He reeeeally needs to prove that he loves me and wants me because I’m so exhausted of feeling second best or just being around for the sake of it, he needs to like, for lack of a better phrase, ‘show me off’ to everyone because I’m sick of feeling not good enough, idk, I just feel really shitty😔😔

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is your legacy on hiatus? wtf was ea's idea on bowling night? kids stuff and parenthood? your opinion? ok it's 4:59 am goodnight 🙂 -J

J, you are adorable, I want to be your friend. 

My legacy isn’t technically on hiatus, but I do have to dig out my backups because as of right now I don’t have my save with Bee in the city and Poppy. BUT I am also taking a break because I don’t want to get sick of them. 

Bowling night… oh boy. Idk their heart was in the right place but the execution of the pack was… well… odd. Like why don’t they talk to each other when they bowl??? The whole POINT of bowling is that like 95% of people aren’t there to like ACTUALLY BOWL they are there because their friends wanted an affordable group activity. 

Kids Stuff was 👌 . Well it was mostly good. Idk still felt lacking but I’m grateful we got anything at all. I do wish we got more actual like kid to kid interactions that didn’t require new objects. Like idk… playing tag, hide and seek that kind of stuff. 

I’m excited for Parenthood, I have high hopes that this will add some longevity to sims’ memories. I feel like right now, they aren’t effected by anything that happens once a few days pass. I want the TS2 feeling of like… if you made your sim’s life miserable, you felt that shit throughout their whole life. 

Anyways! I hope you slept well 😆

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Hi, sometimes I have breakdowns where I tell my gf she deserves better and that I'm too ugly for her. And then it'll be quiet for a while and I'll apologize about 20 times and she'll say something around "ur ok" and it worries me that she might feel like she does deserve better and that I'm not good enough for her :( Idk, any advice???

You are good enough for her !!! I’m 99.9% sure that they really do love you and are just trying to comfort you

This is literally the second time I have ever painted in my life, and it was supposed to be a scene from an anime, but I saw a picture of this bird and was like oh my goodness that’s what I have to paint!! So, it’s a bit wonky, but I think it’s cute! 😄🐦

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@primeideal replied to your post: “ the law punishes sinners”  I just  Bishop “ who…

Is this possibly the “law” in the Christian distinction of “law versus gospel”? (Maybe more of a Protestant/Lutheran thing, and I’m not sure which cultures this concept would be noteworthy in.) But there’s a sense in which “we have all fallen short of God’s law, but God’s love saves everyone,”–the Bible contains both punishment and good news. IDK.

have you watched the cartoon?

I mean, I don’t think you SHOULD if you haven’t, I just think you and everyone else who’s trying to do Deep Theology on that thing is way overestimating the degree to which it cared at all about…anything

except very loud foley work, it is clearly SUPER invested in that