Trevor Dietz with Miles Kane (x) May 25, 2016


Happy 34th Birthday, Sebastian Stan! | August 13th, 1982 ♡

the very best of bob hall

“well if no one else wants them”
“…it’s coming”
oH gOd
*pushes microphone away*
bobert is frightened
drumming appreciation
what an angel
when he stole benji’s money

(van, bondy, benji)

All caught up on Captain Marvel.

You guys, it’s a mainstream superhero comic book with a cast of basically only women and they all wear real clothes and they’re fighting both in physical sense because it’s war and in the everyday sense of people not taking them seriously because they’re women and OH MY GOD THIS IS EVERYTHING I’VE EVER WANTED IN COMICS AND THEY’RE GIVING IT TO ME THROUGH MY GIRL.

Kelly Sue DeConnick is actually the very best person ever.


Aggressively blurring the lines between 2d, 2.5d and 3d, Bakumatsu Rock proves it has the best official twitter account with genius birthday campaign for Takasugi Shinsaku (2016/8/20).

Some human pearls (unintentional, I forgot to leave space for the gems I’m sorry) drawn in clothes I designed :3

teammysterion  asked:

Yes, Lance as Hamilton and Keith as Laurens but Shiro is Lafayette because GWash (Allura) and him, were The Best Team™ And you're right some of them don't fit in the character but It's bc they're young adults trying their best and in Hamilton are a bunch of grown-ups being assholes /glares at jefferson/ Also! Shay is Peggy (peggy was fierce!)

It seems generally agreed that Shiro and Allura are GWash and Lafayette, though which one is which is the question. They’re definitely The Best Team™ though, they would totally win a war together

Shay as Peggy!!! Peggy being fierce is pure Fact. My favorite story about her is the one about that time a group of men raided the Schuyler’s house to take out Philip Schuyler. Peggy and the rest of the people in the house hid in a bedroom upstairs before realizing that they left a baby downstairs. Peggy volunteered herself to go down there and grab the baby. She got caught by the men and when asked (at gunpoint) where her dad was, she lied out of her ass and told them he was getting help, which scared them so much they left. If you can’t imagine Shay doing something like that with perfect clarity, you can get out of my face

What’s in Sass’ white coat! Hope I’m not too late!

Nothing particularly impressive actually haha. I’m still on my very first rotation! 

Quick rundown

  • Best purple steth (heard a murmur last week, heyyy)
  • Clipboard/all the basic stuff thing everyone has because its awesome
  • Phone (not shown because thats how I took the picture)
  • iPad mini + case
  • School ID with a cake sticker on the back (hosptial ID is covered)
  • Regular pens + stylus
  • Half finished snacks
  • The beeper from hell (its broken, it calls me FOR EVERY TRAUMA, I’M NOT EVEN ON TRAUMA)
  • Super cute flamingo notebook which actually goes in my bag with my wallet but its so damn cute I couldn’t resist

And that’s all of it! 


(for my friendo @scrym who is actually the very best like no one ever was—-)

  Pearl felt like the warmth spreading through her body would swallow her whole if she were to lose her grip on the grass she was fiercely holding on to. Rose´s pinkie finger was ever so slightly touching hers,every nerve in her body feeling concentrated on that spot. 

  She had to make herself focus on the vast expanse of small cottages,illuminated by smoldering fire and surrounded by dancing humans,that was the reason she was there! Rose was so eager to show Pearl the view,it would be rude to not pay attention. 

 ´So,what do you think?´,Rose placed a gentle hand on her shoulder,´Aren´t they amazing? Despite their need of sleep,their music always plays louder at night.´ 

 ´It seems quite counterproductive.´ 

 Rose giggled and Pearl´s breath almost got caught in her throat. She took her hand off of Pearl´s back to run it through her hair and then placed it over Pearl´s. Pearl hoped her squeak was just in her mind. 

 ´Perhaps.´,her smile was obvious in her voice as she nudged Pearl with her shoulder,´Or maybe that´s what makes it fun.´ 

 ´Yeah.´,Pearl whispered in a soft breath,her eyes never leaving their connected hands. 

 ´Pearl´,she looked up to see Rose looking at her like she was the most important person in the universe at that moment,the answer to every question ever asked. It wasn´t the first time she looked at her like that,but not being on the battlefield made it feel different. There was no war to be won now. 

 ´Yeah?´,she wasn´t even sure if she said it outloud,she wasn´t sure of anything but Rose at her side,looking at her like that. 

 ´Can I kiss you?´

 Pearl could feel her heartbeat like gongs being hit inside her chest,shaking her to the core. Rose´s lips looked soft as everything else about her and Pearl felt too small and sharp to be around someone like her. 

 But then Rose was cupping her cheek,thumb drawing semi moons,and it was the same hand that offered her the chance to make her own freedom,the same hand that took her to a new world,a new fate. 

 Pearl leaned in slowly and Rose met her halfway. It was just a peck but Pearl came out of it smiling. She giggled. Rose giggled too. Then they started to giggle together,stealing small pecks now and then,on the forehead,nose or hair if their giggle fit was particulary shaking. 

 Pearl took a deep breath to compose herself,then she ran her fingers through Rose´s hair,fixing it as best as she could. The fit was dying down but she wasn´t feeling the panic she has been expecting. She was feeling like the warmth has settled inside of her.

Honestly I thank God so much for this summer.

Sure, there were rough bits, but I saw my favorite band in concert, went on an aesthetic road trip, hung out with my friends, went to camps, ran through midnight streets lit only by streetlights, ste ice cream, walked the dog, went swimming and worked on a short film.

What more could I ask for? This has literally been the best summer of my life and I can’t complain.

誰その夢 (prologue)
  • 誰その夢 (prologue)
  • Haruka Shimotsuki
  • Ar tonelico Hymmnos Musical Vocal Best ~Claire&Spica~

Dare Sono Yume ~prologue~   - [ info ]

Ok but why do I suddenly feel like re-reading Anna Karenina?

Ahh… the classic keyhole sweater, you can never go wrong with that one.

Phoebe is my oc, and the guy in the speech bubble is Cole, which is @ariam-jan‘s oc. I like her for the fact that she has the “Kuchiki Rukia” body type, which is refreshing different from the usual “hourglass” shape.

anonymous asked:

do you know of any bleed resistant notebooks/non-bleed pens and where to buy them in store(I can’t buy them online)?


leuchtturm1917 - retailers vary by country, you can google “leuchtturm1917 retailers <your country here>” here’s the page for the u.s. 

rhodia - i have no clue tbh… i found a page of online retailers and maybe these places have actual stores you can visit

moleskine (not the very best but they’re much easier to find than the above two options) - this is a store locator for the u.s., might want to check the moleskine site for your country if you’re not from the u.s.


most ballpoint pens don’t bleed - my favorites are the papermate inkjoy 300 ballpoint pens (NOT THE GEL PENS) which can be found at most office supply retailers

muji gel pens don’t bleed that much, and can be found at muji stores 

uniball signo 207 gel pens are also pretty good and can be found at most office supply retailers

i hope this helps!