anyway have some peraltiago headcanons following the proposal im not even putting this under a read more suffer like i did (@elsaclack made me do it)

  • listen okay jake and amy aren’t really sure how they end up at shaw’s it’s all kind of a blur after boyle faints there’s definitely lots of making out and forehead touches while grinning at each other and crying and they probably broke like 7 laws driving to shaw’s bc jake can’t keep his eyes off of amy long enough and they show up 40 minutes late
  • is the rest of the squad even at shaw’s???? who knows not them they cant keep their eyes (and hands) off of each other (the rest the squad kinda migrates away after an hour anyway theres only so many times they can stomach jake and amy kissing in one night) (rosa drags charles out with her)
  • theyre not even like dying to have sex tho like thats not it they just cant believe its real like theres a real life honest to god ring on amy’s finger and it looks so pretty in all of the different kinds of light and she cant help but spin it around her finger (neither can jake he hasnt let go of her hand bc he loves feeling the ring press against his fingers he’s squeezing so tightly its kinda painful and sharp but it just reminds him that all of this is real) (he can’t wait to get his own ring and have it clink against hers)
  • its surreal that they get to do this for the rest of their lives i mean there was never any doubt that they wouldnt but now it’s official and when amy looks over at jake every other second to check that this is still happening she always catches him grinning right back at her so she leans up and kisses him bc its different now its all a part of the next stage of their lives and she can taste the happiness on his lips (its super hard to figure out how to makeout when they cant stop laughing into each others mouths)
  • its like theyre frozen in time honestly has there ever been anything more beautiful than amy santiago it seems largely impossible bc she only seems to get prettier with every second jake stares at her (which is every second)
  • its also like time is slipping away though bc there’s this incredible urgency to spend every moment like it counts like at any second someone’s going to come and rip it all away (its happened before oc and jake doesnt like the thoughts creeping up in the back of his mind bc this is their night this is the rest of their lives but he’s woken up to enough nightmares of amy falling out of his grasp) so they can’t get enough of touching each other and laughing and looking at each other and kissing this is going to be a night they remember forever
  • amy likes running her fingers over jake’s face and through his hair and she memorized how he feels a long time ago but she’s so restless to get down every last detail of this night the way his eyes glisten and the redness in his cheeks from laughing and smiling and kissing and how messy his hair is from her fingers pulling him in for another kiss every second she goes without him (its every second every moment she needs him more than anything) his smile is wider than she’s ever seen and she traces her fingers over his lips and ghosts her lips over his skin and pulls him in again bc even when he’s right next to her he’s too far away
  • it takes them an hour to even make it past her doorway bc they cant stop laughing and grinning is this real is this happening amy can hear his proposal on repeat thru her mind and she’s breathless from kissing him for every word she remembers i love you you’re beautiful you’re the best detective will you marry me and she wants to say yes over and over again yes of course how could you doubt it
  • jake is shell shocked and tries to take his shoes off by the door but his hands are occupied around amy’s waist and her hips her back and her hair and her face bc she will not ever slip away from him again he’s going to make sure of it there is not one moment he wants to spend without her by his side ever again
  • i love you has been said so many times it has lost all meaning so they say it in other ways instead and in the tone of their voices and in the softness of their eyes and in the caresses of their hands and in the reverent way they linger after every kiss with their eyes still closed because sometimes feeling are more important than tangible things anyway
  • it’s around 5am when they finally get a chance to breathe normally and theyre face to face safe under the covers of their own bed and they havent felt even the slightest hints of sleep but theyve felt enough love to last the rest of their lives and beyond (and its good its perfect bc they actually get to love each other for the rest of their lives god jake would scream it from the rooftops if it didnt mean unentangling himself from amy)
  • theyre still trailing their fingers over each other and jake can feel the chill of the ring against his skin and its driving him crazy he’ll pick up her hand every once in a while and bring it to his lips just to stop the torture (but he always lets her go again amy knows exactly what she’s doing)
  • they spend the rest of the night (morning? they have lost all track of time theyve lost every sense except each other) talking just talking about the night and how they feel and what theyre going to do next
  • amy spends about half an hour already messily planning the wedding (theres a full binder under the bed but that would require leaving jakes arms and the little kisses he keeps pressing to her chest) and her words arent rly making sense bc she’s still on adrenaline and stuttering over the waves of pleasure as jakes hands ghost up and down her sides and it’s hard to talk when smiling so wide but she lays out everything as well as she can
  • jake is hanging off of every word she says really truly she’s put so much thought into this and them and him and he would give her anything she asked for he’d count every star in the sky one by one (one for everything he loves about her) if it meant spending the rest of his life with her (really truly he’s not sure what he ever did to deserve the woman in his arms)
  • their alarms go off when theyre still faintly giggling with fatigue finally washing over them but theyre too reluctant to end the day and put it in the past and too reluctant to stop looking at each other and god really the only way they manage to fall asleep at all is with the promise that they get to spend every day like this forever until death do them apart
Trust nobody | Pt. 1

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader, feat. all of BTS 
Genre: Smut/ Angst
Words: 5,4k
Summary: The first thing someone should know about you is that you’re an escort. Yes, you have fucked for money. One day your boss made you an offer you couldn’t say no to. One year - seven boys. One rule: never fall in love.

The air felt heavy, filled with loneliness on a cold december morning. Sometimes you dont even remember who you were before you came here. Who you were before you took on this job, this life, this world – but this was you now. Your heels clicked on the sidewalk as you rushed through the winter morning in Seoul. You were on your way to get a coffee before you headed off to your meeting. A meeting – was that even the right word to describe it? You laughed to yourself, letting your warm breath hit the cold air forming a cloud of vapour.

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candywii666  asked:

you know what i’m looking for? a taakitz proposal. give me some tres horny bois shenanigans leading up to kravits popping the question (merle and magnus are totally in on and and it was their job to keep taako busy for a while while kravits, lup, and barry get stuff ready)

Like everything else he does, Kravitz has the entire proposal planned to the dot. And given, he’s well aware that more than half the plans he makes end up just being plans and go haywire almost instantly, he still makes them, and he’s learned. He’s viewed the situation from all angles and took every measure necessary to prevent any mistakes or interruptions or anything that could possibly go wrong with these damned adventurers.

It was a tough string of decisions to make, but he’s confident in it now. The only way to make sure Magnus, Merle, Lup and all of them don’t interrupt today to is to make them apart of it. So, sure, they’re in on it. That’s a ton of helpers on his side. Next was choosing a closed environment with the least possible factors that could trip him up or go wrong–with his new help, the new house in Neverwinter was the best choice.

He fixed everything up before they left for a date today, with roses and candles and all sorts of cheesy atmosphere covering the house with the help of Magnus and Merle. Lup had to keep Taako distracted and nowhere near the scene until it was time for their date.

Naturally, the date is as lovely as the company, just as it always is. They go out for lunch, end up leaving early to get fast food instead, nearly cause a scene on the streets of Neverwinter, and end up walking through a park locked in arms. It’s become a habit for Kravitz to stick out his arm for Taako before the elf can clear his throat, and he’s become much better at remembering.

Though his mind is racing with everything that could go wrong, by his side, Taako is entirely oblivious. What if someone can’t show up? Taako rubs his gloved hands together. What if someone extra shows up? Taako blows warm air from his mouth in a cloudy fog and shuffles closer. What if Kravitz messes up his lines? “Hey, Kravvy boy?”

“Yes, dear?” he responds, only half paying attention to Taako as he runs through another error in his head. And–wait, they’re not even on the right path to head back home. Taako pulled them down a different road.

“Let’s get married.”


Taako nods, reaching into his pocket without stopping their walk.

It takes a minute for Kravitz’s mind to catch up, and he immediately stops, yanking Taako back. “Wait–no, no, hold on–I mean, yes, still, but, I was going to–uh, you know, I wanted to–”

As he sputters, a smile spreads over Taako’s face, all crooked teeth and freckled cheeks as he finally pulls the small bag from his pocket. It’s not even a box. “You got everyone in on it, didn’t you? Well, Taako’s not one for any big public proposal, my boy.” He fiddles with the bag for a moment, gloved fingers too clunky to grab what’s inside, before he makes it out.

The damn elf already has a ring and everything.

“Babe, you know I wasn’t gonna let those chucklefucks near this,” he explains while grabbing Kravitz’s hand in his to slide the ring on. He can hear his true intentions in the spaces between his words: I want it to be private. “You know they ruin everything they touch.” This is just for us. “So leave it to me to ruin all your dumb plans.” Only you get this.

Miraculously, the gold band actually fits on his finger, showing more insight than Kravitz thought Taako would have. There’s some sick engravings on the sides that he’ll have to look at later, but for now, he just reaches into his cloak to grab the bejeweled ring that’s been sitting heavy with him all day.

“You always do,” he says, but he’s smiling too wide to appear anything but delighted.

Letting Go - 4 Striptease

for @tpthvegebulsmutfest

He stood in her lab, eyeing the equipment and half-put together machinery. He had seen similar rooms before on Frieza’s outer stations. He did not much care for them. The room smelt unpleasant, of strange chemicals, motor oil, and burnt wires among other things. Bulma had asked him to take a seat but Vegeta remained standing, waiting for her to return from wherever it was she had ducked off to. He didn’t know why he was humoring her.

[Read more under the break or over on AO3. Read from part one here.]

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Sweaters and Hot Chocolate (Richie x Eddie)

Originally posted by killerbab3z

It was the first truly cold day in Derry, and Eddie was ecstatic. He had pulled out his favorite autumnal sweaters from the attic weeks ago, but was only then able to truly wear one (orange and soft, with a pattern of embroidered bats and skulls). It was a little too big on him, but he didn’t mind, that just meant he could cover up his hands and rub the sweater sleeves against his cheek.

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darknessstone  asked:

Hey Bendy, do you have a hobby, and if so, hkw often do you do it?

“Well, a demon needs SOMETHING to do, and that something is pranks. Lots of them. All the time. Maybe I’m even prankin’ someone right now…

exitcorp  asked:

I go to an art school in the UK that's pretty left leaning, i know for sure one of my lecturers used to be an anarchist & I'd guess is a socialist now. A lot of Marxist writing makes up the basis for art theory so it's unsurprising really. But everyone I know at non-art schools says their courses are more centrist or even right wing. It really seems to be the majority, idk where this 'colleges are all leftist' thing comes from.

In my experience economics/government are more right wing and classes like sociology are more left wing.

graciecatfamilyband  asked:

6 for the headcanon promet meme!

Laughter, eh?

After Alderaan, Leia never thought she’d laugh again. Sure, she’d laughed out of relief when Artoo stopped the trash compactor and she’d laughed incredulously the first time she’d seen the Falcon, but a real deep laugh that she felt throughout her body, that reverberated deep in her bones? No, she never thought she’d laugh like that again.

She was content to wander around the base from task to task ordering her troops around and hiding behind her ‘resting bitch face’ as she’d heard Jensen call it. It hurt, sure it hurt but it’s not like they saw her as a living, breathing human with feelings that could be hurt. No, not Her Royal Highness, she felt nothing, right? Even Luke had a difficult time not following the lead of those around him. In fact there was only one person who refused to see he as some sort of frigid, closed off bitch.

Han Solo.

Han would quietly make sure she was taken care of, brining her smuggled Alderaani goods any time he went on a mission or a supply run. Bringing her food when she would hide in piles of intelligence paperwork. Reminding her to sleep, making her leave her office, or his most common act, just being nearby. His presence, she learned kept her night terrors from overtaking her and she spent a lot more nights on the Falcon or with Han sleeping on the floor of her quarters than she’d ever admit.

Finally, a few weeks after turning twenty after dinner and a little Corellian whiskey, not enough to be intoxicating but just enough to loosen her up a bit, she found herself sitting in Han‘s lap staring intently into his soft hazel eyes.

“What do you see, sweetheart?” He spoke gently, his hands resting on her hips willing his body not to react.

She shrugged.

“Whatever it is, must be pretty interesting.” He spoke keeping his hands still on her hips.

“Do you think I’m a bitch?”

“Sure.” He spoke simply, honestly. He’d never lied to her no matter how much he wanted to sometimes.

She furrowed her eyebrows at him. “Of course you do, you all do. Sure, a strong woman is always a bitch.“

Han sighed reaching up and stroking her cheek. “Ain’t a bad thing Leia. You’d‘ve done yourself in by now if you weren’t such a bitch. Living out of spite don’t make it easy to be around you all the time, but it’s kept you alive.”

She looked down and away. “It’s getting late, I should probably go.”

“You’re staying right here. I know what day today is.”

She nodded remembering the promise he’d made weeks ago to not let her be alone on the anniversary of the destruction of Alderaan.

She nodded looking too long at his lips.

“What?” He spoke, noticing her face flush just a bit.

She looked into his eyes again and he watch hers soften and without any real warning she’d kissed him. Pulling back when she felt his body respond.

Han cleared his throat. “Sorry.”

She smiled at him.

“Just ignore him.”

“He’s very responsive.” She spoke, making no move t get up.

“He‘s kind of a dick, but he’s harmless.“

Leia laughed, light laughter at first.

Han smiled at her. “You think it’s funny, huh?” He growled into her neck, his three day beard tickling her causing her to really laugh. “What’s the matter your ticklishness?” He spoke as fits of laughter over took her.

“Gods.” She laughed. “If my mother could see me now.” She spoke wiping her eyes. “In the arms of a Corellian smugger, drinking whiskey and contemplating going to bed with him.”

“What would she say?”

“She’d ask me if I had my diaphragm with me.” Leia deadpanned.

Han raised his eyebrows and Leia laughed at the shock in the eyes of the oh-so-cavalier smuggler.

“The look on your face.” She laughed leaning back against the holo-chess table.

He smiled at her.


“I don’t think I‘ve ever seen you laugh like that.”

She smiled at him.

“M’gonna have to find ways to make that happen more often, Princess.”

Stozier Debate Team AU inspired by a textpost from @stan-theman-uris

Full disclosure not great with Stozier/Stan as a character so sorry if this is bad but I liked the idea

Also will probably add on/make this a full fic so let me know if that’s a good idea?

  • Richie and Stan have completely different approaches to debating
  • Richie wants to start arguing right away, even if he doesn’t know exactly what he wants to say
  • He’s just so excited to be there and so passionate about everything, even if it’s not a typically interesting or controversial topic
  • He tries to be eloquent but his teammates always end up having to convince him that yes, Richie, you do actually have to come up with a rebuttal, calling the girl on the other team a shitsipper isn’t an appropriate response
  • Stan, on the other hand, takes his time
  • He plans out his arguments perfectly and basically destroys the other teams argument
  • His teammates are so impressed by the fact that he can maintain such a calm demeanor while dragging the other team into the dirt that he ends up coming up with the rebuttals 95% of the time
  • One day they’re at a competition and Richie knows he’s supposed to be paying attention to the captain but he keeps getting distracted by the serious looking, curly-haired boy on the other team
  • He looks cocky; he knows that his team is great and he’s confident that they’re going to win
  • And Richie decides right then and there that he has to win instead
  • He has to knock the cute debate captain down a few pegs (and he’s gotta be the captain because everybody’s looking at him like they worship him)
  • Stan looks over at the other team and catches a glimpse of a boy
  • He’s wearing huge, thick glasses, his tie is slightly askew, his hair is a mess
  • And normally Stan hates messes of any kind
  • But this kid might just change his mind
  • They make eye contact for a split second before they both turn away, blushing
  • Then the debate starts; Richie’s team goes first and he’s proud of their initial argument—they’ve started off strong
  • Stan’s team goes, and they’re good, but Richie is confident they have the better argument
  • They prep their rebuttals and off they go again; Richie gets to speak this time and he goes on and on, as fast as he can get the words out, spouting stuff that seems vaguely intelligent but there’s so much coming out that it’s hard to tell if there’s a coherent argument
  • This is Richie’s normal approach; he thinks that if he can confuse the judges enough, they’ll pronounce them the winner
  • It usually doesn’t work but Richie usually likes just doing debate rather than winning anyway
  • And there’s a small moment of panic after he finishes—that was so shitty Richie you were supposed to make him less confident that he was going to win, not more confident you dipshit—but he doesn’t have much time to think about it because the cute debate captain is about to go
  • He opens his mouth and Richie’s jaw drops
  • He’s so calm?? And actually has intelligent and collected thoughts?? How??
  • And in that moment he realizes that there’s no way they’re going to win
  • He’s less disappointed in that fact than the fact that he didn’t get to see the look on debate boy’s face when Richie’s team won
  • Stan’s team is declared the winner, and Stan is just so proud (even though he knew they would win)
  • But he looks over and sees the boy from before, the boy who had that wild, almost manic rebuttal
  • And his mood drops just a little because he looks pretty pissed
  • So he goes over to him and taps Richie on the shoulder, ready to hear some snarky remark about them winning
  • But Richie turns around and actually blushes
  • “Um, hey, you were great”
  • “Thanks, I know”
  • And Stan regrets that for a moment because the storm returns to the boy’s eyes
  • But then they clear and he smirks when he says, “I totally could have won that, by the way. I just didn’t want to deal with the inevitable whining from your team.”
  • Stan scoffs a little because he should’ve expected something like that
  • “I’m Richie, by the way”
  • “Stan”
  • “Nice to meet you…” Richie thinks for a second. “Stan the Man.”
  • Richie chuckles at the new nickname and Stan rolls his eyes but he secretly thinks it’s cute that he makes himself laugh

anonymous asked:

honesty hour/time: when were you the proudest of thomas/what was his proudest moment if that makes sense

I’m always the proudest of Thomas whenever he does the right thing. Even if it scares him.

seeing my ex really fucked me up and now like i don’t know i just i don’t wanna talk to anyone like no one is trustworthy. you can trust someone and they in a second can stop giving a fuck and just stab you not even in the back right in front of your face in your motherfucking heart.

kaykay8776  asked:

Hi, I’m bored, and I feel like asking people random things related to RTTE even though I know you’re obsessed with B99 right now but: what is your favourite Sasscup quote? I think mine is “Thank you, Snotlout, for your undying support.” From Midnight Scrum. (I love your blog btw)❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Hi! I am always willing to talk about RTTE, even if right now my focus is on other things. 😊 

Ooh, that’s a good question. Hiccup being sassy is always fun. Hmm. Right now, I think my favorite is Hiccup calling Toothless ‘Johnny complaints’ in The Wings of War Part 1. Hiccup’s got a lot of fun lines in general in both parts. 

And thank you for the nice comment! 💗

anonymous asked:

My favorite mommy blogger is Chrissy Teigen. Bc she’s so funny but also so HONEST about how sometimes things suck but they’re totally worth it. Also, her kid INTERACTS WITH HER PARENTS and shows real love towards them even in photos. I’ve honestly babysat for kids who have more love and joy when they’ve been around me than I’ve ever seen between Breep and F. Yes, even at that same age. He doesn’t seem to know her or be at all interested in her which is fucking abnormal.

lol ikr (p.s. i love chrissy and john too, luna is the cutest)