Okay so

I know for a fact that cosplay has impacted me and my friends in many positive ways. Cosplay is something that people do and can admire on an international scale. It’s a creative, supportive, and expressive hobby for people. Whether you made it yourself or bought it online, whether you cosplay a small fandom or a big one, whether you make cmvs and go to photo shoots or are just a closet cosplayer it is something that is enjoyed and holds a place in the heart of so many people. 

I want to do something that will bring us together and that the world can see WHY those weird people are dressed up funny, so parents can see WHY their kids buy wigs and and spend hours making costumes, not just see but hopefully understand. 

So send in pictures of your cosplays and a short 1-2 minute video saying who you are and how cosplay has impacted you, why you do it, how you started, anything you want. 

You can pm me these things or send them to or put them under the tag #thepowerofcosplay 

I’ll put up an update for when I need them by if people actually do this.

Thank you. 

Naruto Gaiden Questions

1. Are we seriously gonna have to deal with all this shipping war crap again?

2. No more Papasuke feels since Sarada’s never met him. Does he even know about her?

3. Is it possible to love Sarada Uchiha more than chapter 700 made me? (Clearly, yes)

4. When did Team Taka take a freaking group photo?

5. Is Sakura mad because she’s delusional or because she married a thoughtless jerk? (Sasuke can turn this around though. I can’t believe that he would just abandon her and their kid after 699.)

Ugh, I was so excited to actually play and just mess around with GTW after making Lena but I just feel so meh about it so far. I keep coming across things that frustrate me

  • You can’t place photos on a surface, they have to be on the wall (I wanted them to automatically go into a little frame or something on a counter rather than always having to be on a wall)
  • You can’t take selfies with the cameras, only the phone (as far as I know)
  • You can only take photos of 2 people, not more (no family photos?? really?)
  • You can only take photos of adults with adults or kids with kids (again, no family photos)
  • No frame options, only thick black
  • You can change the filter effects on photos after you’ve taken them (which isn’t really a negative I just see it as pointless. Why bother taking multiple photos with different filters if you can just change it later anyway?)

I dunno, maybe I’m just not in the proper mindset to be playing TS4 right now and the negatives are just glaring me in the face because of it but I’m just feeling disappointed and meh with it right now. Saying that, I haven’t tried any of the active careers or properly messed about with aliens or anything so maybe that’s better. 


This isn’t a very old throwback–December maybe?–but after this morning’s feelings of inadequacy, I thought I’d post some photos of a super fun day, a day I killed it in the mom-does-things-just-for-me department.

This was a Saturday or Sunday where we rode the metro, met the DC sister and her boyfriend downtown at Natural History, and then had a dinner date with just the two of us.

Fig 1: I don’t know what it is about sapphires, but they are my favorite gem stones by far. How gorgeous are these?! How have I never dated/married anyone who bought me (much smaller!) sparkly things? Adelaide enjoyed this room almost as much as I do.

Fig 2: Earth rainbow

Fig 3: Adelaide in an interactive display of human remains–slightly morbid but full of buttons to push

Fig 4: The always gorgeous jellyfish

Fig 5: Her face …

Fig 6: Finding us on the (unbelievably heavy) interactive globe in the volcano exhibit. It took both the DC sister’s boyfriend and me to be able to budge it just enough to see our section of North America. Crazy heavy.

Fig 7-9: Adelaide “writing” me a note/letter and putting it in my “mailbox.” We passed letters all about our favorite parts of the day and what we liked about our lives and each other for 20 minutes before the food came …

which was, in fact, MY favorite part of the day.

Even better than licking the glass in front of the jewelry displays.


got tagged for some more selfie bullshit by conservativeslut hahh thank yoou.  sorry for my face on your dash.

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Thoughts on “Rage”


2. “For all of our kids” DID HE JUST. And Kensi’s face like say WHAT?! I for one look forward to little ninja assassins.

3. Everything about Deeks in this episode was perfection. This is one of the few times Deeks is completely professional the whole time and I love it. I love competent Deeks. And I love Sam and Deeks as a team.

4. Kensi with the leather jacket and the hair and the motorcycle SEND HELP

5. That photo-shop was hilarious. 

6. Was it really fucking necessary to shoot that guy in the head? There was a chance for him. (Additionally, I though the FBI Agent’s leg was broken? Apparently not?)

7. “Kensi and Deeks are meeting us” Something about this line made me smile. Like…I don’t know, hearing Sam talk about Kensi and Deeks as a unit made me really happy. 

8. Did we really need more Callen back story? Is this show aware that there are other characters we want to know about?

9. Kinda wish there was more densi, but I don’t see how it could’ve been worked in without being awkward and out of place.

10. All in all, Rage was okay. Wasn’t the best episode, but it wasn’t terrible.


My weekend in pictures:

1) I met some of Jay’s friends last night. ☺️ When trying to decide on dinner, he wanted pizza 😕, so we just walked to Slice. I was kinda having a day, so I decided I’d enjoy a blackberry mint julep to start. After dinner we went to a wine party hosted by his friends. I became “the other Jay.” Folks who hadn’t heard about me were like, “wait, you’re Jay too?” It was pretty funny because we both wore Jay name tags all night.

There were several people there that I knew, including a buddy from CrossFit. Jay grew up in Mt. Brook, so we actually have a lot of mutual friends. One of his friends snapped this photo and tagged us all on Facebook. I thought it was cute.

2) This morning I went out to Baldwin Lane to mow. When the kids got home I spent the afternoon playing with W in the yard. I keep my baseball glove in the trunk of my car so we can play catch when I’m there. We had a blast.


Post 2/2

I was trying my hardest to stay in character for those last two but that Nora was so perfect omg I nearly cried - Nora is phithera, she’s lovely :3

Also not shown here because no photos were taken, a girl came up to me with her little sister(?)who was dressed as John. The little one was too shy to say hello so her sister did for her and I swear, my heart just melted. I asked if she wanted a hug (she did) and let her play with my sword and I WAS SCREAMING INTERNALLY I JUST



Hit me up if you’re in any of these photos - I’d love to credit people where I can :3

Savior Will Be There

anonymous requested: “Can you write a Vic Fuentes imagine?where you guys have a 2 year old daughter and Vic is really stressed coz he came from tour and just wants to relax but your daughter wants his attention but she isn’t getting it,so she throws a temper tantrum”

this isn’t my photo, and I have a similar request also in upcoming but I wanted to do them separately, because let’s be honest, vic Fuentes is so amazing and thethought of him with kids makes me heart hurt. So, leggo…


“Welcome back, baby,” I smiled gently at Vic and he smiled back. It was 1 am, and he’d just gotten back from the World Tour, and he was exhausted.

“Thank you so much darling,” he kissed me and set his bags in our bedroom. “Where’s Noelle?” He referred to our two year old little daughter, Noelle.

“She’s asleep, hon, it's 1 am!” I giggled and he smiled sheepishly.

“I just wanna see her,”

“Fine, fine,” and we went to her bedroom and saw her face, which was almost identical to Vic’s, sleeping peacefully.

“She’s so beautiful…” he murmered quietly.

“Come on, let’s go sleep, you’ll see her tomorrow.I  can tell you’re exhausted.” I bustled him away, knowing full well what was gonna go on tomorrow.


“DADDY!” Someone shrieked early in the morning, waking Vic and I both, startling us upright.

“Noelle?” Vic asked, shoving the covers off.

“Daddy, daddy, you’re home!” Noelle was jumping on her father, they both were smiling widely.

“Yes he is baby,” I hurried over. “And he needs to sleep.”

“no, no, no,” Noelle sobbed.

“Later, sweetheart,” Vic smiled gently, brushing her curls out of her face, but she still sobbed.

“No, daddy, now!” Noelle was full on crying now.

“Go sleep, Vic, i’ll take care of her.” I picked the kicking Noelle off the floor and hurried towards her bedroom.

“I love you, Y/N.” Vic looked at Noelle. “You too, Noelle.”

“Love you, Vic,”


“Are you calm now?” I asked Noelle after a few hours.

“Yes mommy.”

“What will you say to daddy?”

“I’m sorry, daddy.”

“It’s all right, baby girl,” Vic came into the living room, scaring us both.

“Daddy,” Noelle ran into his arms, and he lifted her up, laughing.

I came over and kissed him, so happy for my family.

“I love my girls,” Vic said proudly.

had to go through instagram to get this photo bc tumblr wasn’t cooperating but :v heard it was #noshameday and wasn’t planning on joining in but then did ?? oh well. My spoonie story:: When i was about 7 i started complaining about joint pain. When i didn’t stop ,, my mom took me to the doctor and they told me I was lying to get attention because ‘thats what little kids do’. I kept on complaining and my joints only got worse so my mom went back. Again, and again and again. Every time it was the same story; we won’t test you because you’re obviously lying/want attention/its all in your head, plus my personal favourite – its just growing pains. This lasted for 2 years before a doctor at Shands hospital in gainesville finally agreed to test me. They did x-rays, MRIs, and tested my blood for my SED rate as well as some other tests I can barely remember. What they found? I was born with an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder and hypermobility. Because of this ,, my joints were even more susceptible to the white blood cells attacking them instead of protecting them. What they also told me was that if i had been treated from the start none of this would have ever happened. So when I was nine years old I was diagnosed with JRA ,, or juvenile rheumatoid arthritis – something that could have been avoided if the docotors had listened to me. 3 years later, they also diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. Then when i was fifteen PCOS (polycistic ovarian syndrome) and now are currently ,, at the age of 16 ,, testing me for CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome). I live a cripple punk and spooniestrong life – i have a cane that i use everywhere but school, at least one brace for every joint, daily pills for morning and evening, weekly injections, and monthly bloodwork. Point is,, these disabilities may be invisible,, but they are no less real. (didn’t include any mental problems i have because i wanted to dedicate this post to my physical ones :ooo))

Things Meme

Tagged by the wonderful becominglolalu, thanks! :D

1 insecurity:  :’D just one? I guess at the moment it would be my abilities as an artist that I’m extremely insecure about.

2 fears: :’D just two? no, just kidding :D I’d say great heights (or rather falling from great heights) and driving people away from me that are important to me.

3 turn ons: kindness, humor and a nice smile :D

4 life goals: becoming someone that my younger self would see as a role-model, touching people with my art and stories, being happy and content with myself, making a difference in some way (I haven’t figured that out yet - but I want to leave a mark on this world)

5 things I like: driving in the car (not so much myself, but as a passenger), rain and thunderstorms during summer, taking photos, the view from my window, learning new things

6 weaknesses: I get way too attached way too quickly to way too many things and people, I’m very indecisive, I can be very perfectionist, I procrastinate too much, I bottle up my feelings, I’m too naive sometimes and often embarrass myself because of that

7 things I love: my cats, video games, my family (at least the part of it that I’m close to), my friends irl and here, music, all kinds of animals and nature in general, the ocean

8 people to tag: I tag whoever sees this and would like to do it as well! :D And don’t forget to tag me as the one who tagged you, so that I can see your answers! :D

Catfish and The Bottlemen fan experiences

Reading the fan accounts about not being able to take too many photos at a Catfish and The Bottlemen gig makes me happy because…

1.) They’re having too much of a great time in the gig. To be in the moment to get lost in the rave rather than waste just a second on a snapping a good photo.

2.) Proves that Catfish gigs are too mental and are one hell of a party!

Personally if I dont take many photos at a gig, it means that the gig is just too good and I’m busy dancing/moshing my arse off and kissing/hugging random people I don’t know (its not as creepy as it sounds like, gigs are meeting kindred spirits)

You lucky kids! I can’t wait to see them live!

I love this photo. It’s funny because I would do anything for this 2 year old right here. He looks just like me. How could I have even been so blessed to be given a kid. To have taken on a kid. It was the best choice me and my grandma have ever made. And I never expected him to grow up looking and acting like me. I remember the first day he was given to us. 6 weeks old and I haven’t let him out of my site since. Im 18 and taking a child on was not in my 5 year plan but you know what, I don’t regret shit. He is better than every person I’ve been with. He is more important than everything. And he has been. He’s my little man. And if I didn’t tell you he’s not biologically related to me, ya’ll bitch asses would have never known.

          I think I finally decided two things that just
          pissed me off about Ian and Mickey. 
                                Not the two together no but
                                the people around them is
                                what I mean.

          Keep in mind I’m only at episode 2 of Season
          five at this point but this is what I got so far.

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Thanks for the Saturday evening/night. Except for my sister, I hate you, bitch, seriously. (nah just kidding x). Me and Martin - the one that helps me a LOT lately We decided to “clean” the dance parket just for us, the biggest fans haha :3 Me, sister and guitarist of Betonika band~

in 1st grade i forgot to invite this kid to my birthday party and only 3 people showed up and i’m like 100% sure it’s bc i didn’t invite that one kid but i didn’t do it on purpose like i remember me and my mom sitting on the bed and looking at my class photo and her writing my classmates’s names on the invitations but he wasn’t in the class photo bc he was like in the hospital a lot and like i’m p sure they all thought i was a terrible person for not inviting him when it was just a mistake and like i still feel so bad about it and what if that’s why i had like 2 friends all throughout elementary bc everyone else thought i was evil  

and it keeps coming

strider sadstuck mix

1. Flashing Lights - Bad Bad Not Good (Kanye West cover)


2. Death Shark - Lakutis

I am a death shark
I am a blood eagle
In the apartment
When the sea parted I was there with no clothes and no toes
Screaming, “No photos!”

3. Don Juan - Collarbones

It’s the first way
That the animals were held away
(Show me who to desire
We don’t know, we don’t know)

4. Where Is My Mind - Maxence Cyrin (Pixies cover)


5. Repetition - TV on the Radio

To arrive ahead of its time
Is the fate of the fish washed up on shore
Do you know that it just won’t feel right
Till he’s swallowed up by the tide
Thought he might know better

6. One Time - Collarbones (Justin Beiber cover)

Your fight is my fight,
Your breath is my breath,
My heart is your heart,
And boy you’re my one love, my one heart
My one life for sure
Let me tell you one time

7. Someone Great - LCD Soundsystem

The worst is all the lovely weather,
I’m stunned it’s not raining.
The coffee isn’t even bitter,
Because, what’s the difference?

8. Deuteronomy 2:10 - The Mountain Goats

I’m all alone here as I try my tiny song
Claim my place beneath the sky but i won’t be here for long
I sang all night the moon shone on me through the trees
No brothers left and there’ll be no more after me

9. CMYK - Bad Bad Not Good (James Blake cover)


Long Ago and Far Away in Utah - When I was a kid, I remember my mom taking photos all the time.  When I was about 13 or so, she got me a camera of my own.  It was a little 110, and I was delighted that I didn’t have to try to feed the film into the back of the camera, I could just insert the film cartridge and start taking pictures.  This one is from a roadside in Utah somewhere, and I think I maybe planned on sticking it together with a bunch of other photos to make a full panoramic of the alien landscape.  It’s been carefully tucked away in a photo album since 1996.

The camera, unfortunately, only lived for a few years.  I tended to drop it (the film cartridge flew out the back once and I lost about 2 frames worth of film) and the last time I dropped it, it started heating up and wouldn’t stop.  

So here is some pictures of me from awhile left:4th grade class photo. I was a chunky monkey, got picked on a lot. That little piece of my life started a big flame. Top right: yeah fat kid got slim. Nobody knew I starved myself for 2 weeks, dropped 15 pounds. Binged the next morning until I was sick. Bottom left: my senior prom. I felt fat and depressed that whole day after starving myself for 5 days beforehand! Bottom right: clean, nutritious eating, working out, no restrictions!! I NEVER EVER want to be back where I was mentally. I have learned so much over the years, I just wish I would’ve known about #veganism sooner. Back then I hated myself. I couldn’t find a single thing I liked. Now, I actually like who I am and I love myself.