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friendly mbti reminder:

The common/generally accepted function descriptions, though a good place to start, is by no means the only way a function can manifest itself. They were made for the express purpose of an easy introduction onto self typing and are by no means the only possible criteria for these functions to exist. People will always have their own sorta “subspecies” for what each function means to them. So don’t immediately dismiss someone if their description doesn’t quite match yours. 

Unless its behavioral or implying that one is morally correct or objectively better. this strikethrough text is serious but fck actually formatting you’re getting side comments in the form of strikethroughs

chinese idioms

aries // 百折不挠 (bǎi zhé bù náo) - keeps fighting in spite of all setbacks

taurus // 脚踏实地 (jiǎo tà shí dì) - to step on solid ground

gemini // 自相矛盾 (zì xiāng máo dùn) - to contradict oneself

cancer // 随遇而安 (suí yù ér ān) - make the best of things as they come

leo // 脱颖而出 (tuō yǐng ér chū) - to fully expose one’s talent

virgo // 精益求精 (jīng yì qiú jīng) - to improve something that is already outstanding

libra // 爱不释手 (ài bù shì shǒu) - to love and not let go

scorpio // 塞翁失马 (sài wēng shī mǎ) - a setback may turn out to be a blessing in disguise

sagittarius // 心血来潮 (xīn xuè lái cháo) - at the spur of a moment

capricorn // 一丝不苟 (yī sī bù gǒu) - to be meticulous

aquarius // 前车之鉴 (qián chē zhī jiàn) - lessons drawn from others mistakes

pisces // 梦一梁黄 (mèng yī liáng huáng) - to awaken from a dream


listen I’m actually kind of terrified of ghosts but for Holtzmann I’d do my best 🚫👻

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Hm, so… I haven’t been feeling good during the past weeks, and didn’t upload any art. I actually considered not posting art at all anymore. Since some people seems to enjoy my art and since I’m feeling a bit better, I’m trying it again.

Drawings these actually helped me feel a bit happier. So, I hope you’ll like them.

Casual fem!vitri.


disclaimer: i might have gotten some things completely wrong lmao LIKE LITERALLY RIGHT AFTER I FINISHED THIS i was like wait…. what are you saying about these official images being divided in half…. i mean you pointed out yourself that the eye line is not really halfway so WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?? these faces were constructed with thirds weren’t they?? WHY DIDN’T I THINK ABOUT THIRDS ((spoiler it’s bc i always use halves then add hair on top (see fig. 5))) and then i was like “would it be worse to spend another day trying to work this out and correct it, or spread misinformation on the internet?” ……and i was tired of looking at this so LOOK AT THE IMAGES FOR YOURSELF AND LEARN FROM MY MISTAKES!!! 

…or not…. lmao i do swear you can use this method, but although ive been drawing almost daily for over 10 years, most of my knowledge is based on my own observation and not official teaching so take it with a grain of salt. i hope some of the stuff here is still useful to someone anyway.

bc well, over time ive had several people say stuff to me like “teach me how you draw” and idk how serious they were about it, but here’s my answer… or an attempt at an answer? although this is focused less on how i draw and more on (hopefully) developing observation skills.

there is much better facial proportion reference in existence and i highly encourage making use of the wealth of resources that’s out there if you google!

let’s make even more akoyas! happy drawing!!


you yell out
i love you
and he looks back at you
his laughter caught between the
stick and heat of summer and says
i know. the breeze
catches in your throat
because he knows but he doesn’t know.

and what he knows is simple:
there’s a certain kind of love between friends
a kind that turns the world golden
and makes it easier to live in.

and what he doesn’t know is
sometimes it changes colour; that
there are hundreds of types of love
and you want to experience
every one of them with him.

before it was just
i never want to live in a world without you.
now it’s
if i die without knowing what it’s like to kiss you
i’ll live this goddamn life twice.
now it’s
love me back differently.
now it’s
i love you in a way we’ve never known
but maybe the one we have right now
is enough.
now it’s
all blush and crimson.

there’s so much red
you can’t unsee it.
you can’t unfeel it.



Some Keyleth and Lilith love for these lovely ladies and the lovely ladies who play them ^__^


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