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2/4 Storylines ~ Meredith/Finn/Derek love triangle

“This is not dating… I want moonlight and flowers and candy… and people trying to feel me up… nobody is trying to feel me up! Nobody is even looking at me! I’m an intern, do the two of you have any idea how much effort it takes to do all this? I’m waxed, I plucked and I have a clean top on and the two of you  are looking at each other!”

“No talking until one of you figures out how to put on a date! I want heat, I want romance… damnit I want to feel like a freakin’ lady!

i just like… i really love les mis

like, from the bottom of my heart, it’s one of my favorite things in the world

and maybe it’s because it’s one of those things that’s been there with me throughout most of high school, and maybe it’s because the characters feel like friends, and maybe it’s because i’ve read the book, been assistant stage manager for the show, seen it on broadway, listened to it more than i ever thought it was possible to listen to a musical, made friends through fandom, i don’t know

maybe it’s all of those things

maybe it’s because it gave me a way to be into classics

maybe it’s because i just love the story

maybe it’s because i once spent eleven days, sitting in a closet, just reading the whole thing straight through

maybe it’s because when i hear the opening swell of the music, i feel my heart drop because did i remember to turn the fog machine on? or because of the moment where a friend told me she didn’t even notice a set piece moving, even though in the heat of the moment, it felt like we were elephants trampling on stage while javert was in the midst of dying

maybe it’s just because, for some reason, a reason i can’t quite explain, i connected with the story

and i can’t explain it, i just can’t, i just know that les mis walked into my life, wormed its way into my heart, and even if i don’t talk about it as much anymore, i think it’ll always be important to me

i was thinking about what books i want to bring to college next year– books that i want to get a second copy of, just to have with me, because they’re comfort books, and i didn’t even hesitate before mentally putting “les mis” onto that pile. it’s just… i don’t know. i love it, and i can’t explain it, and it’s just something that’s become a part of me, and i genuinely love with every fiber of my being

we all know exo'luxion vancouver was kind of not the best…i’m a little disappointed, but let’s focus on some of the good things!! i don’t want everyone to think it was all bad because of some of the terrible fans, there were a bunch of nice fans too! so i think we should think positive and not let our experience be ruined by those select few :) here’s some of the things i noticed, this is partly just for myself cause i don’t want to forget anything about tonight haha

-kai was with the rest of exo <3 AND HE LOOKED AMAZING it was so cool to see him dance live
-suho mentioned lay twice, in the intro and the ending ment! AND SUHO WAS JUST LIKE HIMSELF he told a joke during his ment and most people laughed!!
-chanyeols strawbery white blonde hair looks soooo good AND HES SO GD ATTRACTIVE IN PERSON LIKE WHAT HOW
-XIUMIN IS AN ADORABLE FLUFFBALL IN PERSON he was jumping around the stage and being super energetic :)) he is the cutest how is he the oldest :’))
-JONGDAE IS BEAUTIFUL and his voice is angelic live, he gets so into the music i love it and i love him sm
-baekhyun…gosh bbh…he is just exactly perfect he’s energetic and cute and interactive and he’s amazing, not to mention his singing adicjbsjabdkdnd
-kyungsooooo he was so cute but stoic as usual at times hahaha he also seemed one of the more disappointed ones :/
-sehun…sehun was never too near the too of my bias list, i mean i like him a lot but meh, but he looked rly goodddd in person lol, and everyone cheered when he sang which was nice!
-the vcrs were adorableee and super cool and funny haha everyone cheered super hard for yixing whenever he came up !!
-chanyeol said that he really liked maple cookies and he said that he wanted come study in vancouver!
-xiumin said that vancouver exo-l were as sweet as maple syrup lmao
-sehun kept talking about vancouver/he visited the the ports and was talking about alaska idk everyone was kinda confused lol
-exo looks reeeeaaaally good in suits
-at the end, baek put tape on his fingers and xiumins on only the thumb and index so it made an L
-the special effects were so cool, like the lights and the fire and the fireworks and everything and they sprayed like cold mist kinda? idk it felt rly good bc i was super hot lmao
-the promise vcr was so beautiful, i teared up
-ITS SO HARD TO HOLD UP A LIGHT STICK FOR A LONG TIME and a phone too i kept switching between my hands because my arms hurt haha -baekhun was massaging sehuns hands for a little bit during sehuns ending ment!!!
-baek and soo were impressed that we knew a lot of the lyrics and fan chants :’)
-chanyeol/kai/baek especially, from what i saw, interracted a lot with the fans! chanyeol did a lot of waving and pointing and smiling i love him
-kai was wearing a cap with “esc” on it, and baek made a joke about pressing it and wanting to go home. then like only a couple ppl got it partly bc translation and he said okay that wasn’t a good joke hahaha
-it was clear that theyd practiced their english haha; suho did his ment ENTIRELY IN ENGLISH (i love him) and chanyeol soo did a fair bit of theirs in english as well!
-they are so sweet and amazing; despite the complications, they all kept the energy level up during the concert and did their best to give us a great performance WHICH IT WAS

i think that we should focus on positive thoughts about exo, and just learn from vancouver what not do in the pit. exo was amazing and perfect and wonderful and nothing will ever change that (except yixing coming next time that would be even more perfect)!! thank you so much exo for coming to vancouver! i’m sorry about the bad experience, but i hope you still had a good time! i still enjoyed seeing my bbys live and it’s a day i’ll never forget. my love for exo has only increased and i’ll never stop loving exo!! we are one!!


That sounds like a good plan, buddy.

‏@MelissaPonzio1 :hey-you wanna hear a secret? promise not to tell anyone?? #pinkyswear??? ssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…#imthebeast ;)

@j we know that Danny is the beast, doesn’t have to protect him momma

‏@MelissaPonzio1: is this true @KeahuKahuanui??? have you been holding out on us???

@KeahuKahuanui@MelissaPonzio1 @j A beast sometimes maybe but not THE beast 

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Balcony sex with cal tho.. Pressed up against the glass door, underneath the stars, the sounds of both your moans joining in with the traffic below, and even tho with the night chilly air both your bodies still glistened with sweat

oh god i never thought i needed this till now 

Come talk to me about Calum

1. He deserves it. (he deserves much worse, honestly)

2. I’m a god damn sucker for angst. I crave it. 

3. Waaay more satisfying story and character wise than any alternative at this point.

4. You can love Locus and not excuse his crimes  

Anything Weekend

Okay! It’s the anything weekend! I’m making this a thing now on cloud-howell!

You can:

•ask for advice


•talk about anyone/anything

•talk abt. nsfw things too

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•fic/blog recommendations (phan, danxreader, philxreader, etc)

So yeah! Send that shiz in (welcoming anon and non-anons)! Will be tagging with #aw 

my favorite stripper trio
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