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shiro's haircut: a new take on a military cut, questionable but stylish from the right angles. // kuron's haircut: a mistake.

SNDJFGHDNDK I must admit……… you’re not wrong :’D The floof is too short. If it’s like this, it looks like his hairline is too far up:

I’m okay with his hair not being 3-colored anymore but… pls redo the floof ;A;

my favorite moment is when ur with ur pet and they do something like lay down with u or just come give u a kiss and leave or something and you realize “wow they really Do love me”



                              🌹 “I want you… to live a life you’re proud of” 🌹

I drew this after watching episode 29, so yeah, it was a while ago! haha
Anyways, I love these two so much, they had a lot of protagonism this season, it was good :’( <3 <3 


Shadowhunters Against: Homophobia, Addiction, Repeating The Past, Bigitory, Racism, Biphobia and General Discrimination in 02x13.