This just keeps getting stupider and stupider.

Today in “shit only hets do”… 

‘Oh, you deceived me into dropping all my professionality during a fucking space mission and sleeping with you while you were married all this time? Yeah, better to let you die out there potentially compromising the mission even further!’

I hate myself for being this stupid and.. jealous.
One of my friends here in Uruguay is talking with my - for me - best friend in Germany and it sucks. I guess they’re just planing something for my birthday but whatever. It’s so stupid that I’m like.. this but I guess that’s how I am. I don’t wanna act jealous and I’ll not say that they aren’t allowed to write with eachother but it’s so strange for me and I actually don’t want this.
I thought about this probably more than I should but I clearly know now that I don’t want my friends here to talk with my friends in Germany. Not when they’re like.. talking because they searched the other one in my friendlist in Facebook. I probably sound like a dick but I don’t really care. And I will not tell them to stop tho.
I just.. bothers me.