Castlevania (Season 1) // Netflix (2017)

If there is something that suits up Castlevania just right is animation. For years this story has been told in videogames with the Belmont Family. It wasn’t until 1997’s Symphony Of The Night that Darcula’s ilk entered the fray in the face of Alucard. This series doesn’t adapt directly from the games but creates a new storyline with familiar faces for the gamers: Trevor Belmont, the main character of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, Sypha Belnades from the same game and Alucard, the son of Dracula.

The show stars in Wallachia in the year of 1445 when Vlad Tepes receives a fierce woman named Lisa at his door waiting to become a doctor to help people. Since she’s not devoted on superstition she wants to learn actual science to make an actual difference on people’s lives. Something she believes Vlad can provide since is castle is chock full of technology. After some time they become a couple and she makes him fall in line with the customs of man. Vlad had vowed to walk, travel, learn and live like a normal human because of the love they professed to each other. Fast forward to 1475 and Lisa continuous practice of medicine does not fall in line with the Catholic Church impositions of the times, so she is accused of witchcraft and condemned to be burned at the pyre while Vlad was traveling on foot.   At his arrival he learns of his wife’s death and discards his humanity to swear revenge on every living thing on earth. One year later the country is barren by bloody heavens and bloodlust demons that raid humanity every night killing anyone in their path.

Trevor Belmont is the last in the house of Belmont. He’s been excommunicated from his church because they despised the family’s methods of dealing with the menace of Dracula. He’s only fond of being left alone to drink peacefully in a quiet place but circumstances bring him back to fight again when he arrives at the city of Gresit. He quickly learns of the powerful influence the church has there and how local Speakers has lost any connection to the people because of the impositions of the church. Trevor not only has to fight demons, he also has to deal with imposed bigotry and superstitious countrymen that are easily manipulated by the priests who impose their law by numbers and force. In the end he gets more of than what he bargained for since he joins forces with the son of Dracula and very powerful Speaker who manipulates the magiks arts to take down the Dark Lord once for all.

Written and produced by Warren Ellis, with sweet and gory animation by Powerhouse Animation Studios based on the art of Ayami Kojima, and amazing music by Trevor Morris, this first season is composed of a mere four episodes of 25 minutes each setting up the whole story for a very exciting second season of eight episodes coming up in 2018. This is one great show you will not want to miss, check it out now!