Met With Blood

(I procrastinated like I always do and so I wrote this today in maybe just over an hour. It probably sucks. Whatever, enjoy my Alternate Meeting AU!)

Summary: There’s a mysterious woman lying in the garden outside of Alex’s apartment. Of course, Alex does the only thing she can do, she helps the woman. They get to know each other, have a falling out, and meet again under the literal worst circumstances. Who is this mysterious woman, really?

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Word Count: 2,127

Someone is just laying in the garden in front of her apartment building.

Alex sighs, all she wants to do is go to bed after a hard day at the DEO, but no. Now, she has to help this admittedly extremely hot woman who has decided to take a nap by those thorny roses. Perfect.

Alex slumps her shoulders and stalks over the unknown woman. She’s only a few feet away when she realizes something. The woman is bleeding. All of her previous annoyance flies out a window as she drops her bag and runs the distance separating the two of them.

She drops to her knees beside the mysterious woman, instantly moving her fingers to check for a pulse. Alex breathes a sigh of relief when she finds one. Next, she scans for all possible injuries, feeling even more relief when she figures out that the bleeding isn’t coming from a life-threatening wound.

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So my boyfriend is in the police academy and got pepper sprayed since he’s taking defensive tactics and he’s been in agony, groaning and moaning in pain for over an hour. Don’t let me catch y'all saying the police “don’t feel our pain” and they “don’t understand”

I literally have sat at home all day

I ate healthily and stuff kinda. I played doomrpg on a zdoom with a custom map WAD Khorus. I also thought about what I’m going to do for my jojo picture thing next. I have the general idea of what I want for the whole thing but I need details I want to add. I haven’t gone upstairs and exercised yet but I’m gonna do that soon. My skype friend has been offline for 2 days so that’s cool. Some of mutuals have been absent and my cousin who I like but am neutralish towards asked me if I wanted to play some the new minecraft with him and his friends. I’ll probably play minecraft with em tomorrow after I do work and get some art done or whatever. Just kinda upsetting because I think oh boy time for friends and then it falls flat and my cousin comes back and I play with them for a bit with mediocre enjoyment. My cousin and his friends are good people don’t get me wrong I just don’t relate that well to them. They also aren’t really perceptive to my emotions? Which is kind of asking too much since I should have fun anyway and let loose but then some of them argue or they go back to playing of legends and I just get in a slump. Then I go and play some old game on an emulator and get hooked on that and do school work and stuff while feeling empty inside. I’m happy to play somethingn other than ARK Survival evolved or league of legends though and I kind of wanted to play minecraft with them for a while. Idk they just don’t talk about much besides the game at hand and it gets quiet and feels like they focus on playing the game as opposed to interacting sometimes and play it seriously? Idk man if I want to play a game to be serious or for pure gameplay I go and play a good old single player game. If I want to have fun with friends then I play a multiplayer game and I care ALOT less about gameplay and other stuff. It’s good to make projects and do them together as opposed to just forcing something or playing seriously without compromise. I mean I’ll ask sometimes but even then it’s like I’m on so much of a lower level of skill at the games since I like to play a bit more casually to enjoy a game and stuff but sometimes it’s fun to do difficult things. It’s just with them they always want to blaze through to the ender dragon or get iron swords and finish a dungeon or go the the nether with almost no preparation. It’s like B O I I can’t do that I ain’t that good. I like them I just feel so out of place and it feels kinda empty. Well that’s life though huh? Also minecraft is actually relaxing and fun but it’s got a bad name idc tho it’s simple. I like having a nice crop farm and making everyone food or potions

Summer Break

I’m honestly glad that summer is here because my focus can be off of B for a bit. Yes, I still love him and all the idiotic things he does, but now that school’s out, I don’t find myself constantly thinking of him, which is nice for a change.
I still care about him, and I know I will probably email him over break and whatever, but I now get to focus on myself a lot more. I am looking forward to doing so much this summer. I am trying to get prepared early for classes next year because I am genuinely excited to take them. And to be honest, I never really looked forward to school until B’s class. So hopefully not having him as my teacher doesn’t change that.

But without a doubt, I’m sure there will be days I miss him a lot. Hell, when I go to camp, I’m sure all I’ll think of is him because he wants to know how it goes.
I’m sure I’ll see him around over the summer because we live only 20 min apart.

(he has emailed me after school has ended and i swear i will kill this man)

I care about him so much, but I’m glad that I get to focus on myself and my goals at least for a little bit :-)

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ell is tori's first real gf so she wants to make sure everything turns out right but by doing so tori keeps stressing herself out by trying to seem like the perfect loving gf and then stresses herself out even more cycling downward further in a cycle

every time tori tries to discuss something in their relationship ell tries to change the subject because she always feel guilty of the problems and she doesn’t know /why/ but she just always wants to be held in a positive light in the eyes of tori


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From the back garden you will be able to see the wild wood. The deep well you walk past leads to Winter's realm; there is another land at the bottom of it. If you turn around here, you can walk back, safely; you will lose no face. I will think no less of you. Once through the garden you will be in the wood. The trees are old. Eyes peer from the under-growth. Beneath a twisted oak sits an old woman. She may ask for something; give it to her. ((text limit makes me stop here, sorry))

It was cold.  He didn’t remember it being cold, but he shivered a little as he walked.

Where was he going?  And why was he barefoot?  There was a cloak of some kind, at least, something warm and thick wrapped around his shoulders even if his feet were cold.  Even if he couldn’t remember… much of anything.

He was in a garden.  That wasn’t helpful; it was lush and green to start, but the further he walked, the less color it contained until all was blue and silver.  Frozen, iced over, dripping jeweled icicles.  Elegant in its own way, but strange.  Otherworldly.

Like the well he came across.  Simple, iconic, stonework with a wooden roof, also frozen.  There seemed to be a flurry of snow coming up from underground, somehow; not somewhere that he wanted to stop and gather even more cold.  Even so, he found himself pausing, turning to look back at the house from which he’d come.

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For savannah... was planning to send it on your birthday but its a lil early lol

Happy birthday savannah. I can’t believe your finally turning 20. It honestly seems like yesterday when we actually met at high school. I can’t honestly put into words how i feel about everything. I’m happy to see you get through each day even if they aren’t the best for you. I don’t talk to you much anymore but i still wish we did. I wish we could just spend a whole afternoon together to catch up on everything that has happened in these past 2 years. This will get a lil sappy im sorry. I’m an idiot and i know that you wont see this probably but whatever. Sigh let me get this over with. I hope your still happy and doing better than ever. I hope your depression has subsided and you have begun to be a lot better. I hope that you have been taking care of yourself because i know you have a track record for not taking really good care of your diabetes. I hope the cats and the other animals have been doing well. but ima be a lil depressing now atleast for me. i remember 4 years ago, when we dated, on your birthday all you wanted was my little pony things lol. I remember eating smores with you outside next to the fire pit. What a wonderful day that was. I remember having the time of my life and actually being happy. Being happy is a rarity for me now adays. I remember actually meeting you the first time and just telling jokes all the time at school. And of course that moves on to me asking if you wanted to come bowling. Which you never did before so it was really great to actually see you accompany me. And of course things moved further we started dating blah blah. I was really sad to hear a long time ago about your struggles with your depression. Where you cut yourself and acutally tried to kill yourself. I’m sorry. But im glad you stayed i wouldnt of had that amazing person with me for those wonderful 2 years of my life. Im glad i was able to help you get through such a tough time of your life. You honestly have no idea of how happy i am to see you move on and be happy. You cross my mind all the time. You never leave my thoughts and im not going to lie.. it hurts. I literally break down in tears from time to time thinking about you sadly. You had a huge impact on me.. as you can see and im happy i had the time to spend with you. I do wish i could be with you again of course. I wish i took my one chance to come back to you. Or even the chance i should of taken to come over and get on my knees and tell you everything i wish i could of said a long time ago. I wish i would of just came up to you after the rough period of time and just told you everything i wanted to say. I wish i could do it now but im an idiot and waited to long. i still go to the park every other day and walk around thinking to myself how much it would be different if i actually did what i wanted to do. Every night i hope for something to happen. I wish we actually talked and hung out and stuff. I would love to have you come to the park with me so that we can catch up on everything that has happened so far after all this time. I would love to be able to spend atleast one more day with you. But if not.. thats i guess.. ok. it would only be like an hour if that just a the park or something. If not i wish i could still say some things to you. and what that is.. is.. I miss you. I want the beautiful smile back in my life. with that glowing heart of yours. you light up my world with who you are. You actually moved forward instead of walking back, like i did. I want things back to the way they used to be i wish i could have you back in my life. You have always been there even when you weren’t. And i hope that you always though i was there in those tough times for you to help you keep moving forward. I always want the best for you and nothing less. I want you to be happy. I want you to be happy with everything you do in life. I never want to see a once of sadness from you. I always want to hear your beautiful voice whether its your singing or just you talking about your day. I want to see you move through life with your head up and not your head down. I want you to be looking forward to each and every day. i want to see your smile. That is the best thing you could do. Smile. Be happy. Go to the next day with your head held up and embrace each day. You have so much to look forward to. I couldn’t of gotten luckier to have you in my life. and i will always remember the girl that used to say  " I love you “ to me every day and every night. I’ll never forgot the girl i had my first kiss with and my first everything with. You were the first and i wanted you to be the last. I never wish i let go. I with i was better for you. i wish i could be better. I wish i could be that person that you look at every morning and start your day with a smile. I wish i could hold your hand and talk long walks everywhere. I wish i had the courage… to actually come back to you and tell all this to your face.. and I wish I had the chance to get on my hands and knees and tell you this. because then you would know this is all genuine and that i really mean everything that i just wrote here. You were the best thing to ever happen to me. and i wish i could be better… i miss you.. i’m.. sorry. Please read this.. .

Well I’ve already cried twice today over the same thing. I should probably stop thinking about it but whatever my brain likes to obsess over things that don’t matter and I can’t change anyway ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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"Baby Letos should be exiting from wombs any day now." 😳😳😳😝😝😝 I can only imagine the fandom if this were true. It would probably be divided half fan girling and half jelly over whatever woman gave them the blessing of a child (just a joke don't take this too seriously)

Oh, no doubt!

And as much as it does not matter these days if a baby is born out of wedlock, I guarantee that if either Leto Bro were to knock up a woman who was not Mrs. Leto, we would get the “She poked a hole in the condom/”forgot” to take her pills on purpose” comments. 

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Repunzal and Money

Name three Disney movies that you adore.

The Rescuers Down Under (my childhood), Mary Poppins (the songs are now stuck in your head), and Wall-E (so many robots, so many feels).

What would you do with 1 million dollars?

Probably some home renovation, actually. And then save whatever’s left over. (Whoops, I’m a responsible adult.)