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*sees your art* *squeals* hi i live your art sO much i can never wait for the next update! if you're taking requests could you perhaps draw adrienette...? if you're not it's fine haha, just wanted to let you know that i really appreciate your art<3

Not sure whether this is “the Adrinette” you were expecting but here is grown up version of Adrinette AND my second favorite pair Alyno (i dunno what else people call this couple) but yeah ;d this will be around 10 years later!

“If el*nt*ri was a guy you all would be avoiding her work like you do with m*ke*nel! You just don’t care that the offender is a girl who’s sexualizing a boy”

Except that?

1) as soon as people found out what el*nt*ri was doing people actively avoided her work. I rarely see her stuff in my dash unless it’s by someone who doesn’t know better?

2) even after m*ke*nel was called for sexualizing young children and supporting incest, lots of people still continued to reblog his art and defend him? The reason why you don’t see his stuff that often is that his fandom stuff isn’t frequent anymore

Honestly don’t turn this into a “misandry/you don’t care about female predators” debate it’s so fucked up

I bet Tony Stark sets up foundations for the people he loves. Like, he’s at a meeting for the Maria Stark Foundation that Pepper LITERALLY handcuffed him to the table for (shit he really needs to start using hairpins or something) and suddenly it comes to him

THE PEPPER POTTS FOUNDATION FOR THE ARTS. Dedicated to art scholarships and grants

Pepper is flustered and touched and tells him that it’s brilliant. But also that he should DEFINITELY stop calling it the “PP foundation” because for heaven’s sake Tony don’t you listen to what comes out of your own mouth? You can hear that can’t you?

(Tony snickers. peepee foundation)

and then Tony latches onto the idea with all the vigor of a sugar-addled toddler who has just gotten a toy that they will DEFINITELY swallow but will be damned if they let anyone take it away from them

The Rhodey Foundation basically just pours money into the VA to revamp their systems and help them fight whatever issue of the day needs championing

The Steve Rogers Foundation which helps fill in the cracks that the GI Bill leaves. Because everyone should be able to come back to something

The Sam Wilson Fund that helps the families of fallen soldiers

The Bucky Barnes Foundation, dedicated to spreading awareness of PTSD and getting sufferers the help they need. Gives generously also to groups working on making 3-D prosthetics available to everyone

The Natalie Rushman Houses, a system of shelters dedicated to helping former human trafficking victims

The Bruce Banner Foundation, dedicated to eliminating domestic violence

The HULK SMASH CLIMATE CHANGE Foundation (Pepper had to veto “making the world as green as our little rage monster!” as a slogan)

The Center for Stupid Breakable Humans Who Don’t Even Have A Cool Suit To Protect Them, Honestly What The Heck Dude. Aka, the Barton Center for Free Physical Therapy

The HawkEARS campaign, designed to make schools and work places more disability friendly. Whether that’s by calling the names who refuse to comply to ADA standards mean names on TMZ (”TONY”), or straight up building ramps

Thor gets a line of shampoo because he mentions to Tony that all of Tony’s wealth would buy him about a sack of potatoes on Asgard, and Thor is the PRINCE of Asgard. Tony is VERY MIFFED. BUY YOUR OWN STUPID POTATO FOUNDATION THOR

(He makes a Jane Foster Foundation dedicated to decreasing gender inequality in STEM)

he of course does not tell anyone that he’s making these foundations/funds/centers/etc until they’re all set up and he can ‘casually’ mention “oh yeah, the foundation gala is tonight and they’ll probably want you there since it’s your fund’ and drop a flier that has their face plastered ALL OVER IT in front of them. Then he stares at them gaping and gets all aggressively defensive about this incredibly weird form of attempting to make a connection like “WHAT, YOU THINK I CAN’T CARE ABOUT VETERANS WITHOUT YOU HERE?? I COULD HAVE TOTALLY CREATED THIS FUND AT ANY TIME, WHATEVER, I AM JUST SO THOUGHTFUL I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT WANNA SHOW UP. WHATEVER. NOT LIKE I CARE” and then acting super flippant about it when the person tries to thank them (”pshhh, I just needed some more tax deductibles. Charities are those things right?”) or sulking if (in Natasha and Bucky’s case) they don’t really react except to twitch slightly because WHAT THE WHAT (if you don’t know the right way to react it’s safer to have no reaction, they’ve both learned that. he taught her that)

basically Tony just throwing money into these foundations that he thinks will make his friends happy, or his friends of friends, while pretending to not care at all whether they approve of the topic that he chose because he’s Tony Stark and that’s how he rolls


West City is a modern metropolis where both saiyans and humans live and thrive. When Bulma Briefs becomes the first human to join the police force, she quickly learns how tough it is to enforce the law. Determined to prove herself, Bulma jumps at the opportunity to solve a mysterious case. Unfortunately, that means working with Vegeta Ouji, a scam artist saiyan who makes her job even harder.



Asanoya bartender/regular AU! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

  • Asahi only shows up on weeknights so he can get Noya’s full attention and avoid crowds
  • Neither one will ask the other out because they both think it’d be rude while Noya’s working
  • Asahi’s usual is pink and exceptionally fruity
  • now there’s a part 2!

someone: the makeup/beauty industry is a site of extreme anxiety and financial ill to women and girls both in terms of expenses and in terms of employment. if a woman does not conform in some way to compulsory femininity she may even be less likely to find companionship in her life, which can cause depression and other mental health issues. it is clearly more than simply a hobby or an art form in our neck of the woods.

me: yah

someone: i blame [dumb social media site] and The Culture™ and vapid people obsessed with instant gratification for this

me: (i summon the entire cast of sesame street with a mere telepathic utterance and the set is phased in by hundreds of producers working in tandem while birds are chirping) What we bout to learn today is a word called Patriarchy. Big Bird gon head n let all the girls know wusgood…



Little thing I did for blogthegreatrouge’s PJ Daycare AU \;w;/

I have this headcanon that Goth mostly calm during the day but get excited when it’s time to read a story for the kids ヽ( ★ω★)ノ

I’d add more kids- but ya know tumblr limits.. either way hope u like it! ;w;

Meenah… you think YOU’RE 8ad?
Don’t you have 8ny 8dea who the FUCK you’re t8lking too????????

twin size mattress // the front bottoms


“Because I trust you” by lustaking

Well, we all know Judy doesn’t like to be called “cute”. Specially in combination if you judge people by their appearance…
And we all know now what happens if you do so :D

This Comic was translated by our ZNN-Member LMAbacus. I edited the comic.

The Art and the original comic was provided by “lustaking” over in pixiv. Check it out, he got some other nice Comics and Drawings :3
And here is the original comic:

(Don’t forget, this is a Manga - Read the chat-bubbles from right-to-left)

Wanna see more translated comics by lustaking? We got one more over at ZNN:

I resent the idea that Sia is somehow obligated to give everyone their ‘big break’. Like she has said in interviews that she has anxiety and she produces better art when she’s within a team she’s comfortable with. It’s not fair for people to demand these things from her. What you guys call Pigeon holing herself is her finding a way to continue her career while coping with mental illness. She employed a diverse cast of 49 little dancers. Maddie herself wasn’t playing a victim she represents Sia. We’ve known for ages that Maddie is Sia’s muse so I don’t see what’s wrong with Sia putting herself in the middle of her work so she can provide a hopeful message. Furthermore I like that she’s using children. That’s the message she’s trying out across so it works very well to use children in it. If focuses more on the value of life and youth. This is not to say that you can’t dislike the video. I just think that a lot of people throwing criticism at Sia don’t really understand her , her struggle and why she chooses to do what she does. She addressed all these issues in interviews.

being in the clexa fandom is like being trapped inside a smoking two-story-tall building with no doors or windows or any way out while being smacked back and forth every .00002 seconds by crazy screaming…….people

25% of them are Sinnamon Rolls and have -235893279 chill about anything anymore and are screaming 25/8 about daddy lexa and boobs/Good Earth Cleavage and Sin and and waving burning homemade signs emblazoned w/ the words “jIGGLYWURT ROTTENPUDDING I DONT KNOW WHAT A FUCKING 307 IS FI GHT ME”

25% of them are spreading around a+ fan art/fic of elyza lex and alicia clark and Queering the walking!dead and still making pretty (yet sometimes rly rly fuckin sad) clexa gifsets and clexa soulmate headcanons and they are the poster children of Coping Mechanisms bc cmon we all need some cheer in our lives they are the True MVPs of this fandom

25% of them are the people calling for the cw to cancel the 1OO every fuckin day and organizing all the boycotts and trends and petitions and finding advertisers and writing emails and generally being the Activists that we all need and without whom we’d probably fade into obscurity as we have in the past (as my history teacher likes to call it, GRASSROOTS DEMOCRATIC ACTIVISM………shut up i literally asked him about this today ok)

25% are crying over lexa and candles and giant squids and vines feat. eliza taylor getting jumped and screaming “oHMY GOD” in every single one of them and lexa and Perfect Too-Good-For-This-World Space Unicorn alycia debnam carey and lexa and they all refuse to have anything to do with grapes

…….in other words, i love this fucking fandom AND NEVER CHANGE.

Your Call Cannot Be Completed As Dialed -  

AU in which Castiel accidentally sends a text message to the wrong number and befriends the person at the other end of the line. However, accidents don’t just happen accidentally, and sometimes two completely different people are exactly what the other needs.

@hesanangelwithashotgun​ and I thank you very much for sticking with this story for all of these years and for the tens of thousands of views. This was a first time writing fanfiction for both of us so thank you for the support. It has officially been a year since the posting of the latest chapter and in case anyone was still wondering, there won’t be another. We thought that we’d be able to wrap up a few things with one last chapter but due to life circumstances, we won’t be. As is, the story feels complete so we apologize for promises of a final chapter that we didn’t follow through on. 

Anyway, I’d also like to thank the lovely @cheriiart that did a commission from me PROBABLY A YEAR AGO so thank you so much for that! (Honestly look at this art. It’s incredible.)


Hey, Tumblr SU fandom

How’s it going?

I was just thinking about our mutual favorite show! Yeah, the one with the lesbian space rocks and junk! Hey, do you remember that episode? That one where Steven is angry about Buck using Steven’s art in a way Steven disagrees with?

Do you remember the part where Steven goes to the Gems, and asks them to stop Buck and get rid of all the shirts? And how when the gems learn that the shirts aren’t physically hurting anyone, they say “People should be able to make whatever T-shirts they want,” and then Steven throws a tantrum and calls them pedophiles?

Oh, wait, I got that wrong, that was someone else. I remember what happened now! Do you guys remember?

Steven went out and created his own shirt! He didn’t attack Buck, or stalk him, or harass him, or call him a trash human being and that he should kill himself. That was pretty cool of Steven! Do you guys remember that?



You guys want weird things, but I aim to please. Maybe their relationship would be like this if Mama Agreste didn’t fly to coop. Like Gabe would have weird requests and Nat would totally call him out for being an unreasonable weirdo.


Alyanette, Adrienino, ClobrinaKimax, Julerose, Myvan, Nathalix

Bonus: Lila, Feligette, RollingStone, Tombine