On the evening of July 21st, 2015 my little brother, William Austin McMeans, took his own life. 

 He was just 20 years old and soon to be a junior at the University of Texas.  He was a charming, charismatic young man with a smile that lit up the room.   He cared about everyone and went out of his way to welcome the new kids.  Austin waited in line with someone for 2 hours upon first meeting them to buy a ticket for something he already had tickets to, just so the kid wouldn’t be alone.  He had an infectiously fun energy that no one could escape.  He was my friend, my teammate, and at times an annoying twit, but he was my favorite (only) brother.  We do not fully understand what happened and I know we never will, but I will remember the good times and focus on those. 

Like the rest of the family he loved dogs and spent his time volunteering at rescues like I Once Was Lost, and for birthdays he asked for donations to shelters instead of gifts. We honor that now by asking that in lieu of flowers or gifts you please donate to one of the organizations below. My brother was a huge history buff, he was a WWII reenactor and spent much of his time at the Texas Military Forces Museum, he was the youngest member of his squad when he joined at 13.

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@kmichellemusic: Recap from my show last week in New Orleans. You know the cool kids had to grub. Now does he really look that close to me? Oh? Nope? Didn’t think so … Had a great time with augustxalsina at Angelo’s though. Speakin realness as usual 😀



yes, he just turned 2 months. I am sad that Jill is not enjoying this with Izzy. He is such a sad sack.

kbitzy said:

 Just because she has never posted videos like that doesn’t mean they never interact like that. People are making huge assumptions based on very little fact and evidence 

wesayso-foundation said:

If she could get photos or videos like that, she would have. Only a sick mother who has no pride in her offspring would post only sad and troubling photos. But what really hit me was how the photographer could not get a smile out of that kid and that is what they are good at. When Olin Mills took my kids pictures they were almost ALL crying before the photographer began the session. But they always got huge smiles n between the hysterics.

tovag said: 

If Jill was your mother, would you smile? C'mon, you know as well as I do that Izzy doesn’t seem interested in his surroundings nor does he interact appropriately with other people. His eyes also don’t seem as bright as Carson’

rnfromva said:

Is that a pineapple island?

wesayso-foundation said: 


LFCC 2015

I know I’m a bit late uploading these but I wanted to show y’all my pictures from LFCC (London Film and Comic Con) this year. I don’t normally like posting pictures of myself so don’t expect this very often tbh.

1. Photo w/ Gareth David Lloyd

Some of you may recognise this guy from Torchwood (he played Ianto Jones)

2. Photo w/ Tim Russ

Best known for his role as Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager (but the younger of you may know him as Principle Franklin from iCarly)

3. Photo w/ Nicole de Boer

If (like me) you watched Star Trek: Deep Space 9 then you’ll recognise Nicole as Ezri Dax from Season 7.

4. Autograph from HAYLEY ATWELL!

TBH if you don’t already know Hayley Atwell you can leave my blog now (just kidding). Hayley plays the kickass Agent Peggy Carter of the SSR (later SHIELD) in Captain America, Agent Carter, Ant Man and many MARVEL movies.


Need I say any more? What’s even better, I got a hug from her afterwards!

This has been kinda a long post. If any of you guys have been to LFCC or another comic-con, why not message me and tell me about your experiences?

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I'm 21, male, pan, 6'. I'm deaf, which I guess is an important detail. I'm very much into the arts so.. I'd take you everywhere just to take photos of you and write about you. I'd use every Polaroid on every adventure we have and write you poems. Even if that adventure was just watching shows or playing video games. I can teach you sign language and we can have secret conversations in museums and then I can take you on picnics.. People like you just deserve every bit of love a person has.

holy shit u sound so fucking sweet ??? ur making me v gay wtf yes! u’d have 2 help me w/ sign language but i’ve always wanted 2 learn ever since i was a kid

send your description (include age pls, no one 16 and under) and i’ll say if i’d date u or not

Last Night

I had a Tinder date with a guy who *supposedly* owned his own business. I requested kindly that he call a car and he agreed. Through our conversation I started to have doubts about him in my gut but not wanting to flake I agreed to go through with the date anyway. He ended up calling an Uber pool (bad sign #1) and the sushi place was a total hole in the wall joint filled with college aged kids (strrrrrike #2!). When I arrived I gave him a hug and he just seemed off like really awkward vibes…then I sit down and he says he has to get his wallet and never comes back (aaand he’s. Out??). I would think it was my fault but he was also way less attractive than his photos so definitely NOT my fine ass. Anyway, this guy at the bar with a rolex keeps eyeing me throughout this situation…I left and sat outside at another bar and Mr. Rolex follows me!! He sat down at my table and asked if he could buy me dinner and a drink even though he’d clearly finished his meal at the sushi joint. I accepted a drink and we had great conversation. He’s apparently a lawyer that owns his own firm looking for platonic company on his business trips to LA. He gave me his business card afterwards to stay in touch. One closed door opened another. Glad I didn’t have to sit through dinner with that awkward Tinder dude. Me: +1. League of Extraordinarily Awkward Gentlemen: 0.

The pool was Empty!

After my elevation studies on my run I made a quick stop by the pool to see how many people were there.   Since it was a nice day I figured it would be crowded like it was the last 5 times I took a gander.  HOWEVER, there was only 2 adults with their 2 tiny kids in the outdoor pool.  The indoor pool was free and clear of people.

Even after running hills for an hour, I was so excited I sprinted home to change into my swim gear.  When I got up there some people had got in the hot tub, but it looked like the family outside was packing up.
I started my laps and after about 20 minutes or so they skedaddled leaving me all to my onesies!  Score!

I got in 90 laps in a 45 foot long pool.  I need 117 (I round to 120) for a mile so I got in a solid 0.75 miles today in just over an hour.  Not bad for a novice swimmer!

Also, by the time I finished the hot tub was clear so I jumped in there to sooth my sore, sore shoulder muscles.  All in all a good night!

What I learned in Denmark (pt 2)

- everyone dances very cute, they don’t seem to know what they’re doing but they just kinda throw their bodies into it and somehow it works 

- the weather is a lot like a sad movie. it just rains but everyone keeps saying how “odd” it is but really they have songs they sing about the sun during graduation ceremonies so it’s hard to imagine they’d do that unless the sun was a surprise guest. 

-at one point there was a photo montage being shown to a group of people about the local students and one of ‘em was just a couple of kids in blackface and the way these people chuckled at this—chuckled—was very eerily mirrored to the phrase ‘ignorance is bliss’. not a good moment. 

-the coffee is bomb 

-everyone is dressed like an H&M model cos well, they all have the body type the store sells to. very little diversity in colors, everyone seems to have agreed on nearly all black business casual clothing. 

-no one has a concept of cheap cos money just flows out of fountains there cos minimum wage is bomb and you get paid to go to school–a “cheap” meal to a local equals about $35-$40 for a very average amount of food/drink. like what.

-music festivals means the city accommodates the people so they don’t ship you out in the middle of the woods. nah, they just shut down city streets and have everyone go at it right there in public and it gets lit, man. climbing on street signs/poles, damn. 

-cops (for example at the festival) don’t seem to rely on guns–they travel in packs to potentially apprehend overzealous people as a team 

-taxi drivers drive like speed racers, you might die but you’ll die looking cool mk promise 

-wow so it’s also normal to swim with massive amounts of dead jellyfish? guys. 

-graduation is a b i g d e a l. like, you party for at least a week at all your classmates’ houses and go around town in these trucks drinking and everyone cheers and honks and there’s music but don’t expect the same treatment after completing university. 

-denmark is fun zone cos nearly everyone owns a trampoline, nobody’s bothered by the insurance spike like the rest of us, fun is more important and i’m about it. 

-i noticed it’s especially danish women who refuse to let themselves be interrupted. don’t go thinkin the conversation is something you can just sling into and talk over them–they will keep going, they will finish their point, and they will be heard. props. 

-everyone seems to be hyper aware of the amount their younger generation drinks (hella hella) but also seem to find it kind of funny? or present it that way cos in actuality it might be a bit of a problem, i’ve never seen so many people wreck their shit over drinking–and they don’t even play games! they’re not at parties playing flip cup or beer pong to make sure everyone gets slammed. they just quietly do it and then everyone’s shit-faced but you wonder how you even got there. 

-the sun never goes down, there’s only like 4 hours of semi darkness and it makes you feel like a baby for feeling exhausted when “it’s only 11″ and you could go outside with shades on. 

-ok so we were at this party one time and one of the dishes was: pancakes and salad. think about that. 


so far the best thing I’ve recieved (2 days a priori) was a letter from none other than Adrian ( psycoticmegaheroaddy ) which was an enclosed letter with a personal birthday wish (which honestly made me tear up) and a DRAWING OF ME. WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT MAN I AIN’T PRETTY

just kidding tho. you already know how much I loved this one ;D



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Rule #1 - always post the rules
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1 - what do you feel most proud of?
buying lunch for a homeless man
2 - if you could only keep 5 things, what would you keep?
my camera, photo album, my insulin flexpen, my computer and a 5sos t-shirt
3 - who do you admire the most?
probably my mother
4 - what’s your biggest fear?
snakes, definitely snakes( also i used to be hella scared of fireworks)
5 - what is your favorite memory?
going to a concert with my friends
6 - what’s your favorite song?
i’m just a kid by simple plan or missing you by all time low
7 - what makes you sad/cry?
when one of my best friends is sad
8 - what makes you feel nostalgic?
anything related to my last school
9 - what are you most grateful for?
there’s no war in my country
10 - what means the most to you in a friendship?
11 - what’s your favorite meal to have for breakfast?

my questions are

1. are you outgoing or shy?
2. do you believe in luck?
3. what good thing happened this summer?
4. do you ever want to get married?
5. where would you like to travel
6. do you play sports? what sports?
7. would you rather live without tv or music?
8. do you smile at strangers?
9. trip to outer space or bottom of the ocean?
10. favourite colour?
11. twitter or tumblr

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  As we are on the current subject of Lucy Liu being Yuritzee’s older FC – a thought came to mind. In the last photo set I reblogged of Lucy Liu – it made me think of a certain GTA AU where Yuritzee is the boss of a gang. && since she’s super tiny ( keep in mind she’s 5′4″ – but that’s in heels which she normally wears. She’s 5′2″ without them. ) everyone thinks she’s just joking about being a mafia boss but in actuality she wouldn’t hesitate to cut of your head or send someone else in XRAY to come kill you. 

  In conclusion ; Don’t fuck with tiny kitty lady who has a lot of years of sword training under her sleeve. 

Ok! Packing is going pretty well, actually! 

(Now I just have to make it to the airport with 2 kids, 1 large cat, 8 bags, fly home to Chicago, get home, unpack, repack kids for camp and send them off. No big deal.)

So if anyone has any requests of odd locations in Paris they would like a photo of, let me know!

Obviously there are tons of beautiful images out there of the big places like the Luxembourg, etc., but if there’s somewhere you have always wondered about, or are maybe thinking of writing about and want a reference? I’m up for it:)

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Doesn't it just make you weak when you read baby daddy! Luke blurbs?! Because it makes me want to set myself ablaze! (Followed you on Instagram. I'm _isobela)

If you mean Luke as a father with a baby like holy shit yes! It makes me want to go and get knocked up by him, I’m only 18 (well in 2 weeks) so pregnancy is the last thing on my mind but he is so adorable with little kids!

  • Ship : Hemmings/Hood/Irwin/Clifford
  • Bestie: Hemmings/Hood/Irwin/Clifford
  • Fuck Buddy: Hemmings/Hood/Irwin/Clifford
  • Brother: Hemmings/Hood/Irwin/Clifford
  • URL Rate: 8/10
  • Icon Rate: 9/10
  • Compliment: I can’t find any photos but your blog is amazing and your personality makes you sound like an amazing cool girl!


  • Reason for ship: You have a wide music taste like him and also love writing but is shy about showing it. (like we recently found out about him).
  • Blurb: So I feel like somehow you would stumble across Calum’s notebook, by accident though because he feels insecure about his stories and his writing so probably wouldn't tell you it exists. Anyway after finding this mysterious book you would start reading it and get lost in the story, the writing being amazing. You’d be too focused on this amazing story on the page you wouldn't notice Calum walking in. When Calum sees you and his book I imagine his face turning red from embarrassment and being really shy and saying “oh that’s nothing” like he would be insecure and stutter and you would reassure him on his writing and bring out his confidence again by telling him about the amazing story.

doomato-aristato replied to your photo :Ok. 1. I wasn’t talking about you 2. I’ve actually…

Umm… That was supposed to be a joke… What-ho is just a greeting used by the stereotypical upper-class people. I didn’t mean any offense by it, and I don’t understand how offense could be taken. Again, I’m sorry, but I don’t know why I should be..

I couldn’t tell if it was a joke or not, you should’ve been more clear on that. And I never heard of that greeting so it sounded like to me that you were just calling me a ho. The reason I took so much offense was because I’m sick of hearing people trying to convince me to like children by saying how good their kids are or how good they were as kids. Sorry for snapping at you :(

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1. what’s the happiest news you’ve ever received 

i got photo op tickets to meet hayley atwell 

2. where is your favorite place to be 

my bed

3. ever slept in bunk beds? and with who 

YES, i hated it. we went on this all-school retreat every year in high school and i’d be paired up with different girls. sometimes i loved them, sometimes i wanted to pull them down to hell

4. what color are your sheets 

zebra print, i live a wild life

5. is there something you have to do before you go to bed like part of a routine? 


6. what’s your favorite anime 

ah shit 

as a kid i loved yu-gi-oh

7. how many blankets do you sleep with 


8. do you own a lot of stuffed animals and give me an estimate of how many

like twelve

9. what’s your favorite word to use 


10. what’s your favorite word just for its meaning


time to pull questions out my ass again

1. have you ever gotten into a fight? did you win?

2. what’s the sexiest song you’ve ever heard?

3. if you lived a secret double-life as a popstar what would your stage name be?

4. what’s your aesthetic?

5. are there any memes you’d bring back?

6. have you made nicki minaj proud today?

7. how long would you last in an 80s horror movie?

8. are there any words that you absolutely hate?

9. you and your favorite character have just been dropped in an undisclosed location with nothing but a baseball bat and two bottles of water, what is your first course of action?

10. have you ever seen spy kids? if so, it’s pretty great, right?


agentamythest musicvengeance i like to keep him busy so thegaysociallyawkwardcat there ya have it that’s all i can think of. i am so tired.

thoughtsappear replied to your post:thoughtsappear replied to your photo:Bonus power…

Well…i’m probably a bad person to ask since Boosh has had two pairs of glasses but we have replaced the lenses several times. We’ve taught her that if she takes them off she is to give them to us immediately.

Dude! Only 2 pairs since she was 1?! You’re the PERFECT person to ask! That’s a really good idea, just foregoing trying to get her to be super responsible about caring for them, and just having her give them to me when she takes them off. Since she just got them she’s only supposed to wear them for a few hours at a time for about a week since it’ll give her a headache otherwise, but I think I’ll do what you do until she’s more used to them and understands that she can’t treat them like her toys, and just have her give them to me the second she takes them off. At school she’s the only kid with glasses in her class and the teachers said they’d make EXTRA sure she puts them away in the case properly during nap time, recess, and their days at the water park. So that’s a huge bonus. And thank you! Since they’re such a new thing for her, you’re probably right that it’s better for me to police them rather than her for a while. :D

Boy, 5: God Told Me I Lived a Past Life as a Black Woman

Photo: Fox 8

Kids say the darndest things – at least that’s what Cincinnati mom Erica Ruehlman thought when her son first started talking about “Pam.” Luke Ruehlman was just 2, she tells Lifetime’s Ghost Inside My Child, when he began mentioning the woman. After the homemaker finally asked the boy who that was, she tells Fox 8 her now 5-year-old “turned to me and said, ‘Well, I was. [He said] ‘Well, I used to be, but I died and I went up to heaven. I saw God and then eventually, God pushed me back down and I was a baby and you named me Luke.’” 

STORY: Fourth-Grader Suspended for ‘Lord of the Rings’ Magic 

The tot also shared that Pam’s skin was “black,” and that she used to ride a train in Chicago, Erica says, adding that Luke had never been to the city. Then the mother says Luke revealed the most telling detail: “Pam” had died in a fire. “At that point he made a motion with his hand like he was jumping off of a building,” she says. Pulling the clues together, Erica began investigating and says she discovered a woman named Pam Robinson – who died in her 30s in Chicago after jumping out of a window of a burning hotel in 1993. Erica believes Luke used to be Pam. 

STORY: ‘I Feel Like I Gained a Daughter’: Mom Meets Her Son’s Heart Transplant Recipient 

Sound bizarre? Not to Erica. “It’s a positive [message] of unification, of love,” she says. And since contacting Robinson’s family, the mother has reportedly also uncovered coincidences between her son and the late Chicagoan’s favorite things: music (Erica says Pam was a Stevie Wonder fan and that Luke adores “that era of music.”) and the piano (according to Erica, Pam played the keyboard and “as an infant Luke’s favorite toy was a little piano”). 

Luke Ruehlman (Photo: Fox 8)

Luke’s story isn’t as unique as it may sound, Jim Tucker, M.D., reincarnation expert and Associate Professor of Personality Studies in the Department of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences at the University of Virginia Health System, tells Yahoo Parenting . “We have studied 2,500 cases of young children who report memories of past lives,” says the Return to Life: Extraordinary Cases of Children Who Remember Past Lives author. “We don’t really know just how common they are, but we are hearing from parents all the time these days.” Numerous children, he adds, “have given details that were found to match the life of a particular deceased individual.” 

Matching nitty gritty details, says Tucker, is the key to distinguishing between a child’s fantasies and the possibility of another, perhaps supernatural, explanation. “Without that verification, there is no way to know if the stories are simply imagination or possible memories of life the child experienced previously.” 

Parents can take these stories with a grain of salt, he says, “but they should also be open to what their children are saying, especially since the children often have intense emotions attached to their apparent memories.” 

Such other-era connections, however, may fade over time. Erica notes that as Luke has gotten older, his recollections of Pam have gotten fewer and father between. Tucker says that tendency is common for reincarnated kids. “The children typically stop talking about the past life by the time they are 6 or 7,” he says. “It happens around the same time that all children typically lose their memories of early childhood, so it’s not too surprising.” What’s more, it’s a positive thing, he says. “It’s good that most of the children move on from the memories and get fully involved in their current life.” 

The bottom line — regardless on your belief about the possibility of reincarnation — if your child starts to tell some tall tales, it’s best to just sit back and enjoy. “Telling stories is a healthy part of a child’s development,” child psychotherapist Amy Morin tells Yahoo Parenting. “And parental response to such stories will play a big role in how likely the child is to keep talking about them. There have been instances where kids have made stories up and parents have given them lots of attention for it. As a result, it reinforces the child to continue offering up details.” And don’t be surprised if the reminiscing gets more outlandish each time. “Kids have wonderful imaginations and they often fill their days hearing magical stories and engaging in pretend play,” says Morin. “They’re bound to make things up sometimes.”

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