Imagine Jongin discovering and buying one of those Velcro Sticky Walls to practice his ballet poses. He puts on the necessary uniform and closes his eyes. His leg muscles flex as he propels himself forward, toes pointed, and leaping with all the beauty and grace he can muster to strike the most beautiful ballet pose. He feels his body hit the sticky velcro wall in perfect position and a slight tug as gravity tries to fault him, but to no avail. Jongin sighs in contentment as he sits stuck to the sticky velcro wall sideways, arms extended out in a heavenly curve on either side of him and legs poised to the side (x).
“Ah perfection,” he whispers softly. 

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"M'sieur?" The question was small, the voice just managing not to crack. "Qu'est-cd qu'il y a?" — wxlledin (Abel just asked "What's wrong?")

  moss seer? whatever NAME that was, it certainly
  wasn’t HIS– nor was it any name he had ever heard
  of. similar to MORSOV, maybe, but that couldn’t be 
  it– morsov was among the greats in valhalla now,
  riding eternal. whatever GIBBERISH comes out of the
  other’s mouth, it’s precisely that to nux: gibberish. the
  only thing the war boy can truly piece together is that
  the boy is from another place, definitely not the citadel; 
  the civilization that built the spiky cars, maybe, in which
  case would deem him an ENEMY. the war boy keeps a
  close, watchful eye on this one, body POSED for war if

      ( never know if they’re gonna
        attack the citadel, not at this
        rate!! ) 

                     ❛ NO– no moss seer here!! an’ we
                         want none a’ yous!! get BACK!!
                         or… –or i’ll fight you!  ❜

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Are you going to do an activity check soon?

I’ve been keeping a very close eye on activity and have sent out any necessary warning messages. Removing members from the group based on inactivity is something Jaz will attend to when she returns on Tuesday. But hopefully that won’t have to happen!

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