A Messed Up Place | Seven

Pairings: Bucky x Reader || Steve x Reader

Summary: You’ve had a little too much to drink. Shit happens.

Warnings: SMUT, 18+ only y’all. Unprotected sex (not a good idea), drunken shenanigans, dubious consent (explained further at the end of the chapter). I am being 200% serious, here: if you’re squeamish about anything even vaguely non-consensual, do not read this chapter.

Notes: For @hellomissmabel’s challenge. Ummmm…..sorry? Y’all gonna hate the reader even more after this one. I just…I can’t. There’s no justification for it.

AMUP Masterlist

The mission has been a success. You and Bucky have been in Kuala Lumpur for two weeks and in that time, you’ve managed to accomplish a lot of things. First and foremost, you’ve managed to decontaminate the drug load before it got distributed, using a fancy cocktail of chemicals that Stark cooked up. That had been a team effort, with Bucky doing some pretty intense seducing and sweet-talking, whilst you’d snuck into an abandoned warehouse to deal with the problem. In addition, the two of you managed to crack open a hole in Nova’s trafficking links, wheedling out some information from a low-level gang member — using no small amount of physical coercion — in order to determine the perfect location to plant a double-agent. All you need to do is get back to the compound and pass on the relevant information.

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Other YouTube Comment of the Day:  Tegan’s reaction to the crowd’s “PLEASE STAY” is profoundly precious. Thank you for turning the camera on time, Jaime. <3

My heart totally melted a little bit when her face lit up at that.  I was so so pleased that I caught that!!!

anonymous asked:

This might be really weird and bizarre but I was totally in love with the 'fox neck sweater' you made for TS3 years and years ago. I was wondering two things: if you still have it somewhere, if you could convert it to TS4?

lmaoo omg it’s not weird or bizarre i’m totally flattered you even remember it tbh ^3^ but i have it only as a download on my mediafire, i don’t have the psd of it or anything saved if that’s what you mean. as for converting it omg i don’t even know how to recolor or make poses or even play the game yet so i’m afraid i don’t know how to go about converting it, i’m sorry! <3

AMUP Spoilers!!

Hello, hello. 

So, I’ve decided to treat you all. I’ve come up with 25 questions related to A Messed Up Place. These include questions about the plot, questions about my thinking/reasoning, and questions about the characters in the fic. 

All you need to do is: anonymously or not, send in any number from 1-25, and I’ll reveal the question and answer!

You obviously don’t know what order the questions are in, but some of the questions you might be lucky enough to choose include:

  • Will Bucky ever confess his feelings to the reader?
  • Does the reader regret leaving Bucky?
  • What made you write this fic from Bucky’s POV?
  • …and I could share with you some tidbits from my planning document!!

So don’t be shy, send me a number and I’ll give you some AMUP spoilers!!

If you don’t want to see these on your dash, blacklist #AMUPspoilers 

Or. Y’know. You can track that too, I guess. 

**Credit for this idea goes to @hellomissmabel. You can check out her post here

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Do you also think that Soris is absolute babe even in no-mods DAO? Like, he looks so good compared to the others.

I think the DAO npcs look scary, but Soris is definitely the best of the worst. He looks great with a simple retex mod!