[intense early 2000′s rapper voice] REESE’S PUFFS, REESE’S PUFFS.

R E E S E ’ S   P U F F S ,   R E E S E ’ S   P U F F S .

Do ya’ll see this image? Like, do you SEE this image? No? Look closer:

The Baes are nice, but look CLOOOOOSER:

Now, why did I zoom in on the smallest focus of this image, Tsumugi Kotobuki? Because I’ve devoted around 65% of this blog to her and studying her every moment of muscle and word as a curriculum? No, well, yes, but not really in this instance.

So this is an official art of Horiguchi’s, my FAVORITE official artist and animation director for K-ON, and I want you all to look at her stomach. 

You guys all know I don’t like looking at the girls in a sexual way and refer to them all as my children (with the exception of Mio) and I think of Tsumugi as my precious daughter, so don’t look at this as me sexualizing her. No, I am APPLAUDING Horiguchi, and I guess Tsumugi, in this body positive image.

It’s so far literally the only image I’ve seen of this, and it could just be the angle as well, but it looks like the Moogs just has a bit tum, and I ABSOLUTELY AM IN LOVE WITH THAT. Honestly, I am so all for this body pos thing. How many animes do you see where the characters have like, any ounce of fat on them? Some, but not too many. And this is a relatively small amount of body fat on her stomach, but nonetheless it makes me love Horguchi and Tsumugi’s character all the more.

It could be just the angle or the way it’s drawn, but usually, their swimsuit bottoms are drawn as an evenly curved line. But THIS, you can see the dip right under for belly button where the alleged tum is. It’s not in any other Horiguchi K-ON beach art, but it’s here in this one and I LOVE that. It’s the “imperfections” in these girls that make them seem so real and relatable and seeing Tsumugi with this just makes me happy beyond words.

Like, I know in our society, many struggle with weight not just for health reasons, but just because of the impact the media has on people to have this flawless, sculpted beach body, both male and females, where having some flab on your stomach is supposed to be something these tabloids’ teach’ you to “BURN OFF IN 3 WEEKS BY DOING THESE RIDIC STEPS.” Like, they try to be ‘health’ oriented, but half the time it comes off as saying ‘fat is ugly burn that shit’ and is impacting our society in terrible ways. One of my best friends struggled with an eating disorder in high school and it just kills you to see your friends’ wrists becoming thinner and their clothing becoming baggier week by week. Thankfully, she’s healthy now, but I know SO MANY struggle with body image.

But small things like this, seeing this ‘imperfection’ in a piece of media, even if it’s Japanese media and a 2-D character, is still nice and I hope gives a little relief to anyone struggling with this issue today. Because Tsumugi Kotobuki is a perfect fucking angel and if SHE can have some flab on her stomach, SO CAN YOU!

ahrtdad's tumblr awards???

hey so I recently hit 3k omg so I wanted to do a little something for you guys! So I guess i’ll try this thingy out ୧༼ಠ益ಠ༽୨

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Hello everyone!

I made separate blog, kisecosplay , to put all of my cosplay and costume related stuff into.

Which means; you no longer need to put up with all of the non-cosplay stuff I post, it’s easier to browse through if you’re looking for something specific,  more wip pictures of things (such as the articulated wings and hands above), and more replies to (anon) messages! (As lovely as they are I can’t fill this blog up with dozens of them..!) 

Reblogs are really appreciated to spread the word, thank you!

I was tagged twice

I was tagged twice and I think I must correspond. I told some of you last month that I had too many text post, but this is another month so I can start to fill this photography blog with too many text posts. Also, I’ve recently discovered that some pure photographers hate text posts and tag games and disregard people who do this kind of things as childish and not proper photographer’s behavior.

I hate purism and have never in my life been adequate, proper, or whatever the mainstream order us to be, so…Eva, and Carl, thanks for tagging me.
I will not tag anyone and these are two different posts in one, so do whatever you feel like, but I would really love to see some of you doing this, it’s funny to know each other a little bit better.

Carlysle’s questions:

Things I Love Right Now:

One song: El Universo sobre mi (Amaral)

Two films: When Night is Falling (Patricia Rozema), Atraco a las tres (José María Forqué)

Three shows: The X-Files, Fortunata y Jacinta, Los gozos y las sombras. You don’t know these last two, but they are relevant to me: I was 15 and 17 when they first aired and I fell in love with all the women in these two series. Yes, I’m old.

Sorry, I fell in love with all the women in these three series.

Four people: Gillian Anderson, Ana Belén, Eva Amaral, Luz Casal.

Five foods: Jamón Ibérico, gambas al ajillo (my wife’s style) , empanada vegetal (my own), croquetas (my mother’s), tortilla de patata (my wife’s).

Eva’s questions:
Write six facts about yourself :

I tend to make jokes about everything, but I’m quite serious at the same time.

Some years ago I died for three minutes or so, so now I’m officially a zombie.

I’m obsessively punctual.

I’m quite good at imitating Ana Torroja. Or I was, I haven’t tried in ages (outside the shower, at least). Anyway, you’ll never know.

I’ve never worn makeup. Never.


Эстафета о книжных привычках, дошла и до меня. Начинаем?

Мне передала ее sleepy-hermit

♡ Где Вы обычно читаете?

🌼 Обычно я читаю в тишине, сидя на диване. Не люблю читать лежа - только сидя. Не могу читать при шуме. Меня все отвлекает.

♡ Закладка или листок бумаги?

🌼 Ни то, не другое. Я загибаю краешек страницы. 

♡ Вы можете просто остановиться во время чтения или Вы обязательно должны дочитать до конца главы?

🌼 Могу остановиться на любом моменте, но обычно дочитываю до конца главы.

♡ Вы едите или пьёте во время чтения?

🌼 Нет. Читать во время принятия пищу вредно, а еще я боюсь испачкать книгу.

♡ Телевизор или музыка во время чтения?

🌼 Нет. Меня все отвлекает. Предпочитаю тишину.

♡ По одной книге или сразу несколько?

🌼 Одна. Я пробовала читать несколько книг одновременно, но в моей голове тогда все путается. 

♡ Вы всегда читаете дома или где-нибудь ещё?

🌼 Дома.

♡ Читать вслух или про себя?

🌼 Предпочитаю читать вслух, но почти всегда читаю про себя.

♡ Пропускаете ли вы страницы во время чтения?

🌼 Если это сцены насилия - пропущу. 

♡ Бережно ли вы читаете книги?

🌼 Я чаще всего читаю в электронном варианте. Если читаю бумажную - то да.

♡ Вы пишете в книгах? 

🌼 Нет.

♡ Кому вы хотите предложить этот TAG?

🌼 Всем желающим. 

Today a grown man took his anger out on me a 15 year old child bc he believes that posting pics that can be considered provocative (not even nudes) means that u have no self respect