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pairing: alex/maggie (alex-centric)
chapter: 1/1
word count: 2,000+
summary: Dying is almost calming. Sure, her chest is burning and she feels like her throat is going to collapse in on itself. But, it’s almost serene. It’s silence. It’s nothing.

(or, a short-ish thing based on Alex in the tank in 2x19)

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Derek Hale

  • My NOTP for them: scott, jennifer
  • My BROTP for them: isaac and boyd. though i also love derek-jackson bros
  • My OTP for them: you know who…
  • My second choice pairing for them: hmm…allison, i think. though i like derek/parrish, too
  • My fluffy pairing for them: stiles who sits on the other end of derek’s couch and flails around while talking incessantly, bringing over take out and movies and books and board games, and kinda forcing himself obnoxiously into derek’s life bc derek just looks lonely, okay? and derek is really angry about it, but he starts to grow used to stiles and likes to listen to him talk, even though it’s like white noise in the bg, and he likes the content sweet smell of stiles when he’s rambling to derek, and how it intensifies if derek actually RESPONDS, and derek can smell him for hours afterwards in the house/apartment because stiles’ scent is that strong, or maybe derek recognizes it that much.

  • My angsty pairing for them: stiles post-nogitsune, who is super broken and plagued by nightmares and depression, and then the donovan stuff happens, and if you add on the s6 getting sucked into a parallel universe thing, stiles is just fucked up, okay? and he calls derek one night the summer after he graduates and is like “i can’t do this. how did you even get up each morning?” and derek is like halfway across the BLOODY COUNTRY and he talks to stiles almost nonstop as he drives back to beacon hills, scared stiles is gonna do something STUPID, and stiles just talks and talks like he hasn’t talked to anyone in AGES and derek realizes he probably HASN’T because stiles is like that, all words as armor unless it actually matters, and then it’s all denial and suppression, but stiles is talking like a dam broke, and derek listens and maybe derek talks to, just to share his pain bc he thinks stiles will understand and maybe find a tiny bit of comfort in it, and derek doesn’t hang up as stiles falls asleep on the phone, and stiles’ phone goes dead at some point but he calls him back when he wakes up, and derek listens as stiles fixes breakfast and then runs a bath and it should be weird that stiles is talking about college classes and majors while in the bathtub, but derek knows neither of them want to hang up, so they just keep talking. then derek pulls up in front of stiles’ house, and stiles looks out the window, phone still pressed to his ear, and he smiles just a small smile, and says, “you’re really here, right?” and derek says, “come down and see for yourself” and derek stays the night and sleeps on the couch and then they leave for a crosscountry road trip the next day, despite the sheriff being unsure about the whole thing, but the sheriff tells derek to take care of stiles and derek promises and stiles just brings a small bag and derek loves him so much in that moment but knows it’s not about that, so they just put on the radio and drive.

  • My favorite poly ship for them: derek/stiles/parrish, though i kinda love derek/chris/stiles 
  • My weirdest pairing for them: i have a soft spot for derek/melissa

Villain is intent on extinguishing all human life on Earth. Our heroes confront her in her lair, only to find out she’s a negative utilitarian and is just trying to minimise suffering. After an emotive scene where they convince her that life has value and her framing is wrong, she repents and decides to use her considerable resources for good.

In season 2, our heroes discover some mysterious entity sabotaging condom factories and spreading faulty birth control. It’s our villain again, convinced that life has inherent value, abstaining from creating life is equivalent to murder and she is doing everything she can to maximise number of people. Our heroes have to face her again, trying to explain that just life by itself is not enough and the happiness of that life is also important. They convince her of this, and also of not backsliding into her previous ways, and everything seems alright.

In season 3, people are going missing and eventually discovered in strange pods, blissed out on some drug cocktail and with wires stuck to their heads. Our heroes quickly deduce the villain is trying to maximise happiness, in her own way. Realising the predictable flaws of their straightforward approach, they know there’s no way around it: they need an actual complete theory of ethics!

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Your opinion on Romantic Friendships? :D

Clearly the most ideal form of human interaction! :D

I kid… but not really? There is a lot that appeals to me about the concept, but most of all it is the unapologetic expression of positivity and goodwill that manages to be both earnest and casual - not in the sense of lacking meaning, but in not being burdensome. And that’s something that I really really want to see more of, both in media and in everyday world. There’s something scary about how much it is normal to check yourself before having Feelings At people you love - will they think it’s weird, that I’m silly or ridiculous, that I’m demanding something from them? And seriously, to hell with that.

Perhaps more to the point, to hell with the neat little boxes for different types of human relationships that are somehow supposed to tell you how much you are allowed to love someone, and how and why.

Let’s normalise affection? Please?

  • Craig: Air, water, fire, earth - which of you would bend what element?
  • Tweek: Fire!
  • Craig: [stage whispering] Because of your fiery passion.
  • Clyde: Earth.
  • Craig: [slightly louder] Because you’re so grounded.
  • Token: Hmm…water.
  • Craig: Because you’re so deep and mysterious!
  • Clyde: [mumbling] And you’re a wet blanket.
  • Jimmy: And I would bend air!
  • Clyde: Because you’re an airhead.
  • Jimmy: Now I kn-n-ow you intended to hurt my ff-f-feelings…but I am just so d-darn proud of you that you made a DAD JOKE!
  • Clyde: [covering his mouth] Oh, shhh–

I finally found time to give makeovers to these two. They belong to gen 4 of Rose Legacy, in fact. Barbara Locke is daughter of Jasper and Marissa. Evelyn Rose is daughter of Abbey and someone I don’t remember because he’s just a random townie whose genes weren’t strong enough to mess her up anyway. :D Oh god I didn’t intend this to sound so mean. And yet…oh well.

I have taken Story Progression mod out of my game a few months ago. I don’t remember why but I’m considering putting it back just so I could get more spares’ kids to make over. Nothing is really happening in the town without it :/


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NikolaTesla rediscovered the power of the #DjedPillar #Ankh. These #oscillators are expressly intended to operate on direct and alternating lighting circuits and to generate damped and undamped oscillations or currents of any frequency, volume and tension within the widest limits. They are compact, self-contained, require no care for long periods of time and will be found very convenient and useful for various purposes as, wireless telegraphy and telephony; conversion of electrical energy; formation of chemical compounds through fusion and combination; synthesis of gases; manufacture of ozone; lighting; welding; municipal, hospital, and domestic sanitation and sterilization, and numerous other applications in scientific laboratories and industrial institutions. While these transformers have never been described before, the general principles underlying them were fully set forth in my published articles and patents, more particularly those of September 22, 1896, and it is thought, therefore, that the appended photographs of a few types, together with a short explanation, will convey all the information that may be desired. The essential parts of such an oscillator are: a condenser, a self-induction coil for charging the same to a high potential, a circuit controller, and a transformer which is energized by the oscillatory. discharges of the condenser. There are at least three, but usually four, five or six, circuits in tune and the regulation is effected in several ways, most frequently merely by means of an adjusting screw. Under favorable conditions an efficiency as high as 85% is attainable, that is to say, that percentage of the energy supplied can be recovered in the secondary of the transformer. While the chief virtue of this kind of apparatus is obviously due to the wonderful powers of the condenser, special qualities result from concatenation of circuits under observance of accurate harmonic relations, and minimization of frictional and other losses which has been one of the principal objects of the design. Now you know #4biddenknowledge

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Why Vulcans Are Autistic

I really have to put this on…paper for lack of a better term but I just have to share! The head-cannon that the Vulcan species in Star Trek are all autistic has me happy stimming to absolutely no end. So sit back if interested, relax and lemme tell you a thing or two (These are purely my opinions so please respect them as such, though if I’m way off the mark on some of the facts please message me)

Okay so the first thing that stands out to me is the Vulcan code of logic and how their lives are governed by it. They reject emotion and therefore have difficulty displaying it. That pairs nicely with autistic persons having difficulty expressing emotion! Vulcans are often misunderstood or deemed ‘cold’ by passers by who do not understand, much like autistic persons as well.

The next thing I want to touch on is physical contact (pun not intended I promise!) Vulcans don’t seem to engage in much physical contact, aside from a few things but only when they’re necessary, like touch telepathy, mind melds and the like and the intimate finger touching practice with loved ones. As for any other contact, Vulcans seem to keep their distance and though I’m not 100% sure why (Google isn’t very helpful…) but I liken that to having touch aversion as an Autistic person. Necessity aside from the Vulcan standpoint, they don’t engage in physical contact near as much as humans do which I attribute to being an Autistic trait as well.

Another thing is that they don’t understand human emotion, like the notion of jokes, teasing and others. I personally love this and absolutely think it proves the Vulcans being autistic theory, because I struggle to understand some emotions, jokes and being teased.

I had lots more to say, but I’m running low on spoons so I’ll leave it at that. I hope you enjoyed this…headcannon thing. *awkward half smile*