Being Harry’s girlfriend would include:
  • Braiding his hair whenever you pleased
  • Him insisting to return the favor to you but halfway through it he abandons the idea and just puts it into a slightly crooked ponytail
  • “I guess I’m gonna have to learn how to braid better in case our future daughter want me to do her hair while you’re out.”
  • Harry always talking about the future and how he plans on having about 8 kids with you and getting married in Hawaii 
  • Waking up to find him baking cooking at 2 am because he couldn’t sleep
  • “These are so amazing, oh my god.” “That’s only because I used to work in a bakery, dear. Learned everything I know there.”
  • Adopting a kitten together after trying to convince you for a month now
  • Waking up alone and wandering into the kitchen to find him cuddling the lil kitten
  • Him making you help him strategically place things for the perfect instagram photo
  • “Wait, quick help me come up with a witty caption for my new instagram picture.”
  • Forcing you to take selfies with him so that he has a variety of photos to pick from for his background
  • Him trying out new pick up lines on you all the time
  • “Harry, you already got me. You can stop with these atrocious lines.”
  • You having to endure all his jokes but after awhile you get used to them and some of them actually become funny
  • Or just laughing at the awful jokes just to make his proud that he caused that laugh
  • Him literally wanting to eat you out all the time
  • “C'mon just a little taste, dear. Please?” “No, Harry you’ve gOT TO BE ON STAGE RIGHT NOW.”
  • Him pouting because you denied him but obeying you anyways though you were sure he wouldn’t give up the idea
  • Lot of forehead kisses and hand holding in public
  • Stealing each others clothes and getting annoyed that he can fit in your jeans and they somehow look better on him
  • Sharing hair ties since he always loses his and always want his hair in a bun
  • Cuddles all the time
  • Especially on colder nights when Harry doesn’t turn on the heat so that you’re forced to snuggle with him (not that you’d ever deny cuddling him)
  • Asking him what all his tattoos mean and most of his response are along the lines of “I just like mermaids so I figured why not get a tattoo of one.”
  • “But why doesn’t she have a seashell bra on like Ariel does?”
  • “Why does she need a bra?” *suggestive smirking*
  • Him dragging you along with him when he goes back home to visit his family
  • Spending more time with Gemma than him causing him to whine about how he “always knew you liked her better”
  • Harry saying he’s going to make you a extravagant dinner and tells you to dress up for it but you go downstairs to see he made grilled cheese and tomato soup
  • “What do you mean this isn’t fancy? I’ve seen this on some fancy restaurants’ menus.” “Yeah on the kids menu, Harry.”
  • But you both happily eat it while being dressed so fancy because it is pretty good
  • Marathoning Friends on your days off when you’re bored and wanna laugh
  • Going to LA with him and Harry enthusiastically showing you around helping you arrange your stuff in his LA house
  • “Just leave some stuff here babe that way you won’t have to pack so much stuff next time we come down.” “What makes you think I plan on coming back here with you?” “Be nice, you loser. I know you love it when I take you places you’ve never been to. ”

Young Avengers

hey yo when i said i’m gonna draw chibis of ALL of them, i meant ALL of them, even the sinnamon rolls. full view for maximum cuteness.

their little description thingies are from the vol. 2 character lists plus i just made some up (because that cute lil billy doesn’t look really angsty to me tbh). and yep i used old designs based on personal preference. voila. i am tired. i am staying away from chibis for the next few days.

//edit: just changin’ the background of the group photo

Run of the Day: 5 miles, Speedwork

  • 1 mile warm up, 11:29
  • 2 miles of hill repeats + 2 miles cool down, 45:43 (11:25 min/mi)

So, we’ve had a bit of a break in the weather lately. It’s been in the low 80s and it feels practically ARCTIC OUTSIDE!!!! Just kidding. But it does feel surprisingly cool compared to what we have been dealing with. I thought my run would feel light and effortless today because the breeze was so nice and I felt almost cool when I stepped outside, but turns out low 80s is still pretty dang hot to do cardio and my neighborhood has little to no shade. Yikes! That explains my expression in the photo above ;)

I ran 1 mile warm up, then needed to restart my watch because I was using the new Timex one I received and I set it up wrong and it was beeping at me every couple of minutes. Annoying! I’ll have to pay more attention to that next time. I switched the settings around and then restarted; the short paused ended up flowing with my workout well though, because at around the mile mark I was at the bottom of the hill I was going to do my repeats on. Up and down and up and down and up and down… I meant to keep count of how many times I did that but I was too hot to think about anything other than push up, turn around, run hard down, turn around, repeat. When I had two miles of that, I headed back home. I was surprised to see 4 miles on my watch when I got back, making my total for the day 5 miles. I meant to only do 4 total, meaning a 1 mile cool down, but I guess my legs got a little over eager during that supposed last mile and carried me further. Either that or I was driven temporarily insane by the heat. :P

This workout felt amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I was hot and tired and desperate for some water, but I felt strong and I required very little rest. I often take walk breaks during speed work and today I took none, not even during my cool down. Pat on the back for myself!! 

(BTW, I’m on Strava now! Message me if you wanna be friends! Or something, I don’t really know how it all works yet.)

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LMFAO IM CRYING OKAY SO basically i was like in grade 1 and livin in the six aka toronto, and basically we have junior hockey matches and shit and my friends brother was a player on our team so her mom asked my mom if i wanted to come and like i mean i was like in grade 1 and so i was like cool!!! why not!! and so i sat and watched this entire hockey team and there was this kid who was blonde and somewhat blonde and i didnt pay a flies worth of attention to him, i was just cheering bc my team was winning and his was losing aND THEN FAST FORWARD TO GRADE 6 and my science teacher catches me and my friend talking bout jbiebs and hes like “u guys like justin bieber? have u seen this!!” AND IT TURNS OUT TO EBA  PHOTO OF 2 HOCKEY TEAMS. AND MY TEACHER WAS THE COACH OF OUR HOCKEY TEAM. AND SITTING TWO PEEPS AWAY FROM HIm, IS YOUNG JUSTING BIEBER, WITH HIS EMINEM HAIR, AND AFTER HARD CORE INVESTIGATION TURNS OUT THAT WAS THE EXACT HOCKEY GAME I WAS AT AND DAS THE BOULD KID I DIDNT PAY ATTENTION TOO BUT I KNEW I SHULD HAVE DANGIT. my science teacher got that photo on his desk and shows it to any bieber faN IM SO SAD I WATCHED JB PLAY HOCKEY AND DIDNT EVEN KNOW UNTIL FIVE YEARS LATER DANNGIT If this is not proof jaimen was meant to be from the start idk what is

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What bothers me about MnP is not their clothing choices but the forcing of the dating issue. These are 2 adults acting like kids to prove they are a couple. All of their photos either come off posed or the total opposite of a couple. Who are they trying to impress? The only time I see P really smile is when she is with all of those men. She is one of the guys and I find it weird none of the other guys has a date. This relationship gives me the creeps.

The clothing choices are an indication of respect not just for themselves as individuals, but how they wish to be seen by others. In marketing the first thing you deal with is packaging - how to get someone attracted to your product to buy it. So the dating issue does enter into it. Is this how you want your relationship to be viewed? They appear to be going for the sleaze factor.

The clothes are sleazy, the intimacy is sleazy and the intimations about the relationship are sleazy. Are these the photos you want your kids to see, if, in fact, marriage is on the horizon? I simply don’t see it - at least from him. She may be going along because she thinks that’s what will get him, but it’s so “other woman” like.

Yes, it is very odd that there are never other women in these photos - so she is one of the boys. She’s the one with the different anatomy, so that Maks can have his bachelor life without having to do the last call rounds of the bar for a partner to bed for the night.

This sounds crass, but I’m sure it’s what many are thinking.

I’ve always been a strong Maks supporter, but he is losing me. This is no way to treat a woman - particularly one you seem to be advertising as your #1. Begs the question #1 what? Where is the treasuring and respect. She’s just as bad because she allows it.

Been saying all along that they bring out the worst in one another and this is just another instance.

Orosco Closes Out a Championship

By Brette Trost

It had been 17 years, and now the wait was finally over. The crowd was as loud as it had ever been at Shea Stadium, and the man on the mound, Jesse Orosco, jumped backwards before falling to his knees, hands raised. Orosco had just struck out Boston’s Marty Barrett to give the Mets their second World Championship in franchise history.

Orosco’s batterymate, Gary Carter, ran to the mound and jumped into Orosco’s arms. The dugout soon emptied, making a human pile on the field.

“Gary grabbed me and then we both fell over,” Orosco said. ”So it was him and I at the bottom. But when I look at the photos of that picture - the working staff, the clubhouse kids, everybody was in the pile also. It wasn’t just 25 guys.”

Moments earlier, Orosco had fallen behind 2-1 on Barrett with two outs.

“I thought it might have been a strike,” Orosco said. “Then I came back and threw the same pitch again and he fouled it off. I got back in the count. That was the most important thing and – all that energy inside from being in the World Series – I tried to reach back and throw the best pitch I could. It went pretty well out of my arm, but sailed away a little bit and I got him to swing and miss.”

Orosco made four appearances in the 1986 World Series, pitching a total of 5.2 scoreless innings, while striking out six. And with that behind him, the celebration at Shea Stadium had finally begun.

“[There was] a sea of people on top of me,” Orosco said. “I don’t think I could even see the sky from there. I’m surprised I didn’t get hurt out of it, but I guess it was all the adrenaline going. It probably kept me from passing out.”

And the city, that had waited and longed for the Amazin’s to be World Champions, showed their appreciation.

“[The fans were] electric,” he said. “They were going crazy. All the way through the night they just kept going. It had been a long time for them. From ’69 up to ’86.”

And though Orosco went on to have a 24-year career, the moment he won it all for the Mets is still what many fans remember him for.

“Even when I’m with my friends playing golf they’ll mention it here and there or if somebody recognizes me they’ll throw their arms up in front of me or say ‘Remember the ‘’86 World Series?’”

This weekend, the Red Sox will again make the trip to Queens, and on Saturday the Mets will hand out a bobblehead to the first 15,000 fans commemorating the very moment that Orosco, and the Mets, won it all.

Anonymous submitted:

Bee, i’m wondering something since Batman #43 came out last week and i really would like your expert opinion on this. Do you think that amnesiac!Bruce knows he has 4 kids? Maybe he saw some of the photos in the Manor and asked to Alfred who these boys are (because there are a lot of photos we saw in the Manor: Grayson #2, Nightwing #30, B&R #20 I think, the portrait in B&R). Or maybe Alfred told him when he was narrating his life. But maybe, Bruce stopped Alfie before he told him and didn’t ask after that.

What do you think?

And I want to tell you that your writing is fabulous and I’m also a big fan of Mumford and Sons. (I hope I didn’t do too much mistakes, English is not my native tongue…)

You did great, love! I understood every word :) And thanks so much, you’re too sweet~

But you know! nevolition and I were wondering the same thing! Frankly, I don’t think Bruce is aware he has any children. Because as it was written, and as Alfred explained it, he was telling Bruce his life in chronological order. And if that’s the case, and Bruce stopped him when Batman hit the scene, then Alfred didn’t even get a chance to tell him about Dick, let alone his other children.

However, you do bring up a great point. There are photographs of the children all around the house. So surely Bruce would ask about them, right? Who are these kids, Alfred? Why am I with them? But at the same time, if Bruce asked, would Alfred lie? Would he say they’re family friends? Kids from organizations Bruce helped with? Or would Alfred be blunt and upfront about it? These are your children, Bruce.

Though, if Alfred were upfront and honest about their identities, I don’t see Bruce - amnesiac or not - staying away from them, on purpose or willingly. So, that’s why I think that, since they came into his life post-Batman, Alfred didn’t get a chance to mention them, and kept quiet about their identities and relation to Bruce after Bruce stopped his explanation. And if Bruce did see the pictures and portraits, he chose to willfully ignore them and their meanings, maybe in some sort of fear of remembering all that bad stuff if he got too close to these children, and being struck by the emotions and darkness that came with those true memories.

my dad showed his true commitment to my photography today.

we went for a walk up to hill end and we walked so far there was a little pond with some lily pads and I couldn’t get a decent photo, despite trying to climb into the pond and walking as far as I could into it, the next thing I know my dad just puts me on his shoulders and tries to walk into the pond with me and I then I literally couldn’t take the photo for two reasons.

1. I was laughing my butt off.
2. there was some reads and grass growing in the water completely in the way and my dad would just not accept this and it made me laugh more.

I honestly just cracked up, my kids were just looking at us like “oh my god what are mama and grandpa doing?!?! :’)”

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Looks like you & your hubs are having problems. All you do now is drink and party and leave your kid with him.

Well, I shouldn’t even have to explain myself to a nobody on the Internet, but you’re just so completely wrong that I feel the need. I’ve gone out once a week lately for two reasons. #1 I start back to work soon in 3 weeks after being a stay at home mom for a year to bond with my daughter. Once I go back to work I won’t be able to go out much so yeah, I’m going out a little. #2 one of my close friends is about to move across the country so we have been having a lot of girls nights so that we can spend time with her before she leaves! My “hubs” was with me. Who do you think takes the photos idiot. And my daughter is asleep when I leave, and I’m back before she wakes up. She stays with my in laws and she is very well taken care of. I am ALWAYS with her. And I don’t even drink haha, I usually have one drink. I am always the DD. Just because I post pics on IG of me out ONE NIGHT doesn’t mean that’s what I do every night. I’m a fantastic mother. My life and relationships are my business. Clearly you don’t know me, so kindly fuck off because you don’t know shit.

(Photo Description: A close-up portrait of two red-haired women, related, with the one on the left being older. They are smiling while looking at the camera. It is very sunny, but cool, as they are wearing light jackets.) 

It was early. I refused to wear makeup. She still wanted a selfie of the two of us before I left. It’s become her thing.

My parents had driven several hours the night before to help me load up what remained of my apartment (now in storage) and I cried with frustration over trying to fit what would have to last me a whole year into 2 suitcases. I ended up leaving most of it with a coworker who was moving into a new home and needed my home goods. 

For the first time since I had signed up on this crazy whim, I was nervous. So nervous. What if I missed my flight? What if I showed up and nobody wanted to hire me? WHAT IF I DIED FROM EBOLA? Just kidding. BUT THERE IS JAPANESE ENCEPHALITIS. 

Being the unwaveringly sensible person that she is, my mother just looked at me and dryly said: “Calm down.” 

Which, oddly, works? If it was anyone else, I would have slapped someone, but it’s my mom. Works on my dad too, which I guess rubbed off. I do take more after my dad in terms of personality. Huh. 

They took me to the airport, shook their head at my obscene amount of luggage, and waved goodbye. 

Bye, Denver! 



(Part 1 Read Here)
Considering how big the GZ city and its districts, I’d say we were grounded at first knowing the distances. However, the metro covers lots of area. We had no trouble sightseeing without a vehicle. The metro stations look so alike, a copycat to our system in HK, only not as consistent. I noticed some weird smell from time to time at some station lobby exits, as if someone just puked or pooped. In fact I did see parents allowed kids to urinate at the roadside sewage from time to time.

This 3-day trip had covered lots of old and new areas, plenty of museums. The old includes the Yuenxiu Park that’s so huge that is 4.5 times bigger than our Victoria Park, the Huangpu Gugang Landscape Area, Shangxiajiu – a shopping avenue full of colonial style buildings reminded me of what I see from the HK early days although shops were very repetitive, LiWan Lake Park where I found a spectacular hangout of shuttlecock players in a garden. It’s a set back to the early days when I see lives around me goes back to binary. A very typical scene of how I’d imagine the old China.

Our modern day agenda included: a walk at the underground shopping avenue in downtown – where I learned they liked very loud music at their shops, copyright infringement can be a joke when a brand crosses over between Uniqlo and Muji, and awesome architectures are the winning trophies of a city. I’m still stunned with the World Expo alike structure – the Guangdong Museum. The Library and Opera House nearby were also something we HongKongese feel very far behind. They’re an art piece of its own.

Will conclude in Part 3

RIP to those victims and care of their love ones from the Tianjin Explosion Incident yesterday.


So. I met PTX a couple days ago… And all I can say is that… They are so perfect you guys! They took all 35 of us VIP peeps down to where we were gonna meet them and when they walked into our area… There was 2 seconds of just pure silence from everyone. We were all shocked! They are literally gorgeous. And Mitch.. Don’t even get me started!! 😍 He immediately STOLE the room! I’m not kidding when I say she is the literal embodiment of perfection. I could not take my eyes off of her!! We were super nervous, but after taking the photo with them, all the nerves just disappeared.. They are the easiest people to talk to, and they make you feel like you’ve all been friends for years. So genuine too! Honestly they are better people than I could have ever imagined. ❤️ If you EVER get the chance to meet them… Please do! You’ll never regret it! Sorry that was really long but man.. I could talk about them forever! JUST LOOK AT THEIR BEAUTIFUL FACES!! 😭 ☺️☺️

Indulge me this just once. This is a photo of our life: our kids. Both biological and exchange students. But they’re more than just exchange students. Each of them have become a part of our family in special and unique ways.

We’re leaving in 2 weeks for an extended trip to Europe and hope to see all 7 of our European kids, plus a few others we adopted into the Myers-Bowman clan. Part of our reason for going is to capture addition footage and interviews with each son or daughter and his or her family for the documentary I’m producing titled “Hosted.”

In order to make this feasible we’re conducting a fundraising campaign ( to cover some of our expenses. Please take a few moments to check it out and make a contribution if you can. Any amount will help.

Thanks and tusen takk!


STORY TIME: 😁 So as you may or may not know, I just got my braces off which means I have to wear a retainer to keep my teeth in place, but I can take it out to eat stuff. Today I went to have sushi with my friends, put my retainer in the paper bag that the sushi came in, and THREW IT INTO THE RUBBISH WITH MY RETAINER INSIDE. I owe a huge thank you to the team @coffixcoffee Newmarket team who experienced my total panic and then saved me by driving me to the rubbish bin in town where I retrieved my $200 retainer, safe and sound 😂😂😂 YOU SHOULD BUY THEIR COFFEE BECAUSE IT $2.50 (I kid you not!!) if you are an Auckland caffeine addict! That’s al from me today folks, Alethea out - 😂 by aletheagrams

I can craft a yoga practice just for you, to begin your daily yoga practice for $5. Dozens of satisfied new yogis.

11 questions!

Thank you for tagging me myexostentialcrisis​! I’m going to do this for uncassia​ in one post because they’re both just me anyway


1) Always post these rules

2) Answer the questions given by the person who tagged you and give 11 questions for the blogs you tag and

3) Tag 11 people


1. What’s the most recent picture saved to your phone? Either a photo of JHorse or Rapmonster

2. Describe your ideal pizza. Cheese. LOTS OF CHEESE. 

3. What cheers you up? Watching Rapmonster dance or kitten videos. 

4. Throughout your entire life who’s your favorite (or most memorable) teacher? Grade 4 teacher, he was absolutely amazing, I think the first teacher to ever consider me as more than just that chatty kid. 

5. What’s your favorite mode of transportation? I actually like cycling, but driving is the most practical

6. What celebrity would you trust to tell a secret to? I feel like Matthew Gray Gubler wouldn’t judge at all.

7. What animated character can you relate to most? I think Tiana or Mulan?

8. What’s your ideal vacation? Somewhere warm or Korea

9. How would your parents describe you? Very smart, not that pretty, lazy, chubby, irresponsible and lazy. 

10. What’s your favorite book? Norwegian wood has been my favourite for maybe half a year already but it changes all the time. (MURAKAMI IS A LIFE WRECKER OK) 

11. What is your desktop wallpaper right now? a pug. 

Questions: Change 6 to: “Which Celebrity would you marry if you could choose? (ONLY ONE)”

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When you get this, answer with 5 things that make you happy then pass it on to the last 10 people in your notifications. :)

1. Watching sports, especially football of course
2. AC Milan (just kidding, actually I hate them bc they make me feel miserable)
3. Italian food
4. Travelling and taking photos
5. Pictures of cute little cats  (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

6. Il ciuffo di Andrea Poli

My uncle’s wife woke me up with a text photo this morning of my Uncle, Aunt and Mom all together. I am very impressed she got them all to even take a photo. But I’m really glad she did they’re the last of each other siblings alive. My grandmother had five kids 3 brothers and 2 girls.

I also got equally surprised to call and tell Mom and about it and she immediately wants me to post on Facebook. Usually she hates pictures of herself but apparently my Aunt complained the whole time and didn’t want it on FB (even though my aunt doesn’t have a FB) and I think my Mom just wants me to put it on there to spite my aunt lol.  Ah well I’m glad to have it anyway.

That is my brother. No, not the one wearing black. I couldnt take a decent picture at this moment because this I was not expecting this but he’s the one wearing white and moving like quiksilver. *im a marvel guy.* so, I forgot where we were going because this photo was take a month or 2 months ago but we just stopped, my brother went out the car and gave the homeless man some food to eat. *yes, he distured the mans siesta.* I am not amazed or shocked about what he did here or whatever because its normaI know that he really is a kind hearted person, whenever, whatever. I was just so touched that you can just be kind wherever, when ever. I have always looked up to him because he was so cool when we were kids, but now. He still is. He is an influence to me. He tought me a lot of things I cant even remember but what I can remember is the goodness that he showed me. May you continue to serve the Lord and walk with Him for the rest of our lives here on earth. Work willingly at whatever you do, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people. Happy Birthday, brother!

*ps: nagaras nako ang sakyanan. JOKE!