oh my god so yesterday we left the gate open in our backyard or it had blown open or something and cloud wandered out and we didn’t notice until she was halfway down the street aND I PANICKED SO HARD AND JUST RAN OUT THE DOOR AND WAS RUNNING DOWN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD IN MY SPIDER-MAN PYJAMAS WITH NO SOCKS/SHOES ON YELLING HER NAME SO SHE WOULD COME BACK TO ME 

I just realized that by the time the apocalypse happened in The 100 universe, human embryo gene editing was probably a viable (although maybe not particularly ethical) treatment option, considering current advances in molecular biology. Mt. Weather seemed have a relatively state of the art science and medical facility so they probably could have just asked the Sky People/Grounders for their DNA, isolated the radioactivity resistance gene(s), and inserted them into their children so they could go outside. But instead they had to bleed people out. Okay Mt. Weather, I see you.