a finite list of fave aces: JUGHEAD JONES

Yeah, well, it’s why I can think clearly and see this administration for what it is! I’m not hobbled by these hormonal impulses!

Jughead 2015 (Chip Zdarsky & Erica Henderson/Derek Charm)

Happy Asexual Awareness Week!

Jake Week Day 2: Shipping

well, i wouldnt lie that i have feeling for this ship. and its been awhile since i do upd8 related art! ^^

Behold! The sacred coronation of Kings of Consorts! :D

also inspired by @dirkar‘s fic!

seijou 3rd years aesthetics

oikawa: stargazing, pale summer mornings, a good hair day and chins held high, intertwining your pinkies with the person you love, overthinking, stardust and wishing upon a shooting star, heart-to-hearts at 2am, quirky nicknames, looking up conspiracy theories, talking through a movie, smiling at strangers, aliens, happy humming in the morning, butterfly kisses, passionate anger that brings tears, excitement over little things, daydreaming, stealing clothes from your favourite person.

iwaizumi: black coffee in the morning, courage when you’re most afraid, slow dancing, well made beds, late night drives, the glint in the eyes of the person you love when they’re happy, when you spike the ball and your skin prickles, when you know you’re trusted, your friends’ doodles on your notebooks, the feeling when you know you’ve won, the ache deep in your muscles after working hard, helping someone with their homework, red pumas and a hoodie.

hanamaki: daisy chains, truth or dare, metaphors, dancing in the rain, the first stroke of a brush against a clean canvas, creampuffs, messy rooms, blanket and pillow forts, bad pick-up lines, bubble tea, spinning fast on office chairs, minty toothpaste, lazy sunday afternoons, grocery store raids late at night, fiercely protecting loved ones, skipping classes to goof off, puns, fruity lemonade, button up shits.

matsukawa: the calm before a storm, the crunch of snow below your feet, shared breakfasts, security, roadtrips, that moment you see your favourite person coming and you can’t help but smile, polaroid photos, being breathless after running, holding hands, shaving cream lather, holding the door open for someone, hugs so tight they hurt, black and white movies, witty jokes, staying calm in anger, beanies and worn out jeans.


gilmore girls appreciation month: week three » favorite friendship what should have been » jess & lane // jess & paris

Inktober 025: I’m sorry, Kaiba, this is an unworthy birthday gift…

Tools: Copic Multiliner (0.05, 0.25), Copic Opaque White, Copic Markers (N2, N4), Pentel Pocket Brush Pen, Pentel Aquash Water Brush Pen (light black), Sakura Gelly Roll (white)

Why I think Viktuuri has potential to be canon

(Throws hat into the ring of Yuri!!! On Ice speculations, long post ahead)

Okay, so I’m seeing a ton of debate regarding whether Viktuuri has the potential to become canon, or if the suggestive moments are just very transparent fanservice. I don’t blame people for being skeptical, but I think that from a marketing and plot perspective, we might have reason to be optimistic.

For starters, without a doubt a large segment of the fanbase, myself included, would have ended up shipping Viktor and Yuuri no matter what. They’re attractive and engaging main characters; we’ve waged ship wars over less. If the dynamic existed purely for the sake of drawing in the fanfic crowd, they would not have to go this far. And of course, I agree that some scenes exist primarily as fanservice- any onsen scene, for example. But what I find telling about the writing is that the plot and dialogue repeatedly go out of their way to be gay, even when the plot could have easily progressed without the gayness, and there’s no obvious fanservice component.

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emiliaclark  asked:

hii! I was wondering if you could recommend any haikyuu blogs?? I just recently joined tumblr again so it's kind of hard to find a lot of high quality blogs.... thank you :)

hey bbe! :D sure bbe! you have all these amazing bbes!

Only hq!! blogs content!
@haikq @haikyyuus @dailyhaikyuu @fynekoma @haikyuus @fyhaikyuu

Some of my fav blogs which makes/has a lot of hq!! content:

@plisetskis @oikawatoeru @tsukis @sawtsuki @katsokis @nakahara–chuuya @killevqueen @tsukkis @nikiforv @nicolasis @oikawaii @oikavaas @tobiohchan @tobioskageyama @tobiochann @mikotoray @karasuno @akaaschi @shouyeo @oiivkawa @flamefly @yushiyuki @daiizume @bohkutos @zakuras @kiingjaeger @tovsei @tovbio @ootsukiis @miidoriyas @escarletes @terushimaas @kurooa @hina-shoo @tervshimas @ayumiko @mmakotoz @sassaki-s @sakusa-chan @yuuyaas @0ikawa @kiuroo @bakakawa @ssousuke @ssugawaras @kenmai @kuroushi @kojiiro @bokouto @asahii-s @ekubou @sakataz @keitsukishima @kryoutas @ouikawas @urushenna @vikutoru @nikiphorov @shreya-chan @iwaizumi-hajimie @yukonishi @shotous @tendou @quenma @dazaiosamu @shizukku @rinsuokah @ackermanss @genosus @s-eita @sukerokus @oikawastooru @haiwaizumi @xakumhas @xatsushis @tearbender @taitetsu @katsum-i @katsvra @aeselyn  @hanae-ichihara

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I feel like people forget that there are banks outside of the US. Even at that, I've had transactions flagged for similar reasons of being dodgy establishments. Which, I feel, is the important part of the story people keep skipping over. Banks /do/ have records for that sort of thing. It's not what you buy-- it's the amount and the location that's a tip off.

I know, right?! I’ve explained it before (so many times at this point), but essentially what happened was that my local supermarket was targeted by card fraudsters, meaning that the supermarket was marked down as an alarm bell by my bank. When I tried to buy the healthy ready meal, my bank was alerted to the fact that my card was being used at a shop which had been marked as a hotspot for card fraud, and the purchase was denied and my accounts were frozen as a preventative measure. It just happened to be the first time I’d bought a healthy ready meal instead of some grotesque preservative-filled concoction, so I thought it was funny. People on Tumblr care about very weird things.

I’M DONE WITH THIS POST, I JUST FINISHED MY MASTER’S DEGREE AND I WANT TO BE ABLE TO POST ABOUT OTHER THINGS but all my notifications are just ‘dis not tru’ and people are messaging me about it in varying degrees of rudeness and just??? go away????