I find it really moving…to think of someone sitting down and creating [fan art] is really mind-blowing. Especially when it’s an image of you and…a new interpretation… it’s mind-blowing. I never really get used to things like that. It’s brilliant as well, there’s some incredible artists out there. It’s great that those worlds come together. And often I look so much better in them than I do in real life or in photos! So yeah, keep on going with that!
—  Billie Piper on seeing fan art of herself (Boston Comic Con, July 31, 2015)

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Happy Birthday to Jo Rowling! Our Queen and the creator of our magical world. I can not thank her enough. J.K Rowling has written the books that have inspired me to write my own stories, taught me to love reading, helped me through tough times and even created people who were there for me when no one else was. I want to write a long meaningful message to describe all that she has done for me, but there is really no way to put it all in words. Jo, you are my childhood. You made my childhood magical and I will never have the words to thank you enough. Raise your wands for Jo Rowling, the amazing Queen who brought Harry Potter to life ♥

Y'all know I’m Locke/sabetha af right?
But I’m secretly sabetha/nazca trash
Because, let’s face it, Nazca Barsavi, queen of Camorr’s underworld, is not at all straight
And while teenage Locke Lamora is pining for Sabetha, she’s sneaking out of the temple to go meet Nazca at a more neutral location where they can just be together and free to rant about everyone and wow
I just really like the idea of them together, even though Sabetha has said that she doesn’t like girls I just

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The 2015 Fangs Out Awards are here!
In light of the Emmy nominations being recently announced, we here at TeamTSD decided to create our own awards celebrating sci-fi/fantasy TV. It's time to let your fandom flag fly! Place your votes...

don’t forget and vote OLICITY FANS

Winners will be announced live on Talking TV with Liz and Lindi over on Wizard World’s Con Radio. Stay tuned on Twitter for more announcements.

Oliver queen
Felicity smoak
Diggle 🙌🙌🙌🙌

Polling closes Sunday, August 2nd at 10pm EST.


“There was an enchanted forest filled with all the classic characters we know. Or think we know. One day they found themselves trapped in a place where all their happy endings were stolen. Our World. This is how it happened…”

[ once upon a time fancast ]requested by anonymous

freema agyeman as emma swan | sayeed shahidi as henry mills

lana parrilla as the evil queen/regina mills

golshifteh farahani as snow white/mary margaret blanchard | adetomiwa edun as prince charming/david nolan

alexander siddig as rumplestiltskin/mr gold

gina rodriguez as red riding hood/ruby lucas | tina desai as belle

anonymous asked:

The only reason I doubt that he is is because they already kind of took the corrupt-people-running-the-city route with Blood as mayor

I would imagine Darhk has loftier goals than just Starling City - HIVE has the potential to be a country-wide (perhaps world-wide) infiltration system with the intention of something like, oh I don’t know, world domination. (I had a Pinky & the Brain moment there.)

Darhk isn’t there to save the world from itself; he wants the world in the palm of his hand, and Starling City is just a step in that direction. I imagine he is of the mind of, “Keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer,” which is why he would be focused on Starling City.

His old friend and nemesis saw great and powerful potential in Oliver Queen, enough for him to manipulate Oliver’s entire life to get him to join the League - and then Oliver turned around and killed Ra’s, doing what even Darhk couldn’t do.

Darhk wants to be close to Oliver, hence why the idea of him being the Police Chief holds some interesting potential. He wouldn’t be there as Darhk, of course, but under an assumed name - he doesn’t strike me as the arrogant type of villain, arrogant enough to flaunt who he is; he’s above that, so he would be okay living under another name. Imagine the power that position holds, the pieces he can move while there.

Blood was just a pawn on a huge chessboard - Darhk would be the King, and his being in any sort of political position would mean many different things compared to Blood and his run for Mayor.

(It would be fun if Slade was aware of him, and they worked in conjunction to get Blood where he was position-wise, but that’s just me being fanciful.)

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The Nicest Thing (Writers’ Room AU)

CS AU Week (Day 6 & 7 Modern Trope/Free-for-all)
Emma and Killian are new writing recruits for the TV show Heroes & Villains and become close when they work on a script together (4146 words).

Emma knew that her previous writing gig on a police procedural was going to be a whole world away from her new job, but spending half an hour debating the contents of an Evil Queen’s sleeping potion really drove the point home. Emma chewed on the lid of her pen, observing her colleagues in the Heroes & Villains writers’ room in bemusement as they argued over the merits of ‘essence of toad’.

“It’s a staple for any witch’s brew,” David said matter-of-factly, slinging his arm over the back of his wife’s (and fellow writer) Mary Margaret’s chair.

“Emphasis on the witch part, honey,” Mary Margaret replied, nudging his side with her elbow. “The Evil Queen has standards to uphold.”

“Exactly,” Regina agreed, red-painted nails tapping furiously on her laptop keys. “Why would she use such paltry ingredients when she has the whole enchanted world at her fingertips?”

Robin aimed a screwed up ball of paper at the trashcan in the corner, the missile effortlessly hitting its mark. “How about our Queen throws in ‘essence of an Adam Sandler film’? That’d be enough to put me to sleep.”

“As head writer I’m going to have to veto that,” said Regina, a smile curling up the corner of her mouth. “But how do we all feel about unicorn’s blood?”

“This job’s a bit different to the usual fare isn’t it?” an accented voice murmured near Emma’s ear, causing her to jolt in her seat. She turned to her right where the other new writer, Killian, was seated. 

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Advanced Review: Rat Queens #11

How does a team of misfit lady-warriors regroup after saving the world from mind-altering tentacled demons? They go back to school. Duh. Rat Queens is back and writer Kurtis J. Wiebe is joined by Tess Fowler, artist for the Braga solo issue, and colorist Tamra Bonvillain (Wayward, Pisces) as the new permanent team after Stjepan Šejić had to step down due to health issues (feel better Stjepan!)…

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Idk if there’s a shipping war right now going on between rhack and other ships. (Because every time I see hateful people I block , I am the “Blocking Queen.“) But damn. Why can’t we just have a good time and talk about how “Tales From The Borderlands” is an awesome game. Why must we fight. Can’t we join forces and make more peace and love in the world. Now don’t get me wrong , you dont have to ship what you dont like. That’s what makes you , you. But dont hate anyone for not shipping what you ship. Imagine if we supported each-other instead of knocking others down! LOVE EACH-OTHER PEOPLE AND DONT MAKE OTHERS SAD BECAUSE THEY DONT SHIP WHAT YOU SHIP!!!! AND STOP ACTING LIKE ASSHOLES AND SENDING ANONYMOUS COMMENTS TO PEOPLE MAKING THEM FEEL BAD!!!!! YOU LITTLE DICK FACES!!! Alright you get the point. Make love not war.

Alexander, Now

the old king’s boy, bred for industrial warfare-
scheming mother with dark-painted lips and maps
committed to memory- the world may not be
as large as it once was, but it is much deeper and
in that depth one may find their share of
blood and gold.

they’re gonna turn you into songs, kid-
old teachers grinding away in private
enclaves, grant-soaked professor who
offer office hours only to the generals’ sons
and the old king begs for the best-

his queen demands it.

and here’s the boy, golden son born a little
too early to unfurl the lion’s starry crest,
born a little too late for a solar crown
but spinning the impossible into fine
brand-name coats is the job of a little
godlet.  one day, his mother says. one day.

in old half-told stories mothers were
things of the gods: they were made of vicious
black-ink seas, carved of dangerous bones
and hardened with ferocious love-

look at you kid, you look like your father but you
got your mother’s spine. that’s a good thing but
remember heavy is the crown and all that bullshit;
better to be a soldier than a king although the
fire blasted desert isn’t the same old pathway of
conquest- there are quick-eyed men with
smooth voices and careful woman with their
fortunes sewn up in swiss banks-

beneath, his mother says. beneath the world. not the surface anymore.

look at the boy by his side-
they wear sunglasses and dark coats, sweeping from
the eastern rain although what
drops would dare despoil the
little prince’s shoulders-

the boy though is brimming and
cossetted, made strong and fit by
that same fierce love mothers are
fired from except there’s a different
vein pumping the heat of the earth
to the heart of an eager soldier and
when the sun spreads its last red fingers
over the worn-down mountains there
are sparks forged, muttered promises
and bruised mouths-

this will all be for you the godlet says. everything, everything.

I have everything, the boy replies, hair in his face. I have you.

the conquest is not nearly the most important part.
or important at all.
it’s an old story
but here is a
far older

death is the human hand dealt;
we made stories to outlast us and
bring us home and we carve ourselves
looking back from permanent things:
stone and glass, steel, the press of the earth
and the roar of its magma veins- the prince
dips in his hands and pulls them out
ichor-stained but he is no god- there
haven’t been any of those
around for a while-

money and land and power
are sweet and torture- the boy
grows pale and no matter what’s
spent sickness is the great equalizer-
all those bones crushed beneath a
warrior’s hands, all the earth trod
by hungry armies and the end is
a white room with beeping machines
and innumerable wires curling like
snakes into arms robbed of muscle,
of youth.

the prince doesn’t come in time.

break a few windows and you’re lawyers smooth over the mess-
break a few countries, crack their supple spines and spit them out-
there are armies enough to come and pave the
roads again and reporters who accept the bribes
they’re handed-

doesn’t matter doesn’t matter doesn’t matter

this is the cruel truth of promises-
they are always kept, especially the ones
you can’t help making, especially the ones
you’re born beholden to and a stone lion
in some red desert is pounded to memory
by unconscious currents of sand and wind-

the king falls to the queen
and the queen falls to
the son and the son
falls to his lover
and his lover
falls to death
and in the
end the
monuments rust to nothing and
another king is born brimming bright
and cradled in a mother’s ferocious arms.

—  L. Maruska

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when i’m finally queen of the world i will make it law that straight men who talk about lesbians receive capital punishment