bbc merlin + colors
arthur in four colours > inspired by [x]

Help I can’t handle Boruto’s adorable reaction when his daddy praised him:

Look at that huge happy grin! awwwww precious baby

He’s even crying tears of joy *^*

He’s so damn happy he started rolling around on his bed 

Underneath all his childish anger and hurt and loneliness he just LOVES his daddy sooo much plz kill me I can’t handle this

Kawoshin collab with Ave!!! She did the lineart and I coloured it :DD

Here is the other part of it with my lineart and her colouring. (check it out, it also has a link to her fanfiction yea yea <v<)


-the original post and all it’s versions and varieties
-going on and on about problematic issues in the fandom that have already been solved and settled
-not realising that you can’t not have flaws in a fandom, and that things can never be perfect
-not letting people make mistakes so that they can be educated about them
-not understanding that hatred is a basic human emotion that should be allowed to be expressed as long as it’s not in an offensive, public and/or targeting manner
-romanticising incest and pedophilia (and possibly abuse) with the excuse of “ship whatever u want uwu”