Person A is an author
Person B is their best friend and ok so maybe Person A based their newest best seller off of their relationship. Except that they’re not in a relationship…

I remember when someone in here asked me if Madrid-based press was neutral, pro-Real or pro-Atleti. 

Well, this is the pbp of today’s match in the 2nd most sold Spanish Sports newspaper:

Which literally translates into “Godin’s goal has been a rebound” What I can’t translate is how salty and childish this sounds. It’s almost like “it was a shit goal, Atleti just can score shit goals.”

And this was a friendly match against a foreign team. We have a super interesting season ahead of us.

My RP partner and I were talking about Hanzo last session cause I gave him my thoughts about his side in the japanese version of Overwatch.

Hanzo got a stricter and harsher attitude with the japanese voices on. Kinda fitting for the Crime Lord he was supposed to be.

Even to the point of calling his brother ‘Dreck/trash’ (屑/kuzu)… or I think this could also be translated as Hanzo’s line in the english as ‘Worthless’? I like using ‘dreck’. Thanks to Asch from Tales of the Abyss for spamming ‘kuzu ga’

Of course in the end, this will turn out as Shimadacest. When the brothers were young, Hanzo calls his brother degrading names and got this Crime Lord facade when they’re outside, but when they’re behind closed doors… that’s when ‘My little sparrow’ (スズメちゃん/Suzume-chan) happens.xD

Which reminds me. My partner plays a really stubborn and an asshole Hanzo and my Genji still cannot convince him to join Overwatch.|||orz

ok the one thing i really like about this su episode and this as fucking deep you will hear me get about steven universe but
i liked how lapis also did bad things
that lapis ADMITS TO DOING SOMETHING SHITTY (taking your anger out on someone isnt ok, even if they are also bad!)

LAPIS WASNT PERFECT PEOPLE! NEITHER WAS JASPER! THERE WAS NO “GOOD” SIDE OUT OF THIS. BOTH OF THEM DID A SHITTY THING! and you all have to deal with people having flaws and im fucking glad about that

shiapolux  asked:

Vanna~ *snickers*

Send in a name or URL and I’ll describe what a child between them and my muse would be like. || @shiapolux & @cheeky-fox-navigator

Meet Lenalee. The smallest little shit of a child imaginable. She’s snarky and cheeky like her mother with the crude attitude of her father. She loves to pull pranks on others, and while she’s human like her father she in completely at home while in the water and is an extremely good swimmer. She enjoys diving down in shallow areas while searching for interesting fish and such, and just about anything that catches her eyes. Appearance wise she takes after her mother, but she is very tall like her dad (about 5′9″ ish when fully grown). She likes to wear shorts and big long sleeved shirts because it’s easiest for her to move around in while she’s off exploring the world. 

When it comes down to it though she’s actually a HUGE cry baby who will break down in front of her parents, aunts, or any of the crew members of her mother’s ship if she gets upset. Also she’s a total daddy’s girl and thinks he’s the coolest person alive even though he’s just a giant dork who looks tough. Although one could easily say she’s a momma’s girl because of how much she looks up to Vanna. 


The first cat is delta, the munchkin I am cat sitting at the moment. The second cat isn’t mine but LOOK HOW FLUFFY. The third is predator, he’s my baby, this is how he sleeps and he is a giant cuddle monster who follows me round the house