I want you guys to know that the Endangered 2 visual novel is currently 21,826 lines of code and dialogue, all hand-typed by yours truly. If the skip button is held down, it takes about five full minutes to reach the end. Also it’s part one of two or three, I’m thinking about consolidating the second half considering how long it took to do the first part, but many of the visual assets are already done and I’ve gotten a looooot more efficient at this coding business. :\c




4am - Wally clomping around at the bottom of the stairs (his “let me out” signal); husband lets him out and lets him in again.
4:10am - Wally still clomping; husband tells him to go sit on his mat.
4:40 - F wakes up from a bad dream; I snuggle him for a few minutes.
5am - Wally wants to go out again / have his breakfast. Clomping which I try to ignore until he yaps (understatement), so I let him out with half of his breakfast.
5:25am - my alarm goes off and I get up to get ready for work.

Writing my persuasive essay on the benefits of legalized recreational/medicinal marijuana and I am very distracted. Not interested in this. It is such a boring topic; I should have chosen one of the more controversial topics like abortion, gay marriage, gun laws, et cetera. Weed is just old news nowadays. The country is progressing towards legalizing it anyway and I feel like almost anyone, no matter their religion or political stance, can get into weed. What is the fun in writing a persuasive essay if you’re making an argument that almost everyone agrees with. Next time, I’ll take a risk and choose a topic that I know people are divided on.
'Huge validation': Oregon becomes first state to allow official third gender option
State adopts new rule that allows people to put an ‘X’ on state IDs and driver’s licenses instead of the traditional ‘M’ for male or ‘F’ for female
By Sam Levin

Oregon has become the first state in the US to allow a third gender option on licenses and identification cards, a major civil rights victory for non-binary people who identify as neither male nor female.

State officials adopted a new rule on Thursday that allows people to put an “X” marker on state IDs and driver’s licenses instead of the traditional “M” for male or “F” for female, a move that activists hope will spark reforms across the country that expand the legal recognition of gender-nonconforming people.


Hi!! I’m gifting some links to shows that have already closed, so here they are!

25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee OBC:


Annie 2013 Revival:

Bring It On OBC:

Falsettos 2016 Revival:

Fun Home OBC:

In The Heights OBC:

EDIT: I forgot to add If/Then before, here it is:

Legally Blonde:


Miss Saigon (previous Broadway run):

Next to Normal:

Something Rotten! OBC:

Spring Awakening Deaf West:

Sweeney Todd OBC:

Thanks to anyone who helped me get the links, and I hope everyone enjoys them! If you have any questions or are interested in any shows currently on Broadway, just message me!! :)


Forget wanting to be BTS stylist, this is THE job