Twisted, weak, malformed, unnatural. These words, and more, perfectly described what resulted from Karzahni’s every attempt to repair the damaged Matoran sent to him. To compensate for his shortcomings, he equipped the Matoran he shoddily rebuilt with weapons. This allowed them to defend themselves, even in their weakened state.

Velika’s Power Carvers were two of those weapons. Despite his abominable state, these weapons proved to be quite the boon. They allowed the inventive Matoran to carve into most solid objects, giving him the ability to break open locks or harvest any materials he needed for one of his crafty new inventions.

How would the Fo4 companions react to the FoNV companions?? Who becomes friends with who?

I’ve been meaning to do a piece of art on this for such a long time now, not all the companions are included because I just wanted to write about who’d become good friends out of them all.

Rex and dogmeat would be the best of friends playing and sniffing out loot together, at night they’d snuggle up happily by a warm fire.

Strong and lilly would have plenty to discuss, she’d tell him about her grandchildren and about bad leo, Strong would much prefer leo to lilly but would enjoy the strength and stealth she used in battle. Lilly would teach Strong the importance of animal herding for food and milk plus her favorite nightstalker smashing techniques. 

Piper and veronica, two strong independent women, they’d take the commonwealth by storm, there’d be lots of mischief and nuka cola, not to mention dresses. Veronica would fawn over pipers outfits and almost faint when she managed to find a similar one, veronica would flash her gauntlet whenever security gave piper a hard time. 

The mixture of cait, Hancock and cass would be a recipe of alcohol comedy and overnight stays in a jail cell, the three would egg each other on to do the stupidest stuff.

Arcade and Curie would love having somebody that understood each of their knowledge and intellect, the two would discuss their prons and cons off working in the scientific field as well as different languages, Curie would be ecstatic to finally meet somebody fluent in french.  She’d pass on natural healing recipes she’d learned to him in hope they’d reach the people of the Mojave 

Codsworth and Ed-e would be funny together, codsworth would tell him stories of the adventures oh him and his master for Ed-e to happily beep to, Ed-e would broadcast old world British broadcasts for Codsworth in return 

Both good with a sniper and mourning the ones they’ve lost Mac and boone would bound quite easily, Boone would compete with the younger sniper at first until he realized he was easily matched, Maccready taught the stoic man hope, telling him of how he’d lost Lucy but he lives on for the sake of their son. Boone would enjoy bonding and telling stories to Duncan. 

Nick and raul would constantly argue over of the smallest of things such as best pre-war music or games, it was all in good spirit though, the two old souls, would sit back and tell their tales of the old world, learning some thing they didn’t know, Nick would brag about his detective work playfully to Raul while he’d retort back manual labor was more rewarding. It made Raul happy to see despite his age Nick still kept going on helping the world. 

Danse and Veronica would enjoy learning about different aspects of the brotherhood, they’d fight together when nobody else felt like matching up to them. Veronica didn’t mind Danse was a synth, she thought it was pretty amazing how loyal he still was despite exile, she’d offered to take him back to California to join her branch of the Bos, it was a offer he’d defiantly consider. 

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Kiliel - Courting shenanigans

Made because of this.

“I believe I have misunderstood the instructions I was given.”

Bilbo hummed politely and continued reading the trade request.

“I read the entire treatise.”

“I’m sure you did, Tauriel.”

“I read it carefully.”

Bilbo hummed again. The young couple could be, at times, cloyingly affectionate. Thank the Valar it was only the elf visiting his study, rather than them both together; that could be unbearable.

“I must have done something incorrectly.”

“I’m sure it’s fine.” He was only half-listening.

“Kili is upset with me.”

“I’m sure he’s not.” He wasn’t really paying attention.

“He did not seem to like the gift I gave him.”

“He what?”

Okay, now Bilbo was listening.


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Representation spotlight: Blindfold

Name: Ruth Aldine

Alias: Blindfold

Debut: Astonishing X-Men V3 #7

Earth: 616

Gender: cis female

Sexuality: assumed heterosexual

Race: Unspecified white

Disability: Blind, symptoms of schizophrenia

Ruth is incredibly powerful and rare form of mutant, having been born with at least some of her mutant abilities manifesting at the time of her birth. Among her known abilities are: telepathy, precognition, retrocognition, clairvoyant, astral projection, telepathic immunity, reality warping immunity, telekinesis, chaos manipulation, psychic possession, and other mental controls. Along with her formidable powers she was born with no eye sockets and therefore physically blind. The week after her birth her father abandoned the family leaving her mother to raise both her and her brother Luca alone. Luca blaimed Ruth for their circumstances and held deep racism toward mutants, he physically and emotionally abused Ruth for years until finally attempting to murder her with a chainsaw but accidentally killed their mother who tried to intervene. For a time after that Ruth lived happily with her aunt until they attended Luca’s execution where he manifested his mutant ability of astral projection, broke Ruth’s mind open and stole half of her powers. It is then that she enters the Xavier Institute.

Even among mutants her own age Ruth is isolated and very unpopular. Not only is she not trusted because she can’t stick to the rule that psychics are not allowed to read people’s minds without permission she has also developed mannerisms and speech patterns likened unto schizophrenia which she is ridiculed for. Despite proving to be quite a boon in combat Ruth is often kept off of the official rosters and shifted around to different places.

Trivia: Ruth is the great granddaughter of Irene Adler, Mystique’s deceased wife who had the power of precognition