I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


Harry + 2017:

  • Released his debut single, Sign of the Times, which went platinum in the U.S.
  • Was featured in and was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine, where he was interviewed by Cameron Crowe and talked about the importance of his largely female fanbase
  • Performed on the Today Show, where he requested that the stage be lowered so he could create an intimate show for the fans
  • Was the musical guest on the first episode of SNL that was broadcast live from coast-to-coast in the U.S.
  • Sold out his first solo worldwide tour in a record-breaking 29 seconds
  • Released a documentary, ‘Behind the Album’ on Apple Music, which shows him playing some of his songs at Abbey Road Studios. Full-length performances of all his songs would later be released on ‘Behind the Album: The Performances’ 
  • Released his debut self-titled album, which was well received by critics and was #1 in 87 counties. It is the highest first week sales for a British male’s debut album since 1991 and has been certified gold in six countries.
  • Did a week-long stint on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden,’ where he participated in Carpool Karaoke and other skits, delivered one of the opening monologues, and performed a different song every night 
  • Covered The Sunday Times Magazine, where he personally reached out to the writer to arrange the interview
  • Announced a second tour in stadium venues for 2018
  • Held secret shows in London, LA, and Mexico and donated all the proceeds to charity
  • During the LA show at the Troubadour, he performed with Stevie Nicks and they sang Two Ghosts, Landslide, and Leather and Lace together
  • Dedicated his show in Mexico to the victims of the Manchester attacks by doing an intimate acoustic set
  • Performed ‘Two Ghosts’ on ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden in London’ on a rooftop overlooking the city
  • Made his acting debut in the Christopher Nolan-directed film Dunkirk in a role for which he auditioned. With its success, he became the first person to have a #1 debut single, #1 debut album, and #1 debut movie
  • Performed in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge during its 50th anniversary special, where he covered ‘The Chain’ by Fleetwood Mac and ‘Wild Thoughts’ by Rihanna, DJ Khaled, and Bryson Tiller
  • Performed at the Grammy Museum, where he was also interviewed on his songwriting process
  • Began his debut tour in September in front of a sold-out San Francisco crowd 
  • Recorded acoustic versions of ‘Two Ghosts’ and a cover of ‘Girl Crush’ by Little Big Town for the first ever U.K. version of Spotify Sessions
  • Released a music video for Kiwi, which features young kids, a food fight, and puppies (lol)
  • Had his own hour-long special, ‘Harry Styles at the BBC,’ where he sang his songs and had fun roaming his hometown with his good friend
  • Performed ‘Two Ghosts’ at the Industry Trust Awards honoring Sony CEO Rob Stringer  
  • Returned to his roots, the X-Factor stage, to perform Kiwi
  • Opened the Victoria Secret Fashion Show and performed twice
  • Was nominated for two MTV VMAs 
  • Is currently nominated for an ARIA and will open the award show
  • Has been announced as a performer at the 2018 MusiCares Person of the Year tribute where Fleetwood Mac will be honored
  • Is in conversation for multiple Grammy Awards (among other music awards), while Dunkirk is in contention for Best Picture at the Oscars and other film awards

Most importantly, he achieved all of this while promoting kindness (and being kind himself), embracing love in all forms, encouraging originality, being authentic and unapologetic with his music and stage presence, pushing the boundaries of pop music, never ceasing to show love to his fans, working extremely hard and making no excuses, and having a bit of fun. 

You’ve got a bright future ahead, kid, and I can’t wait to see what you accomplish next 

apparently shawn mendes is in the lead (?) for the aria award and harry’s falling behIND now yall lazy asses always made the “he won’t attend the stupid show anyway!!!!!” excuse to nOT VOTE in anything he’s been nominated in but now heS ATTENDING THE ARIAS and it’s voting process is the easiest shit like you just fucking gotta RT or add #ARIASHARRYSTYLES to whatever shit you’re tweeting like tweet fucking nUMBERS IDC but TWEET AND VOTE for hiM AND make him WIN SMTH IN HIS DAMN DEBUT YEAR !!!!!

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Wait wait wait you can talk to the SQUIP still? Is it alright if we talk to it? If so, tell it to fuck off from us fans.

I think at least I can know the truth- 

I-I mean.. I feel entitled to it you know? So uh.. Come out? I mean you screwed up my high school- Well, Michael wise- I just.. Finally put the pieces together. 

There was no outcome that was sufficient to make the reason you  upgraded happen, things needed to be changed. People needed to go. I did what I must, you should be saying thank you.

He did..

one of my favorite dinosaur facts ever is that the dinosaur named irritator was given that name because of the fact that paleontologists figured out that the skull they had received of this unnamed specimen was artificially elongated by illegal fossil hunters who thought longer skull = more money, and so they named the dinosaur irritator just bc they were really fucking pissed about it

Hey so tomorrow is Thanksgiving and whatnot and I know a lot of you have to go home to stressful situations with your families and as someone who had to do that every holiday in the past I am really sorry.

Just wanted to let you all know that I love you and support you and I will be by myself tomorrow and off from work all day so hmu if you need anyone to talk to.

Sometimes I think about Harry and Draco getting married, and who would change their name.  And I love everyone’s ideas about which one of them would change their name and why.  It’s always so beautiful.

But in the end, all I can think is neither of them would.  And not because they’d be losing something, losing their name, but because of something important and powerful they can’t explain.

Because to Harry, the other man is Draco first and Malfoy second.  But Malfoy is still a huge part of Draco in the same way the Dark Mark is.  Something he was that’s also part of who he became, and the beauty in his darkness comes from the strength of his will and determination to change himself for the better.  The world sees him as Draco, but Harry sees him as both.  Harry loves Malfoy in the same way he loves Draco, for everything he was and everything he is.

And for Draco, well it’s Harry now and Potter second.  Potter who died in the forest to save everyone, who was reborn just Harry.  Potter who still belongs to the Wizarding World but Harry who will always belong just to Draco.  And his name holds so much weight, so many expectations and memories and there is something almost visceral in its intensity when Draco whispers the name against Harry’s skin in the dark of the night.  Draco knows Harry has always wanted to be just Harry, but Draco sees them both and he loves him for everything he is and everything he didn’t want to be but was anyway.  There is a strength in Harry’s name, in his perseverance that makes Draco feel safe.

And when they join hands and say I do, well yeah they’re becoming a family, becoming something new, but only because of who they were and who they are.   

Because it’s Harry now, and yeah it might be Draco first…but Potter and Malfoy are forever.
How to Save Net Neutrality Before It’s Destroyed
Otherwise, we may just have to wait for Comcast to shoot itself in the foot.


Sorry for all the weird reblogs I’ve made in the last several minutes, but guys… we only have until December 14th to do convince Congress that getting rid of Net Neutrality is a TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, NO-GOOD, VERY BAD IDEA!

This affects us all. Not just Americans, but everyone who enjoys a free and open internet to keep ourselves entertained, or to talk and keep in touch with our friends, or even just to make a simple Google search!

Forcing people to pay extra for access to the websites we love is like trying to sell bottled water… No, it’s like dirtying up all the existing bottled water in the world with mud and chemicals and piss, and then having a new, special brand of clean water pop up, but it’s much more expensive. (I can’t take credit for making up this analogy, that was John Oliver. He made that joke back in 2014, back when we all thought we’d SAVED Net Neutrality. -_-)

Please, if you read this, reblog every post about Net Neutrality you can find. Feel free to reblog the ones I just recently posted. That’s the least we can all do. And if you want to do more, follow some of the links in those articles. Sign petitions, write and call your representatives, do whatever you can. 

It’s up to you. You have got to STAY DETERMINED!!!

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gonna post a WIP of what I’m working on under the readmore ✌️

it’s for a black & white monster-themed zine put together by @jomajaba. camera trap photos make me deeply uneasy, so my idea was mythological creatures (a harpy & a manticore) captured unintentionally on trail cams. I’ll also post the harpy below, though I think y’all have seen her

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