The Dinner Party

just a random idea that came to me in a fever dream earlier this week. rated E for explicit smutty smut smut. enjoy!

“You want me to do what?”

Peeta frowned at her foot, wielding the nail polish brush threateningly. “First, I want you to hold still.” Katniss wriggled her toes defiantly but then obliged, hardly daring to breathe when he swiped the coral nail polish onto her big toe in nice, even strokes. It looked perfect, of course. He could always paint better than she could, even nails.

“Seriously, though. You want me to go to a dinner party with you?” she asked. He glanced up at her with a crooked smile before he started painting her next toenail.

“You make it sound like I’ve asked you to strip naked and run around the block or something,” he said, focusing on her toes. She snorted, then clamped her lips shut when he shot her a warning look. Snorting made her foot jiggle, apparently. “It’s just a dinner party. Delly asked everyone to bring a guest–someone, and I quote, ‘interesting.’ So I’m asking you.”

Katniss stared at the top of his head, his blond curls falling across his forehead as he worked. “But I don’t really know her. And what a weird stipulation,” she said with a laugh.

Peeta shrugged. “Delly likes her theme parties,” he muttered, tongue poking out the corner of his mouth as he delicately painted her pinky toe. Satisfied with his work, he shot her a triumphant smile. “And you’re the most interesting person I know.”

She rolled her eyes. “Says the guy who paints nails better than any girl I know.”

He gave her a look of mock offense. “Are you questioning my masculinity? You know how I feel about rigid gender roles.” Then he held up his hand, palm flat, fingers spread. “And who’s got a steadier hand than me?” She kicked playfully at his hand, and he made a noise of protest, grabbing her ankle to place her foot down on the coffee table. “Don’t mess up my hard work.”

Katniss slumped down into the couch, chewing on her lip. “You know I don’t like people. How am I supposed to be interesting around a bunch of strangers?”

Screwing the nail polish bottle shut, Peeta sat back on his hands. “Just think of it as a challenge. See how often you can work into the conversation that dry wit and razor-sharp sarcasm of yours without them realizing you’re insulting them.”

“Do you want people to hate me?” she asked wryly, folding her arms over her chest. He grinned.

“Delly said interesting. She didn’t say anything about likable.” He laughed when she flipped him off, then pushed off the floor to stand up. “I should head home. But I swear, if you just be yourself, people will love you.” She didn’t think it was that simple. Peeta never had to worry about getting people to like him; it just came naturally to him. But she didn’t argue the point, letting him pull her up from the couch. With cotton balls stuffed between her toes, she wobbled after him to the front door. Grabbing his jacket from the coat rack, he turned to her. “So you’ll come?”

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markhyuck au where

mark is a real estate agent trying to sell a house that has been unoccupied for years but donghyuck (the ghost who haunts it) won’t let him.

: very long post / aged up!markhyuck 

i wrote this bc i had to get this out of my system - yall can keep scrolling if u dont like markhyuck !! ALSO i have z e r o clue how the real estate industry works so this is probably super inaccurate

ok so:

  • no one wants to buy this property bc its apparently haunted by a ghost
  • mark thinks thats just stupid
  • hes just trying his very best n rly wants a promotion !!
  • so his boss (obviously taeil bc we love a moon taeil managing a real estate business) offers to give a raise n promotion to anyone that can sell the house bc the last dude that tried to got so close but the couple pulled out last min after hearing abt the rumours
  • mark thinks he is aBSOLUTELY FULLY CAPABLE of selling this house so he tells his boss he wants to give it a shot
  • taeils like r u sure you’ve only been working here for 6 months
  • n mark lee’s all hell yea i got this thats why rumours around the world are saying mark is abs-
  • so boss man’s like aight ill leave this task to you 
  • everyone else in the office is all :000000
  • sicheng the cute intern is all ARE YOU SURE ABT THIS MARK in his broken chinese n he’s all cute and worried and its the first time the others have heard him speak this much
  • jaehyun his bff in the office is like good luck man bc he once tried selling it too but whimped out after encountering so called ghost
  • so anyways mark has to go inspect the property the next day
  • he gets given the keys yadda yadda
  • when he turns up to the house (which, mind you, is a very nice house located on the outskirts of town by a little lake) and opens the door he hears a loud “WHO GOES THERE”
  • like he legit jumps n he’s pretty sure he almost peed himself n hes sso oso scared but then he remembers his mission and that he’s not going to turn out like the rest and he w I L L sell this house 
  • so he loosens his tie with a d e t er m i n e d face and enters the home
  • “whos there!! show yourself!” 
  • he thinks he sounds pretty fierce but it actually came out a quiet squeak
  • anyways it’s silent for a bit and mark’s like super wary as he closes the door behind him
  • “LEAVE THIS HOUSE IMMEDIATELY!!!” and suddenly theres a picture frame thrown at the wall
  • mark panics again and he’s so close to running out but he stays determined!!! bc!! fully capable mark!!
  • “no i have to sell this house and i won’t leave until i do so!!”
  • and it just goes silent again until the voice speaks up again
  • “who are you”
  • “i, um. mark?”
  • “you sound unsure”
  • “well. i mean, would you kill me for being a little nervous? jheesh”
  • he looks around. where is the voice even coming from? it projects through the entire house like its on speaker
  • mark’s not sure where he got this sudden confidence from but he feels a lot less scared than before so he just loosens his tie and walks around the house with his clipboard, doing his lil inspection
  • the ghost? spirit? whatever it is doesn’t say anything and mark just shrugs and carries on with his business and before he knows it an hour has already passed
  • “hey spirit” he calls out
  • and it’s like silent for ages
  • so he just shrugs and he’s about to leave when
  • “you can’t sell this house. it’s mine”
  • and mark just stops at the door and he can’t help but feel a lil sad at the spirit’s sad tone bc it probably has like so many memories in the house and it probably hasn’t crossed over or whatever (he’s not sure how the whole supernatural thing works but he’s watched ghost whisperer before)
  • the last thing mark says before he leaves is “i’ll be back tomorrow and you better be gone”
  • he thinks he hears the spirit scoff but maybe its just his ears
  • honestly mark has a hard time believing all of this and he goes to bed that night wondering h o w he’s going to deal with this situation
  • anyway mark turns up the next day and this time the spirit doesn’t seem as hostile 
  • that being said it continues to threaten mark and starts moving objects around
  • but honestly mark (and his newfound confidence) only rolls his eyes as makes a list of the repairs that need to be done (bc deep down he doesnt believe any of this is actually happening)
  • so they fall into a routine
  • mark keeps coming back and the spirit keeps threatening him
  • sometimes it tries to sabotage his work by moving things around 
  • mark’s gotten so used to it that he literally just sighs like “give it back”
  • the spirit actually listens to him and does
  • eventually they start talking more 
  • mark’s found out the spirit’s name is donghyuck but that’s all the information he knows 
  • he thinks it’d be inappropriate to ask stuff like “oh so how did u die” so they just end up having the most random conversations
  • “make sure you paint the hallway walls blue. the mustard yellow is so outdated”
  • “you’ll leave and let me sell the house if i paint them blue?”
  • “i never said that”
  • and mark ends up spending more time at the house than necessary
  • so one day jaehyun pulls him aside at work n he’s all “dude??? are u ok? you’re hardly in the office these days”
  • and mark’s like “yeah man u know its just the repairs for the house they’re taking ages”
  • jaehyun is suspicious but shrugs it off and tells him to be careful
  • taeil asks how the task is going and mark suddenly gets all nervous for no reason bc HOW IS THE TASK GOING??? he doesnt even know

  • he just gives another casual response n says the house should be ready soon for him to start bringing in clients
  • taeil just pats his back and wishes him good luck
  • when mark finishes work that evening he literally feels so down bc he literally had one j o b but here he is being all chummy with a ghost that haunts this house and its all just so messed up in his head
  • he doesnt know what makes him do it but that evening he ends up going to the house
  • “someone’s working the night shift”
  • mark just blinks in confusion at the words because what the heck. he’s meant to be here for work and this isn’t work so w h y is he here at 7pm on a friday???
  • instead he just takes a seat on the floor by the wall in the empty living area and sighs like a sad puppy
  • “what’s the matter?” donghyuck asks and his voice sounds genuinely concerned??? if anything it scares mark a bit
  • “who - no. what are you?” he finally asks
  • and then there’s silence
  • it’s literally like that for almost an hour before mark asks again
  • “are you like some kind of ghost? spirit? do you need help crossing over? i just. i really need you to leave and you’re not making my job any easier and i’m so confused and half of me doesn’t even believe any of this is real”
  • silence
  • it almost convinces mark that he really is going mad because there’s no such thing as ghosts and he’s just talking to an empty house
  • until a quiet voice says
  • “i’m neither of those”
  • mark feels so, so confused and he just ruffles his hair in frustration
  • “then what are you?”
  • “what’s your favorite color?”
  • he’s taken aback by the question 
  • nonetheless, he responds with a quiet “green”
  • “green is disgusting. red is better”
  • “red is literally the color of the devil i’m guessing thats what you are”
  • he’s expecting an angry remark but instead he’s met with soft laughter and all mark can do is smile in return
  • he ends up spending the night at the house talking to donghyuck all night
  • it’s a saturday the next day and mark is so co n f u s  e d when he wakes up to the smell of pancakes?
  • he follows the smell and finds a plate of pancakes sitting at the table with a note “i’m assuming you never ate dinner last night. eat up - D”
  • mark thinks he’s living in a dream bc did a ghost just?? COOK for him??
  • reality at this point has become so warped in his mind that he doesn’t care anymore and he starts eating
  • he hears laughter 
  • “calm down youre eating as if its your last day on earth” 
  • he sticks up a middle finger at no one in particular, hoping donghyuck will see it from wherever he is, and he’s only met with more laughter
  • when he’s finished eating and rinses his plate (which he has no idea where it came from) he’s thinking about what donghyuck said to him last night about not being a ghost
  • “donghyuck”
  • “mark”
  • for a brief moment he’s startled. it’s the first time donghyuck’s said his name and he’s not sure how he feels about it. if anything, the tips of his ears growing red must indicate a positive sign 
  • “what ar- i mean. how do yo- no. what do you look like?”
  • silence
  • he runs a hand through his hair with a frustrated sigh before leaving the house again
  • he doesn’t return for another week
  • when mark comes back, he’s with a client
  • mr johnny seo and his boyfriend chittaphon seem extremely keen in the property and want to move in despite hearing rumors about a ghost
  • mark doesn’t know whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing
  • johnny and chittaphon are into that buzzfeed unsolved kind of shit and run their own vlog series on youtube and theyre just e c s t a t i c that they might be moving into a haunted house
  • mark thinks theyre weird as shit but he wants that promo
  • donghyuck probably doesn’t mind sharing anyway
  • when he thinks back to donghyuck he feels a pang in his chest and dare he say it, he misses them? 
  • anyways
  • mark takes the couple back to the house and he feels weird
  • he can’t pinpoint what’s wrong but he just feels strange inside his chest
  • there are two things he’s learnt about johnny and chittapon:
  • one, they cant keep their hands off each other
  • and two, they can’t stop filming every waking moment of their lives
  • so when they’re following him to the house with their giant ass camera and chittaphon’s giggles, mark can only roll his eyes as he inserts the key 
  • but the door won’t open
  • mark’s confused - he hadn’t come back to change the locks so why won’t the key fit?
  • he feels slightly flustered in the presence of the couple and their camera and he laughs nervously
  • they must feel pretty bad for him because they laugh nervously too
  • mark tries again but to no avail and sighs in frustration when it hits him: donghyuck - this was clearly his doing 
  • mark clears his throat awkwardly before turning back to the couple “i’m sor-”
  • johnny and chittaphon jump back, eyes wider than saucers while mark has to c o n t a i n himself from rolling his eyes at donghyuck’s ~scary voice~
  • he half expects the couple to run away but instead johnny only begins to roll the camera once again and there’s a look of nervous excitement on chittaphon’s face
  • mark turns to the door once again and hisses “donghyuck open the door”
  • he hopes the couple haven’t heard him but judging by the looks on their faces, they have
  • and mark can only snort
  • johnny looks absolutely f a s c i nat e d by this point and mark groans internally before beginning to knock on the door
  • “donghyuck not cool just open the damn d o o r before i break it down”
  • there’s silence and mark takes it as his cue to try unlocking the door with his set of keys again 
  • it works and he allows the couple to enter
  • donghyuck attempts to scare the trio a few times during mark’s tour of the house by moving things around - causing johnny to drop his camera at one point and chittaphon to curse at him for bringing it because its probably broken now
  • anyway the tour goes t e rr i b ly 
  • mark is pissed
  • he’s not sure what johnny and chittaphon are feeling
  • when he sees the couple off he just shuts the door angrily and donghyuck just g i g g le s 
  • “what the fuck man did u have to do that?”
  • “i told you to leave”
  • “and i told you to leave. what is even your problem???” 
  • at this point mark’s just yelling and donghyuck doesnt seem to care tbh
  • there are a few more clients he tries to bring that week and the week after
  • they all go awfully thanks to donghyuck and by the end of the fourth week mark is on the verge of giving up
  • donghyuck on the other hand seems to be having way too much fun 
  • “can you just like, stop?” mark sighs 
  • he’s very very tired at this point and he’s considering giving the keys back to taeil and telling him he can’t do it
  • he’s picks up his blazer that he’d taken off earlier and is about to leave when he hears a 
  • “where are you going?”
  • mark just releases the loudest snort before turning to the empty walls of the house and raising a brow at nothing in particular
  • “are you kidding me? i’m done. congrats donghyuck you get to keep your damn house”
  • donghyuck doesn’t say anything 
  • - when mark shakes his head and turns to open the front door 
  • it won’t open
  • “very funny, donghyuck. open it so i can leave”
  • he’s met with silence a g a i n so he pulls the keys out of his pocket 
  • “wait!”
  • he whips his head around in confusion bc its the first time he’s heard donghyuck speak in such a desperate tone
  • he feels his ears growing red again
  • “uh.. yes?”
  • there’s a couple seconds of silence before donghyuck speaks in a quiet voice
  • “you asked me what i was right?”
  • mark just scoffs bc why is he even having this conversation at this point
  • he decides to answer anyway 
  • “like every day but sure”
  • “go to the loft” 
  • mark spends a few seconds contemplating whether he really should or not
  • he follows his gut instinct and makes his way to the loft
  • he’s only actually been up to the loft once just because it takes forever to get up there 
  • when he climbs up the ladder and looks around at the empty space he shrugs
  • “well?”
  • “go up to the bookshelf on the far left”
  • mark feels like a child being directed right now but he follows the instructions anyway
  • he feels slightly nervous and a part of him wants to escape
  • its congested up here and he can feel the back of his neck grow sweaty like he’s been waiting for this moment for ages!!!
  • a part of him wants to run out of the house as quick as possible he’s not even sure what hes expecting
  • “now um.. move that red book on the end”
  • mark’s hand is s h a k i ng at this point and he slowly does what hes been told
  • suddenly????? the bookshelf starts moving 
  • and then it hits mark
  • its a fake bookshelf thats actually meant to be a revolving door
  • mark is literally about to collapse bc he doesnt know whats waiting for him on the other side 
  • when the door finally reaches the other side all he can do is stare
  • he feels like he’s in a different world, standing in the loft which resembles an open space apartment, with a tiny window and a mini kitchen on the side, a door which leads to what he assumes is a bathroom and a small bed
  • but that’s not what catches mark’s attention
  • standing in front of him is the most b e a u t i f u l boy he’s ever seen in his entire life
  • he doesn’t look much younger than mark himself, slightly shorter with dark red hair, golden skin and the biggest chocolate brown eyes he’s seen on a person
  • mark doesn’t know how to react 
  • his mouth goes dry and the boy looks so frightened standing there in his own vicinity that mark’s afraid he’ll disappear if he touches him
  • donghyuck?
  • clearing his throat in an all too familiar voice, the boy speaks
  • “that would be me”
  • mark passes out
  • when he wakes up a while later, he’s on an unfamiliar bed and he looks around with narrowed eyes - realising that it wasn’t a dream and donghyuck is in fact a human living in a loft
  • mark looks around at the place and his jaw drops when he sees the wall opposite the bed is fULL of screens capturing cctv like images of almost every corner of the house
  • there are about three computer screens at the desk and mark is baffled
  • it looks like the bedroom of a teenage hacker 
  • “oh good you’re up. i thought you were dead” donghyuck says, walking over to him from the kitchen with a plate of food
  • mark sits up slowly, his head is aching and hearing donghyuck’s voice like this, so clear, so close to him, so soft - he thinks he’ll pass out again
  • he feels himself growing warm when donghyuck takes a seat beside him on the bed, putting the plate on his lap before getting up
  • before he can, mark grabs his wrist “wait”
  • “you probably have a lot of questions” donghyuck speaks over him
  • “well, yeah”
  • “eat up we’ve got all night” donghyuck says
  • mark hasn’t even made eye contact with the other boy yet because he can’t bring himself to
  • donghyuck is intimidatingly beautiful 
  • “i- what time is it?”
  • “9. you were out for hours”
  • “it’s been a long day” mark shrugs, taking a bite of the surprisingly good food donghyuck managed to cook up
  • so it turns out donghyuck’s family were the owners of the house but he’d been left an orphan as a teenager
  • in order to avoid being taken into social care, he made his own living space up in the loft so no one would find him - once he’d turned 18 they stopped looking for him and using his intelligent brain, he’d conjured up all the right devices to make it seem like the home was haunted by the ghosts of his family members
  • mark is baffled by the end of the explanation
  • “but the things moving around the house..”
  • “ever heard of remote controlled toys and simple physics?”
  • mark nods slowly and donghyuck just shrugs casually 
  • later on donghyuck shows mark how he’d managed to keep up this strange lifestyle of his
  • he also finds out that donghyuck is not much younger than himself like he’d predicted - there are only a few months separating them
  • mark ends up spending the weekend at donghyuck’s place
  • when it’s sunday night and mark’s getting ready to leave, donghyuck actually walks him up the front door
  • it feels weird to say the least - hearing donghyuck’s voice like this and not projecting through the speakers he had hidden behind the walls
  • he doesn’t want to admit it to himself, but donghyuck’s voice is sweeter than honey and he feels like melting every time the younger speaks to him in a quieter tone
  • “hey donghyuck” he says, once he reaches the door and turns to the younger
  • “hm?”
  • “you ever thought about just.. buying the house?”
  • donghyuck lets out a laugh
  • mark finds it condescending
  • “do you think i have the money to do that?”
  • “well since you’ve managed to maintain it so well - yeah” it turns out donghyuck does weird internet jobs from home where he gets paid a shit ton of cash through his online services - mark thinks its illegal but doesn’t want to say anything
  • donghyuck shoots him an amused smile and shakes his head 
  • just as mark pulls the handle of the door, there’s a warm hand on his and all he can do is gulp as he meets donghyuck’s nervous eyes
  • “you won’t still try to sell it.. right?”
  • mark remembers his outburst a few days ago and he sends the younger a sympathetic smile, shaking his head slowly “i won’t”
  • “thanks” and then donghyuck’s hand is gone
  • mark lowkey feels sad at the loss of warmth but it returns when donghyuck asks him in the most v u l ne r a b l e voice
  • “will you be back?”
  • “i don’t know”
  • mark tries to ignore the heartbroken expression on donghyuck’s face while he’s driving home that night
  • the next morning at work mark feels miserable 
  • mainly because it’s a monday but also bc of donghyuck
  • he’s just so conflicted and he doesnt know what to do
  • when he’s on his break and passes by taeil’s office, he hears taeil talking to one of his co-workers nakamoto yuta, a guy who transferred to the company a few months before mark joined
  • they’re talking about the house and most importantly they’re talking about mark
  • “boss just give me the house i’ll do it - i’ve already got a couple people i know who would be willing it purchase it despite the current situation”
  • “yuta you very well know this is mark’s-”
  • “boss it’s been over a month now and he’s scared off all his clients. please?”
  • there’s a pause before he hears a “alright. i’ll talk to mark tomorrow”
  • mark just p a n i c s because all he can think about is donghyuck
  • that night mark drives back to donghyuck’s place and the door is already open for him
  • “you came back” donghyuck sounds breathless - like he just ran down from the loft 
  • - mark sees sparkles in his eyes and his stomach does a backflip
  • “i came back” he repeats, the smile on his face growing
  • when he’s later sat down on donghyuck’s bed, eating the leftovers from the dinner donghyuck’s just made, mark explains his work situation to him
  • the younger boy nods, trying desperately not to let the sadness show on his face but fails
  • “hey” mark says, bringing a hand to the younger’s cheek
  • it’s weird but neither of them say anything
  • donghyuck thinks mark has the softest!! hands
  • “i won’t let them sell it” he says in the s o f t e s t voice and donghyuck wants to melt
  • instead he just scoffs and shrugs mark’s hand away
  • “if anything, i won’t let them sell it” he says and mark laughs
  • deep down they both know it’s not selling the house that’s the issue at hand; it’s mark not having an excuse to keep coming back
  • the atmosphere is weird and tense when mark leaves that evening
  • donghyuck walks him down to the door again and mark has the urge to hold has hand and tell him it’ll b ok 
  • just as mark’s about to get into his car donghyuck calls for him 
  • when mark turns around donghyuck is suddenly !! in his arms!! and wow! soft and warm donghyuck!! 
  • about a hundred alarm bells go off in mark’s head and his heart is POUNDING but all he does is bring his arms around the younger boy and tighten the hug
  • when mark arrives at his own place he thinks that donghyuck doesn’t just sound like honey, but smells sweet like it too
  • he decides honey is his favorite smell
  • the next day at work mark isn’t surprised when yuta greets him enthusiastically in the morning
  • he also isn’t surprised when both he and yuta are called into taeil’s office
  • mark has to act fast - he can’t let yuta take this from him
  • he’s been up all night thinking about this, thinking about donghyuck
  • so when taeil’s about to speak up, mark cuts him off:
  • “boss i want to purchase the property for myself”
  • both taeil and yuta’s jaws drop and he’s pretty sure he hears jaehyun gasp from outside the door - the office wasn’t exactly a large place
  •  “you want to do what”
  • yes. i’ve thought this through and yeah. as a customer, i want to buy it. i’ve already spent so much time at it it practically already feels like home” donghyuck feels like home
  • i’ve already thought about selling my place for a while now anyway - and i don’t think anyone else would be more willing to buy this house more than i am”
  • taeil and yuta stay silent 
  • eventually taeil agrees but hands over the property to yuta to sell to mark
  • when they all come to a deal or whatever mark is dragged aside by jaehyun
  • “is this why you spent so long there? you wanted it for yourself?” poor bb he is so confused 
  • mark just smiles and nods “yeah, guess i did”
  • mark doesn’t return to the house for another few days - he’s gotta tell his parents about his abrupt decision to sell his place and purchase a new one
  • since he lives in a different town from his parents, they offer to come with his younger brother jisung to help with the move out - he tells them its ok and that he has lots of helping hands here and he’ll call them over when he’s settled in
  • mark heads to the house towards the end of the week, the contract behind his back as he unlocks the door with his keys
  • “hey spirit - come out wherever you are!” he calls out playfully
  • to his surprise donghyuck’s already on his way down - trying not to smile at the sight of the man in front of him
  • “mark lee”
  • “donghyuck” he says, unable to contain his excitement as he holds up the paper in front of the younger 
  • donghyuck squints at it, confused for a moment before his eyes widen
  • “YOU DID WHAT?????////”
  • “i bought this house!” 
  • donghyuck doesn’t know whether he should laugh or cry
  • “what the hell you just bought my house?!”
  • mark’s slightly confused bc he thought donghyuck would be happy
  • donghyuck looks like he’s abt to burst into tears and mark the awkward turtle starts panicking again
  • “i - i thought it would be better than a random person buying it??” 
  • “nO because a random person would never buy this house for as long as im alive and now yOU just came out of nowhere and TOOK POSSESSION OF IT??!?!?” 
  • donghyuck’s a lil mad bc he feels like the house is all he’s got and now its gone and he’s mad at himself for letting his guard down in front of mark and getting so attached to mark and falling for mark and he doesn’t even realise he’s saying this all aloud until mark stares at him with wide eyes
  • “you what?”
  • silence
  • “you do realise not saying anything won’t work anymore since i can actually see you now, right?” 
  • silence
  • donghyuck”
  • there’s a quiet mumble “sowhatifilikeyou”
  • mark feels like he’s about to comBUST
  • donghyuck’s face is literally the color of a tomato and he just shrinks and he’s so cute mark wants to kiss him
  • so he does
  • donghyuck’s lips taste like the warmth of the summer, the confused and nervousness of their feelings, but most importantly they taste sweet - just like honey, just like donghyuck
  • when mark parts from the kiss first, donghyuck’s fingers curl softly into the material of his shirt, he presses his forehead against the younger’s 
  • “i’m sorry i did this all without telling you - i just. i did what i felt was right. this feels right, donghyuck. being with you feels right.” mark’s just so nERVOUS and half of what he says comes out so shaky until donghyuck responds quietly
  • “i want to be with you”
  • mark wants to pass out
  • this time however, he doesn’t
  • anyways~~
  • time skip a couple of weeks 
  • donghyuck moves out from the loft and they settle into the house properly
  • after much insistence donghyuck removes the cameras from around the house except for the exterior and they turn one of the spare bedrooms into a little study for donghyuck where he can do his “illegal business” 
  • mark suggests him getting out a bit more and donghyuck reluctantly agrees 
  • mark takes donghyuck out on dates to the movie theatre and out for breakfast
  • donghyuck is so nervous in public and is practically glued to mark’s side the whole time it’s adorable
  • they’re both living so d om e s t i ca l ly its sickening
  • at mark’s housewarming he tells his family and friends that he met donghyuck through tinder
  • jaehyun doesn’t believe him bc donghyuck’s voice sounds so familiar but he doesn’t know where from - he chooses to drop it though bc the couple in front of him look so happy so he goes to bother sicheng
  • ~~ 
  • “hey loser” donghyuck walks out from his study room one sunday afternoon when mark’s on the couch watching tv
  • “yeah??” mark lowers the volume
  • “cough up your rent for the month - we gotta pay the water bill cause your fatass won’t stop showering every two minutes”
  • mark almost chokes on his spit
  • me?” 
  • donghyuck nods, flopping down to take a seat beside him
  • “idk if you’ve noticed but im the owner of this house if anything you should be coughing up rent”
  • donghyuck snorts “owner in name. we all know who this house rly belongs to”
  • mark gives him the stink eye “listen you little shi-mph”
  • before he can begin his string of insults donghyuck’s already climbed onto his lap and his lips are on mark’s
  • and they live happily ever after !!!!
Exo Reaction (Baking Together)


Nothing productive would get done, he’d distract you, wiping the batter on your nose, causing a fight  that would result in the batter covering the two of you instead of it being in the oven.

Originally posted by ethereal-baek


Is the type to help by getting everything that is too high for you to reach since he’s 7ft tall. He would then hold whatever ingredient he got for you over his head until you kissed him, then he would patiently watch you mix things until you needed his help again. 

Originally posted by prince-chanyeol


Would annoy you until you got an attitude with him. He would then ask “Whatcha gonna do about it jagi?” to which you would reply by wiping batter on his lips, causing him to grab you and kiss you all over until you too had batter on you. 

Originally posted by rxxbinc


Would probably take over with whatever you were baking, him making the actual batter, and telling you to make the icing. 

“We make a pretty great team, Jagi.”

Originally posted by visual-jongdae


Would be the type to sit around and watch, teasing you about taking forever. Eventually he would come up behind you, continuing to tease.

“Well then do something to help, Kai.”

“Fine.” He would say before dotting your nose with the frosting you had made.

Originally posted by exoturnback


Probably wouldn’t know exactly what to do, so he would turn into the type that taste tests everything you made, complimenting you on your baking skills,

Originally posted by ohhsenshine


Wouldn’t help too much, he’d be the type to rest his head on your shoulder, whining softly about wanting your attention.

“Babe finish this later, I wanna cuddle.”

Originally posted by r-velvets


Would do whatever you told him to, watching you in awe as you focused on what you were doing. Occasionally steals a kiss from you as he paces around the kitchen, waiting for you to finish.

Originally posted by oohsehunnies


Would be the type to help you with everything. The second that you put the sweets in the oven, he would dance with you around the kitchen, telling you how cute you are as you waited for the sweets to finish baking.

Originally posted by markleesdoft

Requests are open~

anonymous asked:

"I'm right here. I'm not going anywhere. " Oak xreader please. 😁

You wake up in a cold sweat, heart pounding in your chest and your breathing fast.

Only seconds after waking up, the details of the dream have already faded from your memory, leaving you with only the left over feeling of dread and fear, settled in your stomach.

Beside you, your boyfriend Oak, turns over, looking up at you with only one eye open.

“Y/N? You okay?”

His voice is soft, gravelly still from sleep as he rubs his eyes, squinting in the darkly lit room so he can see you.

“What? Oh um, sure. I’m fine.” You mumble, running a hand over your hair.

“No you aren’t. Come ‘ere,” carefully, one of his large hands moves to settle on your stomach, pulling you gently towards him.

You let him move you until you’re back on your side, head tucked under his chin and his arms wrapped tightly around you.

“I don’t… don’t wanna lose you,” you mumble into him, lips grazing against his solid chest.

You aren’t really sure where the words come from, probably the left over fear from whatever it was that haunted your dream.

“I’m right here, I’m not going anywhere,” he whispers.

He kisses your forehead, his large strong hands gently rubbing your back as his arms tighten slightly around you.

“You promise?”

“I promise baby.”

With his thick, muscled arms holding you tight against his body, practically shielding you from the world, you feel safe. Safer than anywhere else in the world.

The Drums Of The City Rain

Pairing: Frank Iero x Reader

Genre: Romance, Drama

Summary: Sequel to The Five Of Us Are Dying (x). Your friendship with Frank is never quite the same after that night on the Black Parade World Tour. Five years later, on a different tour, a post-concert game of Truth or Dare on a rainy night in Boise threatens to spill the secret you’ve kept buried all this time. 2/4 of my The Five of Us…. Alternate Endings series. 

After the Black Parade World Tour ended, you thought maybe Frank was sick of your shit. He’d gotten more irritable towards you as the tour went on, criticizing you harshly for little mistakes during practice, and not talking to you, even when you had nothing else to do but sit on the bus and stare at each other for hours.

It’s not like you couldn’t guess where this coldness had come from. He was salty that you’d never confessed which of your bandmates it was you had a crush on. The others had mostly gotten over it- even made jokes about it. But, maybe Frank’s hopes that he had been the one you were into had been more serious.

The ironic thing was that he was the one you had a crush on. But, if you admitted that, and you two started dating, the tabloids would be all over you. The last thing you wanted was for the media to focus on the fact that two members of My Chemical Romance were a couple, rather than on the serious music that MCR was trying to make. Besides, what if Frank and one of your other bandmates fought over you? If you ruined the friendship these boys had had before you even entered the picture, you would never stop feeling guilty about it.

“Frank, I’ll look at pictures of your dog now if you want,” you offered on the last night of the tour.

“I don’t want to fucking show you anymore,” Frank had snapped, and gone back to practicing his guitar. It had hurt you. But if Frank learned to hate you a little bit, maybe that was for the best. Maybe you two would both get over your feelings and everything would go back to the way it had been before that stupid interview.

But, Gerard’s words to the crowd that night when the five of you got on stage and played together seemed like an omen: “If we never play another show……just please try to stay alive.”

For a while after that, you and your bandmates didn’t do anything together. You’d had to hear secondhand, from Ray (who you still hung out with occasionally), that Frank had started a new band called Leathermouth. You bought the record. It sounded nothing like the music he had made with you in MCR. Maybe that was what he liked about it – that it had nothing to do with you.

Maybe he needed this separation, you thought. Maybe you did, too.

But, when the band got back together again to try recording some more songs, you found that your feelings were as strong as ever. You fell in love with the melodies he was writing. It broke your heart when Gerard said that the whole project (which you’d taken to calling Conventional Weapons) should be scrapped. You and Frank were the only ones who disagreed, who thought those recording sessions had merit.

“I just feel like we’re……not in the best state right now,” Gerard insisted, looking at you pointedly. You realized what he was implying: that as long as the question about who your heart belonged to hung, unanswered, over the band’s head, you might never be able to jam together like you used to again.

Even when he basically accused you of this, you still couldn’t bring yourself to fess up. And, so, for a time, the band simply went inactive. You worked on other projects, drummed for other bands and tried to forgot your stupid crush on Frank.

It didn’t work.

But, then, in 2010, the band finally decided to all sit down together and go into the studio again. Frank’s anger seemed to have faded, and as long as you avoided talking about The Interview, you started to become friends again. You were relieved just to have that – relieved he didn’t hate you. You were too scared of fucking that recently rekindled friendship up that you decided it was for the best to keep burying your feelings.

For the band’s sake, you told yourself. With that mindset, you, Frank, Gerard, Mikey, and Ray composed Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. You were more confident as a musician this time than you had been during the making of Black Parade. You honestly thought the album was your best work, and you couldn’t wait to play the new songs live onstage.

The World Contamination Tour began without a hitch, and, for a while, it felt just like old times.

But, just like before, it only took a few, clumsy words to send everything crashing down.

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RFA Members after being jump-scared by MC

Jumin Han:

Originally posted by thevixxforest


-If he was jump scared at the right moment (such as while he’s deeply focused on work), the most you’ll get out of him is him flinching

-Maybe an eyebrow raise if you’re lucky

-That’s it.

-And a confused, ”What are you doing?”

-He’s the hardest one to scare to be honest. SO cool Mr. Han.

-”…..Please, don’t do that again.”


Originally posted by allreactions

-Catch him while he’s off guard and you’ve got the best reaction

-He’ll literally jump out of his skin and leap ten spaces back, screaming


-”So mean! But that was a good one!”

-Is the type of person for a revenge scare, but you see it coming almost every time cause he’s too obvious about it (this which upsets him greatly)


Originally posted by mothertortoise

-If he doesn’t scream or curse, he fALLS OVER WITH A SHOCKED GASP

-And he doesn’t move for a few seconds which worries you,

-Until he starts laughing hysterically and clapping, praising you between his giggles and rolling from side to side



-Excitedly awaits for your next jump scare, hoping it’ll be better than the last


Originally posted by wechosetobehappy


-If he was sitting down, you have successfully knocked him off his chair

-Standing up? He probably knocked over whatever was closest to him

-Best way you scare him? In the middle of him taking selfies. That’s when he’s the most focused and easiest to scare and he hates it xD

-Still thinks you’re cute even if you are a jerk

-Gets you back with tickles


Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

-The easiest member to scare

-Least he might do? A sharp gasp, jumping away from you

-Most he might do? A loud….loud, somewhat high pitched yelp into the skies above while his entire body has a spasm attack.

-Tends to shoot out his arms as if to hit his attacker so you know to keep your distance when you scare him


-Despite trying to laugh off his fear, always looks at you sadly afterwards, making you feel like you sinned and cannot repent

-”Why would you do that to me?” :(

Jaehee Kang:

Originally posted by plumkat

-Usually too tired anyway

-Actually isn’t startled by your jump scares…

-On rare occasions, if her day is going well and she’s happy, you might be able to land a scare in which she might gasp and drop papers…..that’s it really.

-Feels bad that you can’t scare her most of the time

-Responds late but puts her hand over her chest nonetheless and backs away because she likes you enough to do so

-”………Absolutely scary. I am shivering.”

passionate-fiction  asked:


Anon: the college one with the pen is SO GOOD! do you think you could continue it? I’d love to see how it plays out, and the first three parts are wonderful! I hope you have a good day! Also, your selfie is lovely :) 

I’m really starting to fall in love with this AU so this one’s a bit longer.

Part I. Part II. Part III.

The knock on Aelin’s door came twenty minutes earlier than she expected and she scrambled out of bed to tug her leggings on before Rowan walked in and found her in a pair of underwear with foxes on them.

But when she opened the door a few moments later, tugging her shirt down, he was standing still in the hallway. “Hey, I’m a little early, I know, but I got off work so…”

“It’s all right, you weren’t interrupting anything.” She closed her laptop on her bed before he could see the paused reality show on the screen.

The exam they’d been studying for had come and gone but she’d invited him over to go over the notes from class, an excuse really, but if he knew it, he didn’t say anything.

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It was 8.17 am when she walked in the door, Luke’s head flying up in surprise, fully expecting it to be someone else. In all their months of interning at the office, she averaged a punching in time of around 8.45 am, despite their work day technically starting at 8. No one ever blamed her for it, not they he could fault them - he had no doubts that even if she ran him over with his own car he’d probably end up being the one to apologise. Nevertheless, he was quick to throw a “good morning” in her direction, realising she had earphones in when he wasn’t met with her flipping him off as usual, then becoming aware of heavy bass line to whatever she had blaring. 

Narrowing his eyes he finally took in her appearance. A dark beanie covered her unusually untamed curls, the socks she wore underneath her black Nike’s weren’t anything close to matching, she had her glasses on as opposed to wearing her contacts and she was carrying not one, but two very large iced coffees despite usually being unable to handle the buzz she got just from eating a coffee flavoured candy. Something was wrong. She looked gorgeous, she always would to him, but something was definitely wrong. Which immediately made him feel uneasy. 

Waving across to her, he gestured to her to take her earphones out. Which she did, well one of them at least. “You really shouldn’t have, I’m flattered.” He smiled, pointing to the two coffees. “I didn’t. They’re both mine.” She spoke, her tone flat as she logged into her computer to begin working, determined not to take her horrific mood out on him. She just wanted to get through the day, get home and curl back up in bed with her Gossip Girl box set. Sitting back in his seat, he crossed his arms as he studied her. Her short attitude hadn’t phased him, in their time working together they had become increasingly close. Not as close as he wished, but still close, and he knew she was trying her hardest to be polite, she didn’t mean to snap. No, if she had wanted to snap at him it would have had much more bite. He also knew that outright asking her would be useless, she didn’t like to burden people. As if she could burden him with information, he would do anything to get closer to her. Unknowing to him, she was especially careful not to burden him with her problems, conservatively terrified of scaring him off despite their strong bond.

 “Did one of your fish die, again?” He questioned from his reclined state, desperate to work out the mystery that was his colleague.

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I’m gonna miss The Hope’s Peak saga

Following this series obsessively for years, there’s no way not to call it bittersweet. We’ll still have the last chapters/volumes of Killer Killer, DanganRonpa Togami, Kirigiri Sou, DanganRonpa Kirigiri, along with SDR2.5: Komaeda and the World Destroyer. That’s not even getting to the numerous manga still to be released officially by Dark Horse or scanlated by fans. To this day I still hope for some book publisher to finally officially translate all the light novels too.

In a way, it’ll be a relief, starting fresh. When most of the mysteries are solved and we can speculate on a different universe’s rules. It’ll be even more of a relief to finally say goodbye to Kirigiri. These 3 ½ weeks of not knowing for sure if she’s been alive or not have been torture. If we can at least leave her story at a place of peace, maybe I can stop mourning her, and hopefully stop bursting into tears every time a song lyric remind me of her.

I think when all’s said and done, I’m gonna want to take a break from the franchise. Recharge a bit waiting for New DanganRonpa V3: to get localized. And then I’ll probably start obsessing all over again.

In whatever form your fate may take, goodbye, detective. I’ll miss you the most.

anonymous asked:

Most men in Britain are uncircumcised (unless they were raised with certain religious beliefs), so if one is trying to sleep with a Brit they should probably get over whatever weird feelings they have about it...

YUM!!!! *packs my bags and moves to the UK*

elssiie  asked:


Took some liberties with this one ^_^’ Hope that’s okay! I didn’t really know how to go about this one. Enjoy! This is probably over three sentences, but whatever!

Give me a pairing and setting and I’ll write a 3 sentence fic.

Lucy quirks a brow, giving Natsu an amused look as she sashays up to him, his eyes dropping to her hips for a brief moment before darting back to her face. “Is there something you need, Detective Dragneel?” she asks, tugging at his tie to pull him closer. Natsu gulps, leaning down closer to her lips, barely brushing them with his own–and she pulls away at the last second, Natsu groans in defeat.

“Yeah, I’m afraid I’m going to have to investigate what’s under this dress,” he gives the fabric a sharp tug as she laughs, then pulls her flush against him, “Come here!”

The Problem I Have With the Kickstarter Videos
  • You see, I have a major problem with the new Kickstarter for DHMIS. Don't get me wrong, I'm super happy and excited at the idea of four new videos, all with new characters and a higher budget. Not to mention, I just love seeing new videos with the characters. But I've got a major problem with the way they're trying to spread the word about it. Of course, I'm talking about the hostage videos. I think the scariest part about these videos is the fact that this is the first time that the puppets have ever been in real danger.
  • Let me explain a bit. In the first DHMIS, the puppets were all sitting around the table, probably over lunch or tea or whatever. Then, Sketchbook pops up and starts singing and teaching the puppets about creativity. Then, when the puppets start getting creative, things start going insane. The puppets change, and start doing unnatural things (to say the least). Then, at the end, the puppets appear normal and unscathed, completely unaffected from the Hell they just wrought.
  • In DHMIS 2, they puppets are just sitting around, waiting for their television program to begin. Then, Robin makes a remark about time, and Tony appears and starts singing about time. The puppets then, reluctantly, go on an adventure with Tony. They go to the past and future, then back to the present. The puppets then begin to notice themselves rapidly aging and being in immense pain, while Tony looks on. However, it is later revealed that what just happened WAS the television program they wanted to watch (which is open for debate. After all, Robin's eye is seen close to his chair after finding out it was a TV program), and Harry turns off the television. They all go back to "mucking around" and appear completely normal and unscathed, although maybe a bit confused.
  • Then these videos appear on Kickstarter. The puppets have been kidnapped, tied up, and even gagged (Robin has tape around his beak, Manny has a sack around his head). The puppets are abused, confused, and threatened. The only other person/thing with them is a large, merciless brown creature, who is their main cause of abuse, and he may have even been the one that kidnapped them. They will not be released until, we, the people raise enough money for the project to be funded. If we don't raise enough money, they'll die. For real this time. No songs. No jokes. No laughter. Not only is this situation frighting, but it's the first time the puppets have ever been in any real danger. The other times were just little adventures they went on, and, while it may have appeared they were being hurt or dying, it was all just an adventure, and in the end they were unscathed. This time, it's real. They'll be killed. End of story.
  • These hostage videos may even be scarier than the actual videos themselves. At least in the other videos, there's a song and a few jokes. In these videos, it's nothing but torture and threats. And if that doesn't frighten some of you, I don't know what will.
  • baby: m--m--mm
  • mother: mama?
  • baby: Vampires of the City is the third studio album by American indie rock band Vampire Weekend, released on May 14, 2013, by XL Recordings. After releasing their 2010 album Contra, the band toured and wrote new material during sound checks. Following a period in which the quartet pursued different musical projects, they regrouped and began work on their third record in 2011. Working with no deadline in mind, the band brought in an outside record producer for the first time, Ariel Rechtshaid. It has been named the best album of 2013 by several publications, including Rolling Stone, Pitchfork Media and Robert Christgau. The album won the award for Best Alternative Music Album at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards.
  • mother: ....
Intense| Pack Imagine

Originally posted by myblogasateenagefangirl

A/N; So, hey guys! This imagine was actually sorta kinda unofficially “requested”, so yay! This was so much fun to write, and I absolutely adored the concept of this. I really hope y’all enjoy it. Thanks for reading!

Warnings/Triggers; This actually sucks, like I’m so disappointed. It’s legit terrible. I promise the next thing I write will be a lot better than this! Oh, and there’s a few cuss words, but other than that I honestly couldn’t find any more. But if there is one that I missed, please let me know and I’ll add it!

“Stilinski, I swear to god if I feel one more damn popcorn hit the back of my head, I will literally rip out your throat,” Isaac snarled menacingly for probably the fifth time that night. 

He had even went as far as to bare his sharp canines at the lanky teenage boy for emphasis.

And for anybody else witnessing that small gesture, it would’ve been downright terrifying, but for you and the rest of the pack? It was absolutely hilarious. 

I mean, everyone new a cranky Lahey, was a irritable Lahey. And top that off with a very annoying and derisive Stiles? You got yourself a ticking time bomb right there. 

And some very good entertainment. 

But even though it was funny, it was slowly working your nerves.

You guys were supposed to be finally acting like normal teenagers, and having fun. Yet now that you get the chance, everyone just decides to completely blow it off?

And if it wasn’t hard enough that you had to watch those two boys, just in case Isaac actually did decide to rip out Stiles throat, you had to watch out for Liam and Brett. Who were currently arguing over who has better hair. 

I mean, how did they even get to that topic? Out of all things to fight over, they choose hair?

Honestly, why were boys so damn difficult? 

“Ten bucks on Brett!”, you heard Lydia snicker to the group of girls surrounding her, clearly relishing in the altercation happening right before her eyes. 

“Nah, Liam’s totally got this one in the bag. I mean, have you seen his hair? Literal goals right there! Let’s amp this up to twenty, what do you say, homie?”, Kira bickered back playfully, breaking her usually reserved demeanor and replacing it with a carefree one. 

“I mean, sure.. But like, look at how messy yet perfect Brett’s hair is. Like, it has to mean something when someones hair is all disheveled and tousled all about, yet still manages to look like it deserves to be front page on a magazine!”, Lydia fought back, determined to win.

They obviously found this whole flop of a night amusing

At least someone does’, you found yourself bitterly thinking to yourself.. 

Guessing by the way Kira raised an eyebrow inquisitively at you, she must have perceived the moronic look you were casting towards her direction.

 You could practically feel her confusion.  

“You both are utterly ridiculous”, you simply stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world, answering their unspoken question. 

When they both shot you a perplexed glance, you simply rolled your eyes.

For two smart girls, they sure were acting stupid.

Why is this whole pack so damn difficult?

“Ooh, what’s got your panties in a twist?”, Malia joined the conversation, leaning forward from her seat on the coach. 

Her elbows were resting on her pajama clad knees while her chin was perched on the palm of her hand, her eyes glinting somewhat mischievously.

She looked like a child eager to open presents on Christmas morning, a stupid smirk plastered on her face. And you were almost positive she was tauntingly mocking you. 

Maybe it could’ve just been your growing distaste the more the night progressed, but you swear Malia was testing your patience.

Something about the way she was looking at you, almost like she was threatening you, daring you to sass her back, made heat rise to your cheeks. 

Heat caused by the rage burning in the pit of your stomach.

Malia was one of your best friends, she knew you like the back of her hand, and unfortunately with that came the fact that she knew just how to get under your skin.

You were already pissed about how the night was going.

The fact that you had spent multiple hours with Allison planning this one perfect night to just relax and take a break away from the supernatural, to spend time with the whole entire pack together like normal teenagers, was a pretty big deal to you. 

And how it had been so far, was so disappointing and a total let down. 

It was as if no one even appreciated the effort that was put into it.

And Malia could absolutely see, and smell, how stressed and upset you were. 

She knew exactly what she was doing. 

When she basically provoked you, it only furthered increased your irritation.

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anonymous asked:

Lilo breakup/makeup

They break up two weeks before the end of tour, after weeks of arguing over nothing and bickering over stupid, ridiculous stuff like who ate the last of the Coco Pops or who got to pick the DVD. Louis is snappy and bad-tempered, and by the time he and Liam break up, he can barely remember why he’d ever thought sleeping with one of his bandmates was a good idea.

It had seemed a great idea at the time; sneaking around and snogging a lot and fucking on hotel beds. Coming out had been accidental, and easy: the two of them hadn’t closed the hotel room door properly, and they’d been caught snogging up against the bathroom door by Zayn and Niall and Harry. They’d immediately accepted them as together, even before Liam and Louis had talked about taking it to the next level and being boyfriends. 

Breaking up was even easier: Liam had eaten the last of his pop tarts, and Louis couldn’t do this anymore. He couldn’t do the fighting, or the snapping, or the lack of fucking. They’d barely done more than perfunctory snogging in weeks, and Louis could put up with fighting if there was spectacular sex coming alongside it, but there hadn’t been anything, literally nothing, for over a week.

“You ate my last pop tart,” he says, suddenly exhausted. 

“I’m sorry?” Liam says. “I thought they were mine.”

“They’re not,” Louis says, and then, “I can’t do this anymore.”

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