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This is one of the few times I'm 100% okay with Anti's violence. Give Mad hell, pls. Like Mad, I loved ya, but ya did a bad to our precious Oliver and now you must pay

(*whispers* I promise retribution, cutie pies. Just wanna lead with that…)

Mad puts up his hand to stop Anti’s advance. “Alright, I’ll make a deal with you.”

“Not likely,” Anti growls, knife poised to strike.

Mad clasps his hands together. “Let me finish what I’m working on. I went through a lot to get my hands on this droid, just let me finish, and I’ll give him back to you. Please.”

Anti sneers. “And why would I let you do that?”

“Because you care about someone, well so do I. And this is the only way I can save them.” Mad’s voice is like one of Anti’s knives, cutting deep into his skin.

Anti points the blade at him. “And once you finish you’ll repair Oliver, including the muzzle, and erase all of his memories of being taken?”

Mad nods. “And if I don’t, you can cut me to pieces if you won’t, but I swear that I will.” He offers Anti his hand. “Just let me finish this.”

Anti looks down at Mad’s hand and back up at his eyes. “Hurry up before I change my mind.”


peggy 8098 clayified

im back!! and with a new hair!! which by the way, this hair drove me crazy. i had to redo it over 3 times until i was okay with how it looked. plus, this is my first time clayifing hair so please don’t judge me too much. whatever, hope yall like it and feel free to tell me if there’s any problems! enjoy!

eighteen swatches, ea palette
requires mesh!

custom thumbnail
credits: ea (palette), slythersim (inspo)



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I KNEW it would be a worldwide release. As far as I can remember, this has been the only time that the English and Japanese websites were updated at the same time. 2018? Okay. I can wait…I GUESS.

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Can you please do a headcanons about Race seeing his s/o in a dress for the first time thanks ;)

okie doke so i am really sorry i haven’t written anything in a hot minute but i am back from hell and i am ready to go!! race is my bby okay time to remember how to write

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All on the first day (by Laura Shigihara)

It is the first day
Don’t know where I stand anymore
I’ve got my hands in my pockets
I’m staring down at the floor

When I walk through the halls
Will I fall flat on my face?
Am I in over my head?
Are people even gonna know my name?

Give it time
It’s okay if I
Don’t figure everything out overnight

It’s too late to turn back now
Gotta fight!


Gotta be everything that I can
If I fail that’s the way it’s gotta be
I’ll prove there’s more to me than what you see
I’ll live my life

All on the first day

It is the first day
And I’m sitting all by myself
All the weird things about me
Maybe I should leave them somewhere else

When I wanna speak up
My voice decides it’s gonna get really soft
Cause there’s a part of me
That wants to run and not be seen at all

Give it time
It’s okay if I
Don’t figure everything out overnight

It’s too late to turn back now
Gotta fight!

1,2,3 !

Gotta be everything that I can
If I fail if that’s the way it’s gotta be
I’ll prove here’s more to me than what you see
I’ll live my life

All on the first day

( So y'all finally got the lyrics and don’t have to rely on the *beet boot beet boot * part only ;D )

Okay, so here is my problem with this whole “Light has amnesia” storyline:

It’s not just that amnesia!Light’s personality is completely different from Kira!Light’s, it’s also completely different from what we see and can surmise about pre-Kira!Light.

We’re talking about a guy who finds the Death Note and immediately goes looking for “someone it’s okay to kill” to see if it works:

And, when that works, immediately goes looking for Victim No. 2 and genuinely considers killing one of his prep classmates for being a jerk:

(Also like? Look at the absolute lack of value he’s already putting on certain people’s lives here? “A guy like that, nobody’s even going to notice”, just… wow, Light. Wow.)

We’re talking about a guy who has an approximately five-second freakout over realizing he’s murdered two people…

… before immediately deciding (on the next page, literally) that nah, this is actually an awesome opportunity to “clean the world up”:

We’re talking about a guy who within five days has already become a mass-murderer and gone full megalomaniac:

Oh, and this is the look on his face when he’s talking about his murder mission:

And the first time we see Light try to kill an innocent person?

(This is still only in chapter two of the manga, BTW.)

Zero hesitation. Zero moral qualms about it. Anyone who stands against him is “evil”, and his main reaction here is to be smug at how easy L seems to have made it to kill him.

And this is his reaction when he thinks he’s succeeded:

By the time we get to Chapter 3, he’s calmly discussing the possibility of killing his own family:

It’s not like a huge amount of time has passed in those three chapters, either. At most, Light’s had the Death Note for a few weeks here.

It’s pretty abundantly clear that getting his hands on the Death Note didn’t make Light become this kind of person, so much as it just gave him the opportunity to let this side of his personality loose with (seemingly) no consequences.

Frankly, considering how wholly and enthusiastically Light dives headfirst into full-on supervillainy here, I’m strongly inclined to think he would have ended up going down that path sooner or later anyway, Death Note or no Death Note. Handing him a way to kill people without getting his hands dirty just made the process easier for him.

Which is why it’s a hell of a stretch when Light gets amnesia and suddenly…

he seems…


… a completely different person.

Amnesia!Light, in addition to having moral scruples and compassion that we’ve literally never seen a glimmer of in actual!Light, seems to genuinely believe that what Kira is doing is wrong and want to capture him.

And the thing is, this plot point would work perfectly if Light had started the story off as a decent guy and been slowly corrupted by owning the Death Note. And that might actually have been a better story to tell, in certain ways, but it’s not the story the author chose to tell, and it’s too late to re-write that now. The story we’ve seen shows us a Light Yagami who enthusiastically went on an all-out murder spree within days of getting his hands on the Death Note, a Light Yagami who has never once hesitated to manipulate someone to his advantage or get rid of someone he saw as a threat. Pretending he only became that person because of the Death Note doesn’t work, because we’ve seen him be that person from Day 1.

Even if Light doesn’t remember being Kira, getting amnesia shouldn’t change his essential moral code. Something that’s made abundantly clear with Misa:

Misa has no memory of being the second Kira or of Light being Kira, but her attitude about the Kira killings stays the same. And while Light wouldn’t be stupid enough to say as much out loud, you’d expect that he’d stay “pro-Kira” too: Since Light started off the story as someone who thinks it’s justifiable to kill under those circumstances, there’s no reason amnesia should change that, or that it should change his fundamental personality.

The story seems to kind of want to have its cake and eat it too when it comes to making Light a redeemable/sympathetic character, but it’s kind of too late in the game for that? If you wanted to show us he’s not all bad, you needed to be showing us that from the beginning. Giving him amnesia and trying to retroactively imply he started off as a good person just doesn’t work.

If You’re Lucky-Part 5

Okay so typing this chapter up is gonna be a slow process because I got a cut on my palm and now moving my fingers apart to try and type hurts like a bitch.

I apologize for the slowness of the next few updates.



Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6

Chapter 5: Catching Feelings

Song rec: Slide by Calvin Harris ft. Frank Ocean & Migos

Word count: 2,230 words.

Warnings: Swearing, tons of slow burn fluff.

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whats your thoughts on brody?

i fucking loved brody, im a sucker for that sort of goofy voice delivery and like, i was a bit distracted listening to the ending but brody as a whole was fun and i loved how magnus liked him at first and was the only one into his deal but then when he was leaving them the first time magnus was like ‘okay im done with brody he’s the fukin bad guy’ 

also i just. whenever griffin described him grinding on a rail i’d imagine it like a shitty video game where he just hops on and spins in place or some shit and there’s sparks and he’s not actually moving and it’s real dumb but funny in my head and i had a good time

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94: tell us about a time you got embarrassed.

One? One? Bitch I get embarrassed all the time. Okay so once I was in class and at lunchtime this guy was flexing his muscles and showing them to some other boy. And I don’t know what I was thinking, I just sort of yelled “ooooh guns!!!” And luckily he didn’t hear it, nobody else did either. Except for you (Rhea) who was sitting beside me and I just internally screeched. I’m such an idiot.

Mærkeligste dansk time

Okay så i dansk skulle vi lave et par minutters lang film hvor vi skulle vise at vi forstod forskellige vinkler man bruger i film. Eksempel: i min gruppe lavede vi en mobning kortfilm.

Men anyways, 2 piger fra min klasse (den ene har været med i paradise hotel) ved ikke helt med den anden men ihvertfald så lavede de en film hvor de er til en samtale også legit 40 sekunder efter står de og råsnaver på toilettet.


I aint mad men altså det var ekstremt weird

Har gået i klassen i 1 måned og ved ikke hvad der forgår


”Have you even listened to it [Nas]?” “I have listened to it, a little bit!” “It doesn’t sound like it!” “Fuck! I have … listened to it.” “We’ll listen to him later.”

In which Isak wasn’t lying about listening to Nas at all, because had Isak known and listened closely enough, he had in fact listened to Nas even before Even had asked him, whilst he was searching for Even.