“I have a problem.

I recently started playing Fallout 3 again, this time taking the role of an overworked, gun-toting janitor.  If I see it, I must pick it up and either throw it away at the nearest trash can or store it at the house.  My companions are pack mules, containers for my tin can and whiskey bottle fetish.

My game is beginning to lag because of all the junk I’ve acquired.”

Fallout Confessions

Car Crash More Like Car Trash: Michael Clifford Imagine (idk anymore)

based on the “Fuck I feel like I got hit by a car… Wait I did? And it was your car?” ridiculous sentence prompt thing!

“Fuck I feel like I got hit by a car,” Michael groaned as he lay on the warm concrete, shielding his eyes from the obnoxious sun beaming down on him.

“That’s because you just were,” he heard a concerned voice say from his right.

He looked up at you through half lidded eyes, trying to avoid the bright sunlight as best as he could with his arm casting a shadow over his eyes.

“Wait.. I did?” He asked, and stared at the car that was parked just a little away from where you were, the door left open.

Since there was no one else around and you wore a very guilty face, he assumed it was your car that had hit him.

“And it was your car?” He asked for confirmation, lifting himself up onto his elbows.

You squared your shoulders and leaned back a little, giving him more room.

“It was a total accident, I swear,” you proclaimed with watery eyes.

You had never, ever hit anyone with your car before and the fact that did just now made you want to crawl into a hole and die. You panicked at the thoughts that raced through your mind. Would he sue? Would you get sent to jail? 

You momentarily scolded yourself when those thoughts clouded your mind. He could’ve died, for fucks sake, but there he was, staring up at you with some strange look. You stared back at him in confusion when he grinned up at you.

“Are you okay? Are you hurt?” You questioned him, giving him a quick look-over to see if there was any blood or injuries.

He moved around a bit, lifting his limbs and stretching his neck and fingers.

“I think I’m okay,” he responded, still smiling up at you. Weird.

“I already called an ambulance; they should arrive shortly,” you informed him as he sat up, pushing his weight onto his hands.

“I don’t think you should be moving much,” you objected, worry lacing your voice.

“I mean, I just hit you with my car,” you reminded him.

While you were in distress, he seemed to be totally calm and nonchalant about it, shrugging it off like it was no big deal. Instead, he seemed to be busy admiring you.

Sirens echoed in the distance and you sighed in relief once the the ambulance came into view. Now it was Michael’s turn to panic.

“Hey, what’s your number?” He asked you suddenly as you waited for the large van to arrive at the scene.

You did a double take. Did that sound like he was making it to sound? Was he crazy? Maybe you hit him too hard… However, the intensity in his eyes said otherwise, so you rushed to your car to grab a crumbled up receipt and a pen, quickly jotting down your number. You questioned why you were even doing this, but he seemed pretty intent on getting your number. Again, weird.

Once the ambulance finally came you gave him the crumbled up receipt, earning a giggle from the boy with the colorful hair.

As he was being pulled to the van, he stopped the paramedics so he could ask you another question.

“What’s your name by the way?” 

“y/n,” you answered, feeling your face grow warmer.

“Oh nice! My name’s Michael Clifford,” he replied as he was pushed into the vehicle.

Wait, that sounded vaguely familiar…

“Wait, aren’t you that guy from that band?” No wonder you felt like you had seen him from somewhere!

Michael confirmed it with a laugh and started to speak, but he was cut off when the paramedics shut the door.

You watched the ambulance drive away, both dazed and flustered at what just occurred. It took you a while to finally move from where you stood and get back inside your car, but once you were back behind the wheel you let out a long sigh.

“Did that really just happen?” 

avdyicvldVc;duifgeufg;f KAY this is probs the best i can get it to from editing and whatnot (sorry if it’s like average or whatever) hope u all enjoyed this tho!!


before i get the results of the wisdom panel back, i am taking breed guesses as to what will show up on pixel’s test. winner gets a pat on the back and a high five.

  • shar pei ( jocks-on-4-paws )
  • Long haired chihuahua as a wtf breed with a dash of standard poodle. ( crash-course-canine )
  • garbage pomeranian, tiny trash akita ( streetdogmillionaires )
  • pomeranian or canaan dog ( @jourdogicus why cant i tag you…)
  • husky x mal (anon)
  • mix x mix x mix x mix x mix ( kangals​ )
  • border collie mix ( enbiesandhuskies )
  • Sheltie - Papillon -Border Collie - Golden with a touch of Canaan dog or Pom? ( kasammacademy )
  • cute mixed with a mix of mixes ( 6woofs​ )
  • papillon x jackal ( spartathesheltie​ ) (i took out bangkew since it’s not on the test and probably actually true :^P )
  • lol probably wolf ( cricks )
  • just a bunch of dirty clothes you stuffed into a fursuit ( actuallyjoebiden ) (i’ve finally been caught, darn)
  • cloud, persian cat (tail fluff), corgi, cotton ball ( einzwitterion )
  • australian shepherd ( everysingledog )
  • definitly also a spitz type of dog ( teenytinyw )
  • Glen of imaal terrier ( angerinyourbones )
  • Field spaniel! ( adoglywoman )
  • Husky x Fox :P ( coloradocaninenative )
  • German shepherd x Akita! ( kaisertheshepherd )
  • Australian cattle dog x border collie x papillon and tiny addition of corgi? ( thefireflii )
  • finnish spitz, pom, caanan dog ( undeceased )
  • Border collie, papillon, Canaan, cute mixes, and warm coffee ^-^ ( melbear6 )
  • border collie x pom x pariah dog of some kind??  ( mexicanine )

send your guesses!! i’ll add them to the list!!


Cosplay Search for a Acrylic Shield Base!

Anyone know where I can find a clear acrylic dome?

I have been looking high and low for a clear acrylic hemisphere base. I can’t find one anywhere! I was inspired by leighquincy‘s tutorial for a Rose Quartz Shield that you can find here

It is very amazing and I would LOVE to buy one, but I just barely missed the deadline for commissions and I would like my costume to be completed in time for THIS Septembers SacAnime. (I’m more of a do it my selfer anyways.) 

so guys i thought you guys might like to see my healed tattoo

this tattoo is a reminder i can look upon everyday to think of when i was a kid playing crash for the first time, feeling inspired to study and eventually work in the game design field.  inspiration for me to keep going; my little guide in the darkness and my invincibility if i need it. thanks naughty dog for ruining my life <3

for mycoveriscastiel bc my computer crashed and took her Rick drawing with it </3

note: its 10 am and i vomited this out so all mistakes are on my ass 

note 2: takes place after 30 Days Without An Accident 

After Beth finally releases the hug, Daryl steps back from the cell opening. The blonde mumbles a goodnight to which he returns, bringing his thumbnail to his teeth and turning on his heels, only to crash right into Maggie.

The brunette leapt back with a quiet squeak, looking at Daryl for a moment in confusion. Maggie pushes her hair behind her ear and sighs, wrapping her arms around her small body.

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