….”In fact, I like Regular Show so much that in my master’s thesis on comics as pictorial narrative art, a small section is devoted to a single page by this issue’s artist, Allison Strejlau.  People who have their heads buried in the sand of the Big 2 might be shocked to hear this, but I really mean it: of the four titles I read no matter what, Regular Show is the best one.”

….”And I have another confession to make, though it shouldn’t be surprising given everything I’ve said so far: I love Allison Strejlau.  I mean that in the least creepy but most nerdy way possible.  The emotions of the characters on the television version of Regular Show are often conveyed by facial expressions; but, these are played relatively straight compared to other aspects of the show, and the voice work really carries most of the emotional timbre.  Strejlau’s work makes up for the lack of sound in comics, something that is otherwise central to the Regular Show experience.  She is, I think, the best example of someone who is providing a unique interpretation of an animated show which makes the comic version worth reading.”

(via Review: Regular Show #23)

Actually just started sobbing while reading this review, thank you SO much. I want to read that masters theses now haha….I’m glad my work on this series could be appreciated so much, this is seriously the nicest review I’ve ever read and its things like this that make it all worth it. Thank you. <33


5 years ago, on April 23rd, 2009, Taylor Swift’s first headlining tour - the Fearless Tour - began. The tour consisted of 106 shows in North America, Oceania, Europe, and Asia. As soon as tickets went on sale, they sold out almost instantly. Two of the most well known venues in the United States - Madison Square Garden and the Staples Center - had sold out within two minutes. Taylor continued the tour until the following year, ending it in Gillette Stadium in July of 2010. However, she immediately dove into her next record, wasting no time to step up her successful career.