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aaron doesn't even look that uncomfortable lol he's looked a lot more uncomfortable in some robron kisses

alright anon you wanna do this so let’s do this

so here’s the look of one aaron dingle before he kisses dr boring

if that’s not uncomfortable then i’m the flipping pope (HE LOOKS SCARED LOOK AT HIS FREAKING EYES)


let’s see what we’re up against shall we


We have new merch released in the official shop!  Including the plushies pictures being updated to rather than the prototype art!  Which we can guess they will be released VERY soon!  And yes, THEY ALL HAVE SQUEAKERS IN THEM

As well as CHRISTMAS SWEATERS! (Comes in Green and Red as shown below)

and for fans who celebrate Hannukah and don’t do Christmas, have no fear!  The simple ‘happy holidays’ sweater is here! 

So if I were you guys, I’d be making my wishlist already. :D Which plushie/sweater will you be getting?

-Admin Lei

If anyone wants specific screenshots, LI-related or otherwise, from the camping diamond scene from today’s TRR chapter, let me know!

I’ll be playing the chapter over and over again bc I can’t get enough of this book and these characters, so I’d be more than happy to hit y’all up with this good content!

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The funniest thing is that when F and B were missing for a few days, antis thought they were going to the UK so the kid could spend a holiday with Louis, but nope!!!! . The kid got to spend it with his real family, the Clarks 👪

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That cousin next to Freddie is a Clark? Looks alike with zero similar dna. Yeah - That makes sense.

yeah, i think so (sure looks like a clark) and lol ik bye