¯\_(ツ)_/¯ decided to attempt lineless-y shit again, this time feat. my boi in a ridiculous anime pose bc i mean why not

still not very good like yikes!!! but i mean hey i’m trying. at least his face looks pretty aight and that’s what matters most right pfft ;v;

large shrugging

Miraculous Ladybug: Episode 25 Origins 

anonymous asked:

cute ocs counterbalanced by dark fenders

hahaha im really giddy by you say that, thou my ocs actually pretty angsty, and i draw a lot of fluffy shitty fanart but not really share these ones casue

1: spoiler for my oc’s story,

2: i need keep up my the angry goth persona (ok i draw only fluff when im a bit lonely.)

recently i’ve been getting notifs for my old komamiki fics and i suddenly felt very nostalgic

it’s been soooo long since i’ve posted anything komamiki but going through the tag a little made me miss my bbies :’) so here’s a doodle of a howl’s moving castle au with komamiki

i’m so happy to see that the tag is full of non-negative stuff… tho i am a bit eh about tsumiki getting the short end of the stick again

a somewhat preemptive Art Summary™️ of 2016 which i am very excited to present!! its hard to believe ive only been doing digital for roughly a year and a quarter for how much i rely on it. 

I guess if i have to say something, its that its a bit discouraging how my anatomy has only barely improved in a year…but my painting/shading technique has come leaps!!