Albert Watson: ‘Roids!

With the ‘Roids! project, Albert Watson - who has been recently awarded an Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II for his lifetime contribution to and achievements in photography - became interested in scanning his Polaroids at a massive resolution. This creates an effect as if you would observe them under a microscope, which shows all their beauty along with all their flaws. Watson is creating a fascinating combination of old technology in the new digital world. By blowing the scan of the Polaroids up to almost 2.5 meters (100 inches), Watson makes their attraction physically perceptible.

'Roids will be on exhibition at the Christophe Guye Galerie in Zurich, Switzerland from September 10th to October 24th, 2015.

// New Americana - Halsey // We Are The Kids - Walk The Moon // Uprising - Muse // Centuries - Fall Out Boy // Kings And Queens - 30 Seconds To Mars // Scare Away The Dark - Passenger // Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz // Pompeii - Bastille // Radioactive - Imagine Dragons // Teenagers - My Chemical Romance // American Idiot - Green Day // Burn - Ellie Goulding // Every Body Wants To Rule The World - Lorde // Dead Air - CHVRCHES // Enough Of Our Machines - Son Lux // We Are The Radio - New Politics // Killing In The Name - Rage Against The Machine // The Pretender - The Foo Fighters // We Didn’t Start The Fire - Billy Joel // Ordinary Love - U2 // Glory - John Legend Ft. Common // Yellow Flicker Beat - Lorde // Seven Nation Army - The White Stripes // We Are The People - Empire Of The Sun // The Resistance - Muse // Rule The World - Walk Off The Earth // Destruction - Joywave // Houdini - Foster The People // Paper Planes - MIA // Alright - Kendrick Lamar // You’re Going Down - Sick Puppies // Call It What You Want - Foster The People // World Wide Suicide - Pearl Jam // Lights - Ellie Goulding // Youth Against Fascism - Sonic Youth // Teddy Picker - Arctic Monkeys //




I want you to think about Robin Hood, encountering a party of lost royals who have just returned from another world.  The good and the brave and the legendary.  And in their mists is an evil.  A dangerous madwoman who somehow has enchanted the princess she terrorized a kingdom to get.  

You decide to travel with them, to figure out what is going on and you keep an eye on the monster Queen.  

You are used to Roland moving freely among the Merry Men and he sees these people as no different, so when the attack happens you look around to find your son only to see the Queen, the personification of evil despots in all her finery throwing herself in harms way for a child shes’ never met and doesn’t know.

And the world is transformed with a smile and a toy and maybe monsters can be more than monsters.

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Willam has done plenty with World of Wonder since being disqualified. He should have been on All Stars or sure.

What have you seen Willam do with World of Wonder that wasn’t with another queen? How many times have you seen Willam on tour with World of Wonder? Zero because she sits in the audience like everyone else. I love her but seriously they don’t give her the time of day. 

ok so Michael looks at fans like they’re the most precious little bean in the world and it makes me sad. He calls us the family he never had. The way he hugs fans is so sweet, he pulls them in and holds them like no tomorrow and sometimes he puts his lil head on your shoulder. Once gave one of his bracelets to fan who self harms and made sure they know everything will get better. He appreciates the fans so damn much.

and if you were dating him, he would treat you like a queen, and you know it. you want something, he’ll give to you. and when he tells the fandom that he’s dating you he’ll probably tweet like a picture of you and him cuddling and would say “guys, im in love.” and when you’re out in public with him he’d hold your hand tight and if any one else hit on you, he’d curse them out. He’d stick up for you. And if fans were sending you hate saying you’re a slut and question why he’s dating you, he’d reply with something like “I’m in love. i don’t care what you say. leave my girl alone and fuck off ” and when you’d be hugging he’d plant kisses on the top of your head and whisper how much he loves you.

he’s an amazing person overall.

he has green eyes that could make any girl melt. he’s such a dork, he tells the stupidest pickup lines. i think his hair is so important to him, like that’s how he expresses himself. and it may seem weird that I’m in love with a boy who doesn’t know i exist but how can you not be in love with Michael? he’s a gamer who swears 24/7 that stays inside and eats pizza all day. he’s not afraid to be himself and i admire that. i never want to see this boy sad, He’s my sunshine. Words cannot express my love for this boy.


Judas: Is Alice in bed?
Nico: Yeah… Sleeps like an angel, I wish I could sleep like that.
Judas: Hmm. Don’t we all.
Nico: Did you really give her a Playboy instead of coloring books?
Judas: It’s just naked women. What’s the problem with that?
Nico: Well, perhaps she doesn’t care, but I have a problem with you looking at all these naked women. I’m prettier than them anyway.
Judas: Hmmm think so?
Nico: Are you doubting my world domination rights!? How dare you! I’m the queen of everything!
Judas: Well not the queen of burying dead bodies in the woods - i’m pretty sure Vernita is the expert on that.
Nico: Huh! She made me dig the damn grave! Can you believe that? And I managed to pass out, such a shame! Now she knows about the whole deal with the poison too…


“Every morning you wake up..”

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what are some good songs for a roadtrip? x

Gap - The Kooks

Australia Street - Sticky Fingers

Cruel - The Preatures

Carried Away - The Kooks

Weekend - Last Dinosaurs

Emoticons - The Wombats

Orange County - Swim Deep

Kings & Queens - Bootleg Rascal 

See The World - The Kooks

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Aw bb ur welcome omg I’m glad ur happy!! ily too

Never forget that you come from a long, rich history of Kings and Queens, fearless Warriors, creators of the mathematics + writing systems, inventors, and the most resilient, unwavering people in the world. Even through some of the most atrocious acts against us, we are still ever-rising. Still flourishing. That is your legacy. You have so much to be proud of and you are capable of amazing things. History tells us so. #MondayMotivation

long live the queen

AKA Dawn as Queen of the Light Fields

AKA Two Sister Being Super Kickass

I’m adoring this Queen Dawn AU that I keep flirting with. 

Like, I think Dawn would make a wonderful Queen of the Light Fields while Marianne can rule with Bog. 

Giving Dawn a leadership position doesn’t make Marianne lose any of her own power either. Marianne can still bring great changes to the Fairy Kingdom by working in the Dark Forest. Not only that, but think of this:

Two sisters bring change for a new world. Not two lovers (which is amazing!), but two strong and amazing sisters. Marianne can be herself to the fullest in the Dark Forest and feel happy, being able to ruff and tumble with the Court. And she’ll be Bog’s equal in every sense of the word still. They’ll work together to make the Forest thrive. She’ll also be less stressed then if she was juggling two kingdoms. Let’s think of that!

By giving her sister the Light Fields, Marianne is letting Dawn come in her own and literally spread love. Dawn will be a gentle and loving Queen, she sees everyone as equals–while is more trusting of others, that’s not always a bad thing. Besides opening up relations with the goblins of the Dark Forest, she’d want to open up relations with everyone else too! And before anyone thinks she’s weak, she has loyal, loyal, loyal subjects on her side across two kingdoms. No one is going to hurt her. 

And while it is given that if Marianne was Queen of the Light Fields, the Elves would have a better status, but think of this: Dawn taking Sunny as her King. 

We’d have a King Elf! Talk about just breaking social barriers and smashing them to pieces And yes, at first, people would object, but Dawn’s heart is so loving, so kind, she’ll change people’s mind without force. I think that’s the best thing about her being a ruler. Marianne is rough, violence and force is how she operates, and while it is very effective because she is very fair, Dawn’s reign will be about peace.  

Of course, some obstacles for Dawn is that she would try so hard to be like her sister and she cares more than anything what Marianne thinks of her. And maybe for a while, her becoming Queen will put a strain on her relationship with Sunny, but it will not end them permanently. When she sees something she wants, she needs to go after it. Her kind heart and her ambition will take her far. 

Dawn and Marianne balance each other so perfectly; two sides of the same coin. 

They’ll be remembered in history for daring to be different and succeeding. Their love and their marriages have united three races together effectively. They are the sisters of the new world. 

They are the dawning of a new age.