“And she makes these cute little noises when she sleeps and DID I TELL SHE SAYS MY NAME SOMETIMES?”

“Yes -”

“And its really cute, too. When she sleeps I learn things about her, and you know what I learn? I learnt that -”

“Privacy is dead?” Rosalie interjected, giving Edward an annoyed glance. 

Edward sighed, looking euphoric. “And also …”

Every Cullen person with in hearing vicinity groans.  

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wait are people actually selling tickets because harry might be in a relationship?? WHAT THE AXTUAL FUCK. that's ridiculous. but what happened to make them think he was in one ?? either way you should go for the music like smh I'm Done

I hope Harry drives all these ridiculously fans out of this fandom by just being him and doing what he likes. That way the rest of us can enjoy him the way he meant us to.

The Sun wrote about this supposed relationship. Dunno if it’s true, cos you know how the Media works. I know it’s too much to ask of a fandom to lay off the gossip, so the only thing I can do is quietly accept some are invasive and boring, and scroll on. Keep on gushing on. That’s my advice for everyone, or else no wonder this fandom is doing your head in. Just be happy for Harry. His happiness is what is most important to me, next to his right to privacy. They go hand in hand in this case. x

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“You’re being a bit rude if you don’t knock before entering. I need my privacy too.” Dead Master has her dress to her waist and her hands behind her back to undo her bra. It was a little surprising to see Ma Chao to barge in as if someone had invited him inside. “… You can leave.”

The very concept of selling out has fallen out of the modern lexicon. Advertising is everywhere, but why shouldn’t it be? Privacy is dead, but transparency will make us more honest! We are all brands, all sellouts, so what’s the problem? We all manufacture authenticity via social media, so why would we stigmatize such behavior in others? Art-directing yourself, keeping your message on-brand: Everyone knows that’s the shortest path to living your best life.

Against this cultural backdrop, it’s not hard to understand why Banksy’s Dismaland has been painted as naïve, reductive, repetitive, and deeply uncool, another act of ego-driven attention-seeking.

—  Heather Havrilesky, “Burning Down the Mouse,” Matter
I Wanted More Than Friends - Michael Imagine - Smut - Requested



*****Michael’s POV*****

Ugh… I swear to god, I am so beyond friendzoned. She’s left me alone in her room while she ran an errand and I don’t even have anything to do. I have literally nothing to do. I glanced around. Damn, she wears pretty hot panties judging by the ones littering her floor. I would kill to see that. I swear I’ve been fantasizing about her, dating and sex, for years. But we are friends. Fucking hate that word. I flopped onto her bed. I registered that it smelled like her, that sweet scent that I would kill to have lingering on me. I’ve got it bad. Luke would never let me hear the end of it if I confessed I was emotional like this. But as I bounced about on the bed, I felt something under the mattress. Curious, I pulled it out. No way. She has a journal. I flipped through the pages. I wanted to see if she had a crush, since she never talked about that stuff together.

Why does Michael have to so cute? Why can’t I stop thinking about him? Michael Clifford is my crush and I’ve got it bad.

No way. That entry was from three years ago. I need something more recent. I flipped more pages. I finally found dates from this year. I guess she didn’t update it every night…

I still like him. I never see him anymore but I still like him. I want to be with him all the time. I wish I could call him mine. And I can still only admit it in my diary that I have the world’s biggest crush on Mikey, my best friend…

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I’ve noticed a real interesting discussion point, which is that what people use to call liberty and freedom we now call privacy, and we say in the same breath that privacy is dead… I think that we should consider that when we lose privacy we lose agency, we lose liberty itself, because we no longer feel free to express what we think. There is this myth of the passive surveillance machine, but actually what is surveillance except control. This notion that the NSA are passive-this is nonsense. What we see is that they actively attack European citizens, American citizens, and in fact anyone that they can if they perceive an advantage. -Jacob Appelbaum

Citizenfour (Laura Poitras)

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I refute vehemently the idea that Tessa would change into Jem or Will - during their lives, after they die and even if they wanted her to. I think people need to understand that when Tessa changes into someone, (if they don't have a block on their mind/aren't heavily guarded) not only does she look like that person- she knows their exact thoughts. We are talking hopes, dreams, fears, desires, dislikes, secrets, knowledge, morals etc etc. She basically knows that person back to front if she searches through their mind hard enough.

And in no way would she willingly invade Jem and Wills privacy like that. No. Way. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think Will or Jem would have anything to hide from Tessa- anything consequential they would rather she didn’t know. But I do believe that, even after their deaths, that turning into them - for whatever reason - would feel like a betrayal for Tessa. Even if when changed into them she willingly made sure not to know any of their thoughts. 

Because while she might forget the exact shade of blue that made up Wills iris colour, while she might forget the exact crinkles the corner of Jems eyes made when he smiled, while she might forget the size of their hands in comparison to her own - Tessa might contemplate the idea, but I don’t think she would ever change into Jem or Will in such a way. She would never need to know them to the deepest depths of their mind, she wouldn’t need to change into them and understand the exact way they thought or to know the exact way actions formed in their minds. 

Changing into someone, knowing their thoughts and procuring an exact replica of their physical appearance, is not natural. And trust me, Tessa is more than aware of that. She would feel changing into someone she knew and trusted was too much of an invasion of privacy, dead or alive. A persons thoughts are theirs and theirs alone, and I don’t think Tessa would ever willingly (after deliberation) want to infiltrate Jem or Will like that. 

Even when she forgot the way Wills eyes would glint before he would break into a stanza of horrible original poetry.

Even when she forgot the way Jems fingers twitched when he thought of a new melody to notate.

Even when she felt loss so hard it was like tiny fissures of glass were digging themselves into every millimetre of her skin, slowly piercing and twisting and torturing her.

I don’t think she would look inside her for that flicker of life that would be so open to her enveloping herself in it, so open for her to become the person that had always been like a second part of her, so open to her wishes and needs to know more or remember more about Will or Jem. Even then, I don’t think she would sucumb to the change.