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Obikin Equestrian AU 3/?

I love how we’ve all decided that under the right circumstances, Anakin will literally always be shirtless as a means to torment Obi-Wan.

When I was writing this, not gonna lie that I had to take some liberties from the lovely Gardener Anakin. Except this Anakin is definitely more… effective. Like he gets all his stuff done well and he’s good at it, instead of an impediment. Plus this is set in Florida where we have two seasons: hell and not-hell. So it’s hot enough to fry eggs on a rock, fans and good insulation do a good bit, but it’s not perfect. Even with AC (because big fancy barn and $$$), it keeps the facility closer to 80′ instead of the outside temp of 99′ with 90% humidity.

Because this is still very much a TCW Anakin. He’s arrogant (Artoo will play a big part in that) and rather selfish (not once has he thought about Ben not liking him, he just assumes that Ben desperately wants him because he’s the shit). 

Ben is Ben, but he’s also Trainer!Ben. He’s got a code of his own that he follows (like not sleep with your employees) and generally stays out of the horse world drama (because oh shit do these people have drama). Gossip is rampant and one bad bit of that can leave you with no clients and an empty barn quickly (happens all the damn time). 

And I rambled. Sorry. Yes, Anakin is trying to get laid by showing off his… assets. Again.

Y'all I got super blazed last night and ended up eating three times as much food as I normally would. I’m super bloated and feel super sick but it’s cool - this was my decision!
I am thinking about writing a post about what to do the next day just in case someone else out in the world really likes food too. 😁

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Hi! I love your blog and I was wondering if requests were still open? I'm sure you're probably overwhelmed with requests so I'm fine if your answer is no. But if you can, I was wondering if you could do mtmte Rodimus, Drift and Megatron who has a human s/o who isn't exactly "perfect weight", as in a bit pudgy? Like the s/o is really insecure and stuff and doesn't think their good enough but the bot disagrees??? (Because that's how I feel a lot) Thanks.

I don’t actually have that many requests rn, no worries! And thank you ^^

Rodimus Prime MTMTE

He already thinks his s/o is perfect and has no hesitation in telling them so, which means he’s pretty shocked to find out you don’t think you’re good enough. He doesn’t really understand why humans are so uncomfortable about body weight, but he’s determined to get your self image up

Anytime he notices you acting down on yourself (he’s gotten really good at noticing too), he lays on the charm extra thick. He’ll pick you up (or wrap and arm around you if he’s using his holomatter/mass displaced) to kiss you and compliment you, using nicknames like beautiful or sugar. Rodimus has got a lot of love to give and he’ll use as much as he can until you realize that you are good enough, no matter what those awful voices in your head say 

Megatron MTMTE

He could tell early on in the relationship that something was bothering you, but was surprised to find that it was you feeling inadequate. You were very attractive to him (it must be a human thing?), but it was clearly upsetting you. He doesn’t waste any time in discussing it with you, doing his best to remove any doubts you might be having

He’s hurt to hear that you feel like you aren’t good enough, and does his best to make sure you feel better. He’s not the best at comforting pep talks, they can sometimes come off as stiff, but you can tell by the little bits of extra affection he gives you that he’s really trying (he’s generally very reserved with affection). He honestly doesn’t fully understand why you think you’re too big or pudgy, you fit in the palm of his hand after all, but he does try to understand 


He knows what it feels like to not feel good enough, so he’s upset to discover that’s exactly how you feel. He immediately talks to you about it, asking why you feel this way and why you think your size affects how much he adores you. Drift is completely confused by human beauty standards (You’re already perfectly healthy? You’re already so small to him anyway?), but he’s dead set on getting your confidence back up 

He’s a bit more subtle than Rodimus but his approach is basically the same; lots of affection and sweet reminders. Drift will give you little kisses, rest his helm against your forehead, kiss your hand (which looks less silly when he’s mass displaced since your hand is so small compared so him), and give you little compliments. Not that he didn’t give you compliments before, he absolutely did but now he makes sure to word them specifically to counter your insecurities. He’s also there to talk if you need to, he wouldn’t want you to bottle up any emotions