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6 Mar 2017

You know how I said I was going to be killed by the muffin man, Diary? Turns out, I was wrong… pretty sure at this point he’d settle for having me neutered. Well, maybe not Adrien Agreste…

…just the leather-clad superhero he caught KISSING HIS DAUGHTER TONIGHT!

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 Every time that I go in for a drug test in the NHL they ask me to stick out my tongue and this one time I had drank vinegar before the test and I think the doctor got sick afterwards. If you’re wondering why I drank vinegar it was because I needed to have a clean system before going in. A lot of the guys do drugs in the NHL and yes myself included. Not hardcore though. You’d be surprised to know that your favorite NHL probably can roll a joint like a pro. 


So, it’s Kouki’s birthday. They did this video and posted it on Twitter and I can’t stop laughing because when Kouki blows the candles they are all shocked that the filter actually blew them.

I’m crying omg


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The Time I Watch Voltron 80's In A Class Meeting

So I was watching a video and it was about the 80’s Voltron and my mind was flooded with this memory I completely forgot about.

It was early October and I was a junior in high school and I was at a class meeting with everyone in my class, which was rare because we usually only had half our class. While we managed to finish the meeting early and my class is like a bunch of 4 year olds on a sugar high so everyone was screaming.

I was sitting next to my friend Nykole and I looked at my other friend Nathan and gave him the “Oh my God, everyone is screaming and I want to die” look and he agreed.

So my class advisors attempted to calm our class down but their attempts failed until Mr.D pulled up YouTube and everyone shut up because last time we watched vines.

So everyone is watching in anticipation, except me because I’m taking to Nykole about how much I dislike cooking meat because it’s hard to cook certain types (I hate cooking pork)

Now while I’m talking about this Mr.D is pulling up a Voltron episode from the 80’s and starts to play an episode for the class but my deadass hasn’t noticed yet until Nathan goes. “Lisette, is that Voltron?”

So my eyes turn towards the screen and my jaw fucking drops because I’m staring at the blue lion fly and it was hilarious. Then Lance starts fighting the white hair guy and I fucking die. Like the English voice acting isn’t that good and those screams were killing me.

So Nathan and I spend the rest of the meeting laughing our asses off as we compare the 80’s to VLD and I’m trying to explain to Nykole how I know all the characters while I’m literally crying because I’m laughing so hard. This was the first time I had ever seen it so I was losing my shit.

After the meeting I confronted Mr.D on why he chose that show and all he said was “I was hoping is would shut you all up, but I was mistaking considering you were laughing like you just heard the funniest joke ever.”

So yeah that was the time I watched the 80’s Voltron, never again.