Welp, insomnia hit like a brick, but what’s bad for me is good for art updates! Working on a little project for the upcoming UT Only Con in Seoul! Pending work schedule, I’ll be going as Pre-Core Dr. Gaster along with @sansybones and @withtheworms and will be selling an SVI Vol. 1 Fanzine along with some possible other trinkets, depending on how much free time I have between now and then. Here’s a couple panels I added/updated at the very beginning of SVI to help the transition to paper format:


It was a habit for Anthony to walk through the woods after school. It helped him avoid getting into fights. Made him get the orphanage a little later than was acceptable but he could care less. The less he had to deal with them, the better.

Today wasn’t supposed to be any different. Halfway through his walk, he heard something. He froze, eyes scanning the woods. His eyes fell to the giant wolf that wasn’t nearly a safe distance away. He stared for a moment, kind of in awe. Finally, he tried to slowly move closer to it.

why is it that telltale games have made great stories about fairytale characters in modern america or space westerns with con artists and yet instead of a second season for them we get more zombies, politics, & sad bat vigilantes


Headcanon that Holtzmann have a lot of fun toying with dress codes to mess with snobbish people at formal events.