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It’s one thing to hail Joan Jett as a queen, but it’s another to ignore the fight she had to put up in her rise to the throne.

People hated The Runaways. Men in particular. Not many women were slinging guitars over their shoulders, or picking up drum sticks, and playing just as loud - if not louder - than their counterparts. Kim Fowley shaped and pummelled them to be “rock and roll pigs” and they were treated as such. Objectification, degradation and sexism were the world in which they lived. They were panned by rock critics as “bimbos”, “sissies”, “bitches” and “jailbait”, accused of being imposters, and reduced to being a platter of women offered up to fuck instead of hear. Once The Runaways disbanded, Joan didn’t achieve instant solo success - she was rejected by 23 labels before she had to start her own label (Blackheart Records) and do it herself. Even after establishing herself and proving her chops, people still considered her a risk or a novelty.

Her fortitude and her self-assurance in the face of people thinking they knew what she was about are the reasons why she is still here. She does not forget the fight that female musicians have to put up to get their foot in the door while others just stroll in. She would embrace those who embrace themselves.

So if she wants to jam with Miley, you try and tell her not to.


Maybe because I’m not a gentleman or maybe because I am, I can never resist tasting her. I would name it lust if I wasn’t in love but besides from our lips pressed together and seeing her still lost in a kiss when I open my eyes I can ‘t wait to work my way down past her hip bones by way of her soft perfect skin. Nothing in this world has ever tasted so good to me. To be denied what I want would be to steal food from a starving man after offering him only one bite. To step through the gates of heaven only to be informed there has been some mistake and I must leave immediately. If our souls have collided because it is my purpose solely to love her better than anyone can then giving her pleasure is the blood that runs raging through my veins. I don’t know why it keeps getting better but I’m sure this is akin to other beautiful things in this world that there are explanations for that I don’t need to hear simply because learning why would take away from the magic that sets my soul on fire. Once again I’ve lost the words that I though to say, yet it doesn’t seem to matter. Just close your eyes and I will always show you exactly what I meant to say.  

What if we find out that the AU EF in the finale was the original version.

Look at what appears to be Issac’s origin in the first picture- a guy working in an electronics/TV shop in what looks to be around 1966 in our world, and look how he’s dressed the same way with AU EF Snow, Charming and Grumpy…

What if everything we thought we knew was the real EF story is what Issac changed?


The Empress Josephine tiara was created in 1890. After the Russian Revolution the Leuchtenberg family sold the tiara and it was bought by the Belgium royals after World War I. When Queen Elisabeth of Belgium passed away her son Prince Charles Theodore inherited it in 1965. The tiara then passed nto Queen Maria Jose’s hands when Charles Theodore passed away in 1983. Princess Maria Gabriella inherited the tiara in 2001 and later put the tiara up for auction in 2007.

It’s so amazing to me when I think about it, because you know how people are always comparing artists to other artists? Like people saying Taylor has had a huge impact on pop music like Madonna? But nobody could ever be compared to Taylor Swift. In everything she’s done for her fans, for music in all aspects, and just the impact she’s had on this world and bringing so many people together. There’s seriously nobody like her she’s a rare gem and she must be protected at all costs.

So I was tagged by littleredchucks for a thing that I can’t remember the name of, but I do remember the request to send a smile.  So here’s me trying to send you a smile Chuckster, but on reviewing I think I might just be sending you nightmares!   

So instead how about this:

I love this picture of us.  Oh the anticipation, the excitement, the sheer joy in knowing that we were only hours away from taking our first steps into Noel’s Live World.  

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