Freetom colors!!!
HEY! So I always have had issues with freetom and getting the right colors in fact ive ordered twice and either went too bright or too dark…just my luck and the comparison picture on the site isnt so hi-def or helpful.

Someone sent me this picture in response to my distress(thank you so much person) and I find it extremley helpful and lot better for reference in terms of the Freetom products.
Hope it helps!

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is the strange visitor a certain fresh individual

Are you that much in need of bad memes and way too bright colors?

Uh, no. Sorry. It’s not Underfresh Sans. But don’t worry, I’ll reveal the truth soon enough.



                                                       LET ME ENDURE

                                                                                                   WHATEVER YOU CAN DISH OUT

  • Gaming journalism in the 90's:"Hey, check out these screenshots of this new game! Here's a synopsis of the story and how it plays, and here's a few reasons you might enjoy it! Oh! And you know that game you got last month? Here's a brief walkthough containing some secrets you might have missed!"
  • Gaming journalism in the early 2000's:"Wow, get a load of these graphics! We've come so far! A lot of these games are dark and gritty, but even the bright and colorful ones are fun too! Oh, and don't forget to read our article on 'Sex and Violence in Gaming: How much is too much?' It'll really make you think!"
  • Gaming journalism today:"Oh shit, I gotta get this article out on the blog in twenty minutes. Topic... Topic... Let's see uhh... 'transphobia' and uhh... 'fat shaming' in um, shit people still play Pokemon, right? Let's go with 'Pokemon'. Yeah, that'll do. ...Hmm, doesn't look like a lot of Pokemon characters have exposed cleavage... Damn, I was really hoping I could use that as my 'jumping off' point. Fuck it, I'll work it in somehow"

when i am sad everything is dull and colors are barely there, when i am anxious everything is too bright and colors scream at you like their being murdered. when i am sad and anxious everything moves too quickly but is all very dull, all is dreary then out of nowhere there’s a car crash of made of violently bright light. those days, the sad and anxious days, are the days i wish i was dead.


will i ever draw these two not being gay? …probably not

(birthday gift for @shinjitxt !!)

You'd hate me if you got to know me and I'm not just trying to be funny

I’m an artist who hates art,
A faux intellectual who read Anna Karenina just to seem sophisticated.
I drink wine but never with dinner;
I reapply my lipstick on the train home from work.
I’m red, an angry color, an angry presence,
A tiny star burning itself too bright to last very much longer.
I take three baths every day;
One to wash the dirt from my skin, one to wash the darkness from my mind,
And one to leave me puckered and red and sweating and imagining that I am just now being born.
I climb out of the tub after the third bath and pull some old sweater over my scorched skin,
Bury myself under four blankets, and try not to think about the kind of person I am.


Massive followers gift for everyone! Are you ready for it? I did go a little overboard this time, but 1.5K is a lot of followers! :3

So first we have Teen boys like bright colors too! And as usual, you can click the names of things for unedited screenshots~

After getting an ask for a WCIF all your bright colored teen male clothes, I realized that I don’t have that many! I needed to fix that quick, so I went through the stuff I do have, which almost none of it was brightly colored and picked a few of my favorites to recolor.

#1 @uranium-z‘s 3T2 Grimmy Leather Jacket - [Patisserie Palette] [Download]
#2 @tombstoneoflifeanddeath‘s 3T2 Athletic Hip - [Pattern Swatch] [Download]
#3 @uranium-z‘s 3T2 Lazy Leather - [Patisserie Palette] [Download]
#4 @rented-space‘s 3T2 Too Cool For Art School -[Patisserie Palette] [Download]

#5 Kayleigh’s skinnies with doc’s converted to teens by Trapping - [Patisserie Palette] [Download

#6 Yuxi’s Jeans with Creepers, converted to teens by Trapping - Remember THIS old set I made? I slapped the textures onto the teen mesh! - [Swatch] [Download]

#7 @rented-space‘s Platform Jeans - [Floral Swatch] [Download]

#8 Kayleigh’s Bustelo jeans converted to teens by Trapping, retextured in MM textures by @yandereplumsim! - [Patisserie Palette] [Download

#9 @rented-space‘s Fresh Prince Of Riverview Vest - [Patisserie Palette] [Download

Then after doing all that, I decided to make some default replacements too, since I don’t think any of the Teen male defaults feature bright colors. And to be honest default replacements for teen males are very scarce to begin with!

Seasons tmbodysnowboarder - The only one I really like out of those outfits were the blue camo print one. So I recolored that outfit in 5 of @kiinuu‘s Kosmik colors and defaulted them!

[Default] [Non-Default]

Base game umbodytracksuit - This one I did a long time ago, but I thought I would share it now! This was originally defaulted by witheredlilies, I just recolored them in @kiinuu‘s Kosmik colors, it comes in Blue&Pink, Green&Yellow, and Pink&Purple. It replaces the outfit for TM-EM


Teen Style Stuff tmbodytrackpants - I actually like this outfit. Some of the game stuff isn’t so bad, though the color choices aren’t all that great. So I recolored them in @kiinuu‘s Kosmik palette too!

[Default] [Non-Default]

Freetime cubodyworldcupep7 - The world cup outfit is horrible, so this is another default I recolored a while back. It matches the track pants default so I decided to share it as well. This one was originally defaulted by miskha, I just recolored it in @kiinuu‘s Kosmik colors. I left the brown color though, in case I wanted to put on of my children in a darker athletic wear.


After all the defaults I made two things of makeup!

@kiinuu‘s Tealeaf Speckles facepaint - All ages, 16 colors, shown in the preview is Popsicle.

[Patisserie Palette] [Download]

@kiinuu‘s Thessia facepaint - I’m just now realizing that these markings are Liara’s. I didn’t notice it until I recolored them! All Ages, comes in 8 galaxy textures named after roman gods. 

[Swatch] [Download]

Finally! I have two requests for download~

My FantasyRogue’s Tabula Rasa Android skin defaulted! - As requested S1 is Candy, S2 is Frosting, S3, is Bubblegum, and S4 is Lollipop. I haven’t tested this one so let me know if anything is wrong~


My Androgyny Retro Dress Recolors expanded for more ages! - I realized that as long as you have the Adult files and the Elder meshes in, I didn’t need to recolor it for the elders as well, so all I did was slap the textures onto the Teen and Adult female meshes. This outfit now comes in TU-EU

[Swatch] [Download]

That’s it! Thanks for following :3. I probably should have split it into multiple posts. Oops ^^;

Credits: @kiinuu, @rented-space, @uranium-z, @geostigmata-sims, @jedpie, @tombstoneoflifeanddeath, @withlovefromsimtown, witheredlilies, miskha, tealeaf, fantasyrogue

Uvie, 20

“The sweater is American Apparel, the blouse underneath is vintage, and I paired it with my Authentic Tres, 90s cut jeans. My shoes are thrifted. My style is bright and colorful without being too loud, I don’t own a pair of jeans that aren’t 90s cut and I’m a deva when it comes to details, so belts, hats and jackets are more like collectibles for me. I love being ridiculous and fun. My mom is a really big reason for my developing style. She kind of kept me in the 80s and 90s and I loved it there.”

Feb 1, 2016 ∙ The Mission

I have literally no motivation to work on this anymore so I’m just gonna drop this off here.


well isn’t it funny? it was sort of like as if you were coming from the pool…

Six senses

part 2 of the macular dystrophy story :) Part 1 here.

She counts steps. Fifteen steps from the doorway to her desk. One hundred and twenty-three  steps from the main entrance to her office. Sixty-seven steps from the curb to the door. It’s precaution at this point, a little bit of planning ahead for what’s to come. She can still make out shapes, and colors too if the light is bright enough, but at some point, she’s not going to be able to see where she’s going. So Regina counts. Seventy-seven steps down the hallway to the bathroom. Another forty to the kitchen for coffee. She runs her hand along the walls as she walks, making note of every crack in the plaster (a chunk missing from the wall at step thirteen, twenty-seven to go before she can get herself a mug of decaf).

The people in her office have always been respectful, whether they wanted to be or not. She demanded it from the day she first set foot in the Watertown city building as a newly-elected member of the town council. Now, six years later, she’s the town manager, and the respect she’d earned through years of hard work and stubborn refusal to back down have given way to a new deference, one granted by the sight of her shuffling through the hallways, and trying, but not always succeeding, to avoid obstacles in her path.

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You're dying your hair bright crazy colors too??? d:0 i was actually gonna go with mint green like you are but i found a really pretty color from Manic Panic

I can’t decide tbh, Dark/Middle Turquoise would be super nice, but so would an Iced Mint color :0

Edit: My hair-dresser friend suggested I start Turquoise and then let it fade to icy, so I’m gonna do that!

black dove (~1500 words)

or, Five Very-Loosely Connected Drabbles Of Varying Length And In No Order At All About Anaya Trevelyan, Because I Am Trying To Figure Her Out

warning for an instance of self-injury for blood magic reasons

and, dang tumblr, put replies back so I don’t have to keep deleting and reposting fic with a freakin’ question mark at the end of it, sheesh.


Three days after she ran for the ninth time, she gave herself a moment to stop moving - a moment to breathe - and the world fell into place all at the same time.

Outside was loud - too loud, too much, too fast, squirrels and fennecs and wind and trees and crystal grace and rhythmic thumping from behind a house. Outside was bright - far too bright, painfully bright, and all the colors, the green and red and purple and yellow and blue and even the browns, none of it dark mottled grey, none of it at all.

It was outside. It was loud and colorful and bright and so overwhelming she had to sit down under a tree for a while - but it was outside.

The templars wouldn’t give up - she wouldn’t give up, they wouldn’t give up, the Chantry doesn’t let any of them give up - but they were far enough behind that she could take a moment to sit underneath an oak tree and listen, and see.

The sun hurt her eyes if she stared at it too long. A good hurt. An outside hurt - a no-longer-surrounded-by-stone-walls hurt. The sun was warm, pleasantly warm on her skin.

Her fingers felt strange and it was two days before she realized they weren’t cold anymore.

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You painted me a thousand pictures
With your words sturdy like canvas
Your tongue swift like a brush
Your thoughts the most beautiful of compilations

And I loved each and every one
I carefully framed the pieces
I hung them all in a row
I stared at them for hours on end, discovering the smallest of details

And all too quickly, time gave way
Bright colors grew faded
Paint cracked in all the wrong places
Meanings became no more than memories I cherished too much

And It wasn’t until the pieces stopped coming that I realized
You couldn’t remake the colors
The cracks were beyond repair
And after a thousand and one masterpieces,
You had simply found a new muse

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The way you draw the eyes (face region in general) is what strikes me the most. The expressions are on point!!. That and your use of color is amazing *-* They're bright but not too bright and soft. I love it. I love you. You're amazing :D

Ohh about the colouring, it feels like I’m cheating somehow?? haha because my screen is apparently slightly bluer than normal so the colours you see aren’t the exact colours I choose, it’s a bit more yellowish.

i’m gonna expire trying to color this puma video. it’s either too bright or too dark. and i want the reds to be REEEDDDD but their skin would also be too red.

i’m a lazy perfectionist, it’s stupid. ;_;