EXCLUSIVE: Jon Hamm, 'Weird Al' Yankovic & More to Guest Star on Disney XD's 'Wander Over Yonder'
Wander Over Yonder is adding even more stars to their cosmic cast!


Oh, and case you forgot about our SDCC Panel…


Edit: Fixed Lance’s “area” /facepalm

Well I certainly had fun today… Made all my Ridgebacks some bio bases. (I did some midnight shopping.) They’re all trying to be color coordinated. More or less these are my flight rep’s, but I’m still looking for a water one that I’d want to keep. Next up to find some accents for 4 of them.

Thank you for no-scrollbar bio’s that stretch. <3 I love them.

Bonus: Kaito KID Fan Dragon Bio

There’s nothing I hate more than seeing Raven-Murphy pairing. What did Raven do to deserve so much hate from you?? Is it because she’s better than your fave? Or because she’s in the way of your ship? 

Like I really wanna know.

anonymous asked:

This isn't a serious question, just for fun... but what music do you like to work out too? I think we've seen you wearing a Kittie shirt before... Kittie and Otep are two of my go to work out bands :)

I had this one waiting for a bit because I’m actively working on changing what I listen to when I lift. Typically I’ve listened to a lot of screaming men (Misery Signals, Defeater, Sky Eats Airplane, and Dance Gavin Dance have been some favorites). Now I’m consciously shifting my music intake to be more exclusively female-voiced, so these days I’ve been listening to a lot of Kittie, Flyleaf, Iwrestledabearonce, and Circle Takes The Square (although one of the vocalists is male - I love Kathy’s screaming so much) while training.
Riffage and screaming is my favorite way to pump up.
When I train with worthy-of-armor we listen pretty exclusively to Haim, T Swift, and Nicki Minaj.

In general I listen to a lot of hardcore and metal and I love rap as well (especially the variety that borders on spoken word i.e. Dessa, Sage Francis, Eyedea, etc).