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  • Sebastian: I'm hungry
  • Sebastian: Maybe I should eat
  • Sebastian: oh right there's a kid, I'm going to eat his soul #notsorry
  • Sebastian: he's kinda cute tho
  • Sebastian: fuck I think I'm gay
  • Sebastian: oh shiet I love him.
  • Sebastian: what the fook I'm a demon I'm supposed to not to have feelings
  • Ciel: He probably wants me just bc of my soul, he doesn't like me back *crying intensifies*
  • Sebastian: I want his soul but also his ass
  • Grell: I'm gay

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i know you're probably getting a lot of requests, but do you think you would be able to write about the weirdest greek myth ever, the birth of the Minotaur?

There are times when Hermes’s role as the messenger god weighs on him. Declaration of war have left his lips, the words he’s carried have ended whole countries and damned villages to a slow painful death. The secrets he carries tears at him, the horrors he’s had to face only so he could later tell of them, the warnings he repeats that are ignored and all he’s witnessed is for nothing, since it happens all over again in front of him.

There are times the news he brings that tears at him, eats at his soul like necrosis – the death of Kore, Poseidon destroying another seaside village, every whisper of Pandora, informing Ares of yet another war.

This –

– isn’t one of those times.


Aphrodite’s lovely face is slack with surprise. At her side Hephaestus rubs his chin and says, “That seems physically improbable.”

“How did she manage to not die?” Aphrodite demands, then says, “Wait, don’t tell me, I don’t want to know.”

Hermes grins, and doesn’t bother to hide the complete delight he’s taking in this, “But my lady,  it is my sacred duty to tell you these things. When Queen Pasiphae ensnared Daedalus’s help to be mounted by the bull–”

She gives him a cross look and is gone in a powerful gust of wind, and he has to grab onto the volcano wall to keep from falling over.

“That wasn’t very nice,” Hephaestus says, off hand. It’s clear he’s still thinking of the mechanics of a human-bull hybrid.

“I’ve been accused of being many things,” Hermes says cheerfully, “nice is not among them.”


Artemis lounges in her tent with one of her huntress’s face between her thighs, inexperienced but eager, and she so does love taking on new women.

“Sister!” Apollo shouts, appearing at her side and glaring down at her. “Have you lost your mind?”

Her huntress startles and freezes, unsure whether to leave or continue. Artemis rolls her hips up, and the girl ignores the appearance of the sun god and continues with her task.

“Not that I know of,” she says, tilting her head up so she can look at her brother without altering her position, “Why do you ask?”

“Poseidon cursed a mortal queen to fall in love with a bull, and she gave birth to a bull headed monster today,” he crosses his arms and glares.

She swallows the laugh that bubbles up, but she must not be entirely successful because he starts tapping his foot. “Well, isn’t that interesting. I’m not sure what it has to do with me.”

“Sister dear, Artemis, patron goddess of childbirth,” he says with syrup thick sweetness, “why on earth did you bless that child? There’s no way it could have been born without your help. It had to have been you.”

Her huntress pauses again, and Artemis will answer her questions later. She squeezes her thighs about her ears, and the girl resumes. “Oh come on, don’t give me that look. This is hysterical. People are going to be talking about this for years.”

He considers this for a long moment, then uncrosses his arms, “Okay, you have a point.”

“I know. Now if you don’t mind, I’m a little busy,” she gestures to the huntress between her legs.

Apollo snorts, “Get a few more girls in here, and maybe I’ll consider that busy.”

He slips away, but Artemis’s eyes narrow. That sounds like a challenge.

The girl replaces her mouth with a hand and asks, “Should I gather the other huntresses, lady goddess?”

“I like you,” Artemis says, and the girl laughs, cheeks flushed and lips shiny.


Hermes appears in the middle of the garden of Hades’s palace, and blinks twice.

The queen of the underworld is half naked and on top of Amphitrite, and several things fall in place at once. “Is this why you don’t get upset with Hades for his affair with Hecate?”

“There is no affair with Hecate, you’re just an indiscriminate gossip,” Persephone retorts. “And if they were having an affair, I wouldn’t have a problem with it, and it wouldn’t have anything to do with Amphitrite.”

“Oh,” he says. He feels rather derailed from his original point. “I came here to–”

“If this is about the minotaur, we already heard about it,” she says, “You can go now.”

They’ve already heard about it! “From who?!” This is the best news in centuries, and this person is ruining it.

“Aphrodite,” Amphitrite says, “She’s cross with you.”

Oh, this is war.


Ares feels a shiver go down his spine, and looks across the battle field. People are dying around him, but people are always dying around him. He doesn’t see anything particularly horrendous, so he doesn’t know who could have invoked him so powerfully that he felt it.

A young woman who had shared the last piece of sweet bread with him last night gets a spear shoved straight through her chest, and Ares decides he has more important things to worry about.


Athena is halfway through a tapestry that is to hang in Hestia’s rooms when Aphrodite appears next to her and says cheerfully, “Guess what Poseidon did?”

Normally Athena would fling anyone who dare to disturb her to the depths of Tartarus, but she’s always willing to talk of Poseidon’s misdeeds. “I’m listening.”

Hermes appears on her other side, glaring. “You trollop.”

“He made a queen fall in love with a bull, and she just had the kid. It’s got a bull head.” Her sister’s smile is positively vicious.

“I’ll make you suffer,” Hermes hisses, and slips away. Aphrodite follows, the sounds of her laughter echoing in the room.

Athena blinks, looking back to her loom, but is unable to concentrate.

Even she hadn’t seen that one coming.


Hera doesn’t get involved, she does not have opinions, as a rule if it doesn’t concern her then it doesn’t concern her.

She waits for her husband to leave, and tries not to worry about his mutterings about bulls, the queen-mother Europa, and how Pasiphae had the right idea of it. She steps into the throne room, and the fire burns cheerful and bright in the center of it.

She sits beside it, and no sooner has she done so than Hestia appears at her side. “You’ve heard then?”

“Hermes told me,” she rubs at her temples.

“Aphrodite got to me first,” Hestia says, and the goddess of the hearth seems entirely too cheerful, “I can say, of all the misdeeds Poseidon has wrought, this one is certainly … unique.”

She slumps and buries her face in her hands, “This whole family is mad, and we’re doomed to only become worse.”

Hestia laughs and puts an arm around her shoulder, “Come now, I think Hades is quite reasonable.”

Hera shifts enough only so that she can glare, “Hades chose to rule the dead and married Kore. He’s the maddest of us all.”

Hestia can’t refute that, so she starts finger combing Hera’s long, curly hair. Hera slumps back into her hands, and Hestia’s smile is soft as they sit there in silence, the only noise that of the crackling fire.


When Hephaestus returns to the volcano, it’s to his wife sitting in his throne with her arms crossed. “What did you do?” she asks.

“I just gave him a little suggestion, is all,” he says, and scoops Aphrodite into his arms so that he may reclaim his throne. She snuggles into his side, and if she’s trying to convince him that she’s mad at him, she’s doing a terrible job of it. “Daedalus has always been a very devout follower; he deserves a few good ideas.”

“He’s had enough ideas,” she says, because without his help the queen wouldn’t have found a way to consummate her love of the bull, “I don’t think he needs anymore.”

“Maybe,” Hephaestus murmurs, dragging his nose up her temple, “but imagine this – a labyrinth, bigger than any other, than this whole volcano.”

“That’s nice, dear,” Aphrodite says, and then proves to be distracting enough that Hephaestus puts his ideas aside.

At least for a little while.

gods and monsters series, part xii

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Harry experienced fame differently than the other lads.  The constant invasion of privacy was gradually eating his soul.  (His band-mates saw it.  Why do you think Liam said he’d be Mr. Harry Styles for day?)  Matt Irwin, Jay and Robin were all very important people in his life - he felt those losses grievously.  Harry had to re-evaluate what is most important to him and figure out how to be a performer while minimizing the downsides.  At one time, I think he just wanted to be more honest and have a public image reflective of who he really is.  Today, I think he’s much more concerned that people DON’T know everything about him than whether what they know is accurate, or not.  He doesn’t want to be pinned down to anything (becoming progressively more vague over the years) he’s a chameleon.

If you watch him carefully (when he’s actually doing interviews, etc.) he’s very much the same sensitive, goofy, compassionate, kind soul he’s always been - especially when he’s comfortable with the interviewer.  We saw how deeply affected he was by the Manchester arena attack. He showed a lot of himself in Another Man - and I think he drew a line - “They can have this much of me and no more.”  He’s not the first celebrity to abandon social media, and I don’t blame him a bit - even though I dearly miss his witty, cryptic tweets.

HSHQ is presenting a Harry who can be one thing to me and another to you (unless you care to pay close attention and peek behind the curtain.)  His image is consistently one of kindness, good humor and humility, but indefinable as to his sexual proclivities.  Sometimes it’s frustrating for those of us who know him better.  HSHQ is far from perfect and Harry is mostly hands off for whatever narratives they spin.  I love Harry and his music - he’s very much the same to me as he’s always been.  I may not agree with everything his team does (yes, Harry is ultimately the boss) but it’s his life, his privacy, his sexuality and I will go on supporting him as always.

If MP100 and OPM were switched, with some edits

- Due to a misunderstanding, Reigen is a “hero” (but really he’s just a normal dude) and it only gets better ‘cause now there’s this kid Mob wanting to be his disciple and he’s terrifyingly strong and adorable all at once

      - (extra: I’m imagining lil Mob, all cute drinking milk one minute the next flipping a car over by accident ‘cause he thought a cat was trapped under there. Also scared of hurting someone with his strength so Reigen has to teach him control while fighting off the Hero Association from idolizing him)

- Meanwhile Saitama’s a private investigator in the paranormal - he’s fought all sorts of spirits and knows what to do (A+ exorcist) but then this guy Genos comes in seeking his help because there’s this fire demon possessing him, growing stronger by the day, eating away at his soul full of hate for the man that killed his family, and he’s scared of losing all control because this entity is slowly building up inside of him…what if it reaches 100%

Theory: Undertaker is playing chess against The Queen

I’ve been thinking pretty heavily on Undertaker’s involvement in the story with the latest chapters, and why he probably isn’t the one pulling the strings this time.  Here are some things we already know about him to consider:

  • He dislikes the Queen.  Though he never comes out and says why, exactly, it’s looking more and more likely that she had some involvement in Vincent’s death.  Possibly Claudia’s as well.  And now, Ciel has also made himself a target for her ire by disobeying her orders several times now.
  •  He’s loyal to the Phantomhive family.  Whether it’s by blood or by some other means, he’s been their informant for two, probably three generations.
  •  He doesn’t wish for harm to come to Ciel.  This is probably the most damning evidence against him being the mastermind behind the current arc.  Undertaker has made it very clear to Sebastian that Ciel’s life is his first priority, and that he doesn’t intend to allow Sebastian to eat his soul.  But Sebastian also isn’t his direct adversary, he was only a threat that was dealt with in both the Campania and Weston arcs (don’t believe me?  compare Sebastian’s more lackadaisical attitude with keeping Ciel safe in the first 50 chapters, versus his now hyper vigilance over his life).
  • He possesses a considerable amount of strategy and foresight.  Ciel may liken himself to a chess player and fancy being stronger than his opponents, but let’s consider the characters who have shown the *real* strategy here.  One is the Queen, who is amassing weapons and looks to be headed into a conflict with other nations.  The other is Undertaker, who began his Bizarre Doll project far ahead of when it was actually revealed in the narrative.  He had already successfully made his highly advanced doll, Agares, before the start of the Campania arc.

Now, where does that leave us with Ciel’s twin?  If he was sacrificed and killed, then he should be a Bizarre Doll, right?  I’m not so sure about that.  I don’t have any explanation right now as to how the blood experiments could revive someone from the dead because it hasn’t been explained, yet.  All I know is that it doesn’t fit with Undertaker’s motives or methods so far.

One of the recurring themes in Kuroshitsuji is revenge.  If Undertaker had intended all along to get revenge on the Queen for what she’s done, his actions so far would make sense.  Ciel’s contract to Sebastian has complicated his plans because if Ciel knew it was really the Queen who was responsible, his contract would come to an end and Undertaker would lose.   It’s as simple as that.  It makes no sense that Undertaker would deliberately jeopardize Ciel’s health and sanity when Ciel is one of his pieces, he just doesn’t know it.  If he loses Ciel then there’s no point in playing, anymore, because Ciel represents the King.

And now, if the twin really has been commandeered by the Queen, not Undertaker, he’s the opposing King.  The whole point of chess is to capture, remove and replace pieces with your own.  If the twin is more loyal, less likely to betray the Queen, less troublesome, then what we’re seeing here is an attempt at a full takeover of the board.  And I think Agni’s death was a message that the game had started.

The thing is, I don’t think Victoria knows exactly who she’s playing against.

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Hi! Which do you think is the reason our! Ciel let Sebastian eat his brother's soul if they got on well? :(

Hi there!

I’m afraid you’re misunderstanding the situation x( It’s not like our Ciel “let” Sebastian eat his brother’s soul like “Hi demon, this is a sacrifice for you, my beloved brother’s soul. Please help yourself and then grant me a wish!^^”.

Real Ciel was killed by the cultists →

this triggered our Ciel to successfully summon Sebastian (in the moment of despair he unconsiously said the words of curse and called the demon)

→ Sebastian ate real Ciel’s soul (as kind of advance payment) and offered our Ciel a contract

→ our Ciel accepted it.

That’s how I think things happened on that day. Our Ciel probably had no clue how to summon a demon and what one needs to sacrifice for it, so while he might have “caused” the whole tragedy by calling Sebastian, he didn’t deliberately have the demon eat his brother’s soul. That’s for sure! :) 


Ciel stops being a jerk and realizes that his fake deepness leads him to nowhere. He realizes everybody already knows that he loves his friends, so he should stop lying to himself. He spends the last years of his life searching the culprits, but also enjoying his friends. His relationship with Sebastian grows, and Sebastian gets less annoying. Everyone dies because he fucks it up and then Sebastian eats his soul. His friends can live happily ever after in heaven with the good memories of their time with Ciel; while he is fucking dead, resting in Sebastian’s stomach. 

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How did Makkachin come to serve the Nikiforov family?

Okay so @kixboxer is the one who came up with the concept of Horrorterror Makkachin so, like, this is not Official Hellbeast Canon or anything BUT in regards to the Babies!! AU, this is essentially how things go down:

The Hellbeast Currently Known As Makkachin always takes on the form which will help him get as close to his prey as possible. He used to be a very successful harvester of souls this way. It isn’t hard to get people to trust you when you can take on the form of an injured bird, or their cat, or their toddler…

So the Hellbeast was hanging out in Saint Petersburg one day because the fall of the Soviet Union has given people’s souls the delicious flavor of despair. He gets a whiff of the glorious smell of Success and follows it to the door of an ice skating rink. 

Out comes Viktor Nikiforov, long silver hair tied into a tight ponytail on top of his head and eyes squinted against the headache it’s causing. He’s fifteen, due to make his senior debut in the coming season, and hasn’t seen his mother in three years. When he sees what appears to be a little beige poodle puppy, he gasps.

“Oh,” he whispers, hands pressed to his mouth. “Oh, oh, oh. A puppy. Hello. Oh, oh, hello!”

The Hellbeast, who knew that Viktor’s favorite dog is a poodle and who knows that if he looks hungry and pitiful enough Viktor will not be able to resist taking him home, whines and nuzzles his nose against Viktor’s shoe.

This is where the Hellbeast errs. 

Because yes, objectively, he knows that he is still a Hellbeast. But he did not consider the drawbacks that taking the form of such a pure and good animal would cause. There is always some amount of influence from the forms he chooses to take–the toddler, for instance, gave him unignorable cravings for paste, which he ate massive quantities of after consuming the soul of the babysitter. 

Just as unignorable is the urge to…love? This teenager who is standing in front of him with an athletic bag swung over his shoulder and too much burden stacked onto his delicate shoulders?

The Hellbeast follows Viktor home, still determined to eat his soul, and upon entering Viktor’s dorm room–which is literally just a bed, a desk, and a wardrobe–he can’t help but stare at Viktor with an expression that would translate into You live like this? if the Hellbeast had chosen a form which could talk Human languages.

“It’s not much,” Viktor whispers, unearthing the can of dog food he bought on the way home from his bag. “But Lilia Petrovna lets me stay here rent-free since her husband agreed to become my coach. You have to be quiet, though, because I’m not supposed to have animals. Here.” He opens the pull tab on the can and sets it down for the Hellbeast to eat. 

The Hellbeast can only achieve its Ungodly Power from the consumption of souls, but it does gain small amounts of nutrition from food, depending on its form. He eats the dog food, mostly because he chose the form of an emaciated poodle puppy and can’t starve this body forever. 

“Aw, good boy,” Viktor whispers, and pets the Hellbeast’s head. 

And this is where the Hellbeast decides that, perhaps just for the night, he will not consume the soul of Lonely Little Vitya Nikiforov. 

He tells himself for months that tomorrow, he will take Viktor’s soul. But Viktor brushes him and clips his nails and gives him a nonsensical name and lets him sleep curled up and warm under the blankets with him and the Hellbeast wonders if, perhaps, this isn’t such a bad life after all.

It might be nice to spend a few decades as a pampered pooch. 

Of course, the Feelings creep in and soon enough he realizes that his identity as Hellbeast has started to shift. He is no longer a Harbinger of the Apocalypse, a Consumer of Souls. Nor is he a simple fluffy poodle, even if he spends his days waiting for Viktor to come home and give him the belly rubs that this form craves.

He is something else. Some other third thing. He is Makkachin.

He is given new purpose by his urge to protect Viktor Nikiforov, a purpose which is intensified a hundred times over when the Other Master comes into Viktor’s life and they start adding these helpless, hairless little humans to their pack. 

One night, Viktor has a dream that a horrible being, five hundred stories in height with horrid red eyes and glimmering obsidian teeth comes to him and tells him that he and his family will be protected forever, allowed to grow very old generation after generation, if at the end of his life he lets his soul be taken. 

Viktor, who thinks that his own soul is a small price to pay for such a thing, of course agrees. There is something familiar about the horrorterror that comes to him that night. Something benevolent, despite appearances. 

Besides, it was just a dream. 

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Hello, there is a character analysis of Sebastian I wanted to write for a long time but had many other things to write, but before that I wanted to ask about one of your theories. You said that for Sebastian the contract doesn't have much power. I disagree with it. I think that if Sebastian fails to protect Ciel he can't eat his soul, but Ciel must continue seeking power to revenge. Unless, Ciel gives up, Sebastian can't eat Ciel's soul. That's why he didn't attack Undertaker when ordered.

Hi. ^^ Yes, I’ve written about the possibility of the contract not even being that powerful but more like some rules that Sebastian has more or less set for himself to make things more interesting and to not be bothered by a shinigami (more details here). Of course, this does not necessarily have to be true, it’s just a thought that I had and I think it might be possible. I mean, apparently there are demons who just eat whenever they want to.

So a contract does not seem like it’s really absolutely necessary for a demon to eat. Sure, it could still be that if a contract is actually formed both sides have to obey the rules. But who is there to make sure that Sebastian doesn’t break them? Who would punish him? Who could stop him from just taking Ciel’s soul anyway? And since Sebastian has such fun playing a butler I could actually imagine him only obeying the rules of the contract because that makes this ‘game’ more interesting. He does not only want to have a soul to devour, he also wants to have some entertainment along the way. And in addition, he can also cultivate Ciel’s soul a bit so it’s even more delicious in the end.

It seems like Sebastian can eat Ciel’s soul when Ciel is the one breaking the contract (as seen in the Green Witch arc). But in this case the contract wouldn’t be fulfilled, either. So the completion of the contract is not the condition for Sebastian to take Ciel’s soul.

However, of course Sebastian must still protect Ciel. If he dies before Sebastian can eat, his soul will be gone because if a shinigami collects it properly it’s out of reach for Sebastian to eat. So the condition in the contract that Sebastian must protect Ciel is one that Sebastian needs to follow regardless of how powerful the contract really is. And of course he also follows the other rules but the reason may not be the necessity of a contract in general but rather his own aesthetics and for reasons of entertainment. 

That doesn’t mean that Sebastian will break these rules someday. I think they are very important to him personally (even if they are not necessary in order for him to eat). He would probably feel like he’s losing the game if he breaks the rules. And since playing butler is the most entertaining thing for him to do right now he follows the rules.

Of course this is just what I think is possible. I don’t say that’s how it is. ;)

Also, something a bit off-topic now. You’re my 3000th ask!!! (Or rather you’re the 3000th reply post since I’ve started tagging replies with “replies”. But that’s how I count.) XD

200 pages for the tag ‘replies’ with 15 posts on each page make 3000. XD

So thank you, @redvioletprincess, and everyone who sent me messages for sharing your thoughts, asking questions, sending nice words,… I appreciate it and it’s fun talking to you. <3

At the end of ch8, the earl tells Madam Red the reason (that he claims) for returning to the “Underworld” of England. Of course we understand he’s talking about not just becoming the queen’s watchdog but also making the contract with Sebastian.

He tells her “were I to avenge them, the dead would still not come back to life… much less be able to enjoy the sweet taste of revenge”.

With the current ch126, we are getting closer to the (expected) revelation of an older twin who died. It’s a common theory that the real Ciel has died and been turned into a soulless Bizarre Doll. The quote above is quite prophetic for saying the dead do not return to life, since a Bizarre Doll isn’t really alive (just reanimated)… and that the dead cannot enjoy any sense of revenge. So, if the real earl were to come back (as a BD) and attain revenge, he would not actually be able to truly enjoy his victory.

The earl had just explained how Sebastian is like a chessboard (Black) Knight that can break the rules of the game and move anywhere on the board. Undertaker is pretty much the same thing, but for the opponent. Make him the White Knight and that makes real Ciel the White King to the earl’s Black King. (This is shown more obviously during that “dream sequence” (or hallucination… or telepathic connection!) in the Green Witch arc, in which mirrored boys face off on a chessboard… the earl with a Black Knight and the mirror image with a White Knight.)

In Mother3, the mirror twins are pitted against each other in a game/competition to pull up the most needles and gain control over the Dark Dragon. At the end, the dead and reanimated older twin, Claus, gives up… allowing Lucas to win.

But… what if a Bizarre Doll (soulless, reanimated) real Ciel actually claims the victory of revenge that the earl is after? He cannot truly appreciate the “taste of revenge”. Does the real Ciel also end up with control of the Black Butler, since Sebastian was unable to attain revenge for the earl… and the contract is actually with a “Ciel”? Would Sebastian be stuck in the contract with either of the boys because he failed to make the earl win or because he cannot now devour the soul of “Ciel”?

This is where the original two seasons of the anime come in as AU spoilers. At the end of season one, Ash/Angela has just recently effed with “Ciel’s” memories, trying to make him drop his quest for revenge and break the contract. “Ciel” himself stops the process of rewriting his memories. Sebastian then fulfills his half of the contract and is ready to collect “Ciel’s” soul, but the season ends without showing Sebastian having eaten it. In season two we find out that someone had just then stolen “Ciel’s” soul, so Sebastian cannot eat it. Once his soul is restored to his body, it’s discovered that “Ciel” has no recollection of his victory… he “cannot enjoy the sweet taste of revenge”, so his soul is no longer appetizing to Sebastian. He spends all of season two just trying to give “Ciel” some new sense of victory, a new taste of revenge. “Ciel” and this kid about his own age (Alois/Jim) have their “Knights” battle it out, and some of the battle even takes place on a huge chessboard. The season finally ends with the other boy (Alois/Jim) dead, his “Knight” also defeated/dead, Hannah having reunited (within her) the souls of two brothers (Alois/Jim and Luka), “Ciel” feeling a new sense of victory (but as a demon), and Sebastian now completely unable to devour “Ciel’s” newly demonized soul.

So, here are a few ways this *could* play out in manga canon:

1. Sebastian claims a victory for the earl, but Undertaker has effed with the earl’s memories, so the earl either cannot recall or simply cannot appreciate it. Having no sense of revenge, the earl’s soul cannot be eaten. They are stuck in that contract unless they choose to break it.

2. Real Ciel claims the victory but, being dead, cannot enjoy it. Having failed the earl, Sebastian is stuck in a contract (with the earl) that he cannot fulfill… unless he chooses to break it.

3. Real Ciel claims not only the victory (that he cannot truly enjoy) but *also* says that, since the contract was with “Ciel”, he now “owns” the contract with Sebastian (the Black Butler, just like the Dark Dragon in Mother3). Sebastian follows the “word/terms” of the contract and so now “belongs” to real Ciel. Since Sebastian already devoured that soul before the contract was even made, he cannot devour it again. The earl’s soul is now off the table, so to speak. Sebastian either walks away having been deprived of the promised *second* meal… or he sticks around for some other reason. Perhaps some other loophole gets him stuck in a contract.

4. The earl claims the victory, but real Ciel claims ownership of the contract with Sebastian, since it was made with “Ciel”. Since real Ciel didn’t claim victory, Sebastian failed to fulfill the contract (he had essentially helped the wrong person win). They are stuck in a contract neither of them can fulfill. Neither of them is likely to dissolve the contract, though Sebastian might eventually be forced to.

5. A really crack theory scenario in which one (either) of the twins claims the victory. Undertaker takes the earl’s soul and places it into real Ciel. This creates some sort of demonized Ciel, so Sebastian cannot eat this soul. He’s now stuck in the contract unless he breaks it.

6. The earl claims victory, Sebastian eats his soul, and that’s it. This is how we expected season one of the anime to end, and it’s the tidiest ending. This is essentially how Mother3 ends (Lucas wins, the Dark Dragon does his bidding, the world is restored to order, and that’s it). However, I think Yana-san is going for a plot twist that leads to a sticky ending… and one in which either the earl, Sebastian, or both of them gets “royally” screwed over. LOL



la-cote-male-taile  asked:

“How dare you do that to me that day” Did Sebastian eat the RealCiel's soul? Or the RealCiel is talking about the burning? Do you think that RealCiel is a Bizarre Doll? And, specially, do you think that Sebastian will betray OurCiel because RealCiel's soul is more perverse and succulent for a demon? Thanks for reading!

Hi there!

  • Did Sebastian eat the RealCiel’s soul? 

It’s not confirmed, but I think it’s a very likely theory and there are several scenes that might be hinting at it!

  • Or the RealCiel is talking about the burning?

Mmm, if that were the case I guess real Ciel would have directed that line at our Ciel and not at Sebastian, because I’m pretty sure it was our Ciel who ordered Sebastian to burn down the cultists’ house that day? D:

  • Do you think that RealCiel is a Bizarre Doll?

Yep, as of now, I think that’s the most likely theory (particularly since it seems real Ciel’s soul doesn’t exist anymore as it was eaten by Sebastian). There are several different opinions as to “who” might have created that BD, I for one think it was Undertaker. Other likely suspects are Queen Victoria & John Brown! :D

  • Sebastian will betray OurCiel because RealCiel’s soul is more perverse and succulent for a demon?

No, Sebastian will never betray our Ciel, at least not until the contract is fulfilled because that would go against the rules as well as his butler aesthetics!

So no matter what, he will definitely side with our Ciel and protect him at all costs until the day he gets to eat his soul :)

Also, real Ciel most probably doesn’t have a soul to begin with, so I wonder what Sebastian would get as a reward if he served real Ciel? ;) 


I have the feeling that this fandom has trust issues when it comes to butlers and their loyalty to their master because of Claude in season 2. But Claude and Sebastian are totally different, and season 2 wasn’t even canon to begin with. I’m 10000% sure Sebastian won’t ever betray our Ciel nor will ditch him over real Ciel, so please relax & don’t worry too much! :D …says the person who predicted 4 months ago that there’s no way Yana would kill off Agni.

Fame’s Burning Flame

Harry Styles has always been a very sensitive sort - a kind, empathetic soul.  Apparently, he was born with this irresistible magnetism and charm.  It seems that his life goal has always been to entertain and make people happy.  At 16-17 he was, for the most part, an open book, emotionally.  He didn’t really have a shell - that self defense most of us develop before our teen years.  While emotionally open, he always kept his private business to himself - never really divulging any important facts about himself, his friends, or family (that may be one thing that saved him.)  All of these factors helped him to become a huge star - it was his destiny - his life ambition and dream - and it nearly destroyed him.

I was struck by Harry’s choice of words in his album documentary:   “It felt like a little secret. It’s fun to feel like no one knows where you are. It made such a difference, from being in a busy city.” (BTA 4:46) “I just, I really enjoy being private more. Starting the way that everything started. I get to kinda claw a little bit of that back. I don’t feel like people know everything about me, now. And there was definitely a time where I felt like people knew everything about me and I realized I didn’t like that.” (BTA 7:43) “I kind of also wanted to let the work do the talking a little bit. I mean, definitely, part of my ego wanted to see if I could write something that people liked without knowing everything about me.” (BTA 8:17)  (Special thanks to  @cuethetommo for providing these quotes and a sounding board.)

Harry had never been one to complain, but those who know him well could probably tell you the invasion of privacy tortured him.  If I’m right in my interpretation of Only Angel (that the angel, the “bad girl” and the singer are all pieces of Harry) crawling across the floor and breaking a finger from knocking fits the “claw a little bit of that back” image.  (Only Angel post here)  Harry has been fighting a war to keep hold of himself, both internally and externally.

The first time I saw the video of Harry crying on Twit-cam, I was amazed at his inner strength.  (He had run out of breath during What Makes You Beautiful and Googled, “Harry shit,” because he was so disappointed in himself.)    Crying over internet hate, on a public forum, may not be considered “manly” but hiding is always easier for fragile egos.  I believe this was Harry’s first epiphany on the true nature of fame - especially the type of fame he was headed for.  In the early days, all his band-mates talked about how sensitive he was.  I believe it was Niall who just recently said Harry is the one most likely to cry (then emphasized that real men are not afraid to cry - good for you Niall.)  Unlike many sensitive people, Harry did not hide behind a shell, or false front.  He had the inner resolve and character to be himself, but the burning heat of fame would force him to hide, soon enough.

The iron closet, along with Swifty for him and Eleanor for Louis was the beginning of the end for open Harry.  Harry (and Louis) were told they couldn’t be themselves any more.  What they were wasn’t “good enough” to make it in the boy-band business.  One Direction was a phenomenal success.  The boys were having a great time on stage, but the work load was highly burdensome.  Everything they did was under a microscope - the fans on one side, 1DHQ on the other.  They were all under enormous stress and pressure.  Front-man Harry was very often on duty (either being very dangerously mobbed by fans, or getting papped with his latest “love interest”) when the other boys had a much too short break.  All the boys did their best to shield sensitive Harry during interviews, etc, but it was his burden to carry.  Too often, the fans only wanted to devour him as if he were a piece of cake.  They would happily take, take, take until there was nothing left of him save a hollow, albeit pretty, shell.  (No wonder the lads so appreciate fans who only want to nurture and support them.)  Thanks to 1DHQ, the Harry they “loved” was little more than a pack of lies.  Take a very sensitive, gay, emotionally open, people pleasing, teenage boy.  Tell him that who he is isn’t good enough.  Hide his true form - wrap him up in a bunch of heterosexual bacon (strongly signaling his female fan base that he wants to have sex with them) and dangle him in front of a huge, starving wolf pack.  What you have is a perfect recipe to create a self-loathing, hollow, messy, emotionally stunted, self absorbed, distant, cynical, disillusioned jerk. 

Harry began to build a thick shell around his heart and emotions.  He compartmentalized his professional life from who he really was inside.  I believe he also began to have a battle within himself that remains to this day.  Harry loves to entertain - there is no drug capable of replacing the high he gets on stage.  In order to be on stage, however, he has to participate in fame and celebrity life - a life that was eating away his very soul.  He never really changed.  He never gave up his soul and there are several reasons why he was able to survive the ordeal as a pretty well adjusted person:

  • Inner strength, resolve, character and a powerful sense of self.
  • A loving, nurturing, supportive partner in Louis, his “Sweet Creature.”
  • He always kept a healthy sense of humor - ability to poke fun at himself - not taking himself too seriously.  (This applies to the other lads too.)
  • He always kept his personal life, business, and that of his loved ones, private - even when he was still very open, emotionally.
  • Supportive band-mates (brothers really) who understood exactly what he was going though.  I well remember Liam saying he would be. “Mr. Harry Styles” for a day to give him a break.
  • Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry all remained dedicated to each other.  They maintained a strong, unified purpose and identity, even after Zayn left.  They were working for the good of their brothers, not only themselves.
  • Harry poured much of his angst into his art and songwriting - he had a creative outlet to help him process everything.  Harry needs this in particular, because mere words fail him for getting to the very heart of a matter.  “Sometimes it’s easier to say something to an instrument.”

Harry has written a number of songs that are specifically about his negative experience with fame.  While many of his songs make allusions to fame, I think those listed below are quite pointed:

  • Don’t Let Me Go  (The demo is so early, his voice hadn’t even fully matured yet.)
  • Two Ghosts  (More grown up and better written version of Don’t Let Me Go.)
  • Stockholm Syndrome (The love interest is fame - love/hate, trapped, etc.)
  • Only Angel  (Crawling and clawing to get back to himself - to accept himself.)
  • Kiwi  (I just know the seductress is a metaphor for fame and Simon Cowell.)
  • Ever Since New York  (Empty, false, facades, etc.)
  • Woman  (Forced to watch his lover out with the beard - jealousy.) 

Of course I miss Harry’s wit on Twitter, his beautiful photography on Instagram - but I very much appreciate why he’s trying to have a much different experience with fame this time around.  He’s still in the closet (and he is welcome to stay there as long as he and Louis want or need to.)  He’d rather error on the side of revealing too little than too much right now.  Many of his music idols have cultivated mystery and it has helped them to maintain healthy ownership of their personal lives.  As far as connecting to fans:  I’ve never felt a stronger connection to him.  90% of his documentary is Harry as I’ve always seen and known him.  Just watching him perform is intimate and captivating - he pours himself out, body and soul.  If the first thing I ever knew of Harry Styles was watching him perform Two Ghosts on Corden - I would be hooked.  Oh yeah, that connected - hard.  

Whatever Harry needs to do, in order to stay true to himself (and avoid becoming a raging, messy, jerk) while he navigates a career in the public eye is okay with me.

anonymous asked:

Hello Acchan! I was wondering if you had any new ideas about Lord Sirius' identity? Do you prefer Sirius being iClaudia or the twin or even someone new?

Hello Anon! Ah, such a question xD But yes, I still think Sirius could be one of the two (unless they’re a completely new character indeed, which is less probable imo but still a possibility until we know Sirius’ identity). 

Okay so, before I answer, let me just say something. I reached a point in my life as a Kuro fan where I’m now convinced that the 2CT will very probably be made canon and, while I’m still not the greatest fan of this theory to say the least (’cause psychological trauma >> hidden twin as an explanation if I had to sum up roughly), I have made peace within myself about the 2CT being the main explanation for Ciel’s character.

Anyway, I have made peace with the 2CT as long as the twin died 4 years ago and his body burnt so badly (like Vincent) that UT can’t even try to bring him back. If it turns out Sirius is the twin however… well, as of right now, I’m envisioning to put Kuro on hold for a little while, as sad as it sounds.

Just so you understand though, this possibility (of putting Kuro on hold) isn’t me being childish because a theory I don’t like became canon. I’ve been a theorizer about series I liked ever since I was 12 and I was obviously wrong a lot of times (I actually prefer being wrong anyway), so this isn’t about accuracy but about logic and consistency.

Yeah, I know, I love these words xD But anyway about Sirius being the twin…

I can’t say there aren’t hints in different chapters, although I don’t necessarily agree with all the hints other bloggers mentioned for this theory throughout the arc, but I have one big problem with it when it comes to such a development (Real!Ciel being BD!Sirius) making sense as a whole in the series.  

Of course I’ll explain why just after, but just so you know, that’s part of why I was so unsettled by ch125 last week. I used to… be sure of a few things in Kuro thanks to what we had seen until now, but after a chapter using plot convenience tricks + Violet’s plan being ridiculous and hinting at a larger explanation maybe not making a lot more sense, I am not sure of anything making sense anymore (and I don’t mean that just for the current arc). :/

From the moment an author seemingly stops being logical (although this could still be a storytelling trick of course, never say never), that means the wildest explanation could waltz in at any moment and that’s particularly unsettling for me, since I have fun theorizing by adding things together (which is why I like logic in the first place xD).

So anyway, now you know the reason why I actually was so pissed off about the new chapter: if Yana was 100% serious with what she hinted at through Violet’s plan, that means there are possible plot holes in sight (when she was able before to write arcs without those) and that means we can’t really rely on anything that was introduced in the story before. 

Back to “is Sirius Ciel’s twin being brought back as a perfected BD?” 

(more under read more)

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I had an epiphany

This is especially for those of you who have seen the Black Butler II “Ciel in Wonderland” OVA - if you’ll recall, at the end of the episode, it turned out that Sebastian had been narrating the story the whole time - no surprises there. However, before I go on, naturally, if he had been narrating it, it would have been from his point of view, his perspective, words, and twists on it - he would have been the one to paint a picture of the characters, who represented them, and the story would have deviated depending on how he wanted it to go. So, now that that’s been addressed - Sebastian had been reading to Ciel (or more so his comatose body) - and if you paid special attention to detail, you will have noticed that there was a freshly brewed cup of tea on the dresser - now, whether that was from force of habit, or not, it doesn’t matter. Now, the reason I’m stating all these things is because I basically want to call out any of those who have said Sebastian doesn’t care about Ciel and point out what bullshit that is (whether or not you ship it is irrelevant - that’s not my point.) I mean, think about it. Technically, when Ciel’s soul was stolen by Claude, Sebastian should no longer have been bound by the contact seeing as he had already helped Ciel find out who killed his parents (in the anime.) The only reason he had to stick around was to help Ciel regain his soul/memory, so he could finally fulfill his end of the bargain and eat his soul, but he especially did not have to fucking read stories to Ciel, take care of him and make him tea when he was under commission. And, like I stated earlier - naturally, Sebastian would have been in control of the story, and how it went on - and the whole premise of the this version of the story was that Ciel was Alice, and he had to journey to find the white rabbit - Sebastian - and ultimately, to wake up and recall what happened to him. And once he did so, before the Queen, Madame Red, had a chance to behead him, Sebastian came and saved him, and brought him back home. This is Sebastian’s story - this is what he wishes would happen, how he sees things. He wants Ciel to regain his memory, and he wants to be able to save him. And if he only were to do so out of wanting Ciel’s soul, he would not have cared for him, pampered him the way he did. That’s all there is to it. And he could have gone on a rampage after Claude stole Ciel’s soul, he very well would have chosen to hunt down Claude then and there and kill him. But he didn’t. Instead, he chose to stay behind and take care of Ciel in the meantime, when, if all he cared about was Ciel’s soul, the alternative should have been his priority. His priority was to take care of Ciel. If that doesn’t show he cares, if that doesn’t make it obvious, I don’t know what does.

anonymous asked:

Okay, so has Yana actually said something about Sebaciel? I've heard so many rumors saying they were supposed to be a couple.

Hi there! Before I answer your question, please let me calrify this: Yana Toboso, the creator of Kuroshitsuji, is a manga artist who is currently working for Square Enix which is a publisher that does not publish any yaoi stuff. Hence, since the very first chapter,Kuroshitsuji is officially categorized under the genre ‘shonen manga’ (the same genre as One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, etc) and has never been supposed to be anything else, and so are all the other mangas that are serialized in the Monthly GFantasy magazine.

I actually think this fact alone is enough to debunk the famous rumour “Kuroshitsuji was originally supposed to be a yaoi anime but they changed it so it would sell better”, but if you are not convinced yet, you should read this post by @hateweasel and this fb post, as they summed up all the facts and explained clearly why it is nothing but misinformation. And in addition to this, there’s also the fact that this rumour is spread only in the foreign fandom but has never once been brought up in the Japanese fandom. (Maybe it was an English-fandom-exclusive interview with Yana, but again, is there a reliable source? At least I have never seen one!)
Anyway, I’m not Yana, I don’t know what she thinks about ‘SebaCiel’, but one thing I know for sure is that this rumour simply can’t be/isn’t true.

And now back to your original question! =D  No, Yana never said anything about SebaCiel. (This is a ‘shonen manga’ after all, so I doubt she will ever confirm any of the shippings officially.) However, she and her editor have stated their thoughts on the relationship between Sebastian and Ciel many times. (The following information might not make you happy if you are a SC shipper.)

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I know everyone will hate me for that, however, I’ve been debating all by myself on how Black Butler will end. (I also don’t want it to end but my mind is curious, so that’s that.)
Call them headcanons, if you want.

Idea 1: Black Butler are actually some fragments of Ciel’s cinematic record, everything we see has already happened and it will end once the cinematic record also does.

Idea 2: Sebastians slowly loses his demon insticts and is humanised by his own will, so he will never be able to devour Ciel’s soul, but instead starts thinking the Phantomhive manor as his family.

Idea 3: Ciel realizes by the Undertaker’s words that revenge won’t bring anything to him back, including his parents, as Undertaker wanted to do the exact same thing to help Claudia get out of her Queen’s Watchdog job which resulted to her death.

Idea 4: Undertaker will bring Claudia back. (I think that will surely happen subsequently.)

Idea 5: Undertaker turns out to have been responsible for Ciel’s parents’ death, by accident, so Sebastian is about to kill him when Ciel tells Sebastian not to, as he would have forgiven the Undertaker.

And Idea 6: Ciel succeeds in his revenge and Sebastian eats his soul. (I went for the less complicated one here.)