ok y’all we are NOT ready for the Intel + Gaga Grammy Bowie tribute performance like I’m trying to stay calm but look at this

“What we create with Intel will be a moment nobody saw coming.”


“as she moves, the environment around her is responding to her.”

“it will embody her and all of her emotions and allow her to spread herself and her feelings and her mood and her mode around the stage to transform it.”

Ruth Hogben - “It’s something that I would go, ‘Oh, no no no, we couldn’t possibly do that. That’s impossible.’ All of this is now possible.”

I’m actually kind of considering volunteering to be a responder for the Jensen/Misha’s crisis support network because empathy’s one of my stronger qualities when I can actually talk to someone one-on-one (and I did volunteer for a crisis hotline several years back for about a month or so). The unfortunate flip side of being empathetic is that I can easily be affected by other people’s emotions and take their weight on myself which is no good either. So idk…but maybe if it involves chatting online as opposed to an actual phone conversation, maybe that would be easier. Although I feel like hearing a real person’s voice is better because sometimes the tone of someone’s voice gets lost in translation over written communication.

I need you all to know about the meal I just made. I set out to make some silly bullshit and it turned out being like one of the best meals I’ve made in so long.

So i’ve had this frozen shrimp for like ages and I wanted shrimp so I thawed it out and shelled and cleaned them and then set them to marinate with lime juice (just like the bottled kind), pepper flakes (literally taken from pizza deliveries past), olive oil, salt, pepper, and a clove of garlic. I was like “eh idk I guess I’ll just cook that” but then I remembered we have six million tiny baby bell peppers that are dying a sad slow death so I was like “lol k I guess I’ll just sautee those?” And then I saw our campari tomatoes which were ALSO dying a slow sad death because we are bad at eating food like real people so I put them in my tiny blender with a clove of garlic and salt and more pepper flakes and blended them to make bullshit salsa and then I tasted it and was like “sure tastes like a raw tomato” so I looked at the pan and shrugged and just put that in with the peppers and turned the heat up a little and let it reduce until it was like a paste, and then I moved that to the edges of the pan and then added the shrimp and cooked them all together. So then I was like “well this looks like a mess to eat” and I thought we had couscous but apparently we used it all so all I had was clear pad thai noodles and I was like “lol whatevs” so I put that to boil and then added a little more olive oil and butter to the shrimp tomato pepper shit go make sure it could coat noodles and then I mixed it all together and

It was so good, guys. It was so fucking good. It was just so fucking good.

last night after my weird dream i woke up for a little bit and i was so happy. i used to be so bad at cuddling before but i’ve been reaching for c every night for the past week or staying asleep on him when he pulls me in when he comes to bed. and last night i woke up and we were both wrapped up in the blanket but i was the big spoon and my forehead was resting between his shoulder blades and our feet were all tangled up. and i looked down and charlie was curled up between us and then he saw me awake and crawled under the blanket between us. and i was so so cozy and warm and happy. and i don’t know. everything was great and then i woke up and i was still happy and in a great mood. 

anonymous asked:

Any anime recommendations? I wanna watch more anime but I don't know which are good. Im currently watching Haikyuu!! (its so good omg :3)

Hahaha yeah sure!! :D, And Haikyuu is soooo good omfg i love all of them (its my fave tbh :3)

I loved One punch man which is probably one of my favorites! It is really funny and omfg it sooo good :3, 

Attack on titan is reeeaaaallllyyy good as well, and the second season will air soon which I’m v excited about :3

I also really enjoyed Ouran high school host club, but it was awhile ago I saw it so I don’t remeber it so much :3

Free! is good, if you like muscular guys without shirts x’3

Food wars is quite good, but mainly because I love to watch master chef etc, and food wars is sort of an anime version of any irl food program :3

Sword art online, Tokyo Ghoul, Death note, Osomatsu-san are also some that are quite good :3 I hope this might help :3 

Feel Good Inc. AU

early evening idea dump (warning: may make no sense)

It’s probably been done 100000000 times before but I’m tempted to make some AU in the world of Feel Good Inc- you know, the dystopian crumbling city of sleaze and scandal with the huge Feel Good Incorporated government surveillance tower and ominous black helicopters circling overhead ensuring no escape? A government who’ve tricked the public into a sense of happiness, of feeling good, telling them everything is okay to escape the fact that life is a living hell.

No hope, no change, just three officials ruling the sin city (2d, a leader-like figure to the masses who is completely trapped in a delusion of safety up in his tower- he too is controlled by the haunting “Feel Good” mantra, Russel, a deliverer of orders, a right hand man if you will who has fallen all too heavily into the hopelessness of how they live, and Murdoc, a public idol who’s been given far more power and control than he should have- effectively the brains of the operation, pulling 2d’s strings) who have all come to accept how it is- or more, they don’t know any other option, never experienced anything but what is, for them, normality.

Until of course something strange comes into view from the surveillance tower, something they’ve never seen before. That would be Noodle’s Windmill Island, floating by, carefree and easy. 

2d sees it and sees hope, presses his face up to the filthy dusty glass to stare out at it in dumb desire at first, breaking the delusion of happiness, realising he’s miserable- and longing to be the mysterious girl floating by on the island. Russel watches it go by with fascination, but knows too well that the innocence and freedom it presents won’t last. He sees it, and he ignores it, wanting nothing to do with the change- staying away from it, not wanting to get attached to something that would die so easily in a world like theirs. Murdoc sees it and is livid. Unlike 2d, he can’t see it as hope, nor Russel see it as innocence- all it is is strange and all it has done is create a tense atmosphere in the tower and in the city as people begin to wake from their ignorance, like 2d had. It’s just a threat- and threats have to be eliminated. Leading on to, of course, the El Mañana incident–

[may explain more later???? like i said, idea dump- i have no clue whether I will actually put this to good use but if you have ideas PLEASE contribute them! I love hearing peoples contributions and making things into group things–]

A collab between me and @starrtles​ (who you should totally go follow) that I had a lot of fun doing, this was her linework and my colouring, I’m not used to colouring other peoples line art so it was great to try it out 

link to her post of this piece here