Things in modern history we should’ve learned in school, but didn’t:

Things in modern history we should’ve learned, but didn’t:

  • The Troubles, a series of violent conflicts between the Irish and English over who would control Northern Ireland that lasted about 30 years.
  • The UK’s economic slump in 1980-1 that led to riots
  • Margaret Thatcher’s policies led to unemployment and a housing crisis that persists to this day
  • The Falklands War
  • The Iran-Iraq War
  • Canada’s separation from England in 1982
  • Kwangju Massacre in South Korea following an uprising over military leader Commander General Chun Doo-Hwan declaring martial law and seizing control of the country. An estimated 600 people died.
  • Indira Gandhi’s assassination following Operation Blue Star, which lead to damage to the most sacred Sikh shrine and deaths of innocents
  • The Chechen Wars
  • The Rwandan Genocide
  • The Oka Crisis between Canada and the Mohawk nation in 1990
  • Afghanistan falling under Taliban rule in 1996
  • The LA Riots over the acquittal of four police officers by an all-white jury in the Rodney King police brutality case
  • The Somali Civil War

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There is no such thing as Somalian 😡

You gon learn today…
So some people like to call me Somalian, let me just break it down for ya real quick.

Country = Somalia
Ethnic group = Somali
Nationality = Somali
Language = Somali

Somalian = Some alien 
Somali = a member of a dope ass group of people inhabiting the Horn of Africa

There is no such thing as “Somalian”

And to all the people who give me side eye when I correct them like “it’s no big deal” Yes it is. This is part of my identity and I’ll be damn if you go around calling us something else because you do not want to take the time to learn what what we call ourselves.

Shit I dont go around calling German ppl Germanians or Germish.

You get the point right? Good.

Beace and bariis✌

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Salam I get depressed when others talk badly about muslims or certain groups and saying bad things about my Somali people about how we smell or act. Or saying things like they'll pull off a Muslim woman's hijab can u make dua I get tougher skin and comments from ignorance doesn't have an effect. I'd like to be more proud of my culture or religion without feeling ashamed. I'm kind of sensitive and hate when people judge a whole group of people. Some people hide their distaste so well and fake


Sweetest thing by Finn Frode
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One more of Rags from the bed session, Dushara Tatters and Rags (Somali),  U2: Sweetest Thing

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