my cats p.1: missy

this is my first cat missy

she’s about 12-13 years old we think, and we got her when she was around a year old (maybe a bit younger we dunno). story goes that, while 1st grade me was asleep, my parents were doing some work in the basement (we has just recently moved in that summer). they had the back porch door open, and they heard this nonstop really loud meowing AND SURE ENOUGH THIS LITTLE PISSBABY WAS OUTSIDE so my mom got some food for her (we already had a cat at the time, he passed away quite some time ago though) and we kept her in our garage while we figured out if she already had a home. sure enough, nobody seemed to be missing a cat, so we assumed she was probably a barn cat that decided to go fuck with the corn field in our back yard and we kept her. 

she’s literally a carbon copy of me: we both scream when people touch us, we’re chubby, we have really bad anxiety, we can sleep pretty much anywhere at any time (as shown above), and we lowkey hate everything while, at the same time,  just not caring enough about anything to hate it

you can hear her scream here:
BREAKING: Jenelle Evans Had Miscarriage a Month Before Latest Pregnancy

We all called it! Except we already know if it was more than likely an abortion.

Also her facts do not line up with a miscarriage. She also claims she got pregnant twice because of cheap condoms that burst. Uhm yeah right…

She can afford to buy new cars and houses and travel the US for months for a fake illness but is skimping on birth control? Uhmm

Holy fuck the lies!

This now means she had two unplanned pregnancies within two months and has been pregnant at least 6 times in 6 years, by 4 different men, resulting in at least 2 abortions.

I also wasn’t aware that you could have a miscarriage and not even know that it happened.

There are more holes in this story than the condoms Jenelle said they used.


Yesterday I posted how Urban Decay was bringing back 90s lipstick shades to celebrate their 20th anniversary.  Well now there is even more awesome news!

For Holiday 2016 they are bringing back vintage nail polish and eyeshadow shades as well!  In fact these babies are already available on!

They brought back all 12 shades from their original polish collection.  I only wish they had brought back the original bottles too… how awesome would that have been *sigh* maybe someday.  

There’s 13 original shadows brought back, so if you missed them the first time in the 90s, here’s your chance 20 years later.


How to: Improve your skills on your instrument

Hi there

 So this is my first ‘how-to’ kind of post, and I’m really inexperienced with stuff like this but I hope it helps someone :) I’ve been playing the cello for about eight years now and I thought I’d just share some tips that I wish someone had given to me when I was struggling. These tips aren’t specifically for cellists; these should work for any Instrument.

  1. Something that is absolutely necessary if you really want to improve your technique is daily practise. You don’t have to practise an hour a day or more if you don’t have time for it. 10-20 minutes a day already make a big difference. Better practise 10 minutes every day instead of an hour twice a week.
  2. If you have serious ambitions with your instrument, for example playing in a good orchestra or even becoming a professional, there’s absolutely no way to get around private lessons.
    If you don’t already have a teacher, make sure you choose someone you find sympathetic, but make sure that your teacher takes his work seriously. If you choose someone and realise that it doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to find a new teacher. It doesn’t help anyone if you aren’t happy with your lessons.
  3. ORGANISATION!!! If you want to be productive, the worst thing EVER is a messy surrounding; it will distract you a lot. If you have loose sheet music, get a binder (for me the binders that work best are the ones with transparent folders, like the one on the picture).
    This also really helps you to stay organized if you play in different orchestras like I do or if you want to keep your sheet music that you don’t need anymore.
  4. Find out during which time of the day you can practise the best. For some people it works best to practise after they’ve finished everything, some like to practise before studying, because they have the most energy then. Some people like to practise in between studying sessions, as a little relaxation. It may sound really exaggerated but this is more important than most people think it is.
  5. Again: ORGANISATION LEADS TO PRODUCTIVITY! Your mentor will give you tips during your lesson, ask him/her to write them into a little notebook, or write them down yourself during or right after your lesson. You simply can’t memorise every tip if you don’t write them down. Personally, I always write my notes and instructions onto post-its and stick them onto the sheet music the tips are meant for. I always put that note on the bottom left, because I don’t need to see it whilst playing. (I’ll talk about the other post-its soon, keep reading if you’re interested)  If you put a note like this onto every piece you’re learning, you don’t have to search for notes in a notebook, and it’s also a lot handier. The only disadvantage is that if you’re a little messy sometimes, you can easily lose your notes. If that’s the case with you, I recommend you to use the note book method.
  6. WHY POST ITS ARE GREAT AS WELL: you can write down something you want to improve about your technique in general and put it on the top of your sheet music. Mine for example say ‘Shoulder’ and ‘bow hold’, because I always tend to tense my shoulder and I need to improve my bowing. So whenever I see the post-it, I remember for example that I need to loosen up my shoulder. The fourth post-it, (the red star) only has an arrow pointing upwards on it, and it reminds me to sit upright. Try to use different colours for different reminders, so your brain will connect the colour with the reminder. After some time you won’t have to read the reminders anymore.
  7. Don’t expect to be able to continue where you stopped practising the day before. You need warm yourself up first; play some scales or some pieces that you already can play very good.
  8. Don’t try to learn a piece in a day. Divide the piece into sections, and practise one new section every day. Start slowly, and as soon as you can play it free of faults, try to increase the tempo. Always connect the sections and revise the one you learnt already.  
  9. Take a break from time to time. If you practise for longer than an hour, make sure to give yourself a little break from time to time. Make sure to stay hydrated, especially if you play a wind instrument.
  10. Don’t be too harsh with yourself! Rome wasn’t built in a day! You will see your progress after some time, but don’t stress out over anything. Music is an art, and art cannot be forced.

If these helped you, please let me know by liking or reblogging!

THFrustration is back!

Greetings, ladies, gentlemen and otherly gendered THFers! 

Your Admins are back at last after the long summer vacation. Our strength has been replenished by the sun and the beach… and, on the other hand, our ovaries have been thoroughly destroyed by this man  this god this selfish but beautiful individual who has very little consideration for our poor feelings:

Yes. A lot. Three years is a long time. Ahem.

But hey, the good part is that THFrustration is back, so we can all channel our anger by writing lots of new Loki stories! We have a few submissions in the queue already, so be sure to pay attention to what your fellow writers are doing.

We wish every one of our lovely followers a fantastic weekend. If you’re going back to school or to work, we’re sending you all kinds of good vibes! 

We also remind you that our DIRECTORY is always there, full of thousands of stories that you can enjoy at every moment of the day. Just remember to read your smut responsibly, especially when you’re in public. And please, don’t read and drive at the same time!

All our love to you. Have a great day!

- THF Admins

A Birth Story, and beyond...

I had a hard time sleeping last night…I cannot believe it’s been a year since our little angel arrived (and since my last blog was written…Sorry!). 

Kylo Evergreen Maris you changed my life.

All day yesterday I was reflecting back to this time last year. The day before Kylo arrived, I remember thinking something just felt different, and sure enough at around 5pm we got our cue to gather our things + head to the hospital. We arrived by 7pm and I was already several centimeters dilated. My doctor (also my aunt, believe it or not!) told us go walk laps around labor & delivery, and we would know soon enough if the baby was coming for real. I was having small contractions, but nothing crazy. Just these kind of waves of sensation. I remember thinking they were quite delightful…like when you feel butterflies in your stomach. I said to my aunt, “How will we know if this is go time?”, she replied, “When you can’t stand anymore, you will know its go time.” For the next several hours, Bill and I walked around the hospital, and as the contractions got stronger, it became harder to walk, I would move in and out of the shower. The warm water felt great, and then all the sudden, it would feel annoying! I would move to an exercise ball, put on Salt & Peppa “Push it”, dance, squat, crack jokes. I basically just followed my body and our baby’s lead. Hours went by, and I was gradually dilating. I reached 7-8 centimeters dilated, but my water still hadn’t broken, and the contractions were still quite tolerable. I’m sure there are many mamas reading this, thinking… Contractions!? Tolerable!? Is she nuts? Maybe its because my mother had told me all about her birth stories with my brother and I, and how easy we were - or in her words “I went to the hospital, I pushed a couple times, and next thing i knew…you were here!”. By default, I expected the worst pain ever, but based on my mom’s birth experience, I felt completely capable of rocking birth like a total bad ass, or at least I hoped!

One of my most favorite books I read while pregnant was Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, what an incredible collection of positive birth stories. The world needs more of those by the way, so I am adding mine to the collection. I had a wonderful labor. Most of all, I think I was completely content. Open to whatever was going to happen, and ready to surrender. I tried to look at birth with the mindset that it was as much bigger deal for Kylo than it was for me. By putting more focus on wanting to help him through the labor, i was less concerned about myself. I wanted to make his arrival on earth as cushy, calm, peaceful and easy as possible. In my mind this was about helping him navigate his way out, and trying to remain as calm and relaxed as I could, so he could be as comfortable and relaxed as he could be…well as comfortable as you can be when you are going through a tiny little tunnel that is squishing your head, shoulders, knees & toes. Most of all, I tried to hang on to my sense of humor, which I have to admit is really hard to do when the contractions are insanely close, and unforgiving.

At this point, my aunt told me she could break my water, or I could continue moving around, doing whatever other kind of Jedi mind tricks I had up my sleeve. She told me once my water broke, things were gonna move quick. I decided to take an hour or so and just see if my water would break on its own, but eventually I thought: What are we waiting for? I’ve been waiting 9 months…Lets do this! I was around 8-9 centimeters dilated when my aunt broke my water and Holy ^#$&*@Q$%… shit got real, real. I was making all sorts of ‘whoooo-ey" noises, I don’t even know where they were coming from, somewhere deep within me for sure. It felt very primal, I felt out of my body, I sounded like a ghost in a haunted mansion. I was turning from side to side, i felt possessed, but I just tried to invite the surges in, let them wash over me, and just keep breathing. Also, this is about the only time I yelled at my husband.

I remember Bill turning toward my aunt and saying, “Have you ever heard anything like this?” To which she replied, “I’ve heard a lot of noises, but I can’t say I’ve heard anything like this.” I just remember looking up at them, mid contraction, gritting my teeth and saying “Shut up! I’m trying to focus!”. Next thing I knew it was time to push. I had my hypno-birthing music in full effect, flameless candles going, my diffuser on full blast with my essential oils of ylang-ylang & orange, and I couldn’t believe it was time to push! For a minute there, I was so impressed at how fast they transform the bed right from underneath you, it was like a set change in a Broadway play… except no one needs to see this play. Seriously. When it was time to push, I was super confused. I had been so focused on riding out the waves of contractions, it think took a minute for my brain to switch gears and catch up. Everyone in the room would tell me to push, and I was still doing my breathing techniques that I was using during the contractions. It was not working, I was not pushing… I had to just tune everyone out, and tune in with baby Maris and trust that we were in sync, working together, as a team! Finally something in my brain clicked, and BOOYA! I was pushing, and pushing, and pushing, and pushing and Bill was right there by my side, unfazed by the whole thing. Seriously, I’m surprised he wasn’t in scrubs. And then at 3:11am on 8/26/15, Kylo Evergreen Maris made his debut. 7 lbs. 14 oz. of pure love. Completely natural, no meds, no shoes, no shirt, no problem. Eyes wide open, ready to party, and immediately pass out. My aunt placed him on my chest and that was it, the deal was sealed, I was in love. And then I was even more in love with my husband when I saw him holding the baby. And then I was just a mushy, emotional pile of goop. Hello hormones! (Wow, they waste no time kickin right in.)

I was told I had a fairly fast labor (8 hours total). From the moment we arrived at the hospital, things progressed organically and unfolded smoothly. All in all, it was pretty easy. I mean i definitely remember right after giving birth thinking, “OK, I’m good on giving birth for awhile…” It’s intense, no doubt, but I wouldn’t say it was necessarily painful. I loved being pregnant, I loved giving birth, and I am so grateful I got to experience it all the way in which I had hoped for.  

Originally I wanted a home birth, but Bill wanted to be in the hospital in case something went wrong (Which then of course, I would be like: stop manifesting a negative experience!) The deciding factor was my aunt, who has been my OBGYN since I was 16. I couldn’t imagine anyone else delivering this baby but her. She is a total rockstar, and at the end of the day I knew I wouldn’t be as comfortable with anyone else as I would be with her. I decided early on that I wanted to try for an all natural labor. I also made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t have too much pride, and know when to ask/ it was time for help (like an Epidural, c-section, etc…) At the end of the day, I just wanted a healthy baby, and I hoped for a natural labor because I really wanted to experience labor with the least amount of medical intervention.

I arrived to the hospital prepared, birth plan in hand, because that’s what I read in a bunch of books and it seemed like a good idea to set a birth intention and list my preferences for labor so doctors and staff were clear about how this train was rolling. I had printed copies of my birth plan, and I borrowed many clever tips from this other amazing book I read while pregnant: The Mindful Mom To Be, by my friend Lori Bregman. I really wanted Lori to be my doula, but by the time I was introduced to her, we were like a week out from our due date. I had a couple calls with her and that’s when I realized that I had never been more ready for this baby. I had my husband, I had my doctor, and that was all I needed. My husband and I never even took a birth class, we totally winged it. I remember thinking, this is either going to be a huge mistake or it will be totally fine. And guess what? It all worked out fine. So go easy on yourself, you don’t have to do it all, our bodies were made for this, they know what to do. And yes, this is coming from the girl who read all these books on pregnancy and childbirth, and none on what to do once the baby arrives…Oops. Plus, after months and months of so many people giving us advice on everything, it occurred to me that there is no right or wrong way to do this. Whatever works for you, that is what works for you. It doesn’t matter what anyone else says, or what their experience was, this is YOUR EXPERIENCE. If a class calls to you, do it. If you read something that resonates with you, make a note. If you start reading a book, and you are like “Uhh…NO.” Donate it! If you aren’t feeling like doing a class, don’t (you will be fine!). If you want to have a home birth, use a birth center, be in the hospital, go natural, get an epidural? Do it! I had a friend who was like, I’m getting the epidural, I don’t like any sort of pain at all, end of story, case closed. Give me that epidural the second I walk in the door..Lol. Basically what I am trying to say is that whatever you are feeling, that is what you are feeling, that is what rings true for you, and ultimately that is all that should matter. THAT is what is going to make you comfortable & relaxed throughout this process, and that is what will make for a super positive, enjoyable delivery. Trust yourself! You got this.

I love being a mom, it’s in my blood. The funny thing is that before Kylo was born, I was so awkward around kids. I never felt like I knew what to do, or what to say. When its your own, your instincts kick in, and it’s like super sync, magic mode. Some days are more challenging than others, but luckily Kylo is so cute! I think they design them that way, so you don’t give them back ;) I like to approach motherhood like I approach the rest of my life: Surrender. I have things I want to do, goals I want to achieve, never ending to do lists, chores, etc…But, I’ve found that when I am not trying to control every freaking detail of my life, life unfolds so much more lovely. So I just surrender. I surrendered to the hormones, the recovery, the fact that Kylo would only latch on to one side in the beginning, to the late night feedings, the crying, the burps, the spit up, the hiccups, the lack of sleep. Now I surrender to the laundry, the dishes, the grocery shopping, that he naturally weaned himself off breastmilk already, teething, that I don’t see my friends as much, the hormones, and the balance you are constantly trying to find. I surrender. And because I surrender, I have less to get stressed about, worry about, or get worked up about. I’ve heard people say how kids complicate things, when I actually think it’s the exact opposite: Kids simplify everything. IF you let them.

Kylo has simplified our life in so many ways. We’ve slowed way down, we’ve learned to say no to things that aren’t a good use of our time, and say yes more to spending quality time with each other. We cook more, we dream more, we worry less. We work hard, play hard, laugh harder. Life is so much sweeter with Kylo. The little things I used to worry about don’t matter, because I just look at Kylo any time of the day, and everything gets put into perspective. 

Today is also our 2 year wedding anniversary, which makes today even SWEETER! I cannot imagine life without my husband, Bill. If you would have told me that I would have signed a CD for some guy named Bill at one of my first shows in SF circa 2005, and that our paths would cross again later in life, that we would start dating, get engaged, get married, and then a year later, to the day, have a baby? I mean you can’t make that shit up. What a dream. I think the thing that gets me the most, is that Kylo wouldn’t exist without Bill. If I would have married/had a child with anyone else, Kylo wouldn’t exist. THAT BLOWS MY MIND. The best is always not happening yet and the universe always has a plan. I love my boys so much, and I love you all for being with me through this incredible journey.

This blog was WAY OVERDUE. I feel like I have forgotten how to write. But, oh well…#mombrain

To all the mamas, papas, babies, and kiddos on the planet. In the stars, whether coming or going. Your love is what fills our cup.<3

Happy Anniversary Bill, and Happy 1st Birthday my sweet Kylo. I love you both so much,


I know I’m 20 years old and have so much time, but I cannot wait to be a mother. I swear I have baby fever already, especially because I nanny for 3 yr old boys. They are just my whole heart and mean the world to me and it’s so amazing watching them grow and develop their own personalities and I can only imagine how amazing it will feel when they are my own blood like !!! I made u!!! U r a part of me!!!

Wrapped up afternoon clinic at 4pm. Had a chance to get a haircut for the first time since early July and pick up take out pizza on my way home. In “rush hour” traffic. STILL home before 6pm. Off all weekend. My Monday 8am pt already cancelled his appt, so I don’t have to show up until 9am.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a wonderful month.

What Would Dating Yuna Be Like

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  • hmmm … well getting yuna to date you hadn’t been easy
  • not because she thought she was too good for you or anything like that
  • but because she was reluctant to give her heart to anyone
  • “I’m just so busy. between cf’s, practice, fan signs, concerts, interviews, variety shows and everything else; I just don’t think I have the time to commit myself fully to a relationship”
  • so for about a year, you and yuna were in this “friends but sort of more than friends” stage
  • where you would meet up as often as possible, doing stuff that was suspiciously like going on dates (watching movies, going to the park, getting ice cream)
  • and making out every so often
  • but it was never anything official
  • until yuna wanted to surprise you one day. so she showed up at yours when you weren’t expecting her, only for her to get a surprise. you already had someone over, a pretty girl, who was sitting on your couch and eating ice cream, watching a movie with you
  • stuff that she does with you
  • now, while you explained that she was just your cousin, it did make yuna realise that you wouldn’t wait around for her forever
  • and she asked you out shortly after
  • so while the relationship does have many ups and downs, mainly since you don’t get to see each other whenever you want, it’s still very solid
  • not an immature type of love at all
  • she’s an adult, knows that suffocating you won’t be helpful. knows that you have no right to suffocate her either
  • there’s space and communication and cuddles
  • the perfect relationship essentially
  • she’s very dedicated to her career
  • which is why it’s so shocking whenever she skypes you at 3 am, in nothing but her underwear
  • “jagi, I miss you so much. let’s try something to dull the ache”
  • so, yeah, skype sex happens
  • as does phone sex
  • because the long distance takes its toll sexually too
  • this part of the relationship isn’t as discreet as you’d like it to be, meaning the other girls had found out after a few times
  • choa tries to get them to stay in line, but when she’s not around, there’s jokes galore
  • “oh, chanmi, I’d be careful borrowing yuna’s laptop if I were you. who knows what that poor thing has seen”
  • “it’s seen wonderful things, shut up, jimin!” yuna screams
  • got7 are basically all your sons
  • they call over to raid your fridge and chill with mama yuna and you
  • movie nights get packed with all the girls, including the boys, so jackson likes to save space and lay across you and yuna
  • “ah, my back is so sore,” he hints, wanting a back rub. “it’s a shame that there aren’t two loving people nearby - oh, yuna, (y/n), I didn’t see you there,” he says, sprawled across you both
  • only for yuna to roll him off (on top of bambam)
  • “child cruelty!” he shouts. “I’m gonna run away some day, I swear!”
  • “shut up!” seolhyun shouts. “my favourite part’s coming up!”
  • so jackson makes more noise to annoy her
  • basically, there’s fun times and sad times
  • but with yuna by your side, you wouldn’t have it any other way

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hey, you probably don't remember me, but I just wanted to say that it's amazing how far you have come. From an Adventure Time OC to this. You are an amazing person Mari :)

Thank you! Wow, it has already been like, 3 years!

I didn’t keep in touch with the community, though I find myself wonder what could have been, if I had stayed. But hey I most likely remember you if we used to chat a bit!

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HELLO so 5 billion years ago i saw this ask and thought the fic sounded really funny but i think i missed when u answered it? idk but this is it if u can try to find it again <3 thx: "Can you help me find this story where D&P are ghosts from like the 50's or something and already together and they live in this house and every time people move in they scare them off by doing ghosty things put this old couple move in and wont leave but the old couples homophobic so that's how they scare them off?"

I don’t think this fic was ever found. Can anyone help?

- Tori

A Senior student asked me the usual (what year I am, 2D or 3D etc) and he said “Well, what you put into this place, you get out of it. But I clearly don’t have to tell /you/ because it’s your first week and you’re already working.”

For some reason that made me happy to hear that, I’m not sure why. I’m just so pumped to get to work and I don’t even have any class projects yet. I’ve finished one animation, animated and started inking another and I’m storyboarding two others. And this is just for my own fun, I’m going to be even busier when project films come into the picture.

I’m so happy to be here, you guys.

/trips into the scene/

Guess who’s coming back after 5000 years? Just in time for the upcoming comeback am I right lmfao glad I got my shit together OTL I’m ready and prepared (no i’m not sob) for the new album, for lots and lots of new footage, for the live stages– basically for Shinhwa to tear my freaking heart apart (cue ugly sobbing). But to start off my return from the dead, I decided to polish my blog a bit and change my name while I’m at it. Now it’s “minubong” (minbong was already taken T3T). Cute, isn’t it?

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10 Fact Tag

I was tagged by @e8ight, thank you for tagging me! ^^

  1. Yoon Jeonghan is my everything if you didn’t already know that. :)
  2. This is the first year of school where i’ve gotten into an advanced ranking class!
  3. When anonymously sending ships, I usually get shipped with Wonwoo or Woozi. ( And I got shipped with Vernon once too. )
  4. I can read hangul and can speak basic Korean. :)
  5. I really enjoy spending time alone because i’m more comfortable that way and don’t feel stressed out about anything.
  6. My favorite blog is @hannie-jars because her blog is honestly Jeonghan Stan goals.
  7. I do the stage lighting in theater! 
  8. I really enjoy taking walks at night! I just really like night time for some reason.
  9. I had a dream where I met Jeonghan and we did a duet together and I had never been so happy in my life.
  10. I live for Jihan duets.

I’d like to tag @jeonphan @jeongcoups17 @jeonghang @jeonghanii @jeonghanily @cutiepatoodie and anybody who feels like doing this tag! ^^

Have a nice day/night everyone! :)

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zhong chenle is 14 ('01 liner but his birthdays in November), debuted with nct dream. he already had three albums and a concert of his own before training with sm entertainment. he only trained for 6 months total (opposed to years for older trainees)

i watched some of his videos as soon as they released his teaser image because i was like Chinese member??? must support all chinese members 
His voice is so beautiful and like he’s such a nice kid I’m so happy for him 
Also 6 months is such a short training time (which also makes sense they didn’t have to give him any vocal training it was probably just all dance) 

And to believe he’s 14 like. That’s amazing. 

hello everyone, im so excited that so many people have shown interest in joining the network!!

i’m Rae, one of the co-founders of @tnbasiannetwork! i’m a 23 year-old non-binary (they/them) biracial fillipinx american. i live & work full time in the dc metropolitan area (otherwise known as the dmv).

I am interested in photography, building pcs, and musical theater. I’ve got two cats, Kal-El and Sam :^) I’m also ridiculously obsessed with the x-files and Pokemon Go at the moment ; u;

i’ve struggled a lot with my identity and discovering where i fit in, within both the queer & pilipino communities, so I’m beyond ecstatic to be a part of a community of similar people!! i hope everyone can find some comfort, support, & acceptance here!

Although you may have already guessed as much, my all-time favourite movie prior to falling in love with Twelfth Night was a little film you may know called Fried Green Tomatoes.  When my mum got me a pup, the moment I saw her I knew what she was to be called:  Imogene - Idgie for short, after one of the all-time most kickass female characters in cinematic history:  Idgie Threadgoode.

And when I say that we were best buds from day one….?

I really mean it.

She was by my side through everything: PTSD, depression, suicidal ideation, six years of ill health, and beyond.  And likewise, I was with her after every surgery (an abscess on her leg from another dog’s playful bite, when she was desexed and had to sleep in the house, and her major thyroid-cancer surgery last year)…. and I was with her on Monday as she took her last breath, holding her in my arms.  It was the saddest thing feeling her body go limp, and know that she had passed away.  She got to spend twelve and a half years being there for me, and I got to spend twelve and a half years being there for her, and I wouldn’t change it for the world, despite how hard it was on that last day to say goodbye.

Hi guys!
Soo this happened today  and even tho I’m sure it will change after this post i will still do it :P

Here I wanted to say BIG THANK YOU! To all of you who followed me years ago when I was more active here and - to my surprise - to new followers :)
I’m so sorry I am not as active I used to be, first I would blame adult life for it, job and college took a lot of time. Second, the saddest thing ever is that TVD fandom seems to be so quiet here and I feel useless adding posts, and as i said so many many times already I can’t be multifandom, it’s not me and to be honest I’m not passionate about anything like I use to and still at some point about TVD.

I really hope last season will rock and we will say goodbye to TVD and Delena in the best way we can :)

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Besides that, I’ve stolen some books from bookstores. I’m not super proud of that fact, but I Love Books and sometimes, especially as a kid, I couldn’t pay for them, and I wouldn’t dare steal from a library. Libraries are holy places, and bookstores are, under the delicious smells of paper and binding glue and coffee, just dens of capitalist filth, same as any other store.

If I steal a book by a relatively unknown author, I always donate money to them when I can or return and buy another of their books later. If it’s someone like George RR Martin, fuck it. He has enough money already.

I don’t steal books by Stephen King, Ursula K Le Guin, JK Rowling, or Neil Gaiman. Or any book that was once banned.

The last time I stole a book was, jeez… last year? I stole a book called The Art of Language Invention by David J Peterson. Its tagline is “From Horse-Lords to Dark Elves, the Words Behind World-Building.” The book discusses the linguistics and creation of Dothraki, Elvish, High Valyrian, etc. I nerded out so hard.