Seeing everyone’s pretty IE art makes me want to try and draw, but it’s been so long since I’ve drawn something sorry that he looks so dorky. I’m at a stage where I hate everything I draw at the moment (hence my looong dA hiatus) but I hope if I keep practiscing I can make something I’m happy with… So for now, have a dorky looking Kirino while i cry

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I think maybe the reason people are paying more attention to Saeran even though it's V's route isn't only because we didn't expect to get so much time with Saeran, but also because well, he's acting more "affectionate" than V is. Is put "affectionate" in quotations because it's probably more like he's kind of being manipulative than truly in love with MC. Of course, I understand why V isn't incredibly affectionate in his route because... well, it's kind of obvious, but still, just my thoughts ^^

Hey hey, I agree!

I think you’re right- subconsciously people would lean towards Saeran or even Rika (if you didnt already have any ill feelings towards her) just due to the fact that they’re seeming a little more emotionally open than V is. Yes, of course V isn’t going to be affectionate- he needs time! So it’s completely understandable for him to be off-putting. 

And yes, Saeran may have some feelings for MC but they are not being handled healthy in any way and they semi-parallel those feelings V had for Rika ^^

that being said, I’m glad V got to work on the feelings he needed to work on.

I still want to love Saeran though. @ Cheritz please just lET ME GET THE BOY SOME HELP THEN I WILL LOVE HIM WITH ALL MY HEART I PROMISE ~Admin 404

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Okay .... scenario time. April is fatally wounded, but her mind can be saved in a cybernetic body or she could go to the beyond. You only have seconds to decide and she can't answer you back. So in this dire time what would you DECIDE... on which choice topping on the pizza. HURRY DONNIE, THEY ARE WAITING FOR YOUR ORDER!

Oh god no! I don’t like time limits! I don’t do well UNDER PRESSURE!


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hey sorry if this was already asked or something but by any chance have you finished your klance meta pt 2

this has been asked many times but it is okay. no, i have not finished it, i am working on it and i will complete it soon. then, i will need to proofread it. THEN, i will finally……….. finally….. share it with all of you (before s4, guaranteed). it’s over 14,000 words now, already longer than the original and i still have a good amount to cover so… hold onto ur butts, folks. it’s going to be a wild ride.

  • *Season 3 Trailer drops*
  • Fandom: Hey, Dreamworks, I liked the new trailer...but where's Shiro? He wasn't in it, like, at all
  • Dreamworks: It is a mystery :)
  • Fandom: Yeah don't do that next time.
  • Dreamworks: Okay :)
  • *Season 4 Trailer drops*
  • Fandom: Hey, Dreamworks?
  • Dreamworks: Yes? :)
  • Fandom: Where's Keith?
  • Dreamworks: :))))))))))))))))))

me to my ghost audience in my room after i have watched each nct mv for the 42772th time now: okay…. where do i begin with these boys… i really can’t put my feelings into words but nct have reallly helped me through rough times and always made me look forward to something. i feel like they’re close friends of mine, even when i don’t personally know them. they have always filled that huge gap in my life and always help me with the bad things happening in my life everyday and i couldn’t thank them more. they really are the only guys i accept and i wish i could put it into words perfectly but that’s impossible… they have also made it possible for me to show my talents and not let me hide my work. they have given me the opportunity to show what i’m capable of, and have also helped me with becoming the person i am today. i wish i could give nct the world as they deserve it so much. and everything they release is just pure talent to me. i really love these boys. i hope you all know that

i wish the episode about rainbow dash’s parents could have had a lil more nuance and the message could have been like “not having enough attention and support absolutely sucks and i should be more aware that some don’t have the support system i have, but at the same time it’s okay for me to tell my parents when to back off, and it’s not unfair of me to not want them involved in every aspect of my life.” like i can appreciate why scoots as a character wouldn’t understand rainbow not liking her parents smothering her, sure, but as a message it kinda sucks to tell kids “if your parents are smothering you and invading your privacy then you should just kind of put up with it because it’s obvious that you’re not grateful for your parents support, and you need to remember that some parents don’t care about their kids at all and you should consider yourself lucky that yours do”

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Hello Tumblr has an option to find reaction gifs with credit!!

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It'll be okay. Maybe not today, or tomorrow, but one day, you'll wake up and it won't hurt anymore. The pain and suffering will be over, and you'll see from the light again. Remember, clouds always move for the sun to shine through.

Yes. You are completely right. I know this is not the end. I know things will be harder but it will be better. It has to be. For all of us! Fighting!

Anon 6: Everything will be okay. Smiling comes with time, smiling will be able to become normal again, just give it a little time. Everything will be okay.
Yes. I think it’s important to give time to time. Please you too, be calm and don’t worry too much.

Anon 7: Aw ara, take all the time you need, it’ll be alright, we love you~

anon 8: Everything will be okay. I know it’s hard now but it will get better over time. I’m sorry about all of this. Go spend time with family we love you.
Well i can’t really leave my house (unless it’s an emergency) to keep the streets free of traffic for ambulances and the army and that. Also a lot of people is helping out there so they are actually asking us to stay home to not get in between. So i can’t really visit the rest of the family (like my brother for example) but everyone is safe so worry not!

angel anon: I know you’re going through a hard time right now so please remember that there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter how long or dark that tunnel might seem - Angel anon
Please angel anon protect me and all those who are here rn. ❤️ no but really babe thank you so much. I’ll try to stay as calm as possible and so should all of you.
I love you, arabella ~


”Have you even listened to it [Nas]?” “I have listened to it, a little bit!” “It doesn’t sound like it!” “Fuck! I have … listened to it.” “We’ll listen to him later.”

In which Isak wasn’t lying about listening to Nas at all, because had Isak known and listened closely enough, he had in fact listened to Nas even before Even had asked him, whilst he was searching for Even.