so who else is just waiting for jasper to finally break down and cry :’’)

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i feel so good tn

anonymous asked:

Why do you keep disappearing?

I’ve just been really busy with life, friend!! I’ve been working full-time and going to school full-time, and I’ve also taken an interest in traveling (I got to go to Japan and China late last summer!!). I’m sorry I’ve been posting sporadically and then disappearing, but after this summer I’ll be finished with my A.A. degree and I’ll have a bit of a gap period before I return to school - hopefully then I can get back to posting art regularly! Thank you for asking!!!

anonymous asked:

Do you like Tikki Mik? I would love to see him drawn in your style ❤

Oh yeah I love him! He’s one of my top two favorite Noahs, he’s so so amazing ;; sadly I’ve never really managed to grasp how to properly draw him, so at best I can give you a doodle ;u; 

angel-with-problems  asked:

Hi! I love your fics and I was wondering if you could do a quick keith with a galra tail au! I saw some fanart for it and thought it was cute so I was wondering if you could write something about it with klance <3

“I think it’s cute.”

“I have a tail.”

Lance shrugs. “Cute.”

Keith sighs exasperated, rolling his eyes in the process as he turns his back to Lance and faces the rest of the team.

“Explanation? Anyone?”

A deep inhale.

“Except Lance.”

A long sad exhale.

Allura clears her throat, taking a step forward. “Well, we know that with your new…uh, Galra diet, you have gained more strength.Maybe the vitamins Kolivan provided gave your Galra genes a…uh, a boost, of the sorts?”

“Awesome.” Keith deadpans, pushing away his tail when it comes to close to his face, “Off, off you go you darn thing.”

“Look at it this way, Keith.” Shiro says, a soft chuckle leaving his lips as he pats the teen on the shoulder, “It’s a good chance to improve your training.”

“My boyfriend’s a kitty.” Lance whispers under his breath like a conspiracy next to Hunk’s ear and yelps when Keith’s tail slaps the back of his head.

“I’m not!”

He was.

Lance screaming internally as he stares at the sleeping boyfriend on his chest. It’s too cute, maybe a little too much for his poor heart, but damn, he wouldn’t change it for a thing.

Not when Keith nuzzles his face closer to his chest, a soft pleased sigh leaving his lips while his tails wraps itself around Lance’s thigh.

A few minutes later the rest of the team waltz into the common room.

‘Hashtag: blessed.’ Lance mouths, blowing a kiss at Hunk when the older teen takes a photo of the scene in display.