As A Woman, Watching ‘Wonder Woman’ Served As A Beautiful Reminder That I Could Probably Kill Someone With A Sword

In the days since I saw Wonder Woman, I’ve had a lot to reflect on. The movie not only smashed box office earning records and featured a female director, but it also showed a powerful representation of a strong, confident female superhero kicking ass on-screen. As a woman, watching Wonder Woman was a transformative experience that I’ll never forget, because it served as a powerful reminder that I could probably kill someone with a sword.

As I left the theater, my eyes were opened to a totally new possibility: I could maybe someday stab and kill a person with a sword if I ever wanted to, and the fact that I was a woman wasn’t going to stop me.

When I saw Wonder Woman in full armor emerging from the trenches on a battlefield and killing Germans with her sword, I knew this movie would be different than any other movie I had seen before. As a woman, seeing a powerful feminine figure command the screen and shove her weapon deep within another human made me think about how swords actually don’t look that hard to use, and I could probably stab or slice someone to death, no problem. With the help of a fully fleshed-out, inspiring female character, I learned something very transformative about myself and my ability to harness the power of the blade that I, somewhere in my life living as a woman, had sadly forgotten. “I could… probably do some damage with a sword?” I thought to myself upon leaving the theater. “I could at least at least hack someone up pretty bad, if not outright kill them. Yeah?”


While Wonder Woman fought and stabbed her way through battle after battle, my eyes filled with tears. It finally hit me: I, a female, could buy a sword and kill someone with it, and that was a choice I could make. If I picked a random person on the street and just sort of swung that thing around, just like the totally kickass Wonder Woman showed me, I could probably hurt them pretty bad, if not murder them outright. These are thoughts I never had while watching a film in recent memory, and a thought that I hope empowers women everywhere.

Yes, I’ve seen men kill with swords in movies all the time, but when I looked in the mirror, I never saw Superman or Batman staring back. Now when I look in the mirror, I see myself, a proud woman holding a samurai sword looking kind of confused about how to hold it but also pretty sure she could figure it out if the urge to kill ever hit her hard enough. I wish I had this movie when I was a kid. If I had known at 10 that I could probably kill someone with a sword, where would I be today? I probably would not have killed anyone, for what it’s worth, but to know I could? That would have been priceless.

For me personally, Wonder Woman was a powerful reminder that I could stab someone with a sword. I spent my entire life not even thinking that this was a possibility, but now, thanks to this movie, I’ll never stop thinking about it. So, as a woman, I encourage every woman to see it and know that you could also probably kill with a sword. All you have to do is believe.

Summertime in Almaty is both a blessing and a curse.

It is way too hot for Yuri. He’s too accustomed to the chilly St. Petersburg weather that barely ever reaches 70 degrees Fahrenheit even in the summer. Yuri would much rather be chilly, wrapped up in a blanket and cuddling up to Otabek while they sit on the couch and watch movies. Instead, Yuri is sprawled out on the couch with a fan blowing directly in his face while Otabek sits close by on the floor with another fan on him. The AC in Otabek’s apartment has been broken for a few days now; of course the AC decides to break down the week that Yuri is visiting his best friend. 

The heat, however, is also working in favor of Yuri and his interests. For the past couple of days Otabek has been walking around the apartment in nothing but a muscle tee and shorts. This gives Yuri many opportunities to sneak glances at Otabek’s beautifully toned arms and legs. He watches as sweat pools around Otabek’s neck and drips down past his collar bones onto his perfectly sculpted bicep. Yuri feels gross for finding a tired, sweaty Otabek attractive, but he can’t help but think that Otabek has never looked more perfect. Yuri wishes he had an excuse to get on the floor next to him and latch onto his god-like frame. 

“You look good” Yuri states, breaking the comfortable quiet that was between them. The heat is definitely starting to impact Yuri’s rational thinking, because he regrets the words immediately after they come out of his mouth. As if the lingering touches and fond glances between the two weren’t enough to create a small, burning tension between them.. now Yuri went and made things more awkward.

“I- what?” Otabek looks over to Yuri, somehow looking even more hot and flustered than he was a moment ago. 

“You look good,” Yuri reaffirms, realizing now that there’s no way to dig himself out of this situation. “It’s 90 degrees out, we’re both sweaty and disgusting, and somehow you still manage to look perfect? You’re fucking toned as shit and the sweat makes you look like a shiny Greco-Roman statue instead of a swamp monster like me. I don’t know how you do that and it’s pissing me off.” Yuri would probably sound seriously agitated to any onlooker, but Otabek knows Yuri’s tone holds no bite. 

Otabek smiles, “I think you look good too, Yura”.

Yuri’s cheeks are beat red as he looks at Otabek with wild astonishment before embarrassingly turning away. Otabek gets up off the floor and begins to walk over to the couch that Yuri is sprawled across.

“Do you want me to sit with you?” Otabek offers, and Yuri only half glances at him as he begins to sit up.

“Sure, I guess, if you really want to,” and with that Yuri moves over enough to make room for Otabek to slide in next to him. 

Otabek smiles and slots himself between Yuri and the arm rest. Otabek lifts his arm and wraps it around Yuri’s shoulders, pulling him in close to his chest. They’re both sweaty, disgusting, and hotter than before. But Yuri is happy and comfortable resting in between Otabek’s firm chest and strong arms, and he wouldn’t want it any other way. 


written because Otabek’s arms are killing me

  • Akira: The target’s in the financial district. Which exit do I take?
  • Makoto: Traction Avenue.
  • Akira: That’ll take me downtown. I take Seventh, don’t I?
  • Makoto: Don’t take Seventh!
  • Akira: [swerves away] Great, we missed it!
  • Makoto: You asked me how to get there and I told you. Exit at Traction!
  • Akira: That’ll take me downtown!
  • Makoto: It’s coming up, get in the right lane! Signal!
  • Akira: We don’t exit at Traction!
  • Akira: RRRRRAAAAAAGH!!! [yanks the wheel over and careens down the exit]
  • (Later…)
  • Akira: I-is everybody okay back there?
  • Futaba: [giggling] Super duper, Bro!
  • Ryuji: [giggling] Let’s do that again!
A 12-Year-Old Came Out to Her Mormon Church. Then Her Mike Was Cut Off.
A church leader turned off the microphone after Savannah announced that she is a lesbian. But the young Mormon, now 13, doesn’t regret speaking out.
By Jacey Fortin

On the day in May that Savannah stood up to speak in front of her Mormon congregation, she did not get through everything she had wanted to say.

The 12-year-old was telling other members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that she is a lesbian. “No part of me is a mistake,” she said during a testimony meeting, a monthly event at her church in Eagle Mountain, Utah. “I do not choose to be this way, and it is not a fad.”

As Savannah, now 13, was nearing the end of her comments, after she had come out to her fellow worshipers, her microphone was switched off. She tapped it and then looked to a church leader to see what had happened.

He told her that she could return to her seat.

“I think they did that because they didn’t want my message,” Savannah said in a phone interview on Wednesday. “I don’t want to be mean to them if this isn’t true, but I felt like they were scared of me and what I was saying.”

The Avengers as the Mythbusters! Couldn’t get this idea out of my head! Like, Tony just wants to blow stuff up mmk? And Bruce is the voice of reason. Fuck yeah, science! I’ll probably make a short comic for it too XD


“On June 12, 2016, 49 people were killed & 53 others were wounded at Pulse in Orlando. The attack is the deadliest mass shooting in United States history & the deadliest incident of violence against LGBT people in U.S. history. One year later, we sing for Pulse. We sing for Orlando. We sing for you. We sing as one. We will not be silenced. - Michael Korte”

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