“It’s not a leak, it’s stealing, it’s theft,” Anne says. 

Y/N hadn’t come down stairs to greet them, she was too scared, too embarrassed. Anne was the first to find out, she had woken up and checked her twitter. Only to see his son’s girlfriend everywhere, and every inch of her. She was naked, bare, no clothes on her body, as she laid in the bed her and Harry shared, pictures her son had taken to have of her. It seemed like a good idea at the time, until someone had hacked into his phone. 

The call didn’t come from Anne, it came from Y/N’s father. He was heated, he was about to fly in and murder Harry for being so stupid, for allowing her to pose like that. When Y/N found out she couldn’t force herself out of bed, she called out of work, not caring, she couldn’t face the world, not today. 

“How is she?” Anne asked, gripping her mug and looking at her son, he didn’t even have time to change, he just slipped on some sweatpants. 

Harry shakes his head, it had only been four hours since she found out. But when she did the happiness faded from her face, her eyes seemed dull, her skim got pale, and she seemed to have shut down. She laid in bed, blankets covering her, her phone shut off, she didn’t want any contact to the outside world. 

“She’s still in bed,” Harry sighed, “she’s to embarrassed to come downstairs.”

Anne sighed, lowering her gaze to the tea in front of her, “is there anything I can do?”

Harry shook his head, bringing his mug to his lips. He leaned against the island, a frown on his lips, “how can they do this to someone? To her? To me?” Harry asked, “thought they supported me.”

“How can someone be so cruel?” Anne asked, shaking her head, “did any pictures of you get out?”

“No, just her, I was never in them,” Harry sighed. He wished, he wished with all his heart the pictures where of him. Y/N was a private person, she was different. She wasn’t famous, she wasn’t an A-List celebrity, she didn’t want to be known by everyone. 

“This is such a mess,” Anne says softly.

And then they both hear it, a crash from up stairs, Harry sets down his mug running up. He opens the door to his room to see the shattered mirror, Y’N’s phone laid next to the piece’s. She sits on the bed, sobs leaving her body, tears running down her cheeks and Harry knows that cry. 

She could hardly breath, her hands shaking. Harry made his way over to the bed, pulling her close to him, he could feel her tears on his exposed chest. Her hands gripped his arms, holding him tighter, he ran his hand through her hair gently, lovingly, trying to calm her down. 

“I’m so sorry baby, I’m so sorry,” he repeated, kissing her forehead, “‘‘s all my fault, I shouldn’t have taken those.”

She cries harder, “everyone knows, my boss, my family,” she sobbed, “your family.”

“I’m so sorry, kitten, I’m so sorry,” he repeats, not knowing what else to say, so he just holds her, as tight as he can. 

He closes his eyes, keeping her close, her cries die down, and he breathing is shallow and steady. Her grip on him is lose and her eyes close, relaxing into him until she’s asleep. Anne knocks on the door, and he looks over, gently setting Y/N on the pillow, pulling a blanket over her. 

“She needs support right now,” Anne says softly, “I think it may be best if she stays with us, if you both stay with us, just think about it, I’m going to head out okay?”

Harry stands but she shakes her head, “stay, I know where the door is,” she smiled.

“I love you mum,” Harry says. 

“I love you, and give Y/N my love, this doesn’t change my love for her,” Anne says, walking out of the room.
Normani Kordei Gushes Over Fans Ahead of ‘DWTS’ Finale
Normani Kordei gushed to Us Weekly about her fans ahead of the two-night ‘Dancing With the Stars’ season 24 finale — read her exclusive interview

Feeling the love! Normani Kordei gushed to Us Weekly about her fans ahead of the two-night Dancing With the Stars finale, where she and partner Val Chmerkovskiy find themselves just one point behind front-runners Rashad Jennings and Emma Slater.

The Fifth Harmony singer, who gave fans a glimpse of her final dance via Twitter on Sunday, May 21, told Us that she couldn’t have done the competition without the support of her followers.

“The fans that have supported me since day one, I still have by my side and they’re always in my heart, they’ve been so supportive and have seen my growth and I have changed tremendously because of the show and my fans have noticed that and support that. They vote every single week and they remind me how amazing I’ve been doing and keep me confident and motivated,” Kordei said. “At the end of the day, they want so much for me and I’m getting that by finding myself throughout this competition and inspiring my fans through my change. My fans are my family and it’s such a great camaraderie that we have.”

The songstress has indeed opened up during season 24 of the dancing competition show.

During the May 15 episode, Kordei revealed that she was 9 years old when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. “I didn’t go back to New Orleans right away,” she previously told Us. “My family did, but they wanted to shield my memories and keep them of a happy place. They didn’t want me to see all the destruction. I saw everything on TV, but going back would have been different seeing it in person.”

“My roots are still in NOLA,“ she added. "My family still lives there and every time I go back it feels like home.”

The Dancing With the Stars two-part season 24 finale begins Monday, May 22, at 8 p.m. ET. on ABC.

anonymous asked:

It's the first anon, before I say anything, I wanted to clear up that I wasn't 'trolling' or starting up drama for no reason. I actually love sprousehart, but I saw this on twitter and wanted the opinions of other people that are invested into this. Now that that's over with, the girl who claimed this, her @ on twitter is @KiaPantazis and during her conversation with an riverdale fan account about her fan experience, she stated he kissed her. You should be able to find it on her account.

Hiya there nonnie! I didn’t mean to say that you were looking to start drama. I was referring to those annoying , attention seeking fangirls, especially on twitter and IG, who do that.

I checked out that girl’s page and looks like yet another attempt at garnering attention. She put it on her twitter bio for heavens sake! Ugh.

First of all, there is no way to verify her claims, secondly, even if he did, it seems to be a friendly peck at the most, given her description of it. It wasn’t a full on lip lock or anything. He probably was drunk too.

I had seen her picture with Cole yesterday but she hadn’t mentioned anything about the alleged ‘kiss’ then. She seems to have added it later and wants to make a big deal out of it.

A quick glance of her IG reveals an attention seeking character , tbh.

I seriously question the morals of these young women whose 'life goals ’ apparently are getting a 'star-fuck’ for their 2 minutes of fame.

I hope and pray that this matter doesn’t get blown out of proportion and reaches those cheesy tabloids.

anonymous asked:

this twitter acct @nctpostumblr reposts screenshots of nct posts here on tumblr and some of them are yours

Thank you for telling me. I’ve checked out her twitter and I’m not mad as she’s taken screenshots that show the original owner and as long as I’m sourced for my original quotes I don’t mind. I will continue to keep an eye on them tho, Thank you :D

anonymous asked:

"lili would rather die than let bughead break up look at her twitter she only replies to bughead stans and she honestly doesn't deserve to play a bi character" wow my heart hurt reading that, what can u say abt it?

I mean, in the beginning I would have defended her to the end. But lately she’s kind of been shitting on beronica stans. She has generalized them to this stereotype of being angry at everything. When that’s not the case. I’ve actually had bughead stans come at me and say homosexuality is disgusting and I’m going to rot in hell for being bisexual. Lilis apology to the beronica stans was also very defensive. And she was only making up excuses for herself. I’m not saying she’s a bad person, she is only 20. She needs a little bit longer to mature before she’s in the public eye as much as she is

anonymous asked:

so what did you do in place of being online? -someone who would like to lessen her dependency on twitter

If I’m in a waiting room or something and all I have is my phone, puzzle apps are my go-to. I stick to apps without those lives that refill in 20 minutes or whatever, because those get really addictive. But puzzle apps are great because they help me pass the time without leaving me needing to play them constantly. And when I’m home, I do the things I did anyway when I wasn’t on social media, just more often. I’ll read a book, or meet up with friends, or play Sims, or watch a movie or youtube videos (lately I’ve been really into educational topical videos like CGP Grey’s), or anything really. I’ve learned that it’s always better to mix it up, because doing too much of any one thing can make me start to wish I was doing it whenever I’m doing something else. You don’t want to replace your Twitter dependency with a Candy Crush dependency or a Buzzfeed dependency, because that’s not really helping your greater problem.

If you’re looking for specific ideas because you’re out of them, here are a few to get started with:

  • Play Club Penguin Rewritten or Toontown Rewritten, fan uploaded copies of the discontinued games that are pretty much exactly like the originals, except better because full membership is free.
  • Look at a list on Wikipedia called “Unusual articles” (just Google it) to learn about weird things like how a protest in Brussels 500 years ago involved pornographic snowmen.
  • Go on YouTube to watch episodes of “Would I Lie To You?”, a British panel show where comedians and celebrities get prompted with real or fake sentences like: “This is the bottle of hand gel I use to clean my hands before I handle my main bottle of hand gel” and try to elaborate to convince the other team the story is true.
  • Teach yourself how to write shorthand so you can take notes faster. Teeline shorthand is a good one to start with, it’s fairly simple.
  • Rewatch your top 5 Disney movies and decide how they rank from favorite to least favorite.

To be honest, I’m not doing anything particularly fascinating or ground-breaking instead of being on social media, and a lot of the things I do in my free time aren’t constructive. But if you’re really addicted to social media, it starts to consume your thoughts a lot, or at least it did for me. So spending my time on whatever useless thing I feel like doing that day has been great and stress-free, and most importantly, the lack of that dependency has made me a lot more mentally present when I’m spending time with friends and family.

anonymous asked:

So I went on her twitter to read the tweets and it literally doesn't make any sense lol She said he kissed him on the lips for a goodbye and even though I don't know Cole personally, that doesn't sound like him, more like a girl who is desperate for attention and drama. We should just move on and I actually feel sorry for people like her who get joy out of stuff like that. so pathetic

I agree with you.

I wish people had more sense than that.


Nicki Minaj may start a charity to pay off her fans’ student loans

  • Nicki Minaj now officially has beef with student loans.
  • After offering to pay some of her Twitter followers’ tuition bills, Minaj posted to Instagram receipts of what she paid and signaled to others that their days of student loan tyranny may soon be over, as well.
  • “This makes me so happy,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ll do another impromptu payment spree in a month or two but please know that I’m launching my official charity for student loans/tuition payments very soon! You’ll be able to officially sign up! I’ll keep you posted.” Read more. (5/13/17, 11:40 AM)

anonymous asked:

Not trying to be rude but you're very smart and funny idk why are you still wasting your time on a dumb show like riverdale and shipping a ship you know it will never happen when they're beautiful canon w|w ships, it's your choice i respect it but i'm just saying you deserve better lili would rather die than let bughead break up look at her twitter she only replies to bughead stans and she honestly doesn't deserve to play a bi character

Dude thank you, and, I don’t entirely waste my time on Riverdale, I’m super invested in wynonna Earp, which has literally my favorite wlw ship in the entire planet, I kinda tune into supergirl once in a while. I just run this blog on the side.

anonymous asked:

the girl that said she kissed cole, her @ is KiaPantazis on twitter and it was in a reply thread to a question

Yes,another anon told me about it. Honestly, I think we should all just move on from this pointless drama involving a couple of attention seeking fan girls.

Hey, sorry to be posting on the meme bot account for this, but this is the biggest audience I’ve got. I need help finding a new home for a lovely kittycat in or around Albuquerque, New Mexico.

A friend of mine has a cat with some problems who needs a new home. She’s a good cat– loves to watch birds out the window, will sit next to you and purr– but she has both bowel and neurological issues and she has trouble using the litterbox. She regularly poops and pees outside of it. She is also very shy and needs someone who will really put in the effort to earn her trust.

I posted a Twitter thread with more information. We’re happy to provide her vet records and any other information that would be helpful for taking care of her.

We’ve been looking into shelters and sanctuaries in and around New Mexico, but very few of them have room for more cats at all, let alone the resources to take in a cat with neurological issues. She really needs a dedicated human (or family of humans!) who can spend the time and effort helping her.

If you know anyone like that, can you please pass this info along to them? You can contact me here, email me (barrlr AT barrl DOT net), @ me on Twitter, etc. We’re able to travel about a day from Albuquerque– so that means we can get to West Texas and anywhere in the 4 corners states– but I worry that going further than that would be extremely stressful for her, so I don’t want to do that unless we literally have no other options.