

“Oh, nothing. Just the fact that the boy I’ve had the biggest crush on for a year has also been flirting with me for a year! Are you really that oblivious? The whole class knows.” She stared down to her feet.

“We’re both stupid.” I concluded. “We’ve been sitting in front of each other for an entire year and we never noticed.”

‘If you want stupid you should start with the fact that you forgot to detransform before coming into the classroom. It’s not like we can make the whole class forget about either of us. We’re going to have to tell our parents at this rate.” Marinette tried to look down her nose at me, but ended up looking more at my chest than anything else.

“I can’t.” I put my head in my hands. “I can’t tell my father. I have no idea what he would do. He might even take away Plagg.” I started petting Plagg’s head. In a rare moment of comfort he bent up to my hand and purred.

“You’re father will be fine.” Marinette said, leaning on my shoulder and dangling her feet over the edge. “We’ll deal with him together. That’s a Ladybug promise.”

“Ladybug? I don’t see her.” I pantomimed searching and Marinette whacked my shoulder.

She stood up and transformed, and waved for me to follow her. She looked over the city, and I fell in love with her all over again.

“We need to get back to school, at least to do damage control. Are you ready to go back?”

“As long as I get to be by your side it’ll be purrfect.” I snuggled into her shoulder and she pulled away, throwing out her yoyo.

“Catch me if you can Chaton!”

I whooped and followed her, the way I always have and always will.

Opinions on IHQ

Anon 1: To me, IHQ is about the management she had in 5h or the industry in general. It just doesn’t feel like it’s about a significant other. She felt she poured her everything into the group only for it to slap her in the face. Not the girls but the team around them. The ones creating the cruel narrative.

Anon 2: Despite of what Camila said in interviews I’m under the impression that the original inspiration behind IHQ is not a romantic relationship but someone (or a group of people) in the industry who played her. Just my 2 cents about it atm but maybe I’ll change my mind when I read the complete lyrics.

Anon 3: I feel IHQ is about camila “relationship” with the 5h fans and all the ot4.. She basically saying she gave them all her"blood,sweat,heart and tears" and them turning on her broke her. Its not the first time writing something about the ot4’s, when she did the “love yourself” cover her 2nd verse was about them too. It might also have to do with the girls(4h) leaving her for a bit after the drama. I think she symbolized this with her dancing in the box (5h) and then it shatters and she free of them.                             

Anon 4: I have this theory that I Have Questions is actually about the industry but personified. How it wasn’t all fun and glamour like they promised and how they tried playing her for a fool by controlling her     

Like these anons expressed I also don’t think when Camila said “relationship” stands for a romantic tie. It’s interesting cause the word itself brings many different interpretations to the table. Like most of the fandom thinks it’s about Camren. Another part of the fandom & I imagine great part of the GP think she must have been dating a boy. But let’s not forget that relationship could be taken as labour relationship, friendship, idol-fan bond, or even with oneself.

Anyways I’m over it, because Maggie and Alex are the loves of each other’s lives and they both finally found someone who will love them unconditionally!! Also Maggie hugging Alex from behind and Alex melting into the hug is what I’ve always wanted!!! They are endgame and are going to spend the rest of their lives together and they’re the only canon engaged couple on the show - the lesbian couple is happiest and healthiest on the show!!!! Something longer than 29 seconds would have been nice but the fact that we’re going to see Alex and Maggie grow old together and experience each of their firsts including getting married makes me beyond happy.


Twitter 17/05/20

Thank you to everyone who supported Bird Takayanagi on Tofu Pro Wrestling.

I was very happy when someone would tell me that they liked Bird!

I’m happy to have been able to play the role of Bird as well as meet the wonderful cast and staff behind Tofu Pro Wrestling!

I’ll get lonely! lol

Twitter 17/05/21

Here are some pictures that look like Bird’s private life.

The budgerigar (common pet parakeet) that I co-starred with on yesterday’s Tofu Pro Wrestling, named Tofu and nicknamed Fuu, has become a new member of my family.

Please treat him well ( ^ω^ )

I’m the one who named him. Yazaki-san took these pictures lol

Bird Twitter 17/05/21

Here’s a picture I took one month ago with Fuu.

He’s been clinging to me constantly during this entire time. He fell asleep on my shoulder and was so cute.

Now he’s become a rascal and flies away quickly lol


Churi introduced Fuu-chan on her Showroom stream. She mentioned that she had an announcement to make after the Tofu Pro Wrestling episode, and she came out with Fuu-chan! As you can see he likes to fly away a lot and likes playing with stuffed animals. I’ve put the Showroom link below.


An open letter from me to the boys;

Dear BTS,

I am but a mere fan, someone who you do not know and someone who does not know you personally up close. My congratulatory’s in twitter and all my social media sites are drowning in the millions of congratulations of different people from armys all over the world to big celebrities who you watched and admired behind the screen back then. I may not be rich enough to see you performing live right in front of me nor will I ever be famous enough for you guys to know my name for I am but a mere tumblr user who writes fanfiction to improve her writing skills and imagination.

But despite all those things I’ve listed above, despite how heartbreaking and how sad the bitter reality is, even if you will never ever see this because this will just get buried under the other posts here in tumblr, I want to express my gratitude and say thank you.

Thank you for helping me out when I needed someone to lean on because I was too shy to approach anyone for help, thank you for cheering me up with songs I may never understand, thank you for showing me that despite how harsh the world is, you guys were able to pull through and go big with everyone there in big smiles.

I may never end up as the girl/guy who will steal your eye in the crowd/the street or the girl/guy you’ll see at the end of the aisle one day in a beautiful dress or tux.

But being here, being just your fan is actually more than enough.Seeing you smile behind my phone at youtube/vlive/ tv is more than enough.

So Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin,Kim Taehyung,Kim Namjoon,Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, and Jeon Jungkook if you ever think that you owe us anything, you guys don’t because its us, your fans who owe you guys for being there and providing us with music to ease the pain and help us enjoy our youth more.

Lastly I’d like to congratulate you again on winning the Billboard awards, boys.Your blood, sweat, and tears definately paid off.Here’s to more award shows and breaking more norms in the music world.

Truly yours,
An army

P.S. ruining the moment with a ‘all the pictures used are not mine’

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If ‘’Unravel’’ was about Kuroneki’s transition to Shironeki and ‘’Munou’’ was about Touken’s unhealthy co-dependency. What ‘’Kitsetsu wa Tsugitsugi Shindeiku’’ was about? Someone theorised that the song was about Haise saying goodbye to his past self. There were several translations of its lyrics, but I still could not comprehend the meaning behind the song. What I managed to capture was that, the song ended in a positive note. If it was not a bother, can you analyse the song?

I too believe that the most accurate interpretation is that of Shironeki transitioning to Haise. 

What makes me think so is this line in particular:

In order to uphold the unstead fact that I’m “me”, it’s like my half-transparent shadow has come to life.

If I were to sing in the rain, would these clouds finally part?

And again: 

In order to uphold the unstead fact that you’re “you”, your unstable ego ventures to despise you.

If you were just able to sing, would the darkness be dispelled? Your life has been left up to a dream rotten at its core.

I address a poem of farewell to my loathsome past;

I have to abandon the remains of these terrible days. These horrid dreams… even if it kills me!

The mention of the shadow coming to life immediately reminded me of @linkspooky’s meta about the shadow in Jung’s psychology. You can read it here. Particularly, this bit: 

In Tokyo Ghoul though, despite finally realizing his true desires in the end Kaneki becomes a victim of his own failed coping mechanism. That mechanism in summary being experiences a trauma-> throws a part of his personality away to adapt or suppresses a need-> projects and/or hallucinates some fraction of himself to shift the blame of that action on-> Then his original personality becomes more of an act to pretend everything is okay and cover for what he is missing-> Which stresses his ego out further-> Until it collapses and gives way for the shadow’s baser instincts.

Kaneki realizes at least a part of this at the end of his ‘life’, but does not resolve to change it which leads to his eventual arc in :Re.

Haise at this point believes the only way he can be happy, is to ‘dream a happy dream’, which is really just another level of projection as after this point his whole past self becomes his shadow.

(the whole meta is worth reading though. I strongly advise you do if you haven’t yet!)

the tl;dr version would be that Kaneki had a tendency to project the aspects of his personality he didn’t see fit for himself onto these shadows, in order to distance himself from them. That’s what happened at the end of TG. 

In order to deal with the trauma from his “loathsome past”, 

Kaneki’s mind resorted to amnesia as a coping mechanism. He projected the “darkness” inside himself onto the identity of Kaneki Ken and started anew. But Sasaki Haise was a dream, something unreal, just another coping mechanism. 

I think it’s interesting to note how these two pictures kind of parallel each other, supporting this theory:

The one on the left is from the same chapter in which we see Kaneki emprisoned in Cochlea after V14. The one on the right is a cover art of the EP containing the song. Judging by the art style, I believe it’s an official cover by Ishida. The only relevant difference is that in the cover art, the hands holding Kaneki’s face are Rize’s, but it doesn’t change much the interpretation since Rize has always symbolised the violent side of Kaneki. 

People don’t seem to realize that cashiers are often working at the register for very long shifts, and yes, sometimes on one of their hundreds of transactions per day, they will make a mistake. They are trying their best, and you have absolutely no idea what they have been through that shift. Maybe she had to call someone over because her till was out of nickels, or maybe she was overwhelmed by the extremely long line of cars behind you. Trust me, she understands math.

You got your desired change in the end, no need to freak out over a miscounted cent.

Thank you, and have a good day!

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People dragged Zach left & right over the tiniest things the could find, all they saw him as a director; forgot all about him being a husband & dad...I wonder what's going through their minds now? You never know someone's life behind closed doors

Zack has been getting a lot of shit in the last few months, all the while he was dealing with this tragedy. I hope those people feel awful right now.

Oc Concept:

A mind-wiping girl can wipe someone’s memories to a certain point just by touching them, falls in love with a flame contolling guy.
*I approached him, hands clutched behind me. We had been hanging around him for a few weeks, knowing today would be the day he proposed to his wife. I would miss being his, but I wanted the best for him.
“Hey, uhh…” my face went red, I wanted to tell him but was too embarrassed. I really did love him, but I knew he didn’t feel that way for me. I went on my tippy toes to reach his face and kissed him quickly then fell back down on my heels. “I love you, but you don’t love me.” He didn’t say anything so I stared at the ground. “I can make you forget about it if you want.”
He wrapped his arms around me and brought me up and kissed me in return.
He smiled and his head went a little hot with fire.
“I don’t want too.”

My Ask Inbox Is Temporarily Closed! + Some SU Talk

I feel the need to say this since I’m lagging behind on replying to every single message I get and whatnot, and it’s a little overwhelming.

Not saying that I’m upset! It REALLY boosts my mood when someone takes a little time out of their day to write some thoughtful words or share some headcanons based on my AUs. I can’t express how much that really means to me. And while I’m not obliged to respond to everyone, I’m just the sort of person who likes to write back individual, personalized replies if I can, most of which I’m inclined to respond with drawings! 

So for now, my ask inbox is closed until I can get my bearings! If you have something to tell me, I encourage you to hold that thought until then!

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Is the common US BP keeping you have used as an example the standard across the hobby? I have too many ppl close to me w Ophidiophobia to keep one myself, but what you consider claustrophobic keeping seems incredibly obviously so to someone w UK sensibilities. If an animal can't even stretch out it seems fairly obvious it's in a detrimental environment, no? I cannot understand people who claim it's fine an animal cannot even move the length of its own body. War criminals get better!

The UK is MILES ahead… lightyears even… in proper reptile care. The US is painfully behind and not moving forward.
When I speak to many UK keepers they wonder why the hell any of that kind of keeping is allowed.

You would think it is common sense however the end point for keeping animals like that is just to breed them. For some reason people associate breeding with happiness in animals when its really not an indicator of health or good care. I always think about puppy mills and the terrible hoarding situations where there are tons of pregnant animals… theyre clearly not happy cramped up in dirty cages like that and yet theyve reproduced.

The US reptile community has some very outdated views on the animals we keep.

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More viking aŭ! Pretty please!

Of course I can! Sorry ti took me so long, I’ve been feeling sort of down lately. I hope you enjoy the fic! Requests are still closed I’m just catching up on the ones I have left in my inbox! Enjoy!

Read the last one here!

Tom walked down the beach that night, leaving footprints behind him. He had to find some way to win this battle. Or else his entire tribe was screwed. “I thought we made a deal to not come here until the battle tomorrow at dawn.” A voice cut his thinking and Tom whipped around. He saw the viking princess Marco before him, looking angry.

“I wasn’t trying to betray you in any way, I swear.” Tom assured. Marco gave him a disbelieving look and the namad flared up. “Well what are you doing here then, princess?” He asked, crossing his arms.

“I thought I might find you here, and I was proven right.” Marco huffed. Tom pouted and the viking princess turned away. “You should go to your ship, you’ll need your rest for tomorrow.” Marco told him. He was about to walk off but Tom stopped him.

“Wait, Marco.” He called. Marco turned around and Tom sighed, looking down. “We both know my Demons don’t stand a chance tomorrow. We’re outnumbered, that’s all there is to it.” Tom began. Marco crossed his arms.

“After years of pillaging and chaos, you attack my village, and ask for pity?” Marco demanded. “I would never, EVER show the likes of YOU pity!” He hissed.

“I know.” Tom looked away. “That’s why you won’t be showing ME pity.” Tom explained. Marco looked confused and Tom took a breath, running his fingers through his hair. “I should have known that challenging you guys was a bad idea but…” Tom bit his lip. He was so young, and had only been a chief for such a short time. They were low on resources and he thought raiding Marco’s village would help but… he just got in too deep with a battle he couldn’t win.

“What are you trying to tell me?” Marco asked. Tom looked up.

“Let my tribe go, they will never bother you ever again.” He asked. Marco shook his head.

“You can’t just get away with this! You have to pay for what you’re tribe has done!” He hissed.

“And I will!” Tom exclaimed. Marco fell back. “I’m the chief, I should be taking responsibility for my tribe. That’s why you let them go, and in exchange I stay on your island as prisoner. I’ll work for you, pillage for you, anything just to let them go. It’ll be like we never showed up in the first place.” Tom offered.

Marco stood there in shock for a long while, watching the voyager closely. “You’d stay here as a prisoner, just so I will let your small tribe of twenty people leave?” Marco asked. Tom scoffed and shook his head.

“No you moron!… We’re twenty-seven people… and yes.” Tom added. Marco nodded and held out his hand. Tom reached out and they shook on the deal.

“We have a deal, have your people promise to leave my village, you stay here as my prisoner, and they go free, without a battle.” He agreed.


“Tom you can’t be serious.” Vanessa shook her head, Chet the other Demon was perched next to her. Tom sighed and looked away.

“I am. You’re the chief now. Do a better job than I did.” Tom requested of her. Vanessa nodded, but seemed to linger. “Go!” Tom urged. “If you guys don’t get out of here soon Marco’s army will get impatient and think we’re trying to get out of the deal.” He explained. Vanessa nodded and she motioned for Chet to get on the boat. Tom looked up and watched his tribe leave, the boat got smaller and smaller until it was out of sight.

“Come on Demon, we got a place for war prisoners.” Janna sneered at him. It was her job as commander to be this cold towards enemies. She wasn’t a mean person. She was about to take Tom away but she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around and saw Marco.

“Just let him be for a while.” He whispered. “He just lost his home.”

“Do you seriously feel sorry for him?” Janna asked. “The Demons are monsters! You’ve seen what they’ve done.” She reminded.

“I know! Why do you think I didn’t let him go!?” Marco demanded. “But even a monster can get homesick, how would you feel if you lost everything you knew?” He asked. Janna sighed and looked down. “Besides, he was so willing to give himself up for his people… I think he’s just… just give him a moment, I’ll take care of him.” Marco told her. Janna nodded and left, signalling the rest of the army to follow.

Marco approached Tom, who was still standing with his ankles in the water, watching the direction his ship had left. “Are you going to be okay?” Marco asked. He put his hand on Tom’s shoulder, but the boy ripped away.

“It doesn’t matter.” He mumbled. “What is it you wish me to do?” Tom asked. Marco looked the demon over. The first thing he saw was an abundance of weapons Tom had on hand casually. He took it in and nodded.

“A personal body guard will do for now.” Marco told him. “I deal with dangerous people in trade roots. You seem like the type of person who can handle a fight.” Marco smiled a bit and Tom nodded, he bowed a bit.

“Anything you request.” Tom looked up and Marco frowned. He seemed so sad. But Marco had to remember not to get personal, or attached, to this new prisoner. He was a bad guy, right? Why else would he run around and cause chaos. Marco couldn’t become emotionally attached, and remember to treat this prisoner as a enemy.

He couldn’t let Tom become anything more to him.

TalesFromRetail: Almost lost in translation

I worked summers in a grocery store in The Middle of Nowhere, Norway. There were lots of mountains, fjords and a salmon river, so naturally we had a lot of German camping tourists. All foreigners were sent to me. Probably because someone noticed that I didn’t shut down and start stammering when someone asked me something in English.

One day when I was stocking shelves, one of the other employees comes up to me with a woman in her 50s behind him. My colleague hands her off to me with the very helpful:

I don’t know what she wants.

So I try asking her in English what she’s looking for, but she seems confused and doesn’t answer. As most of our tourists are German, I try asking:


She nods excitedly and says:

Washen für die…

and then stops and says something in what I think was Italian, which I do not have any experience with. She probably senses my confusion, because before I can say something she lights up and says:


and makes a spinning motion with her finger.

At first I was completely taken aback, but then it dawned on me: she needed washing powder for her washing machine. Just to make sure I ask

Für Kleiden?

and she nods happily. So I lead her over to the isle with washing powder and ask:

Weiss oder colour? (the German word for colour had slipped my mind, it’s my third language).

She wants colour, which I find for her and she happily goes on her way to the registers.

PS. It’s been a long time since I had German in school. These are the words I used, but the spelling and grammar is most probably not entirely correct.

By: Piratand

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r u planning on writing anything for the nsfw yoi week? ❤

i… actually had no idea this was a thing? /hides

i’ve been a terrible fandom participant lately. also i’m working behind the scenes on some p. big projects w/ @uneballe-unmort so i’ve been prioritsing those for some time as far as my stuff for yoi is concerned (did someone say… masks?)

i also find smut hella hard to write so i have to be really, er… dare i say in the mood? and usually writing nsfw for the sake of it does not work well with me.

sorry for disappointing you ;__; i’m sure there’ve/there will be some fantastic works produced from others! <3

many people, when they find they are obsessing over someone have a compulsion to hide their obsession lest the object of their adoration be repulsed by it.

i decided previously that if i really like someone i will be open about how much i like them. since not doing this has … lead to me not being with people i really like

it is still a little hard to do in practice. i have to hold my breath and say “this is a rule that works out in the long term even if the immediate reaction hurts”.

it often is a cool sensation doing things for long-term benefit. it’s like im switching into a me that floats far above the me that is crawling along the timeline, sensing things immediately. like a kite that trails behind a bug.

my brain turns away from taking sensory input from my skin, eardrums, taste buds, eyes etc. and weighs the costs and benefits by looking at “my” reactions to its own imaginings.