Take Care Of Her (Part 4)

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The familiar drive through the park to the bungalow brings back so many memories for you. Owen grabs your hand, smiling sadly down at you, and you know he feels the same. Charlie however, having requested a window seat, is straining her neck to see out and memorize every branch and rock and glimpse of water she sees through the trees. You remember that this is all new to her and you try to be patient as you answer every question that she rattles off. By the time you come to a stop out front, she is practically ripping off her seatbelt begging to go inside. Owen asks the guards if it’s safe and they go in to check, coming back out quickly, assuring him that it is. Once out of the car, Charlie races to the front of the house and stares up at it in awe. She starts jumping up and down shouting; “Come on, Come on, we’re home!”

The way she automatically calls it home causes a tear to roll down your face as you walk up and grab her hand. “Yeah, we really are.” Owen takes her other hand and you swing her by the arms onto the porch and walk inside. You look to the left and see the old TV and worn out couch (you could swear it has more tears in it than the last time you saw it) but decide walk to the right into the kitchen. You see that the fridge has been cleaned out for the most part, with only a few non-perishables remaining on the counter and some water in the fridge. Owen stands behind you and wraps his arms around your waist; “You sure you’re ready for this?”

You nod once and the three of you walk down the hallway. You stop at the door to your bedroom and he pushes it open, ushering you in.

“This is your room?” Charlie asks, walking up to the dresser and its huge mirror. She points to a picture taped to it of a man standing next to Owen. “Who is that?” She asks.

“That’s Barry,” He says coming forward. “I worked with him for four years.” He picks her up and sets her on the dresser and she begins to go through your old jewelry box, pulling out necklaces and earrings and giving her opinion with ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’. Owen points to another picture on the mirror. “Do you know who that is?” He asks her.

She laughs and turns to point at you, “That’s mommy! And that’s me!” She says turning back to the picture and placing her finger over your swollen belly. “But I wasn’t born yet. I was still inside like the eggs in the lab!” She says and neither of you can help the laughs that escape you. You walk up to them, looking at all the old pictures of you and your friends, and the memories are almost too much for you. You turn around, looking towards the door, and start to walk towards it. Owen turns and places his hand on your arm. “Do you want me to come?” He lowers his voice and asks.

“No. I can do this.” You say shakily but nod at him to let him know you’re good. He lets you go but tells you to call him if you need him.

You run your fingertips along the wall as you walk down the hallway, towards Charlie’s old room. The door isn’t closed, but rather wide open. You catch the scent that the guards might not even have noticed, but you could never forget. It smells just like Blue, just like the raptor cage. You flip on the light switch as you walk in and see her old toys and stuffed animals lying on the floor. It’s definitely messier than you left it, but it hasn’t been completely wrecked.

You walk up to the crib and run your hand across the smooth wood before turning around and crouching down to the floor. You place your hand on the small rug, picturing Blue laying there, and you can’t help but wonder how many times she came back here, following your scents, waiting for you to come home. At that thought, you lose it, and drop to the floor, crying.

Owen, having heard the thud, calls your name as he comes down the hallway and sees you sitting there. Charlie walks in as Owen glances around the room and she comes to stand in front of you. She puts her small hand on your cheek and leans forward and kisses your forehead.

“It’s okay, mommy, don’t’ be sad,” She says, her hand moving to your back to rub it, and this causes a fresh round of tears to flow from your eyes. Owen joins you on the floor, pulling Charlie into his lap and holds you. However, Charlie can’t sit still very long, and she soon gets up and starts picking up the stuffed animals on the floor and throws them into the crib. You laugh at her, knowing she sure didn’t get that cleaning impulse from her dad.

Once you can see her getting bored, you pat Owen’s hand and let him know you’re okay now. You take her out into the living room and set her on the couch to go in search of markers and paper to keep her occupied.

You find a few sharpies in a drawer and make her promise to be careful with them before you give them to her. You don’t worry so much about the coffee table getting marked as you do her skin. She begins to color excitedly and you step out on the front porch where Owen had disappeared to minutes earlier.

He’s standing behind the house, arms crossed, looking out towards the lake. You walk up behind him slowly, “Penny for your thoughts?”

“That all I’m worth?” He asks playfully turning to you and smiling. You don’t answer, only raise your eyebrows, and he starts; “Just about all of it. I forgot how guilty I felt about the whole situation.”

You nod, letting him go on. “If I just knew she was out there, that she was alright… I don’t know.” He rubs a hand down his face in frustration and you wrap your arms around him.

“I understand, Owen.”

Charlie comes running out of the house and you groan as you see blue and brown streaks and smudges all over her arms. “Look what I drew!”

She runs to you holding up her drawing when both of your jaws drop. On the picture she drew a small girl with blonde hair and next to her, a rough attempt at a dinosaur. The thing that shocks the both of you are the blue streaks she drew running down the dinosaur’s back. If you weren’t standing so close to him, you might not have heard Owen as he barely whispered, “Blue.”

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Thank you Taylor

Yesterday I had a fight with my father while my friend and I were putting lights on our posters for the taylorswift show next week in Montreal. He was like : why are you doing all of this for a girl who doesn’t know your name? You are waisting your time (blablabla).
Normally I have difficulties to argue with him but this time my answer just kinda throw out of my mouth and it was something like : You know what? Probably Taylor do not know my name and without knowing my name she were ( and she is still ) helping me since so many years. It’s hard when you are suffering of high anxiety and panic attacks at the point that you need medication. Few years ago I was locked in my house (because of my mind, she tooks control of me), I stayed at home for 3 months without going outside, not even on my own balcony. My anxiety was so high. All of these times I was suffering, no one was here for me, but her music always has. Few times ago I couldn’t think about the fact that I’ll be able to go to a concert. It’s big for me and you don’t even know how much it’s important for me to thanks her. So let me do my costume and stop trying to make me uncomfortable for doing all of this because I do this with my thankful heart.

He shuts his mouth and I smiled. I think he finally understood.

taylorswift tree-paine

  • AU Draenei:We want justice for the attempted genocide of our people, the sacking of our cities, and the death of our Prophet!
  • Draenei:You know, now that you mention it...
  • Durotan:Make the Iron Horde pay. They killed my father and my brother. They slaughtered my clan. They misled our people and nearly led to our destruction. We deserve justice.
  • Worgen:And what about the atrocities committed by the Forsaken! The Banshee Queen is raising our people into undeath, and we had to turn into wolfpeople in order to preserve ourselves! Also, we'd like SOME plot resolution at least!
  • Alliance in general:We want the Horde to be held accountable for their actions. Not everything can be placed on Garrosh alone. His secondary leaders only turned on him at the last minute.
  • Players:There should be logical and meaningful consequences in story! Orcs and Hordes shouldn't get off scot-free every time!
  • Blizzard:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Happy Canada Day!

Here’s Elsie MacGill (1905-1980), “Queen of the Hurricanes,” the world’s first female aircraft designer, first Canadian woman to earn a degree in electrical engineering, first woman in North America to earn a master’s degree in aeronautical engineering, first woman elected to corporate membership in the Engineering Institute of Canada, first woman to become chief aeronautical engineer at an airplane manufacturer, designer of the Maple Leaf II and Hurricane aircrafts, women’s rights advocate and activist, first woman to chair a U.N. committee. 

Later in life, she contracted polio and couldn’t walk, so she published articles about aeronautics and ran a hugely successful consulting business out of Toronto.

—Image from True Comics #8 (1942), writer & artist uncredited

Guinevere!Eggsy + Candidates

Hartwin AU: It has been months since V-Day and the world is slowly trying to repair itself. Harry manages to survive the shot (imagine the recovery as you would) and allowed to return to the field, but as Arthur. Eggsy doesn’t inherit the Galahad position (for some weird traditional reasons), but has a new position created for him as Codename: Guinevere.

Because of V-Day, the Kingsman has been shorthanded some Knights either from their alliance with Arthur or being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Thus, it forces Kingsman to start looking for more candidates.

Usually, Merlin is put in charge of training, but because of the sheer size of these groups and also being in charge of piecing not only Kingsman, but the world back together, its too much to handle on his own. So, in response to his dilemma, Merlin seeks help from the Kingsman agents to help with training, primarily Eggsy.

The candidate themselves have only heard rumors about the Kingsman’s ‘Queen’, but never truly met them. The speculations start to bubble within their own group about who the ‘Queen’ might be. The biggest speculation is that the Queen is a woman, so suggestions start to be passed around that it might be Roxy (She had a good laugh out of that), but that theory is shut down quickly when she introduces herself as Lancelot. (It surprises the hell out of a couple of people.)

Fast forward to the around the time when the candidates get to the Pick-A-Puppy sequence in their training. As they line up with their dogs, Merlin decides to introduce them to the rumored Kingsman ‘Queen’, but instead of seeing a Roxy or another female Kingsman, out come beautiful Gary ‘Call Me Eggsy’ Unwin walking with J.B. You could probably tell that nobody was expecting him to be Guinevere, but who doesn’t like a good surprise? (Merlin gets a god chuckle out of watching the expressions on each of the candidates faces ranging from confusion, to surprise, to amazement, to fear, etc.)

Eggsy being Eggsy decides to try and create an image of being an overall badass in the eyes of the candidates (if he had to prove that in general). He has been sufficient with keeping up his image and the candidate seem to view Eggsy as this top tier threatening Kingsman Knight (’Queen’)… Until Harry starts hanging around. At some point in time, Harry introduces himself to the Candidates as Arthur and the Head of Kingsman. He begins to observe them by interacting with them closely while also analyzing their personal attributes and personalities.

At first, the recruits didn’t really connect the dots between Harry and Eggsy knowing from the fact that Guinevere wasn’t a position until Eggsy joined, but it finally began to click once Harry started staying during their training. At one point in time, Eggsy was a strict instructor and kept the candidate in line, but when Harry started listening on the trainings, this once graceful knight would turn into a stuttering mess when observed.

Feel free to build off of this or add on to it! I am just a pure sucker for Queen!Eggsy. 💕I also apologize for the grammatical errors and typos I am so sorry lmao

Because nadiafocus and rashaka both were curious as to what recent bellarke fics I had been overwhelmed by, I decided to post a list:

empty vessel, crooked teeth by okteivia-blakes​ - Oh MAN this is the Sense8 Bellarke AU I’ve been waiting for. Loved the world-building and how the characters all interacted, but especially the way it built towards the ending scene.

an empire of our own by maxsfuriosa​ - Gorgeous storytelling and incredibly well-paced, amazing depiction of canon characterizations. So many unique and engaging details, loved reading every word of it. 

and love, you taste like magic by furiosaclarke​ - Oh my god this is an fabulous soulmate story that made me cry and feel all warm & fuzzy at the same time. Also the writing - superb!

together by crooked-queen​ - Again, one that will make you cry and smile at the same time - so emotionally adorable (plus one more by this author that I read a while ago because I haven’t stopped thinking about it since: i’ll be seeing you absolutely destroyed me in the best possible way).

Anyways, these were the fics I was referring to in that other post, so happy reading!!!

P.S. Honestly just go read anything by these authors - their writing is all pure gold.

Out of Order

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Hey, Melocotones!

I’m sorry I haven’t published anything for the last days. I’ve been feeling really down and I can’t seem to find the energy and motivation that takes to come up with stories, comics and little doodles. I’m trying as hard as I can but things have been pretty rough for me. I’ve been unemployed for almost a month and it’s getting to my head. Plus, I got some bad news and I’m really trying to process it. Hopefully everything will be okay.

So, dears isazozo, lala-kate, dorabellatrix, @algeblah, ncis-tiva-2ne1, onherarms and i-was-always-the-queen, apieceofwhatyouneed I’ll have to postpone your lovely requests for a bit but I PROMISE - cross my heart! - that I’ll have them!

As for the SQ comic. It also will have to wait. I’ve been colouring it, but it’s so shitty I can’t even bring myself to continue. 

cheapandjuicy, darling…. No fic. I can’t write! I can’t seem to put the words together and form a coherent idea. 

Much love to all of your, 

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