6 years with f(x) ✯ 

We are the function girls.”
We are f(x). No matter what concept we try, we always use f(x)’s unique style to express it.”
We just want people to know who we are, it they know our name and our music, it would be great.”
We are a group with infinite possibilities waiting to be unleashed.”
We can sing diverse songs because the vocals of Victoria, Luna, Krystal and Sulli are so different from one another’s. An already existing song becomes entirely different one if we sing it together.”

We became more than just a group, now we’re partners, friends and most importantly family." 

♡  150905 6th anniversary of our dearest f(x) ♡   #6yearswithfx  #우리의사랑은변치않아  #에프엑스6주년 

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To everyone going to Fan Expo to see the Carmilla cast today, please take a lot of pictures and videos,  but most importantly stay hydrated and enjoy yourselves. Oh and tell my children I love them and that they’re all a bunch of beautiful talented assholes, for me, please. 


Are you looking for trouble, Guardian?

For one week only, from September 8, 2015 to September 14, 2015, all Destiny players can preview the new maps and modes available in The Taken King. (x)


#6YearsWithFX - 05.09.2009/05.09.2015
dear f(x), dear sulli,
it’s been 6 years since your journey as a group began. 6 years of what I’m sure are wonderful memories and unforgettable moments, part of which I’m so happy and honoured to have shared with you. You coming into my life was one of the best things that could ever happen to me and I can’t thank you enough for it. I’m so proud of you, each and every one of you five girls, for choosing your own path and following it. I’m sorry for all the hardships you’ve had to go through, but I’m so amazed how you know that this is just the beginning and keep moving forward. I admire all of you so much and it’s indescribable how important you all are to me.
To Victoria, the group mom, thank you so much for being so strong. To Amber, aka the Sun, everything you do is practically an inspiration. To Luna, who truly understands my love for dogs, your voice is irreplaceable. To Krystal, an actual gem, I’m so happy that you stand your ground and don’t apologize for being who you are. And to Sulli, the brightest smile I’ve ever seen, you’re loved and you’re supported, always. I love you, f(x). Happy anniversary!


Nyssara Arrow season 4 trailer

i need more love for m!lavellan tbh

i need more love for m!lavellan who romances dorian, who’s hurt by his comments about slavery, and his seemingly willful blindness to what elves have suffered through

i need m!lavellan who romances bull, who has to deal with comments about “the nature of your relationship”, people assuming, people thinking it’s okay to make uncouth remarks about their relationship because of bull’s (And potentially his own) openness

i need m!lavellan who has to deal with the backlash of romancing them, or romancing cassandra or josephine, and/or m!lavellan who is trans; who has to hear from people (especially non dalish) about what a shame it is, and shouldn’t you be with another elf, a pretty elf girl, shouldn’t you be producing children, as though they know the needs of a clan they’ve never met

i need m!lavellan who feels alone, who feels isolated without his clanmates, to whom every elf he tries to befriend treats his dalish pride as a joke, a mistake, an obnoxious thing. an m!lavellan who wants all elves to feel to feel like they’re true elves, because they are true elves, no matter what anyone has said

i need m!lavellan who talks of mahariel, zevran, fenris, merrill, names of famous elves, of heroes or the friends of lovers of heroes, the warden, the warden’s beloved, the champion’s vhenan, the prince’s best friend, slave’s bane, the woman who will bring the dalish histories back to light, authority on the eluvian

i need m!lavellan meeting and befriending fiona, spending time with her, learning about how orlesian alienages treat elves, who meets briala and sees her to be incredible and sharp, who thinks if anyone deserves to lead anyone surely it’s her

i need m!lavellan who isn’t kept in the dark about the truth behind the vallaslin, and who learns of it, and who doesn’t think of it as a blemish, a stain, who proudly sticks out his chin and tells solas i honor the gods in my own way

i need more m!lavellan love. period. pls.

my only weakness: human!pearlnet family AU’s (full size)

bonus baby!sardonyx sketches: