Natsu and Gray Parallel?

Remember when Natsu saved Gray? (on more than one occasion)

I didn’t want you to die. Didn’t my voice reach you?”

And now…

(In the top panels, pretend the roles are switched, Natsu is saying what Gray is saying and Natsu is saying what Gray is. They’re vice versa. Where Gray is saying “Lyon”, pretend it were Natsu saying “Zeref” and it’d look like the situation they’re in now.)  It’d seem pretty ironic but I can see it happening.

I think we’re going to see a very similar moment soon. 

Gray knows that Natsu is END and he is now seeing it with his own eyes. Gray will try to save Natsu, much like Natsu did for him many times. But regardless, they will have to fight soon, it’s inevitable.  

So basically, there’s a lot of angst coming.

Okay I just need to say this. I watched the ep this morning. Loved it. Loved the pacing, the balance, everything about it. I avoided Tumblr all weekend b/c I didn’t want the negativity to effect my enjoyment of it and I’m glad I did b/c some of what I’m seeing this morning has my scratching my head.

Why is it, that anytime Emma goes through something that effects Killian, she doesn’t deserve to be in a relationship with him? Real relationships are MESSY. They aren’t perfect and free from lies and angst, trust me. They tell you long term relationships and marriages are WORK for a reason. That is what Killian and Emma are getting to work through before our very eyes. Do you know how lucky that makes us as a fandom? To have the creators say, “Don’t worry, we aren’t breaking them up, we just want to see them go through the motions that real couples go through”. That’s all any ship could ever DREAM of; to not have to worry that this means doom for our couple and to get to enjoy watching them grow together and helping each other become the best versions of themselves.

It’s funny that when Killian lied to Emma and her parents about his hand and how he blackmailed Rumple, everyone was “Awwww that rascal, Killian you dummy” – no one was shouting how he doesn’t deserve Emma if he can’t tell her the truth. He also didn’t want to tell her the stuff w/Ursula either, he lied to her face…and he eventually came clean when she called him out on it. That was no more than 3-6 mos ago in the show’s time. These are character flaws. They’re insecurities. They’re learning to trust in each other. I mean, Charming and Snow were still working through those same types of issues back in S3 when he lied to her about the dreamshade. 

Emma just found out she and Killian, after the Underworld and everything, still may not get their happy ending – So instead of telling him and having what could be their potential last moments be fraught with worry and with trying to fight back, she initially chooses to go at it alone and if it’s her last moments with the man she loves, they’re going to be bliss – not full of pain and sadness. It’s not right but it’s understandable. It won’t last forever. This will, in the end, show as a huge growth moment for her b/c I’m sure she’ll learn that everyone’s happy endings are not her responsibility and that she needs to lean on the people who love her and let them help her, instead of her trying to constantly help everyone else. That’s how they learn to trust each other, that’s how Emma will break the pattern of savior doom– and she will beat this like she beats everything else, with Killian by her side.


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You are not born with the instant "talent" to draw.

“I’ll never be as good as…”
“I’ll never be talented like…”

Stop saying that. Listen. Art is NOT something people are just naturally gifted with. I did not pop outta the womb with the talent to draw. Being an artist takes years and years of practice, childhood days spent tracing over lion king scenes and attempts at mimicking anime. Internet searches of “how to draw eyes” and “how to draw hands”. Hours watching birds fly across my windows and googling random flying creatures. And you never ever EVER start off great. Never. We are all born with the ability to draw. But it is ultimately your choice over whether you want to take advantage of the ability or neglect it. It won’t take advantage of itself.

The only reason I am “gifted” is because despite my situations (foster care, homelessness, sickness, loneliness, depression, abuse) I would ALWAYS draw. It is a painful process. Forcing yourself to get the pose right. Looking at other more popular artists and feeling like you aren’t good enough. Weeks with art block and feeling like you haven’t made a fully satisfying drawing in months. Disappointingly noticing the tiniest of improvements and wanting to quit. So please do not say you’ll never be as good as me. What I have did not happen overnight.

As a matter of fact? 

If I stopped drawing completely when I was 8, I would NOT be as good as I am now. I would still have the same level of art because within the 10 years in between, I did not practice or anything. It won’t get better on its own. And you won’t magically learn how to do things. You need to teach yourself. I don’t care how much limited time you have, or where you are (I would even go to the local library and study art while living in homeless shelters godammit. Sometimes check out a few books and bring them back. You have no excuse.) Art is something you nurture. If you don’t feed it, it won’t grow. Simple.

As for being gifted? As for talent? 

That is something you DEVELOP. you don’t look at a baby and say “your daughter is going to be a talented artist!” Talent is when you’ve done something so godamn much to the point that it becomes EASY. once you are no longer struggling to draw a cat and it comes out believable, you have talent. I’ve drawn wings so fucking much over and over and over and over. And have spent days hating the way i drew them, starting over, studying anatomy, banging my head on the wall, watching how to train your dragon, watching birds. The viola! I finally developed wings that are easy for me to draw! I can draw them no problem because I’ve been doing it so much. So now I have some kind of “talent” with wings. 

 Art is what YOU make it. You want to put your energy into crying about not being good instead of actually TRYING to be good? Fine, your choice. But just don’t whine when you realize you can’t draw wings as great as someone who’s been drawing them all their lives.

“…As you develop, you will start to have fun. And even begin to learn to love the process… not just the results. Before you know it… talent will sneak up on you.” -Illustrator Will Terrell