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I’m about to ruin your life with this rare pair and some HCs I have for them. I was thinking about KuroKage then BokuKage then I got all the way around to BokuKuroKage and the old me died and a new me was born and I come baring gifts on an OT3 so rare there is next to nothing for it. So Strap in cause if you get hooked this is pretty much all you’ll het for a while (pls someone save me and make some actual content for these angels)

  • Everyone knows Bokuto and Kuroo have a setter fetish, and who do we know is a grumpy, dark-haired, socially-quiet, Setter? AkashiKenma, And hasn’t already decided long ago that dealing with the terrible twosome that is Bokuro is more trouble than it’s worth?  Kageyama 
  • Yeah Bokuto and Kuroo are wild but omg are they super sweet to Kageyama. They give him soft pecks on the cheek and hug him from behind and never let go
  • Kuroo and Bokuto’s favorite thing to do is to catch Kageyama off guard with kisses. One kisses Kags behind the ear, and as he let’s a small gasp the other goes in for the lips. 
  • Also despite months of dealing with this Kags STILL turns the prettiest shade of red
  • Kags and Bokuto on the same college team, guys can you imagine? And cheerleader Kurro goes to all their games and cheers the loudest.
  • Honestly Bokuto and Kuroo both making sure Kags is staying Healthy, Bokuto making sure he never pushes himself too much at practice and Kuroo making sure he’s getting proper nutrition. 
  • And you know Kuroo is an amazing cook
  • Plus Kuroo tutoring Bokuto and Kags( one time Bokuto convinced him to dress nice like an actual teacher and that idea had to be retired quick because it was actually detrimental to Kags and Bokuto’s studies.  
  • Their home life is one big cuddle pile. Seriously Bokuto never lets go once he latches on. He usually starts with one and then eventually pulls in the other and Kuroo and Kags just go with it now.
  • Honestly though how can you resist when Bokuto has those strong arms around you.

Seriously I have so many ideas I can’t even type them all up. I need like 100 fanfics and 1000 pics and all I can do is write up some measly HC’s. Anyway here’s hoping I drag some people into this hell with me.

Just why?

So I work on the sales floor of my store and I was pulling out food section forward at around 10 @ night. I go through everything ok until I hit the dreaded cereal isle (one of everyone least favorite isles besides chips). So I pull everything forward and putting them back into their right spots when I notice that one of the stacks of cereals wasn’t going back correctly. I try to see it it was caught in something and then I see there’s something behind it. We’ve been finding a lot of bouncy balls on shelves so I thought ‘hey someone might have thrown it back there on accident’. Nbd to be honest until I start pulling the cereal off to get it. And what do I find but a diet Snapple bottle. A consumed bottle with a little liquid left which to me made it seem like they stole it and hid it but that’s not the bad part. The bad part is that there was stuff growing inside of it. The best part was that it was 20 ft from a trash ca

bts as shit i’ve said/heard

jin: “do i make you happy cuz i make myself happy” / ”holy mother of jesus mary”

yoongi: “you squeak when you speak stop squeaking you piece of fucking shit” / ”i am a great speaker of god. bless my soul.”

hoseok: “would you like crack with that” / ”pure spring, i bet that’s not pure ;)”

namjoon: “i’m squishing it really hard” / ”shouldn’t be happening this now”

jimin: *slaps jungkook* “does that hurt” *hits jungkook* does that hurt” / “why would i date someone stupid”

taehyung: *softly whispers* “rub me” / *stands behind you and whispers* “flash”

jungkook: “can you help me buy donuts” / “why are you using your legs to connect to my body parts”

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ugh but now i'm imagining kara having a panic attack any time she's not facing a door or when someone is behind her and she'd hate being restrained and have horrible night terrors and Lena would just hold her and kiss her forehead and remind her to breathe and that the hurt is over and that she's safe and protected and kara's always just sobbing and apologizing

ptsd kara is the death of me oh my god. it would take her weeks to even leave her apartment, n she would only go with alex or lena, no one else. and while alex can protect her, lena can’t do that but it’s her presence that helps kara.

she’d jump at every loud sound, n be scared of anything being behind her back so lena often stands behind her with her arms embracing kara’s waist.

‘True Love Is...’ prompts

Send me a number with a ship, and I’ll do my best! Feel free to reblog!

1. Willingly singing backup vocals to their favorite song

2. Being told to leave them behind and carrying them bridal style

3. Not knowing where to kiss them because every part is perfect

4. Making them a friendship bracelet after years of marriage

5. Holding them back so that they don’t punch someone and ‘accidentally’ letting go

6. Whispering sweet nothings to them after a bad dream

7. Telling their children a bedtime story about a brave prince/princess that is really them

8. “Why the hell would you do that?! You could have died! I could have lost you!”

9. Not knowing how to sew but trying to fix a torn shirt because it’s their s.o.’s favorite

10. Sitting next to them and starting to cry because they’re just so perfect

11. Growing up together and sending paper airplanes to the other person’s window each night

12. Not being able to say ‘I love you’ because they are so amazing they couldn’t dream of losing the other as a friend

13. Having that one friend they vent about their feelings towards each other to, until the friend gets fed up and just tells them to get together already

14. One of them having anxiety, and the only thing that can calm them down is the other person.

15. Falling in love. Literally. They meet by falling into a ditch together.

16. Writing about secret romantic feelings in a journal every day for months until the other person finds the journal and just kisses them

17. “I can’t remember you, but you seem like the kind of person I would fall in love with”

18. If one of them has a horrible scar, the other will kiss it every time they’re sad

19. Not knowing how to dance, but taking them by the hand and twirling anyway

20. Singing/playing an instrument to the other while they’re ‘asleep’

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For the Fanfic Day meme (behind on Tumblr as always, cat emergencies means I can ask for two, right? ;) #11 and #15

Darlin, cat emergencies mean you get as many answers as you want!

11. What’s a fanfic idea you haven’t done yet?

Excellent question. As you know, I have a pretty wide variety of fics I’ve started but haven’t finished. Some are just a paragraph or two to get the idea down so I don’t forget. But something I haven’t written at all yet? Hmmm….

Someone prompted me to do flower crowns the other day, but that’s not really my style. I actually have a coffee shop AU on the backburner, so that’s out. Etc. etc. Hmmm… the “yet” implies it’s something I WOULD write, so everything I wouldn’t write is out. Man. Uhhhh… okay, let’s flip this one and ask what fanfic idea that I HAVEN’T done would you like me to do? I’m drawing a blank!

15. Give us a snippet of something from your WiPs!

Aha! That, I can do. Behold, the spite date!

Chuck fidgeted with his water glass, wishing he’d ordered a beer and wishing more that he’d vetoed this bullshit blind date in the first place. He could be curled up in his bed with Max, watching footie and eating nachos, but no. Mako said the guy was perfect, they’d have the best time, he’d love it.

Except the wanker was fucking late. By half an hour already.

Maybe the wanker wasn’t showing at all.

Fuck it. He was done waiting on some fuckwit he hadn’t even met yet. He didn’t even remember the bloke’s name at this point, which was probably just as well.

Unfortunately, just as he stood to leave, a tall, well-built blond bloke strolled in and looked around questioningly. Was… was this the guy? Because… damn, Mako.

Settling back in his chair, he eyed the gorgeous sod until he finally looked Chuck’s way and smiled tentatively. Chuck didn’t quite smile, but he did lift his glass of water in a half-ass invitation, still wishing it was a beer but not wanting to look like a lush to a total stranger. The pretty bastard drifted closer, casually working his light-knit v-neck sweater and comfortable jeans and that nervous, tentative smile.

The evening was looking up.

“Are you Cheung?”

Or maybe not.

He blinked, some of his nerves dissipating as he debated whether or not to frown. “I’m Chuck.”

“Oh.” The bloke frowned a bit, not sitting down, though he’d reached for the chair. “Coulda sworn… maybe I just heard wrong. Are you here to meet Raleigh?”

He blinked again. The name didn’t sound at all familiar. What the hell had Mako called his date again?

“Honestly, mate, I’ve no idea what you’re name’s supposed to be.” He decided on a frown, after all. “And you’re late.”

Now, his so-called blind date frowned, still not sitting down. “I was told to be here at 7:00.” He looked at the watch on his wrist. “It’s 6:55.”

“It was 6:30.”

The sod raised one eyebrow. “It was 7:00. If you don’t remember your blind date’s name, I think I’ll rely on my own memory about when the date was supposed to be.”

This fucking guy.

“Oi! You called me Cheung!”

Oops. He hadn’t meant to shout that last, and people were starting to notice. Fuck. Why the fuck had he agreed to this, anyway?

“That’s the name Tendo gave me.”

He snorted. “I dunno who the fuck Tendo is, but if he’s also the wanker that told you 7:00, he’s a fucking moron.”

Both eyebrows went up this time, and the bloke took his hand off the chair to cross his arms. “That escalated quickly. Are you always this big a douchebag to your blind dates? No wonder you’re still single.”

Scoffing, he leaned back in his chair and eyed the rotten sod with disdain. “Don’t see a ring on your finger either, precious.”

The bloke’s left hand clenched into a fist. “You’re a real piece of work, whoever you are.”

He rolled his eyes and gestured for the waitress. He really, really needed a beer before going home this early from this big a fuckarow. “Don’t let the door hit ya on the way out, mate.”

That epic jawline clenched, and… oh, no. Oh, shit.

The wanker sat down.

“Who said I was leaving, Chuckles?”

I just had the most random thought that I now really want to happen.

let me set the scene. the squad is at school, as usual, and marinette, for some reason, has alya’s phone. (wouldn’t put it past her to take someone’s phone considering her track record ayy lmao) she’s taking selfies on it, some super cute but most just pulling incredibly dumb faces. 

then, on the cusp of one hella gorgeous photo where she looks like an actual angel, sunshine boy™ adrien agreste comes over from behind with a friendly and slightly awed* “hey marinette!”
(*he’s a one woman man, of course, but dang. she looked real cute in that almost selfie. can ya really blame him?)

she sees him in the phone screen and she’s shook. her expression transforms into one of pure unadulterated joy and somewhere in the seconds that pass instantaneously and yet feel like hours, she captures a photo right then. he’s in the background, looking incredible as always, and her eyes have just shifted toward him, and her expression is lovestruck. like, undeniably so. but something happens in the moment that prevents her from even noticing or looking back on the photo, and she gives alya her phone back later without having even seen said glorious selfie.

then alya. oh, alya. being the wonderful friend and impeccable wingman she is, she spams the squad group chat (bc don’t even try to tell me they don’t have one) with several of marinette’s selfies, pretending to be mad about mari taking her phone. but they’re all stunning photos, of course. and (, of course, ) the one is included. adrien sees the photo and.. oh dang. has this always been a thing? has this always been her beautiful reaction to simply seeing him? is there a reason she’s so happy? and how has he literally never noticed such elation on her face before?

he messages nino immediately. ‘dude. this photo. marinette looks really happy to see me?? I mean, it looks like she does anyway- maybe I’m reading into it. does this mean anything? is she normally this excited to see her friends?’

nino’s reply is instantaneous.

‘dude. DUDE.’


'are you actually that blind? pay attention to her expressions and mannerisms the next time u see her. hopefully you’ll understand. we’ll see.’

he follows nino’s instruction and after surprisingly very little time at all, it hits him like a ton of bricks.

she does not, in fact, act this way around all her friends.

that spark of light in her eyes, that elated smile; those are marinette specials reserved for very few things. raspberry macarons, fashion, and apparently:

“plagg, I think.. I think marinette dupain-cheng likes me.”


ok but here is This Concept…. 




“You look like a grape.” 

The members burst out laughing because it’s true, and Yoongi is always good at saying something so simple and making it sound like a joke. Namjoon envies his skill with the punchline. 

“It’s nice though,” Yoongi reassures him, patting him on the shoulder just in case Namjoon gets the wrong idea. “You’re a cute grape.” 

“You also match with a certain someone,” Jimin mentions about three hours later as he scrolls through his private instagram feed. 

And there’s you, hair as purple and grape-y as Namjoon’s hair, with a cute comment about a “new-year-new-me” or something. Jimin smirks at his screen as he double-taps and leaves a series of emojis behind. 

“Does she know you color coordinated with her?” Jimin asks a blushing Namjoon. 

“Not yet.”

no offence but like everytime someone says “im literally shaking” i dont trust them anymore bc almost all given times people say it bc they said/did some terrible thing and are trying to hide behind the whole “hhhnnnn u guys made me have a panic attack :((( im mentally ill u cant call me out for being a racist” nonsense

i know it’s been a while since this was a bit tumblr thing but i still don’t think the terf bangs thing is very funny, mostly because i don’t really get the inherent humour behind “haha if you have this hairstyle currently popular among young women on tumblr you’re a violent transmisogynist!”

don’t get me wrong, making fun of terfs is absolutely fine and encouraged, i just don’t see how calling someone a terf based on their innocuous fashion choices is funny? i don’t see where the laughs are here bc i dont see the joke in making fun of women for their fashion choices except this time the punchline is ostensibly transmisogyny as being an inherently laughable thing instead of an inherently horrible thing? it can definitely be both things but i, again, don’t really see what’s funny about it

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I don't want to sound sinister with this question, but which of your weapons would you take with you into a real fight?

I hope I never have to actually use any of these in a prim and proper fight, of course, but if I ever have to use one, 

This kukri is what I would bring to the yard.

Sharp as all hell, easy to use, a lot of heft behind each strike and stab thanks to its design without the weapon being heavy, and a LOT of cleaving power, not to mention easy to maneuver with and to carry around, this genuine Gurkha kukri, given to me by my cousin’s husband who is in the military, met a Gurkha in one of his trips, and exchanged knives with him, is my most prized blade and also what I keep handy and accessible at all times in case someone tries to break into my home.

A real pragmatic weapon, especially indoors.

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You're the most pretentious occultist I've encountered in a long time. I've been practicing since I was a child, mentored by elders. Your pride will be your downfall, for what true occultist denies the fact that they'll never, ever know the absolute truth of the universe. Me and my elders may dance with our ancestors and commune with the dead, traverse the astral, but humbleness is our strength. There's no such thing as true occultism. You're ego and pride is a mockery of what occultism can be.

Mmm but at least I’m not a coward who tries to debase someone while hiding behind the anonymous ask button.

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People scare me Sam. ICE just dragged someone with a brain tumor out of the hospital and people are acting like they're patriots and heroes, not monsters. Yes she was an illegal, but there are limits damn it. Whenever conservatives say that sort of thing it just reinforces stereotypes and they are utterly oblivious about it.

When Government policy loses touch with compassion, with kindness, with humanitarian decency then can tyranny be far behind?

I can’t believe that person has the fucking balls to lie about what I say in their manipulative as fuck post. Trying to make it so I told them not to like Kylo when what I told them was that the post was about Hux and they were derailing it to make it about themselves and play victim (about their ‘I’m a monster for liking Kylo’ comment) and that not everyone saw Kylo as a victim, but as a killer and that’s their right too. Just because someone uses a character as a coping mechanism that others are forbidden from criticism said character or the fandom.

They never even once acknowledged my points or even offered counterpoints because they had none.

I don’t ever once once want to say something negative an abuse survivor and I don’t want anyone sending them hate. They supposedly cross tagged into the anti reylo tag just to attack me behind my back with made up lies. So from the bottom of my heart, fuck you. From someone who likes Kylo and still thinks he’s a villain responsible for his own actions.

Bendy feels like a example.

Can we please just acknowledge how Bendy just manages to pull your empathy from the perspective of a creator looking at their mangled creation?

it just makes you say “Bendy, what happened who did this? why are you so inky…” or it makes you wish the creator never left! I mean really… Imagine if this was your OC.

Originally posted by pia-soleildiddle

wouldnt you feel bad if you left them to someone and they ended up like bendy? sure we all have reasons to leave things behind but, honestly it also makes me worry about turning OC’s that were left in my care into something like bendy!

Bendy isnt just a good character he is a example, why sometimes you shouldn’t leave your creations in the hands of someone who sees them as just that… Joey Drew Is clearly the whole cause of Bendy becoming well Bent

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A- Age: 18
B- Biggest fear: Being forgotten, not being good enough, loosing my friends
C- Current time: 6:37 pm
D- Drink you last had: Coke :0
E- Every day starts with: Staring at the ceiling and groaning cuz fuck I’m tired
F- Favorite song: oh boi oh boi oh boi, The Light Behind your Eyes by My Chemical Romance makes me cry every time
G- Ghosts, are they real: Of course!!! At least in my frigging house
H- Hometown: Mexico!
I- In love with: the abyss
J- Jealous of: ppl who have their shit together
K- Killed someone: the feelings of my friends who read my angsty fics
L- Last time you cried: Yesterday :)
M- Middle name: don’t have one :P
N-Number of siblings: 2, both cool and popular and then there’s me
O- One wish: To make a change!
P- Person you last called/texted: My sister
Q- Questions you’re always asked: oh boi, idk… “How are you?”?
R- Reasons to smile: My dogs, my followers, my friends and ocs
S- Song last sang: I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy
T- Time you woke up: 11 am (I’m a lazy asshole)
U- Underwear Color: wine ;)
V- Vacation destination: uuhhhh, my room??? Probs my aunt’s house???
W- Worst habit: Bottling my shit up until i explode into a gross pile of sobbing
X- X-rays you’ve had: for my right arm… Broke it in half xD
Y- Your favorite food: Aaaahhhh…. Fried chicken!
Z- Zodiac sign: Capricorn motherfucker! ♑️
I tag: @norval17 @malice-amidst-a-verdant @credexen @thecaptainofcrispy @salty-bacon @aquainaglow @underponyfan16 @ech0gamingheartwarm @marsooonie and anyone else who feels like doing it :D

With the ending scene of the episode Requiem it finally clicked with me why I always hated the ending scenes that were like “The End… Or is it?”.

For starters it’s the fact that the team always just had a big and often times really hard and challenging fight behind them. They were always exhausted, the foe was hard to beat, but the ending was always like “ Nah, that’s not it guys, those teens are never going to catch a break, EVER. TM”.
Also, from the perspective of a writer it’s really bad writing, because if said, not so vanquished foe, suddenly came back, everyone would be not surprised that it was them all along. The viewers saw this coming as soon as the episode ended, it wouldn’t have been a surprise for anyone, except the characters, who are in this mess, again.
I also knew there would most likely come an episode where such an ending would not simply be a terrible executed move, but in all seriousness a point where I want someone so done for that there would be no way that they could come back, ever. Which is exactly what happened in Requiem.

The only episode where I liked this, was the one with Pizzaface, because it confirmed that Mikey didn’t dream that whole adventure – even if the whole episode was really weird.

Requiem just made me realize all of this, because Shredder’s end in the trash compactor was awesome! Or it would have been awesome if the guy would have really died in there, but it only left a sour taste in my mouth. April pushing him of the roof and Casey’s sarcastic “Oops.”, when he pulled the lever, that, in all seriousness should have squashed Shredder like the trash he is.
THIS should have been Shredder’s end, dying in a freaking trash compactor, like the treacherous, unfeeling scum he is, but NO, instead we get a ending scene where we see that this spiky trash pile is still alive.

TMNT 2012 is still a good show that has some strong points, for which I can really like it, but there are a lot points in this show where I’m just so done with the writing in general too.
Like, Donnie can make retro mutagen, why didn’t they just spray Shredder’s henchmutants at some point with some? I mean, isn’t he still searching for a cure for Timothy? There should have enough batches of retro mutagen at their disposal to do this, so I’m really asking why this never was a plot point, at all?

Or overall this version of Shredder; he is my least favorite Shredder I’ve ever seen. The only things he did was fight only in the biggest fights of the show or threaten his henchmen, but doing nothing except thinking about revenge on his throne. I seriously wanted this Shredder dead asap, from the very beginning of the show, because you could see right from the start that he was just the hollowed out image of a former person, which just got worse as everything progresses and now reached the last point for Shredder.

There is literally nothing left in Shredder beside hate, rage and revenge. He isn’t a human anymore and he certainly doesn’t feel anymore, regardless of how mangled all of his emotion where before this. Wanting revenge from the Hamato clan or hating them for some reason or another was always part of who The Shredder was in the TMNT multiverse, but this one is so hollowed out that this simply can not go on any longer. I just want Shredder gone in the last episode of this season, so everyone can grieve in peace, not having to deal with him any longer.

I also accidentally befriended a pro Widowmaker by the name of Belpheagor. She kept landing headshots on me and after like the 6th time I wrote in the chat, “Widow plz” because I know from prior experience that it tends to work. 

She wrote back, “Mercy I’m sorry, but I have to.” After that she only landed body shots on me, but she was definitely more hesitant to land any shots on me. 

Later, I was going around the back of the point to try and get to someone and I ran point blank into her. She stared at me through her scope for a few seconds; I “Hello!”ed to try and pull on her heartstrings. She shot the Pharah coming up behind me, gave me a look, and then grappled away. 

She wrote in the chat, “Did you see how I didn’t shoot you” and next thing I know I had a friend request from her.

things i love about Hunk
  • can cry at any time, any place (relatable) 
  • hides behind shiro when scared
  • “kick me as hard as you can” “what no, we’re friends” 
  • goes through his friends stuff just for fun 
  • thinks about food 24/7 
  • “i’m a LEG” 
  • must touch everything
  • low key sarcastic af 
  • needs to stim when he gets nervous
  • talks to himself in the 3rd person 
  • is super petty when he doesn’t like someone (also relatable) 
  • even more petty when he’s right about something 
  • “time to feed the beast” 
  • is Lance’s hype guy 
  • naruto headband 
  • this screenshot: 

This scene had me so torn and crying and conflicted because the realness of it was unbearable.

Victor is always trying to hide behind his usual fake smile, and usually he succeeds in fooling himself and the other party. But this time, his sadness overwhelmed him, and even he couldn’t cope with the fact that him and Yuri would be separated, their time together would diminish, and they’d walk two separate paths. He showed a “weak” and “vulnerable” side to himself that he would only ever show to his closest family.

Yurio, someone who hates hugs, even in this scene, could sense Victors pain and agony, and he just stood there and LET Victor hug him, because he knew Victor was probably really anxious and scared for the future, and he thought, “I can at least be a shoulder he can lean on, I can at least do this much.”

This was character development for them both and I love that we could see this before the season ended!