An update on what Lindsey's dumb ass has been up to:

I got a kick ass job at Novant Health in Winston Salem
I passed my drug test (TYBG)
I signed a lease for an affordable big girl apartment today after spending all god damn day looking for a place
- my new apartment is 1 mile away from Aldi and is only a 10 minute drive to work
My goofy ass boyfriend is going to move in with me after his goofy ass finally graduates :’)
My last day at Tweetsie is Sept. 5th and I’m not going to miss that godforsaken place at all
I’m not quite ready to leave Boone (and Alison) yet but I’ll deal with that when that time comes
Mentally, I’m doing great. A lot better than last year when all I wanted to do was die. To say I “went through a rough patch” is an understatement. I saw no future for myself and had almost lost all hope (thanks to therapy and hard work I have emerged from that dark place nearly unscathed).
I feel excited and overwhelmed all at the same time and I find myself actually looking forward to the future, and all my life I have never been excited for the future, but here I am. I’m happy with who I am for the first time in a long time.