your girl Jeannie's doing compsci tutoring!

hey, so i’m unemployed, and i need money to cover things like my car insurance, my phone payment, and amazon and netflix for the whole family (and potentially costs for therapy and HRT in the future)

if you’re a computer science student looking for someone to help you with your studies, a hobbyist who wants to learn it without having to pay thousands in tuition, or an RPG Maker fan who’s scared by code, hit me up!

the terms are in the link, and thank you for taking the time to consider me!

a quick announcement about spoilers

hey everyone! two things real quick:

firstly, if you’re going to the Voltron panel at SDCC and/or watching the livestream and/or plan on watching the first episode of season 3 some other way after it’s shown - please remember to tag your spoilers! even if you’re just reblogging stuff! not everyone will want to/be able to see the panel/Q&A/trailer/episode/whatever, so you can help other fans by tagging all your spoilers so people can avoid them if they wish.

secondly - this blog will be spoiler-free until… probably about a week after S3 drops on Netflix. i won’t post anything from the trailer (if there is one) or from episode 1 (if it leaks online) and i won’t post any screencaps from S3 until about a week after it goes live.

this is for two reasons:

  1. i know not everyone likes spoilers and not everyone will get to watch the show on the day of release, and i want to give people a chance to catch up on the new episodes before i start posting screencaps from them
  2. from a practical point of view i won’t be able to get S3 screencaps until i’ve had a chance to rewatch the whole season and find the caps i want, so it will be a while before you see them on the blog

once i start posting things from S3, i will tag them as ‘vld 3′ and ‘voltron spoilers’. those are the tags you need to block if you don’t want to get spoiled for S3. i will continue tagging spoilers throughout August, so everyone will have a whole month to catch up on the new episodes. you can use something like {xkit} to blacklist tags if you want to avoid spoilery posts.

this blog is running on a bit of a reduced queue at the moment because IRL stuff has kept me busy and i’ve been away for a whole month - but rest assured i will be back in full force after S3 and ready to celebrate the return of the bloof!


welp, it’s that time of year again

another birthday, another year

officially survived on this crazy earth for a quarter of a century, you guys

let’s see if i make it to half huh?

haha morbidity aside, this really has been a crazy year for me all around

i’ve lost a lot of people i cared about, but i’ve gained more to care for as well. i’ve made so many new friends this year. i joined a few lovely communities. it’s been a series of highs and lows but every high made the lows worth it, y’know?

i just wanted to thank all my followers, and especially all my friends. even if you don’t think you’ve done anything for me, just being there means something. likes, reblogs, replies, tags, messages, asks- even if we don’t talk, if you decided to follow me for whatever reason, thank you.

thank you to those who inspire me. thank you to those who have been there for me. thank you to those who have put up with me. i hope you guys stick around a while longer.

sorry (not sorry) if it’s vain or narcissistic or selfish to say, but it’s the only day i can get away with it: happy birthday to me.

here’s to hoping the next year is a little easier, but no less wild.

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also a small shoutout to my closest and dearest peeps and all the wonders we’ve made together: thank you for brightening my life.

Ro, Dante, Grimmy, Al, Avel, Amy; you guys know who you are.

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Here’s my headcanons for the Galra women based solely off of their picture

Red Galra (furthest left)

  • Comes off as sweet but can turn lethal in an instant
  • Takes a little longer than the rest to process things, but the rest of the squad acknowledges this and helps her through it
    • Once she understands though she’ll execute it perfectly
  • Cries when she sees a cute dog

Big Earred Galra (front)

  • Super strong, can break you in half
  • Acts tough but is really a softie
  • Has the loudest belly laugh 
    • When the rest of the team hears it they can’t help but laugh along with her

Purpled Haired Galra (back)

  • Expensive hair products
  • Rebellious, doesn’t always follow directions
    • Likes to rush into missions guns blazing
  • Not good at hiding her emotions but tries to anyway

Masked Galra (furthest right)

  • Mysterious™
  • Loves her cat and would kill whoever hurt a single hair on their head
  • Dark humor

Oh, and all of them can kick my ass and I’d say thank you



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anonymous asked:

Funny how you mock Jonsa shippers with the 'they look at each other' thing, because in over a week's time every Jonerys shipper will start reading into every single little look and line imagining big romance and heart years from them, even when it's just two strangers talking to each other.

ummm well maybe because there’s an actual romance between Jon and Dany coming so chances are there will be hints to it as build up. That’s usually how stories work. And I was clearly joking around and didn’t even tag my answer but y'all are sensitive about everything so whatever.

Spread Love. Not Hate.

Here we go again, hate comments are flooding peoples dashes. I’m gonna break the chain, and give some quick shoutouts to the people that I love and who deserve to be told they’re loved. Add onto this if you wanna! Add the people you love, the people you wanna tag (you don’t even have to write paragraphs about them, just give them a quick “you’re important to me”) and let’s start flooding the dashes with love!

@lipstickandwhiskey my main squeeze. Lips, you are always there for me. I know I can count on you for anything. I never expected our friendship to grow the way it has, but I am so grateful for you every day. You are my everything and thank you for being my best friend. The Jensen to my Jared. The Leslie Knope to my Ann Perkins. My Big. You mean the world to me and so much more.

@taste-of-dean Lindsey, my love, thank you for all the laughs. Thank you for letting me spam you with my feels from the episodes (and from Conan last night) Thank you for all the advice. I am so super stoked to meet you in Septemeber!

@sammyneedsadog You are such a lovely human. Your messages brighten up my day. The fact that you take the time to thank me for something, or tell me to Always Keep Fighting or anything really just makes my whole day. You are a phenomenal writer as well. I am really enjoying Leavin’ A Lonely Town.

@pretttypadalecki I just really love seeing you on my dash. You brighten my dash with Jared and Jensen and Sam and Dean and also your bunny! Your bunny is the cutest little fur ball in existence and every time I see a new post I yell “bunny” and it just makes my day. I love Isabel and you.

@wildfirewinchester MEG YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN I HAVE NO WORDS. I love getting to talk to you and seeing you on snapchat. And betaing for you is my absolute favorite. You’re such a sweetie. I remember following you forever ago back before you changed your name to wildfirewinchester (and I can’t even remember what it was back then) and your fic recs were so sweet, I loved seeing the comments you made on not just my fics but everyone’s fics. You’re one of the reasons I started doing fic recs myself. You’re wonderful Meg.

@supernatural-jackles Jen, you’re the reason I’m Dean!Curious. To this day, you are one of my favorite writers. I remember reading your Sam fic “Cuddle Time” long before I was ever writing supernatural fanfic myself. And then with Where It All Began, I still swoon over that series. It’s still one of my favorite Dean series. And now with Summer Fling,  gah Jen it’s like you want me to be a Dean!girl how dare. You helped me get started in the fanfic world, and I will always be thankful for every reblog and rec you gave me.

like? honestly this is one of the worst parts of rpc ‘’’aesthetics’’’ to me. everything is so pastel and high contrast that if you play a poc and don’t make your own icons and psds then you’re sol in terms of your character retaining their natural skin tone. this is stuff that only looks ‘good’, for a given value of ‘good’, on white or white-passing FCs. The current trends in icons and colorings makes it that much harder to find usable resources for non-white FCs, who are usually fairly underused as it is.

I shouldn’t have only two icon packs that remember my character is a brown woman when there’s roughly 8 icon packs in her rp tag. Even when the resources are available, you have to either accept playing the character as whitewashed through icons or just.. not have icon resources at all. It’s ridiculous. 

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Bruh did some IR really come on your post (not even tagged might I add) saying screenshot your ask in order not to be petty??? why not bypass something that is irrelevant to you and your interests??

hahah I guess so! I didn’t notice at first because my notifications don’t always show when someone adds a reply to my posts for some reason. Oh well, I’m not gonna start screenshotting my asks, so they’ll just have to learn how to use the tag function correctly. It’s not a difficult concept, but I’ll keep the faith that they can figure it out with a little practice.

Get To Know Me

I got taged by @qigoyangi So thank you for tagging me on this even though I thought y’all forgot about me lol 

RULES: answer 30 questions and tag 20 new people who you want to get to know

Name: Evelyn

Nickname: Lynn is a popular one as well as B and Cinnamon 

Gender: Female

Hair: Chocolate brown that fades to red

Nationality: Viva Mexico!

Language: Spanish, English, French and learning Korean and Japanese

Fav colour: White, Black and Grey

Star sign: Leo


Height: 165 cm

Time: Started at 3:15 pm Central Time

Fav. Bands: In kpop we have BTS, GOT7, and BIGBANG but in English theres, Fall Out Boy, twenty one pilots, Blink-182, other pop-punks bands and it’s a long ass list boy like I have 5000 songs on itunes

Fav solo artists: Dean, Jay Park, Jon Bellion

Song on my mind: All Time Low -Jon Bellion

Last movie watched: Lady and the Tramp 

Last show watched: Criminal Minds

What I’m wearing: Blue shirt with some black jeans

My posts: Fics on BTS, GOT7, and BIGBANG 

Reason to why I got a tumbler account: My main one because of peer pressure and this one because of the fact that I don enjoy writing

Instruments: Everything percussion and piano

Fav food: Noodles and rice~

bounes: Send drabble ideas lol I lost my mojo in writing :( 

So I have to tag like 20 people so I’m going to tag some of my favorite blogs that I look up to and enjoy their writing. Feel free to do them if you’d like! This is in no particular order, just the order that I found going through my followings: @war-of-hormoan @noona-la-la-la @thewritingsinquestion @versigny @an-exotic-writer  

And that’s like five so might as well tag some friends, hm? @eomma-eagle @escapaertist @teaacuptaee @myhomeistuan @bunnybubkook and @joonbugs-transboitails


Please help and support this show by watching is legally on Netflix THIS FRIDAY ONWARDS! I normally hate these types of posts, but for this show, it’s needed. It’s not often we get such a female driven show like this within the anime industry, and compared to the many male driven animes, it’s not even a fraction of how popular it SHOULD be.