Patch Up | Peter Parker

Summary: After an encounter with a bad guy, Peter needs a patch up. He goes to the one person who he knows can help him…

Warning: Some spoilers

Pairing: Peter Parker (Spiderman) x reader

Part One / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six


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Can you tell us about freyja's sexual escapades the internet is hiding them from me.

HELL FUCKIN YEAH I CAN listen up about the Lady of Love, Lust, Fertility, War, and Magic

In the Lokisenna (basically the gods are having a party, Loki crashes it and gets trashed, and proceeds to rap battle insult every god/goddess) Loki claims Freja has slept with literally every god (exact words were ‘all of the Aesir and alfs within this hall’, so that probably includes the goddesses too) and a few giants. Freyja’s reaction is basically “Yeah, and??” and Njord, Freyja’s father, chips in with “So?”

(This is the same saga where he points out that Odin has spent time living as a sorceress, practices women’s magic, and implies that Odin’s been the bottom in a few dude/dude sexytimes, to which Odin basically says “Yeah, and???”)

To win the necklace Brisingamen, the most beautiful and splendid necklace in creation, the traded the three dwarves who forged it three nights with her (one night each). (Some modern writers say she traded them three kisses, but nah, she banged the shit out of those guys)

Basically Frejya banged her way through the entire Norse pantheon in between taking the souls of the half of the battlefield slain not claimed by Odin, and while we don’t have specifics save for her liason with the goldsmith dwarves, she goddamn well enjoyed every moment of it.  

Writer's Block

I had a thought
Came to nought
Started a poem
Where’s it going
Can I make I rhyme
Line after line
Need to think
Get some words in ink
Time for Friday tipple
Help from a triple
Aim for intoxication
To ease my frustration
Perhaps after gin & tonic
I’ll feel less moronic
Nice bottle of red wine
Then I’ll be just fine
But I suspect I’ll crash
After writing more trash
In my chair fall asleep
Today’s words I’ll keep
All to myself
In note books on that shelf
It’s where they all sit
My poems of shit
The volumes are numerous
But don’t you get curious
I wouldn’t even dare
Those to share
Gotta keep my reputation
For perfect narration
Maybe the morning
Will be more inspiring
But tonight it’s a shock
Total writers block

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What's your ideal Sonamy hint that could be in Forces? Not like a love confession, something that is actually somewhat feasible to see in a Sonic game. Love your blog!

Thank you!

Let’s see.. if SEGA wanted me to pitch an idea for Sonic Forces that involved a feasible Sonamy scene…

Ideally~ I’d want them to actually be present in the scene, and for Sonic to show some care or concern for her, in return to her showing the same regards for him.

But if I’m writing Canon Modern Sonamy in a game I know zip about then I can’t imagine much from SEGA’s rulings/standards allowing too much of anything to happen -tenderly or emotionally- between the two.. but I’m hoping time changes things :)

Also, Because I don’t know a whole lot about the game, it’s EXTREMELY DIFFICULT at this point to sketch up an idea that would fix the overall game. I’ll have to wait till the game actually comes out to fully answer that- but for now, I’ll give you something that MAY be more SEGA standard.

(x) Used with permission from the artists, please support her as well!


(May SEGA help me…I hope this works in overall context, cause I’m just going off of trailers and a best guess…)

Sonic sped through the falling apart city, a happy-go-lucky smile on his face, being separated from his little party of three for a moment to go off and do some ‘dirty work’ HIS style…

The intercom connected and burst to life as he ran on cracked and unsturdy ground, but was still able to manage just fine.

“Sonic? Do you copy?” Tails’s voice shot on.

“Y-ello.” Sonic rounded the side of an obstruction in his path and jumped over a rather large crack in the sidewalk’s makeup. He then found the road a little easier to travel across, given it was torn up and not leveled with… well, anything at all, but still easier to scale through.

He ran up a ram and did some more flips and turns, free-styling the terrain as Tails continued.

“Oh good! We’ve got some help for you up ahead. Shouldn’t be a problem from now on.”

“Roger that. But come on, Tails. As if I need-”

He suddenly screeched to a halt, his feet scrambling over the other as his arms rotated back to keep balance, flailing a moment as he slid to a stop…

His face strained back as his eyes widened.

On some debris piled together up above and in front of him… Amy stood with her back facing him, her hammer up on her shoulders, before swinging it down and turning to him, cutely winking and throwing up a peace sign.

“Hehe~ Hello, My darling Sonic!” She swung herself in a cute fashion, but also seeming to try and look attractive, as she moved her hammer behind her and leaned her body forward and down to look more directly at him. “I can tell you’re glad to see me too!”

Sonic’s being seemed to withdraw itself. His confidence left for a matter of a split-second, before Tails came back on the communicator.

“…She insisted…”

“More like enlisted in a valiant cause!” Amy swung her hammer back over her shoulder, and giggled again, lifting a foot daintily up. “We’re gonna be partners for a while, Sonic!”

Sonic looked… less than pleased by that, but sighed and walked over to her, mocking her a bit by gesturing up to her to come down. “You’re just here to show off.. you’ve always hated desk jobs.” he was referring to her speaking over the communicator, and she smiled sweetly.

“You know me too well~” she turned to move down the debris the other way, as Sonic followed after her. “But I’ll make sure to make YOU look good.” she teased, pointing to him and flirting slightly.

“Alright, Tails… you win. But no more surprises…”

“Ohh~ But you really are glad to see me. Right?” she waited at the bottom for him to land beside her.

She tilted her head, curiously away from him, but her eyes were scanning his expression.

Looking for any sign of a reaction, she also lifted her finger to her mouth, before narrowing her eyes and dropping the cutsey-wutsey act, seeing him look away and fold his arms, as if avoiding saying anything.

He tapped his foot a second, making her upset.

“Grr… Ohh!” she brought forth her hammer! As if threatening…

He smirked a second and looked back to her.

That simple, charming notion of recognizing her suddenly melted her anger and she swooned.

“That’s better~” she chimed, cooing almost in her way of fancying his natural charms.

He smiled a little friendlier, but dropped his head in a tilt her way, closing his eyes as if saying, ‘That was a close one.’ and moving on with the adventure.

No doubt he felt slightly awkward… but Amy was Amy.

And honestly?

He wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Alright, you two. Here’s the plan!” Tails spoke, as Amy and Sonic got down to fighting poses, shooting off in their running sprints towards whatever next stage or platform the player needed to traverse next!



Sonic speeds up a hill covered in debris, looking down at trashed cars and other obstacles before ‘tsk, tsk, tsk’ing and shaking his head, leaning forward with his hands on his hips before straightening up and looking down at Classic Sonic.

“This place is a mess. Trust me when I say, it didn’t always look this way.”

The images of the ruined city were then showed, before Sonic’s expression turned slightly more saddened by all he saw.

“Come on… The recruit needs us.” He motioned his head forward and Classic Sonic continued to look around before seeing the notion and nodding too, moving forward.

-Loading screen-

Amy’s voice came on the communicator- “Ah! Sonic! Is that you?”

“No time, Amy! I’ve got a world to save!”

“N-no time? Sonic The Hedgehog! I demand you give me a second to at least say I’ve missed you so much!”

“Duly noted, Amy. Now where’s the recruit?”

“Hmph. I swear, it’s like you don’t even care sometimes… he’s at the further most part of the confine… within the inner city’s walls. But be careful Sonic… there’s a lot of Eggman’s robots walking around… especially under the city!”

“Got it! Crash, trash, and save the day! When is that ever NOT the plan?”

She slightly gave a ‘heh’ at his usual confidence and banter, before tenderly speaking once again. “Good luck… Sonic.”

(Throughout the level, you speak and interact with lots of characters on the communicator/intercom. But this is Amy’s dialogue I’m writing and creating)

-Next cutscene-

Amy’s voice once again comes on, “He should be directly ahead of you… Sonic, I’m picking up another signal too.,,”

“Thanks, Amy. You let me deal with the rest.”

“Roger that… Sonic? I’m so glad you’re alright…”

“…Good to hear from you too,… Amy.”

His voice was full of actual care, as if he delicately wanted to express that her words and feelings of worry or concern mattered to him.

(I kinda want to continue this cause it’s SO GOOD eee~ I love modern sonamy! Super canon writing too, but if I make her speak more than she normally would, it would get AU-ish. Overall, this is as canon as I can try and make it :) )


You couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as you laid on the floor, rain pouring down on you making you shiver from cold, your feet hurt from running and your chest burning from the effort, still you couldn’t help but smile even just a bit, you were finally free and no one was taking that from you, your only goal now was finding a place to spend the night.

With some effort you were able to stand, ignoring the pain on your feet as you began to wander the streets of Gotham. Not long after, rain finally stopped, leaving you space to breathe and relax, your memories from earlier weighing less if even for just a moment when steps coming from behind you sent an uneasy feeling up your spine. Turning around to look you saw four men following you, the way they walked showed they were clearly drunk, and by how the looked at you, you knew you were in trouble.

You fastened your pace in hopes of losing them hearing them laugh in response as they quickly caught up on you. The pain on your feet was now unbearable, you closed your eyes without stopping, trying to ignore the pain when you bumped into something, or rather someone, you opened your eyes to see a man standing before you, he was broad and tall, and his leather jacket did little to hide his muscles underneath, your bump startled him at first but quickly returned to what seemed his usual calmness, his blue eyes shifting from you to the men who were following you and back to you making them stop dead in their tracks shutting their laughs, he sent you a quick wink as he shoved you behind his back, shielding you from their view with his body to face them.

“Hey buttheads, what do you want?” His words echoed.

“Get lost pretty boy, we just want the girl, have some… fun” One of the men said, getting a round of laughs from the others trying to get a look of you from behind him.

His hand moved behind to reassure you, blocking you once more from their view. “Fun? Okay, let me get this straight, you ever touch a single hair of hers, and the only fun you’ll get will come out of Blackgate, understand?” You could see his body tense up as the other guys moved, running away from him.

His voice made your words get caught up in your throat, telling you to run the way they did but you just couldn’t bring yourself to do it, something in the way he defended you told you he wasn’t going to hurt you or anyone in your situation, you could almost say what he does was to protect.

“Thank you…. For saving me.” you managed to say at last.

“Don’t worry about it, are you okay?”

“Y-yeah, just a bit…” you lowered your gaze.

“It’s fine, you don’t have to worry anymore, I’m Jason Todd.” he said with a smile, extending his hand to greet you.

“[Y/N], just..… [Y/N]” you said returning the smile half-heartedly and taking his hand, it felt warm in yours and much bigger. You raised your eyes to look at him, he was still smiling as he shook your hand, without the danger you could finally look at him, under the street lights you could tell he was quite handsome, enough to make any girl woo, and his raven black hair was adorned with a streak of white, which made you wonder how it got there. As you tried to come up with an answer, your thoughts were interrupted by his next question.

“So, [Y/N], those guys may be gone but I’ll feel safer if I can take you home, care to lead the way?”

“Uhm, well, I… just… don’t have… a place to stay.” You said almost in a whisper.

“Oh…. I’m sorry.” His voice reflecting his words.

“It’s okay, I’ll just…” You began saying when a warm hand over your shoulder stopped you.

“Hey! Come on”, he extended his hand to you, “You can crash at my place until you need it, free of charge of course.” The warm smile he gave you was enough for you to take his hand once more and follow him without a doubt.

Days became weeks that became months, you were getting used to living with him and your lives together quickly became a routine, it just came natural for both of you and you trusted him enough to open up to him, enough to tell him the story of how you escaped and became free.

You became an orphan at age 5 and were placed in foster care since then, moving constantly from place to place until one family finally took you in permanently but they turned out to be criminals who trafficked with people and you were forced to work for them doing awful things before finally leaving.

He listened to your story without judging you, he understood and reassured you once more that you were safe, and so he told you his story, about how he came from the streets, of how he died and about the Red Hood, and you couldn’t help but laugh, one could only come home bloodied up late at night so many night before noticing something was off.

You both never felt so close, and the feelings on your heart finally made sense, you kept them secret, afraid of them not being returned if you ever said them out loud, spending time with him living in the same place felt enough to make you happy, as long as you two were together it didn’t matter how.

You had just come home after running some errands, putting everything away and cleaning a bit, Jason was speaking on the phone when the mention of your name made you stop.

“ Yeah, [Y/N], I know. I hate them, how could anyone live with ‘that’?” ‘That’? What did he meant by that? Your mind was going crazy, could he mean you? No, he’d never say something like that.

“It’s just that with [Y/N]…, I wish I could just get rid of them.”. This time your heart broke, now he was definitely talking about you, you wanted to go to leave and not coming back, you stumbled backwards crashing against the trash can, making enough noise to be heard.

“Wait a minute, [Y/N] is that you? Are you home already?” He said from the other room, you could hear him stand up, he was coming to get you but before he reached you, you made your decision and got out.

And so you ran, faster that you could have thought, away from him and from the place you had called home as tears began to fall crying your heart out. How could he say that? Why did he say it? You couldn’t help those kind of thoughts from coming, you wished you just disappeared to end the pain.

“Well but if it isn’t [Y/N]! How are you dearie?” A hoarse voice called you from behind, and before you were even able to turn, a hit from behind turned your sight black.

You opened your eyes, your head felt like exploding from the hit and your body felt rigid. Thick ropes were holding you to a chair in a black room, tight enough to make you bleed if you were to move. You knew this room, this is where you spent your time 'working’ from that time so you knew what was coming next. A tray was brought into the room, it was full with tools from knives to pincers and screws some bloodied and old from use, others new and shiny, replacements for those who broke during ‘play time’.

“Ah! So you’re awake, excellent [Y/N], you know I enjoy this a lot more when they’re awake.” The same hoarse voice said.

“You… how did you find me?” You said, almost shouting in disbelief.

“You? Come on dearie, it’s papa remember? And as to how I found you…, well, you know we never forgive those who betray us.”

He made his way towards you, his tool already chosen, pressing it to your skin he smiled, “Now, shall we begin?”

You closed your eyes, waiting for the pain but before anything happened an exploring was heard from outside and time seemed to move slower. The door of the black room swung open, shots were fired and a man in a red helmet entered, he moved fast like a blur, dodging the bullets and throwing punches with precision, you wanted to shout, to tell him you were fine but a sudden pain stopped you from saying anything, making your vision go black once more.

You woke on your bed confused as to how you got there, your wrist hurt from where the ropes were holding you, and your abdomen felt worse, that must have been where the bullet hit you. You tried to stand but someone was sleeping besides you, the boy with the white streak woke up and his eyes lit up when he saw you.

“[Y/N], you’re awake!” you could hear the relief on his voice.


“Yes, I’m here, I’m okay, you’re okay, [Y/N] I was so worried about you, I thought I had lost you when you left running, when you…, and when I couldn’t find you I thought…” You could feel his pain, and you wanted nothing more than comfort him and take away his suffering but you couldn’t.

“Jason, why are you here?” Your voice breaking in the end, “You don’t want me”


“You said you couldn’t live with me…” Tears rolled down as you began to sob.

“What!?, [Y/N] no, I wasn't…”

“You said you wished you could just get rid of….” His lips stopped you from saying more as he kissed you, his lips were soft and felt cold against yours, it was sweet and tender but passionate enough to make you want more.

“[Y/N], the only thing I wanted to get rid of was this, your old life, I wanted you to live a good life, away from this, I wanted you to be happy.” He said after ending the kiss, his lips lingering above yours as you caught your breath.

“I love you [Y/N], I’m sorry I couldn't….” This time your kiss shut him. He looked at you, surprise all over his face as smile began to grow.

“I love you too, Jason.” You said, a smile matching his as pulled him closer, never letting go.

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Bleeding Heart

I am actually not sure about this one, but here is the final story in that three part thing I told you all about. I hope it’s okay. Thanks for reading :)

As far as Hannah’s mother is concerned, she has been at the library studying with her friend Sydney all night. Which, in retrospect, is true. Hannah has an AP Bio test tomorrow and really needs to study, but Sydney had also smuggled her brother’s Walkman out of the house and they’d spent a good two hours listening to Metallica and Slayer while hiding among the stacks of dusty biographies nobody bothered to read anymore.

Hannah has decided that Metallica is the best band that ever existed but Sydney disagrees. She’s into Judas Priest. Hannah likes them fine, but she’s not sure she’d dedicate her whole life to the band. She really isn’t sure she’ll dedicate her life to Metallica either, but she’s still young. There’s still time to decide.

Her mother would have a heart attack if she knew what Hannah did with her spare time. Then she’d ground Hannah for a year. It didn’t make much sense to Hannah, Metallica is just a band, but age differences and the fact that her mother had been raised in a strict household (and therefore put a lot of that upbringing into her own style of parenting) made her mother incapable of actually hearing Hannah out if she ever had to explain any of this. Not that Hannah would ever, ever, ever explain any of this to her mother. She didn’t have a death wish.

After exchanging her t-shirt with a kitty sweater in the library bathroom, Hannah bids Sydney goodbye and walks in the direction of home. She should probably take the bus, but Hannah doesn’t live far and it’s definitely quicker to walk than wait for a bus anyway.

A crash startles her, and she stops, listening hard, curling her hands into fists. Her curiosity getting the better of her, she slowly creeps towards the noise, knowing willingly walking into an alleyway at night is grounds for trouble, but she can’t ignore the fact that someone could be in trouble. Hannah Lee does not turn away from people who need her help; no matter how much crap she could get into in the long run.

She sees the figure before it actually registers that it’s human, halting her steps to watch as it tries to stand up, staggers a bit, and then crashes back into a trash can. Whoever they are they’re obviously on something, most likely some sort of illegal substance, and Hannah has a feeling she knows exactly who they are, but against her better judgement she walks towards them anyway.

He’s staring up at the sky, eyes bloodshot and glassy, hair unkempt worse than it usually is, clothes a mess, and Hannah almost walks away from him, almost goes home and leaves his ass here, but he’s clearly in trouble and no amount of rage issues can control her bleeding heart, so she puts her hands on her hips and says, “At least tell me you’re alive.”

He blinks twice, eyes coming back into focus, gaze flickering in her direction, and a self-depreciating smile appears on his face when Sam says, “Of all the people to find me…”

“I feel so blessed,” she retorts crouching down next to him, looking him over for any injuries. “You hurt anywhere?”

“Aw, Hannah, didn’t know you cared.” He smile turns almost mocking and she fights the urge to punch him in the face. He must sense her irritation, his grin dropping, and he says, “I’m fine. Gotta get up and I’ll be good to go.”

He tries to stand again, but he barely gets off the ground before he landing on his butt. He giggles, his laughter breaking off into an involuntary sob, and Hannah sighs but decides she’s definitely going to help him because he’s too pathetic to leave here.

It takes a few tries, and Sam is barely any help, but Hannah manages to get him to his feet. Being five-two and barely 100 pounds, she nearly buckles under his weight when he leans into her, but shear perseverance keeps them both upright and the two weave out of the alleyway.

She stops at a bus stop, lowering Sam onto a bench, and digs around in her backpack for some change for the fare. She can’t help shooting Sam furtive glances as she searches, afraid he’s going to slump off the bench, but so far he’s staying put. He’s also not being his usual wired self, in fact he’s not doing much of anything except staring blankly at the ground.

Hannah fights the urge to reach over and touch his shoulder; to ask if he’s okay. He’s clearly not, not by a long shot, but she knows he’ll probably get defensive. Or worse he’ll lie, tell her everything is fine, hide behind his easy smile and dark sunglasses. Pretend that his dad isn’t a piece of shit, that his mom hasn’t become distant and negligent, that he isn’t one wrong step away from being shipped off to military school or boarding school or one of the hundreds of places his dad has no doubt threatened him with; he might think he hides his secrets well, but Hannah isn’t stupid. She’s seen the bruises, watches the way he flinches when someone approaches him too fast, notices how nervous he gets around people whenever he’s not selling them anything. He’s a walking time bomb, and it’s only a matter of time before he reaches his breaking point.

“See something you like?” Sam’s voice startles her, and Hannah turns away, blushing, cursing herself for getting caught staring, digging fervently through her bag.

“You wish,” she retorts sharply.

He doesn’t respond, but she knows he’s smirking, once again hiding behind his walls, and despite her convictions she’s disappointed. The last thing Hannah needs is to make Sam Beans her problem, but she has a feeling that’s what’s going to happen.

She finds bus fare just as the bus stops in front of them, the doors opening, and she helps Sam to his feet. He grumbles, tells her to leave him alone, but she ignores him. She’s hellbent on getting him home, won’t let him become another missing kid on the news. He can’t out stubborn her, nobody can out stubborn Hannah Lee, and eventually he gets the hint, falling silent.

The bus ride is quiet, a little too quiet where Sam is concerned, but Hannah doesn’t attempt small talk. She’s not the best at it, and she has a feeling Sam won’t indulge her anyway.

His head keeps dropping onto her shoulder and every time he forces himself to sit upright. After the third time, she snaps, “Just leave it there.”

He jumps, reeling away from her, and she feels guilty. She tries to apologize, but he waves it away, turning away from her, watching the scenery out the window.

When the bus driver stops at their stop, both stand up. Hannah goes first, listening as Sam follows her, and she hears him softly thank the driver before getting off the bus.

They stand awkwardly at the stop long after the bus has pulled away, looking at anything but each other, but Sam is the first one to break the silence. “Look, uh, Hannah,” he starts, rubbing the back of his neck. “I just, thanks for…”

“Yeah,” she says nodding her head. “You going to be okay getting home?”

“Who me?” His body tenses up briefly, so quickly Hannah almost misses it, but he effortlessly shakes off the tension, a devil may care smile appearing on his face. “Been walking home since I’ve been six. I know the way.”

“If you’re sure…”

“I am.” Suddenly he’s stone cold sober, eyes clearer than they’ve been since Hannah found him, and he grabs her by the shoulders, his eyes locking with hers. He doesn’t speak, but he doesn’t have to, Hannah understands perfectly.

“You’re welcome.”

He nods, letting her go, and staggers away. She waits until he’s disappeared around the corner before heading in the opposite direction, making a mental note to keep an eye on him, and adding his father to the list of people she wants to punch.