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Stony Halloween Fic Recs

Thought I’d do some Halloween appropriate fic recs. These vary from fluff to horror, so mind the tags!


Love a Man in Uniform by orphan_account:  Nothing but an authentic Captain America uniform will do for Tony’s Halloween costume, and luckily for Tony, he knows exactly where he can find one. Steve’s reaction to finding out that his uniform has been appropriated is a little different than Tony expects, though.

Steve Rogers, Casanova Extraordinaire by @stark-spangled-lovers: Telling someone you love them is, in Steve’s book, the hardest things in the entire world.Until it suddenly isn’t.Or: One Halloween party, many magical costumes, and a very confused Tony Stark who has trouble dealing with Steve’s sudden flirting skills.

I Put a Spell on You by @kagekanecavi;   Tony is out costume shopping when things get decidedly hairy.

Last Place, First Kiss by Dormammu:  Tony “wins” last place at the Halloween costume contest. With his spirits crushed, he decides to “celebrate” alone with a plateful of cheese and a serving of solitary manful brooding in the dark. One werewolf will have none of the latter and some of the former.

Tell Me a Story by @missbeckywrites:   Tony is doing fine. Just fine. Until he’s not. Steve notices.

Sexy Soldier Cap by @captainneverever:   Steve buys a completely inappropriate costume for Tony’s party and has to improvise.

Betwixt by tsukinofaerii:  Steve is pulled into an alternate universe that could have been plucked from his nightmares. All he wants to do is get home alive. Tony may have other ideas.

Liquid Lunch by romanoff: Tony’s turned into a vampire. It’s very sad for everyone involved.Especially Steve. Not just because Tony keeps trying to eat him alive. There are other reasons too.“Just let me try a little bit,” he pleads “I won’t take all of it, oh, just a little taste—” He presses his palms flat against the glass and tries to scrape his teeth down the window “I can, I can control myself, promise.” And then he turns those eyes on Steve, looks him straight on, and they’re pleading, and innocent, and really, it’s selfish of him not to give Tony his blood, why would he not, he can’t see any justifiable reason, so he just starts rolling up his sleeve and nodding as Tony salivates into the glass.

Killing Monsters in the Rain by snoozingkitten:  Tony is a werewolf in name only, he’s also a genius and a playboy and the Lord of the house of Stark. When he’s forcibly reminded of his heritage by a crash landing in the East River Forest things go a bit differently than he’d expect. Fantasy AU

In a Heartbeat by @kagekanecavi:   Steve would never just ask someone to give him blood. But when someone is offering themselves, all but begging for him to drink from them, how can he refuse?

What Lies Inside by Penumbren:  When the Avengers discover Captain America in the Arctic sea, they find more than just a new team member: Tony Stark discovers his fated mate. The problem is, Steve Rogers is a man out of his own time and apparently straight, and Tony’s not about to force anything on the man he loves–even if it means his own death. Besides, Tony’s spent his entire life keeping secrets. How can he possibly tell Steve that he’s really Iron Man, let alone a werewolf?

Bound to Take Your Life by silverfoxflower:  “Bite me,” Tony had hissed the first time that they met, and to this day he doesn’t know just how close Steve had been to shoving him to the ground and sinking his canines into Tony’s neck, jaws clamping down until Steve’s mouth tasted of blood and sweat and Tony’s screams died down to a slow whimper.

Iron and Fire by AssistedRealityInterface:  The Stark family has a secret; one they’ve been keeping from their young heir for quite awhile now. When Tony finally finds out the truth, he is pulled into a world he has no understanding of and confronted with an other half he didn’t know he had.

You Know Where to Find Me by @asparrowsfall;  After an Avengers mission goes awry, Steve takes a leave of absence from the team, and he and Tony part on bad terms. But then Steve gets turned into a werewolf, and he finds his shapeshifting linked to his feelings about Tony, who’s had a terrible accident. If Steve never sees Tony again, will he be stuck in wolf form forever?A closely-canon compliant 616 Capwolf story.

What Rough Beast by immoral_crow:  Steve Rogers, super soldier. It’s amazing really that it takes them all so long to work out just what the serum can do… but given enough time all things become apparent. This is a story about love, and loss; the things we would do to be true to ourselves and true to our hearts; and the prices you must pay to do that.

Turn Around (Three Times Before Lying Down) by kellifer_fic: Everyone knows that Tony Stark is a playboy, billionaire philanthropist, but what they don’t know is that he’s also a werewolf. When a government agency known as SHIELD finds out, they use this information to force Tony’s hand and bring him into a new elite lycan field team, codename The Avengers Initiative.Suddenly Tony finds himself playing host to a bunch of lycans, a misplaced God of Thunder and an experimental supersoldier that isn’t as dead as everyone assumed. Can his week get any worse?

The Law Runneth Forward and Back by @sineala:   It’s been three weeks since Tony saved Steve’s life at Mount Rushmore, and they’re not talking about it. It’s going to drive Tony insane. But they’ve got bigger problems, because Nightshade has turned Steve into a werewolf. Again. And all Steve seems to want is to be near Tony.

hooked on you by theappleppielifestyle: "I’m sorry,“ Steve says miserably, but Tony holds up a hand."Whoa, hey, no, not your fault, kid. Um.” Tony drops the hand, because Steve had started looking at his wrist, the mapwork of veins. “So what, it’s like, you open your eyes first thing after getting vamped and, boom, Imprint?”“What?” Steve frowns again. “Tony, no. I’m not a baby duck.”

Collared and Bound by antigrav_vector:  This is utterly self-indulgent trashy supernatural romance fic with trashy smut. You’ve been warned.

I’ve Lost My Soul (series) by tarialdarion:  There’s a List.
And Tony and Steve are working their way through it. (serial killer couple AU)

In Wolf’s Clothing by @laireshi:   Tony gets kidnapped, but breaking out of his cell isn’t a problem. Except then he runs into a werewolf, and things stop looking so good.

Till Death Do Us Part (and Beyond) by @laireshi:   Never let it be said anyone is more stubborn than Tony Stark, especially when he has to bring Steve home.

take me out (and let me hold you tight) by @musicalluna:   Steve daydreams about holding Tony’s hand, and Halloween might just be the best chance he’s got for making dreams reality.

The Little Things Unknown by @coaster:  Tony Stark has three certainties in life: one, that science was where his mind worked best; two, that, since ghosts had become a science, anything was possibe; three, that he would never know if Captain America was that much of a paragon because the man was long dead.The subject of Certainty Three might be sitting at the foot of his bed.~Steve is a ghost. The Avengers bust ghosts. And Tony isn’t sure what to make of Cap here. But hey, at least his other hauntings have stopped, right?

Fe by ncee:  There was something weird about the Captain, it just took three tries for Tony to pinpoint it.

Thirst by velithya:  Tony’s out of blood. Steve has a solution Tony doesn’t like much.

Drug in Your Veins by Raikishi: He sees Steve break, expression vulnerable for a half second. It feels better than it should – to know that Steve still can’t say no to him.Serial Killer!Steve who’s still fiercely protective over Tony and always will be.

Missing and Ravished by SailorChibi:  Officer Tony Stark really did not mean to fall in love with a serial killer.

even death by starkravingcap: “You should turn on your lights,” Steve advises him, as though there isn’t fire and need bubbling under his skin, “You’re beautiful when they catch your eyes.”Tony is standing in front of Steve, between the couch and the beat up coffee table, in the ‘v’ formed by his legs.“You don’t like the light,” Tony reminds him, and he reaches out to touch Steve’s face. His skin is warm and smooth under his palm, “You always say you work better in the dark.”

Ghost in the Wires by soroexitium:  When Steve moves into Avengers mansion he is caught up in strange coincidences. He walks behind an unseen ghost: a ghost who leaves empty spaces all around the manor. It doesn’t make sense, and it sounds crazy until he meets Anthony, a computer simulation programmed by Anthony Stark, who died two years ago. Then it just seems even crazier.

Trying to find the in-betweens by @gottalovev:   The Avengers might be broken up, but Steve can’t stand idly by while someone is publicly threatening Tony’s life.

Ghost of Me by Pearl_Unplanned:  Steve Rogers had been a ghost for as long as he could remember, which was admittedly not very long. Most of that memory span was spent with the one man who could actually see him, Tony Stark.

Wasted on the Dead and Dreaming by LinneaKou: Steve looked right at his friend, and he felt just as disoriented as he had when he woke up in Munich. “What the hell is going on?”Bucky winced. I think you’ve spontaneously developed psychic powers.And well. Wasn’t that just great.When Captain Steve Rogers got back from his tour of duty, he didn’t expect to come back with the ability to communicate with the dead.When Tony Stark moved back into his childhood home, he didn’t expect his dead father to still be inhabiting it.When Tony hired Steve to investigate the ghosts of his family mansion, they didn’t expect to be swept up in cover-ups, corporate sabotage, and murder.Now, time is running out as increasingly disturbing dreams haunt Tony and the ghost of Howard Stark proves to be the least of Steve’s problems. If they’re lucky, maybe they won’t end up ghosts too.

Cold Skin, Burning Heart by @queendophne:  Howard Stark was the greatest inventor, pioneer, entrepreneur and mass murderer of his time. All his murders were like his work, sleek, elegant and extravagant. He was smart and meticulous that he almost never got caught but one small mistake cause his secret to come to light shocking the world. In his suicide note, Howard proudly boasts about his murders. He confessed to murdering his son, Anthony Stark, as one last hurrah before he took his life. Ever since then Stark mansion has been a dangerous and haunted place……Fast forward a hundred years into the future there is young Steve Rogers landing the biggest job of a lifetime: Stark Mansion. Steve has worked so hard to prove the validity of his team, the Avengers, within the Ghost Investigation community and now they were given one of the most coveted job in their field. It was perfect. Especially since it allowed him to escape the disaster that is his personal/love life.

Does  Not Play Well With Others by usedupshiver: While sneaking into the Starks’ abandoned home, Steve makes the startling discovery that even though no Stark is living in the house anymore, not all of them have actually left.

Pint-Sized Revelations by @ashes0909:  One revelation could change everything.

Eventually by AdamantSteve:  Tony’s letters to Steve during the zombie apocalypse.

slipping through the years by often_adamanta:  The plane crash and subsequent ice might have killed him, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t still around, haunting those he cares about. And since the only person who can see him is Tony Stark, death sure isn’t going to be boring.

What Lies Beneath by asktheravens:  All Tony wants is to make amends after a thoughtless reaction leaves him in danger of losing Steve, but a mission intervenes. The Avengers travel to a laboratory in a remote part of Appalachia expecting a routine job, but an ancient evil slumbers within Old Crow Mountain that will test much more than their relationship.

Draining Life by @laglemon:  After a bad break up with Pepper, Tony packed his things and moved into Stark mansion. He refurbished the mansion so that it was more his style and less of his father’s, readying himself for a new life as he tried to recover from the surgery that had removed his arc reactor. He didn’t like being alone, but at least when he was in the mansion, he didn’t have to see everyone pitying him. Besides, here he could work on Extremis without anyone staring over his shoulder.It would be perfect soon.Things would be better with Extremis.After the move in, Tony starts having strange dreams - ones that start getting more and more disturbing as the nights go by.He dreams that there is something buried outside in his yard, hiding beneath the patch of petunias, and it won’t leave him alone.*** Just to point out, the major character death tag is only here because Tony is turned into a vampire. ***

A Cabin in the Woods by nightwalker:  It was supposed to be a relaxing vacation, a chance for them to spend some time as a couple and work out some of the kinks in their relationship. That was before everything got weird.

It’s What You Choose that Counts, In the End by @the-vorkosigan:  A belated Halloween fluff fic (no horror, just dressing up).The Avengers are (re)assembling, if for one evening only. There’s nothing Tony wouldn’t do for his little mentee Kamala Khan. This time Kamala is throwing a Halloween party and her greatest wish is for the Avengers to be there, all together and friends again. Well, Tony is no miracle worker, but he’s managed to convince everyone to at least show up and to dress up in Hogwarts robes too, since it’s a Harry Potter themed party (wait, maybe he is a miracle worker, after all).It’s the first time since the Civil War that they all find themselves in the same place, at the same time. Tony is nervous, but he’s a big boy, he can deal. Or he can until Steve shows up. The first chapter: team assembling, team feels, a shitton of discussion of who chose what Hogwarts house and why. Also, everyone is in shock that Tony is going as a Hufflepuff.The second chapter is all Steve/Tony, so if that’s what you want, you can skip straight to there.   Basically it’s crack, but it’s, eh, melancholic and a little sad and not funny.

The Long Road South by citsiurtlanu:  Zombie apocalypse AU. Steve Rogers is rescued ten years after going into the ice to find the world taken over by the undead, with the man who brought him out being none other than his old flame, Tony Stark. Believing that the serum running through Steve’s veins is humanity’s last hope for finding a cure, they begin the long journey south in order to meet up with Tony’s other contacts - dealing with hordes of biters, living people of varying trustworthiness, and Steve’s own unresolved anger toward Tony for his role in the War along the way.

Gravely, Deadly, Deeply by @winterstar95:  Tony looks at the remains of what he’s done. He looks at it, long and hard. He memorizes the details, the horror. This is his sin to own.or Tony and Steve are caught in a zombie apocalypse and things do not go well.

Post-Death Annuities and Insurance by @everybodyilovedies:  Welcome to Stark Solutions, your number one post-death annuities and insurance agency! Are you worried about outliving your income? Afraid your family won’t have enough money after you die? Then put that dead body to work, and rest in peace knowing your loved ones are taken care of!Steve Rogers is a struggling artist in a world where unemployment rates are sky-high. Zombies are the number one source of blue-collar labor, meaning the baby boomers won’t give up their day jobs even after they’ve died. Steve takes a job as a night guard at Stark Solutions as a way to get by. There, he meets an enigmatic and handsome lab rat named Tony, who works just about as odd hours as Steve. Only not everything is as it seems. There is a mystery surrounding Tony, surrounding Stark Solutions as a whole, and Steve is just unfortunate enough to get tangled up in it.

Tricks and Treats by @wordsplat:   Starkoween is totally a holiday, though it’s mostly an excuse to eat candy, get drunk, and scare the shit out of people. Also, costumes are a Very Important Decision, fangs are fun, and Clint dressing as cupid could really only go one way.

Be Still by @wordsplat:   It’s the end of the world, but it’s not the virus that’s going to kill him.

Sugar, I’m Goin’ Down// Bad Boy Shawn // Chapter Five

Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three

Chapter Four Recap:

“They don’t seem like very good friends if they make you feel like shit and threaten anyone you like. How the hell are you supposed to ever have a girlfriend?”

Shawn laughs and runs his hand through his hair. “Exactly. I don’t know what to do, I mean, they’re my friends. I’ve known Andrew since I was sixteen.”

“And yet you let him bully you like this,” you turn and walk away. If Shawn wanted pity for having garbage friends, he wasn’t going to get it from you and you had to walk away because you felt yourself starting to pity him. His friends would have to get over themselves because if they wanted to come after you because Shawn had some feelings, well then they had a big storm coming. You get to your table and pack away your laptop and books. You grab your pink taser from the bottom of your bag and head for the doors.

The lock handle on the front door of your house rattles violently, causing you to snap your head up from the book you were reading. It stops and you dismiss it as wind from the storm brewing outside. Ashley, your housemate and good friend, was out for the night with some guy. You hadn’t expected her home so you took up residence on the sofa to read your new book your mom had sent you in a cute little care package last week.

The handle rattles again and now you know it’s not just the wind blowing. The old house creaked and groaned during every storm, it was something you had gotten used to, but this was definitely someone trying to get in. You get up and turn on the main room light, hoping the light flooding through the living room’s windows would give the person a clue that someone was in fact home and they should not break in. There is more rattling and you put your book down to grab the metal bat that you and Ashley kept beside the stairs in front of the door.
With the bat in one hand, handle braced against your forearm incase you needed to swing one handed, you flip the lock and the deadbolt on the front door. You open the door just a little, allowing the additional chain lock to pull taut while you see who was there.  

“Hey, sweetheart,” Andrew says cooly, a smirk on his face. What the fuck was he doing at your house? How did he even know where you lived? “Gonna let me in?”

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Accidents Happen (Part 9/?)

Peter Parker x Pregnant!Reader

A/N: Thanks for having patience, loves! Sorry it took so long! Enjoy!

Warnings: Teen pregnancy, violence, blood, general gross bloodiness, etc.

 Accidents Happen Masterlist // Main Masterlist


Well, shit.

You just couldn’t catch a fucking break, could you?

“How the hell can HYDRA hack into FRIDAY?” Peter asked Natasha, pulling his cellphone out of his pocket for the flashlight, as well. “I thought Tony made sure that couldn’t happen.”

“I have no clue.” She shook her head. “Whoever they have is good.” She turned towards the common area, “If you’re going to get May, she’s on the party floor, still. She was playing pool with-”

Natasha was cut off by a large BOOM!

The windows in the building shook – but, luckily, the building was incredibly sturdy.

Natasha swore under her breath, digging in her pocket and handing Peter a comms unit, “Now they’re in. Get moving.”

“What about Aunt May?” You gripped your gun a little tighter, cool metal digging into your palm, “We need to get her to safety.”

“There are a lot of people in the building who will need to be brought to safety.” She shook her head, starting to walk away, “She’ll be fine. Think about yourself, first.”

You turned to Peter, who was biting his lip, “I think we should go get Aunt May and get both of us to safety.”

“No, not you. You should stay here, go back into our room, and lock the door.” He shook his head, releasing his lip from his teeth, “You shouldn’t be running towards the danger. You’re pregnant.”

You huffed in annoyance, “The first place they’d look for me is our bedroom.” You couldn’t stay there. You weren’t trained to fight HYDRA agents, and the building had a security protocol. “The safest place in the tower is Med Bay. It’s made to withstand anything, in case someone is a patient during this type of situation. We need to make sure Aunt May gets there. It’s only a few floors below where the party is, and we can grab her on the way.”

He pondered that for a moment, biting his lip and looking down at your belly. “Okay, fine. But you stay near me the entire time. If it’s bad, you go straight to Med Bay. No arguing about it.”

“Wasn’t planning on it.” You smiled, taking his hand, “Lead the way.”

You took the stairs, much to your annoyance. The party floor was about six floors down, and you couldn’t take the elevator with the power out. It was kind of terrifying to take the stairwell in the pitch black, with only a flashlight. It reminded you of a horror movie, and you were terrified that you were going to tumble down the stairs.

“Peter,” You stopped about two floors down, clutching the railing. “This is hard enough for me to do in the light. I can’t see my feet, and it’s pitch black.”

“Alright, alright.” He turned, handing you the phone and picking you up, “Just hold on tight.”

Trying to hold onto Peter with the flashlight in one hand, and a gun in the other was no easy feat. It was much easier than trying to master the stairs, though, and you were grateful for a boyfriend who could carry you while in your third trimester of pregnancy. Carrying someone who was 28 weeks pregnant – on top of weight gain – wouldn’t be easy for any other man.

Luckily, your man wasn’t like any other man.

When you reached the platform for the party floor, you could hear yelling and gunshots echoing from behind the door, and could hear it coming from the platforms below.

Setting you down, Peter took the phone from you and put his hands on your shoulders, “Be careful, okay? Please, don’t get hurt.” He moved his hands from your shoulders to your face, “Stay by me, but if something happens… just run for Med Bay, okay? Run, and don’t stop.” He kissed you on the lips once, then pressed his lips to your forehead, “I love you.”

“I love you, too. Everything will be fine.” You smiled, pushing the nerves down and laying your free hand over your bump, “I promise: If shit hits the fan, I’ll waddle away quickly.”

He nodded, taking a deep breath, “Okay.” He let you go, turning towards the door and listening for a moment. “Okay. Keep your gun up.”

When he threw open the door, the room was in chaos. HYDRA agents were attacking other SHIELD agents, bodies littered the floor, and there was blood. So much blood. There were lights in the room, but they were flickering off and on from white lights to red – making the blood stand out from the white floors. It really was a horror movie. You were used to blood from being around Med Bay, and from healing Peter, but this was different.

This was violent.

You pushed down a wave of nausea.

Peter grabbed your free hand, pulling you along the walls – away from the fighting. You didn’t see any of the partygoers around the room, just the avengers and a bunch of agents from both sides.

Peter’s hand ripped out of yours, webs shooting from his webslingers as a HYDRA agent stepped in front of him. He webbed him up, then punched him in the face. “Y/n, we have to keep moving.”

You stepped over the unconscious body, holding your free hand under your belly in comfort, “I don’t see May.”

“Let’s check the meeting rooms in the hallways.” He shot out a web at an agent who was trying to sneak up behind Bucky. “They probably hid her in one of them.”

Bucky turned around, seeing the webs on the agent, and turning towards you with a look of shock.

He jogged over - knocking out an agent on the way, with his metal arm. “Your Aunt is in a meeting room with Pepper. Get them in Med Bay. It’s safe, there.” He pulled you behind him to block you as a bullet ricocheted off his arm. “GO!”

You followed Peter, trying not to trip over any bodies or fallen objects with your bare feet. Your adrenaline was running high. Your heart rate was through the roof, and you could feel yourself starting to perspire from nerves and exertion.

Plus, trying to jog without a bra on was really starting to get uncomfortable.

You stopped behind a piano, being forced into a crouch by Peter.

A bullet made a hole, right where your head would have been.

“Okay.” Peter mumbled to himself, looking at you, then around the room. He pulled his long sleeve shirt over his head, exposing the red and blue of his suit. Then, he yanked his sweat pants off, and grabbed his mask and gloves from his pants pocket – slipping them on. “We have to hurry up.”

You nodded, laying a hand on his chest, “Just make sure I don’t get shot, and I’ll make sure I don’t trip and fall.”

He shook his head, “Going to be difficult with your clumsy ass.”

“Shut the hell up, about my ass.” You smiled. “Let’s go.”

You took off running – Peter webbing up HYDRA agents, kicking bodies out of the way, and grabbing you if you slid in anything. You slid to a stop when an agent spotted you and lifted his gun, yelling that he ‘found the target’ in his comms.

You lifted your gun, quickly aimed, and squeezed the trigger.


Blood sprayed from the man’s head, and he dropped to the ground, blood pooling under him. Oh my god. You turned your head as vomit made its way up your esophagus. The burn from the bile made you cough as you painted the white walls with bile. Your nose and eyes were burning, and your hands were shaking.

You just killed another person. That was two people on your list, now.

Hanging out with the Avengers was making you a killer.

“Babe, we have to go.” A warm hand pulled your hair from your face, wiping under your eyes, “It’s not getting any better in here. They keep coming. You need to get out of here.”

“Don’t leave me.” You wiped your mouth with the neck of your shirt, “Not until we have May.”

“I won’t leave you. Come on, it’s just around the corner.”


When you made it into the hallway, the bodies were everywhere. Both HYDRA and SHIELD agents littered the floor, whether they were dead or unconscious. There was one person that you recognized, and that was one of the wealthy men who had attended your shower.

You ran over to the man, checking his throat for a pulse.

“This guy’s alive.” You turned to Peter, “He was at the party. What should we do with him? We can’t just leave him.”

Peter was silent for a moment, then he turned to one of the doors, checking to see if it was unlocked. The doorknob turned, and he threw open the door – dragging the man inside.

There was a small, round, meeting table, and a bunch of chairs in the small conference room. He dragged the unconscious man behind the table, so he couldn’t be seen from the door. “We can leave him here, for now. He’s probably fine. Let’s get May, and get you the fuck off this floor. I don’t like this.”

You ran to the next meeting room, but the door was locked. “Aunt May? You in here?” You knocked on the door.

The door was thrown open, but it wasn’t Aunt May…

It was Michelle and Ned.

“You’re still here?” You asked, in shock. “How are you still here?”

“We were playing pool with Pepper and May, and alarms just started blaring.” Ned had blood spattered on his sweater, and you couldn’t help but think the worst. “It’s not May’s. It’s Pepper’s. She was the first one shot. In the arm, thank god.”

You sagged in relief.

Pepper was shot, you asshole. Why are you relieved?

True, but it wasn’t fatal.

“Y/N! May and Pepper are in here!” He called out from the doorway of a meeting room a few doors down. All three of you ran to where Peter had called to you, and shut the door. Peter was helping Pepper off the floor when he noticed your company, “Ned? Michelle?”

“Yeah, we’re still here.” Michelle rolled her eyes, “Thanks for ditching us, by the way. At your own party.”

“Not now, Michelle.” Ned shook his head, laying a hand on her arm. “Let’s get the hell out of here.”

May was holding on to a pale looking Pepper, trying to full her out of the room. “She’s starting to pass out from blood loss. I’m pretty sure the bullet went through her bone.” May’s sweater was tied into a sling, and a chunk had been ripped and was wrapped around the wound. Blood was seeping through the material, and dripping down her pale arm. “Pepper said that Med Bay was the safest place to go?”

“Yes, it’s the safest place in the building.” The baby nudged you in your side, reminding you that you needed to get a fucking move on. “We have to go down two flights of stairs. The stairwell is across from the elevators.”

Michelle went to the other side of Pepper, helping May carry her. “Come on, then.”

You opened the door, and Peter slowly creeped around the corner.

The chaos was still in the main party room. You could hear gunshots, shouting, and groaning coming from the main area around the corner, but you didn’t hear any footsteps of any agents in the hall.

Peter turned to you and nodded, gesturing to follow him.

You quickly – and quietly – made your way towards the dimmer end of the hallway, where the elevator was around the corner. The only sounds coming from your group was the faint groaning of Pepper, and your breathing. The flickering lights were starting to make you nauseous, but you shoved that feeling down and continued to the end of the hall – before Peter put his arm out to stop you, so he could look around the next corner.

He slowly peered around, but immediately backed up. “Shit.” He whispered, “There’s three HYDRA agents, and they have a hostage.” He peered back around the corner, then turned to you. “It’s your mom.”

You gasped, “I thought she left after presents?”

He shook his head, “I don’t know, but they have her. She isn’t conscious.”

You frowned, “Can we get her without the chance of them killing her?”

“I think so.” He moved his hand up, trying to stay as far behind the wall as possible to not be seen.

Then, he shot out some webs, and you could hear the grunts of the agents. “Shit, one of them has a comms unit in.” Peter turned back to the group, “He just told more agents that I’m back here, so you guys need to get moving. Go, now, I’ll catch up.”

The rest of the group took off – Ned grabbing your mom, and dragging her along with them towards the stairwell.

You stayed behind, worried. “Be careful, okay?”

He pulled his mask up, kissing you quickly. He had a small smile on his face, “You worry too much.”

“Coming from the biggest worrier on the planet.” You moved your free hand up to his jaw, rubbing your thumb along his red cheek, “I’m serious. Come back in one piece. This baby needs both parents alive.”

“‘Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.’ Lao Tzu.”

“You’re such a sap. You’re finally catching up to my level on the quotes, though.” You used your hand to pull his mask back down, “Now, be careful.”

He gave you a small salute, taking off down the hallway towards the fight.

You turned, glancing around at the dimly lit corridor. The coast was clear, so you ran towards the ‘EXIT’ door to the stairwell, but when you threw the door open, you were blocked by a large man on the platform.

You sucked in a breath, frightened, and tried to shoot your gun. He was faster, knocking the gun from your hand with a slap.

“I wouldn’t try that, if I were you.” The man smirked, stepping out into the hallway. He was huge. He took up the entire doorway, and almost had to duck as he stepped through the opening. He reminded you of that giant fucker from Game of Thrones… The Mountain!

“Please. I’m pregnant.” You backed away, slowly. “I just want to get to safety.”

He frowned, noticing your belly that was stretching Peter’s shirt. “Little young, aren’t we?”

Seriously, asshole?

You used his staring as a distraction, kicking him between the legs as hard as you could. He wasn’t expecting it, doubling over in pain – and you used that to your advantage, kicking him in the head twice. He fell to the ground, groaning.

Thank god that worked!

You ran towards the open doorway, running into the pitch-black stairwell. Shit. You couldn’t see the stairs. You dug into the pocket of your shorts for your phone, but realized with a groan that it was on your nightstand.

Your watch!

You had forgotten that you were even wearing it. It was solar charged, so it was at full battery.

You quickly found the flashlight and shined it at the stairs, but before you could take a step, you felt a hand clamp tightly around your ankle, pulling hard.

A shriek escaped your lips as you felt your balance falter. You tried to grab on to the railing, but it was no use. You turned your body quickly, so you fell on your side, hitting the platform with a pained grunt. The man was trying to drag you back through the doorway, practically growling.

“No! Help!” You screamed, voice ringing through the stairwell. “Let go of me!”

You kicked and thrashed, trying to escape his hold.  

He was too strong.

In that moment, a flash of something caught your eye. The flashlight on your watch had reflected off something next to the doorframe.


You reached over, fingers barely brushing it. The man yanked you closer to him, his body half covering yours in an attempt to pin you down, but he didn’t realize that it brought you closer to the gun. You cried out as your knee twisted funny under his shin, but you dove for the gun, gripping the smooth metal in relief.

You brought the gun between his eyes, and squeezed the trigger so many times it, emptied the clip.

His body jolted every time you squeezed the trigger.

The gunshots were deafening.

Your ears were ringing, and you couldn’t hear your own screams as the man’s blood sprayed across your face and chest, soaking your tee shirt.

He slumped on top of you, pinning you to the floor with his – literal – deadweight. THE BABY. He’s squishing the baby! You pushed against his shoulders as hard as you could, trying to shuffle your body out from under his. It took a few tries, but you were able to roll him to the side enough to get his upper-half of his body away from yours.

The hysterics were starting to bubble up to the surface, and your breath was starting to get shallower. Tears were mixing with the blood on your face, leaving hot trails down to your chin, and dripping to your soiled shirt.

You scrambled backwards, pulling yourself over to the wall by the stairs until your back reached the cool surface. You couldn’t look away from the body, watching the blood pool on the floor and spread towards the edge of the platform.

There was a large hole in the back of his head, causing you to gag in disgust. His dark hair was matted down with blood and chunks, and you felt your body becoming cold and numb as you continued to stare.

You killed this man. You ended his life. You ended another human being’s life.

You’ve killed three people.

But he was trying to hurt you. You could have incapacitated him! You could have shot him in the chest, so he had a chance to live! But he was HYDRA. That’s not an excuse to end another human being’s life! You’re arguing with yourself, Y/n. You have a baby to think about. Get fucking moving.

Shit. You were right.

You took a shuddering breath, committing his face to memory, and tried to stand.

A sob escaped as pain shot down your leg – from your knee to your ankle. Shit, is it really bad? You couldn’t be sure without healing it, but you didn’t want to hurt the baby.

You threw yourself forward, using the railing as you limped down the stairs, hands slipping from the blood that was covering them. Every step was worse than the next. The pain was so intense in your knee, that you could feel yourself going into shock.

Or it was shock from shooting that HYDRA agent. That makes three, Y/n. You’re a murderer.

You stopped after only one flight of stairs. “Just one more, Y/n. Come on. Just one more.” You shuddered, and your knee started to grow hot.

SHIT! Your body was healing itself.

“No, no, no!” You tried to concentrate – willing your body to stop, but you had no idea how to stop it. You prayed that the baby was going to be okay.

When the burning of your knee was just a familiar warmth – you gripped the railing, hauling yourself up to attempt to stand, again.

Your knee felt totally fine, again.

You practically jumped down the last flight of stairs, abruptly stopping in front of the door and yanking it open.

You were met with bright lights, and an empty containment area.

Part of the protocol was going through a safety checkpoint before being granted access to the Medical Floor.

“Get down on your knees!” Someone yelled through a speaker, “Put your hands behind your head!”

You fell to your knees, hands raising in the air.

“State your full name!”

“Y/n Y/m/n Y/l/n.” You panted out, exhaustion taking over your body. “Please, I’m 28 weeks pregnant.”

You were met with silence, and you felt your arms start to droop. You were about to pass out, if they didn’t come get you fast.

The door in front of you was thrown open, and you were met with a battered Aunt May, and Ed from security.

“Oh, thank god.” Aunt May fell to the floor and wrapped her arms around you before you could slide down completely. “Honey, I’m so happy you’re safe. I looked back and you weren’t there.”

You couldn’t feel anything. You were starting to go numb. You shook the fog from your head, shaking as a stretcher was brought into the containment area. “I shot the agent in the head. He fell on me. I fell. We need to check the baby.” Your speech was starting to get slurred, and your vision was going blurry. “I’m going into shock.”

May helped you lay on the stretcher - moving the pieces of hair that fell from your bun, away from your forehead, “Just rest, okay? You’re safe, now.”

You closed your eyes, and let exhaustion consume you.

“The baby is completely fine.” An ultrasound tech was moving the wand around your exposed belly, and the echo of your baby’s heartbeat filled the room.

“So that’s what an ultrasound looks like.” Ned gasped from next to your head, “Neat.”

Michelle was holding your hand on the other side, staring up at the screen. “The baby looks like an alien.”

“I’ll have Dr. Cho come in, in a few minutes.” The guy got up from his chair, shutting off the machine and rolling it out.

“Did you tell your parents?” You asked the both of them, “I’m sure it was all over the news.”

“My phone was on the pool table.” Michelle shrugged, “I have no idea if they saw, or not.”

“I texted my parents that I was safe, and would call them when the lock down is over.” Ned sighed, rubbing the back of his neck, “They were freaking out.”

Aunt May came in before you could say anything, “Any word?”

“No. Nobody has come by, yet, to tell me anything.” You bit your lip, tears pricking at your eyes.

You were waiting on word from Peter.

None of the Avengers were in the Med Bay area, yet, and you were concerned. The HYDRA agents were all taken care of, an hour previous, and you’d been sitting there without any knowledge about your boyfriend – or any of your friends. You didn’t know if any of them were alive or hurt.

“I’ll go see what I can find out.” Aunt May left the room, walking over to the nurse’s station, pulling her borrowed hoodie tighter around her ripped party dress.

You looked down at your belly, where your kid was dancing away.

Don’t worry, baby. Daddy’s okay. He has to be.

It was four hours.

Four LONG hours, before the lockdown was lifted.

You burst from your room, demanding somebody give you an update on where your boyfriend was.

“I will burn this goddamn tower to the fucking ground if someone doesn’t tell me where the fuck my boyfriend is!” You yelled at the security guys, “I’m 28 weeks pregnant. I’m tired, sore, hungry, and worried sick about my GODDAMN BOYFRIEND! Someone fucking call Tony and let him know that I’ll put his DICK in a fucking BLENDER if I don’t get an update, soon!” You threw your hands up in the air in frustration, “Better yet, call Steve, and tell him the same fucking thing! Call them all!”

You started pacing – holding your lower back with one hand, and ripping your hand through your hair in frustration with the other. “Where the fuck are they?”

“I don’t appreciate threats being made about my dick from a sixteen-year-old, thank you very much.” Tony’s voice came from behind you. He looked terrible. “Come on, we need to talk.”

You didn’t like the sound of that.

You followed him to a conference room, over by the offices for Dr. Cho and her staff. All of the Avengers, your mom, Aunt May, Michelle, and Ned were standing around in the room – looking dirty and exhausted.

Your heart dropped.

There was no red and blue suit in the room.

“Where the fuck is Peter, Tony?” You stopped under the door frame, not wanting to go in any further. “Is my boyfriend alive?”

“Y/n. Sit down. We need to talk to you. All of you.” Natasha came over, ushering you into a chair.

You let her. You couldn’t concentrate hard enough on walking. Your nerves were fried.

“Where is my nephew?” Aunt May had her arms crossed, glaring at Tony. “Where is he, Tony?”

Clint dropped some objects on the table with a thud.

It was ripped red and blue sleeves, crushed webslingers, a crushed watch, and a note.

“Peter’s been taken.” Tony wouldn’t look at anyone, he only stared at the objects in front of him. “By your father.”

The note was from your father.

Hello, baby girl. Did you miss Daddy?

PART 10 (Coming soon to a Tumblr near you!)

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Get away!! (Pt. 1)

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A/N:- So this one is a Harry Styles smut.

I just got this thing in my mind when i like just came here in California at my lake house for a get away(it like my ME time, just me and no one else) from my work and all that busy buzzy life.

This is like one thing in my life whenever i kinda waana get rid of all Bullshit happening around me i just sneek out the fuzz and walk right here in this lake house of mine. I was like staring at the lake and this idea creeped into my mind.

So this is when you are on your get away where you meet harry and kinda fuck. Well its slow and has parts also i thought that Y/N don’t actully know harry and the story build amongst it.( Ok I’m disgusting in descriptions but it’s really worth a read). This is where harry is your neighbour.


It was a hell of a ride you thaught as you parked your rover in the garage and moved your suitcases out of your car. This was it you have finally reached here, it was like heven for you, your family lake house in California. It was deep into the woods no one who didn’t knew about the place and the routes correctly couldn’t actually come in this place, it was a secret hide out. It was so clam and soothing, whenever you came here you felt like forgetting the world and all your worries. Well that’s why you come here whenever you were pissed and needed some thinking.

This was the only place your family had left you with, you were 15 when you parents died, you lived with your parents in a rented flat so you have to leave it and move to a shared apartment so that you can afford the rent, seriously speaking life was hell after parents death you have to take on lots of scholarships to complet you education, work part time at Starbucks to get money to pay rent and for your expenses, your entire teenage was ruined,no movies no fun only work and studies, and now you were 22 and you were the most trusted employee in the most popular softer company called Microsoft with a salary of 25,000 $ per month, obviously with that much money paid to you, you have to work your ass out and add that with you messed upp relationships this is why you needed the get away.

You moved out of your garage taking the bags with you, you took it to the front door and opened the huge door, the house was clean and tidy seriously ‘the caretaker took really good care you should increase his salary’ you thought, just when you were about to step in you looked to the humongous house next to yours, this house was 3-4 times more bigger than yours and you absolutely loved it. Whenever you look at the house, you thaught no one owned it, it was empty no one lived there, but this time you actually saw someone in there who caught you stareing, you quickly grabbed your things and moved inside the house. It was a man but you didn’t really saw his face, wondering who he was you got to your room.


It was evening finally you were done with unpacking and organising and now were standing in your room, your room was the best room in the entire house cause it has two humongous windows one which gave you a good view of the lake in backyard and other which gave you a good view of the humongous house next to yours frankly speaking you could clearly see every detail inside the room of that house, you never actually saw anything before because there used to be curtains fallen, but today the curtains were open, you had no intention of peeping but the interiors of the room were beautiful you were scanning the room when you watched a man walk out of the bathroom he’s lower half was covered in the towel and the upper half was way too beautiful to take your eyes off. He has tattoos on both the arms a toned body with tattoo two birds on collar bone, a butterfly on tummy and and two ferns just above his hip bone, you were not able to take your eyes of his body you saw him wear a shear white t-shirt leaving the upper two button, he was going to remove his towel just when he turned and caught you stareing again, you ran out of you room out of embarrassment tripping over you own legs.

Originally posted by wutevea

One you were out you slapped yourself for what you did in there and then moved out towards the deck by the lake cursing yourself. Once you reach the deck, Cold breeze of air hit your face making you forget everything. The deck by the lake was very big it has a small dining table for 4 people at one corner and a small coffeetable with two chairs which you have set cause you loved spending time on the deck and the deck was joint to the deck of the neighbour house looking at the bridge which jointed the two deck you remembered you mom told you once that yor grandpa and the old man who originally owned the neighbour house were really great friends so the jointed the decks so both their families can spent time together, well he sold the house to someone after his wifes death. The beautiful lake was another reason for the decks to be joined the lake coverd both the houses and has a widespread and dissappeared in the woods as far as eyes can see, but actully you can only see a little of the lake because the lake was covered with fog throughout the year. But there was a beautiful place ahead of the fog which only you knew, you have discovered it when you were lost boating in the lake once, a place only you knew exists a place where only you went a place you have decorated, a place you didn’t took anyone it was you little secreat.

Your eyes were fixed on the lake, you were snapped out of your little world when you felt heavy footsteps on the deck comming towards you. You turned towards the footsteps and your heart skipped a beat when you saw the same handsome man comming towards you, your heart started racing all the thaughts of you satring at him raced through your mind causing your embarrassment.

“Hey ” he said his voice was deep and has a bit of husk in it and his accent seemed british. “Hello” you replied looking up at him. It’s now that you observed his face he was a hell of a handsome he has this beautiful short brown curls, a sharp jawline, beautiful pink plump lips, and the most beautiful was his mesmerising emerald green eyes, your eyes were glued to his face his lips were moving slowly he was asking you something but you could have cared less you were too distracted by his beauty “beautiful ” you blurred out. “Excuse me!!” He said and you averted your eyes towards ground.

“I’m sorry” you said

“I was asking if you live alone here?”

“Oh yes!, i mean i live here alone, umm.. Actually i don’t live here i just come here for a get away..” you said your voice dissolving at the end

“ may i?” He asked dragging the chair in front of you.


“So, get away? like a holiday, yeh”

“ Yeh i mean like you know like this place just gives me peace and with all the shit of work buzz in NewYork its just right place to run from all that. So is this place yours?,I didn’t see anyone in there whenever I’m here”

“Umm yes , its mine i like bought 5 years ago but never actually came here, but now that I’m on a break after the hiatus i thought this was the right hide out from all that people, this place is really inside its hard to find you know”

“ Break, hiatus?? What people?, why are they behind you?, what do you do? what are you talking about???” You asked confused, confusion dripping down your face.

“You don’t know me? ” he asked shocked

“No. You not Obama why should i know you” you said chuckling a little.

“Ohh well I’m harry. Harry styles”

Originally posted by harryharoldestyles

“Nice name, I’m Y/N nice to meet you ”

“Nice to meet you too .finally someone who don’t know me ” he muttered the last sentence.

“Sorry!! so do you live here alone too? ”

“ Yes! My mom and sister wanted to come too , but…. I just wanted some me time so…”

“Hmm… So were you saying about the hiatus? What do you do?” you asked.

“You really don’t know me?” Harry asked in disbelief.

“No!! I mean your name i think heard somewhere mightbe once No, no really no i don’t know you ” you replied tring to remember where have you heard his name

“You REALLY don’t know me?” He asked again pressing really

“NOOO!!!! I mean if you are someone really big i can google you, or you can tell me who you are” you said a bit fustrated .

“Oh no no no plzz don’t google i mean iI’ll tell you who I’m but not right now later but i promise I’ll tell you just don’t google it i want to tell you myself” he said tring to convince you. You found it odd but agreed.

“So how long are you here ” you asked him

“ I guess a month probably, what about you?”

“Same, it’s summer and this is the best place to spend it and i only have a month holiday”

He was about to say some thing when you heard the fire alarm of his house go off.

“FUCK!! I foget about the oven” he exclaimed getting up from his chair and started running and you ran behind him. He ran stright into the kitchen and you saw the oven was literally on fire and there was black smoke everywhere he removed the plug of the oven and you opened all the windows for the smoke to escape he tried extinguish the fire but the extinguisher wasn’t working so you tried to find flour or some water and opened almost all the cabinates also looked in the fridge but you saw nothing but beer so you went out and quickly grabbed the bucket which you saw in the yard while comming in and splashed all the water on the oven well the fire did extinguish but since harry was in the middle he took a bath too.

“You seriously have nothing in here ?” you asked pointing to all the cabinates you have opened “Umm no i like bought food for today..and thought I’ll buy something for tomorrow ” your jaw dropped on the way he said it “ you serious, i mean really your in deep wood you have to carry your food hear you’ll not find a take away every five minutes here the closest market here is like 6 miles from here and it opens 7 in the morning and closes 7 in the evening ” you said with surprising tone.

His eyes went wide on that “ you are not kidding me right, i mean what if someone not ablet to reach the market in time or forget something to bring or.. ” he asked looking at you “well there’s a man who like comes with his cart which is practically supermarket on wheels everyday between like 8-9 in the morning and 7-8 in the evening he has all the stuff from grocery to packed food so you can buy from him” trying to explain him everything “ but its already 8:30, I haven’t eaten anything "he said looking at his watch .

"Well if you want you can have dinner at mine tonight ” you said looking at him actually stareing cause you splashed water on him his white shear shirt was now sticked to his skin revealing his tattoos and defind abs underneath “like what you see” he asked catching you stare again he smirked and came closer to you, you didn’t said anything and he was now standing inches away from you leaning his face dangerously close to yours lips almost brushing against each other, when you quickly backed off and walked towards the backyard door “dry yourself and get on the deck I’ll bring the dinner ” you said and left.

You were cursing yourself for stareing at him again but you couldn’t help he was so fucking sexy and hell of hot and sent your hormones in over drive you felt this tention in the air whenever he was around. Soon you finished bringing all the food you prepared on the dining table on the deck and settled down on one chair waiting for him to come, just then you saw him walking towards you he wore sweatpants and simple black tee and still managed to look hot. He sat on the chair in front of you. Once he sat, you started servings him, and you could feel his eyes boring into you “what??” you asked looking upp from the plate.

“What did i do ?” he asked innocently “stop stareing at me” you requested “well you kept staring at me the entire day , when you first entered your place then when i came out of my bath and even now sometime ago ” he said reminding of what you did your cheeks turnrs red and you totally were embarrass “ Don’t be embarrassed love, its ok ” he said. Your cheaks turned reder and you can’t help but say “sorry, but you are just way to hot, it’s hard to handle” he chuckled at your words.

“Well thanks, and don’t be sorry cause i can’t take my eyes of you either, you are beautiful you know” you blushed even harder if it was possible.

When you were both done he helped you pick up the plates and hepled you to take them in you kitchen he also offered you to help you in dishes but you kindly declined, while you were doing the dishes he scanned you house then he came back and stood behind you “this place is beautiful ” he said admiring. “Decorated it myself ” you said proudly. “You are really good at it then cause its really very beautiful” he commented “Not as beautiful as your place” you said turning around to face him, but when you turned around your heart skipped a beat for the second time today. He wad standing this close to you his green emeralds stareing right into your eyes he stepped a step closer to you and you stepped a step back and hit the kitchen counter he stepped closer pinning you between him and the kitchen counter, he leaned still maintaining the eye contact, you were literally breathing his breath when he captured your lips into his, you can’t help but kiss him back his lips were soft and the kiss was gental it felt like complete bliss your lips moved in sync with each other but suddenly something came into you and you pulled back waking away from him. He got the hint he was still a stranger for you “sorry i just…” “It’s ok, i understand i just can’t help myself ” he said cutting you mid sentence and started leaving.

When you saw him leaving you called, “Harry” “Yes?” he asked turning back “umm.. I was wondering if you would like to come on a walk with me tomorrow morning at 6, i mean i know it’s early and this place is in woods but it still has some beautiful places to admire i know this place and i can show you, but only if you want an-..”

“I’ll like to come, infact I was going to ask you if you can show me around. 6 you said right ?” “yes ” you replied “I’ll be on time” he said giving you a wide smile flashing his dimples. And your heart melted just seeing his dimples and you were now excite on what tomorrow will bring.

To be continued…..

A/N:- I was going to do this one in one part but i realized its going to be big so i decided to do it in parts I’ll be posting the second part soon probably tomorrow. So stay tuned. And let me know if you liked it feedback you see really helps.

Love ~ - ~ Faith.

The War (Suho Mafia!au Fic Sequel) Chapter 4 - I Would Promise You The World

Originally posted by veriloquentmind

Warnings: Mushy fluffy filler chapter…aka it’s short.

Ch. 1, Ch. 2, Ch. 3, Ch. 4,

Junmyeon tried to retreat to his office alone box in hand, but I followed closing the door behind me. “Tell me the truth…” I said not turning to look at him, “What could happen if someone got their hands on that box.”

He was silent for a moment before speaking up. “You remember how I told you that you were the Queen in this game?”

“Yes…” I said, finally looking at him.

“The man that we had told us that you didn’t matter to any of this anymore…but that what I had in my possession is something that Kitae wants,” he said.

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anonymous asked:

May I ask where I can learn more about incubi lore? I'm loving the art/fics but my knowledge is limited (the powers especially fascinate me a lot). Thanks ❤️ your work is the best!

 Like headcanons and stuff!!?!? 

Ahhhh! The lore is slowly going to start getting revealed in the fics actually! Dest and I have been world building as we go, a lot of how this is structured is very sporadic, but we’ve been digging and exploring the concept a lot now! I can say Prompto does have some an origin since we pieced it together bit by bit last night! His powers have a purpose and all that wonderful stuff, it’s just placing it into the fic at the right moment between all kinky stuff it was suppose to be!

If there’s some specific you wanna know, feel free to ask! I love talking about our concept! There’s really no master post or master description as of yet for it, but a lot will be revealed since we might actually stray into November once October ends! Plot bunnies are jumping around and we kinda don’t wanna end it just yet since we’re in the middle of the month now and really good juicy stuff is being planned! 

Thanks for getting into it :D

This is a post I made earlier this morning on my Twitter account, and I think it would do good to be shared here as well.

Now normally I don’t make posts like this, especially not here on my main. Why? Because I hate drama. Let it be known that I have been putting this post off for a long time and that I have reached some new level of fed up to even be on my third attempt at writing this all out. So, I apologize in advance if there are grammatical errors or typos. I’m running on four hours of sleep because I was up all night thinking about all of this.

This website is full of 30 year olds (or really just people older than ya 21 year old girl here) who seem to think they own the place. These are people who climbed up the totem pole and let the follower count go to their head instead of letting it humble them. They talk shit about people who are genuinely excited to see them in their notes and who support them to no end. Why would anyone do that about someone who got excited over someone they look up to noticing them? I’m still lost on that. If anyone can explain to me what kind of decent human does that, I’d greatly appreciate it. My mind, while I try to keep it open at all times, is far too closed for that. Back to what I was saying.

Somehow in adulthood, high school never ended. Or at least for the people who seem to think they run the place or something. Last I checked, I graduated from the hell hole of my high school 3 years ago and hadn’t dealt with any kind of petty shit since. Honestly, no one gives a fuck about follower count or how many notes your posts get. I don’t care if you got laid last night. Good on you, mate. Not my problem. I have 650+ followers but you don’t see me blasting that at everyone. Why? What the fuck is even the point of that. Sure, I’ll be a little disappointed if a post I personally make doesn’t get many notes, but if I have a post that gets 50+ notes, I don’t blast it at everyone. Why? No one gives a fuck. No one cares if you average 50 notes or more on each post you make. That’s kind of a you thing. I don’t care if you get 50 or 2. Creating content is about the quality of your work, not the quantity of viewers or notes or what have you.

Now let’s take a step back, shall we? When someone makes an account on this website, you don’t automatically get a bunch of followers. No, you start at the bottom of the totem pole and you climb your happy ass up to the top like the rest of us. If you make it up higher than someone, then good on you. However high you go doesn’t define you and if it does, then you need to sit your ass down and listen.

There are many creators of all kinds on this website, each having their own audience. Each and every single person who creates or shared content on this website has some kind of influence on at least one person. Yet some people choose to spread toxicity and negativity instead of encouraging others and being decent human beings.

Something that has always stuck in my mind (and I can still hear my bus driver yelling it to this day) is “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” While I’m also guilty of not being able to bite my tongue, I honestly don’t see the point of sending people hate messages, let alone on anonymous. Honest to God, can someone please explain to me what good saying to someone “God, just go kill yourself” or calling a person an attention whore and people cry babies followed by a “kekekeke” does? I clearly have missed whatever the point of spreading shit like that is. I fail to see any logic behind that. *insert logic- none available meme here*

Are you really just that miserable in your life that you feel the need to bring everyone around you down? Is there something so bad in your life that you must think that if you have to pay the consequences of being the shitty person you are, someone else has to suffer with you? Or do you realize that by stooping so low, you’ve reached a whole new level of scum and this is your way of accepting that you’ve become the true definition of a piece shit? Oh but wait, that would be kinky to you, just like romanticizing murder and rape is apparently. Is this really how you pay back to your followers and people who have done nothing but be nice and take all of your shit up until the breaking point? If this is how you treat your friends, I don’t even want to know how you must treat your family or your significant others. Or is this all one big blob of daddy issues? The world may never know.

Does this entire post make you think I’m a child? Last I checked, children are the ones that gang up on others who really haven’t done anything but keep to themselves and respect the wishes of others. But respect is a two way street, just like moving on is. It’s been a month, and yet while we’ve been healing and moving on from the issues and malicious behavior directed our way, you seem to still be stuck on making fun of other people’s interests and the way they act. Oh, but I’m just the child here apparently.

Yes, I’m the child who has done nothing but clean up the path of destruction you lot have left in over 20 people’s lives. I’m the immature little brat who admits, that yes saying “if you want to be the babadook, we’ll lock you in the basement too” was wrong and very hateful. I admit that I’ve said some pretty shitty things about you these last few weeks. At least I admit that I’m a shitty person and I actually try to fix it if there’s a problem. Yes, I’m a child who has lost an unhealthy amount of sleep over all of this, and in fact stayed up all night talking to more than one of you trying to get all of this to stop so we can go our separate ways. I’m the child who has put aside my crippling depression and what has been the worst relapse in my life to help my friends move on and heal from this whole ordeal. While you and your “adult” friends continue to go on and not only ignore, but also make fun of and bash us for going against you and making a valid point. Yes, I’m truly the child here. “Adults” really do blast anyone who calls you out on your shit and points out that you all are a clique of shitty people who don’t even bother to check if each other are okay through terrorist attacks and a slew of natural disasters. Yes. I must be a child here for wearing my heart on my sleeve and pitying you all for having your heads shoved so far up each other’s asses that you don’t remember what the light of day looks like.

So I have a proposition, why don’t we let the “children” move on with their lives instead of the constant trash talk, name calling, and denial of any sort of real issue here? We’ve held our end, so why don’t you hold your end? Isn’t that what real adults do? Hold their end of an agreement?

Ah, but I’m not as much worried about the response this will have, putting me on blast and all of my interests on blast as well. Why? Guess what.

Karma is a bitch.

Inktober “fears and feelings” day 18 ✍️ #MeToo - I remember I was in Istanbul, standing in line to buy coffee, and it was so crowded that everyone was literally sardined together. I was using my shoulder bag as a boob shield, but it didn’t help. I felt someone’s hand up against my butt give a giant, hard pinch (too deliberate to have been an accident). I turned around quickly, trying to see if I’d just bumped into something or to see who had done it, but directly behind me was an elderly lady who looked clueless about the whole thing, and a giant crowd of people who were all just looking forward. So I turned to face the front again, thinking I was wrong about what I thought had happened. Then a few seconds later, a giant pinch again. I turned around quickly, scanning the crowd, looking for someone who was maybe smirking or running away, but still I couldn’t find the perpetrator. This instance stood out in my memory because I remember feeling helpless, and like there was some mean prank being pulled on me, and I was clueless. And I know this incident isn’t as bad as a lot of other people’s own experiences, but it was still wrong, and people need to be aware that even little things like that are never harmless. Oh and I was wearing a padded jacket, pants, boots. 😐

I would like to thank @leaalda for making these amazing banners.

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1. First things first, if someone wanted to read your stories where can they find them.

All my Riverdale fics are here, on Ao3.

2. Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m on the far side of 30 and I’ve had the same tumblr avatar since 2011. I gave up trying to pretend to be cool in my junior year of college, when I got drunk at a party and spent the rest of the evening yelling at people in iambic pentameter.

3. What do you never leave home without?

Just the usual boring stuff–wallet, keys, phone.

4. Are you an early bird or a night owl?

Kind of both, actually? Which is a problem, because I don’t do well on minimal sleep.

5. If you could live in any fictional world which one would you choose and why?

I suppose Harry Potter, but only because I can’t think of a better answer.

6. Who is the most famous person you’ve ever met?

Anthony Hopkins?

7. What are some of your favorite movies/TV?

Oh my god, so many. TV: Parks and Rec, obviously. Recently: GLOW, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, GoT, Better Call Saul, Fargo, BoJack Horseman…I watch a lot of TV.

8. What are some of your favorite bands/musicians?

I don’t keep up, honestly. My iPod is perpetually full of late ‘60s/early ‘70s rock.

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Furthermore, you need to go on a course or some shit to learn how to deal with criticism; constructive or not. You're rude as hell to most of your anons - I don't know if it's a language barrier issue where you've misunderstood their question, or I your answer, but not everybody who has some criticism is a homophobe or whatever. Your ignorant as fuck if you reckon having a problem with the tiniest minuscule of your work equals homophobia. Grow up.

Tough talk from someone who wouldn’t even recognize constructive criticism if it would hit you in the face.

And if we’re at it: I am not here to be nice to people who are rude as hell to me to begin with. You came into my askbox unwanted and cowardly on anon spilling venom. So what did you expect? That I’d roll the red carpet and bring you a nice cup of tea? Fuck off. You tell me to grow up but you are the one hiding behind a grey bubble instead off showing your face and man up for the vile words you’re throwing at me, all the while leaving homophobic sentences here and there against a fictional lesbian story loosely based on y Greek myth. So don’t come with that bullshit here. You came on my blog to stir shit, not to discuss or leave critique because otherwise you wouldn’t hide so shamelessly.

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So, according to your post Snoke will escape, Rey and Kylo will come together (not in the romantic sense)... what do you think we’ll see un Ep IX? Their training and bonding so that they can go after Snoke? Could there be someone else behind/above him?

I haven’t thought about it much, if I’m honest, because frankly TLJ hasn’t even come out and I could be completely wrong, dude.

I mean, with what we have so far I think what’ I’ve put together seems the most logical sequence to ME, but… I really don’t know.

As for what I think could happen in 9? I think they aren’t going to be fully aware of WHAT they are – even if they know there’s some weird connection between the two of them and that they’re EXTREMELY powerful… they won’t have all the answers. They might go searching for some of that together. 

I also think – as I said in my post – that it’s possible LUKE will be trying to “stop” them from working together, too. That could play into Ep. 9. To make it clear, I don’t think Luke will be a villain; I think he’ll be at odds with them because he’ll believe they’re only going to bring destruction. So that might play into Ep. 9.

As for Rey and Kylo bonding in 9? Yeah, I mean, that HAS to happen whether they’re romantic or not… which is why I think it’ll end up romantic anyway. Just brings that extra bit of epic and touching emotionality to the story. I think their whole narrative now is to come to an understanding. Ep 9 will be about forming a true, special bond, yeah.

To that last question, no, I think Snoke is the top dog – the big bad.

Death Ever After - Part 2 - A New Life?

*Not My GIF*

Warnings: Death; Abuse; Depression; starvation; ETC

Pairings: Modern Marvel Alternate Universe x Reader; Bucky X Reader; Steve X Reader


Part 1 -  A True Hero


“Richard…” I call again my hand moving up his arm to his shoulder. “Please answer me.” I say tears filling my eyes making it even harder to see. I reach up to his face and instantly feel the hot blood pouring down his face. “Oh my god Rich! Please wake up! You have to wake up! I need you!” I call out in agony as I try to figure out how to help him.

“Ma’am are you okay?!” I hear someone call out from behind me and I grip tightly to Richard.

“Help him, please, he won’t answer me!” I cry out as I cup his face in my hands.

“We need to get you out of the car,” The random stranger says and I shake my head.

“No, I won’t leave without Richard.”

“If we don’t get you out now you’ll die with him.”

“That’s fine, we’ll die together. I won’t leave him. help him first!”

“He’s already gone!” the guy cries out and my heart stops.

“NO! you’re lying! He’s just unconscious. I won’t leave him.” I cry out as I cling to him.

“Look the car is going to catch on fire, we have to get you out now!”

“NO LEAVE ME ALONE!!” I yell at them as I feel hands grip onto me pulling me away from Richard. “Richard! Wake up! Please don’t leave me!” I grip tightly to the steering wheel as I try to stay with him but a sharp pain in my stomach causes me to wince and momentarily forget myself as I wrap my arms around my waist. The bystanders pull me from the truck and carry me away as I kick and scream through the pain to try and get back to Richard.

“Confounded woman, Roy, go back and get the boy. She won’t calm down till he’s here next to her.”

“Sure thing Pa.” The boy responds as he races back to the truck.

“Look at me little lady,” The man I figured was Pa says but I won’t take my eyes off the truck.

“Richard…” I say my voice becoming hoarse.

“My boy’s gonna bring him to you. I need you to look at me.”

“It’s my fault.”

“No, it’s not sweetheart, it was an accident.”

“If he hadn’t met me he wouldn’t be hurt.” I say tears streaming down my face. “It’s all my fault.”

“I called an ambulance, but I don’t think they’ll get here in time to help the boy.” A woman’s voice says making more tears fall.

“Stay here with her Ange, I’ll help Roy with the boy.” The old man says and I instantly feel a soft hand take mine.

“I want Richard.” I say as I reach out with a blood-stained hand toward the wrecked truck.

“Calm down sweetie. Roy and his Pa will help your friend. Calm down and look at me. I need you to stay conscious.”

“It’s my fault. It’s all my fault.” Is the last thing I said before the world went dark.

The bright light hitting my face caused me to open my eyes. Everything was blurry so I blink a few more times as I try to focus on my surroundings. As they slowly come into focus the events from that night come back to me and my heart clenches. I reach up to my neck for Richards necklace but its not there. Throwing the blankets back I go to stand up only to be pulled backwards by the IV and heart monitor. I glance at them for a moment before I rip them out of my arm and start for the door ignoring the alarm that was now going off.

“Richard!” I yell out hoarsely as I try to find my friend. He wasn’t dead. He couldn’t be. “Richard!” I cry again this time a little louder notifying the nurses that I was up and wondering around. “Where is he?!” I cry out as a nurse runs up to me.

“Where is who sweetie?” She asks her deep southern accent filling her words.

“Richard, my friend. Where is he?” I ask looking around only to freeze hen a familiar pair of icy blue eyes stare daggers into mine. “Bucky, where is Richard?” I ask ignoring his disgusted gaze.

“My brother,” He says his voice cracking momentarily causing him to roll his lips before he clears his throat and adds, “You killed my brother.”

“What?!” I ask not comprehending his words at first.

“He’s dead because of you. If he hadn’t been with you, he’d still be alive. It’s your fault he’s dead.”

“Mr. Barnes, don’t you think that’s a little uncalled for?” the nurse chastises but I ignore her words.

“It is my fault,” I say making them both stare at me. “I killed him.”

“Yes, you did.” Bucky replies staring into your eyes. “It should have been you instead of him.”

“Mr. Barnes that is quite enough!” A male doctor yells out making the nurse holding me jump. “Miss Lopez, please escort our patient back to her room.”

“Yes, Doctor Banner.” Miss Lopez replies as she half drags me back to my room. On the way back, I remember the necklace and asks, “My necklace, where is it?”

“It’s in your room with your effects.” She says and I no longer fight against her. I let her lead me back to my bed and after she replaced the IV and hooked me back up to the monitor she reaches over to a small envelope and gingerly lifts the silver chain and key out of it and hands it to me. As I take it from her I grip it tightly and hold it to my chest. None of this seemed real. Richard, my loving and caring Richard was gone, and it was all my fault. I had killed him. He was dead because he was with me. Turning over on my side I start to cry. I cry so hard and so much that I pass out from exhaustion.

“Doctor, I can’t get her to eat anything.” I overhear the nurse saying to Dr. Banner just outside my room after I return the latest tray of food they had gotten me.

“There’s no helping it, I’ll talk to her.” He replies before opening the door and walking inside. “How are we doing today (Name)?” He asks and I ignore him my eyes focused on the window. “Come on, let’s get some fresh air.” He says and without so much as another word throws my blanket back off my legs. I turn toward him anger in my eyes but he ignores me as he lifts me up into his arms and carries me out of my room and down the hall until he can find a wheelchair. He sets me down into the chair and then straightening his coat grabs the handles of the wheelchair and starts to push me toward the courtyard.

“What are you doing?!” I ask anger filling my voice.

“Getting you some fresh air.” He says wheeling me to a bench.

“I don’t want any.” I reply as I try to stand up only to have him grab my shoulders and push me back down into the chair.

“Be a good girl, and listen to your doctor.”


“Don’t make me angry, you wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”

“I don’t like you right now.”

“Then we have something in common. You’re being a stubborn child,”

“And you’re overstepping your doctor boundaries.”

“Let’s agree to disagree.”

“No. I want to go back inside.”

“Why? So, you can shrivel up and die from malnutrition?” He asks kneeling down in front of me.

“Maybe,” I answer honestly.

“Why do you want to die?” He asks noticing my intent.

“Because it’s what I deserve.”

“Why do you think that? Because of what Mr. Barnes said?” He asks and my face pales. “He’s just upset that he lost his brother. He doesn’t mean the words he said.

“Yes, he does.” I reply my eyes focused on Dr. Banners. “He would never say something he doesn’t mean. Especially when it’s the truth.”

“It’s not the truth. What happened to Richard was not your fault. You two were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

“And we were there because he came to save me.”

“Save you? What do you mean?” he asks and I shake my head.

“Doesn’t matter now. When can I go home?” I ask knowing that if I went home Earl would most likely kill me. That’s what I deserved and wanted anyway. Every one that loved and cared for me was gone anyway.  

“About that,” He pauses to sit on the bench beside my wheelchair. “Since there was no one alive in your records we were forced to call your biological father.”

“No one alive?” I ask confusion filling my voice.

“Your stepfather, the police found lying dead from alcohol poisoning on your kitchen floor. I’m sorry for your loss.” He says and I stare out across the courtyard completely devoid of emotion.

“And what did my birth father say?”

“He’s coming to get you. He’s going to take responsibility for you.”

“Tell him not to worry about me.” I say reaching up to run my finger therapeutically across the smooth metal. “No one else needs to get hurt because of me.”

“You’re not blaming yourself for your stepfather’s death too, are you?” Banner asks and I shake my head.

“No, he did that to himself. He knew he drank too much.”

“Then why are you worried about your father?”

“Cause the people who care about me tend to die around me.” I answer honestly making him look away from me out to into the courtyard.

“I could tell you it’s not true and that you just have bad luck but knowing you like I do now, it won’t mean anything. You’ll believe what you want to believe. No matter how wrong it is.”

“Can you at least tell me what my real fathers name is?” I ask suddenly curious.

“Stark, Howard Stark.” He replies and my eyes widen.

“What?! The billionaire? How is he my father?” I ask suddenly filled with denial.

“He was the father written on your birth certificate. He sounded surprised when I called him about you. I don’t think your mother ever told him about you.” He says looking from the courtyard to me. “And from your reaction, I take it you didn’t know either.”

“She would never tell me. I just took it as he was some lowlife that she regretted meeting. I left it at that.” I say as the breeze gently moves my hair out of my face. “How wrong was I?”

“Since you are still a minor, if he doesn’t take you in, you’ll go into the system.”

“And that would look bad on him if any reporters caught wind of it.”

“Don’t take it that way,” Banner says taking my hand in his. “He may not be as bad as they say.”

“Well it wouldn’t be the first abusive parent I’ve had.” I say as I reach up to rub the key.

“What do you mean?” Banner asks his eyes falling from mine to the key I was clutching to for dear life.

“Nothing,” I say clearing my throat. “So, when is he supposed to show up?”

“He’ll be here by tonight.” Banner says, “But if you’d like, I can continue to be your doctor. That way you won’t be completely alone in your new home. Plus, you’ll need some physical therapy for your arm and legs since you refuse to exercise.”

“I don’t want to cause any more trouble than I already have.” I say looking down at my lap.

“No trouble at all. I’ll be with your every step of the way.”

“Thank you, Doctor Banner.”

“Please call me Bruce.” He says gently patting my shoulder. I glance from him across the courtyard and a familiar face causes me to fill with fear.

“I’d like to go inside now Bruce,” I say as I reach down to move my wheels myself. Bruce grabs the handles of my chair and starts to push me inside when a pair of black high heels step into our path. I keep my eyes focused on the ground as she says, “(Name) can we talk?” I ignore her my hand unconsciously moving back to the key.

“Hello, I’m Bruce Banner, (Name)’s doctor.” Bruce says holding his hand out for her to take.

“Oh, hello doctor, I’m Rebecca Barnes.” She replies taking his hand.

“Barnes? Oh, right, I’m sorry about your loss.” He says putting two and two together.

“Thank you, doctor, but I came here to talk to (Name).” Rebecca says worry in her voice.

“There’s nothing to talk about.” I say not looking at her.

“(Name), come on.” She starts her voice cracking, “I want to apologize for Bucky.”

“Don’t,” I say finally looking up into her blue eyes. The sight of them instantly reminded me of Bucky’s and I could feel the pain and accusation in them. “I know what I did. Believe me if I could change places with Rich I would.”

“No, (Name), that’s not what I want. Do I miss my brother, yes; but I wouldn’t wish you to take his place. You’re my friend too. I’m worried about you.”

“Well don’t be.” I snap and she stares at me tears in her eyes. “You don’t have to worry about me anymore. I’ll be gone soon enough.”

“What are you talking about?” Rebecca asks surprise in her voice.

“I’d like to go in now Doctor Banner.” I say ignoring her question.

“Wait (Name), please, you’re all I have left of Richard. Mom locked his room up, no one is allowed to go in there. All his pictures have been taken down. Please, I can’t lose you too.”

“REBECCA!” A familiar angry voice yells out causing my body to fill with fear as I grip tightly to the arm rests. I look anywhere but at him.

“Bucky, what are you doing here?” Rebecca asks moving to stand in front of me blocking his view.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He asks nearing us. My body starts to shake from fear.

“I came to check on (Name).” she answers honestly.

“Why? It’s her fault she’s here.” He says and I feel my heart clench.

“No, it’s not Bucky, what happened was an accident.” Rebecca retorts angrily.

“Keep telling yourself that.” He goes to walk past Rebecca only to stop as he realizes I am behind her. I feel something wet drip down my cheek and I realize I was crying. He stares at me for a moment before I say, “Please take me inside.”

“I think it’s time the two of you left.” Doctor Banner says to them as he quickly pushes me inside. “Ignore him (Name). You have a second chance at life. Take it.”

Will Continue-

Sssssooo a fight happened at school today and I happened to be one of the targets

And I am not trying to be an nerd or anything but I’m going to tell you what these kids done wrong when they were fighting with me XD

So I was relaxing in the school rain forest all by myself with my hands in my pockets

1. Don’t think if someone is lazy they don’t know how to fight.

2. Never approach a single person who is known to be apart of a gange and they have their hands in their pockets

then this one guy came along and push me around with another guy

1. Hey this isn’t primarily school.

2. If you really want to hurt someone actually fiscally hit them

And then one of the boys tied my arms behind my back. then this girl came out of no where ran up to me and try to punch me in the face but the dumb bitch ended up hitting the boy who was holding me back

1. He used two hands to tie my arms he didn’t use one arm to keep my head still when the girl went to hit me.

2. That girl didn’t even try to check if I was vulnerable to her punch and she didn’t check my surroundings first before hitting. That’s just a dumb move

Do you guys want me to continue.

When I was in college I went to Kent State and one night I came home late from a concert and decided I’d just cut down the hill and through the memorial for the May 4th massacre saving me time so I didn’t have to wander campus alone.

Halfway down the hill I felt a hard push from behind and it knocked me clear off my feet and rolled me down so I landed looking up at the memorial which to anyone who doesn’t know consists of four hazy light posts blocking in each spot where a student died. There was no one around and as I tried to sit up I felt a pressure on my chest like someone was holding me down, eventually I got up and ran home. The next morning I bought flowers to put at each spot in my way of an apology and I never cut through the memorial again.

I love and appreciate and am thankful for my friends holy shit.

So a quick backstory. I took my sam to jacks Chicago show. At the end of the show everyone stood up to give jack a standing ovation and I put my sam on my seat behind me to clap. And then we started waking out. We got to the end of the isle when I realized I wasn’t carrying him and we all turned back to look for him and he was gone. Someone had taken and stolen him (pretty sure we know who took it but it was a kid so we would have looked like assholes blaming him). I was devastated.

Back to now. I open the door when my mom got home and there was a package and a letter sitting outside. At first I thought it was just a shirt I had ordered and then I saw the lovely @insert-creative-name-here ‘s name on the package and then I knew what it was and got extremely emotional and happy.

So again thank you to you and @sirsnickerdoodle, @riciehmon, @thatsmolgreenbean, and @chaenir-sam for doing this for me when you really didn’t have to. I love and appreciate all of you so very much. Thank you so much

since my hair has just gotten long enough to wear as a bob and I don’t know what I’m doing I sort of stole the look of a girl in my french class named julia and today someone called me julia from behind so I guess I did maybe a little too well with that

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Yeah insemination and birth are both a huge Bleh to me, i just wanna cuddle someone with a big tum getting bigger!

Hell Yeah !! i can get behind that

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How did you meet/fall in love with your significant other? (And you mentioned you were married I think? but it might’ve been a joke)

Oh boy it’s Story Time with Rachael Tad today apparently. I’m not actually married (I can’t believe someone read that whole snarky About Me post) but I do have a long time SO. Our story is cute and kind of dramatic? I’m putting this one behind a cut because it’s a bit of a l o n g b o y e

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uhm.. what does it matter if I'm anonymous or not? You couldn't find my identity even if I went off anon, since I don't publish on my blog. Don't see why it matters in any case... Anyway, seeing that you wouldn't even consider to owe to what you've said, and just completely ignored my asked on the basis that I came anonymously (whatever that excuse is...), I see that there's no point to discuss anything with you. Since you are not able to look at this situation objectively. Peace.

Then you expect me to take the word of someone who’s hiding behind anonymous messaging as “proof” that you’re a supposed expert in agriculture + a vegan and that you disagree with me and your word is law?

I’m a scientist so I actually need evidence to believe something. But nice try