• Me: gosh I like that Akira and Amon are together, but now Seidou's gonna be so sad...
  • Brain Shipping Centre: don't worry. We've got you covered.
  • Me: what?
  • BSC: So, he's sad and lonely and depressed right? And now the girl ditched him for his beloved senpai. What could lift up his spirits?
  • Me: I don't know... Therapy, I guess.
  • BSC: Wrong. Another girl.
  • Me: But ... No, look, Seidou's in a really dark place now, he's been through a lot, even more than physically, mentally, his morale spectrum was turned upside down multiple times and now he-
  • BSC: So the only question is: who will be the girl?
  • Me: wait a second, I was saying, that's not what he needs right now-
  • BSC: That's you subconsciously think you need for him. So here we go, looking at our side characters - we'll go with ghouls obviously... Hinami: too young and pure and basically engaged... Besides, they've fought in the past.
  • Me: can you stop for a second?
  • BSC: Let's see... Miza? Way too "straight-man" character for him, we need someone with a hint of psychological issues, and she's also basically engaged, Ishida's been hinting it in the omakes... Irimi? Maybe... What do you think? She seems to have already overpassed her morale issues and reached peace of mind.
  • Me: shut up for a second!!
  • BSC: Kurona? Let's see... Dark past, tortured by Kanou, lost a number of loved ones, thought her sister lived on inside her... so definitely with a hint of madness. Also had the morale spectrum reversed. This could actually work even in canon.
  • Me: what are you even talking about? Both of them have something else on their plates rn other than romance!
  • BSC: They could support each other. Well, not really, but they could understand they went through the same and had similar reactions. That's why Seidou's struggled to connect with Amon. Like Kaneki, a bit. But their stories are more similar.
  • Me: what?! I mean... It makes kind of sense, but-
  • BSC: You like it? Perfect, though I wasn't really asking for your opinion. It's approved then. We'll prepare the documents immediately and I'll have the Headcanon Office work on it full time.
  • Me: wait no-
  • BSC: don't worry. Now that Touken is canon, you may feel a bit purposeless... This is going be your next obsession.

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OH My gosh, please write 12 for Spirk!

12. We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

hoo boy

It was Jim who had the idea. The old man was sick, and dying slowly, Jim had said. It would be logical to give him some peace and act like he’s succeeded in getting us together, Jim had said. 

Spock had been inclined to agree; there was nothing his older self missed more than his Jim Kirk, Spock knew that. So, when they were invited to spend two weeks leave at Selek’s house, Jim had made the suggestion and Spock had, for some reason even he couldn’t name, agreed. It started out innocent enough, Jim told Selek to just give them one room instead of two and when they ate dinner together Jim sat closer than usual and bumped his knee against Spock’s. Selek had been overjoyed. 

A week into leave, Spock wished he had stayed on the ship.

Vulcan kisses, contrary to popular belief, were not so innocent. They were… well, they were personal, and special. Jim’s way of doing those was messy and warm and gave Spock a strange tingling sensation in his gut. Maybe those were what had done it, made him get addicted to Jim’s touch. 

He’d dreamed (dreamed, ugh) of Jim’s hands last night. 

This morning, as he sat in meditation with Selek, he had to work to keep his focus on himself. Jim was disrupting his meditation now. Great. 

“I must say,” Selek was saying “It pleases me to see that you are so comfortable around Jim at such a young age. He is- was- always illogical when it came to displays…” The old man smiled the tiniest bit “I always felt them unessesary, at least when we were young. You have become quite tempered to them however.”

“Jim is a very tactile person.” Spock muttered, and Selek made a noise not dissimilar to a chuckle. “Agreed.”

Selek was, at the end of the day, not a fool. Spock had a feeling he wasn’t as convinced as Jim thought. 

But Jim was happy. And Spock, for some reason, cared about Jim’s happiness perhaps more than his own dignity. So the first time Jim grabbed him by the collar and kissed him on the mouth, Spock kissed him back. 

Selek was pleased.

That evening, they went to their shared bedroom. Spock had offered to sleep on the floor, but Jim had insisted that they just share the bed. Jim was warm, Spock slept well, and no one suffered. 

well, Spock did. But Jim couldn’t know that. if he deveolpoed romantic feelings for his very straight very your a pointy eared bastard captain, it was none of Jim’s buisness. Mostly because Jim would probably have him court martialed. 

They left Vulcan, Spock got his bed back, and the feelings did not go away. Spock felt a little sick. he was dstracted, and afraid. he wished he could call Selek, but it would ruin their act if Spock called his counterpart and said we lied to you but now im not lying Jim makes me feel things help me. 

He manages to keep his work up to standard, despite the fact that Jim is right there feet away from him and Spock knows what his lips taste like now and he’s like an addict craving his second hit. 

Perhaps that’s why he requests to join the next landing party even though the planet is cold, because he just needs to be away from Jim for a while.

Three days in a jail cell, and he supposes he’s gotten his wish. the three other landing party members are dead, having been unable to survive the torture. They were being punished as invaders, and the aliens didn’t speak english. Through a haze of pain, he waits for the Enterprise to come for him or death to come for him. 

Another torture session, and Spock is back in his cell. His ears are ringing. 

He swears he hears engines, and phasers.

he’s probably dreaming when he feels those hands that he dreams about constantly now hoist him up. he knows he’s dreaming when he hears Spock Spock Spock please I need you to stay you have to stay please wake up you have to be okay Spock Spock please Bones help him-!

He’s on a shuttle, but it doesn’t look like one of the ones from his ship. It’s close but not exact.

“Oh good, your awake.” comes a voice, and Spock turns his head-

Jim Kirk has hazel eyes, and his uniform shirt is a different shade of yellow from the Jim he knows. He smiles a bit “How do you do, Mr. Spock?”


“Sh. don’t try to talk. Save your strength. you’ll need it when you wake up again. To answer your question; no, your not dead. Only mostly dead.”

Spock blinks, and Jim grins “The princess bride? No? fine. thanks for taking care of my husband, I was worried about him when he came to your universe.” He sighs then “that kid loves you, you know. your captain. You two have a shot, and you’ll get more years than me and my Spock got so…” His eyes were sad “Don’t waste it? please? and tell Spock- my Spock- that I said hello. And that i miss him. And that I’m waiting for him.” He grins again “Say there’s logic in the universe, He’ll get it.” 

Spock nodded once, closed his eyes, and he swore he felt Jim Kirk kiss his head before he

Jim was sitting next to him, chin on the edge of the bed. Spock blinked when he turned to look at him.

“you’ve been in a coma for 17 days and 3 hours.” Jim mumbled.”I counted them all. Don’t do that to me.”

“I think I might be in love with you” Is what Spock says “Since we pretended for Selek. Since you kissed me. I think I enjoyed it.”

“Oh. good.”


“… Can I do it again?”

“That and more, please.”

Jim grinned “It took you long enough.”

He vulcan kisses him in that messy, warm, scandlous way that would make his grandmother cringe, and Spock is content/

Despite being old and sick, Selek lives another few months. When Spock recives his things, there is a small note in the box.

I knew you two were lying. It says I appriciate the effort. I hope, more than anything, that you find true happiness with him. I will be in my true happiness, with Jim.

There is logic in the universe, young one.

Spock reads the note twice, closes the box, and goes to find his husband for Jim’s birthday party.

this got really out of hand sweet christ enjoy lissy

hanlando headcanons
  • They meet on Corellia. Lando is a Corellian holomodel, posing with starfighters and ships for ad campaigns.
  • The ad company confuse the location of their next shooting, and make Lando pose against the wrong ship.
  • Han’s ship.
  • Han comes back from his supply run and nearly drops the cup of caf in his hand when he notices cameras surrounding his ship. He’s about to march over there and cuss out those motherkriffers, when he sees the attractive young man leaning against the hull. He recognises the model, having read dozens of holomags on the latest ships with his face plastered across them. Calrissian looks even better in real life.
  • Han stays quiet, and watches Lando.
  • After the shooting is over, Lando turns around to ask his assistant for a cup of caf, but finds instead a scruffy but handsome pilot, who hands him one. “The name’s Han Solo,” he grins, “and that’s my ship, pretty face.”
  • Lando puts his charm on full wattage, but Solo is unimpressed. The company apologises to him, and they point out the right ship to Lando.
  • “What’s that?”
  • “It’s the Millennium Falcon,” Lando answers.
  • “Well, you look great leaning against a ship, but how do you look inside of one?”

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Imagine this, a concept - the finale is 2 hours, 1hr n half is all ships, 30 mins at the end is mystery, AD is revealed but nothing adds up or makes sense, Bethany's name doesn't come up once, nobody dies. the girls forgive ad and they all live happy ever after and even a party with AD as a thank you

I won’t be surprised at ALL

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top 5 fav characters from haikyuu?

5. Nishinoya Yuu

Originally posted by nagisa-as

His personality is my life. Also, when I started the anime, he was my favorite. He’s stuck with me as a favorite, but not as my top favorite. 

4. Kuroo Tetsurou

Originally posted by shinvbu

Kuroo’s attitude towards others is something that I find hilarious, and always will, honestly. I also like his friendship with someone higher up on this list. 

3. Tendou Satori 

Originally posted by manganimae

Tendou’s backstory just makes me so sad, but is also something that I can relate to! I love the way he’s come out on top of it all, even after losing to Karasuno. Sure he’s upset, but he’s still going to support and care for his team. 

2. Bokuto Koutarou

Originally posted by tetsuruo

Not only have I been shipped with this owl boy because of our similar personalities, but we have other things in common. My name’s that of a bird, I look a lot like said bird, and I have a best friend who is beautiful but very casual about things.

1. Oikawa Tooru

Originally posted by odd-ballduo

He’s just… (deep breath) so fucking perfect! I love his personality, his irritation with Kageyama, his urge to win, his small love for aliens, his glasses, him! GAH! 

Hey guys, I got a couple (a lot) of notes regarding the ace!Daud thing. I’m not gonna publish answers to each, because they were all Anon and I don’t want to spam Your dashboards, but thanks, really, they were very nice, tactful and actually quite informative :] 

But I don’t really know if people left because of the ace!Daud. That was Anon’s thought and maybe that Anon was right, but I’m not even sure if that’s the case here. Personally I think there are also other reasons some people might not like this pairing, and I understand it better than You can imagine, because I didn’t like it myself either a couple of days ago :P 

So just a reminder: I’m using the corvo x daud tag, just saying, you can blacklist. Also I don’t even know if this ship has a name, lol. 

Cheers and thank You <3

Hi! My name is Erika, I’m 20 years old and I’m Italian. This is my second time here and I still suck at descriptions so…
I study Animation and Visual Effects in Rome. I really like films and series like: Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Jurassic Park, The 100, Carmilla, Glee, OITNB, Wynonna Earp, The Last Ship and many others…
I’m looking for new friends so feel free to message me even if you live on the other side of the world, I’d love to have some foreign friends. :D


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Time’s Running Out: Bravo

And we’re back! Not sure when the next update will be; finals season, you know how it is. Anyways, hope you enjoy!

Summary: The Reds and Blues; and their respective Freelancers, find themselves stranded on a strange planet named Chorus. Secrets, lies, and the unexpected seem to lie around every corner, and there might be even larger threats looming over the horizon.

They’re possibly even less ready for Chorus than Chorus is for them.

Pairings: Lots of friendships, Suckington, Yorkalina, Chex, eventual Yorkimbalina, possible others.


Also on Ao3

Wash had survived a ship crash once in his life, and in his opinion that was one crash too many.

This one was different—last time he’d been alone and his world had been flying medical supplies and blaring alarms and the continuous pounding of the word Allison in his mind. It had been hell. And Wash remembered every second of it.

More importantly, he remembered waking up in the infirmary and everything being on fire.

And no one had come for him. This, Wash remembered most of all. Waking up alone, and calling for help, with no one answering.

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Lovi, Arthur, and Vino ((I couldn't think of a third name I'm sorry!)) (ask-the-wrath-devil)

Marry Lovi (Because they are friends already and they would be like perf), fuck Arthur (EngIta??? Someone???) and getting drunk with Vino (Even if I ship them-) @ask-the-wrath-devil

Hamilton: Alright, so you and I are married.

Burr: We are not married.

Hamilton: Relax, it’s just pretend.

Burr: I don’t wanna pretend.

Hamilton: Scared you’ll like it?

Burr: Okay, if we’re married, I want a divorce.

Theodosia: Are you two like this all the time?

Eliza: Yes, they are.


Today I found out that as a fanartist I was probably given too much power

(14/2 is Yamagata’s birthday and 15/2 is Kinoshita’s and I was drawing them for it and then I wondered)

i’m not even kidding im so pro healthy relationships it hurts like idec when abuse supporters call it “boring” give me all that //boring// shit im so thirsty for healthy, consensual relationships filled with respect and love and friendship ill take that any day over forced gross over dramatic ~~connections~~