Federal judge says Trump can't stop funding gender confirmation surgery for transgender troops
The order, issued in Maryland and halting a proposed transgender military ban, goes further than an earlier ruling by a judge in Washington.

For the second time, a judge has blocked the president’s proposed ban on transgender people serving openly in the military.

U.S. District Judge Marvin J. Garbis cited Trump’s tweets in his ruling, saying that the administration cannot refuse to pay for transgender troops’ healthcare (including transition and surgery costs) and that trans people have already suffered because of his erratic decision. 

In his 53-page order, Garbis said the transgender service members challenging the ban have “demonstrated that they are already suffering harmful consequences such as the cancellation and postponements of surgeries, the stigma of being set apart as inherently unfit, facing the prospect of discharge and inability to commission as an officer, the inability to move forward with long-term medical plans, and the threat to their prospects of obtaining long-term assignments.” […]

The judge agreed with the government that the courts should generally defer to the president and Congress on military affairs, but it found that “Trump’s tweets did not emerge from a policy review,” according to the opinion, which featured images of the president’s July tweets.

“A capricious, arbitrary, and unqualified tweet of new policy does not trump the methodical and systematic review by military stakeholders qualified to understand the ramifications of policy changes,” wrote Garbis, who was nominated to the bench by President George H.W. Bush.

Hell yeah. We are not letting this happen. 

  • Cunningham: So this alleged affair with Naba has been going on for...?
  • Price: Two years.
  • Cunningham: and your first name is...?
  • Price: Kevin.
  • Cunningham: and your boyfriend's name is...?
  • Price: Connor.
  • Everyone: [gasps]
  • Price: WAIT! I'm sorry, I misunderstand! You say 'boyfriend', I thought you say 'best friend'! Connor is my b e s t f r i e n d!
  • McKinley, standing up, pulling off his shades: You bastard! You lying bastard!

Ouma: Wait a minute! Gimme a chance to crack this guy, I have an idea I’d like to try.
Shinguji: The floor is yours.
Ouma: So, Momota-kun… This alleged affair with Harukawa-san has been going on for…?
Momota: 2 years.
Ouma: And you first name again is…?
Momota: Kaito.
Ouma: And your boyfriend’s name is…?
Momota: Shuichi.
Everyone: *gasps*
Momota: I’m sorry! I misunderstood! You said “boyfriend”? I thought you said “best friend”!
Shuichi is my… best friend.


Same sex marriage is not legal in Australia yet. Idk how the yes vote we had has been reported for everyone but it’s come to my attention that people think that it is legal when it’s not. The yes vote we had was a non legally binding survey of the population that determined that majority of the country wants it to be legalised. Nothing has happened in terms of legalising it yet but the government aims to have it legal before Christmas.
The FBI Faked an Entire Field of Forensic Science
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Millions of people, mostly POC and poor people, have suffered or had their lives ended over this, with long term negative impacts on their families and communities as well.

Remember when I talk about how people with records face denial of basic services and massive discrimination, or how prisoners are enslaved, just how corrupt the US courts are and always have been.

Musicals As Theatre Kids

Wicked: the one who can sing but can’t act for the life of them. they’re obsessed with classic musicals like The King and I and The Sound of Music and would sell their soul to play Maria. gets those small parts with scattered solos and is the light of everyone’s life.

Hamilton: the one who’s really eccentric, always yelling and singing at the top of their lungs, and is brave enough to argue with the director. everyone hates them and loves them 50/50 and they somehow get a big part in every show.

Heathers: the one who acts like an emo/alternative kid outside of rehearsal but inside becomes a dedicated broadway-worthy star, and is really, really good. perfect voice, perfect acting. listens to p!atd on iTunes and cast recordings on Spotify. gets all the leads.

Dear Evan Hansen: the one who is the most amazing actor and will probably win a tony someday, but is just a meh singer. never talks to anyone but their best friend, who is definitely Heathers. gets a supporting role usually.

Falsettos: gay, gay, gay, gay, gay. whether a girl or a boy, really gay and really dedicated. overdoes it sometimes but is a sweet little marshmallow backstage. best friends with Wicked. always gets the villain, somehow.

Legally Blonde: never listens to the director and acts out all the time, doesn’t really take shows seriously but loves them all the same. the director hates them even though they can kind of act. they can’t sing, though. seriously can’t sing. they have a huge ego and know it. get small parts that they make the best of.

In The Heights: lives far away and never really talks to anyone. very smol. super quiet and is always being yelled at by the director for it, poor thing. always works on homework at break and lip–synchs to everybody else singing showtunes. Wicked and Falsettos take pity on them and take them in. no one really knows how they act but they can sing really well and get smallish parts.

Be More Chill: very laid–back and friendly once you get to know them, though they appear pretty brooding. tells everyone they’re straight whilst being a questioning bisexual crushing on Falsettos. same level of acting and singing, which is basically getting there but needs some work. gets supporting roles and occasionally leads.

The Book of Mormon: has no chill at all. famously yelled “FUCK YOU YOU PIECE OF SHIT” at the director once. can sort of act but can’t connect with other actors to create realistic scenes. they’re belting is some good shit. surprisingly nice to the few friends they have. the director hates them and admires them at the same time and they usually get a lead or supporting role.

Waitress: so nice. so. nice. kind of hates themself though, which is depressing because they’re perfect in every single way and deserve the world honestly. Falsettos and Dear Evan Hansen both have a crush on them. really talented and outgoing and a great dancer. honestly their only flaw is their self–doubt, and they would probably perform even better with more confidence. usually gets a lead.

Newsies: the one who can dance. like, such a good dancer. very laid-back and flirts with everyone. they can’t act at all and they can kinda sing, but again, dancing. has this weird accent that no one can identify but everyone loves. they usually get small or ensemble parts.

Hairspray: super bubbly and friendly! best friends with Be More Chill and Legally Blonde. great singer and great actor, but can’t dance at all. director hates them and so does Heathers. has an amazing stage presence and can always connect with the audience. gets small-ish parts (again, hated by director) but deserves bigger.

EDIT: for those of you wondering I’m definitely Dear Evan Hansen. aside from the “winning a tony” part. I wish.

EDIT 2: I added Newsies and Hairspray




Forget wanting to be BTS stylist, this is THE job

Musical songs that could reserect me

Dead Girl Walking - Heathers

The Smartphone Hour - Be More Chill

Turn It Off - Book of Mormon

Both Reached For the Gun - Chicago

Sincerely, Me - Dear Evan Hansen

You’ll Be Back - Hamilton

Cousin - 21 Chump Street

Never Getting Rid of Me - Waitress

King of New York - Newsies

Whipped Into Shape - Legally Blonde

Also please imagine the reference letter Bruce must have written for Barry so that he could work in the crime lab.

I feel like it would have been like in Legally Blonde where she does her submission via video (because like… Bruce is Not Supposed to Know About the Crime).

So like, the video opens and it’s just Bruce Wayne riding a horse shirtless and he’s like “Barry Allen is one of the kindest and most passionate young people I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

And it goes on for like, another three minutes. Bruce swimming in his gigantic pool, Bruce playing tennis with the president, Bruce sitting in a boardroom just talking about how rad Barry is.

So the hiring people watch it and after it ends there’s like, two minutes of silence before some guy goes “well we can’t NOT hire him”.

Barry of course never sees the video, but he takes Bruce out to brunch and thanks him and in the process discovers that he loves brunch because you can get breakfast food AND lunch food???

(And all the poor people at the crime lab are expecting…. well they don’t know what to expect but it’s not Barry Allen. And so of course the rumor mills start churning away because how the HELL did Barry Allen, world’s sweetest human, meet Bruce Wayne, who once made the CEO of Walmart cry on national television?)