Basically THIS describes VEGEBUL’s relationship in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.

I don’t know if anyone already had this idea, but yesterday I saw the movie “Home”, and I imagined that this type of movies that show the friendship / pet  ownership between earthlings and aliens (like Lilo & Stitch or E.T) could be considered racist and offensive to Saiyans and I came up with this BAD edition.


“It is because they are an endangered minority that the Black Panthers have to affirm themselves so violently and declare war on their immediate enemy, the police. Their war cries frighten and exasperate the white racists who consider them black fascists, forgetting that they are much less dangerous than the police and much less fascists.”

Black Panthers/Huey (1968) dir. Agnès Varda


White Supremacist Propaganda 

While a lot of Klan and neo-nazi propaganda contains racial slurs, threats of violence, and other very recognizable hatred (intended to terrorize people of color, Jewish people, and LGBT people- in the case of my home town) there are also forms of white supremacist propaganda designed to recruit white people. 

These are ‘softer’ forms of propaganda, designed to appeal to people who don’t consider themselves racist but have an underlying resentment of people of color and for any progressive circle to center their experiences at all. They resent white privilege and systemic racial oppression being spoken about at length. They resent people of color rejecting white entitlement to their spaces and cultures. 

The intent is to convince racist white people (who don’t think of themselves as racist, but who clearly are, and clearly feel angry when their entitlement isn’t immediately gratified) that the hate group in question is just ‘misunderstood’ and is really about pride and celebrating your own culture, etc. 

The intent is that once someone falls for that bait and hook, they can play up on their underlying resentment and entitlement. If you already believe that you should be able to celebrate being white, and they can bring you from that belief to the belief that people of color are preventing you from your right to have pride in that, then they can foster anger against people of color. From there, any time there is a collective societal reaction of disgust towards the hate group or towards the notion of white pride, the recruited whites can be relied upon to feel victimized by society collectively. 

It’s only a short step from that to being sold conspiracy theories about ‘white genocide’ or ‘Jewish globalists’ to explain why society is against them. And a short step from there to terrorization of those suspected of being a part of that conspiracy, and the impulse to ‘warn’ other whites in the form of more hateful propaganda. 

This shit is extremely dangerous and fucked up and I want everyone to understand how this functions. Because tumblr’s meme of ‘positivity posts’ can be so easily co-opted by white supremacists to function as this form of propaganda. All they need to do is shift the vocabulary very slightly. 

How to recognize it: 

  • Resentment at not being able to openly express white pride

    “why is it okay for other races to be proud?” 
    “loving your heritage doesn’t mean being a racist” 

  • Framing white identity as a ‘culture’ with ‘heritage’ instead of as a societal category created to oppress people of color 

    “why are we not allowed to celebrate our culture?” 
    “you can love […] and actively participate in the culture of the country your ancestors came from”

  • The suggestion that these beliefs aren’t inherently hateful, they aren’t a hate group, that they’re misunderstood, and that they support other races being proud too. They frame this as people of color having a ‘right’ that white people do not. 

    “why are other races allowed these rights, as they should, but not the folk of european ancestry?” 

    [from white-sapphics about page] “Tumblr is very, very focused on minority rights, and there is nothing wrong with that, but more and more white lesbians are being alienated from other blogs.”

Call this shit out. It is dangerous and terrifying. 


Man who created “White Lives Matter” fliers says he considers himself a racist on live TV

  • On Sunday, New York state resident Scott Lacy set the record straight with local affiliate WKBW and took responsibility for flyers distributed to Lewiston, New York, residents with the words “White Lives Matter” on them. 
  • The flyers also condemned illegal immigration and contained statistics claiming black people are more prone to crime than white people.
  • “The purpose of these flyers is to raise awareness with whites about the plight our people face in this country,” Lacy told WKBW. Lacy says all of the information is factual. Read more. (3/28/17, 3:00 PM)

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I was talking to someone about hp and we got into a little ish debate. I argued that it is perfectly possible that Hermione could be black whereas they said she just wasn't. Technically JK Rowling only described hermione as having "bushy brown hair" and "larger front teeth" and I don't think that's tied to a specific colour, despite that the movies show her as white. What do you think?

i think the person you’re talking to is racist considering that JK Rowling herself supports that headcanon, having liked many a piece of fanart ft. black Hermione on twitter, and having… y’know… cast a black woman as Hermione in the play

White Nationalism, Take Two
  • Racist: OK, ok, so we want a white nation for teh whites and we'll be able to figure out who's white and belongs and who's non-white and doesn't belong not based on what they look like, but based on their genetics! Genes! That's a scientific way to determine who's white and who's not!
  • Antifa: Uh-huh. Well, what gene will you look for?
  • Racist: You know, the white gene. The genetic marker that makes people white.
  • Antifa: By which you mean the gene or genes that make people have blue or green or hazel or brown eyes; or blonde or red or brown or black hair; or straight hair; or curly hair but not too curly; and white skin but you can't say at what point someone's skin is too dark to be considered white.
  • Racist: This isn't going well.
  • Antifa: It gets worse for you: do you know how many genetic markers are found exclusively in "white" populations?
  • Racist: Um, no.
  • Antifa: Zero. There are no genetic markers that are found exclusively in "white" populations. This is why geneticists, physical anthropologists, and biologists have all rejected "race" as a scientifically useful or valid concept.
  • Racist: Uh, I just remembered that I have to make an urgent call. BRB!

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What makes you say Roadhog is from New Zealand? I thought he was an Australian

Well, being an Aussie, we are pretty close to the Kiwis, and their culture is quite alive and very welcomed here. Aside from Roadhogs physique (Which just quietly, I find to be a little stereotypical) he also has his Toa and Islander skin which brought on a lot of heat when it was first released because it was considered ‘Cultural Appropriation’ or ‘Racist’. But these skins clearly shows his heritage is New Zealand, not Australia.. 

In New Zealand, weaving, carving, unique and traditional tattoos  and contemporary arts are all part of the culture and are all things which Roadhog shows in this skin.

Another interesting thought was with the release of Moana, Maui has a similar appearance to the Toa and Islander skins (Not going into debate about the fact that Disney may or may not have been pretty offensive when depicting a very valued hero/demi god and spiritual guide) with the tattoos, woven outfits and even the carved hook. Maui was believed to have fished the North island of New Zealand from the sea, and is held in high regard. 

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oh and also.. it says right here. 

Hey, white women, can we talk for a second? Yep, you too. Everybody in a huddle real quick. 

Originally posted by uswntinmotion

Everybody here? Okay good. 

I voted for Clinton, but I am just as responsible for what is going on in our country right now as those voted for Trump. I am upset and devastated that the majority of white women who voted voted for Trump. I understand why and the systems in place that made women think they should vote for him, but I also need to remind you of a few things. 

Just because you borrow a white man’s privilege by being married to one or being surrounded by them doesn’t mean that privilege is really yours. It means that you only get it for a time. When a man decides he is no longer interested in you, that is when you discover the power was never actually yours. Don’t rely on white men to understand and protect you. They don’t understand because they simply are not taught to do so. 

There is a fucked up system in place of being a person who is oppressed and oppressing others. We see this all the time. We know why bullies bully. It’s because they feel insecure and unsafe in other parts of their lives. But you need to keep in mind that just because you aren’t on the bottom of the pile, doesn’t mean you aren’t being crushed in that pile. You are not on top. Why are you voting to keep others beneath you, rather than voting to climb out of the pile entirely?

There is a photo of Trump and his wife voting that I think everyone saw. In it Trump is attempting to see how she is voting. (There is one of his son doing the same thing, only in even more blatant fashion.)

I think that is a good summation of what a lot of white women subconsciously are aware of: that the men in their lives are expecting them to vote a certain way and to think a certain way. I know it sounds very 1950s, the whole good little wife waiting on her husband hand and foot, but it still echoes in our culture and has its roots deep in western culture prioritizing men’s beliefs and thoughts over that of women. Every white woman has a spectre of a white man hovering over her shoulder. That’s why we are taught to be peacemakers and to worry about making everyone happy. Even I fall into this trap, but as I said before, voting to oppress other people isn’t going to get rid of your own oppression. It isn’t going to lessen it. It only makes you an accomplice in the oppression. 

None of the above absolves you. It doesn’t absolve me. Just because I understand the system of oppression involved in being a woman in this country doesn’t make it okay that so many of us voted for someone who is so blatantly racist and angry. He is encouraging other people to act out. You may say, “I don’t agree with everything he does.” I understand that, but ultimately you voted for someone who is okay with that. By doing so, you sent a message to everyone that even if you don’t consider yourself a racist or a bigot, you will stand silently by while someone else is. 

And liberal white women, this message is for you, too, so don’t sit back and pat yourself on the back for voting for Clinton. There is a history within the suffrage movement and within feminism of white, supposedly liberal women always putting themselves first. We need stop doing that. We need to be better. We need to fight for every last single woman. We need to stop letting down every last person of color in this country. We need to stop being ableist and transphobic. We either stand for all women or none at all. Too many of us quietly went to the polls and voted for Clinton and never once said a thing to convince other people to not vote for Trump. And way, way, way too many of us are now telling marginalized people to make peace with the people who voted for Trump. Stop it. You are speaking from a position of privilege again. They are entitled to their fear and anger and no, they shouldn’t have to hug and place nice with people who told them that they are less than human through their voting. If you are really liberal, you need to act like it and you need to be ready to hear what marginalized women have to say and not get upset when they tell you you are wrong. 

This is a reminder for myself that I need to be better. Always. And a reminder that we as a group, every last white woman, regardless of how you voted, have a lot of work to do. We benefit from our whiteness, even if we don’t benefit from being women. Stop the thought pattern that says, “We are okay because he doesn’t mean us. He means those other women.” Those other women need your protection and support, because no one else is giving it. 

Huddle break over. Go prove that you are better than this. 

White Nationalism, Take One
  • Racist: I'm a white nationalist! Teh whites need their own nation! Free of non-whites.
  • Antifa: Mm-hmm. I see. And how exactly would that work?
  • Racist: What do you mean? We'd take over a country, fill it with teh whites, and have the non-whites leave.
  • Antifa: How will you know which people are "white" and which people are "non-white?"
  • Racist: Well, if they look white, then they're white.
  • Antifa: And what does a white person look like?
  • Racist: They have blond or red or brown hair. Sometimes they can have black hair, too. Their hair is straight. Well, maybe a bit curly, too, but not *too* curly! Their eyes are blue or green or hazel, but some of them have brown eyes. And of course their skin is white!
  • Antifa: OK so if someone has a black hair, and/or curly hair, and or brown eyes/and or light olive skin = they're non-white?
  • Racist: Well, not necessarily but -
  • Antifa: And at what point is a person's skin a shade too dark to be considered white?
  • Racist: Well you know just by look-
  • Antifa: So what is the precise shade of skin that takes someone from "white" to "non-white" status; and who decided that that was the dividing line; and how was it determined in an objective, scientifically-valid way that that particular shade of skin divides "white" people from "non-white" people?
  • Racist: Uh...
  • Antifa: For example, are people from the Mediterranean white or non-white?
  • Racist: Clearly they're white!
  • Another Racist: Clearly they're non-white!
  • Antifa: OK, that's clear. What about Jews? We know Jews with blue eyes and blond, straight hair. So they're going to be welcome in your "white" nation, right?
  • Racist: No.
  • Another Racist: Yes.
  • Antifa: What about Catholics? Are Catholics "white?"
  • Racist: Of course! Catholicism is a religion not a race!
  • Antifa: Like Judaism?
  • Racist: No, that's totally different.
  • Another Racist: Exactly, just like Judaism!
  • Old-timey KKK Member: Catholics aren't white!
  • Antifa: What about the Irish? Clearly the Irish are "white" though, right?
  • Racist: Of course!
  • Old timey KKK member: The Irish aren't white!
  • Antifa: OK, so citizenship in your "white" nation will depend on having with blond or red or brown hair, or sometimes black hair; and that hair will be straight but sometimes curly but not too curly. Your citizens' eyes will be blue or green or hazel but also sometimes brown and their skin will be white but you're not sure how dark it can be before people aren't "white" enough and have to be kicked out and you have no credible way of determining what shade of skin is the dividing point. People from the Mediterranean, Jews, Catholics, and Irish people will either be welcome as "white" or removed as "non-white," depending on which racist is calling the shots.
  • Racist: Let us get back to you about this in a little bit.
a-lighthouse-a-man-a-city replied to your photo “The scar the trailer didn’t show. Well, my speculation about what it…”

Hey folks, this artist is actually racist af. Feel free to message me for more info, it is a great pic but I refuse to support the artist because of some huge past issues they are apparently trying to “fix” with this. No more notes on this post, pass it on. They don’t deserve credit for POC representation after what they’ve done

“Huge past issues” = Me drawing a caveman Kylo with matted hair (that I called “dreadlocks” for lack of a better word, english isn’t my first language and in french, there’s only one word to describe it) 1 year ago and telling you all to fuck off when you went crazy on me and my friends for this one doodle because I refused to consider myself racist for drawing it. What is considered racist or problematic in your country might not be in another, I know how shocking it can be to learn that North America isn’t the center of the world and designated world leader of what’s considered politically correct. 

Jfc take a step back and look at what your life has become.

Yesterday, one of you made a post and compared me to a klan member. I have been told to choke and die, to kill myself. About 50 hateful posts calling me slurs have been reported to me in the past 6 months. You are all acting as if I have been posting the worst hate speech in the fandom and been harassing me for a year because I drew a picture you don’t agree with.

I know people who would have hurt themselves or fallen deep into depression for less, how do you sleep at night after telling someone to die over a picture?

And now you get mad because I have been drawing Finn and it has gotten a lot of notes.

But guess what? I have been successfully drawing him multiple times in the past, and I’ll draw him again. And I’ll get better at it and my pictures of him will continue to gain attention. 

Because I like Finn.
I don’t give a shit about your “POC representation” points, contrary to you I like a character because he’s special to me, not because it will make me look better and “woke” to my online friends. 

You don’t like it? That’s cool, then block me. That’s the magical door to the land of to never having to see my art again.

Because if you don’t, then believe me, it’s not the last time you see my art on your dashboard.

Steve R. X Black!Reader Headcanons

-you being wary of him because hes from the 1940s
-expecting him to be racist
-hes not
-at least in the ways you would expect but he used to say ‘blacks’ and other things he didnt consider racist but was mildly racist
-but you have helped him learn how things are now
-steve was actually very into activism (specifically for black people) back in the 1940s
-you were surprised to hear him say that he was
-however annoying it is at first his fascination with your hair has become endearing
-you know he doesnt mean it in the way white high school girls did
-the media (trumpsters specifically) did not like the fact that Captain America was dating a black woman
-steve gives no fucks in fact he had a press conference saying he supported black lives matter and that trump was a fucking shitty ass president and all that
-and while with some issues you had (as a black woman) he didnt understand or wasnt able to empathize with he tried his best to just be silent and listen to you and learn from your experiences
-anyway enough of the wokeness
-Steve: wokest white man alive
-wash day
-Wash Day
-he is so helpful really trying (and failing)to help you
-but its the thought that counts (you just with he thought not to get the comb knotted in your hair)
-him meeting your family
-'What the fuck’ the thought going through your familys minds as they stare up at this huge white man who punched a nazi
-him eating something spicy one of your relatives made and him actually crying
- 'why is it so hot honey, it hurts!’
-'its called a bell pepper you had one bit babe’
-'we didnt have these back in the old days, my nose is running, my ears are popped, my tongue is tingling….WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!’
Steve says all this with a lisp seeing as his tongue is numb
-you have this whole conversation in your grandmas bathroom seeing as steve was embarrassed that he started crying in front of all your aunties
-all your kid cousins love him (read: climbing him)
-steve is lit bro
-your family growing to love him
-steve asking your mom (or dad or both or grandma or grandpa or all) for their blessing to propose to you
-'it would be swell if yall could give me your blessing i love your daughter very much’
-'what kinda white nonsense is this’
-jumping the broom at yalls wedding
-sam wilson and bucky barnes being steves best men
-bucky crying at the wedding
-twerking at the wedding
-sam and bucky making out in the corner
-you being happy with steve rogers for the rest of yalls life
- 'why would you give me this on our weddibg day my tongue hurrrrts’
-'dont be such a pussy its fuckin cayene pepper’

Hope you liked this! I felt inspired by yall sending me positive messages i really do appreciate it!❤❤

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i love how i tell you that ur whole spiel about how "crytyping is ableist!!!" is racist, all considering the meme started bc of racist whites like u didnt want to hear abt how racist they were so they resorted to guilt-tripping us. you rlly thought u got me there by calling me ableist when dumb isnt ableist in the slightest. ur all "im white lmk if i do something wrong uwu!!" but when a nonwhite person tells u ur wrong, instead of asking how, u call them ableist. w o w

You know when you call out white people you can, I don’t know, actually address the problem instead of mocking their speech patterns and throwing ND and disabled folks under the bus.
I understand people can do this for manipulative purposes, but these jokes are hurting people.
Could someone non-white comment on this, please?

me and my ass of color: *have legitimate reasons 2 not support or like a character bc its damaging to my race and ethnicity*

some white bitch tha think they kno some shit cause they sat and read like 3 fucking tumblr posts written by white people on how u can support a character thats actually fuckijg brownface while separating them from the fucking bitch ass that is acting like someone else’s race and ethnicity is a costume they can just make profit off and not b considered a racist bc lmao!! Its wlw rep right who fucking cares about poc lgbt people that get overshadowed by whites: u hate a canon lesbian ur a white feminist :(

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hello. is it considered racist if i have the antagonist of my book black? it might be kind of controversial, because he also abuses/beats his son for being gay, and i really don't want it to come off as racist or stereotypical that black people are aggressive. i've been worrying about this for a while and the very last thing i want to do is upset anyone. i am very willing to change the storyline and make it so it won't seem prejudice/biased :-) thank you so much

Is your antagonist the only black character? If he is, then that can be really damaging to the perceptions and stereotypes that black men are violent. To avoid this, you don’t necessarily have to change the storyline to make him a better guy, but you do need lots of representation of other black characters that are not violent or prejudiced, in order to show that each of them has varying morals and values. 

If his son is black, and he’s a positively represented character, that’s wonderful. But in my opinion, it’s better to reach outside the family and include characters that aren’t blood related who are also black. This way you can show a completely different upbringing, and how this person may differ from the antagonist’s son, who had a not-so-great upbringing. 

The best way to avoid stereotypical portrayal of any group is to show lots of different examples of it. This helps get the point across that members of said group are not only ________, but also _______. They can be anything, because they are individuals, defined not only by their inclusion in this marginalized group, but also the way their parents raised them, the friends they had, their talents and skills (and whether those talents and skills were encouraged), not to mention where they grew up and how well off their families were. 

All characters should be multi-layered anyway, so as long as you’re considering how all of these things impact your characters, and you’re including various examples of representation, I think it’s fine to make your antagonist black. Just be respectful and thoughtful in your execution. 


Book Review: Triple Princes by Cassandra Dee

Oh boy.

Here I go again.

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I review erotica books on four criteria; spelling and grammar, character relatability, plot believability, and how hot the actual sexual act is.

The only one I gave this book a passing grade on was the first. The author’s spelling, grammar and punctuation are good to excellent.

The characters were frankly unbelievable. The female protagonist is supposedly a sheltered, aristocratic 18-year-old but acts much older and more sexually experienced. For example, she is out the back of a seedy club with two of the male leads getting double penetrated within the first 40 pages of the book. The three male leads were somewhat more believable personality-wise, but the incessant talking about their 15-inch dongs (yes, really) just made me want to tell them all to get their minds out of their pants. Literally.

Now, the author does say right there in the book summary that the storyline is fantastical and unbelievable, so I can’t be too harsh on that subject. However, I do think that she needed to do at least SOME research and TRY to be consistent.

Andorra is an actual real country, whereas the others she made up aren’t – and St. Venetia was referred to as St. Vincenzia a couple of times. Calling the citizens of that imaginary country Venetians only confuses them with citizens of Venice. And one more thing? The US does not have a Crown. Saying that two former US Navy merchant marine sailors were in the service of the Crown makes no sense whatsoever.

That dealt with, let’s move onto the actual erotica. And I just… can’t. I didn’t find ANY of it sexy. Repeatedly telling us about the three “15-inch donkey dongs” the heroine has to deal with was more alarming than hot. There is no way that anyone – not even a porn star or sex worker with a trained non-gagging reflex – is taking one of those all the way down her throat. Know why? Because she wouldn’t be able to breathe. She’d have blacked out long before the act was finished. Don’t try this at home, folks.

And ESPECIALLY don’t try the unlubricated anal sex. I winced the first time I realized what was going to happen, and every other time throughout the book. DO NOT DO THIS EVER. It’s hideously unsafe and likely to end with a trip to the emergency room and stitches in places where you really don’t want them.

Even if you aren’t dealing with “15-inch donkey dongs”.

I was originally going to give the book two stars, because the spelling and grammar were good and we were warned off the bat that the storyline was fantastical.

However, there’s one more seriously massive problem in this book. The heroine is trying to do good in volunteering with a microfinancing agency supporting the ethnic Roma (sic) people. And in the first half of the book, the Rroma are discussed in a respectful manner.

Then, things seem to change and they are repeatedly called ‘gypsies’.

‘Gypsy’ is an ethnic slur for people of Rroma heritage, Ms. Dee. The usage of it is considered as racist as using the ‘N’ word for Black people. Any reasonably socially aware person finding this term in your work is going to consider you to be AT BEST racially insensitive. I strongly suggest that you educate yourself on the matter at your earliest opportunity and remove all instances of it from your works. Or hire a competent editor who would pick up on such matters. One or the other.

For this disastrous cultural error, I cannot give the book more than one star. I couldn’t even if the rest of the work was excellent. You need to fix this and you need to do it now before someone calls you out for racism, because ignorance is no defense.

Are You A Racist?

A racist … are you one? I do hope not, because to be a racist is not only deeply unpleasant, it is also the number one sin today. If you are merely labelled a racist you are shunned by society, could very well lose your job or even get a facial of pepper spray by ISIS-cosplayers. So it’s clear, being a racist is a very bad thing as I’m sure we can all agree.

This explains why all senior policemen, media broadcasters, politicians, teachers and social workers are confirmed non-racists. Unfortunately, it also means thousands of white girls are gang-raped, drugged, tortured and abused under the noses of all these wonderful non-racists because to mention that the gang rapists might just be non-white or even, heaven forfend, Muslim, might bring with it accusations of racism and the loss of their jobs or promotion chances. Far better therefore in modern, progressive Britain to keep quiet about it. Far better to let the rape, torture and terror continue. Far better not to be a racist in these perverted progressive times - which really should make responsible people question just what it means to be a racist today.

Racism is discrimination against, or antagonism towards other races. Now this description would seem to fit certain people’s attitudes toward other races. How much racial hatred do you need to have in your heart if, as a Pakistani, Somali or indeed any sort of brown Muslim, you can happily gang-rape white girls whilst calling them white bitches, or kafirs or infidels? Surely these rapes are race crimes carried out by genuine racists, are they not? Well, we all know the answer to that one. When did you last hear a single politician, news reporter, policeman or judge accuse these disgusting people of being racists? Never, is the answer to that foolish question.

What a strange new world we live in. Instead, racists are now deemed to be confined to people who dare to notice the crimes carried out against a race by people from another race. Isn’t this quite extraordinary? Isn’t it a sign of a world gone mad when policemen allow the rape of white girls by brown men because they fear being called a racist for noticing the rape? Isn’t it a sign of national mental breakdown when the evil racists are, apparently, according to the entire leftist establishment, white people who wish to talk about crimes committed against them, and the apparent non-racists are those from another race who wish to destroy another race and culture?

But to go back to my opening question, are you a racist? The reason I ask left-liberals this is because they cannot imagine they themselves are racists. We have them saying mixed-racial breeding in the West should be mandatory to outbreed whites and put an end of this horrible, nauseating, oppressive white race. We have them calling whiteness the cancer of human history, white people being obsolete, chanting “kill all white men,” students protesting for universities to stop hiring white teachers and to ban white students from classes and areas on campus. Is this racist? Apparently not, according to the leftists. “They are just expressing themselves and to question them or the hatred they feel for white people is racist.” 

Revealing the left’s racism is really not very difficult, it’s actually quite fun. The first thing you should ask them is, ‘Do they believe colonialism was a good thing or a bad thing?’ They always quickly say a bad thing of course, what with all the rape, murder and imperialism associated with colonialism. Then ask them if they think allowing the United States or Britain to be colonised by non-Westerners is a good thing or a bad thing. They make the usual dishonest leftist manoeuvres when backed into a corner and try to wriggle out of it, but if you press them they will always end up saying there is nothing wrong with the colonisation of England, North America, France, Sweden or Australia, because we now have to pay for the perceived sins of our imperialist forefathers and it is now our turn to be raped, murdered and oppressed. 

The other approach that’s fun to take with the racist left-liberals is to ask if Africans, Arabs or Asians have the moral and ethical right to remain the majority race and culture in their homeland. They again quickly say this a good thing, as do I, but when asked if Westerners have the moral and ethical right to remain the majority race and culture in their own homeland, they say no, we do not, we deserve all we get for our historical sins. When you point out that this could mean the total eradication of the West, they just reply, ‘so what? We deserve it.’

And these people with their genocidally anti-white, anti-Western and hateful racist world view do not consider themselves to be racists. Can you, if you are a reasonable, sane, moral human being, even begin to understand where their bitter hatred of their own people comes from? I can’t. But welcome to the Progressive Western Asylum, currently run by the leftist inmates rather than the apolitical doctors.

The regressive left have managed to make a total mockery of the word racist by deliberately using it with increasing desperation, in entirely the wrong manner, to brand people with a false label of being a racist for pointing out that Pakistani Muslim gang rapists are in actual fact Pakistani Muslim gang rapists. 

I understand fully why leftists throw the “You are a racist” accusation around, because up until now it has created such fear it has shut down all argument around it, just as was intended. But who is morally and ethically right and wrong here: normal, decent, natural people who speak openly about the truth and facts, or those who try to demonize others with a word designed to take away their voice and credibility when trying to openly speak the truth and facts.

There should be no fear of the word racist anymore when it is only used to shout down good, moral people - because the truth, the absolute truth, is that it is not racist in any way to notice evil deeds by evil people, nor is it racist to be against your race and culture being spat on and intended to be destroyed, that goes for all races and all cultures. What is deeply, obscenely racist though is the regressive left who wish to harm and expel white people today for historical sins that they had nothing to do with and what every other race have done and are still doing themselves today. This is more than just racism, it is genocidal racism and those guilty of it are only coming from the single direction: the left.