Ok i started imagining Ren meeting Hux's family and turns out it's more disfunctional than his own

-Hux is referring to his parents as mother and father and it sounds like their titles in Hux’s mouth.
-Hux’s father looks like Domhnall’s father in my head cos Domhnall’s father looks majestic af.
- They are even more stiff than Hux himself.
- They have 0 chill.
- Hux’s father thinks Kylo Ren is a punk bitch.
- They both comment loudly what they think about Kylo in Kylo’s presence.
- Hux and his mother argued the whole dinner over the destruction of hosnian system bc his mother’s favorite hairdresser was on one of those planets.
- Hux has very tiny and very angry grandma who is tru patriot and is ready to defend the imperium with her own blaster.
- Grandma still calls Kylo a sith.
- 90% things Hux says to his grandma is “please grandma”, “grandma no” and “grandma stop”.
- Hux has at least 3 aunts who always point out how much he has grown, doesn’t matter he doesn’t grow anymore.
- Kylo bonds with aunt Tarkin as she tells him her husband’s stories about Darth Vader.
- Hux has that one uncle with mustache he doesn’t know but the uncle seem to know him.
- Hux has only one or two pictures of him from before academy bc his parents didn’t bother with spending time with him.
- Every family meeting is planned with all the details by Hux’s mother.
- Hux hates those more than ren’s tantrums.

femslash february day 10: orinkuu!!

ok, so i got kind of lazy with this one. it turned out sloppy, so i apologize! nonetheless orinkuu is a really great ship and i’ve loved it for a long time! i feel lik they’re basically that one couple who always act like really close best friends and nobody can tell if they’re dating or not. they care about each other so much and it’s just so sweet. definitely one of my top favorite ships right here

let us remember this as the darkest day of the gilmore girls revival

the day that it was confirmed that both dean and christopher will be returning