it’s these guys! this comic is something I drew pretty fast and spontaneously, I had this fraction of a conversation in my head and wanted to get it on paper.

so I finally reread Everything Burns and oh god, oh god, I’m sobbing and I’m out of Kleenex, it hurts

like, fuck, I don’t know that any other story has ever hit me as hard in the feelings as the arc of Journey Into Mystery does, and it’s so well crafted and well done and fuuuuuuuck

like, I start sniffling at “no, Thori, not you too” and then #645 happens and I just. 

“I played the game. I played as long and hard as I could.”

my heart

Normally I don’t make comics that don’t involve my characters  espacially of this nature but, I had to make something. 2016 sucks for a lot of people and it’s only gonna get worse. Personally I’ve been having a great year but, that’s beside the point. Pokemon GO is most likely the only good thing coming out this year. Seriously waking up to hearing about terroist and seeing tumblr being stupid about the whole thing makes me salty. Yet pokemon GO really helps my mood. So thank you Pokemon GO. 

ps read the tags.