Shut Up and Dance With Me has officially begun!
It exists now and @wittyy-name and I are super hyped to work through this project! As the fic continues to update, I may or may not draw more pictures for previous chapters in the fic, but I’ll make sure to let you know when/if I do such a thing. 

>>Read the first chapter here!<<
gogo <3

Also tired of people saying, “We need another Kenobi to come fix the Skywalkers’ mess!!!” in regards to Rey kicking Kylo’s ass when really, it was Luke, a Skywalker, who brought his father back to the light which then prompted Anakin, a Skywalker, to destroy the Emperor. 

Give Luke credit where credit is due which is…you know, pretty much everywhere ever, lmao. 

  • her:why do you like holding my hand while you sleep?
  • him:because then i'll know you'll be right here next to me when i wake up in the morning.

sorry about the shitty screen quality, all my screenshots have been turning into pixely mush lately and i have no idea why, but to more important things: ausuk turned 2 years old today(〃・ω・〃)♥

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Well now fandoms are listing #problematic artists including MINORS to lists to ‘block and not support’ I think I’m p much Done with posting fandom stuff here. I’ll make a fandom Twitter or something idk this shit is out of hand, and I feel for artists (especially literal teenagers) who have made genuine mistakes and are now deemed Unsafe.

I understand wanting fandom to be a safe space but…this is…not the way to do it. This kind of mentality is counter productive in so many ways and just genuinely Shitty. Its also really just a small example of a much larger problem I have with fandom on here and I don’t really wanna deal with it any more … What really sucks is that me having this opinion instantly puts me in a place where people feel like I condone said Problematic Content and are therefore an Apologist.

I have big triggers, and I understand the places these people are coming from…but yeah it’s messy and I’d prefer to avoid posting in an environment where things like this happen for various reasons.

ANuways Yeah I’ll link u to a Twitter if I make one ;;;;;