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I just woke up and everyone is talking about Louis and Briana? 1. Who is that? 2. I haven't even found a picture on here? Can you help me or nah? lol

Anonymous said: who is briana what did i m iss im so in the dark here

Anonymous said: Hi I just logged in to tumblr and I keep seeing this Briana girl name. What is going on? and why is everyone freaking out? I’m worried


Louis was seen taking a photo with this kid and he’s apparently Briana’s brother. (who’s one of the girls papped with Louis before) And apparently this also mean they are in fact in a relationship and Louis is in fact in love with her and was no in way scene holding hands with a certain Tamara in Glasto just a few days ago. [Meanwhile the larents are probably cuddling in LA rn] In conclusion: People are making a mountain out of a molehill just because Louis did a favor for a friend. And Larry is still so real. AND THA’TS WHAT YOU MISSED ON GLEE


So at my professional theater debut last month I chose to sing Climbing Uphill from The Last 5 Years. I chose it exclusively so I could be sassy AF and make weird faces as reactions to lyrics.
1. “Why does this pianist hate me?!”
2. “What is he going to be like if we have kids….?”
3. “There’s 200 girls… In dresses that look just like this…”
4. “Why is the director staring at his crotch..?”

clearandstarrynight I thought you’d appreciate these tbh

moancastiel replied to your post “talk 2 me about happy misha things!!! tell me about your gishwhes…”

when i had my photo op with him, he was sooo sweet. my little sister asked if she could have piggy back ride and he just knelt down, no questions asked <3


talk 2 me about mish/gishwhes !!!!!!!


Crappy photo of me, but I was seriously a kid at Christmas yesterday! And Scott is just so teeny! I love him! The Thunderbirds are awesome too but they don’t shut up. Pretty decent sound bites of the boys but you press it once, they make a noise then a short while later when you’re not ready for it, they make more noise! Lol! I adore them!


#2 Just Kids

I’ve never really had much experience directing photoshoots because I like to take more candid shots. I feel like candid, unplanned shots capture the personalities of the people I take photos of and capture who they are in their essence better compared to when I have to tell them what to do. But I guess that’s really just because, like I said, I’ve never really had much experience. Thank God, I had Nina (best friend-slash-teen fashion entrepreneur) with me to help me direct this shoot for her online clothing store, Bleach and Studs. It was a week of brainstorming through Facebook chat, Pinterest, and Tumblr until the day of the shoot itself. What we did wrong was that we didn’t have the chance to scout for places but Nina went ahead and suggested to shoot where she lived so that problem was solved immediately BUT none of us agreed on the time so the day went on without an actual plan. We were under a time crunch and we took loads of these photos under the heat of the Manila summer sun, but in the end it was worth it and we were all happy—not only did we get great shots but we got to spend the day together which we don’t get to do a lot being homeschooled kids who lived hours away from each other. It was a great day and by the end of it, we were already brainstorming new photoshoot ideas.

So, I’d like to introduce to you all Nina, Kim, Jed, Dane, and Wax who were great sports and who made the day extremely fun and unforgettable. Hopefully, you’ll see a lot more of them on my blog, and hopefully you liked this set.

If you did, please go check out Bleach and Studs on Instagram or Facebook! B&S is the brainchild of Nina Sta. Cruz who loved fashion so much she knew she wanted to make a career out of it from a young age. Plus she’s extremely nice and lovely, I swear to God. It’s all urban and classy with B&S, so go shop the hastag #bshoot!


P.S. I hit my head really hard on an overhead beam at the playground and was sent to the emergency room 12 hours later because of the pain. Remarkable day. x

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Does anyone suffer REALLY bad separation anxiety with their Bub? I don't have any other type of anxiety what so ever but u am just finding so much difficulty at the moment with being away from my little one.

I know Admin Kaelly (I’m not sure what she’s going by anymore so I hope that’s right.) Had a panic attack from leaving her LO with me for about 15 minutes. mommatoevelynn I’ll tag her to see if she can add some input.

I have pretty bad anxiety leaving my kids too, especially with certain people. They only ever, ever go to 2 houses and I’m constantly worried about certain things with either one even after I’ve fixed the issue. I don’t like leaving my youngest anywhere. I write notes, and send photo instructions. I haven’t really found too much of a way to cope with it, it does get better as they age though in my experience.

-Cassandra or twoshiningsuns


PB & J Filled Muffins

Raise your hand if you usually eat just one muffin. Yeah, me either. Some things you just need two of. I always need 2 muffins. So when I found this recipe for jam filled muffins, I knew that I needed 2 of them. And soon. As I was making them, inspiration struck. Why not make half the batch peanut butter? That way the 2 muffins would compliment each other like…like…like peanut butter and jelly!

I just met my cheesiness quota for the day. But really, peanut butter and jelly are soulmates in the best way. It’s a universal truth. They just go together. And not just because most of us ate pb & j sandwiches as kids. It’s because of the qualities of each. Jelly has that sweet stickiness with the right amount of tartness to give it an edge. And peanut butter is nutty and rich, with a smoothness pleasant unctuousness that rounds everything out and lasts and lasts. The flavors, the textures, they just go. They’re meant to be. (Like me and Mr. Limes. te-he, giggle, giggle.)

Sorry, more cheesiness. I guess I’m just cheesy today. Let’s bring on the recipe, asap. These are originally called “Doughnut Muffins”, so you know they’re not going to be healthy. Just warning you now that you’re going to need a whole stick of melted butter for this one. Not healthy, but terribly good. And here we go! Recipe adapted from Simply Delicious Food. Makes 10 muffins.

  • 200 grams of all-purpose flour (a little more than 1 ½ cups)
  • 150 grams of sugar (about ¾ cup)
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • 100ml plain yogurt (about ½ cup)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1 stick (½ cup) of unsalted butter
  • jam, jelly, preserves, or marmalade, in the flavor of your choice
  • smooth peanut butter
  • cinnamon and sugar (optional)

1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Grease a muffin tin with butter, oil, or cooking spray. Melt butter. Allow to cool slightly while gathering ingredients. In a large bowl, stir together flour, sugar, baking powder, and salt.

2. In a separate bowl, whisk yogurt, eggs, vanilla extract, and melted butter. Pour wet ingredients over dry ingredients and whisk until just combined.

3. Use about half the batter to put a tablespoon of batter into 10 of the holes in the muffin pan. Place a rounded teaspoon full of jam into the center of 5 of the holes. Place a rounded teaspoon full of peanut butter into the center of the other 5 holes. Cover with the rest of the batter (about another tablespoon per muffin).

4. Place in the oven and bake for 14-18 minutes until golden brown and cooked through. After removing from oven, sprinkle the tops of each muffin generously with sugar, and then lightly with cinnamon (if desired). Allow to cool for at least 10 minutes before removing and serving. You don’t want to start eating these right away, as tempting as they seem. The jelly centers are like molten lava. But a 10-15 minute rest should cool them off enough to not be dangerous. If you have any left over, wrap them in plastic wrap after they are completely cooled. They are still great the next day, too.

dad: hey are you okay
me: im fine !!
(((me internally))): kung fu panda is so unappreciated in the realm of cg animation movies it has such a good heart and fun characters and it teaches kids that you can be great no matter where u came from or how u look or how much you Weigh do you kknow how many kids need that in life kung fu panda also has such fantastic animation and great plot points and just everything is incredible the jokes have great payoff and the fact that kung fu panda is overlooked because of its name and premise makes me wana drop kick every fucking person that even breathes the word Frozen next 2 me ill fucking die 4 kung fu panda jack black can get these Gotdamn hands whether its him or his panda Ass Ffuck you .. fuck you kung fu panda is the greatest movie ever made someone please reblog this with a low res photo of po

Hammam - Getting naked with strangers in Morocco.

by Meagen Collins

I suppose, of all the countries in the World, Morocco would be one of the last I’d have expected to end up in a room full of almost naked women. Nudity or toplessness is the norm in a Moroccan hammam, and little foreign me was just going to have to embrace it.

It’s not really the done thing in western cultures - bathing with others in a state of undress. I mean sure, when I was a kid my mum would throw my younger brother and me in the tub and create an endless amount of embarrassing photos that would magically reappear on our 21st birthday’s. But since then, bathing has been my own private alone time.

Not so in Morocco.

At this point you may have 2 questions racing through your mind tanks:

  1. Isn’t Morocco a muslim country, where people are quite conservative? Yes. Women do cover up here in public. Most women adorn the head scarfs, and there are quite a few that wear the full faced burka.
  2. Why would you, a 31 year old women, honestly want to go and bathe with a bunch of complete strangers? Shits & giggles is really the only response I have… Plus, it’s the done thing in a Moroccan Hammam. Completely normal.

Upon arriving in Morocco, I actually had never heard of Hammam, nor was I aware of the fact that it was a popular pastime here.

So, first, let’s back up a bit….

What is Moroccan Hammam?

Hammam Entrance in Marrakech - Always segregated bathing

Hammam is just another term for bath.

You may have heard of Turkish or Roman baths - but it turns out that in Morocco, public bath culture is just as important. In fact men, women and children (segregated, of course) make it a weekly ritual to visit their local hammam. They spend hours bathing, scrubbing off all of their dead skin and gossiping with friends.

It really is a very social occasion - just a more nudie one.

I am not someone that is backward in coming forward so I decided to give it a go.

What to expect at a Moroccan Hammam: (tales from the girls only zone)

Naturally we cannot show any photos inside the Moroccan hammam. But take my word for it, it is certainly very different to the ways things are on the streets of Morocco.

The hammam is the only place where women will be uncovered outside of their homes. And it was truly amazing to see how perfectly comfortable they are, even with me there. In fact, many chatted to me and giggled with me as I was led through the hammam ritual for the very first time.

Also, it’s great how curvy everyone is - there is no hangups about weight, in fact curves are much prefered over skinny in Morocco. My boyfriend Tom was (as a joke) offered 300 camels for me as the guy insisted “i feed my wife couscous day and night and she still doesn’t put on weight - your wife would do a fine job”. As positive body image is a topic I have written on a lot, it was refreshing to walk in and not to feel self conscious. Ladies of all sizes can be comfortable in a Moroccan Hammam.

Upon entering you will be in a change room, much like any gym, where you can undress and give your clothes to the ladies who will take care of your belongings for you. In many hammams in Morocco it is acceptable to keep your underwear on - just letting you know so you don’t go full birthday suit unnecessarily.

At this point a lady came over and took my tickets. This had been given to me by the guy at the front counter, so that the ladies knew exactly what I had paid for. My hammam lady didn’t actually speak any English so I knew things were going to be interesting…

Next stop is the steam room. Here you will see loads of ladies bathing themselves and each other. There’s also usually a few kids just sitting in buckets messing about (super cute). There were no baths in this particular hammam, but warm water was readily available for you to fill your bucket up with.

The Entrance to the Eranouk Hammam Essaouira, Morocco. The one I visited.

The location I visited was in a residential district of the small city of Essaouira. This was not designed for tourists or luxury visitors and rarely visited by foreigners. It was the bare, basic, tiled walls and floors with little decoration. A place to clean and socialise, not to be pampered. It’s down a side street and a little tricky to find. Taxi drivers will know it though.

This was the real local experience…

The Scrub

I was lead to the scrub room where a mat is placed on the floor and I was instructed to lay down on it. Putting aside the thought of how many other semi naked or naked asses had been on that mat, I did as I was told. The lady then took the keesa glove and proceeded to scrub all of the dead skin off my body.

Things to note at this time:

  1. The keesa feels like a piece of sandpaper that has been fashioned into a glove of sorts
  2. It’s actually really gross how much dead skin comes off you.
  3. It can be a bit ouchie. Remember what I said about the sandpaper?

I think she was being pretty gentle with me as I had read accounts of other westerners being scrubbed red raw. But although it was a little uncomfortable and slightly painful, it wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. Just remember if she does get a little too rough with you say “beshwiya beshwiya” which means slowly, slowly and she should lay off your poor skin a little bit.

After the scrub and wash down with water it was time to move to a different room. The shampoo room. It is here where she proceeded to wash my hair, and not in the nice salon "I love it when people gently wash and massage my hair way”. No it was much more basic than that, but certainly got the job done. She then dumped a massive bucket of water on my head to remove the shampoo and repeated the dumping one more times for good measure.

The black soap massage

Black soap is said to be full of antioxidants and have amazing benefits for the skin. So I thought this sounded pretty exotic. I didn’t however, know what to expect massage wise. I’ve had massages in many countries that ranged from soothing bliss, to OMG why are you causing me so much pain I thought this was supposed to relax me!

Today however, lying on a mat of questionable cleanliness on the floor of a strange bath house, I was given the white woman massage treatment. Even though I told her she could press harder - she did, but only a very little bit. Tom, who was having the man treatment next door (his story’s for another time) was apparently twisted into a pretzel of pain.

I think I’ll take the white lady treatment thank you!

After my mini massage was over she then proceeded to unceremoniously dump another massive bucket of water over my head to wash away the suds of the black soap.

Regular soap time

Now it’s time for the regular soap wash, where she washed my body down for me (leaving me to do my own ladies bits). I have to say it is a weird experience having someone bathe you - you see old pictures of ladies of leisure being bathed by their servants in baths full of milk. But in Hammam Eranouk, it’s a quick scrub down before dumping another bucket of water over your head.

And that ladies and gents was the end of my hammam experience. I was taken back to the change room where the ladies handed me back my clothes. I managed to get out a quick shokran (thank you in Arabic) before she was off to scrub another lady raw. After 45 mins it was all over and I was off into the real world of Essaouira, all scrubbed clean and positively glowing. All in all, not too bad of an experience.

Naturally this was the uber local experience - not touristic in any way shape or form. There are some fantastic Moroccan hammams that offer first class spa treatments that soothe and pamper you to your hearts content. But I kind of like my crazy local experience - at least it gives me a good story to tell.

Photo experiences with Chinese people so far

1. The waitress girl in the Japanese restaurant who snapped a photo in secret but when busted she asked for a normal one.
2. The colleague who asked for photos during lunch break on the 4th week.
3. The 4 men on the street near Holiday beach who snapped photos without permission.
4. The guy who “was just making a video” while I was sunbathing at Holiday beach.
5. The woman in Movie Town who asked for selfies with me.
6. The kid on the bus last weekend.

So far I have to say they don’t ask for permission (thanks for that 2 who did). I mean if I’m not in a hurry and they want a shared picture it’s okay, but it’s really annoying when they take ones without asking it first.

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I have my first NKOTB m&g ever coming up and was hoping you could share your experience/let me know what to expect?

Anon, I’m so excited for you! 

The one thing I cannot reiterate enough is that the experience goes by REALLLLLLY fast if you didn’t purchase an ultimate package (aka the individual meet and greet upgrade). Unlike the Mars m&g, there is no Q&A sessions. It’s just the photo op. 

There is usually 10 girls for each picture (2 girls per New Kid). If you have a particular NK you’d like to stand next to, I would highly recommend searching #TheMainEvent on Twitter or joining the “NKOTB 2015 tour- The Main Event” group on Facebook. There are posts by people forming photo groups. Donnie and Jordan are usually the most popular members, followed by Joe, Jon, and burnt bacon. If you don’t want to get stuck next to bacon, definitely try to find a group prior to your show. He’s usually the only one available if you wait to get assigned to a group day of. 

Once you’re at the venue and are settled with your group, line up in the order in which the New Kids are standing. This will ensure that you’ll be able to hug each one as you go through the line after pics are over.

Most importantly, breathe and have lots of fun! 

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Fennel, ginseng and green for the ask meme:)

Fennel: how do you feel right now?

Full, but very content. I just spent the morning with a lot of friends I haven’t seen in a while and we had lots of fun. Plus my friends didn’t blow up about me giving their baby boy a dress. They were both actually kinda excited and everyone there laughed and was like “Heck yeah! Fuck the gender binary, kids are pretty much gender neutral anyway!” Which was awesome. Now I’m chilling out on my front deck enjoying the sun~

Ginseng: post a photo of somewhere you feel calm

Pretty sure this was Byron Bay. It was so nice there~

Green: list your top 3 motivators

1) Procrastination
Nothing gets shit done like avoiding getting more important shit done!

2) Obnoxiously early alarms combined with skipping breakfast? Like, I know it’s terrible, but I have a lot more get up and go if I just go and don’t stop. Eating just slows me down in the morning and I’d rather eat later when I’m actually awake and not eating because three meals a day has been socially conditioned into me…

3) Last minute due dates. I do other things while procrastinating and then I motivate myself to do the important thing by remembering I have to have it in by a certain date and time >>

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1. How did you get into the field you are now? Like what made you say "yes THIS is what I want to do"? 2. Do you have a favourite genre of music? 3. What would your ultimate vacation be like?

1 - my mom is in the same field. I had no idea what i wanted to do with my life, still dont really but I needed money. I’ve always wanted to work with kids so that’s basically it :P 

2 - umm…. I’m just going to say current pop stuff because it’s fun and catchy. Some days it’s hip hop though

3 - I’d have someone I love with me. It would be somewhere quiet. Like not a beach or tourist spot with a shit ton of people. And I’d have my camera. I just want to go somewhere breathtaking and take photos 

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1. How’d you choose your url: Got into training about 2 years ago and since I love cycling road2strong felt like a good name to document my progress.
2. The name you wished your parents had called you when you were a kid: Batman I think, glad they didn’t  :P
3. A fairytale or fictional pet you would want: I would like to hang out with Timon from the lion king.
4. Favorite Colour: Yellow & black
5. Favorite Song:  When we were winning with Broder Daniel
6. Top 5 Fandoms: Not sure about this one.
7. Why do you enjoy tumblr: I like how people share photos with real stories. I spend much more time reading tumblr post then just scrolling down my instagram or facebook feed.  

im laughing so hard bc they put lazward’s (inigo clone 1) photo on inigo’s page and trying to look him up jut rEDIRECTS TO INIGO

and then lazward’s kid is just ANOTHER clone of inigo

so u can make ur kamui look like inigo, and then u have the 2 inigo clones,

and then what if inigo gets to be an amiibo. what then

The Sunday Currently 2.0

As you can see, I used and edited Bob Ong’s book cover as my Sunday Currently photo. And I claim nothing, okay. Just in case someone is reading my blog. Less than a week has been remaining before i say bye-bye to my teenage years. And i still blog like a kid. Perhaps, i will just keep my TSC updated because it makes me feel like an adult ha ha or not. Anyhoo, as if anyone reads this. But i’ll just keep on going.


R e a d i n g my accounting textbook because back to school already. Yes, after what happened last Thursday, which gave me a sudden depression, I sought God and felt motivated to open my book. My accounting textbook. But my last read was Bob Ong’s Si. I just had a “book review” about it.

W r i t i n g nothing. Sadly, i rarely write on my journal anymore.

L i s t e n i n g to the noisy sound of the wall fan.

T h i n k i n g of the future. Nah, not the far future, rather the near future. Like tomorrow. Or just the later hour because (i never thought i would say this right now but i feel motivated) i am thinking of studying.

S m e l l i n g nothing. Just plainly breathing.

W i s h i n g my thoughts will be filled with positive thoughts. As in, constantly and genuinely positive because i always try to be positive but who am i kidding anyway? There is always a part of me that contradicts it.

H o p i n g for the best. Couldn’t think of any, really.

W e a r i n g DIY muscle tee and orange boxers.

L o v i n g my dadi! Happy father’s day! Love you!

W a n t i n g to study. Oh God how many times did i type i want to study

N e e d i n g cute little sticky notes because it adds motivation on my studying hehe

F e e l i n g partly motivated to study and partly lazy. Of course, the latter always wins.

Originally by Sidda.

Is it just me or there are thousands of people sharing photos with poor kids followed by a 2 liner of how this “experience” changed their lives or something. K I am not against you volunteer ing for something and posting a photo of it but when the children look tired and fed up and you are maintaining your distance with the nice hair and clothes, it gets obvious!