Sweethearts, I’m legit super embarrassed that I messed up this one Bakugou post because I mistook him with someone else. Like I knew one was good at chopping, but I messed up. If you ever see something like that, please tell me 🙈 I’m only human and I make mistakes 😅 Nevertheless, I would appreciate if there would be a hole for me to hide

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Why woukd a death eater be feminist? That's like a white power feminist! Women deserve to be equal, as long as they're not black is in fine print. But y'know PETER👏 PETTIGREW👏 CHECKS👏 HIS👏 PRIVILEGE👏 DAILY👏

i was being sarcastic in reference to this post from like, ages ago, so i’m sorry if you misunderstood my intentions and for the record i do Not think death eaters can be feminists lmao yikes