Reading Like a Writer

One of the most common pieces of writing advice is to read. Important, but vague. An easy way to analyze novels to become a better writer is to sort what you read into what you don’t like and what you do like. Spend some time thinking–whether alone, in writing, or through conversation–about what makes you like or dislike the writing, and brainstorm ways that the writing could have been improved or changed.

Here are some possible dislikes and likes that you might notice when reading:

What You Don’t Like: 

  • Boring spots that you skim through
  • Unnecessary scenes that don’t advance the plot
  • Confusing sub-plots
  • Chunky dialogue 
  • Characters acting outside their character
  • Poorly done tropes 
  • Too much telling, not enough showing
  • Too much showing, not enough telling
  • Overly flowery prose
  • Big words for the sake of big words
  • One-dimensional villains
  • Lack of distinctive voices

What You Do Like: 

  • Twists on tropes 
  • Scenes where you felt like you were a part of that world
  • Characters you think about after the book ends
  • Clever plot twists
  • Good information reveal
  • Villains and antagonists that keep you on your toes
  • Characters that know what they want
  • Characters forced to make sacrifices 
  • Side-characters that have personalities of their own
  • Scenes so intense that you find yourself peeking at the next page
  • Protagonists with flaws that hold them back
  • Scenes where you felt the emotions conveyed

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That anon is extremely rude, even though I miss and loved swap tale it was your choice to stop it, you weren't feeling the love for it any more and I understand that. Anon, why are you so mean?

i really do feel bad about stopping it because i know a lotta people were enjoying it but as a creator i couldn’t let myself finish it after the massive outpouring of undertale AUs and fanfics and comics and stories because as amazing a game as UT is, there’s not much content to work with and it felt like everything had been done a thousand times over. it felt like i was just addin more shit to the pile yknow?

Honestly HOO would have been so much better if rick had decided to not be a creep and spend so much time writing a bunch of shit romance.. let kids be kids let them have crushes or w/e but there is no need for all the weird soul mate life partners whatever nonsense especially when the pairings are ‘mature 13 year old black girl + infantilized 15/16 year old asian boy’ and ‘ugly machismo latino jokester + manic pixie dream girl who’s been stranded on an island for centuries’ and 'Compulsory HeterosexualityTM/I lost my memory but this ancient goddess said we made out once so I guess we’re in love’ its racist and misogynistic and encourages inappropriate age gaps and blurred consent to the same audience that’s at the highest risk of being victimized by older kids or adults and the more I think about it the angrier i get and im sorry to put this in the ship tags but kids, you need to know that those relationships have issues and shouldn’t be idolized. None of these characters are bad people just victims of bad writing…

Finally saw Suicide are my thoughts:

I went into this film fully expecting to walk out angry. I was pleasantly surprised.
The movie itself was poorly done and there was clearly chunks missing where they deleted scenes. The lines were cheesy even for a comic book film. But I was pleasantly surprised with Margot Robbie as Harley and I didn’t DESPISE Leto’s joker on screen as much as I can’t stand how he is behaving about it off screen. The character in general I found very comic/animated series accurate as far as his actions and mannerisms. I just wish Leto wasn’t trying to out-crazy Ledger with his “method acting”.
Will Smith killed it as deadshot. Loved him. I think he and Margot Robbie carried the whole film.
Very well done characters all around in a badly done film.
The soundtrack was on point though.

Another thing I wanna brief mention:

You don’t have to think something’s good in order to like it.

There is nothing wrong with liking something that’s bad or poorly done.

Like, I enjoyed the trash that is Monster Musume. I think it had a lot of problems. I’d never call it a ‘good show’ and I can still be critical of its faults. In spite of all that I can say I still liked it, however.

Conversely, whether or not you like something is by no means evidence of its quality.

But anyway, don’t view criticism of something you enjoy as a personal attack, and don’t assume you have to defend it.

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Maya's Identity Crisis was poorly done and seems like a justification instead of a reason. However, this is the storyline MJ is going with and no amount of "theories" from angry LM shippers is going to change that. Just had to get that off my chest.

I completely agree with you. 

The sl sucked and people have every right to criticize it, but whether people like it or not, it’s part of canon now, and there is no changing that. 

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Prompt: Munakata, Sakakura and Chisa: "Just according to KEIKAKU" (or: Munakata keep saying this and the others are like "WTF dude u ok? Why you're talking like a poorly done anime sub?". Cause we need a laugh. More than one.

A/N reference pic

Just according to Keikaku

At first it seemed like a one time thing, just a slip of the tongue.

But then Munakata started saying it all the time.

“How was your day, Kyosuke?” Chisa asked him.

Munakata chuckled and said, “Just according to keikaku.”

“Hey, I got into the security department!” Juzo reported to him.

Munakata smirked and said,  “Just according to keikaku.”

Sometimes he even said it without being prompted.

“The construction of the overseas branch is going well.” He proudly said to himself and then added,  “Just according to keikaku.”

Worse, he started saying it over non-important things.

“The coffee at the meeting tasted excellent.”  He smiled appreciatively as he took another sip from his cup and muttered, “Just according to keikaku.”

It got so bad that it became his punchline for literally anything.

“The weather is nice.” He breathed and of course he said after,  “Just according to keikaku.”

It was becoming annoying a problem especially since he was steadily losing reputation over this. Anyone who has spent 5 minutes with him try not to spend any more because he said the line more than do actual conversation. And why does it have to be keikaku? Why can’t he say plan like a normal human does? It was frustrating everyone and at this rate, he was losing credibility.

So naturally, it was up to his two best friends to fix him.

“Kyosuke, we need to talk.” Chisa started gently.

“Yeah, man. We kinda got a problem.” Juzo seconded.

“Hm? What is it?” Munakata replied obliviously.

“You know how lately you’ve been saying this one line?” Chisa continued.

“What line?”

“You know. The one you always say when things go your way.” She prompted.

Munakata smirked. “Just according to keikaku.”

“Yeah, that one.” Sakakura confirmed and then sighed. “That needs to stop.”

“Huh? I don’t understand.” Munakata looked at them with a puzzled expression.

“Well it’s just that we’ve been hearing stuff about it and it’s affecting your rep. We’re concerned about you.” Sakakura tried to explain.


“Huh? Well. That is… It’s just that…”

“Kyosuke.” Chisa intervened with a sweet smile. “What Juzo is trying to say is-” She paused and then smiled sweeter. “It sounds stupid.”

Juzo’s jaw almost fell to the floor. “That’s not what I said!”

“But that’s what you mean.” She hummed.

“Hey! Stop trying to make me look like the bad guy here! This whole confrontation thing was your idea in the first place!”

“Was it now? Maybe~”

And the two bickered on, not really paying attention to the friend who needed their problem fixed. Munakata’s still not sure what the problem was until an epiphany hit him. He chuckled shortly.

“I see what the problem is.” Munakata’s voice cut through their ongoing heated argument.

“You do?” Chisa asked hopefully.

“Oh, thank god.” Juzo sighed in relief.

“Do not worry over me. This much won’t be enough to stop me. To stop us.” Munakata declared proudly as he continued, “Everything will continue as planned. This is the reality, the future that we are going to shape!”

His two best friends were about to applaud him for his motivational speech until he opened his mouth to say,

“Just according to keikaku.”

And used their hands to facepalm themselves instead.

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Imagine being Kylo Ren's apprentice, and a radar technician approaches you and asks you questions about him. You didn't realize that Kylo Ren had any fans... well, before you realize who "Matt" really is LOL

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You know your master well enough to know right away that this is Kylo; you’ve seen his face more than once, and his facade is pretty poorly done. But you’d rather play along and see where this goes, so when this radar technician asks if you think Kylo Ren is shredded and a strong fighter and you say yes, he’s shocked. Kylo can’t believe you just admitted that, but then he understands you know. He says nothing more.

After he reveals himself as Kylo Ren, he asks why you didn’t tell him it was obvious, but you just shrug and tell him it was too funny to pass up the opportunity to let this one take its own course.

“Besides, Master, did you really think I was that dumb? Come on, have a little more faith in me.”

Then he asks if you meant what you said about him being a strong fighter and shredded. Your only answer is a wink.

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Am I the only one who finds most yaoi/shounen-ai uncomfortable or poorly done? I love the idea of canon gay couples that end in happy endings in manga/anime, but the only happy gay couples are in yaoi/shounen-ai it seems. However, in those genres the main characters seem boring or oversexualized. Even worse, the the plots of those genres can be pretty weak. One of the reasons why gay and lesbian couples aren't more widely accepted in anime/manga is because good series don't have them :(

I agree 100% with ALL of this

Game, Set and Color (4)

The portrait of Miss Fisher in this red dress at the poolside taken by photographer Ben King is so beautiful and iconic (one of Mr. Foxy’s favorites) that I couldn’t possibly replicate it; therefore, I changed the dress to blue, which is my favorite color. The result is actually not too shabby if I may say so myself.

Here I am including Ben King’s original not for comparison/contrast but for distraction. Hopefully, it will draw your eyes away from my poorly done coloring of the flowers, which is sadly at about third grader art and craft level (at best). Sigh.

(Posted 13-Aug-2016)

XY & Z Closure (Ash’s championship)

After catching up with the anime, I have finally some useful insight to add to the whole complex discourse™ going around in the fandom right now.

First of all, it’s not news that the XY anime is really special for me since it’s also my first game, the first anime I get to watch in real time, from the very beginning while being part of the fandom; but I also can watch it with a very critique eye and could make a looooong list of the things that I found poorly done. In that note, Ash’s development is not one of the things I would complain about.

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Despite making steady progress, my inbox has a triple digit backlog since Friday. There are many I want to answer but it will take time.

I appreciate everyones thoughts. I am touched by the messages of kindness  (”Here’s a hug. Your man died” <- FAV ). Those stay in my inbox forever. 

There’s a lot of salt and anger as well. Some at the series. Some at me. Both are understandable. This chapter was divisive and polarizing. Everyone wants to talk about it. Everyone wants to be heard. Lines have been drawn and strong feelings make for equally strong reactions.

Reading the salt helped me cope (thank you!) but I won’t be publishing it unless I think I can contribute something useful. There are many other blogs focusing on the negatives of the series. They are giving a platform to those who are angry.  I absolutely agree that there are things in the manga that have been poorly done. Important points have gotten lost in the melodrama. But I can’t focus only on those. I’m still hopeful for the series. The rest of this arc will determine if that hope is justified.