Are you a library book? Because I can’t stop checking you out. Chpt. 3

Fandom: Yuri!!! on Ice

Bookstore AU


It’s said that if you listen closely on a quiet night, you can hear me screaming about formatting and italics.


          Viktor had been staring at this page for nearly an hour. It had been blank for at least half that time. Occasionally he would type a word here and there, but within minutes he would groan and slam down the backspace, erasing any proof that he’d made progress. He wasn’t exactly sure the cause for this block, but he did know his phone buzzing beside him did nothing for his focus. His brain was mush and the only thought that made it through was his regret over forgetting to pack his medication.

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Oh! And here is mine for you Fanny 😁!! I hope you like it! I think MediBang hates me for now on :V. He bugged so hard at the end :D Too much layer for him ;P (~150 Tee-hee!)

I love you, sweetie lovely nicy laddie!! *huuuuuugs* (i’d love to put a lot of gifs but y'know… *inhales*… Tumblr… But don’t worry! I’ll do it later!!)

So..about Keith

ok so this is stemming from a really weird dream that i had a few nights ago (i know im so far gone in this fandom that im dreaming about it but hear me out) anyways so here are my thoughts about Keith

  • ok so keith is great at flying and fighting, cool that’s a done deal. great.
  • but this little shit cant doing anything right beyond that.
  • doesnt have his drivers license, cant bike, cant drive worth shit
  • and im sitting here in my dream, like, why do people praise you again??
  • oh yeah you can fly like a pro
  • but i digress
  • so keith is like this huge clutz and everything but he hides it really well and yeah
  • and its not like keith is trying to be bad at life
  • but hes literally a human train wreck, and i just love the boy for trying before he says, you know what, fuck it, and just never tries that again or whatever he was doing
  • and like the biggest thing i remember from this dream was that he couldnt skateboard
  • and he was dead set on trying.
  • but can you imagine, keith, ace pilot, who doesnt have his drivers license, trying to skateboard and just absolutely failing at it
  • this boy twisted his ankle trying something stupid and i had to carry his heavy ass around (like he looks smol but let me tell you he has muscle and hes heavy)

but yeah, that was my dream and it like had everyone else, but keith just could skateboard. or drive. or anything else but fight and fly and i woke up laughing.

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Why does the dean's male secretary have a limp? Hopefully nothing too bad happened to him? (NSFW pls~)

I had to take some papers to the Dean’s office, I wasn’t prepared for what was I heard/saw…ahem..

  • I heard lots of…strangled moans coming from his office, I cracked open the door a bit to see the Dean’s big hands moving his thin body how he wanted him. (Bent over his desk…oh…I didn’t know…)
  • The secretary was begging him for something as he sucked on the Dean’s thick fingers.
  • I think I may have seen the secretary’s overcoat torn into pieces on the floor.
  • I’ve actually seen them male secretary visit Miss Ziegler the most…I can only assume for painkillers ( does he have a limp? He does…it’s more prominent after this…”event” )
  • I heard that there was a desk broken that day, as I saw the female secretary helping him to the infirmary. ( are those…marks on his neck? His face was red…is that a carpet burn? )
  • When I peeked in I saw that the desk was in shambles…the legs were in pieces, as though they’d been crushed beneath a massive weight. I think I may have seen marks on the desk…like claw marks or something.
  • The dean looked like a madman and seemed to like he had been possessed by something…(I’ve never seen him lose his cool before)


When you’re trying to laugh through a terrible “Christian film” but you’re full of rage at the institution of cultural Christianity and are still hurt about the ways you have been told repeatedly by the church that you have to change yourself to belong so you just end up yelling.

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I think some other people get this problem, too, when their favorite character starts overtaking their imagination a bit too much ヽ(´ー`)ノ (I can’t help it, Dazai is fun to draw…)

{Also, if anyone would like to make a request for BSD sketches or mini comics, feel free to ask. I don’t expect a lot of people to do so, but, I just want to throw the idea out there if anyone does.}

me: okay, i’ve spent enough time building settlements, time to actually go exploring the wasteland, maybe pursue the storyline, spend some time levelling up–

preston garvey: hey you wanna clear out an area to set up a new settlement?

me, shoving my pip boy at him: MARK IT ON MY MAP AND TAKE ME THERE