I have no idea what’s happening but i’m in tears..

alec always liked post battle showers, taking their time washing the grime and blood off of each other until exhausted limbs were ready for sleep. despite stepping in looking like they had both been through hell and stumbled out the other side, they’d step out of the shower with steam warmed skin, half lost in kisses and ready to sink into the sheets.

but what he liked far more than that, what they both liked more than nearly anything, were baths shared after a day so long neither of them felt like they’d see the end of it. days filled with clave related nonsense, both of them dealing with bureaucracy until alec’s teeth hurt and magnus was rubbing his own shoulders, growling at everything. it was nearly unspoken as they stepped through the portal, magnus tugging alec closer, their torsos pressed together his warm face tucked down against alec’s neck. it made alec shiver but he held onto him, dragging his fingers over the tight muscles of magnus’s back.

“i’ll get the bath ready.” alec’s whisper was caught in the warm air between them, magnus’s breath released in a sigh against alec’s deflect rune. but with it came a nod, though he didn’t release alec just yet, pressing a soft line of kisses down that rune before he did. it sent a shiver through alec but a distant, tired one. and then they parted in the breezy hallway, magnus already pulling his military jacket off, his shoulders slightly slumped.

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Jyn Appreciation Week Day 3

Favorite relationship >>> Jyn and Rogue One

She positioned herself between Bodhi and Cassian. After what the pilot and the Guardians had said, she was ready to do what was necessary to save them from the Alliance’s goons.

“But I do,” Cassian said. “I believe you.”

Rogue One novelization, Alexander Freed

Put 5 - 10 of your favourite kpop boy/girl groups. Then put your very first bias of that group along with the first mv you saw them in. After that just tag as many people as you want! 

tagged by @suju-bangtan​! thank you so much sweet bean :)

  1. monsta X / wonho / does 0/young count? if not, then it was trespass lol
  2. exo / xiumin / growl
  3. f(x) / luna / red light
  4. wonder girls / ye eun / nobody
  5. imfact / jeup / lollipop
  6. seventeen / hoshi / adore u
  7. shinee / key / ring ding dong
  8. astro / sanha / hide&seek
  9. day6 / jae / congratulations
  10. bts / tae / we are bulletproof pt.2

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enjolras-would-bang-that  asked:

sign me up for those obscure headcanons

ill just give you a selection.

Grantaire is a coffee snob and only takes their coffee black. 

Jehan grew up in Suriname.

Marius taught himself to quinelle ice cream bc he thought it looked cute and used it to impress Cosette. She thought it was the weirdest but also the sweetest thing ever. 

Feuilly collects stamps to remind him of all the places he could one day go.

Jehan, Courfeyrac, Eponine and Grantaire all have dream  journals. 

Enjolras wears a necklace with a ring his mother gave him the last time he spoke to her. She gave it to him because it was passed down “through the women of the family” and immediately after he came out as trans. They haven’t spoken since but he wants to honour the gift he got despite not being able to wear it.

Combeferre saves all his signs from protests. They line the back of his wardrobe.

Joly has a pair of duck earrings that ey wear almost every single day. They are only switched out for some diplodocus ones every so often and fancy ones if the occasion applies.

Bossuet got their ears pierced but found out they were allergic to nickel and ultimately the holes closed over.

inhales ok ok i don’t usually get involved in anything but this is the second time i’ve seen this on my dash & PLAGIARISM IS NOT OK, IF IT ISN’T YOUR WORK, DON’T TAKE IT. the last time this occurred, a promo either made by or made for @goblincrown was taken & ???? possibly not even edited & then used for another blog. as it seems, this has also now happened with a promo originally from @fondfell ; someone else is using it as their promo.

to whomever is doing this, please do not. tumblr is a place to be creative & using the work of others, either their promos or their theme graphics or god forbid their characterisation is not what we’re here for. being inspired is one thing, taking someone else’s hard work is another, & blatantly posting it …. don’t. 

i really have no idea what else is happening regarding the matter, but the point is plagiarism is not okay. people fail classes & get kicked out of college or whatnot for that stuff, don’t.