I wonder though how easy would it be to make the Iron Fist - Danny Rand not straight though? His actor is pretty popular for playing Loras in Game of Thrones so I mean it wouldn’t be a crazy move right?


Ok! So, my parents said that I might not get a new laptop until Christmas!! It’s so far away!! So this is my idea, I will turn on submission, so you guys can submit your writings that way you have things to read that aren’t just drabbles.

This is how it’s going to work:
You submit your writing (make sure to give credit to yourself, if not then tell me who you are so I can give you proper credit!! I want everyone to know who wrote what.) I will read over it and if I like it, I’ll post it!

This can also become like a partnership with some people. Basically I want to get the requests done, so if you would like to become a partner with me, I will ask you some questions and if we become partners I will give you some requests that I got for you to write. Not everyone will become a partner, I’ll probably have up to 2-3.

This is probably going to go until I get my new laptop, maybe it won’t end after that because I feel like this is a good way to keep on top of posting daily.


1. MUST be rather sister/daughter Winchester. Unless I tell you otherwise.


3. You must tag yourself in your writing (because I don’t think it tells me who submitted it) so you can get proper credit. If you do not tag yourself, I will not submit it!

4. No ships. No destiel, winchest anything like that.

5. Try your best to make it for any age, unless it’s absolutely necessary for you to state the age try to make it for all ages.

6. Make it at least over 1,000 words. If it’s not, then it’s ok! Just try to, I’ll most likely still post it if it’s not.

7. Please give me all the necessary details like the warnings, characters, and a quick summary. If you don’t, then I’ll just do it myself, it would just be easier if it’s already done.

8. PROOF READ YOUR WRITINGS BEFORE SENDING THEM! I don’t want to go through and constantly have to fix errors. I’m fine if you miss a few, (I’ve done it uncountable times) just try and proof read it before sending it.

If you want to become a partner, please send me a message, do not send me an ask.

If you have any questions because I probably didn’t explain this too well, shoot me an ask or a message!

Do you guys think this is a good idea?