Legally Blonde au (w one difference) where Jim is Elle, Spock is Emmett and Bones is Paulette.

Jim goes to law school to prove to his crush he can be enough. Spock helps him study and realises Jim has something worth nurturing.

Bones runs a walk in medical center and Jim swings by a fair bit after getting patched up once. Bones’ ex is a problem and Jim helps him get his pet tortoise back.

Spock has a spare job as a mail delivery guy (this is where i deviate from legally blonde canon) and he comes by the medical centre and he and Bones get surprisingly steamy.

After Jim gets his big win at the murder case w the perm game changer he sees Spock and Bones having a serious flirt. Jim offers to let them date, he’ll be happy with his career, but they both explain, tripping over each others words, that they want Jim too. Cue legally successful mcspirk au.
U.S. just admitted that cannabis DOES kill cancer cells

“Conspiracy theorists have been saying it all along – but cannabis does apparently kill cancer cells.That’s according to the US government, which has added a page on the use of cannabis and cannabinoids to their official cancer advice website.

The National Cancer Institute, part of the US Department of Health, now advises that ‘cannabinoids may be useful in treating the side effects of cancer and cancer treatment’ by smoking, eating it in baked products, drinking herbal teas or even spraying it under the tongue.

The site also lists other uses including: Anti-inflammatory activity, blocking cell growth, preventing the growth of blood vessels that supply tumours, antiviral activity and relieving muscle spasms caused by multiple sclerosis.”

About fucking time.

A Blind Warren

Imagine if Warren’s albinism had been permanent and left him legally blind.
-Warren tripping out his cane so there’s a dagger on one end.
-Leaving secret messages in braille for Kendra to find
-*warren walks into a wall* “Oh yeah there’s a wall there”-Dale
-“hey Warren wanna play Uno oh wait” “stfu all because I can’t tell green from blue ONE TIME”
-Walking around barefoot all the time because you just can’t trust shoes when you can’t see the ground.
-His hearing is heightened over time so he starts randomly popping in rooms when he hears Kendra and Vanessa “Is that shit talking I hear?”
-Warren being his own little sarcastic Legally Blind wannabe Legally Blonde self

anonymous asked:

In your legally blonde AU can Jim still be obsessed with pink and blonde and wear cute dresses and be a little over interested in hair care??! And can Bruiser be the unicorn dog?!?!??

Mate, of course he is!! I want the big emotional moment at the end when he says he’ll never wear navy blue again and walks out in a pink dress with professional looking shoulders. Bones and Spock beam with pride.

And oh my god the unicorn dog, yes!!! Oh! And Bones’ missing pet that his ex has is a tribble.

“Já que você está aí sem fazer nada, queria perguntar o que tu acha de um lance: hipoteticamente falando, um cara está meio a fim de beijar uma mina que é um bocado mais nova que ele. E, não, não tô falando de vossa pessoa, mas isso não anula o fato de que tu pode dar o conselho. Afinal, esse cara não quer ir pra Azkaban e ninguém aqui quer dormir com um peso desse na consciência. Ao menos, eu não.”