how is it that everyone’s best friend is an asshole?? statistically speaking, there should be some best friends out there who are not huge jerks
Brooke Headcanons

likes bright neon nail polish

still sleeps with stuffed animals

had braces in middle school

has a history of being cheated on

actually very sweet

her best subject is english but her favorite is her pottery elective-though she hates what it does to her nails

she’s been bffs with Chloe since 6th grade

she tends to fall for the “sad boy” archetype “because she just wants to take care of people ok???”

favorite color is yellow

insecure because she feels always second best to Chloe

actually has trouble reading people/the social atmosphere so she generally just goes along with whatever Chloe does

deliberately self depreciates so people will compliment her (she just…needs the validation ok??)

kind of bad at doing her own hair, Chloe likes to braid it for her though

weakness for fast food 

tag yourself as my mutuals

- always has discourse about FE Fates
- sends me memes
- Lúcio main
- he scream

- walking shitpost
- art is hard
- tries her very best
- actually a frog

- good and pure
- soft
- azami’s wife
- loves her gf A Lot™

- loves samus aran
- soft
- always there if u need to talk
- a good meme

- pure
- sends you nice things and compliments u
- “actually don’t fuck spider guardian unless you’re into that”
- definitely a support main

- always hungry
- klance is her life force
- no will to live
- does anything and injures herself

anonymous asked:

Heya! Just popping in to say I found a tiny plain metal slinky under my sofa a few hours ago, & i havent put it down since! Its 3cm across & 3.5 height when coiled - its so small & cute!! Perfect for fiddling in 1 hand! Its plain metal, so patches of shine & discolour are actually very pleasing! & best of all, its something i can keep beside me on my desk & get only 1 question - super duper stealth!! (I just shrugged when asked where i found a slinky & that was that!) Love the blog!! 💜

(Small slinky anon again!) The tiny slinky is magnetic!!! Oh happy days!! The tumblr ask system is so rotten i’ll see if i can find the product on amazon, but idk if it would work? Maybe you could use this as a springboard for a slinky post…? 💜

(its slinky anon again!!) Sorry about the last ask - i meant as the post could be a springboard for the follower community to comment about slinkies!!! Not to demand you made a post or anything!! (Anyway,, you have a wonderful blog!! Keep up the fantastic work!!!) 💜             

Slinky anon, I have never, ever found a cool stim toy under my couch (just tissues and cat hair) so congratulations on your discovery. The stim gods are with you, it seems! Thank you so much for the compliment, both for my own sake and on behalf of the mod crew who are helping me so much. And it’s no worries! I’m happy to talk about slinkies at any time!

I may have just taken my purple metal slinky to the fridge to see if it is magnetic, but sadly, it isn’t.

I love slinkies and I adore my metal slinky. The feel, movement and sound it makes is absolutely divine - I really do love fidget toys that provide multiple sensory feedback, and the slinky does this so well.

Mini plastic slinkies are easy to find - just about every store with a party section will have them as party favours, with varying quality. This set of six for $2 AUD from K-Mart are pretty good - the plastic isn’t too thin and the slinky doesn’t get pushed out of shape. Or you can get fifty of them for $10.43 USD on Amazon, just in case you want to give them out to all your stimming friends!

Sadly, I don’t have a good experience myself with the mini metal slinkies I’ve found locally. I bought this slinky from Toyworld here in Australia (and saw this same slinky with identical packaging for sale at Sensory Oasis for Kids) and while it sounded and felt great, it left blue dye all over my hands and got so hopelessly tangled I threw it away. I don’t recommend buying these at all.

I found a listing on Amazon for 12 mini metal slinkies for $8.82 USD and $5.89 USD shipping to Australia, and an ebay listing from the US with 6 mini metal slinkies for $5.99 USD plus $5.99 USD shipping to Australia. (I’d expect folks shipping within the US to pay less shipping on both listings.) None of these slinkies are dyed, so they shouldn’t have the problems I did with the colour wearing onto your hands. I’d like to get one, because I really like the portability of the small slinkies, as you said, anon!

(A note on search terms: because “slinky” is the trademarked name, you might also wish to search for “spring” or “coil”.)

If anyone has any good sources for these stim toys of awesome, please comment away and I’ll add them to this post.

But thank you, anon, for sharing your discovery and your joy in your discovery with us. We love getting to talk about awesome toys!

- Mod K.A.

anonymous asked:

Lately I've been following your post and the dad stuff got weird, but in other note all the college post lately are perfect. I have finals next week and I relate to the procrastination. Another random thought bc I haven't taken my ADHD meds yet, I respect that you have a boyfriend; you're pretty cute! I bet y'all make the cutest couple! Best of luck on your finals!

Thank you so much! This is actually very sweet, and best of luck to you too friend!


Imagine Altair Giving You a “Present”

This ficlet is a birthday present for Talia AKA Mama Bear of fablesfromthecreed (April 25), without whom this blog wouldn’t have been created. Thank you for everything you’ve done for the AC fan community!
Suggested listening (No, it’s not hipster music this time.): Beats Antique – “Battle”

Y/N woke up this morning to find a note where Altair should have been. She took a glance at the note, and saw that it was encrypted in a code only a few Assassins understood. Of course, she was one of them, and this note was intended for her. It took her a few minutes to decrypt it.

“I have a present for you. It is at the top of the highest tower in Masyaf,” the note read.

It didn’t take her long to get to the tower. She looked for a door that might lead to a stairway to the top. It was locked. She looked around, and saw that there was a sturdy rope hanging from the top window. She cursed a little, but agreed to climb the rope that was most likely put there by Altair. Actually, trained by the very best, she could have climbed the tower even without the rope, but then she’d still prefer to stay on the ground. Whatever Altair prepared for her, it better be good, she thought.

Finally, she’s inside the highest room of the tower. The first thing that greeted her was the heavy aroma of her favourite hash incense. Though she wouldn’t admit it to Altair, it made her forget how tired she was from climbing. (Also, this explained why her incense was nowhere to be found yesterday.) She looked around, and found that the floor was strewn with cozy-looking carpets and pillows, and among them was Altair himself.

“You could have met me on the ground,” she said, feigning annoyance.

“Yes. But the view wouldn’t be as breathtaking,” Altair nodded toward the window.

He was right. She looked outside the window and saw the whole of Masyaf below. It was the wind, however, that truly made it special. She closed her eyes and listened to its free motion that couldn’t be heard down below.

After some minutes, she turned back to him and said, “So, you told me you had a present for me.”

“Yes, and here he is,” he said with a playful smile that was reserved for only those he adored.


((RP prompt for @ask-the-great-papyrus because THEY BACK AND I’M STOKED. Yeah i know I said I wasn’t doing anymore threads BUT THE EXCEPTION IS HERE.

Only slightly based off a prompt in my inbox

Prompt: Sans is sick and has been for a while. He’s kept it hidden pretty well, at leadt in his mind, but now things are really starting to degrade. A dull headache has set in, focusee behind his magic eye… Worst of all, it seems to be affecting his powers. How long will it take for him to crack and tell someone?))

He couldn’t breathe for a few seconds, the pain was so bad.

Standing at his post at the guard station, Sans wasn’t feeling his very best. Actually, he’d never felt quite this ill before and by god he didn’t ever want to again once this passed. It was getting to the point where the thought food downright nauseated him and he was sleeping more than usual.

There he was standing just moments ago, when he felt his body wracked with an… Awful amount of power. It felt as though it were going to explode right out of his eye, his face, every pore of his being. As the waves of energy washed over him, he doubled over and rested his face on the surface of the sentry station, taking deep, ragged breaths.

The pain subsided at long last, and left him blue-faced and out of breath. He’d been hiding his sickness… What two, three weeks maybe? Time really dis blend down in the underground. And yet, a part of him actually wanted someone to know… Maybe then he wouldn’t have to try and hide it ao much.

He couldn’t be sick; not with his brother to look after.

Sweet and Sour


Pairing: Luke/ Y/n

Author note: So I’ve decided to challenge myself. I’ve done this once before where I get my English class vocabulary words and make a short story with them, but because my sophomore teacher really sucked, she only did one week of vocab words and gave up. However, I am now a junior and in a more advanced class. So far, I have 12 weeks of vocab words and more later in the year. As a New Years resolution, I would like to come up with a long story and each week (consist of 10 vocab words) will be a chapter. The first day I got the words, I thought of a story, and I’m really excited to do this. I really hope you enjoy this because this is the biggest thing I’m doing. Also, the story is based on 2014 Luke, so he’s 17 going to be 18. I WILL LIKE TO CONFIRM THIS NOW, IM NOT THE SMARTEST WHEN IT COMES TO ROYALTY ANS STUFF BUT IM DOING THIS BASED ON MY IMAGINATION SO IM MAKING MY OWN RULES! If I get any comments about how it’s suppose to be, I will link you to this.

S&S Masterlist // Masterlist

“Momma! Can I go play with my friends?” The young boy pointed to a group of other young boys with raggedy clothes. “Go ahead, be careful,” the mother yelled out as she hanged the wet laundry on the line.

He watched the boy run to his friends with the biggest smile on his face. He watched as they all ran together to who-knows-where. Even if they were low on money, had horrible clothes, and a bad home, young Luke was jealous at the sight of the boy having more freedom than him.

The view from his window showed the whole village, like the bakery that was owned a lovely old couple. He remembers one time a servant was talking about how they had such amazing desserts, and that they were to die for. Luke asked the servant one time if she could bring him one, but was led to an automatic no from his mother.

To his left, he can see the nuns walking to the church from the abbey ,sticking in the same order as the do everyday. His most favorite view of all was the next door kingdom’s castle, home to the the king and queen of Estella and the young princess that was about a few years younger than him , Princess Y/n.

Young Luke got most of his outside information from the servants as he liked to hide and listen to their conversations, but he heard from one that Princess Y/n was absolutely beautiful and is already having many princes asking her hand in marriage.

“Marriage?” Luke began to think of the thing. “To… a girl… IM NEVER GETTING MARRIED!”

~10 years later~

“It’s time to get up, Prince”.

I groan loudly at the sound of my servant as she opens up the blinds wide open, letting the sun shines directly at my face. “Please Angelica,” I cried out.

She laughs at me and grabs my stuff from my dresser, “oh I’m sorry, your majesty, but if -”

“I want to be a good king, I have to wake up early and attend classes. I know! But can’t I just get a few more minutes…” I turn my body away from her, closing my eyes tighter, and pulling the covers closer to me.

“Nope” , she pops the p in the word and rips the covers off my body. “Now get dress, or else I will do it.” I can sense her abrasive tone that I’ve never liked.

Angelica is a young maid, about mid twenties, who’s been working here since I was 8. She’s a nice lady and I can see why mom hired her. She was 18 when she began working here. I remember when she was assigned to be my personal servant, and how she came in very nervous on her first day. Now that I’m 17, she’s gotten used to my laziness and attitude, but what I like most, she doesn’t treat me like a prince.

I forced myself off the bed and to my nicely folded clothes. I buttoned the white collared long sleeve and slipped into the black trousers. I dragged myself out of my room and down the long hall to my first class.

“Good morning, your majesty, are you ready for today’s lesson?”

I shut the door and once again, dragged myself from the room and onto the next. 3 hours of sitting down the correct way, picking up a cup, taking a sip from the cup, and gently placing the cup down.

Next was my 2nd most hated class: fencing. It wasn’t because I was out of shape, I was actually very good at it, best in my kingdom in fact. The reason why I hated it so much was because I understood nothing what the instructor spoke. Like sometimes he would yell out duck, and I wouldn’t understand and I would barely avoid getting hit in the head. After 2 hours of that I was finally able to go to my favorite class, music.

I walked in, to my surprise it was empty. I walked to the corner where I left my guitar then taking a seat in the middle of the class. The acoustics in the large music room sounded amazing as I strummed my guitar to the beat that I wanted. I love to close my eyes and just relax, letting my fingers go to the different strings. This is how I would like my life to be, calming, peaceful and -“

“Your majesty, the queen is calling for you.”

After setting my guitar down on my chair, I head to the throne room.

“Good morning, Luke.”

“Good morning mom,” I smiled widely at my mom as she gave me a big squeeze.

My mom wasn’t like the typical queen that was stern every second of her life, she was caring, but very cautious of what I do. She dressed in a simple dress and had her crown on her head.

“Soon you will be 18 and,” my mother began, which I knew where this was leading to. “It’s time for you to find yourself the next queen, which is why we’re going to the neighboring kingdom tomorrow.”

“Mom,” I whined as she squeezed onto me tighter. “My youngest baby is growing up, and now she’s going to get himself a wife. .”

She let go of me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. I rubbed my cheek and blushed as the servants snickered. “Wait, then why are we going to the Estella? Doesn’t that princess have proposals?”

My mom grabbed my arms and led me down the halls, “yes she does, but the king and queen decided to gather all the princes that are interested.”

“But mom,” I stopped, “Princess Y/n choosing me is absolutely absurd, she wouldn’t choose scrawny me. And besides,” I lowered my head and mumbled, “I’m pretty sure Prince Daniel will be there.”

Prince Daniel is the ideal Prince that all the girls look for. We are the same age, but he wasn’t a boy, nope, he was considered a man. It was like he skipped puberty and went straight to being the handsome man that everyone wants. He was the complete opposite of me, broad, green eyes, perfect brown hair, clear skin, and a terrible attitude.

“Lukey,” she gently raised my head with her hand and brought me out of my thoughts, “ Princess Y/n would be stupid to choose that abhorrent thing.” She continued to walk until we sat on the nearby bench, which I kept my head down and twirled my fingers, “you are such a talented boy with such great manners. You don’t know how many proposals you’ve gotten.”

“What.” I quickly turned my head and watched her shrug,“ I hid them from you because they were snobs,” her voice suddenly changed and filled with acrimony. I chuckled and thanked my mom for for being so good. “Just smile, Lukey. Don’t forget, once you find a girl, me and dad will abdicate our throne to you and her. So choose someone good.” I watched my mom get up and walk away, but suddenly stop. “Also, Jack told a few accusations about you to his servants.”

My head sprung him and eyes widen, “what did he say?”

“Well, he said that you are a nice prince, but said that you’re a brat and picky.”


“He also sent a letter this morning, he seeks absolution, he didn’t think his servants would tell the servants to Estella.”

I rested my head in my hands and sighed. Well there goes my chance.

A couple of months ago, Jack got married to a princess and became king of the kingdom. And Jack, being my older brother, loved to mess around with me, even if he was more than 100 miles away.

I headed back to the music room and held the guitar back into my arms. The movement in my fingers went by themselves, and suddenly I was playing a whole new tune and my mind was clear from all the problems that I always try to abstain from.

~In Estella~

“Y/n, tomorrow is going to be a very important day, so please, be prepared.” Sitting at the throne looked a very tired man with a crown sitting on top of his head. Next to him was the queen in a throne not so big as his.

The young girl looked at her father with a smirk, “Isn’t everyday an important day?”

The king sighed, absolutely done with his daughter’s attitude, “yes, but this is going to be your future.”

The girl frowned, knowing exactly what tomorrow will be like. “But, I don’t want to be married. Dad, they’re all the same, bratty little jerks.”

She tried to leave but the king stood up. “There will be dozens of Princes tomorrow and that will be final. You will choose a prince. If you don’t, I will.” The king ordered the Princess back to her room. She obliged and got up and walked down the dark hall and into her room.

She shut the door and turned the lights off, but her smirk was visible. She grabbed her velvet red cloak and climbed out of her window for her daily night adventure.

A/n Well there’s part one to this many chapter story. Sorry this absolutely sucked, but I hope you guys stick around. :))

My Boys Drabbles - Moving In

Hey everyone. Busy day today. Here goes another drabble. @jia911​, thank you for your help, as always you did an amazing job.

This story is from the series My Boys Drabbles but it can also be read as a independent one shot.

  • The Prompt:

@shepherdess-amelia​ asked for a story where Maggie would move in with Owen and Amelia

An anon at @omeliafics​ asked for “the attending’s going out for dinner and bowling and owen and amelia being cute & fluff”. This is not bowling but it’s similar.

  • Timeline:

This one sets 3 months after the Omelia wedding. They don’t have any kids yet.

 Moving In

“Amelia, you’re not gonna believe this!” Owen stormed into the house, closing the front door after him, “Guess who I treated in the ER today, you’re never-“ Owen stopped mid-sentence when he noticed Amelia wasn’t alone like he had originally imagined. “Hey, Maggie” He said cheerfully, dropping his car keys on the coffee table “What’s going on?” He added, noticing Amelia’s best friend definitely didn’t look well.

“Babe, Maggie is going to spend the night, ok?” Amelia looked deeply into his eyes and Owen understood that with that look that he shouldn’t ask any more questions.

“Yeah, sure.” He replied casually “I’m just going to take a shower, I’ll leave you guys to talk. I can cook dinner if you don’t want to order in.”

“Amelia cooked us chicken parm,” Maggie said with a smile, but her eyes were swollen and her red nose betrayed her “We were waiting for you to be home so we could all have dinner together.”

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I’ve been riding a lot of emotions today but this? This is what finally made me cry. 

Call me sappy all you want but this honestly just made me cry. Actual tears. 

The very best of the delighted & hopeful kind. 

I’m not even American, I’m Canadian, & we’ve had marriage equality for longer than I’ve technically known I’m queer, but this is still so important.

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, you’ll know how important media is to me. How important stories are, especially the kind with a little bit of magic in them, & the way that those stories can give people hope, & the ways I think those stories need to include more kinds of people.

And this?

This is a step in that direction. 

I’m crying because I remember watching a movie as a child. It was one where the female character stood at the top of the stairs, dressed in finery, & walked down the stairs to the boy at the point, & he swept her out on the dancef loor…

And I loved that movie, I loved it a lot. But that scene always disappointed me. Because look at this girl, she’s so beautiful & smart & captivating, & the boy was…

He was…

I didn’t know. I didn’t know why that scene never felt right to me, why other scenes like it nagged at me sometimes, because I had never seen anything else.

I wanted to be that girl, & I wanted to be that boy waiting at the bottom that deserved that girl, & both…

And mostly neither, because I didn’t even understand the way I was feeling about it.

Because there weren’t any stories where the girl waits for the girl. Where the girl rescues the girl. Where any of that happens, there just weren’t.

So I couldn’t even hope for that, because I didn’t know it was something I could hope for, not until a lot of years & a lot of pain later.

I’m crying because there are little girls just like me in the park that are going to see that & know they deserve a happy ending.

That they deserve a happy ending & magical adventures as much as any other little girl, & as a result of that? 

They might just love who they are a bit more, and know who they are just a little bit more.

They might grow up knowing that it’s an option. They might grow up without the kind of uncertainty I had, the same level of fear & fumbling.

I’m only 21, I’m not that old, but as a kids it was still so different & there was nothing like this kind of visibility. Not for kids.

I spent years of my life not even knowing because I didn’t have the right context to understand who I was, & years more conflicted about it.

Years of ignorance & bullying & hatred & self-doubt.

And there are little girls like me who are going to see this & gain hope to overcome that.

The world, or even one country, aren’t made perfect by this. 

There are still so many battles to fight, things to overcome. But, oh, this is hope.

And hope? Well. Harvey Milk said it pretty damn well.

“I know that you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living. And you…And you…And you…You gotta give em hope.

All caught up on Captain Marvel.

You guys, it’s a mainstream superhero comic book with a cast of basically only women and they all wear real clothes and they’re fighting both in physical sense because it’s war and in the everyday sense of people not taking them seriously because they’re women and OH MY GOD THIS IS EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED IN COMICS AND THEY’RE GIVING IT TO ME THROUGH MY GIRL.

Kelly Sue DeConnick is actually the very best person ever.

Random Things About the Signs
  • Aries: very awkward actually.
  • Taurus: tries their very best to get along.
  • Gemini: doesn't forgive or forget.. like ever.
  • Cancer: doesn't realize everyone loves them.
  • Leo: has a reputation for being conceited but doesn't see themselves half as wonderful as they actually are wtf.
  • Virgo: sometimes reckless.
  • Libra: loves others so much more than themselves, it's kinda sad.
  • Scorpio: virgin but on the lookout for some dick.
  • Sagittarius: lowkey knows how awesome they are, puts themselves down anyways.
  • Capricorn: never sees themselves as average; either they're super good or they suck.
  • Aquarius: so good at keeping secrets when it means something; trustworthy af:
  • Pisces: not even a perfectionist but just generally perfect??

I can’t figure out what I love most about that ouat sneak peek. Is it the fact that we now know show Regina is as weirdly obsessed with her own lasagne as fanon Regina? Maybe it’s the fact that if you tried to describe this scene to a non-viewer they’d think you were a lunatic. “So, OK, the reformed Evil Queen from Snow White is trying to get Hyde from Jekyll and Hyde to help her, so she makes him her signature lasagne dish only the other half of her - sorry, did I mention she’d been split in half? - has got there before her and she’s already made him lasagne and also redecorated his cell in a tasteful faux Victorian style.”

But actually I think the very best thing is that, for this scene to have happened, THE EVIL QUEEN MUST HAVE MADE LASAGNE. Like, I can’t stop picturing her standing over the stove in one of her ridiculous outfits, carefully stirring the bechamel sauce and licking the spoon in an insanely sexual way even though there’s no one there to watch her do it.