it’s you, it’s you, you make me sing.

you’re every line.

you’re every word.

you’re everything.

From @Bourbonvanilla777: “Hello, my name is Bella! Me and my sister love to follow our mum, wherever she goes. But what I love most is watching my mum, when she puts on her make up. I’m a typical girl! Whenever my mum sits at her dressing table to get ready, I love to sit in front of her and keep watching her… My life is pretty awesome, so if you like, go and check out my mom’s account, where she sends a lot of pics of me and my sis! See you there! Meow meow!” #catsofinstagram [source: ]


hey okay so this is really unexpected news but yesterday i decided to withdraw from liberty university for this year (not forever) and honestly i don’t really wanna talk about it but know i’m okay and it’s all okay and i did not see this coming but i felt this is what is best for me right now and i have peace about it (only because i know God’s in control)

i’ll definitely make a big post explaining everything soon but right now let’s just focus on the fact that my dad let me get new pets for the first time 10 years and I got REALLY STINKIN CUTE BABY RATS AND I’M OBSESSED WITH THEM their names are Tina (dark one) and Louise (light one) after the sisters on Bob’s Burgers (lol the names fit their personalities SO well, it’s hilarious. Louise is so feisty and adventurous and Tina is a lil more timid and awkward) SO THAT’S MY LIFE, i’m a stay at home rat mom. and i’m happy

anonymous asked:

What would the boys do if there lovers baby sister said to them in a very cute voice said pwease take care of my older sis

Ruki: -crouches down to their level- Don’t worry. I’ll make sure your sister is taken care of. You can count of me.

Kou: Of course, little Neko-chan! I’ll make sure your sister is well cared for! I would never hurt her purposely!

Yuma: -moves to their height- Don’t worry, piglet! Your sister is in great hands! She will be fine with me!

Azusa: Ah… of course…! I will take care… of her well… You can count on me…! Please do… I’ll make sure she is…safe…

Modern AU where Octavia drags Bellamy to a yoga class with her because she wants someone to go with (and he’s not going to deny her anything if he can help it) and he’s grumbling the whole time (“what the fuck kind of position is happy baby” “my body isn’t supposed to bend that way wtf O why did you bring me here” *general grunting and grumbling*). But then this cute blonde girl who looks hot as hell in leggings and a tank top starts giving him pointers and sort of laughing at him because he has no flexibility whatsoever and he doesn’t quite hate going to class so much anymore. O teases him of course, but she’s ecstatic that her grumpy big brother’s interested in a girl she definitely approves of. Eventually he gets up the nerve to talk to her and painfully awkwardly asks Clarke out for coffee. They start dating and the sex is fucking amazing because Clarke is flexible as fuck and he’s getting better and better (he can make up for it in other ways). And O tells everyone that she set them up because technically she was the reason they met. But when it comes down to it, Bellamy and Clarke don’t care because they’re just glad to be together.

Seungri being your big brother would include:
  • “I’m older so we do what I want”
  • Him playfully tripping you 
  • Constant play fights 
  • Him dealing with your lip syncing to his music goofily   
  • You having a crush on another member of Big Bang
  • Him constantly covering you with a towel when you go to the beach because your swimsuit is too exposing
  • “No you’re not wearing that out it’s too short. Go change now”
  • “Seungri I’m an adult now”
  • “Too bad you’re still my baby sister”
  • Those now and again cute moments caught on camera
  • Him yelling at any guy/girl who breaks your heart
  • Whining when he wants you to make him something to eat
  • “Hey sis which looks better on me?”
  • Him stealing/knocking a drink right out of your hand as you’re about to take a sip

Apologies for the departure from mountains, babes, and motorcycles but what good is this stupid blog if not to help out with good things once in a while… 

This is my best buddy’s baby Zeke and me kicking it just a day or two after he and his twin sister Vivian were able to come home. 

Zeke and Viv were born 4 months early and had a chance at life thanks to Surfactant, a drug developed by research that the March of Dimes supported. Today both of the kids are doing amazing! 

They captured a big part of my heart the day I got to hold them. Joel and his wife Meredith really fought hard to keep these kiddos alive, the March of Dimes helped to make that happen. Now they are trying to give back and I am asking your help. 

They have a small goal of raising $250. They don’t know that I am posting this or that I have a bunch of really great followers… Maybe we can help them blow that out of the fucking water?

So, if you have the ability to give please do Click here 

If not, you can help by spreading the message. 

Support Zeke and Viv and the March of Dimes

Thanks for following along all these years


Yesterday, I received a lovely package from moccoe! Thank you Tina for the dark pink lovely baby :3 She is super cute and looks absolutely perfect with her sisters :p 

I really appreciate you fitting her in the 500g bracket!! Why does shipping have to be so pricy?! I’m just happy she arrived in perfect condition and on time too! Usually mail to and from Australia takes a little over 3 weeks but she got here within 2!! I’m super tempted to get the light pink baby in the larger size now o.o What a precious cutie, thank you sooo very much for sending me one of my dreamies :3