Why Was the Circus Called Noah's Ark?

It was interesting that the name of the circus was Noah’s Ark when you consider it. When we think of Noah’s Ark, most of us might conjure up this giant ship with animals gathering on it two by two when God had flooded the world. The imagery must be important, however, since it was even referenced in the anime.

So, how does this idea fit, especially when you look at the circus? Well, in the Bible, all the world is flooded so the only ones to survive was those on the ark. It’s the opposite in regards to the circus. All the children who ‘board the ark’ are killed as well as the troupe (with the exception of Snake of course). Those who survive are the ones outside of the ark.

So, where does Ciel and Sebastian fit in all this? Ciel was the one who decided who lived and died – so Ciel was God and Sebastian was like his avenging (dark) angel. The anime shows Sebastian as Noah, and, at the end, Ciel and him are standing on his ice ark. So, this was almost indicate that they are the ones who survive.

Perhaps this is what we are supposed to take away. Ciel will survive even though many around him will perish, but he is playing God at this point. Even if he’s following orders, he’s still deciding who will live and who will die. This is interesting as he is merely human surrounding by supernatural creatures. Still, it does put his future in question.

After all, nothing good usually comes from a mortal playing God.

aestheticallypietro asked:

13, 16, & 50! ^.^

13) Name one movie that made you cry.


(Jurassic Park made me tear up, not going to lie.)

16) What song are you currently listening to?

Battlefield by Jordin Sparks, thinking about how well it would fit the Stony ship (even though I don’t ship it)

50) 5 random facts about yourself:

-I once licked my elbow

-I have a freckle on my eyelid

-I spelled the word “waltz” as “welches” in a 3rd grade spelling bee, it was the first round

-I have a Captain America shield sticker on my car

-My senior yearbook quote was from Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax

-I’m secretly just four small pterodactyls in a human suit


Selfie with your bias tag!!

Tagged by the lovely sehunsbubbleteabooty thank you so much xx

Even tho Nini isn’t my ultimate bias, he’s climbed pretty high up on the list and I think that we would be a really cute couple lmao not really… Ship NaNi yes that will be our ship name ok thanks

I’m hesitant to tag anybody because yeah so if you follow me and you see this and you wanna do it, then do it and say I tagged you lol. I just am too lazy to tag people :——)

  A few months ago, after some personal shit, I left the Homestuck fandom and deleted ParcelBlanche. I gave up on Homestuck entirely, didn’t even wear my shirts anymore, didn’t even talk about Homestuck anymore, didn’t even wear my horns for fun.

  I still don’t even know why I remade PM, I guess I just missed her, but dang, even though I still relatively hate a big part of the fandom, I forgot a lot of good things about it, especially in the roleplay side.

  This fandom pushes beyond creativity. They change the character so much to make them unique, that even when there’s countless of the same character, theirs can be their own, their unique muse, with even sometimes a different name, they are mixed with another character, an AU, new pronouns, altered appearance, and even all the crack ships you all still manage to make work…

  I just love that so much, it’s a trait I’ve seen in the Mogeko fandom too while I was there but I think the Homestuck roleplay fandom beats it fair and square.

  You work harder than you think on your muse. Stop beating yourself down, you’re all so amazing in what you’re doing, I love watching all of you go, especially when I’ve been in Homestuck for longer than I can remember. It’s like being a tree and seeing the new flowers grow all around, all as pretty as the one next to them.

  Y’all so precious.

hopeful-stranger asked:

I am so glad you're still doing the 'send me a ship & I'll tell you who...' things :-) Can I request Kevin/Stoffel, please?

Yeah, I’ve decided to do them again, they’re fun, why should I stop? But this time I won’t tag the ship names, just in case someone finds them again!

And yes you may certainly request that, I love those two! :D


…insists that they are an awesome dancer even though they’re terrible?

Kevin definitely, especially after he’s had a few drinks! He’s seen footage of himself dancing while drunk and been so embarrassed by it (not that it’s ever stopped him doing it again!)

…likes to watch reality tv?

I can’t really imagine either of them being the type to watch reality tv really, but I reckon if either if them were to watch reality TV it would be Stoffel, but I’m not sure why haha

…refuses to wear pants when they’re home alone?

Kevin, in fact he will often just wonder around in his underwear if he’s home alone in the summer, give his tattoos some exposure to the light! It’s gotten to the point where Stoffel is no longer fazed by Kevin answering the door in next to no clothes!

…is the jealous / protective one?

Kevin is the jealous one, mostly because Stoffel is out there winning GP2, and has gotten to do the McLaren testing days, meanwhile he’s stuck with just sim work and no actual racing. Stoffel is the protective one, because he knows that despite the front Kevin puts on, he’s actually far more sensitive and upset than he appears to be.

…goes all out on the holidays?

Kevin, he loves to go crazy when planning holidays, so they can go see some amazing sights, do really cool activities, and still have plenty of alone time as just the two of them!

…cries over books?

Kevin, he’s such a big softie, and is actually quite an emotional person who cries pretty easily.

…is terrible with kids?

Stoffel, he doesn’t really have much experience with kids, whereas Kevin is great with little kids, having had younger siblings that he helped look after.

…drinks too much caffeine?

Kevin, he spends a lot of time going over data, so he stays up at ungodly hours to do so, Stoffel says it’s not good for him, but he doesn’t really listen to him. This has caused a fight before, because Kevin was all like “It’s alright for you, you’ve got a race drive, you get to do testing, and I’m stuck with nothing!”. They made up fairly quickly, though.

…could sleep for twenty-four hours straight?

Kevin, if Stoffel weren’t there to look after him and drag him out of bed for fresh air, food, and drink. This has been even more true since Kevin got demoted to reserve driver.

…never wears matching socks?

Stoffel, because he’ll get up first and get dressed in the dark before opening the curtains and waking Kevin, and he never notices until later on that day!

…punches a tree when they’re angry?

Stoffel, he’s the one that has to hold it together for the pair of them, and sometimes it gets too much, and he just gets angry at how the world seems to be against them at times, and he just snaps. He tries his best to make sure Kevin isn’t around when this happens, to avoid scaring him.

…gets scared by the toaster?

Stoffel, which amuses Kevin no end! He loves to watch Stoffels reaction to it, which involves a small jump and the girliest squeal he has ever heard!

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Was Sylva was married to a lord so old because he probably already had several heirs, and so would accept their children taking her name? Like, a forced marriage is an absolutely horrible punishment, but I don't think it implied that she was disinherited? Same with Arianne, Doran didn't want her to suspect her being married off to Viserys, so he offered old lords. Do you think this is the norm for dornishwomen marrying outside of Dorne that want their kids to take their name?

I don’t think there’s any implication that Sylva was disinherited. I certainly never thought she was.

Yeah, I think the idea of a female heir marrying a lord who already had heirs is probably not unheard even within Dorne, and it does solve the inheritance issue. (Although, what if a huge plague comes along or something.) This kind of is the linch pin in my super plausible ship: Arianders. But I doubt it’s “the norm”. The norm is probably younger sons. There is a bias towards spouses being of similar ages throughout Westeros, it’s certainly considered the ideal. Walder Frey is an odd duck. (28-year-old Willas was “a little old” for 12-year-old Sansa, according to Olenna, which… yeah. And the difference between Sylva and Lord Estermont is about 50 years.)

Arianne certainly thought Operation Old Dude was incredibly insulting. I would be very interested to know what the bannermen thought of the whole thing.

my life checkpoints:

  • go to (insert college name here) and major in communications, minor in theatre
  • do the disney college program in spring semester of sophomore year
  • after that, if it’s still even allowed, study abroad
  • when presented the opportunity, join StarKid in chicago
  • get discovered by talent scouts and shipped off to the National Theatre
  • fall in love with a coolass bro (opt. scottish/british accent)
  • that’s all i need for now
Me :-)

Hey. Ive never properly introduce myself to you guyz all this time.

Hi my Jielyx(not real name). You call me Lyx-senpai if you want XD.

I may not be the best artist but i know many who are. I hate art theft. If anyone steals your art…well even if I dont know you. Talk to me…i can comfort you.

Im a good person when youre a good person back.

I dont care if youre homosexual, ugly, or in a certain racial discriminated country. Be nice to me and ill be nice to you.

I dont care if youre fujoshi and im not. I dont care if your ships are different from mine. Ill be your friend if you’ll be nice. :-)


i’m so sorry

haru just wants reen’s love. why does funimation have to take that away.


So, I was watching “the corbomite maneuver” and everyone was freaking out because they thought they were going to be destroyed by this alien ship:

Ok, as I said, everyone was panicking. Lt. Bailey had to be escorted out of the bridge:

Even Kirk yelled at Bones because he was under a terrible stress:

And then we have Janice Rand…

…that decided to make coffee (she used a phaser because there was no power) for her captain, because:
1) she knew that Kirk needed it.
2) she’s brave as fuck and can remain calm in the worst situations.
3) she has nerves of steel.

Conclusion: Janice Rand should be working on the bridge, be promoted and change her name for Janice Rad.

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I'm new at this whole EXO thing and I see that people ship the members. Can you help me? (I don't even know the ship names)

Here’s a short list of most popular EXO ships and ships that I see the most on my dash (that’s not all of them, obviously~)
To learn more about each ship, please visit their tag on Tumblr or search for vids on YouTube :)


(Xiumin + Luhan)


(Kai + D.O.)


(Baekhyun + Chanyeol)


(Tao + Sehun)


(Kris + Suho)


(Suho + Chen)


(Sehun + Luhan)


(Tao + Kris)


(Lay + Luhan)


(Chanyeol + D.O.)


(Xiumin + Chen)


(Chen + Baekhyun)


(Sehun + Lay)


(Kai + Lay)


(Sehun + Kai)

what she says: im fine

what she means: hannah and ingrid have been on like 20 dates since they arrived in france and they have repeatedly been caught putting their arms around each other and maybe even holding hands and all ive been doing is refreshing snapchat to see if theyve posted anything and grace pretty much confirmed it in the interview. plus ingrid practically confessed her love to hannah in the sense of self video and im still trying to agree on the ship name