I was thinking of AUs for CP and I can’t stop laughing at the “first things you say to each other are tattooed on their body” soulmates au. Jack would have “Hey y’all” or something else super southern on him. (When he was born, Bad Bod was like “It’s English…I think.”) And Bitty! He’d have something like “Stay focused, Bittle.” OR GOD FORBID “Bittle, eat more protein.” Like can u imagine growing up with that on your body. “Your soulmate sounds like a real charmer Eric.” I’m actually crying, imagining this.

Ewww there are a bunch of 13 year old little Indian kids from my community who are trying to add me on Instagram and I’m just looking at their accounts and laughing at their creepy obsession over some of their female classmates and their stupid “faux gangsta” persona, like you just know this kid is gonna grow up to be a gross fuckboy in 5 yrs at this rate

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Can we get some Clietro/Quickhawk? :P

ok here we go WANDA STYLE

so if u go by google louis is apparently 5’ 8" and harry is 5’ 11" …..that’s a 3 inch difference… ppl actin like louis needs to climb a damn 10 foot ladder to kiss harry lol ok

Which OFF Character Should You Fight

I’m laughing I cant believe myself.

The Batter: do I even need to say why this is a bad idea. Dude is a purifier not to mention he has his add-ons. You’ll be dead so fast you wouldn’t even be able to blink. Unless your his puppeteer then you can control him, but why would you fight him then. Dont fight Batter.

Dedan: I’ll pay you to fight Dedan. just look at him, smug asshole. Oh you’ll lose I mean look at his muscles for christ’s sake, not to mention he leads one of the most important zones. But just look at him, maybe you can avoid his attacks long enough to knock him over or something. Fight Dedan, you’ll get like $10.

Japhet: Trust me the bird may be a nerd but he’s the millennial fire bird. MILLENNIAL FIRE BIRD. Japhet is scary, he may have gotten eaten as a song bird but he can probably kick your ass and look pretty at the same time. Not to mention he summoned spectres! SUMMONED THEM. Dont fight Japhet.

Enoch: Sure you can try to fight him, if you like getting crushed to death. Unless you can somehow run enough to make him too tired to fight as well, dont fight Enoch. He’s got a sugar factory and he’s the size of the whole world. Bad idea.

Sucre: Why would you want to fight Sucre? What’d she ever do wrong to you? She just wants to dance and be innocent in zone 0 you monster. Not to mention she’s pretty strong, she could beat you. Even if you do beat her up, why would you want to. What are you gaining from this. You monster. Dont fight Sucre.

The Judge: 1. he is a cat. 2. he is the final boss. Do I even have to continue. Don’t fight Judge.

Hugo: Why would you want to fight Hugo? All he wanted to do was draw and be happy. He can’t even fight back. Who’s idea was this. You’d be beating up a baby. Dont fight Hugo.

The Queen: SHE IS A QUEEN. She has more power than anyone else and she probably WANTS you to try and fight her. She’s a powerful lady and not only will she kick your ass she’ll make you feel bad about making her do it. Don’t fight the Queen.

Elsen: You’re an asshole if you try to fight an Elsen. what is wrong with you.

Zacharie: He’s your only merchant, without him you wouldn’t be able to buy anything. But he does overprice his stuff to extremes, maybe argue with him. But don’t physically fight Zacharie, it’s mean and he also has addons. He’ll kick your ass.