ok but think about the people of hawkins who saw things, and heard rumors, but know nothing

“wait, so nancy wheeler and jonathan byers hooked up?

but now she’s back with steve,

and they’re all friends,

but nancy and jonathan have matching scars?

what the hell, dude?”

“i don’t know, joyce byers came in here and bought all my christmas lights.

and everyone said she went crazy

now her son is alive.”

“first, one of my students goes missing

his friends start behaving oddly,

ask me about alternate realities,

bring a mysterious girl to school,

somehow set my radio on fire,

and call me in the middle of the night to ask about

sensory deprivation tanks,

and now theres a swimming pool in the gym

and a hole in my chalkboard.”

“chief was gettin’ weird about the byers case.

he was disappearing, acting jumpy,

digging into conspiracy theories about hawkins labs,

got his trousers in a wad about some boy who apparently got beat up by a telepathic girl with a buzzcut

sometimes he still sneaks out with waffles

man, it was some weird stuff.”

“she made me piss myself! broke my arm!

she made wheeler fly!

she didn’t even have hair!

and now the queer is back from the dead??!!?!?”

“I was just watering my plants

and there were these kids on bikes

and then the van flipped.

i mean it seriously flipped”

just imagine all the people who have no idea what the hell is going on

There’s a new drama series on Netflix called The Get Down about the rise of early hip-hop music, disco, and cultural trends that emerged from New York City in the late 70s – such as graffiti art and the popularity of kung fu and exploitation films. Rock critic Ken Tucker says the show’s soundtrack is as dense and complex as the TV show itself: 

“The Get Down, as a TV series, is uneven—often electrifying and moving, sometimes florid and corny. The soundtrack to The Get Down, however, is an almost pure delight. A rapper’s delight, as the title of a Sugarhill Gang song once termed it. It captures moments from 40 years ago and brings them decisively into the present.”

  • what she says:i'm fine
  • what she really means:listen I have so much to say about shaolin fantastic like when he is first introduced he is this absolutely idealised streed-god and the kids think he’s a great fighter and extremely rich and everyone aspires to be like him and he combines the profound art that dizzee loves with the superhero mystique and kick-ass that boo-boo wants and then we meet him and he is this lonely, dirt-poor orphan boy. he doesn’t live in warlord territory because he’s brave, he does it because he has no other place to go, he loses absolutely every material thing he owns in the fire just when he thinks things will get better for him, the only person that has ever been a parent to him is grandmaster flash and he loses faith in shao!!! and don’t get me started how he continuously has to humiliate and prostitute himself for annie and when you pay attention you can see him do all these kung fu moves and spins even when he is all alone and he calls himself the ladykilling romantic seconds after saying that he thinks love is a terrible thing and i think it all just goes to show that shao has absolutely nothing to hold onto in life and that’s why he takes the myth that was created around him and lives in it because it gives him security like jfc nobody even knows his real name, the only identity this kid has is the one constructed by his comic- and kung fu-infused brain and marvelling strangers, please somebody help shaolin fantastic

Tori is releasing a new song 9/9 called Flicker for the important Netflix documentary Audrie and Daisy which premieres 9/23. The documentary follows two cases of teenage sexual assault and subsequent social media shaming that made national news. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Flicker will go to RAINN 

This. I was just watching Supernatural, and then I see this. Dean and Cas are literally lost in each other’s eyes. They look like they’re standing at an alter about to get married. And Sam’s just back there as a third wheel, and you can just tell that he feels awkward. He can see something’s going on. That’s even better because the title of the episode is “The Third Man”. Sam is literally the third man. He looks so unamoosed. It looks like he’s just thinking, “Oh my gosh, guys. You’re making the moose uncomfortable. Just kiss already, but not in front of moose. Moose would feel awkward.” Too perfect