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HC where the Russian team plans a surprise birthday party for Yakov and Yuuri has to distract him for the afternoon

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wait what happened to Zico on Instagram? spill the tea hunty

So something was posted onto Cass’s instagram (for the ones that don’t know Cass is a Korean beer company that Jiho is a model of right now). Some troll commented on the post saying Zico looks like a dick and I’m just like when did dick start looking so fine or have I been looking at the wrong types

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This boy I guess was checking himself out on the Instagram saw the comment and had reply to him “Come and say it to me in person”. Of course when this went down I was doing some boring shit but when I found out I was like

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Then Cass freaked the fuck out and just deleted the whole post. Not the comment from Zico or the troll but the whole damn post lol. I needed this too since I was like Jiho gotten really soft and that cool but I love that boy that hurt feelings that was more blunt. I’m not talking about his try hard shit either I’m talking about the real person under it all. He out here trying to be a American rapper which he knows nothing about when he already part thug. You look at Jiho and he the type to run up on a nigga and fight him in the streets.

Ima tough cookie shut the fuck up I need to see your 480p street fight video on worldstar before I die. I need to see testosterone Jiho that breaks through his friends to fight some dude…I’m already hot and bothered just off his comments now imagine me if this ever happened

About my mistake and whitewashing

Hello there, I’m the person who posts all your lovely art on reddit.

So I posted a picture on reddit today and it got mixed response, it being called whitewashed. I agreed because Fareehas skin was very pale, no doubt, but I disagreed that we needed a separate rule for it because more rules = more work on my end. I contacted the mods for a response on the matter, and here we are now. It is now a case-by-case basis on what posts will be allowed and therefore not on the users end to dig info on if the artwork in question is whitewashed, intentional or not.

However the image in question has annoyed many famous artists and caused a bit of a stirrup here on tumblr, and even with the mods post about this, I feel like I’d be a jerk if I didn’t say something myself so here:

I am from the bottom of my heart and soul truly sorry for spreading inaccurate depictions of our lovebirds, it is in my best interests to spread wonderful art of them from various mediasites to reddit and have no other intentions with it. It will with this new “ruling” not happen again. I have deleted the image and do not intend to publish/reupload it in any way, shape or form.

I fucked up big time, but I beg you not to blame it on reddit, we should all be friends in this big community we have for ourselves, especially in these dire times. You all, artists and supporters in general alike are what makes this community so great to me. I’d be terrified if I started something like this and I wouldn’t be able to properly apologize and correct my mistakes, and hope you all understand what I’ve done and hopefully we can move on with our ship in peace as we always have. This pairing is wonderful and doesn’t deserve hate, from outside or within.