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Top 6 Favorite Ikes


A very relatable Ike. Me too Ike, me too. 

a 10/10 Ike, too real 


There’s a buttload of things I like about this one, but I’m not gonna make an ass of myself trying to get to the bottom of it all. 

10/10, not ifs, ands or butts


That very steely gaze that exudes pure determination with a hint of inexperienced insecurity. Thank you Senri Kita for this 10/10 Ike 


I could have just put every RD cutscene Ike here but the image of this clunking giant of a man crouched down, giving kind words of encouragement and praise to a goddess in her time of self-doubt? Iconic. Definitive. A 10/10 Ike for sure


What exactly is happening here? Every time I look at this image I somehow feel my connection to this plane weakening. This is the Ike equivalent of a stroll through a Target aisle at 3am. Inexplicable, and somehow very powerful. The sparkle alone makes this a 10/10 Ike. 


A gorgeous picture of a very beautiful man, with a touch of sadness to it. Senri Kita herself mentioned that this is supposed to be Ike looking back at us one last time before he leaves on his journey for good. 

11/10, see you radiant hero, somewhere, somehow 


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Sorry for he question but I'm new to the sasusaku fandom and for I've only gotten to the part where asuma dies but I'm on Tumblr and for the life of me I cannot figure out where this sakura in an apron is coming from I'm so confused like I love the smut and stories but I feel like I'm missing something because anything referencing the apron confuses me !! Can you plz explain ? I love spoilers 😬

No worries anon welcome to sasusaku hell :)))
Rock Lee and Sasuke got comical SD spin-offs that are separate from the manga, and the apron moment comes from that.

The majority of Sasuke’s spin-off is about the time he spent with Taka but there was a promotional chapter for the Boruto movie where Boruto pulls pranks on him. Sasuke is training/sparring with Boruto and, in traditional Uzumaki fashion, Boruto announces he’s got a trick up his sleeve and does the sexy-no-jutsu. The catch is that, instead of becoming a female version of himself, he turns himself into Sakura, and she’s completely naked except for an apron.

Sasuke activates his sharingan dramatically/tells him he passed the test but that he needs to learn the harem technique (so he can become a bunch of naked Sakus for him ayyyy lmao) Sarada overhears this and punches them for being perverts. It’s glorious