Hey you.

Yeah, you.
I see your shoulders back and head held high. I see the swagger in your step. I see the sparkle in your eye. I see the shining smile you wear. It all looks great.

Except I still see you.
I see your feet dragging. I see your head bowed low. I see your hands curled into fists at your sides. I see your back heavy with burden. I see your eyes starting to water. I see your broken smile.
I still see you.

But it’s okay.
God sees you too.
God sees your shattered heart. God sees your weary prayers. God sees your angry whispers. God sees the limp in your step. God sees the scars you hide. God sees the failures you’ve buried deep down inside. God sees the you that you so desperately want to be, He sees how hard you’ve tried to drown that screw-up you see in the mirror, He sees how much you’ve cried against the pillow because being this way is too much, He sees how much you try to be so much better; despite all your effort God still sees you.

Small, scared, vulnerable, imperfect you.

So go ahead. Cry, yell, scream, shout, kick, holler, wail, sob - let it all out. God sees you. He sees you whole, He sees you complete, He sees you healed, He sees you adorned in white, He sees you with a crown on your head. God sees you, beloved.
Nothing will ever change how He sees you.