lol so last night, i was on the train home from my internship thing and i was so tired and moody (when am i never these days)! my hair was a mess, i was mentally preparing myself for a presentation this morning (which i stuffed up because the tutor didn’t tell us that they would be filming us so my original calm state had alarm bells going off and suddenly, my 3 hrs of sleep kicked in…. i let down my friends for sure ughhhh)

aaaanyways, just a few stops before my stop, this guy comes near my seat and goes, “excuse me?” and my stressed, sleep-deprived ass was like “huh?????!!” and he gave me this note and did a ‘call me’ motion before quickly departing the train. then i was like “huh???????” again like what??? just??? happened??? l?m?a?o? 

i only saw his face for a good 5 secs and i guess he seems alright? seems like he’s early 20′s???? this makes me feel warm (i guess?? i was so flustered after realising what had just happened lol) - it’s like i’m in a classic rom-com or something i’m screaming

 lol idek: long story short: should i text him or nah?