Monsta X Holiday Q&A: Kihyun

Teach us your favorite phrase in Japanese!

What is a selca to Yoo Kihyun?
What ramen is to Hyungwon

What is narration to Kihyun?
Something like singing in a different way? Thank you Movie Bank♥

What is eye smiling to Kihyun?
Something I was born with?

What is a cute name you want to use if you had a girlfriend?

If you had a younger sister who would you never let her date? Why?
No one can date her I will make sure she always stays pure.

What are the members to you?
My other family

Is this Wonho’s back?
Yes it is

If you saw Busan’s oceans during your schedule?
I love~~~ the smell of the ocean

When do you think you’re the most handsome? (Of course you are all always handsome)
Sometimes I think so when I’m watching our performances

Who eats the most in Monsta X? Most to least
Wonho → Shownu → I.M → Kihyun → Jooheon → Minhyuk → Hyungwon

Is there anyone who talks in his sleep?
Shownu hyung yells, “Ahhhhh!!”

Do you have any rituals you do before going on stage?
I don’t have any!

Is there someone you want to collaborate with? Both male and female (Not anyone under the same label)
G.Soul sunbaenim! and IU sunbaenim

What’s your favorite dish made by your mother?
Kimchi jjigae….♥

Source: Official Twitter | Trans: fymonstax

My niece's review of MMFD

My 17y.o niece is staying over tonight we just finished watching the first episode because she wanted to watch it with me,I have to share some of the things Chloe said and questions she asked me whilst we watched it just because my niece is brilliant 💗

1: What is up with Finn’s hair (not gonna lie we talked about Nico’s hair for a few minutes)
2: Danny is epic (gotta say I agree)
3: Aw the pink pig is back
4: what is Rae’s baby sisters name (we need to know)
5: not a fan of Katie (my niece is awesome)
6: Stan Ford (Chloe was crying with laughter after that)
7: Finn is cute (yep I agree)
8: Why Rae Why (that’s all Chloe said when it was over)
9: What is wrong with Kester is he ill (I thought so to)

Those are just a few things Chlo said during the episode,her favourite part of the episode was the first half hour,she said it doesn’t feel like MMFD but overall she liked it. I showed her the trailer and preview clip for the next episode and all she said was “Why did he ask Rae to move furniture” lol she also asked me what some of the songs where that were playing during the episode I literally had no clue but I wasn’t going to tell her that though but thankfully the MMFD website have a list of the songs in the episode so I checked before I told her so yep she thinks I’m cool!!!

most played songs - june

january | february | march | april | may | june

anonymous asked:

I have two weird things When I was 4 I used to crawl into my sisters crib and sleep there because I thought monsters might eat her because I thought monsters liked to eat babies the most And the second is that

(Part 1) Awww what a cute sister 

so my mom is pregnant and I went with my sister to buy some things for baby and we saw really cute shirt and I was like we should buy it, but then she said: it’s blue and what if will be girl? and when I said that there aren’t such thing like ‘boys and girls’ colors’ so she said there are but damn she is fucking wrong

intellectualgravity asked:

For Kitti, Katt, Caelinae and Vicenn: ☆ - happy, ★ - sad, ☯ - likes/dislikes, ▼ - childhood and, because it's me, ✿ - Sex.

Oh yaya, Caelinae! My sylvari salad baby

I haven’t made a profile or anything for her yet, but here goes!

☆ - happy/ ☯ - likes/dislikes (I decided to do these two together)

Kitti - What makes Kitti happy and what she likes are animals, cute and fluffy things, sweets, charr, and golems. She also really, really, really likes Spokko (but don’t tell him! She has a bit of a yandere side). 

Kitti dislikes really spicy foods (to her sister’s dismay). She also dislikes getting up early in the morning, 

Katt - Katt is most happy when tinkering on weapons and golems. She also very much enjoys taking walks and exploring Tyria in general. 

Katt has a complicated past and dislikes other people in general. She especially becomes most competitive towards other asura, trying her hardest to prove her “superior” intellect. 

Vicenn - Vicenn is happiest when swimming, and is a rather fast swimmer. Vicenn oddly enough likes Quaggans, and were the one species he refused to experiment on. 

Vicenn dislikes extremely hot weather, though it does give him and excuse to take a dive in a nearby pond. He also dislikes ignorant people and know-it-alls, despite he being one himself. Can’t shake that asuran superiority complex.

Caelinae - Caelinae is pretty much happy with everything and anything. She’s still only a few months old and doesn’t quite know her dislikes yet, but she’s pretty sure she doesn’t like Mordremoth or people who hurt others purposely.

★ - sad

Kitti/Katt - The twins grew up in an orphanage, living in fear of being separated. They had another with them as well… But that important person left them long ago, leaving the two heartbroken.

Vicenn - Vicenn remembers after a particularly bad storm, a gust of wind knocked down a tree. He went to investigate and found a nest with little eggs now broken… (Ha! You thought it was going to be about his girlfriend who died, HUH!? I pulled a fast one on ye!)

Caelinae - Twfan, Caelinae’s babysitter escort one day got hurt due to her clumsiness. It was one of the first times Caelinae felt sad and guilty. She never wants to experience those emotions again, but knows that she will one day…

▼ - childhood

Kitti/Katt - Their childhood wasn’t much to look at. They always caused trouble so were never adopted. They often were tossed around by foster parents or sent back to the orphanage. After they grew to old to keep living at the orphanage, they were kicked out and fended for themselves on the streets.

Vicenn - Vicenn had a standard asuran childhood at the beginning, praised by his parents as being a genius, and learning biology and medicine from them. 

He started out as simply dissecting and experimenting on small animals before one day he found a dead sylvari carcass, which he promptly began to dissect as well. He kept mostly to himself, even around his parents.

Worried that his behavior might lead to immoral practices, his parents sent him to a pre-college instead of teaching him themselves, hoping that interaction with other progeny would help influence him in a good way. 

It backfired when Vicenn was bullied by other progeny for being “weird” and “creepy”, unusually tall for an asura, and refusing to play with the others as he felt superior. A few of them ganged up on Vicenn, to which he retaliated by swiping his claws at the face of a fellow progeny, causing deep gashes. 

It was then Vicenn realized he’d never truly fit in with others and promptly ran away, never returning to the pre-college, or to his home. 

It is assumed after these events, Vicenn joined the inquest and never looked back.

Caelinae - She’s only a few months old! She still has much to learn and experience!

✿ - Sex

Imma put this under the cut! NSFW WARNING!!! Explicit content, etc!

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Betta personalities

Blooberry : sweet cutie pie BABY precious cinnamon roll (unless ur a pen then he hates with passion)(or a tail, which he thinks is for eating)

James Pond : high strung anxious bby freaks out at everything, jumps at and bites everything, and also wants to fight everything but not before zipping away. also FOOD. /FOOD/

Toothless (so far) : cute chill little weirdo super curious about everything except what he’s supposed to eat and sleeps and hangs out in the weirdest positions. Also will stare at u persistently until u notice him.

I love bettas.

I was tagged by anaceinspace!! Thank ya babe

what‘s your name?: Michele! Or Mitchie. Either works.

nicknames: Mitchie, Shelly, Belle, and whatever nicknames Sam has for me

where are you from: The great Pacific Northwest! Specifically, Washington state, a few miles south of Seattle.

what’s your favorite color: LILAC, tiffany blue, baby pink

write something in all caps: IT IS WAY TOO HOT RN

favorite artist/band: fun., Walk The Moon, Marina and the Diamonds

reasons to smile: Performing! Friends! My little sister!! Good music, great food, my faith, cute girls.

I taaaaaggggg nonbinarybruises, starwishingdragon, scarvesandsmiles and any other mutual who wants to do it!

Bedrooms and Battlescars | Buddy Wakefield

As best as I can remember
this is how it happened…

There was a tree in the bottom corner of a corn field
where I hid from people who lived inside my house.
I called them step-sisters and -fathers
but they were monsters
holding out for light.
They were people who did not know what they were holding out for.
They didn’t intend to be so beastly and wounded.
They wanted to cross over into the way I wander
but they could not find me,
and I paid for that.

In 1974 I was born.
The next three years were a bit of a blur,
understandably so,
though my mother has repeatedly reminded me
that I was a loud baby.
I wobbled and sucked my thumb
marveled and opened up,
crapped my pants cute as the next kid,
and my cheeks
could be used for sailing.

But in the year 1978 my mom’s car broke down.
We were brutally rescued by a truck driver for eight years.
He had the hell inside of him.
Rug burn.
I know because he pulled me across the floor.

One day my mom decided it was not okay anymore that
he kept falling into other women’s va-hoo-ohos
so we left him, realizing
we had not actually been rescued all them years ago.

In those days
I jumped six feet from my light switch to my bed
in order to avoid the hands of anything underneath it.
There are still dents in my shins
because I didn’t always hit the mattress.

Bedrooms and battle scars
both keep well in the dark.
Hard dark.
In the sunken-eyed section of a nightmare
paved with uppercuts
and heart sparks
spark plugs and fist-first

I’d fall in love with you
if you would beat these people out of me.

xsfasiate asked:

oh ye I forgot *gently slaps * 6, 9, 15 <3

6) How is your life different now from two years ago?

Things just change, people leave, things happen, there’s so much.

9) Whats the worst pickup line someone has asked you?

..I like the bad pickup lines.. I think they’re extremely charming and cute at times, but– I won’t take them serious, but then again it all depends.

15) What is your favorite memory?  

One of my fondest plus funniest memories is when me and my family plus some of my Father’s side extra’s sitting at this huge table for Christmas Dinner, it was also my baby sisters (I only had one at the time) first Christmas so it was a big event, well we had all got our plates and whatnot and sat around like a big Family like ours did as then my Family nodded their head for the blessings and in Respects to the Winter coming. Well during that time, silence overtook, everything was lovely and peaceful..– Until this small frail ‘’FUCK!!!’’ Came out of my baby sisters mouth, she screamed fuck in the middle of it. Everyone looked up, turned to her, and all laughter of each circle of Hell broke loose. I ‘bout died.. I ASSURE you of that. 

Ten Questions Tag! ❤️

I was tagged by hongbinstinyhands
thank you, lovely!!!

1) Which do you like better, plants or animals?
-Animals. you can’t cuddle plants.. I mean you could but I don’t think it’d be a very good idea.
2) Can you cook, and if so, what’s your favorite thing to make?
- I kinda can. I can make a killer Mac and cheese but I love to make Beef Stew. it’s also my favorite meal.
3) If you could suddenly gain a new talent, what would it be?
- drawing. I love art and admire people who can draw.
4) What’s something nice that a stranger or acquaintance has said to/done for you?
- no one has really done anything like that but my baby sister gets us stopped in stores because strangers love talking to her and telling her how cute she is.
5) If you could steal the wardrobe of any celebrity, who would it be?
- I dunno. maybe Taylor Swift’s… I’m not sure.
6) Do you have a lot of secrets?
- nah not really. I’m pretty much an open book.
7) What is your favorite holiday and how do you usually spend it?
-THANK YOU FOR ASKING THIS OMG I absolutely love Christmas. I love the snow (if my state gets any that year) and the cold. I usually spend it with my family but also snuggled up by the fire with some hot coco and a good book/tumblr/boyfriend would be amazing.
8) If you could give Vladimir Putin a tattoo, what would it be and where would you put it?
- interesting question… I’m not sure honestly.
9) What’s your favorite board game?
- does Guess Who count?
10) Where’s Waldo?
-wherever he wants to be lol

my ten questions are:
1) if you could be any star for the next week, who would you be and why?
2) how do you style your hair on a daily basis?
3) favorite tv show?
4) do you use perfume? if so what kind and what smell is your favorite?
5) do you have any piercings? if so how many and where?
6) favorite shoe brand?
7) favorite super hero?
8) favorite book/series?
9) do you have a favorite author?
10) when’s your birthday?

I’m tagging the cute little buttons:
sempiternal-sarang j-hiphope j-my-hope jacksonwangker recklessangelblue rainbowsandnicethings and anyone else who wants too! please don’t feel obligated to do this. it’s just for fun! :)

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Kommissar stopped dead in her tracks as she saw her girlfriend with a newborn in her arms. A long finger pointed at the baby. "What is that?" (Couldn't resist. she's so awkward with babies, but secretly likes them.. very deep down)

Cosima looked up when she heard come into the room, finding Kommissar pointing at the baby in her arms. She had to keep from laughing at her rather blunt and obvious question. “A baby,” she replied sarcastically, speaking barely above a whisper. She knew that wouldn’t appease the other woman and added more. “She’s my sister’s baby, isn’t she cute?”

anonymous asked:

pyapia - and no, of course I'm not Pia :X

Well anon who is obviously not pia, I have to said that pyapia is cute… that’s all… who am I kidding? Pia is my baby but also like my big sister and she listens to me always, cheers me up when I feel down and we’re both from the spanish squad and omg she understands how much of jikook trash I am! fuck bLESS THE DAY WE FIRST TALKED TO EACHOTHER! BLESS THE DAY <3 <3

send me a tumblr user’s url and I’ll tell you what I think of them

My thoughts

Loved Kendrick performance
Janelle is pretty and she was getting it
Chris is forever bae
The weekend sound good
Meek and nicki is too cute
Rihanna is everything
I really thought they should’ve sung on the Janet tribute
The bad boy reunion was everything even though French messed it up and diddy fell 💀
K. Michelle did okay but her ass look too heavy, and Tamar was extra like always but she can really sing idk what happen tonight.
Big Sean had the crowd hype asab
I really don’t know if I should take the empire performance serious though
Amber rose was cute and I still think blac chyna look better with no makeup and her real long hair.
Why tf the indialove and her sisters there??
August is my baby but he starting too look crazy, face still flawless just everywhere else lol
Fetty should’ve performed more songs
Kae look cute too, her hair is different
Keyshia was really promoting herself lol
Chris look like he was really enjoying himself 👏🏽👏🏽

All I can think of