top ten shoujo manga ❀ full moon wo sagashite 

Please, no one touch my heart. Don’t touch it. Don’t notice anything. No one has to know what my heart is feeling. I decided that I wouldn’t turn back. That’s why I threw everything away. So, don’t you ever say, “I’m lonely.”

No work of Tanemura Arina’s resonated with me as much as Full Moon did. The story that begins with a girl who wants to sing for the boy she loves, evolves into something much darker and intricate. Every character has their own story. Shinigami, music, life, death, the power of memories, portrayed through gorgeous artwork.

ryekagi  asked:

Hi how are you? You have a great blog! Can I ask what some of your favorite josei manga are? Nana and Kimi wa Pet are my favorites, I just wish Nana would be completed!

Hey there! I’m doing well and thank you for your kind words!
I hope you are doing well too! ♡

Some of my favorite josei series are:

Or basically I like any josei series by Enjouji Maki and Miyazono Izumi. These two are my favorite josei mangakas.

leashedcabbage  asked:

Oh my god, I just finished reading Pluto. I stayed up until 3:20 in the morning to finish. All I can say is thank you for introducing me to such an impactful story.

love waking up to people to people telling me they’ve read Pluto! i’m so happy because it’s my favorite manga ever and Urasawa my favourite mangaka

plus you got to see my beautiful son OOOOO