Farewell Albania, I thought. You have given me so much, hospitality, refuge, friends, and adventures. Farewell Albanian, one day I will tell the world how brave, fearless, strong and faithful your sons are, how death and the devil can’t frighten them. If necessary I’ll tell how they protected a refugee and wouldn’t allow her to be harmed even if it mean losing their lives. The gates of your small country remained open, Albania. Your authorities closed both eyes, when necessary, to give poor persecuted people another chance to survive the most horrible of all wars. Albania, we survived the siege because of your humanity. We thank you.
—  Escape through the Balkans: The Autobiography of Irene Grunbaum

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You are very endearing when you are half asleep. With Herc or Oak?

You dont mean to wake him as you came in. But with the adrenaline from a night out its hard to keep your footsteps light as you make your way into the bedroom.

A loud groan sounds from the bed as Oak turns over to look at you, one eye only half open as he rubs the other one.

“Babe? What the hell are you doing?” He grumbles as you drop your purse on top of your dresser.

“Shhh! Gotta be quiet, Oak’s sleeping,” you whisper, pressing your finger to your lips.

He rolls his eyes, sitting up and sliding out of the bed.

“Oh he’s awake,” he mutters, making his way over to you and carefully placing his hands on your arms. “Holy shit, how much did you have to drink?” He asks.

You giggle, leaning into him slightly as you look up at him.

“I don’t remember but I think a lot,” you tell him, pushing his hands away to start pulling your clothes off.

He sighs, helping you out of your clothes and into one of his large shirts before leading you to the bed, all with a frown on his face.

“I’m sorry I woke you up,” you mumble as he pulls you in tight against his sleep.

“It’s fine babe, just sleep so I can sleep,” he grumbles.

You notice the hint of annoyance in his voice and suddenly start to feel guilty.

“I’ll make it up to you,” you offer, looking up at him hopefully but his eyes are closed tight.

“Not necessary.”

“You know, you are very endearing when you are half asleep,” you whisper, trying to at least get him to crack a smile.

He sighs, kissing your forehead before resting his chin on the top of your head.

“Let me sleep Y/N. If you do I won’t be grumpy in the morning.”

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I really want to have rough sex with Bill. Like the anger fueled stuff where he loses control and just taps into the primal side. It'd involve biting. God the thought gets me going..

Omg, both of your intents only being to get yourself off with the other. So you’re both completely out of it and fucking like crazy, like hard, fast, gripping at each other and making as much noise as you feel necessary. Eyes closed unless they’re staring in to one another’s shamelessly, mouths open in pleasure. THIS HAS FUCKED ME UPPP, imagine him gripping your ass so hard you’re sure it’d leave bruises, cradling it while he pounds in to you. Take this laptop away from me immediately. 

Send me ya THIRSTIEST Bill fantasies.