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what's your clothing style?

ok i literally don’t know how to describe my style like ?? pretentious gay art kid that doesn’t have enough money 2 buy nice clothes ?? idk SO i decided to compile a bunch of photos of my favourite shirts (didn’t do pants or shoes bc all i wear is black high waisted skinny jeans and doc martens yikes)!! (also warning for body image i am showing pictures of my torso pls be careful)

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Chamomile, Fennel (though i'm sure Grossed out is the answer!), Ginseng and Green~

  • chamomile:describe your sleep schedule - ooo its fucked up tbh!!! but im trying to set a GOOD EXAMPLE 2 a certain someone so i try to get to bed a lil early
  • fennel:how do you feel right now? - irritated but also i have a cold so im pretty distracted from fuccbois
  • ginseng:post a photo of somewhere you feel calm - 

thats me and becca findingthelifestyle!!! its in her room. i love her room. i can just go in and organize and be calm!!! 

  • green:list your top 3 motivators - the 1st person knows who they are!!! and then the next is like… everyone im going to meet the rest of my life adn i dont want to be messed up so i miss any opportunities of friendship… and then the last are my kids in the future. yeah! 

Him: what are you thinking?
Me: huh? Nothing.
Him: cmon. Tell me. I know that look.
Me: hmm.. I was wondering if we can take a photo together cos it’s Valentine’s day. Like a screenshot?
Him: sure :)
Me: really? :) okay. 1, 2,
Him: *sticks his tongue out and moves his head side to side* hence the blurry photo

I made a funny straight face and he laughed and said, “aww. Just kidding just kidding just kidding!” Haha. I love how he can be sweet and funny at the same time. Yep, we did take a decent photo.

Tag game

I was tagged by taeyangstummy​ , thank you :3

◆Name: Valentina, but call me Tina :)
◆Age: will be 21 in august
◆Gender: female
◆Self photo:  bleeeeeh… why?

◆ (5)Favorites: what favorites? I’ll just go with favorite k-pop bands….in no               particular order : 
    1. VIXX (bias Ken)
    2. BTS (bias J-Hope)
    3. BigBang ( bias Daesung)
    4. B.A.P. (bias Daehyun)
    5. 2ne1 (bias CL)

 2. I’m a huge potterhead. I’ve read every book at least 5 times. I’m not even kidding
 3. I love watching anime. and don’t ask me which one is my favorite because I don’t know
 4. I drink a LOT of coffee….. 
 5. I have hella lame jokes. I should write a book of lame puns….. oh and I use ”XD” a lot….

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you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to :3


FMLS90 photo collage

  1. an accomplishment: I graduated high school and treatment. And the photo is of Utah where my boarding school was.
  2. someone I admire: my grandmother is so kick ass. she moved to the US and, learned English, and got her PhD after raising three kids and is now a professor. And she does yoga or pilates every morning. the photo is her wearing the ring her mother gave her, and me wearing the replica she had made for my 18th birthday.
  3. a silly selfie.
  4. a photo of an animal: my dad’s dog being a cutie with her toy.
  5. something that describes my personality: I love Captain America and I waited for like 2 hours to meet him at Disneyland. The face actor was awesome and I was just thrilled.

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1. First impression:  I knew who you were from my brother, I wasn’t sure if you knew who I was, though!  You are really awesome and creative, and very thoughtful with all your opinions. 
2. Truth is: I am still waiting to meet you in person!  I think you are fantastic and if you can live amicably with my brother then that just proves you are a being above this plane of existence.  (Just kidding, Will isn’t that bad, unless he eats all your crackers)
3. How old do you look: Have I mentioned I am the worst at this?  Because I really am.  I think you’re in your early twenties, that’s my not so educated guess
4. Have you ever made me laugh: your posts sure have!
5. Have you ever made me mad:  Naw, we chill
6. Best feature:  since I have yet to actually meet you in person, I can only go by photos but in those your smile is really great and i am quite envious of your super snazzy specs!
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: cant say i have…
8. You’re my: 1 degree of separation friend 
9. Name in my phone: you arent in my phone
10. Should you post this too? I think you already did!

life post!

1. Spent the weekend in Cape Cod with AJ…it was beautiful and snowy! It felt like we were the only ones there. His birthday was a success, he’s such an old man! (just kidding, he’s only 28 :P) I am so in love.

2. Today was a pretty productive day off, got up early and really cleaned my room! Found old razors that I’d forgotten about and eight hospital bracelets from when I was really struggling. Promptly threw all of those things away, and I felt so relieved to get rid of them.

3. I made a post on instagram last week using a comparison photo I used to hate. My mindset has changed so much, I can see now how unhealthy I looked in my “before” photo (when I was very much engaged in my ED). A friend of mine from college saw the post and texted me saying that she works for an ED center now and she’s hosting a panel about eating disorders at our old school this week. She said I’m welcome to come and share my story- I was so honored!

4. Back to reality (and work) tomorrow!

Y’all who keep spreading those leaked photos of kris makes you behave like that hacker, keepin it posted with the malicious rumor makes you an accessory of the hacker’s bad intentions. It’s all about invasion of kris’ privacy plus staining his reputation.
I’d be a hypocrite not to say I liked those pics of him(esp.those 2 mirror selcas ft. Tao in boxers)lol, but kidding aside,the photos are stolen and weren’t consented to be shared online so I chose to help on taking it down. And pls. Just pls. The “bona” part is obviously made up and if in case,just in case, kris really have had a gf before (that he may/may not confirm) that won’t make me hate him nor less like him,fanfan dating or not is not a big deal(perhaps to me). I’m one of the fans who’d be glad to see him date someone he likes and or marry whoever he’ll love to be his wife.
This day is just one of those days where our trust in everything that kris says and does were tested(lol,don’t wanna sound cheesy), times like this make me wanna protect him even more.
I hope these people who doesn’t have any plans on refraining from ruining kris’ career realized that the more they throw rocks on kris, the stronger his fans will become.

I can just shake this kind of kris’ hates off but sometimes I just don’t wanna be apathetic,I’m one of galaxy’s stars!.

People throw rocks at things that shine!
Fanfan fighting!

#kris #wuyifan #吴亦凡


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5 best Louis photos from your saved files...GO

Oh anon!

Why do you do this to me?! How can you make me choose which Photo causes me more pain from all the ones I saved of him?! ^^° This ask is allready torture and  I didn´t even start to answer it…

I just can´t stick to 5 when there are so many categorise to look at. Please bear with three times of what you asked me for ^^°

1) Louis smile/laugh: Makes me want to rip my hair out. Seeing him genuinely happy makes me smile everytime! And I bet you as well!

I mean





2) Then there is this special place in my heart I have for Fetus Louis. Oh god. He was this little, very loud ball of sassy and camp sunshine!  


A CHILD?!??! are you kidding me?!?!? T_T


I want to hug him! ^^°


3. There are the pics that just make you ask yourself: How is Louis Tomlinson real?!



have an





Thank you all so much, I know I haven’t been posting a lot lately, dn content the most and i’m very sorry about that it’s just that iv been in Blade & Soul all this time getting ready for videos and photos of Dobok’s and character snapshots for Youtube,Tumblr, and Deviant Art. It’s hard playing more than 2 mmo’s you know even harder when you have a guild to run daily. From Blade & Soul to Dragon Nest to Tera to Team Fortress 2 to Left 4 Dead to Els…no I quit Elsword I was sick of those bad parenting kids…and hackers. Also editing Music.

I have a lot, A LOT of photo’s that I haven’t bothered posting i’ll try posting them daily again but me with my gaming moments it’s just…

Well anyway iv decided to stop running my guild on Dragon Nest *DeadSpace* i’m really sorry if you all are reading this but even tho I LOVEEEEEEE Dragon Nest to death my place is in Blade & Soul it’s just a pretty game for me and I love using my Lyn characters. I will still hop on for PvP to keep my title as the Number 1 skill blocker on my Priest *I know you pally hoggers and warrior trying to debuff hate me enough in respawn, stop pming me on my max block it’s not even maxed*

Well anyway thanks again ^ ^


Pictures from Retreat- part 1 of 3!

This is from a “selfie scavenger hunt” we did at camp, and this is my group- the Dory group! We swim for glory and just keep winning!

I’m the dork in the dark green jacket with the glasses with the thick black frames and always has a goofy looking smile on my face.

The person at the front of most of these images is Jesse, the other leader of the small group I lead.

I love all of the kids in this group, am thankful to the adults for helping us lead, and grateful to have had Jesse around to help me.

These pictures for the scavenger hunt are as follows:

1) a fish

2) something round

3) Us finding purpose

4) something cold

5) something hot

6) favorite retreat activity

7) all-weather tires

…and those are just the first seven on the list! There’s still 14 more!

teastaindiary replied to your photo:Just need to add some milk and then… tea time.

Shameless is hardly relaxing! I kid! Relax, drink your tea and breath!

You make a good point. Ok so the tea is here to ease me into it, fully knowing i’ll be a mess at the end of it no matter what i drink beforehand. But here for hoping!

Peace Corps by the numbers

February 20, 2015

18—months down

4—weeks we had with nearly 24/7 power before the luz started coming and going again

1—day until 3 friends from college arrive to visit me

2ish—years we’ve been planning their visit—they committed to visiting me in Peace Corps before I even know what country I’d be serving in!  

18—approximate number of hours we’ll spend on the guagua together over the next week

2—number of my blog posts reblogged by the official Peace Corps blog in the last month

74—“likes” my photos of my cat received, compared to just 36 for a photo of my youth group kiddies (people of Tumblr, I see where your interests lie!)

5—consecutive weeks we’ve attempted to start a new Escojo Mi Vida class, with no success

Negative—interest I currently have in eating boiled bananas

3—days kids have had off of school in the last month due to rain  

1—entire novel I read just waiting in line on 2 trips to the bank

0—surprisingly, lasting marks from the old lady who bit me  

9—months to go!


A photo of me dancing like a sim when my aspiration is overload and a photo of me when I woke up and got ready lol!

Today I got the phone call that i now work for Dr. Haber as a MOS and I’ll get my certificate for me phlebotomy and maybe become a nurse?? Stay tuned 2 find out!!!

I’m just so happy I got hired AND I’m graduating in May! So it’s way before I’ll even have my degree :’)

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moonstone and garnet


MOONSTONE: what family do you want in the future?
oh god don’t get me fucking started. to be honest? i want pseudo-siblings. if i ever get that, i’ll be fine. i want a qpp and maaaaaybe 2 kids who will be raised to make the world a better place.

GARNET: list three of your passions
1. Music
2. Poetry
3. Editing things

About the Blogger!!

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Name: Arlyne

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Self Photo:  my sister literally threw snow in my hair prior to this so yeah and i like it because no make up, and yeah


Food: No, you can’t ask me this.

Book:  i can’t just chose one out of all my children, are you mad.

Movie: most disney movies and TFIOS

Band: Hillsong 

Place: my room

School Subject: definitely art

Sport: don’t really play sports unless you count dancing (by that i mean like praise dancing), and i don’t compete or anything so it’s basically just for fun and i teach some kids a few years younger than me so it can be pretty fun at times

Actor: Logan Lerman

Actress: Emma Watson


Siblings: 2 little sisters

Dream Job: okay so this has always been really tough for me because i really wanna do something i love like art while still earning a lot so i can help my parents. I really wanna do something in art but idk what so yeah

Fears: bugs, spiders, the future, spiders, being forgotten, spiders, going to hell, spiders and oh yeah spiders

Tattoos: none

Piercings: just one on each ear 

Languages: fluent English, Spanish, and i’m learning Italian in school


Reason Behind My URL: well son, i love books, and i love music so i just combined the two ideas and got Symphony-of-books

Why You Joined: my friend had a tumblr and she was pushing me to make one for about a year or so so i finally made one and now i’m addicted

First URL: amercado626

# of blogs: just this one, but i’m thinking of possible starting anew one where i post my art so please let me know if that’s a good idea or not and some tips!

I Tag: a-girl-with-a-fear-of-drowning  snazzyusername  froslasshime hipsterlater runningwithhors3s and anyone else who wants to do this!

Types of taxi drivers in Istanbul:
1) The Insane One: He drives in such a way that it becomes a literal ‘highway to hell’ situation. The way he speeds through narrow spaces, he defies not just traffic laws but the laws of physics too.
2) The Crook: This one specialises in tourists. Taking the longest route, asking to be paid in dollars and giving fake notes as your change are just some of his tricks.
3) The one that wants to give you a socio-economics lesson: ‘If it wasn’t for those damn Gezi Park protests, business wouldn’t be so slow’. Yes, you are right. No, I wasn’t there protesting. No way.
4) The one that wants to show you photos of his kids: It’s 3am, you’re drunk and now you have to be polite about some weird looking kid.
5) The one that doesn’t want to take you anywhere: ‘Sister, don’t get me into that traffic for 5 liras!’
6) The Passive Aggressive One: Yelling and swearing and honking away, the only one he’s ignoring is you telling him where you want to go.
7) The Multi-tasker: Cigarette in one hand, phone in the other, all the while taking short naps at the red lights. You just pray that he’s sober.
8 ) The one who convinces you to get off the taxi and walk the rest of the way: ‘Look at this traffic! If you walk you will get there in no time. It’s only 149 kilometres away’.
9 ) The Hero: He sees you walking uphill in the middle of the night and offers to take you up the road for free. Yey!
10) The Wise One: Full of melancholic yet inspiring life stories, with just a touch of humour. You leave his taxi as a better person.

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Hey 👹

1. First impression: Some kid with cool ass hair
2. Truth is: You’re just some nerd with cool ass hair
3. How old do you look: Irl like 16 or 17 but in photos you look either way younger or way older. I guess it’s how the camera compresses your face <3
4. Have you ever made me laugh: Yes at absolutely ridiculous things
5. Have you ever made me mad: I don’t think so????
6. Best feature: Dat ass
7. Have I ever had a crush on you: #nohetero
8. You’re my: Preppiest friendo 
9. Name in my phone: Bae with a couple hearts
10. Should you post this too? You better damn well post this <3 (Actually I don’t really care because it’s your choice)

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