am i the only one who feels like namjoon has a style of composing that, instead of focusing on making hit songs, he would rather try to convey some sort of message and put all of his emotions in it, something for us to think about, to reflect, take some time for ourselves, to think about life, which is beautiful, i’m completely speechless at how hard he works and how beautifully he composes songs, i’m so blown away and in love with him??? he’s an introvert, we all know that, but he thinks too much, so i feel like it’s somehow therapeutic for him to express himself through music. 

A/N: I was bored at work when i’ve started this, and it kept haunting me until I got back home. Needless to say I did so little at work for being so distracted. Hope you guys enjoy!

“Harry, please,” you begged once more as you tried to grind yourself against him, but his hands were holding you tightly by your hips to keep you from doing so.

Yes, he’s asked you to sit on his lap, but you didn’t think it could end up like this. He’s been holding you down in place for a good while now as he nibbled and licked and sucked on your skin. And every single time you squirm or beg for more, there’s only one answer, “Not yet.”

You could feel yourself getting wetter as his lips brushed against your neck, leaving a trail of kisses down to your collarbone. Your hands were squeezing on his shoulder as he continued down towards your chest. His breathing had also been laboured, and you could see and feel how hard he’s already been under his boxers. Just one small movement and you both can feel a bit of pleasure from the friction, but as his hands stayed put on your hips, it won’t happen.

A gasp left your lips as you felt his own wrapped around your nipple, sucking and flicking his tongue over the bud until he’s felt it harden from his touch. Your hand quickly reached for his hair, tugging and urged him to keep going. Once you’ve felt his teeth grazed on your bud, you started pulling back, feeling how incredibly sensitive you’ve already been. But he never stopped. He continued tugging and everything felt numb and achingly pleasurable, you didn’t know what to do. He was all too determined as he pushed you closer to him, brushing his crotch against yours, eliciting moans from the both of you. You pressed yourself down harsher and felt him thrust up against you, creating friction as his lips travelled from your nipple to the other.

He’s already let you grind yourself against his as one of his hands sneaked up towards your breast, squeezing the unattended one and pinching the nipple while his tongue swiped on the other. He could already feel how wet you are, soaking over your underwear through his. His hand that was holding onto your hip hand gone down towards his crotch, squeezing himself lightly. You felt his knuckles touch the bundle of nerves that was pulsing with need, making you moan and grind towards it. He was quick to pull down his boxers, revealing how hard and red his cock is; the tip was just leaking as time went on. He’s given himself a few strokes before he’s slid your panties to the side - being too impatient to pull them down like how his boxers were just down his knees - and slowly pushed himself in you.

“You got so wet because of this, love?” He breathed as he took your nipple in his mouth once more, causing you to jump and scream as he sucked harshly.

With the way you slowly moved yourself against him and the way he thrusted upwards every time you pushed yourself down, the two of you were letting out curses as your highs were slowly building up. Harry was unstoppable with his mouth. Every inch of space he’s filled with either kisses, bites, or sucks. And with his hands pressed firmly on your hips, he’s helped you grind yourself harder and took him deeper in you as you possibly can. Your moans were uncontrolled as you squirm and shake against his body, hiding your face on his neck as you clenched and squeezed his cock. His chest heaved as he continued to move below you, his own orgasm reaching him and taking over his body. His grunts and moans filled the air as he spilled himself in you, holding you in place as he twitched and relaxed after a few short moments.

With sweat dripping down both of your bodies, the two of you were speechless. His eyes were fixed on your body, from your head down to where the two of you were still connected. He’s taken a deep breath as he leaned in towards you, pressing a kiss on your lips and trailing down your jaw and neck, ready to do it all again.

Listen, guys, I see a LOT of misconceptions going around clownblr right now - and it makes sense! There’s been a massive upswing in public interest! Nobody’s born with a copy of Bozoldi’s Taxonomy in their hands! But I can’t stand the thought of clowns getting hurt because of this, so here’s some quick points.

  • First of all, clowns are NOT obligate dulcivores!!!! YES, they do enjoy sugar, YES, a healthy diet should include plenty of cotton candy to give them energy to caper, but they’re still omnivores!! ALL extant clown breeds descend on some level from the Greater Fool, which feeds mostly on carrion and rodents. Post-Colombian clown husbandry leaned heavily on the sadly extinct Least Clown (and yes, “clown” was once a specific breed!), which was primarily fructivorous with a supplementary diet of natural legumes. BOTH were omnivores, though their respective environments had forced a diet shift. Modern clowns are capable of eating just about anything, and they should! They’re not well adjusted for rough fiber, so stay away from grains and greens, but next time you put a bowl of candyfloss out for your Bozo, give him a mouse too! Don’t be alarmed by the mess - clowns do like to toy with their prey.
    • THIS GOES DOUBLE FOR MIMES. Mimes are PRIMARILY carnivorous! They were never crossed with the Least Clown - you can tell by their coloration - so a mostly dulcivorous diet is terrible for them! Now, generally people don’t get a mime and feed him taffy, but mime feed is almost as bad. Mimes on dry feed need iron supplements, their blood pressure goes down, and their pelts fade until they’re just grey. Please, PLEASE give your mimes raw meat! Give your mimes live prey if at all possible - your local pet shop or shelter should be able to direct you to their feed mice. Whenever I really want to treat my Pierre chanceux I’ll get him something bigger, like a rat or a garter snake. The pellets are kind of a pain to deal with, but your mime will thank you. Silently. Because he’s a mime.
  • Mimes are NOT dangerous!!!! They can be scary before you know them, but their claws are fully retractable, and you’ll never find a more caring species. What’s DANGEROUS is mime/fool hybrids. (IMHO, any fool hybridization should be ILLEGAL. They’re wild animals! You’re combining the body mass and predatory instincts of a fool with the clown/mime’s comfort with humans - how the hell do you expect that to go?!) I GUARANTEE that whatever scary story you heard about some feral mime eating somebody’s kid was actually a hybrid.
  • Speaking of which? Don’t get a fucking fool. They’re endangered. And they’ll kill you. Get a jester if you want capering, they caper just fine and they won’t try to kill you.

Ugh, this turned into Yelling At Fool Breeders Hell Hour. But seriously, feed your clowns right. I’m gonna go see if Jacques wants to chase an invisible laser pointer.

One day Kirishima will probably manage to get a genuine laugh out of either Bakugo or Todoroki and in that moment he will reach his peak “too gay to function” state because any entity inside him which even remotely resembles the form of heterosexuality will respond to this event like “Fuck This Shit, I’m Out”, And leave him unable to do anything.