When I was reading Hunter x Hunter I wished so hard Togashi would publish something, but he’s still in hiatus and we don’t know the reasons of that hiatus. I’ve been waiting so long to read a fucking chapter of Hunter x Hunter, but it just doesn’t happen. And even then I didn’t insult him once. I joked about it like everybody does, but never never ever insulted him. I still respect him, because he’s such an amazing mangaka and his story is still one of my favorites. 

So that’s why I don’t get Tokyo Ghoul fandom sometimes. Ishida publishes weekly, not monthly, not bimonthly, but WEEKLY. Every Saturday you get a chapter of TG:re, plus lots of fanart, the guy even has a TUMBLR AND A TWITTER ACCOUNT AND HE ACTUALLY REPLIES TO HIS FANS. Like, just like 2 hours ago I checked Ishida’s twitter and some fan sent him a fanart of Haise and he GOES AND REPLIES TO THEM IN ENGLISH, YES IN FUCKING ENGLISH, NOT JAPANESE BUT ENGLISH, and he says that he likes their art (if you dont believe me check this), LIKE IMAGINE HOW COOL IS THIS PERSON, HE TAKES THE TIME TO SEE FANARTS AND SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Imagine how happy must have felt that fan reading that tweet, if you’re an artist or draw fanart you know the feeling when someone compliments your work, but imagine THE MANGAKA HIMSELF COMPLIMENTING YOUR WORK, he makes his fans happy, he is grateful for having us enjoy his work, so why, WHY WOULD YOU BE SO UNGRATEFUL, I don’t get it. 

He took one month of break before starting the sequel of his manga, ONE MONTH GUYS, I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR YEARS TO READ ONE CHAPTER OF HUNTER X HUNTER, YEARS!!!!!! 


and that’s all I wanted to say about this situation, sorry if I made one or two mistakes while writing it, but english is not my first language, adiós.


Citrus - Saburo uta PV
Manga - 

We finally know how they will sound like! *-* Am so excited for an anime.<3


Sooo I saw Soap’s post about a letter she’d sent me and remembered I hadn’t checked the mail yesterday so I  moseyed on down and her letter was there waiting for me and I opened and blubbered like a beached whale ohmygosh She sent me so many beautiful things!!!! Inside the beautiful pink envelope (not pictured because I tore it in my haste)was a sticker sheet from one of Arina Tanemura’s manga (who just so happens to be one of my favorite mangaka’s), a letter written on super cute stationary, this fanfreakingtastic painting of Lune that is going to be framed and then hung on my wall, and this most grandiose flower pop up card I love pop up anything and it’s like a bouquet of flowers! Thank-you so much Soap!!!! i’m still keeping my fingers crossed that my letter reaches you too.

levybun asked:

ok this might be a lil awkward but uhh... what are your fave manga authors could you perhaps recommend me some good ones??? i hope this is not creepy or anything ;; 3 ;;; " ke

hi !! this isn’t creepy at all but i’m sorry to say that the only manga i read is BL lol… it’s the only thing i’m not lazy enough to read tbh 

i keep all my recs here and i’ll put my favorite BL mangakas and series under this read more if you’re interested in it :’^) ;; 

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Paradise Kiss Manga I got in the mail today! (Vol.5 is still in the mail) Ai Yazawa is probably my favorite mangaka for her unique styles and the way she incorporates fashion into her stories. She was actually a fashion student before she wrote comics.

mikihimura asked:

Thank you for choosing one of Fujikawa Ruri's work to translate. She is one of my favorite mangakas. Again, thanks for all the hard work!

I’m glad you like it:) Thanks for the support!!!

bagofships asked:

Top 3: 2, 26, 30 c:

oops sorry I missed that at first and then I had to think about it for a while, there is so much and I can never decide^^°

Top 3 villains/antagonists:

Moriarty, Loki, Lucifer Iguess but it changes.

Top 3 obscure series/movies/books I recommend:

I make it manga instead of books: Basically everything by Kaori Yuki (my favorite Mangaka) but my favorites are Angel Sanctuary, Kain and Ludwig Revelation, Movies: Interview with a Vampire, From Hell, Sweeney Todd

Top 3 tearjerking moments in fiction: I don’t know I’m sorry there are so many I cry a lot when I read and I read a lot (fan)fiction, I can’t remember all those times so I would definitely forget one, as I said I just can’t decide.

From makeup to #calligraphy, you have to do it with passion or not at all! ☺️ Which means hoarding and hauling time! ✒️ Thanks @swirlsandstrokesph! 👍 Just can’t get enough of @zigphilippines brush pens! And finally, #drmartin’s bulletproof white and a backup of my first ever nib and still one of my favorites, the #Brause Rose. ❤️❤️❤️ #cocoiro #fudebiyori #mangaka #bastaigatsikat #writing #calligraphyph #journal #arts #crafts #hobby #passion (at