Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Lay, Luhan and Sehun react to realising they want to become a father

This escalated quickly! This is super cute though, thanks anon

Note: Y/P/N = Your puppy’s name

Baekhyun: “Why don’t you ask mummy if you can have a brother or sister, of the human kind,”

Y/N: “Oh my god, what?” *laughs*

Baekhyun: “He asked nicely,”

Chanyeol: “Kisses for daddy,”

Y/N: “He’s not your son, aha,”

Chanyeol: “I’m practicing,”

Y/N: “For what?”

Chanyeol: “When we have a baby,”

D.O: “I feel like we’re a proper family now we’ve got Y/P/N. It’s made me realise that I want to spend the rest of my life with you and have children with you. I love you Y/N,”

Lay: “Is it normal to want to be a dad after getting a puppy?”

Y/N: “You are a dad, just to a ball of fluff instead of an actual baby,”

Lay: “I’m being serious. I think I want to be a dad,”

Luhan: “Are babies like puppies? Are they as cuddly? At least they can learn to talk to tell you when they want things,”

Y/N: “Are you trying to tell me something Lu?”

Luhan: “Erm, maybe,”

Sehun: “What would you say if..we extended our little family?”

Y/N: “You want another dog already?”

Sehun: “No, I about we have a baby?”

Weasley Twins Imagine - The Best Prank of my Entire Career

Can you do one where you are Draco’s sister and he is really mean to you for being in Griffendor and the Twins help you by doing some prank or anything. You can take it anywhere reallyThanks. - requested by xiaxiashoes

Thanks for requesting!  It’s been a while since someone requested a Weasley twins imagine, but those are always really fun to write.

     “Ugh!” I moaned as soon as I saw that awful smirk on my brother, Draco’s, face.  Not because he was making that horrible face, but I knew what he was showing his friends.

     My baby pictures.

     And not the cute ones, either.  The awful, embarrassing, bathtub/sobbing/getting my diaper changed ones.

     Just because Draco was in Slytherin, he thought he was better than me.  He was constantly doing stuff like this to irritate me, and I had just put up with it.  Until now.  I was going to end this.

     When he saw me walk away, Draco probably assumed that I was going back to the common room to hide.  He was totally wrong.  I was going to get help.

     After all, there are only two people you can trust to help you pull the best prank of your entire career: the Weasley twins.


     “I can’t wait!” grinned Fred.  George nodded eagerly beside him.

     The three of us were waiting in a corner of the library.  We had just finished laying the perfect trap for Draco.

     After this, he would leave me alone.

     Finally, Draco (complete with entourage) walked in to the library, as he did every night at seven o’clock sharp.  He was just the sort of person who followed a strict schedule, and that had actually been really helpful when I planned the prank.

     George squeezed my hand and pulled me after him and Fred to hide behind the nearest bookshelf.  From between the books, we had a great view of what happened next.

     Draco opened his book and sat down at the table.  Everything was perfectly normal - that is, until the owl flew in.

     His friends Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy looked at Draco, confused, when the owl dropped its letter on his lap.

     Draco’s expression changed from curiosity to horror as soon as he recognized the envelope - it was a howler.

     “DRACO MALFOY!” The letter roared in the voice of our father.  I covered my mouth with my hands to stop from giggling.

     Draco blushed crimson.


     Draco cringed, and I almost felt bad for him.  Our father had been angry with him about this for months.  But it was Draco’s own fault, really - he hadn’t studied for that class because he was too busy ranting to his friends about “mudbloods.”


     When the letter finally burst into flames, Draco was actually looking pretty upset.  Thankfully, Fred, George and I had decided against adding the last line (”I’d almost rather have Harry Potter as a son.”) because that would have been way too cruel.

     But I was satisfied with the prank.  Draco wasn’t too embarrassed, because only some of his friends saw the letter, but he would certainly be leaving me alone for a while, and that was all that I had wanted.

     I high-fived Fred and George as we snuck out of the library.

Seungri being your big brother would include:
  • “I’m older so we do what I want”
  • Him playfully tripping you 
  • Constant play fights 
  • Him dealing with your lip syncing to his music goofily   
  • You having a crush on another member of Big Bang
  • Him constantly covering you with a towel when you go to the beach because your swimsuit is too exposing
  • “No you’re not wearing that out it’s too short. Go change now”
  • “Seungri I’m an adult now”
  • “Too bad you’re still my baby sister”
  • Those now and again cute moments caught on camera
  • Him yelling at any guy/girl who breaks your heart
  • Whining when he wants you to make him something to eat
  • “Hey sis which looks better on me?”
  • Him stealing/knocking a drink right out of your hand as you’re about to take a sip
5-year-olds are the best people I know. Especially when they look exactly like me. Cute and perfect.

*Mulan is on TV and I ask my baby sister if she has seen it before*

Me: You’ve seen this movie before?
Peanut: Yeah.
Me: No, you haven’t.
Peanut: I did!!
Me: Okay then. Tell me what it’s about.
Peanut: She’s trying to protect her father. And she has a friend. It’s a boy. And he stays over for dinner.



That’s it. That’s the whole plot of Mulan. Forget about saving China and the talking dragon. She has a friend. It’s a boy. And he stays over for dinner.

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Omg so today I went through old pictures and cried abt me and my little sister/best friend in the world being so smol and cute. I'd bet Gerard does that sometimes. Like he'll just be looking through old stuff and finds a picture of him w baby Mikey on his lap. Or a Christmas card picture where they both have Santa hats on. Or a first day of school picture from 27 years ago. And he just calls him and they talk about when they were kids and everything was so easy and like cry a little bit

what? have? i? ever? done? to? you? 

my baby sister was crying for a really long time and we couldn’t figure out what was wrong as we had changed her, fed her, gave her a bath, let her play with toys for hours… then, we put on miles davis - and the moment it started playing she just stopped crying and started smiling and laid down happily. i love this kid. such good taste in music!!!

We were watching Catching Fire with my brother and sister-in-law cause she had never seen the movies before (we saw thg yesterday), and this is what she said (god bless her):

“Hmm, I don’t like Gale… I prefer Peeta.”

When Snow’s granddaughter says: “Some day I wanna love somebody that much.” She said: “Ahhh! Truth comes from little children’s mouth!” 

When observing Peeta’s glorious profile: “He has such a strong jaw!”

My brother, when Katniss and Peeta kiss on the beach: “Aww, they’re cute.”

And earlier, when Peeta drops the baby bomb: “Haha, they just have to get to it so that it can be true!” (I almost said: “They will!… Later.”)

As a conclusion, my brother and my sister-in-law are the best.


HELLOOOO. It’s so funny how everyone thinks I’m a girl and you’re a boy lol. Sad times. UGHHH I wanna see your baby!!! He has such a cute nameeeee. And I still can’t believe a MOTHER FOLLOWS ME LOOOL. SOOO OLD wow… You’re like my older sister and it’s soooo nice. I’ve always wanted an older sister. And you’re like me! Born in bangladesh and then moved here so that’s even moreee amazing because you understand what I’m going through most of the time! I found your blog through A R Rahman I think lol. Thanks mateeeee. I hope your happy and ask your husband if he wants to adopt me :)))) I’m up for adoption! I can do all the chores :))) and you don’t have to pay me. Just give me food :)))))) Also you’re so kind to me loool thank you so much!

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ok i have made the decision to show u guys my first tumblr ever and its a fucking hilarious story so hear me out
11 yr old mil was convinced by his sister to make one and it was during his transformer phase (dear god). anyway, imagine a baby with a tumblr. yea. also it became a rp blog somehow and i made an oc called evermoon (never4get) and she was the cutest cute ive ever made. then i got in a huge fight w ppl bc of copyright shit related and almost deleted my blog. i didnt. then later on i had a fight w this user (i dont even remember what happened but tbt i probably overreacted back there) and decided to shut everything down. now, 11 yr old mil had a thing 4 attention (still do lmao) so i didnt rlly delete my blog. and later when i tried to log in, i couldnt get my password right so i asked for a new password. wELL i forgot my (old) emails password too so like i never deleted the blog but its literally the most 11 yr old thing ive ever seen
enjoy urselves - cliffceeinmyheart (its disgusting just to look at this url lmao)

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I like how it's literally 2:30 in the morning and we're bullshitting about Phan having a baby. What if Dil was blessed with a little tiny baby sister so he has to be big bro and protect her and oh my god this is getting worSE STOP ME. But instead of the norm and stuff where her name is something stupidly obvious, her name is like Zelda or something because nerds.



send me phan head cannons to ruin my feels

This is my baby 💕 She really hates guys because their deep voices scare her. My sister gets her when we move out, and what if my voice and body changes too much after I start T and she won’t know it’s me 😭 #testosterone #transgender #ftm #femaletomale #transprobs #trans #gay #lesbian #pansexual #bisexual #lgbt #love #puppy #dog by icedoubt See me at

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1. Write your name in song titles

Crazy by Kat Dahlia

Angles Fall by Breaking Benjamin

Swing, Swing by All-American Rejects

Stand in the Rain by Superchick

Ice Ice baby by Vanilla Ice

Doctor by Cute is what we aim for

You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi

2. Why did you choose your url?

I didn’t choose my url, my sister was messing around and found it for me and I just loved it. I wanted something marvel related and this was perfect.

3. What’s your middle name?


4. If you could be any fictional/fairytale being, what would you be?

I think being a mermaid would be cool, or some sort of superhero

5. Favorite color?

Blue, purple, and green

6. Favorite song at the moment?

Take me down by Halsey and Enemy Fire by Bea Miller

7. Top 4 fandoms?

Marvel, Disney, The Walking Dead, Sense8, the 100, its all mainly Marvel though, I’m obsessed

8. Why do you enjoy tumblr?

I enjoy tumblr because I found a group of people who are obsessed with something just as much as I am and love talking about it, I always love it because of all the amazing people I’ve met on here.

9. Tag 9 mutuals!

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it was really cool what Taylor did and it's so cute how much the girls were loving it but I lowkey don't want them to get too friendly?? like little mix are my babies but they're already a lil problematic and the last thing I need is Taylor being all "well Lena Dunham taught me..." you know what I mean?

true but t’s friends with lorde karlie and the haim sisters and they’re all pretty chill so i guess we’ll see maybe

demonoflight replied to your post:…I wonder if anyone has written a Chosen Swap!AU…

the 02 kids plus Taichi and Yamato would be cool, I think! I think it would work best if age-swapped too, though.

Yeah, age-swap would be required for this to work (which also means we’d get Baby Takeru and Hikari along side older 02 Kids. My god that sounds cute).

The reason I wonder if Taichi and Yamato should be here though is that they’re kind of take the lead again, and what I wanna know is how this AU would work if it was Daisuke and Ken there instead of those two. Also it would add more possibilities on the whole Crest thing.

Also the possibility of Daisuke’s sister being there is adorable (I mean yeah canonically she doesn’t have the special power to make Digimon evolve hence why she isn’t a Chosen but we’re talking about an AU so sure, we could grant her that power lol). I wonder what Osamu’s status would be in this AU too, and how Ken’s character would translate seeing how there’s no Dark Seed to mess with his brain.

Also I wonder how Zero Two would work in this AU since Daisuke and co would be the upper classmen here while the eight were the babs…


If we’re doing the age-swap then who’s to say that only the 02 Kids would get a few years older? Why not give Takeru and Hikari and age swap with their brothers?? 8O BABY TAICHI AND YAMATO WITH OLD TAKERU AND HIKARI??? AHHHH

~30 Questions~

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Answer these questions:
1) How tall are you?

2) What color and style is your hair?
Brown, and I have weave in atm.

3) What color are your eyes?
Dark brown

4) Do you wear glasses/contacts?
I wear both! Mostly glasses though.

5) Do you wear braces?

6) What is your fashion style?
Sometimes it’s cute, sometimes it’s sexy; it depends on my mood.

7) What is your name?

8) When were you born?
October 8th

9) How old are you?

10) Where are you from/live now?
From Brooklyn, NY since birth.

11) Do you have siblings?
1 brother and 1 sister - I’m the baby of the family.

12) What school/college do you go to?
I go to a liberal arts college.

13) What kind of student are you?
A bullshitting one who does shit at the last minute.

14) Do you even like school?
I like learning. :)

15) What are your favorite school subjects?
English, art, sometimes history.

16) What are your favorite shows?
Steven Universe. I’m also starting to get into Empire and I like it.

17) What are your favorite movies?
Disney movies! Most of them!

18) What are your favorite books?

I did enjoy the Hunger Game series.

19) What is your favorite pass time?
Wasting time!

20) Do you have any regrets?
Uhh, not many actually. I can’t think of any.

21) What is your dream job?
To write fiction foreveeeer. Nah but seriously, I wanna be the writer behind a cool comic book or cartoon.

22) Would you like to get married one day and where?
I’d love to get married on a beach. I think it’d be so fun.

23) Would you like to have kids one day and how many?
I used to want to have 3 kids. I’m not too sure about that now but a kid would be nice one day.

24) Are you a girly girl, a regular girl, or more of a tomboy?
I’m very girly.

25) Do you like shopping?
Oh I love shopping!

26) What countries have you visited so far?
I’ve been to Jamaica and England so far. 

27) What is the scariest nightmare you’ve ever had?
Oh God yo, this guy was chasing me with a gun, and this cop was right in front of me and did nothing to stop the guy and I was basically running in an endless alleyway to get away from him. I cried when I woke up but looking back on it, it was funny. 

28) Do you have enemies?
Nope! :)

29) Who are your best friends?
pizzasoup <3

30) Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend and what is their name?
I have a boyfriend and his name is my boyfriend.

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so I’m about to help my baby sister move into college and she’s like “my dorm’s on the third floor, so we’ll be carrying stuff up stairs” (as she looks absurdly cute in a dress)

I ask if it’s ok if I just continue to wear to gym clothes and tennis shoes

and then realize I just asked her if I’ll embarrass her by what I’m wearing

at some point I became my dad and I don’t know how to feel about this

aw I just had a convo with my baby sister’s cute little friend because she’s scared about getting her nipples pierced and I was like ‘honey it’ll be ok,’ and told her what to expect and how to be ginger with them after

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1. Because I am such a dipshit with these kinda things, I asked my family what the first thing was that popped into their heads when they thought of me. My sister’s boyfriend’s answer was a pretty accurate description of me: ‘Rainbows’

2. I AM buying a Baby Taylor guitar at some point in my life. With a little bit of luck before I turn 19.

3. I like the colour of my lips.

4. I am an outgoing, extravert person and all but call me cute and I will go all shy on you.

5. My Myers-Briggs type is ENFP.

That’s pretty much it *inserts epic ending gif*

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for the secrets night: the first time i saw one of my collegues i though he was super cute so i slowly became closer to his sister so i can be around him (they're super close + we all work together) what i didnt expect to happen was for me + the sister to become almost bff and i found out he's been in a 7 year relationship (he likes me though :/) so now she tells me stuff about their relationship or about him(and it makes me like him more) so i was sad and i got drunk and as i was throwing up

baby ))): I’m sorry that’s so rough

no more secrets please