my personal paladin headcanons (sexuality and gender wise)


- shiro is cis, but so supportive!!

- he/him

- maybe lgbt+

- queer or non-identifying tbh. maybe pansexual, but i just really think my guy is at least a bit gay

- supportive dad

- is always open to talk about any of the other paladins problems with sexuality and gender!!

- will scold you at you if you bind for longer than you should (@keith)


- transguy!!!

- he/him

- gay as fucking hell

- he has a lot of bad dysphoria and would bind for way longer than he should’ve before shiro scolded him

- also used to bind with ace bandages and do other really unsafe things to appear masc

- held in a lot of internalized homophobia/transphobia since he grew up in texas :/

- so fucking gay

- gay for a certain someone that you can choose the name of ;) #noshiphate

- also! was on T before he left for space, but he can’t get any up in space :((


- honestly, any lance is good but

- transguy

- he/him

- raging bisexual

- used to have a really fragile masculinity since he grew up in a highkey transphobic family but!!

- now he paints his nails and wears skirts because screw gender roles

- femtransguysarevalid2k17

- can flirt with anyone and win their heart, tbh

- was always pretty comfortable with his sexuality, it was gender that was harder for him

- definitely bedazzles his and keith’s binders, and even pidge’s if they let him.

- lance was on T for a little while like keith, but only for his time at the garrison bc of his parents.


- my AAA baby

- aka ace, aro, agender!!

- i love nonbinary pidge, okay?

- honestly any pronouns but they/them is preferred and she/her is a close second

- transguy pidge is also really good but that’s just me projecting onto my faves so my nonbinary pidge hc stands

- wears a binder!!

- also has begun to formulate testosterone for keith and lance :)

- experiences squishes for people occasionally but never gets romantically attached (duh)

- “homophobic cishets amiright” “ha jk suck my ass”


- cis but completely understanding

- he/him

- screw gender roles, let hunk wear a skirt

- pansexual and c ute

- maybe ace, it depends

- honestly the best of boys

- makes new binders for his trans and nonbinary buds what a blessing

- put anyone in a ship with hunk and it will be Good just a reminder

- lectures people with dad


- why??? do humans give labels to everything?

- gender isn’t a big deal in space, honestly, but allura is female in eart standards

- either gay or pan, depending on the allura ship of the day for me.

- gay allura is good though as much as i love some straight ships with her in it

- allura doesn’t quite understand the whole “transgender” thing but she tries so hard!! gives mom™ talks often with dad™


- similar to allura’s views, coran doesn’t get gender but would be male under earths standards!

- he is gay though no one can tell me otherwise

- i mean,,,, alfor

- coran is helping pidge to develop a sort of T for the transboys!! he is a good supportive uncle

- coran is so good why don’t we talk about him more

- oh also he and allura could be considered intersex because of alien biology but i figured i would just go with female and male since i don’t want to inaccurately portray intersex characters with barely any knowledge of the topic!!


these are just a few of my headcanons!! you can see me projecting onto all of these babes as a queer transguy but hey headcanons are headcanons for a reason man.

anyways, feel free to send me a message to talk about these hcs, i’m always open for a chat :’)) or shoot me an ask for different headcanons or other subjects!!

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Dan is so gay he can't even say the word vagina

dan came up for so many euphemisms this video just to avoid saying it i was so confused man up daniel howell pussy ass bitch

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my boyfriend and I said I love you for the first time today and now I just want to shout from the rooftops how much I love him! we're so gay! he's so wonderful!! I really really love my boyfriend!!!!

that’s adorable, i’m so happy for u omg

@lilldov and i made an ith au that includes lincoln :^) !! i haven’t seen any headcanon designs for him or anything but since there’s been a bit of negativity floating around the fandom, i figured a cute au would be fun to have!!

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I'm so glad there's another person who headcanons Price as bi???


Bi!Kev Headcanons?:

  • He’d kissed some girls before and really like it so never really thought beyond - he liked girls so he was straight right?
  • Until he met Connor McKinley with his soft red hair, creamy blue eyes, freckled pepper skin and tummy-fluttering smile
  • And then he’s suddenly not so sure anymore
  • Because he likes GIRLS he knows he likes girls so why does he want to kiss Connor so much??
  • The thing that confused him most was that it felt the same but so different to a crush on a girl - he knew it was a crush but liking boys felt exhilarating but still soft 
  • It felt like it was special, so special it made his heart squeeze in his chest when he thought about holding his hand, and kissing his cheek 
  • And then he after nights of staring at the ceiling trying to figure out if he was gay or straight, he finally turned to the most helpful and knowledgeable person he knew
  • The internet 
  • The local library was lucky enough to have one, admittedly EXTREMELY slow, computer and so one night he snuck in to search about his problem
  • That’s when he first came across ‘bisexual’ 
  • And for a moment, it all made sense 
  • He was allowed to like both 
  • Both 
  • BOTH
  • And in the reflection of the computer screen, he saw himself smiling 
Extra PE Lesson


“Come on Chee You push yourself, don’t give up”

Chee You was shaking, gathering all his energy for that one last push. The voice of his PE teacher Mr Goh was the only thing keeping him motivated. After much struggling, Chee You managed to make it for that last push before collapsing on the floor.

“Good Job Chee You! Just keep training and you will pass your NAPFA test soon” Mr Goh said while giving Chee You a pat on his back.

Chee You remained on the floor while recovering. A few minutes passed before he got up looking at the score sheet on the board. He needed 10 more push ups to pass. Chee You wanted to pass his NAPFA test badly so that he won’t have to enlist early for his national service.

“Gentlemen gather here. Ok guys well done for those who passed but for those who did not, don’t give up training. I will be conducting another NAPFA test next month so keep pushing. Go and join the girls for games now.” Mr Goh said as he dismissed the boys.

The guys cheered and make their way to the field. Chee You on the other hand didn’t really have any mood for games, he’s been training for the past few months but still didn’t managed to pass. Feeling dishearten he let his head down and walked away.

“Hey Chee You !“ Chee You felt a pat on his shoulder, it was he’s PE teacher.

“Yes Mr Goh?” Chee You said

“Don’t be so dishearten! Actually I noticed earlier your form is kind of wrong. Want to pick up some tips from me ?” Mr Goh said.

Mr Goh is probably the fittest teacher in school, this young man was in his early twenties and he was from the elite naval diving unit before joins MOE as a PE teacher. His well defined body is visible to anyone, as his muscles were huge and often bulging underneath that thin dry fit shirt he wears. Blessed by good looks and with a body like his, he was the crush of many in school.

“Yeah sure ..” Chee You said. This must be a blessing in disguise. Mr Goh had always been Chee You’s crush, many female students had been eyeing on Mr Goh too, let alone for this gay boy.

“Alright I am going to do a demo for you, watch me and pay attention to my form” Mr Goh went down and demonstrated a perfect push up for Chee You. Instead of focusing on Mr Goh’s form, Chee You was staring at his PE teacher’s well toned bubble butt, the tight butt was squeezing the shorts revealing the white underwear he was wearing underneath.

“Got it ? Chee You… ?” Mr Goh asked.

“Ermm yes..” Chee You replied as he snapped out of his fantasy.

“Great, now you show me.” Mr Goh got back on his feet while dusting away the dirt on his hands.

Chee You got down on his knees and stretched his arms across before lifting his knees up and started pumping.

“Hey no… no, you got it wrong, your butt should go higher. Come, let me help you.” Mr Goh said as he went over to Chee You and held Chee You’s body holding his abs and back in a sandwich motion.

That intimate body contact was sending adrenaline down Chee You as he felt a twitch underneath his shorts. His underwear got tighter and tighter, he was getting an erection! With Mr Goh’s hands so close to his crotch, Chee You was worried that his teacher would notice his erection and what will he think about him.

Chee You froze there, unwilling to make any movement. He was afraid that any movement will make his erection known to Mr Goh.

“Come on, go down. Don’t worry I will support you, push yourself…” Mr Goh instructed.  

Chee You closed his eyes and went down hoping that Mr Goh won’t notice his erected member but things went out of control. Chee You’s arms were weak from the push ups he did earlier, he collapsed along the way. Mr Goh saw his arms giving way, he tighten his grip around Chee You’s body in an attempt to support him but ended up coming in contact with Chee You’s erected dick.

A period of silence broke out, as the both of them went into deep thoughts. Chee You was blushing from embarrassment, he was worried about what will Mr Goh think about him. Will he be exposed and reported? Mr Goh on the other hand was pretty sure that he felt an erection coming from Chee You and he was puzzled. ‘Why is he having an erection? Could he be gay…’ Mr Goh started questioning himself.

“Alright thats enough for now.” Mr Goh broke the silence before helping Chee You to get up. Chee You was already soft but he’s face was flushing from embarrassment. He wasn’t able to look at Mr Goh in the eyes. He excused himself before making his way to the field and away from this embarrassment.

“Come and find me after your lesson ends today.” Mr Goh said

Chee You nodded his head before he left in a hurry. He wanted to get out of there as soon as possible.

That day went by as usual, Chee You went back to his lessons while Mr Goh was thinking about the incident that took place earlier. He was very sure that Chee You was having an erection and according to his analysis, Chee You could be gay. He wasn’t sure if he should make a move on Chee You, there was too much at stake. He could very well lose his job if Chee You turned out to be straight and reports him. Mr Goh is a closeted bisexual man. Despite having a girlfriend, he still enjoys searching for fun with other guys. He wants Chee You but he needed to be sure that Chee You shares the same desire as him. He came up with a plan to test Chee You.

That evening, Chee You’s classes ended at 5pm. Most of the students were exhausted from the boring chemistry lecture and wanted to leave the school as soon as possible.

Chee You bid goodbye to his friends while excusing himself from them. He knew what was about to come. He prepared a countless amount of excuses should Mr Goh asked about his erection. He was hoping that he will not get into any trouble. He was rehearsing in his head while he made his way to the staff room.

Upon arriving, Chee You punched in the extension number on the phone outside the staff room and dailed for Mr Goh.

“Ermm… Hello… Is this Mr Goh…, I am Chee You.. I’m here …” Chee You said

“Alright, I will be with you shortly” Mr Goh replied, it was time to carry out his plan.

Mr Goh stepped out greeting Chee You upon seeing him.

“Ah ha! Are we ready for some extra training? But first we need to get you into something comfortable. You can’t do push ups in these.” Mr Goh said while pointing down to Chee You’s school pants. Chee You had already changed out of his PE attire and into his school uniform. He agrees with Mr Goh and started making his way to the toilet.

“Wait a minute. Here, wear these. I don’t want to be smelling a stinky boy. Meet me at level 4 once you are done.” Mr Goh said as he passed a fresh set of PE uniform to Chee You.

“Ermm … Thank you” Chee You said as he grabbed the PE attire from Mr Goh and made his way to the toilet.

Chee You went into a toilet nearby and started changing out of his school uniform. He unbuckled his school pants and pulled them down, he was wondering if Mr Goh had already forgotten about the embarrassing incident that happened earlier. He tried to assure himself that everything is going to be ok as he stepped out of his school pants and reached out for the PE shorts Mr Goh passed him just now.

As he pulled up the PE shorts, he noticed that it was much tighter than his usual PE shorts. It was in fact a size smaller, after a bit of struggling he managed to pull the shorts up his waist and carried on changing. Once he’s done changing, Chee You can’t help but to notice how tight the shorts were, his crotch was made visible underneath that tight shorts despite him not even having an erection. Chee You covered his crotch area with his hands and make his way out to meet Mr Goh.

‘Perfect! Just like what I’ve planned. I am gonna have this boy today.’ Mr Goh thought to himself as he saw Chee You approaching from a distant. He notice how skimpy the shorts was and it made Chee You’s smooth toned thighs visible. There’s no way for Chee You to hide his erection should he have one to come. Mr Goh wants Chee You so badly.

“Alright! Let’s get started!” Mr Goh said as he can’t wait to carry out his plan.

Chee You placed his school bag aside and awaits for more instructions.

“Ok, first let’s start with some warm up, spread your arms and legs apart “ Mr Goh instructed.

Chee You stretches his arms wide apart but when it comes to his legs he wasn’t able to stretch them much due the restriction by the tight shorts he was wearing. All of these were part of Mr Goh’s plan to get Chee You.

“You have to spread your legs wider, come let me help you.” Mr Goh said as he went to the back of Chee You and reached out for his thighs. He placed both hands on Chee You’s thighs and attempt to spread them apart. He increased the grip around Chee You’s toned thighs, coaxing shivers out of Chee You. Chee You was blushing hotly as he shuts his eyes, heat seemed to travel through his veins warming him, pulse after pulse of adrenaline rushed down to his crotch as his dick starts to get bigger and harder.

Chee You’s hard erected dick was fully visible underneath that tight shorts he was wearing. Mr Goh saw Chee You’s erected dick with delight, that was the green light he was waiting for. He knew that Chee You was all his now. He moved his hands up to Chee You’s waist before moving it in front, towards his crotch. He reaches out for Chee You’s erected dick and grabbed hold onto it. Chee You stifled a surprised gasp as he let out a moan. He was shocked by the sudden move from Mr Goh.

Before Chee You could respond or react, Mr Goh grabbed onto one of Chee You’s hands and guided his hand to his crotch. Chee You’s hands was on Mr Goh’s crotch. Mr Goh was rock hard as well, he guided Chee You’s hands to feel his erection and whispered into his ear. “You want this, don’t you?” At that moment, everything seems so clear now. There wasn’t much explanation needed from either one of them. In that silence all of their secrets were laid bare. Chee You turned backwards, facing Mr Goh. Their body was so close in contact that they can feel each other’s heat emitting.

Mr Goh moved his head closer to Chee You. Chee You stood frozen, from both fear and excitement. He leaned in a little closer, their foreheads touching and the next thing he knew, Mr Goh had slammed his lips to his. Chee You hardly had a moment to react as Mr Goh delved inside his mouth. Chee You pushed him away and hesitantly looked up at Mr Goh. The swirls of emotion made him gasp. However, before he could ponder about it further, Mr Goh yanked Chee You forward and covered his mouth with his in a hungry kiss. Their lips crushed together, sending shivers down each of their back, The intoxicating boyish smell of Chee You’s sweat was driving Mr Goh crazy. Lust took over him, he was like an animal out of the cage, increasing pressure against Chee You’s lips  grabbing him desperately, arms around his waist, Chee You sank into Mr Goh’s muscular chest while his hands fonder around that muscular body.

The entire level 4 was filled with their kissing and moaning sound as they continued in a battle of their tongue.

Mr Goh started to move his lips down towards Chee You’s neck. He leaned down and softly kissed the tender area at the base of Chee You’s neck. Chee You’s body went rigid with surprise as trembles shook his body and the euphoric warmth blossomed within him once more.

Mr Goh playfully uses his tongue to swirl around Chee You’s neck before making his way up to Chee You’s ear.

“Want to suck me?” He whispered into Chee You’s ear.

With his cheeks still blushing hotly, Chee You glanced back up into Mr Goh’s captivating eyes. He nodded his head. It was a request many had been waiting for and Chee You is not going to let this chance slip by.

Mr Goh grabbed Chee You’s hand and entered an empty classroom together. Once inside, Mr Goh glanced around the corridors making sure that there was no one around before he closed the door shut leaving the room just to the two of them.

Mr Goh held Chee You gently, cupping his face with one hand pulling him closer. He reached out to Chee You’s crotch with the other hand, grabbing his erected dick. He stared straight into Chee You’s eyes and said to him “ You’re mine” He instructed Chee You to kneel down in front of him as he guided his hands to his waist. Chee You hands were on the the waistband of Mr Goh’s Under Armour shorts. He was kneeling down and looking up at Mr Goh awaiting for his approval to access his manhood. Once approval was given he pulled down the Under Armour shorts Mr Goh was wearing and revealed a white Calvin Klein underwear underneath. The front of the underwear was wet with precum and a raging member was screaming to be released. Just when Chee You was about to pull down the Calvin Klein underwear, Mr Goh stopped him.

“Use your mouth boy.” Mr Goh said while giving the cheeky look on his face.

Chee You nodded his head before opening his mouth wide as he reaches for the waistband of that Calvin Klein underwear. Using his teeth, he carefully bit onto the rubber waistband before attempting to pull it down. The smell of the worn underwear was invading Chee You’s nose. The mixture of sweat and urine stench was amazing. With a bit of an effort he managed to get the undies out of the way for the prize underneath.

Mr Goh watched as Chee You pulled down his undies, his length sprigged up. A thick 7 inch uncut dick greeted Chee You. Chee You immediately grabbed it, Mr Goh let out a moan as Chee You pumped slowly, base to tip, the pad of his thumb swiping over Mr Goh’s slit, collecting the pre cum as lube.

Chee You lowered his mouth to Mr Goh’s shaft, flicking his tongue around the tip. He started to bob his mouth around Mr Goh’s length, hollowing his cheeks and sucked harder. He flickered his wrist around the base of Mr Goh’s length. Mr Goh started to moan louder than ever, his hips bucking against Chee You. Mr Goh was humping Chee You’s mouth. Chee You gagged a few times while choking onto Mr Goh’s huge 7inch dick.

Mr Goh took his shaft out, allowing Chee You to catch his breath. He hold onto his shaft as he slapped Chee You’s face with his hard 7 inch dick.

“You want this so badly don’t you?”  Mr Goh said as he slapped his dick in a repetitive manner onto Chee You’s face.  

“Yes Mr Goh I want your dick.” Chee You replied while opening his mouth wide, awaiting for Mr Goh’s shaft to be in again.

“Start calling me sir, and who’s my little slut? “ Mr Goh said

“Me sir, I am your little slut. Feed me your dick sir” Chee You said. His mouth was watering

Mr Goh looked down at Chee You, he was pleased with how slutty Chee You was now, desperately begging to suck his dick. He reached out for Chee You’s, cupping his head with both hands. Chee You knew what was about to come as he opened his mouth wide in anticipation. Mr Goh jammed his 7 inch dick straight into Chee You’s mouth as Chee You wrapped his lips tightly around Mr Goh’s shaft.

Thrust after thrust, Mr Goh was mouth fucking Chee You, gagging him a few times along the way. Soon Chee You got used to the sucking motion and managed to sucked Mr Goh to a point of no return. It didn’t take long for this ex naval diver to cum. Mr Goh tighten his grip around Chee You’s head as he increased the thrusting motion. His breathing increased as he was letting out loud moans.

“Ah… ah… fuck….. I am cumming ahhh….” Mr Goh moaned at the pleasure he was getting. Chee You felt the twitched from Mr Goh’s dick in his mouth, he knew what was about to come. He sucked harder as Mr Goh’s moaning became louder.

He was about to shoot his hot load down Chee You’s throat before pulling out at the crucial moment. Shocked by the sudden move from Mr Goh, Chee you was puzzled he wondered why did he pulled out at such moment. Mr Goh had something else in mind .

“You want my man load don’t you ? “ Mr Goh teased while jerking his dick.

“Yes sir please cum on me” Chee You begged like a little slutty boy.

Mr Goh was turned on by how slutty Chee You had became as he started to moan louder than ever. He was jerking aggressively, as he positioned his dick onto Chee You’s face. Within seconds he let out a loud moan before shooting shots after shots of his man load onto Chee You’s face.

Chee You closed his eyes as he felt the warm liquid hitting his face. Soon his entire face was covered with Mr Goh’s man load. Some of the shots flew out of control and landed onto Chee You’s PE shirt.

While regulating his breath, Mr Goh admire his masterpiece. He just turned Chee You into his little slut. Wiping the cum of his hand, he reached out for his phone. He took out his phone and went straight into camera mode. He pointed his camera at Chee You before pressing the record button.

“Cum for me boy” Mr Goh instructed.

Chee You nodded his head as he reached down for his shorts, he pulled down his PE shorts and underwear revealing his 5.5 inch dick. He was leaking precum. Using his own precum as lube, Chee You started jerking himself while looking at Mr Goh. Within seconds Chee You was near.

“I am cumming soon sir” Chee You said as his breath increased.

“Ahh.. ahh.. cumming cumming!” Chee You screamed as he unload massive shots of cum spraying all over himself. Chee You cum was flying everywhere, some of them landed onto Mr Goh’s leg while most of them landed onto Chee You’s body.

Mr Goh ended the recording on his phone and helped Chee You to get up. 

A month later, Chee You finally managed to passed his NAFPA test but his extra PE lessons never ends…

I hope you enjoyed my story. A little introduction about myself, I am a local JC student who likes writing notti school related stories. Writing alone is a lonely journey, if you enjoyed my stories please help to reblog and share them. Feel free to give me any feedback or ideas for future stories to cum. I do hope to reach out to students who are currently studying too. If you are a student and enjoys reading my stories, send me a picture of you in school, it could be a notti image of you in school uniform or any photos taken in school and who knows you might receive something special in your inbox. Be with me in my journey to cum. Also, if you enjoyed reading my stories and would like to show a token of appreciation$$, pm me to find out how you can do so. Happy cumming :)

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sorry for minor discourse but that post you reblogged that was like "male friends should hold hands" = homophobic is a little confusing. I mean the person who replied to to the post isn't a mlm firstly & when reading I thought "yeah that's fine, men do get mercilessly mocked for showing affection to each other", and it really surprised me that the reaction to that post was "you're a homophobe" even tho the poster also mentioned mlm in the post. and not only straight men love their male friends?

i think they weren’t saying OP is homophobic, but that homophobia isn’t this thing forced onto cishet men because they’re the ones who uphold it. A straight guy can cuddle his dude friend whenever he wants to and the only thing stopping him is “oh no bro !! what if ppl think im gay??” he’s free to hold hands with anyone he pleases–it’s his own homophobia stopping him. as a result, prioritizing straight men to be affectionate with each other when there’s nothing stopping them at all except for their own bad morals over mlm who deserve the priority is just a little strange–i think that’s what the responder was trying to say

legit where is my gay merlin
i have been waiting for this for years
how often do you find out your fave is gay? fucking NEVER that’s when
not in a crazy fandom shipper way
but in a queer person who was legitimately excited by this way
i am so severely disappointed

guys guys let me tell u this, my bf is a freakin nerd. he will be making gay memes of us together or my pic on some s/o meme n like darn he’s so gay ! he’s very adorable n sweet I love him sm. I want to kis s him n hold his hand. he always know how to make me happy n I love him w all of my heart n I will do anything to make him happy as well he deserves the best n bunches of loves

… Are people really saying Lydia is a fucking angel and they glad they made her pissed off at Alec? 

What the actual fuck? 



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Someone has probably already sent you this, but Griffith.

actually you’re the only person who’s sent anything so this works out <3

character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | LOVE them | REALLY FUCKING LOVE THEM

ship with: Guts ofc

brotp: hmmm. Guess I gotta go with Zodd. Griffith may have no friends but at least he has a giant monster he can ride around on.

general opinions: Griffith exemplifies like a million of my favourite tropes and he’s one of my favourite fictional characters of all time. Ambitious emotionally repressed + morally dubious person brought down by intense overwhelming love, like, it’s the epitome of my shit. I love how complex he is, and I love how tragic his narrative is, and I love how repressed and stupid he is, and I love how gay he is, and I love how emotionally vulnerable he is in brief moments when he loses control, etc etc.

tweek probably teases craig alllllll the time 

“did you guys hear? craig tucker’s gay and he has a crush on me”

“craig craig do you actually love me or do you just want me for my body?”

“awww craig’s got a crush on me? how gay is that guys?”

“craig if you loved me you would give me a bite of that pizza but I guess you don’t love me….”

Title: Gardens for Thoughts of You

Rating: GA

Pairings: Phichit Chulanont/Lee Seung Gil


Seung gil does not receive a lot of attention from the people around him. Like I said, he’s a boring person and and people pick up on that. They pay him no mind, moving swiftly out of his way on the streets and never looking at him twice.

So knowing someone thought of him to send him flowers not only once, but twice makes him feel warm inside. A feeling he is not used to.

or someone is sending flowers to Seung gil and Seung gil is not complaining. Also he has a massive gay crush on Phichit.

Word Count: 2,613

A/N: This work is for @seungchuchuweek‘s day 3 prompts: flowershops & offices

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what if he turns gay?

“Well, I’m pretty sure someone can’t ‘turn’ gay, and not that it would change anything. I am a guy. I was born a male, and identify as a male, I just cross-dress because I find feminine clothing fits my form better and looks better on me. I’m feminine, and well… I enjoy cross-dressing. Thats all, really. Luciano is bisexual, and has been for years from what I was able to dig up. Hell, he even has a sexual history with men and women. This, of course, was before I realized it was the Luciano from my childhood.”

“Poor thing is probably sexually frustrated… Oh well~”