You know, I would really like for subtitles to be programmed differently in an accessible way. Like, instead of just being a visual element on the screen, I’d like if they were programmed as a seperate overlaying text box on top of the screen so that if you were using a screen-reader and/or a braille display, you could just put the voiceover curser over the part of the screen that has the subtitle text and read what the subtitles say.

I don’t know a thing about programming or how subtitles work currently but I know they don’t work like that, as I have never been able to read subtitles with my screen reader thus far.

Accessible subtitles would be so fantastic to me, honestly. For anime fans, we could watch the subbed shows instead of having to wait for the dubs to come out and could watch subbed shows that never get dubs, and we could watch films in other languages as long as they have subtitles, and it could help give deafblind viewers slightly better access to videos that don’t have transcripts.

I realize this would only work online and not on TV, but it would still be pretty darn useful. I want accessible captions.

ok i’ve mentioned this before but like imagine Legally Blonde: The Musical if Emmett was a girl (EMMA FOREST)

  • when Calahan (is that how you spell his name idk) starts laughing and yells “OH YOU LESBIANS THINK YOU’RE SO SMART!” he could kinda gesture back and forth from Enid to Emma too.
  • “I grew up in the roxburry slums with my mom and a series of bums. guys who showed me all the ways a man could fail” she’s already disappointed and underwhelmed @men 
  • “they laughed at me like they laughed at you” ties into the whole feminism and sexism narrative
  • “thats the best part. the outside is new but now it reflects whats already in you. I couldn’t change that if I wanted to…and I do not.” “thank you…”
  • “think of the girl you want most to be….not quite the girl that I chose to be”
  • “is he gay or european?” “WELL HEY DON’T LOOK AT ME”

The Yellow app is literally Tinder but for KIDS and TEENAGERS. My sister knows 12 year olds that use this app, talking with strangers and some might even meet up with them.
THIS IS DANGEROUS. Yellow is marketed towards kids. KIDS. They don’t know who they’re talking to or meeting up with, and it’s basically a child predator’s Disneyland. This should be illegal, seriously, how is this not illegal?!
That cute 15 year old guy with washboard abs and a snapback could really be a perverted 50 year old man.
Stay safe and please don’t use this app.
Spread the word because there are actual kids using this awful thing.

Hey, so I’m getting some freetime to myself for the first time in a while tomorrow, so I wanted to know if anyone is up for a stream?

Dirty fandom secret, I’ve never seen the original Heathers film, and I thought it would be fun to watch for the first time with other people! 

We could even follow up with a Draw Stream Afterwards.

Just wanted to know if anyone was interested!

anonymous asked:

How do you get jp chi if we live in NA

1. Open the “App Store” and scroll down to the bottom of the “Featured” page, and then click your “Apple ID” and click “View Apple ID.”

2. Click “Country/Region” and then “Change Country or Region.” From here scroll down to the bottom of the list, click the option that says “日本” and hit next.

3. Agree with the “Terms and Conditions” and then click cancel in the top left.
Click on your Apple ID again, and select “Sign Out”.

4. Find the app in the “Search” tab or…/kingdom-hearts-unch…/id993988918…

5. Click “Get” and then it will ask you to sign in.

6. Click the “Create New Apple ID” option and choose to register with a new e-mail address that is not attached to any Apple accounts yet.

7. When it asks for you to fill out info you need to be sure to have “None” checked in payment options. The rest of the information can be whatever you wish except for the “Postal Code.” This needs to be an official code and we used “1010047.” Your phone number can be your own, as well.

8. Agree with everything and finish the account setup. Now you should be able to enter your passcode and start installing the game!

Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI)

Less than 1 in 500 defendants enter a plea of NGRI, and over 90% of defendants that do enter this plea are found guilty. When a defendant is found NGRI they are not released back into society. Rather, he or she is sent to a specialised forensic hospital for a designated period of time. Depending on the offence, this can actually be longer than the sentence would have been if the person was found guilty and incarcerated. As with competency, being unable to understand the nature and consequences of the offence is not an easy threshold to reach. The defendant must be unduly impaired. In most cases these individuals are so out of contact with reality that they were not aware that they had committed a crime or that what they were doing was wrong. Those found NGRI, for this reason, usually have extensive histories of mental illness.