Okay it me. so im here for asianinvasion. lmao. im last minute. i dont even have much of a story but here it goes. I’m Cambodian. i remember specifically in elementary i told someone i was asian and they looked at me weird and was like uh no youre not. me being a big baby was like okay??? and the kid would laugh at me and would be like remember when you said you were asian? i would laugh and be like no??? i never said anything like that. why would i? in junior high i told someone i was asian, they still look at me weird and be like ?what are you though? i would say im Cambodian and i remember three reponses to that. 1. okay cool 2. are you sure thats in Asia??? 3. You just made that up. i have never heard of that place. it was all right in the beginning. but when youre 14 and someone accuses you of making up an entire fucking country because i “want” to be asian. its pretty fucking embarassing and rude af. just last year in gr.10 someone ask me what i was. like??? what am i? im a reptilian. king reptilian if i do say so myself. it made me a lil’ upset so i was like ask my friend. basically here it is. :) a tid bit of my life.

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SB I'm amazed you haven't made any Fuugen kids yet, you always make the best kids!!

1) thank you so much ;_;

2) Actually, I HAVE made Fuugen kids! For a while now (probably since last year in December) I’ve been working on their kids, a boy and a girl. I haven’t posted them because I’m not yet satisfied with how they look, but I can sorta post the latest sketches and just very small info to show you how it’s going. Lin helped me a lot with these!! especially on naming them. Please forgive the horrible photos, I still need a scanner. :’‘(

This is Hachi, the oldest by four years. Her animal motif is the bee. Coincidentally “hachi” also means bee, though yes, it does mean the number eight, which is appropriate as it is a sideways infinity sign.

The younger brother is named Tori, he’s an artist and has been deaf since birth. Mugen searched far and wide soon after he was born for a rare teacher of sign language, and now his whole family knows it and can communicate with him smoothly. Should be obvious but his animal motif is the crow. He has two crow companions that I have yet to name. Combined with his sister’s name, their two names together create the word “hummingbird.” That and their normal animal motifs are all animals that feed off the sunflower. :)

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Is there a reason why you aren't doing the 100 kids challenge on Sims 4?

Lots of reasons. 1. It’s impossible to keep colorful hair on Sims 4 children. 2. Im not one for downloading a crap ton of CC just to berryfy the house. 3. No patterns. And most importantly 4. there are no toddlers. I cant have a 100 baby challenge without their most adorable life stage :|

As much as I love Sims 4 for gameplay. Sims 3 will always be superior when it comes to photo taking.. for me.


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Am I still down for the mentor position? If so I’m still planning on sending a sim. I’m just a little slow.

Yes yes! I just forgot to put that I added a second spot. I had my own sim in mind for the second mentor spot and I was going to pair Mila up with them, but decided that I’d get a community spouse for her. So, I opened that last spot. Thanks for reminding me, I’ll add it now!

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I love them too. I’m having separation anxiety.

Side legacy perhaps? Like Ambrose and his kids :P

Last Night’s Shoot Part 2

He started by taking photos of me sitting on the sofa. Smoking cigarettes. Drinking beer. And basically being shy and not knowing what to do. There were too much shots of me laughing and doing nothing. It was super awkward, but there were a lot of good ones. I guess I’m photogenic like that, hahaha, I’m kidding. Maybe he was just good at it. Or maybe an embarrassing moment could actually be a good subject.

He told me to let loose. Look more at home. I think I was slowly getting there, especially with the help of alcohol, but it was just too uncomfortable and I was very inexperienced, that I can’t just do that at the click of a button. (No pun intended. Haha!) So I tried thinking of how I could look “more at home”, and I thought of taking my shoes off since I was actually at home; I don’t wear shoes at home. Shoes off. Socks off. And it magically helped–I was able to do more poses like putting my feet on the sofa and lying down.

The whole time, I was thinking about the nude part. I was deciding on it. A part of me wanted to do it and a bigger part of me was saying it was just too crazy. I mean, everything between me and the guy had been all but platonic. I had always been fully clothed around him and suddenly I was so close to taking my clothes off in front of him? I kept telling myself it was going to be weird ‘cause It was practically a strip show what I was contemplating on. A strip show for someone I never had anything sexual to share with. And his clothes would stay on; that would be weird. And he was going to have copies of the photos. Me to myself, “You a fucking porn star now?!”

(And I don’t mean that nude models are porn stars. It was more of how I felt about what I was thinking of doing, not the way I see nude modeling. And how I felt about what I was thinking of doing involved something else other than the art of nude, but something you could say was shallower, was some sort of fruit of lustful thoughts, of seduction and liking a guy. Okay?)

Then I suddenly had what I thought was a brilliant idea in order to maybe divide my dilemma between the two of us, or maybe even spread it out so thinly that it would evaporate into thin air. I told him that I’d only take a garment off if he took off a piece of his. He agreed to it. Then I told him to take his shoes and socks off before we started the first round.

snoutflower replied to your photo:i wanted 2 draw the best texture next to the worst…

still think about making that mod with you all the time, maybe we should just start it some time… we keep worrying about being able to work on it dedicated and then remember that in our little kid modder days that was never a concern

yeah haha that’s a good point. school/work aside, I keep putting things off out of nervousness tbh, but the first step is to start. you can pm me your skype if that’s alright! I’ve moved accounts lots of times

I stopped at a house fire to take some photos of the scene and I was talking to a witness….the young man in the photo with the cash in his hand approached me. He politely said “Sir how much would you charge us for a picture? I had my 5dmkii and 300mm f/2.8 so I had to explain that I’d gave to get back a bit to get them in the picture. I grabbed an email from one of the guys and told them I’d send the pics…which I did. They pretty excited when I showed them the pics on camera. Now I’ve had some people ask me was I afraid they’d rob me or something. Thought never crossed my mind at the time…I guess a different person might have maybe…but this day they were just some young kids who wanted a photo taken with an impressive looking camera…lol

lolpersephone replied to your photo “u cant just drop this reply on me and then not elaborate”

he was literally a magician! He did shows and stuff too. On our first day of school he did some magic tricks and it was cool. Also: the only time my math teachers were like “YOU WILL USE THIS LATER” was when we were talking about finance etc.

ah nice!! he sounds like a cool dude for a math teacher


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“Whats up with the american school system, telling kids they need to…”

fwiw i was spared the square dancing lessons even tho i lived in 3 different areas over the course of my public school career

thats good 2 hear, and i just founf that post about square dancing lessons and how many people reblogged it so wild bc i come from a place where recreational square dances are like…a thing? and i know plenty of people that go to them, but at the same time my school never bothered teaching it

I started to do P90X on Saturday, holy shit it kicked my ass. I was able to get through 2/3 of the work out at half capacity. I also took before photos and I cemented in the reason I am doing this work out. I am by no means over weight; in fact I am healthy for my height… I just have pounds in areas I never have and am a bit soft in others. I had heard having a kid affects your body but I guess until it happens you never really know!
So I took some before photos and I am not sure I want to post them… I think I might post them after I have some results and we can compare them to my hot toned body! I still need to weigh and measure myself, but last time I weighed myself I was 127 lbs so I don’t necessarily want to lose weight just get fit.
So Thank you my friend J for pushing me to get started if it wasn’t for her I would still be sitting on the couch eating bon bons

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I'm pretty sure Ed looking pixelated on the new page is because of the photos RJ took on their phone and Johnny is putting two and two together. If you notice on the panels there is white text showing Johnny's thoughts. One that stuck out to me is "Levitated". It would be cool if Forge would show up though :D

Yeah I get that part now but I still feel like this has something to do with Forge. Just the general feel of the panels doesn’t give off Johnny’s crazy “OMFG THAT’S THE LEVITATING KID” vibe, it has more of a calm, gears-are-turning thing going. Also the art direction for those panels and the look in Johnny’s eyes is just too serious to be /just/ Johnny

Sorry if I’m rambling it’s like 2 AM

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//cackles at transition from Deidara to Vegeta but adores it all the same because it's great in my head// And nooo, wasn't flattery, promise. ; 7 ; Genuine and sincere adoration here. ♥ Forever glad you got attached to Vegeta though, thank you for being on my dash //weep// DBZ was my first everything as a kid and just, //has slowly been stalking on dbz rp'ers even though I stopped watching after the cell games mostly// Sad 'cause Bulma and #18 girls are my life tbh - sorry just rambling now ily♥

nah ur good friend. rambling it adorable

dis/re orientation - tokyo

1) the face cover they insist you wear when trying on clothes (especially white clothes) so you don’t get your makeup on the clothes. but who am i kidding, i rarely wear white.

2) wandering into a japanese restaurant in shibuya, i was immediately told that their calf sashimi was sold out, so i ordered this instead… i probably wouldn’t have gotten the calf sashimi anyway. ( see above, I have an invisible thick white border around my photo, hence the whitespace)

 3) finishing a freelance project with a view of tokyo tower. just had a moment that my life is f***ing beautiful.   

i woke up late today… 9:30am which is considered very late for me. i’m in a hotel room and because the sun shines so brightly here in tokyo most curtains come with really effective blackout shades built in. so i just slept and slept and by the time i got down to breakfast at 10:17am, i smiled charmingly to combat the silent judgement of the hotel staff thinking: WTF you just woke up? “i’m so sorry, but breakfast closes at 10:30am. she said. she’s just being japanese-polite in warning me that i have 13 minutes to gather my food. “i know,” i smiled.

i used to live in tokyo from 2008 to 2010. it was the most difficult and most rewarding experience i’ve had living abroad. i think most difficult things are rewarding though, don’t you think? not necessarily the outcome, but if you somehow overcome something difficult, i believe it is always worth it even if you are left on your knees, bloodied and bruised at the end cuz guess what? you’re still alive. 

being back here is nostalgic. i came back here once shortly after i moved to hong kong (maybe in 2009)? but this is the most foreign japan has felt to me since moving away. i hesitate to speak japanese to anyone now. i have reverted into someone who just smiles and tries to charm her way through the language barrier occasionally throwing in the short japanese phrase. yesterday i think i spoke two:

“gochisousama deshita”

“ato de, dekimasu ka?

the first one is said when leaving a restaurant. it means something like: thank you for feeding me well. just a phrase you say to be polite.

the second one, i don’t even know if the grammar is correct, but something like: after the fact, can i?

i used the second one to ask if i could return sneakers after i tried them on at home with proper socks when she could no longer understand my english. i’m feeling more confident though as time passes and hope i’ll pick up my survival japanese again.  

japan is one of the few place i feel disoriented in Asia. places like thailand, bali, korea etc… kind of feel like the back of my hand because i’ve been there so much and because the cities i’ve been to are relatively small. but japan is something else entirely.

as awkward and uncomfortable as it is to feel disoriented, it’s helping me find my footing again. and i need that right now in my life. i kind of love it and hate it all at once. i’m one of those strange people who loves being uncomfortable. i function best when it’s sink or swim or some kind of baptism by fire. i always, always survive and sometimes you need that jolt of uncomfortableness to force yourself to really ground yourself deep into who you are again.  

tokyo is disorienting. physically and psychologically. i’m wandering, i’m getting lost all the time. the first few days when i moved to tokyo were terrifying. i remember walking around in shibuya and getting lost in the crowds. i felt a sense of panic and freedom at the same time. being swept up in a sea of people yet knowing it was a deliberate surrender to the city that was my new home. 

and now that i’m back and feeling a much more minor sense of being lost, i feel incredibly empowered in knowing that during a time in my life, i survived this city. tokyo broke me in so many ways. the loneliness, the isolation, the language barrier, moving here with my new fiance, experiencing earthquakes for the first time –  tokyo broke me. and yet, it is for this reason that when i visit here again we are familiar, intimate. she knows my sorrows better than any other city. she has seen me at my worst. and i, i came to peace with her. i accepted her, i conceded to her and embraced her for all her harshness. when i left and moved away from her i cried… so hard. i didn’t want to leave her. oh tokyo… thank you. 



4) tourist shot of shibuya crossing as i am now a tourist and no longer living in tokyo 

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2, 4, 6, 10, 13

2) a famous person ive been compared to. uhhh back in 2013 everyone used to compare me to stella hudgens except she is a literal goddess among humans!!

4) the best thing that has happened to me this week. this week just started but umm having the really quiet kid in my photo class keep a conversation going with me!!

6) how i’d spend ten thousand bucks. stuff for my family and friends and lots of clothes for myself bc im selfish :(

10) something i’ve lied about. where I’m going and who im hanging out with!

13) one person from tumblr i’d throw off a cliff, one i’d marry and one i’d fuck. umm this is a weird question that i don’t particularly like :/ i don’t wanna marry anyone from here, i don’t wanna have sex with anyone on here and I wouldn’t throw anyone off a cliff!!

thank u cutie!


Happy Mothers’ Day to all of the moms! Motherhood has been a wonderful ride and such a learning process these past two years. Charlie, Olivia, and now our third little one are my greatest gifts, and nothing can replace the feeling of hearing your child laugh, have her look up to you with the biggest smile on her face, having them want to play a game with you, or just sitting with them and watching them learn more about the world around them. I couldn’t be blessed anymore with the two little munchkins that Will and I are raising! Will has an afternoon planned for all four of us once we leave brunch this afternoon. I’m excited to see what he has in store for us, but Olivia knows and is itching to tell me!

I wish someone would just see all this dynamite in this small little love muffin and say “your it”. She wants this so bad she asks me to take photos of her every day. No doubt I need the practice and I see her passion and it just makes me want this for her as much as she does!we were up at a 2 a.m because she said she wanted to do a photoshoot!#hey_msjanae #photography #canon7dmarkii #editorialshoot #modelkids #fashionbeautykids @fashionbeautykids#antm#models#portfolio#editoriallookbook#frobabies #frofetish#tyty @tyrabanks @bamfofficial #bamfofficial #fashionkids#newitkid#photographer#instagood #photoshoot#editorial#fohr

#stayingin #dontwakemeup #inmyzone #mirrors Last night I had fun. We killed 2 bottles of Henny. They passed me the weed, I took 4 puffs. Lack of sleep, I went to work took my Benadryl. Pulled a 10 hrs shift, my right leg was killing me so I had to take Tylenol. All the missed calls, texts, ya can have fun without me today. I just spoke to a friend, we brought up a homegirl who had passed away. That homegirl had told me she liked me. She had bit my arm in high school told me to forever remember her. Said I never had eyes for her. She would keep my photo. Told my buddies how she had felt for me. When I went back, I wanted to give her a chance but it was too late. The girl who taught me to love is now in Hawaii. She started a family. I remember one night she was drunk she told me she wanted to marry me & have my kids. I told her she’s tripping, she’s too young. I should be happy for her now & her own family. I’ve been partying since I was a young teen, from dusk till dawn. Getting up 5am for work. Slept in my cars during breaks. so many girls, boos, weed, gambling. Even my cousin gave me a nickname. “Heartbreak kid” 😄 “chuel la houeng aka the ladies man.” Man all I need is one beautiful woman who cares to understand. Who ❤️ me for who I am. My good & my bad side. To be lovers & friends. Honestly, I’m trying to change my ways for the better now. It’s never easy. The game gets old sometimes. I’m just trying to do good. Be good now. I remember a dream I’ve had several years ago. In my dream there was a beautiful woman & a baby girl. That was happiness. I still think of it until today. I had given up on ❤️ in here in philly. She said to me that someday, I’ll find romance..right? Girl if only we felt the same. I’d make you the luckiest woman alive. I’d be so fortunate to have you. As of tonight, don’t wake me up unless you are truly my ❤️#changes #moneycantbuyyouhappiness #causeitsoverpriced #goodnight #sweetdreams my ❤️ by socheath_cheath_keath

2 years ago we made a promise to meet in Yosemite with this incredible couple. They were traveling the world and Los Angeles was just a short stop on their long journey. They left for Nepal and we haven’t seen each other since then. When I got the phone call that they were coming back I got excited as a kid. I have planned a crazy road trip with almost no sleep and long hikes. They made me smile and start exploring every morning at 4 am. Adventure is over and I am checking hundreds of amazing photos now. I haven’t seen anyone more humble and understanding than these two souls. They made @bukeii and me enjoy California more than ever. Here is a little gift from us to you. Happy 3rd anniversary @kayserella and @emreakinci