psa tyler said “josh, that’s it. we’ve gotta be done” because they ran out of time. the lights not working was an error, not deliberate, and it wasn’t the bbc who cut their set. it took tyler way too long to get to the tower because the crowd weren’t helping him, to the point where josh had to do some filler drumming until he got there, and by the time he did they’d reached the end of their set time and although tyler wanted to keep going and finish it there was another artist due to play after them and they couldn’t overrun. tyler didn’t end it because he was upset and the bbc didn’t end it because he crowdsurfed, they just ran out of time

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Sombra: ah yes, the dirt I have on Lúcio! He stole technology from viskhar! Then used it to... bring his people together... to rebel against viskhar... and now uses it to bring everybody together...? *small footnote* and he once tipped 19% instead of 20%?

“aha! he rebelled against vishkar!……because they suppressed and exploited his people after promises of improving their lives? …….and he almost missed a mission because he was helping a cat down from a tree…….”

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While we're talking about analogies, I always feel like a Sim that can't walk through a door because a plate's in the way or something. That frustrated shrug thing they do, as if they're saying "How can you ask me to walk this way?! This is clearly impossible!" even though it's just a plate. That's executive dysfunction.

“These bans do nothing to increase public safety, but do a lot to promote public humiliation.“