There’s something that’s been bothering me for awhile now.

I love Maggie just like everyone else does, but can we stop pretending like Sasha doesn’t exist? Everyone Sasha loved is dead too. So yeah, I get what people are trying to get at here when they make posts applauding Maggie’s strength. But Sasha has lost everyone she loved too, and I wish people would acknowledge that. 

Maggie is strong, but so is Sasha. She, too, found the will and strength to keep going after losing someone for the third time. The last time this happened, Sasha was completely numb but not this time; she pushed through it. Maggie lost Glenn, but Sasha lost Abraham that night too. 

If you’re going to acknowledge Maggie’s strength, then you need to acknowledge Sasha’s too. Both women are strong, and we need to remember that.

I’m honestly not sure how much of what Kristy is saying is 100% accurate, but I don’t even care. This is like getting to the end of a detective novel and it turns out the real murderer was like, Guy Number 3 who you’ve suddenly realised was in every single scene and yet who you never spared a single thought and I fucking love it.

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dommy aka jjjaebum aka the loyl (lov of ur life)

okay dommy get ready for this it’s gonna be a long one I’m going to talk about how much I love you and I’ll get sappy again probably because it’s 1.31am (ooh triggeredt) get dat tissue okay so right…. we were in a gc for one month and I never really talked to her directly before and like she was 2 KooL 4 me… everyone in that gc is 2 KOoL 4 me tbh anyways then one day we started talking about TAMPONS and then boom friendship.. so what I think of her… like…. she’s my favorite person ever???? honestly………. dominique dommy dominant is my best friend in the entire world? can u believe how in loVE I am with her!!!!! I talk about her 24/7 idk how I was blessed to suddenly become friends with her??? like we are literally fated it’s amazing…… we’re honestly the same person.. connected brain connected stomach connected bowels and most recently connected uterus…. what the hell….. we are soulmates….. I’m the jack to her bum… she the mark to my son…. she’s the grandpa to my pigeon…. she’s the love of my life…. and I miss her because we haven’t facetimed in like… a month……. that’s so long… omg like I just realized its been a month now I’m sad.. I want to dance to Justin Bieber some more.. anyways I lov e her she’s my number one hype girl…. honestly…. like do u guys know how much i love her…. I literally text her everyday???? theres only 2 people I text daily, dommy and my mom. that’s how much I love her….. the first person when I wake up and the last person I text before I sleep is my love and my life dominique……. I love dommy aka @jjjaebum aka imarkjin aka my bubs thAt I love with my entire heart body AND soul!

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Maybe Ritsu slowly comes to regard it the same way he regards Reigen - an annoyance, but a necessary one for Mob's sake. Except with a bit more fear and respect than he's ever felt for Reigen.


“if me and the spider is stuck in a house on fire who would you save?” “idk that glass jar is definitely lighter than a full grown man” 

Done with homework finally.